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ace_suares[12:59]  <ace_suares> hi all I have some trouble importing a googlecode svn trunk.01:23
ace_suares[12:59]  <ace_suares> see https://launchpad.net/activeldap/trunk01:23
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kiko-zzzace_suares, what's the problem?01:28
kiko-zzzace_suares, it's processing -- should be a bit before it's finished01:29
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ace_suareskiko-zzz: it's processing the past 3 days or so01:37
ace_suareskiko-zzz: are you running on a 486 :-)01:37
kiko-zzzace_suares, is that so? ddaa and mwh are the men to check with, then01:38
ace_suareskiko-zzz: thx01:38
ace_suaresddaa: mwh: ping01:38
ddaaace_suares: I tried getting the import multiple times, I do not think it's going to work01:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 120992 in launchpad-cscvs "use persistent svn_ra sessions and reconnect on failure" [High,Confirmed]  01:40
ace_suaresddaa: what seems to be the problem ? Is there an alternate route, for instance, i check out the branch on a server of mine and then import that ?01:40
ddaasee this bug01:40
ddaaif you can provide a svn dump of the repository, we can do the initial import from this01:41
ace_suaresdaa please tell me how (the svn dump) and where to send it or where to host it.01:41
ddaausing the "svnadmin" command on the server01:42
ace_suaresddaa please tell me how (the svn dump) and where to send it or where to host it.01:42
kiko-zzzace_suares, just dump, gzip it and put it anywhere where ddaa can download it from.01:42
kiko-zzzI did it just the other day01:42
ddaano idea how to get one from googlecode01:42
ace_suaresddaa: kiko-zzz: do I need to do that on  the googlecode server !? I don't think I can access that01:42
ace_suaresddaa: okay01:42
ace_suaresddaa: kiko-zzz so I need to co and then make it a branch manually (or cornjobn) and then bzr push it ?01:43
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ddaaif you do not care about your svn history, you can do that01:44
ddaaI'm going to bed.01:44
ace_suaresddaa: good night.01:44
ace_suaresddaa: kiko-zzz naw I'll condifer my options.01:44
kiko-zzzace_suares, maybe you can get a dump if you ask the google code admins -- I'd try asking. 01:45
kiko-zzz(and it's pretty annoying if you can't)01:45
ace_suareskiko-zzz: was thingking about that,. Tehy are so not evil, they'll probably comply L:-)))001:45
kiko-zzzMAYBE! :)01:46
kiko-zzzanyway, zzz time01:47
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RainCTwhat's about adding a feature to duplicate a Bazaar branch?01:54
kiko-zzzRainCT, what do you mean by duplicate?01:54
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RainCTkiko-zzz: I'll try to explain with a (real) use case: there's branch ~freevial/freevial/trunk where I'm a developer, and I decided to create a new experimental branch, ~rainct/freevial/testing,  for some changes I did that aren't fully working yet. the problem is that  since the branch contains lots of images (and sound) I'm now waiting for over 30 minuts for it to finish just to get some little changes published, so I tought it would be good if the01:59
kiko-zzzRainCT, once server-side repositories are supported, this will be a trivial operation02:00
RainCTkiko-zzz: so you will implement this someday?02:01
kiko-zzzvery soon, apparently02:02
kiko-zzzask spiv or thumper :)02:02
RainCTnice :)02:02
kiko-zzzthumper, server-side repositories.02:03
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thumperyeah, just read back02:03
thumperRainCT: it's coming02:03
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thumperRainCT: unfortunately it isn't trivial02:04
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RainCTbtw, why isn't it possible to delete a directory from ~user/project/ with sftp, if it's empty?02:10
thumperRainCT: because it isn't a real file system02:11
RainCTbut it's possible to delete stuff from inside ~user/project/branch/... :S02:11
thumperRainCT: that's just going to screw things up02:13
thumperRainCT: and it doesn't stop it being available over http02:13
thumperRainCT: SFTP is going away for this among other reasons02:13
thumperRainCT: and we are going to move exclusively to bzr+ssh02:13
=== thumper heading to see his daughters play now
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RainCTcan someone please delete branch ~rainct/freevial/testing? i'm falling asleep waiting for it to push :/02:24
RainCTwell, thanks for your time02:27
RainCTgood night02:27
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synicis there a way I can get bug emails sent to an announcement email address instead of a user on launchpad?03:03
reacocardsynic: why not just make a dummy user with that email address?03:15
synicI just did.  It's not getting bug emails, though03:16
synicit got the confirmation email03:16
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kiko-zzzreacocard, synic: create teams, not dummy users.03:23
kiko-zzzwith the team you can specify a contact email address03:24
kiko-zzzyou then set that team to be your bug contact.03:24
kiko-zzz(and answer contact, etc.)03:24
reacocardyeah that's a better solution03:24
Ze_Mkiko-zzz: can you help with wengophone?03:24
kiko-zzzvisit the bugs tab to set your bug contact.03:24
kiko-zzzZe_M, I was considering falling asleep. what's wrong with wengophone03:25
kiko-zzzman my box is swapping like crazy03:25
Ze_Min what die are the translations files in wengophone source dir?03:25
kiko-zzzZe_M, wow, I have no idea, but they usually end in .po03:26
Ze_Mbetter do a search then03:26
Ze_Mkiko-zzz: can you commit the latest changes i did in translation?03:26
Ze_Mso that i have them in next wengophone package03:27
Ze_Mi use to package mandriva mde packages03:27
sattywho use Ubuntu ?03:27
Ze_Mcolors allowed?03:28
sattyi don`t know !03:28
Ze_Mkiko-zzz: sleeping? :)03:29
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kiko-zzzyep. night!03:40
poolie_good night kiko!03:41
ubotuNew bug: #135430 in launchpad-bazaar "show some likely branches in 'add branch' popup" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13543003:45
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Ze_Mpoolie_: kiko-zzz tricked me03:56
mptGoooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!04:00
reacocards/oooooooo/o/ :P04:00
reacocardevening here anyway04:01
mptGod afternoon?04:01
reacocardI only did about half the # of oo's04:02
reacocarddang see how fast I can drag a channel off topic?04:04
reacocardah well, at least only I am in here04:04
reacocardif Alpha_CLuster were too we'd really be offtopic :)04:05
synicwhat does this mean?04:07
synicUnable to obtain lock bzr+ssh://arolsen@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eexaile-devel/exaile/main/.bzr/repository/lock04:07
poolie_synic, it means, either someone else is currently using that branch04:08
poolie_or, someone was abruptly disconnected while using it04:08
synicI don't think either are the case04:09
synicit says the lock is held by me04:09
synichow can I clear it out?04:09
lifelesssynic: the break-lock command, if you are sure noone else is uploading04:22
synicyeah, been running that for about 10 minutes now.  It's hung or something.04:22
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synicyeah, it's still just hanging there.  I think I broke something.04:32
ubotuNew bug: #135435 in malone "Changing bug report to non-existent project loses accompanying comment" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13543504:50
synicok, this is rediculous.  Shouldn't it have at least errored out by now?04:53
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thumpersynic: what are you doing?04:57
synicwhen I try to "04:58
synic"bzr push"04:58
synicI get this error:04:58
synicUnable to obtain lock bzr+ssh://arolsen@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eexaile-devel/exaile/main/.bzr/repository/lock04:58
synicbzr break-lock just hangs infinitely, though04:58
thumperright, what were you doing before that?04:58
synicI did bzr branch, edited a file, and tried to push it04:59
synic(for testing purposes)04:59
thumperjml: ideas ^^^05:00
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jmltry breaking the lock over sftp.05:01
synicheld by arolsen@gmail.com on host liandrin [process #20841] 05:02
syniclocked 7 seconds ago05:02
synicit says ~7 seconds every time05:02
jmlnot sure why it would be misbehaving on one and not the other, but it's worth trying.05:02
synicheh, and the process number for the lock changes every time I try to push05:03
thumperjml: perhaps #bzr might be more helpful?05:08
jmlit's possible.05:10
jmlsynic: how's it going?05:10
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synicjml: just hanging with sftp05:19
synicbzr checkout and commit worked05:20
synicbut bzr branch and push == no05:20
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synicI dunno, I might be doing it wrong.05:22
synicbzr branch bzr+ssh://arolsen@bazaar.launchpad.net/~exaile-devel/exaile/main exaile && cd exaile05:23
synicthen vi Makefile, made some changes05:23
synicthen bzr push bzr+ssh://arolsen@bazaar.launchpad.net/~exaile-devel/exaile/main05:24
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jmlsynic: there should be a 'bzr commit' between 'make some changes' and 'push'05:25
synicah, yeah, there was.05:25
jmland anyway, failing to commit should definitely *not* cause bzr push to hang.05:26
synicno, the push doesn't hang05:26
synicthe push reports the lock problem05:26
jmlahh, ok.05:26
synicbzr break-lock hangs05:26
jmlthat intrigues me.05:26
=== jml does a little research
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jmlsynic: are there any other members of exaile-devel?05:30
reacocardjml: me05:30
reacocardyou want me try try the same thing?05:30
jmlreacocard: well, the first thing I want to check is that you aren't trying to write to the branch at the same time :)05:30
ubotuNew bug: #135439 in launchpad "/projects search produces URLs with "+index" in them" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13543905:30
reacocardI'm not doing anything, haven't even checked out the bzr yet actually05:31
synicwell, like I said, it always says the lock is help by me, and that the lock was made <10 seconds ago05:31
synicer.. held05:31
jmlsynic: oh right.05:31
synicI'm going to try and redownload a branch and see what happens.05:32
jmlsynic: anyway, as best as I can tell, it isn't a Launchpad-specific problem.05:33
thumpersynic: what version of bzr are you using?05:33
thumpersynic: any chance you can upgrade it?05:33
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=== thumper isn't sure that it is the problem, but worth a crack
synicoh wait... it just worked.05:35
synicPushed up to revision 1314.                                                    05:35
reacocardwtf? why is bzr trying to use svn on exaile.org when I try to bzr branch main? >.<05:35
synicreacocard: what uri are you using?05:35
reacocardtries both co and branch, sam errors05:36
synicthumper, jml: not sure what was the problem there, but a re-branch worked.05:36
synicthanks :)05:36
synicreacocard: what error?05:36
reacocardits a big trackback, pastebinning...05:36
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reacocardthe big question is, why is it trying svn at all?05:37
reacocardah bzr is trying to be too smart05:39
reacocardI was trying to checkout under a dir I had checked out of svn before05:39
jmlreacocard: perplexing!05:39
reacocardmoved out, now it works05:40
jmlreacocard: do you have bzr-svn installed?05:40
jmlreacocard: that'll do it :)05:40
reacocardI was just trying to find out why it was using svn. you'd think it would need an explicit command for it05:40
reacocardI mean, in the same dir I can understand, but in a subdir?05:41
jmlreacocard: it's possible that it's a bug in bzr-svn. The good people on #bzr will be better informed.05:42
reacocardwell it's likely just bzr being msart as usual, and just not telling me about it :)05:43
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jmlreacocard: more likely the bzr-svn plugin, not bazaar itself :)05:44
reacocardbzr-svn just makes bzr smarter, does it not? :)05:45
thumperreacocard: for some definition of smarter ;-)05:48
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Hobbseegood morning carlos!09:18
carlosHobbsee: hey!09:19
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elmargolHow can I delete a bug tracker from launchpad?09:31
elmargolThe bugtracker i added is wrong :(09:31
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elmargolhttps://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/miro-bugs <- this tracker is invalid.09:33
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mptelmargol, you can't at the moment, that's bug 459309:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 4593 in malone "Can't delete a bug tracker" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4593 - Assigned to Gavin Panella (allenap)09:53
mptIn the meantime, post a request at http://answers.launchpad.net/malone09:54
mptasking for it to be deleted09:54
mptsorry for the inconvenience09:54
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jtvahu: ping10:31
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ubotuNew bug: #135486 in launchpad-bazaar "we don't have codebrowse usage statistics" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13548610:51
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Kuhrscherdanilos: Hi, any progess on fixing the translator credits in Kubuntu?11:22
danilosKuhrscher: Riddel is willing to help with KDE side of things, if nothing happens there soon enough, I'll just add the 'header' and leave email addresses in there instead of URLs11:26
Kuhrscherdanilos: That's good. I just updated my Kubuntu system and it looks absoutely horrible ;-)11:27
danilosKuhrscher: well, of course it looks horrible, it's KDE :P11:27
Kuhrscherdanilos: You uglyfy KDE on purpose, just to tell everybody "Look! It's ugly!" :P11:28
=== danilos gives Kuhrscher an innocent look...
Kuhrscherdanilos: Btw. I think it should be quite simple to patch kdelibs like that...11:30
Kuhrscherdanilos: I don't think it's more than a few minutes task...11:31
danilosKuhrscher: yeah, but it involves work :) and quite simple for someone who knows all the relevant KDE API calls -- Riddel is willing to help anyone with that, so just find a candidate :)11:31
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Kuhrscherdanilos: Hmm, perhaps we could find someone in kubuntu-dev... You don't think he would do it himself? I'm just a simple translator, so I cannot really hep with such things... ;-)11:34
danilosKuhrscher: he said specifically that it's a simple change, but he is way too busy11:35
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danilosKuhrscher: and I am pretty sure you could find someone in kubuntu-dev, it's just that I know nobody in those dreaded KDE circles :)11:35
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glatzorhello carlos, danilos11:42
carlosKuhrscher, danilos: Is that patch going to land in KDE? or will it be something specific for Ubuntu?11:42
carlosglatzor: hi11:42
daniloscarlos: lets discuss that once we have a patch :)11:42
danilosglatzor: hi11:42
glatzorcarlos, danilos: I just want to nag you about the reset of the German translation11:42
glatzorcarlos, danilos: would this still be possible before gutsy?11:43
danilosglatzor: we discussed it just a day or two ago, and basically, it's too risky for us to do that in DB directly over entire distribution11:43
Kuhrschercarlos: Kubuntu specific11:43
danilosglatzor: so, we'll raise priority on revert-entire-pofile, and try to work on it as soon as possible11:43
carlosglatzor: sorry, my fault, I was supposed to mail you yesterday to explain it to you...11:44
danilosglatzor: asap == we'll try this cycle, but it might not happen in time... anyway, we'll implement it in next cycle at the latest, and language pack updates should bring that out to Ubuntu users; if it doesn't happen, the only option you'll have is message-by-message reversion11:46
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KuhrscherRiddell: Hi11:50
KuhrscherDo you think we could find a kubuntu-dev who could patch kdelibs to find some reasonable implementation of the Launchpad translators?11:51
KuhrscherRiddell: Just similar to the Ubuntu dialog?11:51
RiddellI don't know what the ubuntu dialogue looks like11:52
Riddellis this the URL vs e-mail address issue?11:52
KuhrscherIn parts...11:53
KuhrscherIt would be nice, if we could make it look like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/13381711:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 133817 in rosetta "Make KDE translation credits nicer" [Medium,In progress]   - Assigned to   (danilo)11:53
KuhrscherIt's not a perfect solution, but the actual situation is worse ;-)11:54
KuhrscherRiddell: It should be quite simple to just add a "Upstream translators" header above the upstream translators and add another section with a "Lauchpad Translators" header below11:56
KuhrscherRiddell: with "Upstream translators" and "Launchpad translators" as translateable strings11:57
KuhrscherRiddell: You get an idea what i mean? ;-)11:58
Riddellwell I've offered to mentor it, feel free to ask for help on the kubuntu-devel list11:59
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ubotuNew bug: #135524 in malone "Can't change Trac bugtracker baseurl from http to https" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13552401:00
ubotuNew bug: #135531 in malone "You can't change a bugtracker's name" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13553101:10
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pin17931good afternoon. I have an import from subversion into Launchpad that has failed (project: opendental). Can anyone provide me with details on why it failed, and how I can get it to work?01:15
kiko-zzzpin17931, you can ask ddaa (when he's awake) or you can ask on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad and he'll answer you.01:17
pin17931kiko-zzz, thanks!01:17
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kiko-zzzcrazy Kmos 01:32
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mantiena-baltixstatik, hi01:32
mantiena-baltixstatik: kiko told me, that you can tell when there will be an ability to register new release or new milestone at https://launchpad.net/baltix/ 01:33
Kmoskiko-zzz: hehe01:34
ubotuNew bug: #135547 in malone "Bugtrackers need baseurl aliases" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13554701:40
Kmoskiko-zzz: now i'm removing watchs of https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/ubuntu-bugzilla01:41
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kiko-zzzKmos, you don't really need to do that -- we don't actually update them. Maybe we should kill them in one go. I'll put this on this week's agenda.01:42
kiko-zzz(for the meeting)01:42
kiko-zzzif you'd like to participate you'd be welcome01:42
Kmoskiko-zzz: please make it.. kill all of them in DB01:43
Kmosnext week maybe I can't.. only after 19:00 UTC01:43
kiko-zzzI'll let you know what happened01:44
kiko-zzzit's this week thursday 11:00 UTC01:44
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mantiena-baltixSteveA, labas02:16
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=== carlos -> lunch
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ubotuNew bug: #135570 in soyuz "PPA link on +archive page is broken" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13557002:40
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Kaleodoes anybody know how to change the svn repository address of a project used by the bazaar branch created in launchpad (we would like to change this one: https://launchpad.net/elisa/trunk) ?02:44
Kaleoshould the VCS imports team be contacted? if yes, how?02:44
kiko-afkKaleo, yes, file a request at answers.launchpad.net/launchpad02:46
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=== ..[topic/#launchpad:kiko-afk] : Launchpad | Current version: 1.1.8 | Next developer meeting: Thu 30 Aug 2007, 1400UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Support: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad |Help: https://help.launchpad.net | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
Kaleokiko-afk: thank you02:48
kiko-afkyou're welcome02:49
kiko-afkKmos, colin has asked we not drop the ubuntu bugwatches because they are useful when visiting old changelogs, and they also provide the bugzilla->launchpad redirects.02:49
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nixternalhow do we link to upstream bugs now?03:02
Kmosnixternal: add product03:03
Kmoskiko: that's bad..03:03
nixternalOK, how do I add a product?03:03
Kmosnixternal: Also affects project -> e.g: https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/62832/+choose-affected-product03:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 62832 in rosetta "Difference between "show all" and "show untranslated"" [Medium,Confirmed]  03:04
Kmosyou need to create the bug tracker for some upstream product?03:04
nixternalit is a KDE project that has always been there in the past03:04
Kmosnixternal: https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers -> try to see here03:05
nixternalgot it...thanks :)03:05
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Kmoskiko: I think it's like having garbage in LP.. how uses bugzilla.ubuntu.com 03:06
Kmoskiko: and the bug from bugzilla doesn't match on LP, isn't the same number03:07
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synichow do you make milestones available in the dropdown when reporting bugs?  Are milestones the same as blueprints?03:15
Kmossynic: nop03:15
synicso how do you get anything in there?03:16
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Kmosreally don't know03:17
Kmossomeone will explain you03:17
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kikoKmos, redirects are done using it.03:19
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tckcan anyone look after https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-webhosting/+bug/135091 ?03:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135091 in loco-webhosting "Change of ownership for Ubuntu Ireland Translation Team" [Undecided,New]  03:23
kikotck, please don't file bugs for user requests03:24
tckhang on a min kiko 03:24
kikotck, see Support in the /topic03:24
tckwhen i don't im told yo03:24
Kmoskiko: but anyone now uses ubuntu bugzilla03:26
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cornell_workHi...  tried to sign up for launchpad, a while ago.  It said it would send an email in a few minutes (we don't use greylisting), it hasn't shown up.  Can anybody here can help with that?03:30
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kikoKmos, I think you're confused or confusing me :)03:54
kikoKmos, there are still old URLs and changelogs that refer to the Ubuntu Bugzilla.03:54
kikoif we remove the bugwatches those URLs will become broken.03:54
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statikhuh, looks like I've been logged in for 3 days without realizing it03:58
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=== statik calls everyone back from the beach for the reviewer meeting
=== bac brushes off sand
=== barr1 was getting sunburned anyway
barr1ok, welcome to the eu/us launchpad reviewers meeting. for the next 60 seconds we're going to be talking about reviews04:02
barr1apologies for being a bit disorganized right now, many of us are at the api sprint04:02
kikoI am on the phone so I can't be 100% here04:02
barr1who's here?04:03
=== barr1 apologies for the skimpy agenda
statikjamesh is sitting next to me04:03
barr1cool.  i really have only two items to discuss other that the normal "do your reviews stuff"04:04
barr1one joey sent me...04:04
barr1he asks that reviewers watch out for changes to the default config files and make sure that the coders are also updating the other config files04:04
barr1if we don't do that, our other systems get messed up because the various config files are not consistent04:05
Kmoskiko: ok04:05
jameshwe should have a test that all the config files are at least nominally usable ...04:05
mantiena-baltixstatik: kiko told me, that you can tell when there will be an ability to register new release or new milestone at https://launchpad.net/baltix/ 04:05
statikbarr1: that should be added to TipsForReviewers, we can update that after the meeting04:05
barr1statik: good point04:06
=== barr1 will do that
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statikmantiena-baltix: hi! probably not soon, but you can email me elliot at ubuntu and we can discuss further04:06
barr1'nuff said on that i think04:06
barr1other issue: final determination on nominees04:06
mantiena-baltixstatik, :(04:06
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barr1there was some talk in the au meeting about getting seconds on nominees.  only 3 of 5 had at least two votes.  what should we do about the two folks who only got one vote?04:07
barr1any thoughts?04:07
statikbarr1: I'm willing to vote multiple times if it helps. I'm a team player04:07
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barr1statik: that solve that problem :)04:07
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=== barr1 waits for bac to second the other two...
baci second tom as he has such strong javascript skills04:09
barr1well, there's consensus in the room here to just invite them all04:10
barr1anybody have anything else?04:11
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jameshkiko: we could probably set up a fixed rewrite map for the old bugzilla.ubuntu.com bugs04:12
barr1well, i guess that's it then.  many of us are not doing reviews because of the sprint, but we'll get to them when we're done here04:13
barr1thanks, and MEETING ENDS04:13
statikthanks barry04:13
kikojamesh, yeah... but what's this worth, ultimately04:13
jameshkiko: I don't know how useful it is to keep the bugwatches in LP04:13
statikgoodbye world04:13
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jameshkiko: not special casing bugzilla.ubuntu.com in the bugwatch checker? :)04:13
=== barr1 slathers on the sunscreen and heads back out to the beach
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Hobbseelaunchpad, WTF have you done with my panels?04:46
Hobbseewhere's the "uploaded by", "version", etc, panel?04:46
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elmargolHi how can I change the "owner" of a project on launchpad?04:48
elmargolthe registrant doesn't care anymore. So he wants to give me the rights to maintain it.04:49
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HobbseeRinchen: would you know?04:50
kikoelmargol, what's the project?04:50
kikoHobbsee, what's a panel?04:50
kikooh the portlets04:50
kikoHobbsee, what page?04:50
elmargolkiko: democracy04:50
Hobbseekiko: eg, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/powertop/+bug/12957204:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129572 in powertop "Please sync powertop (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Incomplete]  04:50
Hobbseeoh, yes04:51
kikoelmargol, you mean "miro"?04:51
elmargolyes miro is the new name04:51
=== Rinchen emerges from the haze.
kikoHobbsee, I think somebody filed a bug on mpt about that04:52
Hobbseegood afternoon, Rinchen 04:52
RinchenHiya Hobbsee ... 04:52
kikoelmargol, somebody asked me something about miro today. I think it had to do with bug trackers.04:52
Hobbseekiko: right.  if we could get that back RSN, that'd be good.  MOTU use that *a lot*04:52
kikoRinchen, what Hobbsee said. the man works for you :-P04:53
elmargolkiko: yes that was me04:53
elmargolkiko: they have changed name and bugtracker software. And the registrar (nassar) doesn't care anymore about launchpad. so I'm volunteering to maintain the launchpad page04:53
kikoelmargol, are you upstream, or are you just an interested party?04:53
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kikoelmargol, I can fix that for you.04:54
elmargolkiko: I don't code I test and fill bug reports04:54
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kikoelmargol, apparently somebody has set up ~miro-launchpad-maintainers04:54
kikoand you're approved04:55
kikoso I do think Nick did that to help you04:55
elmargolok fine :D04:55
elmargolkiko: can you please delete https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/miro-bugs04:56
elmargolsince there is no way to delete a bugtracker04:56
LaserJockHobbsee: what happened?04:57
LaserJockanybody know the ETA on PPA so I can tell the MOTU that it isn't MIA? ;-)04:58
HobbseeLaserJock: someone's nicked off with the $package source portlet, which means you cant see the latest release at a glance, who uploaded it, etc, when viewing a bug.04:58
LaserJockoh, yeah, that's not so cool :-)04:59
matsubaraLaserJock, Hobbsee: bug 13422005:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134220 in malone "the new layout has no informations about the current version" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/134220 - Assigned to Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)05:00
Hobbseematsubara: thanks a lot05:00
LaserJockthanks diogo05:01
kikoelmargol, I don't think that's the right thing to do.05:01
kikoelmargol, that bugzilla is used for other things apart from miro, right?05:01
elmargolkiko: yes also for the homepage etc.05:01
kikoelmargol, for instance Broadcast machine05:02
elmargolwell the old democracy-bugs is down. they don't use track anymore05:02
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kikoelmargol, oh! trac is no longer used? why is it still running?05:03
LaserJockHardy Heron??? who picks these names ;-p05:03
kikoelmargol, we will need to keep both then05:03
elmargolThey imported every bug from track into bugzilla.05:03
elmargolI think they are just to lacy zu disable it :D05:03
kikoelmargol, can you update the watches linked to https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/democracy-bugs then?05:05
kikoto point to the right bugs in bugzilla?05:05
kikoelmargol, if you do that, I can get democracy-bugs deleted.05:05
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elmargolkiko: OK I do so tomorrow. and ping you after05:07
Rinchenthanks matsubara and Hobbsee - I'll see what I can do to get this deployed within the current cycle (due the 19th).  If it's ready earlier, I'll talk to kiko about putting it in early.05:07
kikoelmargol, deal.05:07
HobbseeRinchen: thanks05:07
matsubaraedge.launchpad.net ftw ;-)05:08
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superm1whew PPA appears to be live (or at least taking uploads).  Thanks kiko cprov :)05:09
kikosuperm1, there is just one minor issue that mthaddon is now fixing for us, but upload away05:09
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mthaddonsuperm1, (where now = within the next few hours :) )05:12
elmargolkiko: there is only one bug using the remote bugtracker (i have changed)05:12
sorenWill the debian/copyright requirement be removed at the same time?05:12
kikoelmargol, what about these? https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/democracy-bugs05:13
kikosoren, no.05:13
LaserJockkiko: btw, I'm not sure who'd be interested in this, but I received some concern about having to be an "ubuntero" to use PPA05:13
=== soren cries
LaserJockperhaps because it's asking too much, or not everyone wants to sign CoC, or it is Ubuntu-specific05:14
elmargolkiko: thats the bug i have modified. maybe sync takes a bit?05:14
sorenLaserJock: What sort of people cannot agree to the CoC? :)05:14
kikoLaserJock, it's not forever.05:14
kikoelmargol, no, there are two bugs listed there05:14
kikoLaserJock, when we come out of beta it will probably go05:14
LaserJockkiko: that was my guess, and I said right now PPA is only building Ubuntu packages it's not unreasonable, IMO05:14
elmargolkiko: one is a duplicate05:14
kikoelmargol, you can still fix it :)05:15
kikoit's not unreasonable, but we want PPAs to be easy05:15
LaserJockyeah ... ;-)05:17
tckmthaddon, hi :)05:17
tckdid you get my email ?05:17
=== LaserJock sneaks kiko $20 to add in a secret MOTU password into PPA
elmargolkiko: I did. It is not synced05:18
mthaddontck, not sure that I did - which one?05:18
kikoelmargol, I think you're doing something wrong05:18
tckyou took care of the team change for me (ubuntu-ie)05:18
tcki had replied saying i failed to mention the translation team too 05:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135091 in loco-webhosting "Change of ownership for Ubuntu Ireland Translation Team" [Undecided,New]  05:18
elmargolkiko: if you go to https://bugs.launchpad.net/democracy/+bug/120921 <- you see that it points to the new tracker05:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 120921 in democracyplayer "Democracy Player hung after Yahoo! video search" [Undecided,New]  05:19
superm1LaserJock, don't MOTU's need to sign the CoC anyhow?05:19
Hobbseematsubara: i wonder if there's some special launchpad or firefox foo that will automatically redirect oneself to edge...05:19
Hobbseesuperm1: of course05:19
mthaddontck: ok, for next time it'd be easier to re-open the same bug - that way all the original recipients will be notified05:20
kikoelmargol, no, you didn't change the watch. you added a new watch.05:20
kikoso the existing watches are still there.05:20
tckmthaddon, yes haha i had mentioned that in the mail, but i thought would be better to go through the proper procedure05:20
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LaserJocksuperm1: I was thinking for PPA in the first place, so we don't have a huge number of bugs on PPA packages05:20
tcki didn't think i could re-open a bug that had 'fix-released' etc..05:20
mthaddontck, and I'm changing it to derrymurray as well?05:20
tckmthaddon, that is correct05:20
superm1LaserJock, ah.05:20
LaserJockjust think of all the bugs we're going to get...*sigh*05:21
mthaddontck, I think you can change the status of a bug that's fix released - but in any case, I'll take care of it05:21
=== barr1 [n=barry@rrcs-67-79-191-210.se.biz.rr.com] has joined #launchpad
tckmthaddon, *mental note*05:21
mthaddontck, that's done05:21
tckmthaddon, you're a gentleman, a scholar, and a fine judge of whiskey ;)05:22
matsubaraHobbsee: not that I know of apart from updating your bookmarks. perhaps a firefox addon could that.05:22
superm1LaserJock, you're just thinking of RAOF's Xgl crack aren't you :)05:22
mthaddontck, of all those three, I'll claim to be a fine drinker of whiskey (not judge, though) :)05:22
Hobbseematsubara: hmm.  yes05:22
LaserJocksuperm1: tons and tons of compiz/beryl stuff05:23
LaserJocksuperm1: we had a bunch bugs filed against beryl before it even made it through NEW05:23
superm1good point.05:23
siretartyay. ppa seems to be live now on http://ppa.launchpad.net/ :)05:23
siretartKudos to everything working on it!05:23
LaserJocksiretart: +++05:24
Hobbseeway cool!05:26
=== Hobbsee didnt have to resign in to edge, for some reason
=== gnomefreak never gets redirected to edge anymore either
elmargolkiko: How do I remove a watch?05:28
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@mue-88-130-115-007.dsl.tropolys.de] has joined #launchpad
=== zwnj [n=behnam@] has joined #launchpad
elmargolkiko: ok found it05:34
elmargolkiko: done05:35
cornell_workIs launchpad accepting registrations, is the process working?05:35
=== ferai [n=jefferai@amarok/developer/mitchell] has joined #launchpad
feraiCan anyone tell me who I can talk to about getting the ability to modify and close bug reports on Launchpad?05:38
Hobbseegreetings, ferai!05:38
feraihey, Hobbsee  :-)05:38
feraimaybe you can help me then?05:38
Hobbseeferai: you already can.05:39
Hobbseeexcept to set to wishlist, etc05:39
Hobbseeferai: hit the down arrow on the yellow panel05:39
feraiyeah, just found that05:39
ferainever thought about doing that until you told me I could modify them already  :-)05:39
Hobbseewishlist classes as an importance, not a status, so is under different rules.05:39
Hobbseehehe :)05:39
feraican I get under those rules?05:39
Hobbseeum...good question05:40
Hobbseewe cant do per-source package additions to -qa05:40
=== Hobbsee asks
feraiso, -qa is where wishlist stuff goes?05:40
=== kiko_ [n=kiko@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
Hobbseeferai: they wont make it so that the bug contacts can change things like importance, for some unknown reason.05:41
feraias you have probably seen I've been quite busy being a bug hunter/fixer lately, so it'd be nice to have these powers05:41
feraiyeah, it's annoying05:41
Hobbseeindeed.  i keep seeing the mails05:41
feraimakes me want to just tell those people to refile at bugs.kde.org05:41
Hobbseeyeah, well.05:41
=== Hobbsee waits for the guy to reply back
feraithanks :-)05:42
kiko_Hobbsee, who's "they"? :)05:42
Hobbseeferai: so far, i havent attempted to fight for that change again yet.05:42
LaserJockferai:  it should be pretty easy to get into ubuntu-qa05:42
kiko_hey elmargol05:42
HobbseeLaserJock: he's upstream amarok05:42
HobbseeLaserJock: really, he shouldnt have to.05:42
Hobbseekiko_: you guys :)05:42
LaserJockwell, whatever05:42
kiko_Hobbsee, what don't we allow?05:43
LaserJockjust join ~ubuntu-qa05:43
elmargolkiko_: I assigned those 2 bugs to the new bug tracker and changed the bugtracker of miro to the new tracker05:43
Hobbseekiko_: there is a bug report for it, and so far the answer has been no, as anyone can add themselves to be a bug contact, then mess with the importance05:43
elmargolthe only thing left is removing the old bug tracker i think.05:43
kiko_elmargol, no, what you did was you created two new bugwatches.05:43
Hobbseekiko_: that only -qa can change importance, not even if you're a bug contact05:43
kiko_are they gone now?05:43
elmargoli think so05:43
kiko_Hobbsee, that's correct. join -qa.05:43
Hobbseekiko_: which is troublesome for our amarok guys, who know these bugs better that we do, but obviously havent been thru the ubuntu proceedures05:43
kiko_the bug contact is a permissions role05:44
elmargolthe UI is wired05:44
Hobbseekiko_: so every single upstream person triaging their own package's bugs on launchpad has to do that....05:44
kiko_Hobbsee, importance is importance /in Ubuntu/05:44
Hobbseekiko_: when ubuntu-qa may not actually want them to touch bugs in other packages, as they dont use it.05:44
kiko_I'm not sure I agree that upstream can dictate that.05:45
Hobbseekiko_: true. but there's no way to delegate it so that some upstreams can.05:45
kiko_why would delegation be correct, though?05:45
feraikiko_: and a wishlist item upstream is not a bug downstream05:45
feraiit should be a wishlist item downstream too05:45
Hobbseekiko_: because we trust these guys?05:45
LaserJockkiko_: because generally upstreams know the bugs better than we do05:45
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ddaaferai: not necessarily.05:45
kiko_Hobbsee, LaserJock: but they can't make a call as to how much the bug is important /for Ubuntu/05:46
kiko_that's what the decision implies05:46
ddaaWhat prevents upstream from changing the importance of the bug _on upstream_?05:46
LaserJockkiko_: well, Importance has very little to do with that, at them momement, IMO05:46
Hobbseeddaa: nothing.  it just requires refiling all launchpad bugs for amarok, which kind of defeats the purpose of launchpad...05:46
ddaaLaunchpad bug tracker's main feature is to allow both upstream and downstream to have their own, distinct, status on the same bug...05:47
kiko_LaserJock, sounds like something else is wrong.05:47
Hobbseekiko_: this is true.  but it would be as important as for most other distros, i'd usually expect.05:47
LaserJockI'd much rather have upstreams doing bug triage then the Ubuntu Bugsquad05:47
Hobbseeddaa: ie, launchpad isnt suited to have upstream triaging downstream's bugs, at all.05:47
kiko_Hobbsee, and neither am I sure they should be05:47
Hobbseeddaa: so launchpad requires the bugs to be filed in both places, effectively.05:47
kiko_Hobbsee, LaserJock: do the bugs in question have upstream tasks?05:47
LaserJocknot the ones I'm thinking of05:47
LaserJockthat's why upstream is looking at them05:48
kiko_sounds like something's wrong05:48
ddaaHobbsee: that's why there are easy shortcuts to report existing bugs in other contexts...05:48
Hobbseekiko_: no, because that requires navigating the damned upstream tasks block, which is confusing as hell, and it requires more time to refile, when upstream is happy to just look at our bugs here05:48
kiko_if it's an upstream issue, then an upstream task should be open05:48
ddaaI agree with kiko_, there seems to be some misunderstanding.05:48
kiko_Hobbsee, sounds like you're complaining about different things there.05:48
LaserJockit's a bug, we don't care what it's filed against05:48
Hobbseekiko_: the upstream tasks block was a side-rant.05:48
LaserJockwhether that be upstream or Ubuntu05:49
kiko_I'm not sure what you mean by "navigating the damned upstream tasks block" but it sounds like you need some rest :)05:49
feraiHobbsee: and filing bugs in both places are great ways to ensure that some are never closed or are ignored05:49
feraibecause upstream (us) has no way of linking to downstream...05:49
feraiother than a comment in the upstream bug report, if there is one, and if that person fixing it remembers to go to Launchpad, and has an account, and has permissions to change the bug...05:49
Hobbseekiko_: basically, i want a way to say "the ubuntu developers (or qa) are happy for this team to be able to set the importance of the bugs for this source package, and otherwise triage these bugs"05:49
kiko_Hobbsee, make them members of -qa, then.05:50
kiko_it's an easy workaround.05:50
Hobbseekiko_: no, it just means that i've had to use that section a couple of times in the past couple of days, and i keep going down different menus until i find it, each time.05:50
kiko_however, if I understand the issue correctly05:50
feraiHobbsee: actually, as far as "happy to look at our bugs here," I do prefer looking at them on b.k.o05:50
kiko_what should be happening is:05:50
feraiBecause I can ccmail patches or fixes to the bug05:50
feraiI just happened to one day notice that we had a ton of Ubuntu bugs on our backtraces list...05:50
kiko_- the ubuntu bug should be indicated as affecting upstream05:50
feraimany of them perfectly valid complaints that never got to upstream, and were not on b.k.o05:51
Hobbseeferai: indeed.05:51
ferainot only that05:51
Hobbseekiko_: please listen to me.  i know what the upstream/downstream protocol for launchpad is.05:51
kiko_- if upstream uses bugzilla, the bug should be reported there -- and we're working on making that much easier05:51
Hobbseekiko_: i just have a usecase that doesnt seem to be catered for yet05:51
feraikiko_: it should be maybe...it's not currently05:52
feraibut upstream bugzilla doesn't link to launchpad like the other way around05:52
feraiwhat will end up happening05:52
kiko_Hobbsee, you seem to be arguing that you want to tie importances between upstream and ubuntu.05:52
feraiis that upstream will never bother looking at launchpad05:52
feraibecause bugs will be filed there anyways (if you make it easier to file in both places)05:52
Hobbseekiko_: in selected source packages, yes.05:52
kiko_Hobbsee, that's quite a different thing.05:52
LaserJockI want upstreams to have all that they need to triage our bugs :-)05:53
kiko_LaserJock, I can't agree with that05:53
Hobbseekiko_: if i could just throw their entire team into -qa, i would, but that has reasonably strict procedures on getting into, and i dont think it's reasonable for them to have to go thru all of that, just to do distro bugs.05:53
kiko_upstream is /upstream/05:53
LaserJockkiko_: sure, but Ubuntu sucks, we can't keep up05:53
feraikiko_: and "our bugs" is really "upstream's bugs"05:53
Hobbseekiko_: surely, if upstream wants to help, and we want them to, there has to be a way to do that05:53
kiko_I am totally in favor of making it easier to track upstream (and vice-versa)05:53
kiko_but I am not in favor of saying "just have upstream manage the Ubuntu bugs"05:54
kiko_because that's not how the model works.05:54
=== kiko_ is now known as kiko
feraiif upstream can't manage Ubuntu bugs, there's no point in paying attention to Ubuntu bugs05:54
feraiwhich are really upstream bugs05:54
feraiunless they specifically affect *your* packaging05:54
LaserJockwell, if the model doesn't fit reality I'm not sure what your going to do05:54
LaserJockI have Debian package maintainers that do more triaging in 1 day than my whole Ubuntu team in a week05:55
feraiespecially if you make it easier to file bugs in both places05:55
feraiwhy ever bother with launchpad when it'll be on b.k.o anyways...05:55
feraiwhere we can manage it05:55
kikoferai, I'm actually not arguing for you to not use b.k.o :)05:55
ddaaferai: if an ubuntu bug is really an upstream bug, then it should be reported on the upstream bugtracker.05:55
LaserJockddaa: should, but does it?05:55
Hobbseeddaa: which then takes a whole bunch of time and effort to do05:56
feraiddaa: yeah, but many bugs aren't05:56
kikoHobbsee, that's the problem that needs fixing.05:56
feraiit's not reality05:56
kikomaking it easy to report them upstream05:56
ddaaas kiko said, we want to make this easier05:56
LaserJockmy experience is that very very few bugs make it upstream05:56
kikoit can be -- that is something that we can easily fix05:56
Hobbseeddaa: and the downstream users arent on b.k.o either, so it's hard to get info back from them.05:56
Hobbseeso you need *them* to get b.k.o accounts too, and track there as well05:56
kikoHobbsee, LaserJock: okay, I give up on this discussion, since you're not listening. :)05:56
Hobbseewhich decreases bug quality, because regular users dont want to even deal with one bug tracker, let alone 2.05:56
LaserJockkiko: you've already got big objections to make it easy to use Debian's BTS05:56
feraiso it looks like the general answer here is: "we'll make it easier for bugs to also be reported on b.k.o so that you never have a reason to bother with Launchpad bug reports even though they're your bugs, not ours"05:57
Hobbseeferai: what's your LP id?05:57
LaserJockkiko: I'm listening, but you aren't talking about reality05:57
Hobbseeferai: and anyone else who's doing bugwork, from amarok?05:57
kikola la la05:57
LaserJockyou're talking about what "should" happen and your "model" and what "can" be done05:57
LaserJockand I agree with what you said05:58
ddaaI suggest you move this discussion to the mailing list.05:58
kikoLaserJock, no, I'm trying to explain the plan, but all the crosstalk is making it hard.05:58
LaserJockbut there's a problem when the "should" isn't "is"05:58
ddaaThere are interesting comments, but a slower medium would help communication IMO.05:58
LaserJockwell, and I don't think it's as big a LP thing as it is an Ubuntu problem06:00
LaserJockwe don't have enough people to do the work ourselves and so upstreams are the next wave06:00
LaserJockand they know their package/software generally quite well06:00
Hobbseeddaa: would anything actually get done about this?06:01
Hobbseeon a slower medium?06:01
feraiLaserJock: right...we can close your bugs, but we can't tell you we're not going to implement something because it's wishlist...?06:02
feraiwhat will happen is we'll just close bugs saying "not gonna happen"06:02
feraiinstead of marking for later06:02
Hobbseeferai: "wontfix" :P06:02
ddaaFor starter it would help us understand better what you are unhappy about, and it would help you to understand what we already intend to do.06:02
Hobbseeferai: but hopefully bdmurray will shove that -qa thru, so you're not blocked on it06:03
ddaaI find this IRC discussion very confusing.06:03
kikoHobbsee, LaserJock: if you would like to have a conversation about this, please email -users; I'll outline what we are doing to improve the situation, and also how this is meant to be used.06:05
Hobbseeddaa: true.  the problem is simple, but there are multiple ways of solving it06:05
kikoit's not useful if the developers and you don't agree on how things are meant to be used -- you'll get into this problem all the time06:05
feraiddaa: here's the overview...after two years of developing Amarok I eventually became aware, quite by accident, that bugs were being filed on LP as well as on our own tracker06:05
feraibugs were sent to our backtraces mailing list, which I bin if they don't have "NOT Stripped" in the subject06:06
feraiwhen my filter stopped working...  :-)06:06
ddaaferai: please, please, save it for the mailing list, I am not the best person to read it.06:06
ferainot going to go on the mailing list06:06
ddaaokay, go on then, I'll paste it to the ML06:07
kikoddaa, it'll be more useful if Hobbsee and LaserJock write I feel06:07
Hobbseewe can do that, as long as something gets done about it.06:07
kikoHobbsee, well first, I'll explain what /is/ getting done about it.06:08
kikothen we can see what part of that works and what doesn't06:08
Hobbseeoh, heck.  upstream cant see our new bugs filed by apport either now06:08
=== homunq [n=compaq@] has joined #launchpad
Hobbseekiko: that would be good.  and i'll be sure to reply after i *havent* had the large amounts of frustration due to bits of LP going missing, or otherwise moving to confusing locations.06:11
=== Hobbsee is almost prefering b.k.o at this point!
feraiddaa: don't bother06:13
ddaaferai: ok06:13
feraiI won't be on the mailing list to respond to questions or anything06:14
=== sydhart [n=dhart@124-170-17-254.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #launchpad
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #launchpad
cornell_workWell, I'll try back when y'all aren't so busy06:27
=== zzorn [n=zz@] has joined #launchpad
kikocornell_work, I'm not busy. just hungry. :)06:28
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
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homunqHi, I am working on an editor that lets you code in your own (human) language but leaves the code in the original (english-based) computer language on disk.06:38
homunqThere's some discussion on the OLPC wiki...:06:38
=== mdz_ [n=mdz@fw.pepper.com] has joined #launchpad
radixhomunq: were you about to paste a URL?06:40
homunqAnyway, the idea is to make it easy for people to create new translations from within the editor06:42
homunqSome of the stuff will be program internals, but actually the most important stuff to translate will be things like the names of UI objects.06:43
homunqThe Launchpad database of translation suggestions would obviously come in very handy06:44
homunqand eventually I want to have something similar, but specific to this tool06:44
homunq(because this tool could potentially lead to as many translations as everything else put together)06:45
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #launchpad
homunqI'm here on chat just to sound y'all out right now06:45
homunqInitially, it would be great to have an API to get at your database.06:46
homunqIn the longer term, your website would be a good place to host the translation database06:47
ubotuNew bug: #135610 in soyuz "rejected upload, for binary upload + promotion in the same cycle" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13561006:50
homunqThe problem is similar in many ways to the one you already solve, but there are also enough differences that it would probably involve some extensions to your system.06:53
homunqAnyway, anybody have anything to say?06:53
homunqAgain, my immediate question is if there's any API to the translations database - for read or write...06:54
homunqOr is there some mailing list where I should be asking these questions?06:55
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homunqWhere is the best mailing list for talking about the translation database and its web interface?07:07
kikohomunq, launchpad-users it would be.07:07
cornell_workGot a minute kiko?07:08
kikocornell_work, sure thing. what's up!07:08
cornell_workI'm wondering about registration for ubuntu wiki, which uses launchpad...  That is, I need to register at launchpad.  Know anything about that?07:09
kikocornell_work, yes, I do. 07:10
kikocornell_work, the Ubuntu wiki uses the launchpad user credentials to authenticate.07:10
cornell_workRight, but when I tried to register at launchpad, it said it would send "Instructions on completing your registration " to my email07:11
cornell_workStill haven't received it, 5 or 6 hours later07:11
cornell_workDo you have any idea what I can do about that?07:12
kikocornell_work, it's likely that your mail provider grey or blacklists our SMTP server.07:13
kikocornell_work, do you have a secondary email you can use to test?07:13
cornell_workSpoke to him, no greylist, no incoming (before anti-spam blocks it) email with "launchpad"07:14
kikocornell_work, that's surprising. can you /msg me your email address?07:14
kikoand meanwhile, can you test with a secondary email?07:14
kikothis is a pretty rare problem07:14
cornell_workI'll try, I've registered "cornell", not "cornell_work".  Test what?  I've successfully sent an email to the address (cut-and-pasted from the confirmation page in case of typo) from another account.07:15
kikocornell_work, I mean, try using a separate email account as your launchpad email07:16
cornell_workGet my msg?07:16
kikono -- guess you're not registered. you can email me at kiko@async.com.br07:16
kikocornell_work, if you can try using a separate email account I'd like to hear about the results07:17
kiko(i.e. not being able to create an account is a pretty serious problem)07:17
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
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cornell_workIf I use a different email address, can I change it later?07:18
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #launchpad
kikoyes, you can.07:18
cornell_workK, I'll try my gmail account07:18
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
cornell_workWell, got the response straight away, kiko07:22
cornell_workAnd went to the link, and confirmed it.  Thanks07:22
kikothanks cornell_work 07:22
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Ze_Mkiko: ping07:31
kikoZe_M, yo07:32
Ze_Mi have download the .po file from the file sent by launchpod and converted it in .ts file, replaced the file in wengophone source tree and build and installed it, but when running appears in english and appears this output in console: (info) 18:31:52 void QtLanguage::loadLanguageFromConfig(): no Qt translation available for locale 'pt'07:33
Ze_Mkiko: why this happens07:33
=== IntuitiveNipple [n=TJ@alexandros.tjworld.net] has joined #launchpad
=== EdwinGrubbs [n=edwin@rrcs-71-43-199-194.se.biz.rr.com] has joined #launchpad
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Ze_Mappears im talking alone again07:39
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #launchpad
carlosZe_M: better you check with dneary08:00
carlosZe_M: we don't support .ts files as a native format yet, so it's hard to tell you were your problem is, given we don't know how it works exactly08:00
Ze_Mcarlos: dneary isnt around08:01
carlosZe_M: David did the conversion from .ts to .po file so maybe he could give you a hint on where the problem is...08:01
carlosZe_M: I know, but he's the only one I know that knows .ts file format...08:01
carlosZe_M: sorry, I mean Dave08:02
ubotuNew bug: #135620 in launchpad "bug contacts should be notified about uploads" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13562008:06
=== gianmt [n=gianmt@host95-139-dynamic.54-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #launchpad
ubotuNew bug: #135623 in launchpad "Update CVE cronscript sometimes fails to retrieve CVE database" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13562308:11
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beunocarlos: have a minute to see if we can get an easy quick fix for translation stats?   :D08:21
=== gmb is now known as gmb-afk
kikoeasy and quick? doesn't sound like a fix!!08:21
carloskiko: he means workaround :-P08:21
beunoshhhh, it's called "marketing"08:21
kikothat's more like it!08:21
carlosbeuno: I'm leaving right now... could we schedule a meeting tomorrow?08:21
beunoright, workaround sounds better08:22
kikobeuno, if an admin can do it I can help :)08:22
beunocarlos: sure, no problem08:22
beunokiko: I don't know who can do it!  I just need a way to get the stats I'm currently adding manually in the UWN08:22
carloskiko: I'm planning to export a .txt file directly from carbon's mirror and publish it on people.ubuntu.com/~carlos08:22
carloskiko: so maybe you could help to do something like that08:23
kikothat's interesting08:23
kikowhat sort of status beuno?08:23
beunokiko: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue54#head-4dc448ae49bfdd088d5d789b7f1de2b392fadc6b08:23
beunothat's the least I need, now, if I can get more, more :D08:24
beunoI don't mind having to parse it, I already parse million of things for ubuntustats08:24
kikohmmmm yeah, carlos is the best bet there as he knows what he's doing (unlike some of us here...)08:24
carloskiko: :-)08:24
=== gianmt_ [n=gianmt@host95-139-dynamic.54-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #launchpad
carlosbeuno: when would be a good time for you to meet tomorrow?08:25
beunocarlos: I'm GTM -3, so from 13hs onwards08:25
carlosI'm in UTC+208:26
carlos13hs UTC/GMT?08:26
beunoyeap, UTC/GMT08:26
beunoit can be later too08:27
beunobut I won't be able wake up before that  :p08:27
carlosbeuno: let's have it after the Launchpad developers meeting08:28
carlosbeuno: that's around 15:00 UTC08:28
beunocarlos: sounds great, thanks a lot  :D08:29
carloswe have a deal then ;-)08:29
=== carlos -> out
carlossee you tomorrow!08:29
beunocya carlos, que descanses  :D08:29
synicis there a way to remove a mileston?08:37
synicer.. milestone08:37
ubotuNew bug: #133474 in update-manager "Error during update Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 because of missing commercial repository for gutsy" [Undecided,Invalid]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13347408:41
kikosynic, yes-ish.08:43
synicand also, how would I add a milestone to this: https://code.launchpad.net/~exaile-devel/exaile/main ?  I accidentally added it to https://code.launchpad.net/exaile/trunk... but that's obsolete08:45
kikoyou can change the milestone series I believe.08:46
kikowhat's the milestone URL, synic?08:46
kiko(to be truthful we are going to overhaul the series/releases/milestones organization, which is confusing)08:46
synichrmm, so should I just wait?08:48
=== gianmt [n=gianmt@] has joined #launchpad
kikosynic, what should I move this to? unstable?08:53
kikowhat a nice logo08:53
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=== gianmt_ [n=gianmt@host95-139-dynamic.54-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #launchpad
=== mwhudson [n=mwh@62-31-157-102.cable.ubr01.azte.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
synickiko: sorry, I'm at the office.  Yeah, the "main" branch09:18
synicand thanks (re: logo).  Unfortunately, I have no idea who made it.09:18
kikosynic, the main branch or the unstable branch?09:19
synichrmm, now I'm confused.  I thought the main branch was the unstable branch09:20
=== fabbione_ [n=fabbione@] has joined #launchpad
synichttps://code.launchpad.net/~exaile-devel/exaile/main  <-- this is the one.09:23
=== fabbione_ is now known as fabbione
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ymlhello goodevening09:24
=== Prognatus__ [n=irc@201.80-202-51.nextgentel.com] has joined #launchpad
=== Prognatus__ is now known as Prognatus
kikosynic, heh, you are confused :-) milestones don't have to do with branches. they have to do with series. :)09:26
synicah, then yes, the unstable series.  Unless it sounds like that doesn't make sense09:26
=== brmassa [n=brmassa@201-42-190-75.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
brmassaguy, i want to create another project. but it is a "child" from a bigger project. how can i create this association?09:27
ymlI am trying to create the first branch in a project that I have created a couple of hours ago. bazaar is installed  but when I try to create the first branch I am getting this error: 09:28
ymlthe system cannot find the file specified09:29
homunqIt's me again. A few hours ago I asked about web API's for the translation database, to support a code-editor which will translate on read and write (for OLPC, at first). http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Bityi_%28translating_code_editor%29 . The only response I got was to talk on the mailing list. I'd be happy to, but before I bug everyone there, I'd just like to know if there is such an API, if it's planned/in development, or if I'm the first one to ask for this09:30
synickiko: ah, looks like you got it working - thanks.  One other thing:  https://launchpad.net/exaile  - it says "trunk" is the current development focus.  How can I change that?09:31
ymlI would like to know if someone could guide me in the creation of my first branch. thank you09:32
kikosynic, what is the current development focus?09:33
synicthe unstable series09:33
kikobrmassa, normally projects are grouped into, well, project groups :)09:33
brmassakiko, i cant find the page to create... project groups! hehe09:34
kikobrmassa, only admins can.09:34
kikosynic, just change that in the project's +edit page.09:35
kiko(development focus)09:35
kikosynic, however.. I wonder if trunk isn't unstable09:35
brmassakiko, launchpad admins or project admins?09:35
synickiko: trunk should be gone-ish.  It's legacy from the svn import09:35
brmassakiko, another question: i created a series by mistake now i want to delete it. how can i do this?09:36
Rinchenhomunq, there are no API's that you can use today that I am aware of but as was announced at Ubuntu Live, we are working on APIs in general. No timeframe for completion yet.09:37
kikosynic, no... 09:38
kikosynic, trunk can be changed to point to any branch you like09:38
ymlI found a bug describing a problem similar that the one I am facing  #10714609:38
kikobrmassa, launchpad admins.09:38
kikobug 10714609:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 107146 in bzr "better message when failing to start ssh" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10714609:38
synickiko: oh.  At this point, I'm still really confused.09:39
kikosynic, heh. it's okay -- you'll get the hang of it. for now you can have unstable be your "trunk" series, no problem.09:39
synickiko: k09:39
=== Gwaihir [n=Gwaihir@ubuntu/member/gwaihir] has joined #launchpad
ymlkiko : the problem is that I am I don't know if the problem is comming from SSH, or from the path:  sftp:/blabla....09:42
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #launchpad
ymlmy exact path is something like this :  sftp://myuser@bazaar.launchpad.net/myuser/django-survey/main-yui09:44
mwhyml: i don't think your launchpad id is "myuser"09:45
ymlI have also tested this path with the same result : sftp://myuser@bazaar.launchpad.net/~myuser/django-survey/main-yui09:45
mwhyml: also, you need a ~ in there09:45
ymlmwh : like the path above???09:45
sabdflyml: what is your launchpad username?09:46
ymlat least I believe09:46
ymldo you know how I could check this?09:47
=== gianmt__ [n=gianmt@host95-139-dynamic.54-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #launchpad
ymlsabdfl : https://launchpad.net/~yml-nospam/+edit  do you have any idea?09:52
sabdflreplace myuser with yml-nospam in those url's and see if it works for you09:53
ymlsabdfl  : bzr push sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net/~yml-nospam/django-survey/main-yui  give me the following result 09:57
ymlbzr: ERROR: [ERROR 2]  The system cannot find the file specified09:57
kikoyml, can you sftp to that directory?10:07
kikokiko@whatever:~$ sftp kiko@bazaar.launchpad.net10:07
kikoConnecting to bazaar.launchpad.net...10:07
kikosftp> cd ~kiko10:07
=== Spads [n=spacehob@host-84-9-48-90.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #launchpad
brmassakiko, another question: i created a series by mistake now i want to delete it. how can i do this?10:10
=== jsk__ [n=jonathan@client-86-27-165-153.popl.adsl.virgin.net] has joined #launchpad
kikobrmassa, you tell me what it is or you request it in the support url in the /topic10:11
ymlkiko: I am getting this error message:10:11
brmassakiko, there is no "delete series" link? well... its https://launchpad.net/ajato/nothing10:12
kikobrmassa, not yet.10:12
brmassahmm ok.10:12
ymlThe server's host key is not cached in the registry. You have no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is.10:13
kikoyml, that's okay.10:13
kikoit's not an error (hopefully)10:13
ymlthe server 's rsa2 key fingerprint is :...10:13
ymlkiko: the strange thing is that when I try to connect to :10:15
kikobrmassa, done.10:15
brmassathanks a lot!10:16
kikobrmassa, if you want to ask for a project group, use the support link.10:16
kikoyou're welcome.10:16
brmassaok. bookmarked10:16
ymlsftp sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net10:16
ymlis giving the same error message is that normal?10:17
kikoyml, that's not an error message.10:19
ymlmay the problem is not related to bazaar but really to the ssh connection. 10:19
kikoyml, that's correct -- ssh is telling you that the remote server is not known to you, which is expected since it's the first time you connect.10:20
kikoyml, what OS do you use?10:20
ymlI am using pageant to store my private key10:20
ymlI have posted the public one on my profile10:21
superm1it looks like possibly one of my builds to PPA may have frozen: https://launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive/+build/38175310:23
superm1its been at that part of the build log for some time10:23
jameshiirc, pagent stores its keys in a slightly different format10:23
ymlkiko: the porblem is that now when I redo the same operation it is teling me : Using username "sftp://yml-nospam No supported authentication methods left to try! ssh_init: error during SSH connection setup10:24
jameshit is possible you'd need to convert your public key and upload it again10:24
kikohow upsetting.10:24
jameshI could be wrong though -- it is a while since I've used windows/putty10:25
ymlwhat do you mean by convert?10:25
ymljamesh:what do you mean by convert?10:26
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ymlwould that help if I try from mandrake?*10:28
kikoyml, yes10:29
kikoyml, ubuntu is always better than windows. :)10:29
kikobut linux is too!10:29
=== mpt [n=mpt@121-72-130-6.dsl.telstraclear.net] has joined #launchpad
kikoman that came out all wrong 10:29
ymlok  :-)10:29
mptGoooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!10:29
kikomorning mpt 10:29
ymllet us try so I need to copy my private key in ~./ssh10:30
ymlis this correct?10:30
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kikoyml, no, generate another public key and use that.10:33
ymlis there a small ahow to somewhere, I am not really fluent in ssh  :-[10:34
cprovsuperm1: I'm checking it for you.10:40
ymlOk I have done the following step from linux:10:42
ymlssh-keygen -t dsa10:42
ymlI have copied the public key on  launchpad.net10:43
ymlHowever I am still getting the same error message:10:44
yml[souris@localhost .ssh] $ sftp sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net10:44
ymlConnecting to bazaar.launchpad.net...10:44
ymlPermission denied (publickey).Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer10:44
beunoyml: you might have a problem copying the key from linux to windows, encoding and such10:46
beunoyml: take a look at: http://www.howtoforge.com/ssh_key_based_logins_putty_p2?s=1738b5f0c4969451d3265a3fe1fed604&10:47
beunoif you use windows, you can generate from putty itself10:47
beunoot have one for linux and one for windows10:48
ymlbeuno: This what I have now10:48
ymlthe problem above is the one I have generated on linux10:49
beunoyml: then you should upload your windows-generated key to launchpad10:51
ymlbeuno: I have uploaded both of them 10:52
beunoyml: and still can't connect?10:53
ymlnope on none of the platform.10:53
beunoyml: are you behind a firewall?10:54
ymllet me check it is up and running?10:55
cprovsuperm1: by the lack of ability on my side, I've just reset your job. Let me know if it gets stuck again. Btw, you can discuss further problem with infinity on #ubuntu-devel, it could be related with xen on amd64.10:56
superm1cprov, okay will do10:56
beunoyml: what do you get from:  ping bazaar.launchpad.net10:56
superm1hopefully didn't find a bug in PPA's just about launch :)10:56
cprovsuperm1:  was it ever built on PPA-beta (dogfood) ?10:56
superm1multiple times10:57
ymlbeuno: PING bazaar.launchpad.net ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=52 time=651 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=52 time=573 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=52 time=635 ms 10:58
beunoyml: are you on windows or linux now?10:58
ymlthe last one was on linux. Since I have both computer in front of me I can switch easily from one to the other10:59
ymlIs there another solution to get a branch on launchpad? I mean other that ssh something more simple.11:04
ymla bit like code.google.com11:04
beunoyml: not that I know of, no11:04
beunobut it should be very simple11:04
jameshyml: not if you want to host your branch on Launchpad11:04
jameshif it is hosted elsewhere, you can get it mirrored to Launchpad11:05
kikoyml, it's very odd that you're having this trouble, though.11:05
ymlI would have realy prefered to get everything on launchpad11:05
superm1cprov, should my uploads to ppa really be showing up in lp.net/~superm1/+packages?11:06
cprovsuperm1: no, that's a bug11:06
ymlkiko: I understand but it is not working11:07
superm1cprov, ick okay, i'll file a bug again lp then11:07
=== helix84 [n=a@adsl-dyn223.91-127-248.t-com.sk] has joined #launchpad
kikoyml, so let's back up. what happens if you sftp?11:07
kiko(on linux)11:07
ymlkiko: here it is the error message on linux:11:08
yml[souris@localhost .ssh] $ sftp sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net11:08
ymlConnecting to bazaar.launchpad.net...11:08
ymlPermission denied (publickey).11:08
ymlCouldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer11:08
kikoyml, okay, so the public key you uploaded to launchpad isn't working. let me check why.11:10
thumperyml: is that you're exact command line?11:10
thumperyml: because yml-nospam isn't a valid LP user11:11
kikohttps://launchpad.net/~yml-nospam ?11:11
kikolooks valid to me11:11
beunoI know11:11
=== mpt encounters too many PPA UI bugs at once
beunoyml: try sftp sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net11:11
thumperdamn it11:11
thumperforgot the tilde11:11
beunoyml: try sftp yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net11:11
beunowithout the sftp://11:11
ymlkiko: same thing. [souris@localhost .ssh] $ sftp yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net Connecting to bazaar.launchpad.net... Permission denied (publickey). Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer [souris@localhost .ssh] $ 11:12
kikoyml, otherwise, if you can do sftp -vvv yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net and put the result in a paste it'd be cool.11:13
kikoit's very unusual that you're having this problem11:13
beunoargh, almost...11:13
mptcprov, have you fixed bug 135570? I can't reproduce the problem11:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135570 in soyuz "PPA link on +archive page is broken" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/135570 - Assigned to Celso Providelo (cprov)11:15
kikompt, yes, it's fixed.11:16
kikoit was a config issue.11:16
cprovmpt: ^11:17
superm1cprov, bug 135669 if you want to triage that appropriately11:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135669 in launchpad "PPA uploads are showing up on lp.net/~user/+packages" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13566911:17
ymlkiko:http://pastebin.com/m3e1f61a7 here it is the output.txt11:19
kikothanks yml 11:19
ymlthanks to you kiko to take sometime to help me11:19
kikoyml, you're welcome. the problem you have is that your private keys are not where they should be:11:19
kikodebug1: Trying private key: /home/souris/.ssh/id_rsa11:19
kikodebug3: no such identity: /home/souris/.ssh/id_rsa11:19
kikodebug1: Trying private key: /home/souris/.ssh/id_dsa11:20
kikodebug3: no such identity: /home/souris/.ssh/id_dsa11:20
kikohow did you generate your key? that's very strange.11:20
ubotuNew bug: #135669 in launchpad "PPA uploads are showing up on lp.net/~user/+packages" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13566911:20
ymlthe private key is located at ~.ssh/yml-nospam11:21
kikoyml, that sounds wrong.11:21
kikoyml, didn't you just do ssh-keygen -t dsa11:22
kikoor something?11:22
ymlI have generated it with this command line:  ssh-keygen -t dsa11:22
kikoyml, alternatively, use ssh -i11:22
kikoyml, but why did you save it with that odd filename? because you'll need to use sftp -i, and I have no idea how to tell bzr to do that. :)11:22
kikoyml, I suspect you can just rename it to ~/.ssh/id_dsa11:23
kikomaybe. :)11:23
=== kiko is an optimist.
jameshyou can edit ~/.ssh/config to pick a non-default key11:23
kikoor what jamesh said11:23
kikothank god somebody knows what they are talking about here.11:23
thumperman ssh_config and look for IdentityFile11:24
thumperyml: ^^11:24
jameshyml: something like this: http://rafb.net/p/iEzjIz19.html11:24
beunoI am curious on how he managed to generate a key with a different name...11:24
kikobeuno, it asks you what name it should use.11:25
jamesh(you can also tell ssh to use your Launchpad username when logging in to bazaar.launchpad.net that way)11:25
beunokiko: aaaaaah, that would explain the confusion. Is that explained in Launchpad's help?11:25
ymlbeuno  : very simple instead of typing on <enter> I give a meaningfull name :-)11:26
beunoyml: it makes sense  :D11:26
kikobeuno, do we even have docs for that? :)11:27
ymlonly to me 11:27
ymlI am trying now with the default name11:27
=== beuno searches for docs on uploading SSH key
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ubotuNew bug: #135672 in soyuz "PPA terms of service are visible even if it's not my archive" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13567211:31
beunokiko: I can't find any, but I'm sure there is, as a lot of users don't know how to generate the key11:32
beunoyml: did you read about generating the key somwhere?11:32
kikogood one beuno 11:32
ymlkiko now when I try to do : [souris@localhost .ssh] $ sftp yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net11:32
ymlConnecting to bazaar.launchpad.net...11:32
ymlIt hang the console11:33
kikoyml, that's better.11:34
ymlbeuno: I haven't find much of uptodate documentation.11:34
kikoyml, can you -vvv and then paste that again?11:34
ymlyes of course11:34
ubotuNew bug: #135675 in soyuz ""View Terms of Service" is incorrect capitalization" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13567511:35
mptcprov, perhaps you could mark it fixed, then?11:36
ymlkiko: are you really sure that this is better?11:36
cprovmpt: I will, just a sec11:36
kikoyml, yes.11:36
kikompt, he only JUST cherry-picked it. poor cprov.11:36
ymlYou are an optimist11:36
mptok, sorry to badger you cprov :-)11:37
ymlI am Strugling with this since the last 12 hours11:37
kikoyml, okay. so either you have a P-MTU issue (not unheard of), as per http://www.netheaven.com/pmtu.html11:38
kikoyml, which is easy to fix if you sudo ifconfig ethX mtu 576 or something ridiculously small11:38
cprovmpt: it's ok11:38
ymlkiko; I am sorry but I am not understanding what I neeed to do to fix this problem11:40
ubotuNew bug: #135677 in soyuz ""1 Sources" or "1 Binaries" is bad grammar" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13567711:40
ubotuNew bug: #135679 in soyuz "PPA page uses the unexplained term "pocket"" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13567911:40
kikogood ole mpt 11:41
mptYou could tell those were me without looking, huh11:41
=== yml [n=yml@] has left #launchpad ["Kopete]
kikompt, I have 1 sources in my pocket.11:43
mptIs that a sources in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?11:43
=== beuno bursts into laughter
kikoI just told you I have 1 sources in my pocket!11:44
=== yml [n=yml@put92-2-82-224-221-145.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
ymlI am sorry I have by mistake closed this window11:45
mptkiko's pocket: 1  1 of 1 result11:45
ymlDid you answer my last question?11:46
ymlfor memory : how to solve my problem that you have qualified of a pmtu problem?11:46
kikoyml, so, quick attempt: ifconfig ethX mtu 149211:47
kikoyml, where ethX is the ethernet connection you're using11:47
kikomight be eth0, might be eth1, might be something else11:47
ymlok so eth011:47
kikogive that a try.11:47
kikoif it's not that then I need to try and remember why I had the same problem just the other day11:48
kikoa routing problem I believe it was11:48
ymlkiko you are a kind of guru for me!! I can now see "sftp>"11:49
kikoyml, tolja11:49
ymlunbelievable 12 hours to get this 4 caracters11:49
kikoyml, I told you god existed!11:49
ubotuNew bug: #135681 in soyuz "PPA package refers to "results" when I haven't searched for anything" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13568111:50
ymlyes but he has decided to make the path fo creating a project on launchpad very painful11:50
kikoyml, to be honest, the latter problem is actually with your ISP. did you read that reference I gave you?11:51
=== gaspard [n=gaspard@vol75-11-82-247-160-13.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
gaspardhello there11:51
kikoyml, but hey, I'm thankful that you decided to stick to your guns11:51
ymlcould you repost it? because I lost it when I close this window by mistake11:52
kikoyml, sure. http://www.netheaven.com/pmtu.html11:52
gaspardis there an alternative to Trac, written in PHP ?11:53
kikogaspard, there's an alternative to Trac called Launchpad, which washes and irons your clothes too (soon) <wink>11:54
gaspardbut Launchpad is written in Rails, right ?11:54
beunogaspard: I'm currently working on a bzr<>php thingie, it's at an alpha stage, but I hope to have something uploaded within the next weeks11:54
kikogaspard, it's actually python and zope3.11:55
beunoit imports everything into a MySQL DB, and from there on, you can do whatever you like  :D11:55
gaspardbeuno, perhaps i could contribute on your project11:56
=== reacocard [n=reacocar@hlrn-01-0211.dsl.iowatelecom.net] has joined #launchpad
beunogaspard: I'd love contributors, I just need a week or two to clean up the code and make it a bit more generic, It's currently en use in out internal custom software11:57
beunothen, I'll upload it to launchpad, and beg for help  :D11:57
gaspardcould you tell me more about this project ? do you have an url to see sth ? is it GPL ?11:57
beunogaspard: nothing public yet, but it basically syncs the bzr log with a DB at the moment11:58
gaspardgreat ! what is your launchpad user name ?11:58
ymlkiko ; now I can do sftp yml-nospam@launchpad.net. This is not the end of the story for me  because what I would like to do is upload a branch11:58
beunogaspard: beuno  :D11:58
beunoyml: now the command you where trying first should work fine11:59
=== gmb [n=gmb@i-83-67-5-113.freedom2surf.net] has joined #launchpad
beunogaspard: I'll post it on planet, and probably under plugins in the bzr website (if it's adecuate)11:59
ymlbzr push sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net/~yml-nospam/django-survey/main-yui12:01
reacocardanyone know when PPA is gonna be out of beta?12:02
ymlI am still getting the same error on windows : bzr: ERROR : ERROR 2 The system cannot find the file specified12:02
beunoyml: are you in the directory where the bzr branch is?12:02
beunotry:  bzr status12:03
kikoyml, on windows?12:03
kikoyml, don't ask me about windows, because I've never used putty12:03
ymleven if sftp yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net give me psftp>12:03
kikoyml, oh, so sftp on windows now works?12:04
kikowow go figure12:04
kikoif you can push on linux I can tell you if there's anything wrong12:04
ymlin fact the problem was tah 12:04
ymltaht I was typing sftp sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net12:05
ymlinstead of  sftp yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net12:05
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kikoyml, I'm not sure what that bzr error means. if you can't try on linux I'd suggest we move to #bzr to ask there.12:08
ymlI am in the process of creating a bzr branch on linux12:08
kikoah, cool12:08
kikoI need to skip out for about 2h but will be back later12:09
beunoyml: do a "bzr status" for me12:09
beunoand tell me if bzr gets angry or not  :D12:09
ymlbeuno : on windows?12:09
beunoyml: wherever you prefer (I prefer linux :p)12:10
ymlon windows bzr status is telling me that the is some unknown file12:10
kiko-afkyml, and you're inside the appropriate tree?12:11
ymland folder. I do not want add them to my repository12:11
beunoyml: "bzr log" outputs at least one revision?12:11
ymlin that repository There is file that I are usefull to me but I do not want to get them revision control12:12
beunoyml: not a problem, just want to make sure you have something commited12:12
kiko-afkyml, try bzr log --version12:12
kiko-afkbzr --version12:13
kiko-afkand then look at where the log file is12:13
kiko-afkand then put the log file in a paste12:13
kiko-afkyou can /msg it to me and I'll check it out later if you didn't solve the problem12:13
kiko-afkreally gone now!12:13
ymlcommiter: yml12:14
ymlbranch nick: workspace12:14
ymltimestamp: Tue 2007-08-28 16:4912:14
ymlmessage: blablabl12:14
beunoyml: ok, that seems fine then12:14
beunoand in that same directory, you are executing "bzr push sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net/~yml-nospam/django-survey/main-yui" ?12:15
ymlbzr --version 12:15
ymlBazaar (bzr) 0.18.012:15
ymlbeuno : yes absolutly12:15
ymlmain-yui is a name that I have made up. I want my branch on launchpad be called like this12:16
beunoyml: lets test something, try:   bzr push sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net/~yml-nospam/+junk/test12:18
ymlbeuno: same error12:18
beunoyml: ok, so it's not launchpad's fault...   you're in the linux box, right?12:19
ymlThe error message was on windows12:19
gaspardis there a restriction that makes launchpad, trac, bazaar and every such softs only work with pyton ? 12:20
beunoif you are, please paste the output of:     cat ~/.bzr.log12:20
ymlI am going to try the same thing  on linux but I need to install paramiko first12:20
beunogaspard: I believe it's just a matter of what devs choose12:20
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beunoyml: yes, sudo aptitude install python-paramiko12:20
ymlbeuno  I am using madrake but easy_install made the trick12:23
beunoyml: try and push in linux first then12:24
yml[souris@localhost testbzr] $ bzr push sftp://yml-nospam@bazaar.launchpad.net/~yml-nospam/+junk/test12:24
ymlCreated new branch.12:24
beunothere ya go12:24
beunotry the real URL now12:24
ymlalmost the begining of the story was to do it on windows12:25
beunoyml: right, what are you using in windows to execute these commands?   windows console?12:25
ymlok I will take my pen drive 12:25
ymlto put the folder on linux12:25
ymlyes windows console12:26
beunoyml: several people here use windows and bzr just fine, so it should work12:26
ymlI am sure that it should12:26
beunoyml: what does bzr --version output?   it should tell you where it logs12:26
beunoand there, you should see clearer what's actually happening12:26
beunoyml: it should output much more then just the version12:27
beunolike:   Bazaar log file: /home/malbisetti/.bzr.log12:27
beunobut windowised path :p12:27
ymlyes I have it12:28
ymlshould I paste bin it12:28
beunoyes please12:28
ymlhere it is12:30
beunoFatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1001081 bytes) in /home/pastebin/lib/geshi/geshi.php on line 247412:30
beunogive: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/   a try12:31
ymlRRRRR!!!! I will do it again12:31
ymlbeuno: you will not believe me but now firefox is freezing12:34
beunoyml: maybe you shouldn't paste the whole file, just the last 30~40 lines12:34
beunoit seems as it's quite big  :D12:34
ymlThis is what I have just seen almost 6000 lines  :-)12:35
reacocardanyone know when PPA is going to be out of beta?12:36
yml# 3561412:36
ymlis the page for the log12:37
beunoreacocard: it should be out the next few days I believe12:37
reacocardbeuno: thanks. nothing more firm?12:37
beunoreacocard: I believe they're closing the last few bugs, but nothing major seems to be blocking it12:38
reacocardexcellent, thanks12:38
=== mayeco [n=mayeco@] has joined #launchpad
beunoreacocard, :D12:39
ymlbeuno: bzr is complaining about a file that it cannot find? But it does not tell me which file?12:39
beunoyml: you're using putty, not windows console12:39
ymlnope windows console12:39
beunoyml: ssh implementation is Putty's plink.12:39
beunothat's what the log says12:40
ymlyes I am using pageant12:40
beunoyml: can you try this from a windows standard console instead?12:41
beunoyml: take a look at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/10759312:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 107593 in bzr "bzr unable to ask password for access over bzr+ssh:// or sftp:// when plink.exe used as SSH client" [Low,Confirmed]   - Assigned to Dmitry Vasiliev (hdima)12:41
ymlThis is the place from which I have tried12:41
beunoyml: hmmm, give me a sec12:43
beunoyml: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/10715512:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 107155 in bzr "_get_vendor_by_inspection incorrectly determines "plink" to be the executable" [Medium,Confirmed]  12:43
beuno"As a workaround, the user can set BZR_SSH=paramiko in their environment to disable the buggy guessing."12:44
beunothat's your bug12:44
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ymlbeuno : this is muy bueno!!!!12:46

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