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saispohi cjwatson11:27
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JDcjwatson: you make me sad :P03:14
JD*goes back to reading bug*03:14
saispocjwatson: why isolinux is not synced on debian for gutsy ?03:15
JDcjwatson: I think that one's going to be an forwarded to upstream03:16
cjwatsonJD: good luck ...03:19
cjwatsonsaispo: because getting gfxboot working again after merging 3.36 took me several days of staring very hard at x86 assembly code. I have precisely no desire to do that again before gutsy03:20
saispobecause i have no gfxboot with gutsy isolinux03:20
saispobut work with feisty isolinux...03:21
cjwatsonworks for us. make sure you have upgraded your gfxboot and gfxboot-theme-ubuntu as well.03:21
cjwatsonthey need to be in sync as several formats changed incompatibly03:21
saispoi have the latest gfxboot for feisty yes03:21
cjwatsonnot feisty03:21
saispoexcuse me03:21
cjwatsonI think you must have made a mistake somewhere around there then ...03:22
cjwatsonor else it's a bug in the new code03:22
saispothe cd is generated well, but when i boot on03:22
saispoi just have03:22
saispoand i must press enter and the installation begin, but no gfx, and no menu03:22
cjwatsonit is entirely possible for the CD to be generated properly with out-of-sync versions of syslinux, gfxboot, and gfxboot-theme-ubuntu; the fact that it was generated properly proves nothing, I'm afraid03:23
cjwatsonwe had that problem for quite some time in gutsy03:23
cjwatsonif that is not your problem, I do not know what it is03:23
saispowill try... work well for me with dapper, edgy, feisty but not gutsy03:24
saispocjwatson: ok, i will say you the result of my test03:24
saispocjwatson: i add gfxboot, syslinux, gfxboot-theme-ubuntu on my custom seeds and it work...03:42
saispobut why germinate don't grab it or something else, don't know03:43
cjwatsonglad it worked. we don't seed it ourselves03:44
cjwatson(except for sticking gfxboot and gfxboot-theme-ubuntu in supported)03:44
saispoin my STRUCTURE file i have not supported in the list of my seeds03:46
saispomaybe this03:46
saispothanks for your advice, i will inspect this...03:46
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xivulonevand, I noticed that casper/scripts/casper-bottom/24preseed interprets paths passed via preseed/file as relative to /root (i.e. squashfs), is that the intended behaviour?04:26
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cjwatsonhmm, sort of04:29
cjwatsonactually, yes, it is. is there a problem with that?04:30
cjwatson/root seemed like an implementation detail that shouldn't be exposed04:30
xivuloncjwatson, not a problem, I was expecting the preseed paths to be absolute (so that you can pass a preseed in the initrd or /cdrom), i'll have to rectify my code for that, no big deal04:35
cjwatson/cdrom should be bind-mounted as /root/cdrom by that point04:35
cjwatsonin fact move-mounted04:36
cjwatsoncf. casper/scripts/casper-bottom/05mountpoints04:36
xivulonhence /cdrom/* paths would still work... got it04:37
cjwatsonI think initrd preseeding is better done by hardwiring code to load /preseed.cfg if it exists, like d-i does04:38
cjwatsonno need to make that configurable with preseed/file04:38
cjwatsonI'll do that now. Won't help with locale or keyboard configuration at present though (nor will preseed/file) - those still need to be passed on the command line04:40
xivulonhow does load/preseed.cfg work exactly? where do I find the relevant code?04:40
xivulonwhat my find_preseed script does at the moment, it finds a preseed file on HD (scanning all block devs) and copies it on another location (specified in preseed/file)04:41
cjwatsonbut there's not much to say; if /preseed.cfg exists in the initrd, it loads it04:41
xivulonsure, I was asking about initrd preseed to evand04:42
xivulonhe mentioned that it was not implemented in ubiquity and suggested to use preseed/file04:42
cjwatsonright, I understand your problem that it needs to go on a disk04:42
cjwatsonlet me get some coffee and think about it04:43
xivulonoriginally find_preseed would copy the preseed file onto / (or should it be /root???)04:43
cjwatson/ is fine04:43
cjwatsonwell, if it lands in /preseed.cfg and is done before 24preseed04:44
xivulonyep that's handled by 07find_preseed http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~ago/lupin/gutsy/annotate/ago%40nb-ago-20070828232545-yq4hwd9yh08j60vw?file_id=07find_preseed-20070822005932-q4z4avo19xlog9up-604:44
xivulonYou'd need to edit line 24 and remove lines 30-3504:45
cjwatsonok, if that just copies it to /preseed.cfg in the initrd, all's good04:45
cjwatsonI'll upload casper now to make that work04:45
cjwatsonCR/LF is accepted fine, as I said04:46
cjwatsonI just changed partman-auto-loop to bail out if any of the specified image paths already existe04:46
cjwatsonshould help with one of your other comment blocks04:46
xivulonthe check can also be performed within check_loopinstall_folder always in 07find_preseed #7604:47
cjwatsonup to you, just seemed neat to put it with the partman stuff04:48
xivulonthe advantage of having it in partman is that it will be checked even when you do not use HD preseeding04:48
cjwatsonprobably no harm in it being in both places if you like04:49
xivulonwhatever you prefer, we can maybe factor out the checks used by partman so that I use the same routine04:50
cjwatsonI doubt that's feasible unfortunately04:51
cjwatsonthe hard bit is picking apart the preseeding to find the image paths, and then the rest is debconf error handling which you probably can't use04:51
xivulonlupin-helpers can be merged with casper-helpers04:52
xivulonLast bit required for stand-alone installer is find_iso http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~ago/lupin/gutsy/annotate/ago%40nb-ago-20070828232545-yq4hwd9yh08j60vw?file_id=20find_iso-20070822005932-q4z4avo19xlog9up-704:54
cjwatson(coffee has got more urgent. excuse me)04:54
xivulonwhen you are back: re image-paths in preseed, I actually do the reverse in find_preseed>fix_preseeed:04:56
xivulonsince in my case preseed is generated from within windows, and linux devices are unknown, I have a file pattern within the preseed file which is used to discover the actual linux device04:57
xivulonThe preseed is then passed through sed to set the appropriate device04:57
xivulonAll this to say that image-paths are known in my case, since part of the preseed file must be generated/edited within find_preseed04:58
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cjwatsonI think it makes most sense for lupin-helpers to remain separate, since it's really just there for the lupin scripts05:03
cjwatsoncould we move lupin under ~ubuntu-installer so that we can commit to it directly? I can add you to the ubuntu-installer team (you applied a while back)05:04
xivulonSure, I'd be glad, but I can only commit when I am at home05:05
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cjwatsonxivulon: are you set up to be able to do mail filtering? the ubuntu-installer team gets all ubiquity bugs, so the volume can be quite high there, and I don't like to add people without checking that they're prepared for that05:05
cjwatsonat home> understood05:05
cjwatsonjust that it would let me release packages for you :-)05:06
xivulonof course05:06
cjwatson(we want this in main, so ...)05:06
xivulonre filtering, I use gmail, which should be fine05:06
cjwatsonok, approved then05:07
cjwatsonI suggest you filter anything with X-Launchpad-Bug:05:07
cjwatsonshall I push ~ago/lupin/gutsy to ~ubuntu-installer/lupin/gutsy then?05:07
xivulonSounds good to me05:08
cjwatsonyou can then just do 'bzr bind bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/lupin/gutsy' to switch over to that05:08
xivulonline 24 and remove lines 30-3505:08
xivulonAs mentioned to do initrd preseed, you need to remove line 24 and remove lines 30-35 in find_preseed05:09
xivulonsorry I mean you need to EDIT line 24 and remove lines 30-3505:09
cjwatsonright, I'll prod that and turn it into a package05:09
cjwatsonI assume you're OK for this to be packaged as 'lupin' in Ubuntu?05:09
cjwatsonjust like to confirm these things :)05:10
xivulonline 24 and remove lines 30-3505:10
cjwatsonI understand, you can stop saying that now ;-)05:10
xivulonstat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus05:10
cjwatsonanyone else on the lupin team is welcome to membership of ubuntu-installer if they jump on here and confirm mail filtering05:11
cjwatsonheh, my Latin isn't what it used to be, I had to look that up05:12
xivulonI think geza kovacs would be glad to take part, but I do not think he is reading this at this point, it would be better to send him an email (I can do that)05:12
cjwatsonwell put05:12
cjwatson30-35> did you mean 33-38? I don't see why you'd want to remove file= support but not preseed/file=05:15
cjwatson    mkdir -p "${PRESEED}"05:17
cjwatson"${PRESEED%/*}" I suspect that should be05:17
xivulonI forwarded your offer to the other wubi devs: geza, ecology (NSIS interface), hampusW (downloader). I asked them to send you an email directly if interested, hope you do not mind05:18
cjwatsonno problem05:19
cjwatsonI'm conscious I'm late and am keen to get this in place for gutsy05:19
xivulonI think the backend is almost there, we should start also thinking about the windows GUI...05:20
evandIs there anything particularly wrong with the current one, or did we decide to ask the questions in ubiquity and I just forgot?05:23
cjwatsonit needs to land on the CDs ...05:24
cjwatsonwe didn't decide to ask the questions in ubiquity AFAIK05:24
cjwatsonxivulon: suitable Maintainer address for lupin?05:24
evandahh, indeed05:25
xivuloncjwatson I can maintain lupin code, there is not much left anyway05:28
cjwatsonsure, I just need an address to put in the control file05:28
xivulonevand,cjwatson, re interface, you can see the current one in: http://wubi-installer.org/screenshots.php05:29
xivuloncjwatson yes, that's the email05:29
xivulonas you see there are 6 questions.05:29
xivulonusername/password: do we keep it in the windows frontend or move it to ubiquity?05:30
evandshould the windows frontend grab that list of reserved users out of the iso then?05:31
xivulondesktop environment: my understanding is that the field will be hidden when we launch from CD05:31
cjwatsonthe duplication will be a pain but it's not worth the UI awfulness to avoid it05:31
cjwatsonevand: we might have to figure out some build magic05:31
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cjwatsonlike build-depending on user-setup and grabbing the file from there or something05:31
cjwatsonbut no rush05:31
cjwatsonxivulon: licence for lupin?05:32
xivulonAnything you wish to change in current interface other than branding?05:32
cjwatsonhonestly right now I just want it in place05:32
xivulondo you prefer gplv3?05:32
cjwatsonI don't care05:33
cjwatsonv2 or later maybe?05:33
cjwatsonbut obviously up to you05:33
cjwatsonxivulon: confirm http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/37/ ?05:34
xivulonSounds good to me05:35
xivuloncjwatson, one think I thought should mention is that find_iso will mount the device hosting the iso file (/isodevice), not sure if that affects other casper scrpits that scan devices05:37
cjwatsonsomething might want to move-mount that into /root, not sure05:38
cjwatsonmaybe not05:38
cjwatsonprobably won't be a problem, but if it is it should be easy to solve05:38
xivulonI use the LIVEMEDIA trick to have the ISO mounted on /cdrom thus using existing casper code05:40
cjwatsonI've committed initial packaging05:41
cjwatsonwouldn't it be better to just mount it on /cdrom directly05:41
cjwatsonLIVEMEDIA is a bit of a fuckup perpetuated by Debian05:41
cjwatsonin fact you have to use /cdrom otherwise ubiquity will get confused05:41
xivulonYou mentioned that,05:42
xivulonBut the advantage of using LIVEMEDIA is that I do not have to override casper/scripts/casper05:42
cjwatsonoh, wait a sec, LIVEMEDIA isn't what I thought it was05:42
xivulonI just set LIVEMEDIA=/path/to/HD/ISO/file05:42
cjwatsonso the /isodevice mount is purely internal to lupin?05:43
xivulonThen there is some code in casper that checks that before looking for CD-roms05:43
cjwatsonI was thinking of the /live_media mount that existed in casper at one point until we ripped it out again05:43
cjwatsonLIVEMEDIA looks fine05:43
cjwatsonI haven't packaged the xinit-ubiquity stuff - I have an untested diff sitting in my ubiquity tree that merges that into ubiquity05:44
xivulonI haven't tested xinit-ubiquity yet05:44
cjwatson(which I'd never have got round to if you hadn't done the first version, so much appreciated)05:44
xivulonAlso we now need initrd preseeding in ubiqity!05:44
cjwatsonerr. why?05:44
cjwatsonubiquity doesn't do any preseeding05:45
xivulonI mean in the livecd initrd05:45
cjwatsonit just processes stuff set by casper05:45
cjwatsonoh, I already uploaded casper 1.98 to do that05:45
xivuloncasper/casper-bottome/24preseed -> check for /preseed.cfg05:45
cjwatsonupdate :-)05:45
xivulonyou are quick05:46
cjwatsonit'll take a short while to build and stuff, but it's in the queue05:46
xivulondid you work on sysctl by any chance?05:48
xivulonAlso on disabling suspend/hibernation, last time you mentioned acpi-support, but the issue is that we need to remove the suspend/hibernate buttons from gnome/kde dialogs and to my knwledge (admittedly very limited) that is not achieved via acpi-support but via policy commands05:50
cjwatsonsysctl> not yet :-(05:53
xivulonI may try tonight05:53
cjwatsonwe could just nobble powermanagement-interface05:53
cjwatsonthat would be OK05:53
cjwatsonand probably a hell of a lot easier05:54
xivulonlooking at it05:58
xivulonI notice that /usr/sbin/pmi > query (capabilities) will return the value of /etc/default/acpi-support:ACPI_SUSPEND/ACPI_HIBERNATE06:02
xivulonIn my naive world, gnome and kde should query pmi for capabilities before displaying suspend/hibernate buttons, hence by editing /etc/default/acpi-support you should be able to hide the buttons06:03
xivulonLast time I tried it though, it did not quite work like that...06:04
cjwatsonthey certainly used to query it06:10
cjwatsonI was thinking of editing the pmi script06:10
cjwatsonshould be trivial06:10
xivulonDo you mean pmi query and pmi capability? As mentioned, last time I tried, whatever value is returned there, the gnome suspend/hibernate buttons are still displayed06:15
xivulonBut maybe I did something wrong.06:16
=== cjwatson tries to remember what implements those buttons
xivuloncjwatson, don't take my word for it, have a go (should be sufficient to edit /etc/default/acpi-support).06:18
cjwatsontricky on powerpc ;-) but yes06:18
cjwatsonI'm reading the source instead06:18
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xivulonThe only way I found to disable those buttons was via gnome policies, via gconftool-2 --set --type bool /apps/gnome-power-manager/can_hibernate false06:20
xivulonI'll give it another go to the pmi approach tonight, as mentioned I'd expect gnome to check pmi capabilities at startup.06:21
=== evand wonders whatever happened to ubiquity-more-user-config
cjwatsonevand: not required for gutsy06:23
cjwatson(it's, uh, a top-down thing ...)06:24
evanddid he ever get back to you on what he wanted, or is it still a matter of other pieces coming together first?06:24
cjwatsonI think I understand what's wanted, but word is it is not urgent and there are more important things to do06:27
cjwatson(AIUI the plan is jabber)06:27
evandah, indeed06:27
xivuloncjwatson, looking at this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/4730306:27
evandoh, I thought it was jabber + openid06:27
xivulonseems like can_suspend is set in postinst and not at gnome startup06:28
cjwatsonis that relevant though? I thought this stuff was implemented by gnome-session and gdm06:29
cjwatsonoh, I'm wrong, gnome-session queries gpm06:34
cjwatsonyou are in a twisty maze of packages, all subtly different06:34
xivulonand I didn't dip into kde yet...06:34
=== cjwatson asks Riddell
xivulonevand, can we have an m-a "light-settings" option in m-a as discussed some time ago'?06:49
xivulonlight-settings=all settings that do not involve large files. E.g. contacts yes, emails no, desktop background yes, myimages no...06:49
evandhrmm, sure06:51
xivulonAIM Triton, Internet Explorer, Yahoo, MSN, Opera, Firefox, Wallpaper, User Picture, Outlook Express, Gaim06:52
xivulon...for instance06:52
evandindeed, nothing that requires copying large amounts of data around06:52
xivulonyeah, that is a good default for wubi. I do not see why people should avoid their bookmarks and contacts, but I can understand why they may want to skip their emails or music collection06:53
evandin the meantime you can always preseed those options.  m-a wont fail if it can't find something.06:53
evanderr, it wont cause the d-i component to fail, that is06:53
xivulonI am alreading doing that06:53
xivulonThe ones I preseed are the ones you see above06:54
evandah, indeed06:54
cjwatsonxivulon: ok, I've fixed hal to honour pmi; will upload that shortly07:21
xivulonthat's great07:28
xivuloncjwatson, evand, if you did not notice the grub4dos devs have made the required changes, so relative paths in menu.lst are now supported07:28
cjwatsonI got your mail about that07:28
xivulonAll is required on your side is to set menu.lst to: #groot(hdX,Y)/host/ubuntu/07:29
cjwatson"grep -q ' /host fuse' /proc/mounts" is a sufficient test to stick in pmi, right?07:30
cjwatsonif that matches, then disallow suspend and hibernate07:30
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xivulonhibernate I would suspend if swap is on a file (if I understood that correctly), suspend if / is mounted via fuse07:31
cjwatsonso if (swap is on file); then (do not hibernate)?07:33
xivulonSo is my understanding07:33
xivulonE.g. I might loopmount on top of ext3. In this case suspend should work (no fuse) but hibernation will not.07:34
xivulonA more relevant case might be vfat, but I did not specifically test hibernation/suspend in there07:34
xivulonProbably better: if fuse is used when mounting / OR swap is on file do not hibernate07:36
xivulonif fuse is used when mounting / do not suspend07:37
cjwatsonswapon -s | tail -n +2 | awk '$2 == "file" { exit 1 }'07:37
cjwatson^-- test for swap on file07:37
cjwatsondone, powermanagement-interface 0.3.1607:42
cjwatsonyeah, I have to go out now though07:45
cjwatsonthat's your lot for today :-)07:45
xivulontypo #groot(hdX,Y)/host/ubuntu should read #groot(hdX,Y)/ubuntu/07:46
xivulonI have this web chat client that submits messages when I type ctrl+v, apologies07:47
cjwatsonI did wonder :)07:47
xivulonAnyway wanted to say that the path might be /ubuntu/disks or whatever is the folder that contains "boot" as seen from the windows side07:49
xivulonso whatever is bindmounted to /boot stripped out of "/host" and "/boot": /host/ubuntu/disks/boot -> groot(hdX,Y)/ubuntu/disks07:51
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xivulonevand, I was reading about bulletproof-x08:34
xivulonI noticed that not there is a feature whereby you can scan the CD for *inf files08:35
xivulonTo get monitor refresh rates and such08:35
xivulonThirst thing I though is why not scanning the HD as well?08:36
xivulonThat would be a nice m-a add-on that may potentially address several X configuration issues08:37
evandhrmm, 'tis an interesting idea, but I think the xorg maintainers would treat the inability to grab the right refresh rate as a bug.08:41
xivulonI was reading http://arstechnica.com/journals/linux.ars/2007/08/29/ubuntu-xorg-maintainer-demonstrates-bulletproof-x08:42
=== evand reads further
xivulon"Unfortunately, it doesn't work to select just any of the generic monitors, so users may find they need to trial-and-error a solution. Fortunately, there is a cool new featureAdd Model which allows users to add a new monitor by using the Windows driver CD"08:42
xivulonOn m-a side I would simply copy all *.inf files in *\windows into a /etc/wininf folder and have suche inf parser look for that folder08:44
evandindeed, I'll have to talk to bryce about it and add it to the todo list.  Neat!08:44
superm1evand, were you guys aware that the button for release notes wasn't working?09:23
superm1we were going to publish, and then picked up on that09:25
evandarr lame, no I wasn't.  I'll look into that now.09:25
evandsuperm1: it appears to be a gtk bug.  Still investigating though.09:55
superm1evand, okay well i guess that's good and bad news.09:56
superm1evand, since it probably is affecting a few other pyGTK apps i've written :)09:56
evandyeah, manually constructing a LinkButton in the python console in the LiveCD and on my gutsy system has the same problem of not launching firefox.09:59
superm1live cd being tribe5 shipped with this issue?10:02
superm1or it showed up later10:02
evandhrm, lets see10:08
evandsometime after tribe 3.  I'll narrow it down further in a bit.10:17
evandseems to be an issue prior to tribe 510:40
superm1is there a gtk bug made for it yet?10:44
superm1that you found10:44
evandhaven't looked yet10:44
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