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jonohi all - could someone approve my recent submission?02:57
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beunoanyone around?  I have a story in the queue08:32
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beunoLaserJock: hey!09:25
beunoI've got a story in the queue, when you have a minute, can you take a look at it?  :D09:27
LaserJocklooks like you've got 209:28
beunoyes, the other one requieres someone who speaks french09:29
beunowhich I haven't found yet  :D09:29
LaserJockand you haven't found one now either ;-)09:30
beunoI suppose it's outdated by now, so I'll just delete it09:30
LaserJockok, I hacked it up a bit and put it up09:36
beunoLaserJock: thanks!  :D09:38
LaserJockbeuno: in general I like to write as if I'm not involved09:39
LaserJockso I take out "we" and "I", etc.09:39
LaserJockmore 3rd person I guess09:39
beunoLaserJock: I agree, to be honest, it's more of a copy'n'paste thing I did there  :/09:40
beunoso I didn't write it, just edited the original a bit  (should pay more atention next time)09:41
Rinchen"News Flash: Fridge editors change meaning of stories. News at 11!"   :-)09:47
LaserJockwell, I consider us to be reporters more than editors09:48

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