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mantiena-baltix_hi all02:37
mantiena-baltix_there is big problem because 7.04 (feisty) CD doesn't  start on lots of new laptops. based on Intel santarosa platform02:37
mantiena-baltix_look at bug #126653 for example02:37
mantiena-baltix_ it's interesting, that older and newer Ubuntu versions (see latest comment) , also. it seems, feisty kernels (from Ubuntu 7.04 beta) detects cdrom and starts fine 02:38
mantiena-baltix_so, it's important regression - I've tried Ubuntu 5.10, 6.06, 7.04 and 7.10 (Gutsy) and only 7.04 (tried both kernels - from aprils release and from updates) doesn't start on santarosa platform-based laptops02:40
mantiena-baltix_there are several simillar bugs reported already, look for example at bug 126552 02:41
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BenCmantiena-baltix_: try booting with all_generic_ide on the kernel command line and see if that helps02:46
BenCmantiena-baltix_: we're two months from releasing gutsy, so it's unlikely we'll devote a lot of time to respinning feisty CD's02:46
BenCmantiena-baltix_: might be best to just use a gutsy tribe CD instead02:47
mantiena-baltix_BenC: it's not the best solution, problem is not for me, but for lots of users, who get new laptops from computer shops. how I can you help to fix this important regression ?02:48
mantiena-baltix_there are several computer shops in Lithuania who ships new computers with Ubuntu 7.04 (or Ubuntu 7.04-based local distro) CD02:49
mantiena-baltix_so, users buy clean computer and get Ubuntu CD, when they tried to boot they get initramfs command line and think, that Ubuntu is crap :(02:50
mantiena-baltix_so, they have contacted me, asked if I can fix and rebuild Ubuntu 7.04 CD for distributing with new laptops02:52
maks_news at 11 - old kernel seldomly work with newest hardware02:53
mantiena-baltix_at bug 126552 there is comment - Chuck Short wrote on 2007-08-06: (permalink)02:54
mantiena-baltix_I have a patch for this in gutsy which can probably be used as well for 2.6.2002:54
mantiena-baltix_So, maybe someone from Ubuntu kernel developers could produce patched kernel for testing ?02:55
BenCmantiena-baltix_: have you tried the latest feisty kernel to see if it works?03:01
mantiena-baltix_BenC, yes, I though I already told this ;) Your are talking about 2.6.20-16 from updates repository, right ?03:02
mantiena-baltix_I didn't found newer kernel in proposed-updates03:03
BenCmantiena-baltix_: You could respin a CD that forces all_generic_ide03:04
mantiena-baltix_I think, that this problem must be fixed in updates repository, because lots of people could upgrade older ubuntu versions (for example 6.06 or 6.10) and get not-working CD/DVD drives after upgrading03:05
mantiena-baltix_to 7.0403:05
BenCmantiena-baltix_: Basically we are two months from gutsy release, and we are putting all of our efforts into getting it as stable as possible03:05
mantiena-baltix_BenC, I understand about gutsy, but isn't all_generic_ide only temporary fix ?03:05
BenCmantiena-baltix_: it's enough to get the system working until they can upgrade to gutsy03:06
BenCfrom what I understand, it's only needed for the cdrom, not for the harddrive03:06
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BenCmantiena-baltix_: if these are santa rosa, most likely they'll still need updated kernel+packages to get intel gfx working anyway, so you'll need a cd with some feisty updates anyway03:07
zulbesides the santa rosa stuff got added in 2.6.22.y i believe03:08
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BenCmjg59: ping03:42
mjg59BenC: Hi03:42
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mantiena-baltix_BenC, updated feisty cd isn't a problem, problem is, that there are no working kernel  on santarosa for feisty :(04:06
BenCmantiena-baltix_: unless you add the all_generic_ide work around04:07
BenCwhich is quicker and safer than us doing a new kernel+cd build04:07
BenCby safer I mean less prone to other regressions that we would have to test for04:07
BenCwhich is why we can't put a lot of effort into it04:07
BenCmantiena-baltix_: it would take us 3-4 weeks to implement the fix, and test it thoroughly, after which we would have reduced effort in gutsy, and would only be a month away from gutsy release...so the pay-off is not good enough to justify it04:10
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mantiena-baltix_yea, I thought it's a simple fix, because CD/DVD drive is detected on all other Ubuntu kernels, even on Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty" beta kernel (2.6.20-12)04:56
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bdmurrayI was looking at bug 133823 and wondering how the kernel determines what modules to load.05:29
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elmoI have a tg3 NIC on my laptop that doesn't appear to work in gutsy08:27
elmogiven how widely deployed tg3 is, is it possible that this NIC isn't supported, or more likely that the laptop's broken?08:28
thomwhat are the symptoms?08:28
thomjust complete not-workingness, or occasional drops?08:29
elmonot detecting a link on a known good cable/connections08:30
kylemelmo, which laptop?08:32
elmoHP nc632008:32
kylemlaptop of doom.08:33
fabbioneelmo: hw hates you08:34
kylemelmo, plz file a bug with full lspci -vvnn for that pci device08:35
kylemelmo, also any of the dmesg from tg3, and ethtool -i08:35
elmokylem: ok - unfortunately I blatted window in a rather blase manner before install, so I can't confirm it isn't a HW problem08:35
kylemi wouldn't imagine it is.08:36
mjg59elmo: PXE is still a way of testing08:43
mjg59(if you're worried)08:43
elmogood point, I'll try that08:43
kylemi can see a few commits to tg3 since then that would explain it...08:44
elmopxe failed08:46
rtgkylem: I pushed gutsy-lum. Please upload.08:46
elmo(oh, but that may be a local issue)08:46
kylemrtg, care to add that poulsbo patch and respin?08:48
rtgkylem: Can do.08:48
elmoanyway, I'll assume it's not HW and wait for kyle to fix my network at some point with kernel magic08:48
rtgkylem: Poulsbo patch included.09:01
kylemthanks dude.09:02
kylemrtg, uploadedx0red.09:07
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rtgkylem: Should we also upload the kernel since I merged this morning?09:15
kylemhave you testbuilt it on lpia/amd64/i386?09:18
kylemhmm, it's probably going to be another abi event?09:19
rtgkylem: generic only so far. It ought not be an ABI event.09:19
kylemer. nobody re-added the abifiles.09:21
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tormoddear kernel-team, bug #114793 makes me cry at night and is currently assigned to you. There has been a debdiff for 2 months but nobody has looked closer at it. What can I do?09:57
=== tormod wipes away tears
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BenCtormod: not sure why we should fix a failure in a package we don't need10:30
BenCwe already build prism drivers10:31
mjg59kylem: Did l-u-m build for amd64?10:33
mjg59I have no working sound on an MBP10:33
tormodbenc, it's not so much the driver building, but the rest of the debdiff - needed for network-manager for instance. BTW, the broken shipped drivers got fixed today - thanks Tim!10:42
BenCtormod: anyone on core-dev can do that upload10:43
BenCtormod: but we can do it if no one else can10:43
tormodbenc, I don't care who does it :) but it just keeps being reassigned around...10:46
mjg59kylem: Ah, no, it's just that alsa is *still* broken on the MBP (it seems)10:47
kylemwell, it's identical to what's in gutsy stock10:54
mjg59Yeah, I can believe that10:55
mjg59Why must this be so hard10:55
mjg59I'll see if I can find a patch to make it work10:55
kylemdoes it work in upstream?10:56
mjg59Which upstream? alsa or kernel?10:56
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BenCyou guys need to remember to run updateconfigs every so often11:17
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mjg59kylem: Works with hg alsa-drivers11:52
mjg59Well, almost - volume is on "front" and "master" does nothing11:52
mjg59But this is better than gutsy, where left speaker is "Center" and right speaker is "LFE" and master and front *both* do nothing12:02
mjg59And I need to select "Line in as output"12:03
mjg59So, on average, hg ftw12:03
kylemcan you try -rc4?12:05
kylemi need to get off my ass and release a linux-vanilla thing in ppa.12:05
mjg59kylem: 2.6.23-rc4?12:09
mjg59Ok, will do12:11
kylemthanks very much.12:11
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