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asachmm what was the name of the hildonized calculator again?03:14
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asacMithrandir: there?03:55
Mithrandirasac: I am.03:55
asacMithrandir: cool ... do we have a simple packaged application in gutsy that integrates with hildon properly?03:56
asace.g. menus are of concern here?03:56
Mithrandirtasks should be an example.03:57
asacMithrandir: whats the package/binary name? 03:57
asacis it hildonized on lpia only ... or everywhere?03:58
Mithrandirshouldonly be on lpia03:58
Mithrandirs/d/d /03:58
asachmm ok ... so maybe thats the reason ...03:59
=== asac going back migrating everything on lpia chroot
asacMithrandir: carl told me we have a hildon expert/dev here in channel ... who is that?04:01
Mithrandirasac: tko, I believe, for instance.04:02
asactko: ping :)04:03
asacMithrandir: is there a way to just start the hildon-panel?04:09
asace.g. DISPLAY=:1 hildon-panel  (doesn't exist unfortunately)04:10
Mithrandirjust the marquee?04:11
Mithrandirit's in-process of hildon-desktop, iirc04:11
asacok let me purge and reinstall hildon-desktop again :)04:11
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asacMithrandir: hmm i think i am doing something wrong as all looks pretty broken anyway, but anyway ... tasks still has the normal top-level menu here04:16
MithrandirI don't have any lpia chroots set up here, and my connectivity isn't the best, so I can't really help you, sorry.04:19
asacMithrandir: same for agoliveira ?04:20
asacyou are at sprint, right?04:20
dholbachasac: yeah04:20
agoliveiraasac: We all are04:20
agoliveiraasac: The task built worked for me locally but I wasn able to test the lpia built yet and right now is kind of hard.04:21
asacagoliveira: i start matchbox-window-manager + hildon desktop  + tasks ... however tasks still has normal menus04:21
asacand in lpia chroot all is broken, while the amd64 version of hildon-desktop at least has some items in its panel04:21
asacagoliveira: so we still don't have any application that is hildonized in gutsy?04:22
Mithrandirasac: why are you starting matchbox-window-manager by hand?04:22
agoliveiraasac: no and we won't04:22
asacMithrandir: because everything else is just broken04:22
agoliveiraasac: All the hildonized applications are going into lpia only.04:22
asacMithrandir: if i start-hildon ... for instance04:23
asacagoliveira: yes thats fine ... but is there any?04:23
agoliveirashould be tasks, contacts-snapshot, dates, cheese and claws (this one didn't make, don  know why yet)04:23
agoliveiraasac: I'm afraid I'll not be able to look at this until later or tomorrow.04:24
asacagoliveira: dates? no package i can see04:24
agoliveiraasac: Yes, I just checked and dates also didn't make it yet.04:25
asacok i install cheese ... my last hope04:25
Mithrandirasac: uh, no. Use xhost +SI:localuser:root in your normal system, then  DISPLAY=:0 xinit /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc -- /usr/bin/Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 1024x600x32 96 -ac with xserver-xephyr installed in the chroot.04:25
Mithrandirthat's the right way to start the UI.04:25
asacMithrandir: why isn't that codified somewhere? is that new?04:26
asacbut let me try ;)04:26
Mithrandirit's been that way for two weeks, and it's been posted to the mailing list.04:26
Mithrandirthe docs aren't updated because nobody has taken the time to do so.04:27
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asacMithrandir: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-mobile/2007-August/thread.html ... what post was that in?04:30
Mithrandirmy bandwidth here is quite limited, it's better if you look yourself.04:31
asaci can't find it04:31
asacthen nevermind04:31
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ian_brasilMithrandir: i must have missed this post too.04:41
ian_brasil_it is this one i think https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-mobile/2007-August/000786.html04:43
asacian_brasil_: thanks04:44
ian_brasil_i will update the docs04:44
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ian_brasilMithrandir: what was the command on the host again?...something like xhost +  localhost:root   ??04:59
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asacian_brasil: he told me: xhost +SI:localuser:root05:03
asacian_brasil: but for me it doesn't work ... i lack some font packages i think05:03
asacian_brasil: btw, i had to use xhost +  (not the one above) ... otherwise it couldn't connect05:04
ian_brasilasac: thx...i will try it out now05:05
asacian_brasil: let me know :/05:05
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asacian_brasil: i am really stuck here atm ;)05:06
=== Sciri [n=sean@fw.pepper.com] has joined #Ubuntu-Mobile
ian_brasili am getting a connection refused error which is more encouraging05:07
asacyeah ... try xhost +05:07
ian_brasilyes, that works but it opens my x session up to the world05:12
asacian_brasil: you use a image-creator created chroot?05:12
asacian_brasil: have you replaced localuser with your real localuser?05:13
asace.g. xhost +SI:ian_brasil:root05:13
ian_brasilasac: i installed manually following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/HildonDesktopManualProcedure05:14
asacian_brasil: hmm ok that might work for me as well as my amd64 install works a bit at least05:14
asacian_brasil: or do you use lpia architecture?05:14
ian_brasilno i am not using lpia05:15
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
asacian_brasil: problem is that there are no hildonized apps if not in lpia atm (i just got that info from agoliveira)05:15
agoliveiraian_brasil: This procedure is a bit outdated and will not give you the lattest pieces and bits. You should use the image creator if possible.05:16
=== asac gives up and has started the image-creator
mjg59Yes, we don't want to package hildonised apps separately05:16
mjg59Which means they'll only end up in lpia05:16
Hobbseeagoliveira: were there any other packages that you needed a UVFe for, while i'm at it?05:17
agoliveiraHobbsee: Sorry but I'm not sure right now. We're a sprint here and I'm a bit disconnected to the applications.05:20
Hobbseeagoliveira: no problem.  enjoy. 05:21
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ian_brasilif i use  $ xhost +  does the -ac parameter to Xephyr override the world access to the xsession?05:25
mjg59ian_brasil: No05:25
mjg59ian_brasil: The -ac to Xephyr allows anything to connect to Xepyhr05:25
rustylian_brasil, when you do the command 'xhost +', you are only changing the access permissions for your current display05:25
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Mithrandiragoliveira: there's a long dependency chain for claws-mail; I've rescored the first item in the list, and we might end up with the rest built later today.05:52
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agoliveiraMithrandir: Yes, I saw that a few minutes ago. Thanks.05:52
MithrandirSciri: for the dailies, you might want to look at http://people.ubuntu.com/~tfheen/bzr/mobile-image-runner/06:01
Mithrandir(bzr repo, so bzr branch $url)06:01
SciriOK, great...06:02
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ian_brasili have xhost access control enabled..i started Xephyr like Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 800x480x32 -dpi 96 -ac and i used the start-hildon script ...this works ok 06:20
Mithrandirit shouldn't, any more06:21
Mithrandirso if that works, it's a bug. :-P06:21
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alek_laptopMithrandir, u there?06:30
ian_brasillike asac on the same setup xinit /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc -- /usr/bin/Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 800x480x32 -dpi 96 -ac06:30
ian_brasil fails ...complaining about not able to free font path06:30
alek_laptopmjg59, u there ?06:31
Mithrandiralek_laptop: I am06:31
mjg59alek_laptop: Hi06:31
alek_laptopoh, great!06:31
alek_laptopI have a reported bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/13462606:31
alek_laptopbut don't know how to change the project to linux-source-2.6.2206:32
mjg59alek_laptop: Hit the status, and a box will drop down. Type the source package name in there.06:32
alek_laptopyeah, but it always said no such project ....06:33
mjg59alek_laptop: Just worked fine for me :)06:33
alek_laptopand when I searched, only show package named "linux" ...06:33
mjg59Ah - you need to edit the package, not the project06:34
mjg59The project is ubuntu06:34
alek_laptopmjg59, oh, let me try.06:34
alek_laptopit said the bug was already marked affecting linux-2.6.22-source06:36
mjg59Yes, I changed it myself when you said it didn't work for you06:38
alek_laptopmjg59, hoho, thanks a lot.06:38
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kwwiibspencer, kyleN: I talked to Michael (the guy at Nokia working on the hildon-theme-tools)07:24
kwwiithey are working on changing a few things and write new documentation for them, I agreed to help with the process07:25
kwwiiso we should get a lot further soon07:25
bspencerthat sounds great07:25
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rob_moblinsodarock_ubuntu, how's it going in boston?07:30
sodarock_ubunturob_moblin: Going good.  No problems.07:31
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kyleNthat's great07:45
kyleNkwwii: Do they have a specification they are working from or are they just going to do what they think is best?07:45
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asactko: there?08:56
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mfreyMithrandir: PKGS=hal gnome-keyring-manager gnome-system-tools network-manager-gnome gksu bluez-utils libbluetooth-dev libbluetooth2 bluetooth bluetooth-alsa bluez-btsco bluez09:01
mfrey-hcidump gnome-bluetooth bluez-gnome python-bluez wireless-tools ppp pppconfig wvdial diald gnome-ppp  libpt-plugins-v4l2  libsdl1.2debian 09:01
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kwwiikyleN: as far as I know they are mainly working on a system for themselves...at the time it seems to be the best way to understand what they are doing and why. after that we can change things to fit out needs09:41
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tkoasac: sort of10:04
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dholbachhey HappyCamp10:52
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sodarock_ubuntudholbach: http://berlin.craigslist.org/  Not sure how popular it is there.10:52
dholbachsodarock_ubuntu: yeah, just got there myself :)10:52
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asactko: thanks, but I solved my hildon event issues ... for now ;)11:44
=== dholbach hugs asac
=== asac hugs dholbach
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