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LhademmorHello. Is this project still alive?03:50
NailorYes. Why?03:52
LhademmorI'm on a ThinkPad R51, and was wondering if anyone needed that...03:53
NailorNeeded what?03:53
NailorYou got a spare R51 you're willing to give away? ;)03:54
LhademmorA LaptopTest of it. Is that not what this project is about?03:54
LhademmorHehe, not yet :P03:54
LhademmorYou wouldn't want the old crap anway ;)03:54
NailorWell, if you're interested in testing how things work on it please do03:54
NailorJust report your findings to wiki03:54
NailorTesting itself is quite straightforward operation03:55
LhademmorI'll see if I can figure it out...03:55
LhademmorBut I'm testing from installed Feisty, not from a Live-CD. Does that make a difference?03:55
NailorNot really03:56
NailorThe information we prefer is how the installed system works03:56
LhademmorOk, cool. I'm on it. First one off, the middle-mouse-button is broken - I'll see if I can figure out how to report that03:56
NailorCheck out the wiki page (http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam) for more info04:01
NailorYou should check if your laptop is being tested already04:02
LhademmorIt seems not..04:02
NailorThen you should just copy the testing template to be used for it04:02
LhademmorI'll work on it :)04:02
LhademmorI have a dream.... About a Ubuntu Wiki which is updated and contains up-to-date and relevant information. I'll start here.04:04
LhademmorNailor: What happened to the LaptopTeamTemplate?04:25
LhademmorScrew that, I'll just copy something from one of the other entries04:26
NailorGood question :p04:27
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Lhademmorhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/Lenovo_IBM/IBM/Lenovo/ThinkpadR51 (<-- there, the initial report)04:47
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