Ubulettedist/bin/chrome/toolkit.jar contains content/global/bindings/findbar.xml01:23
Ubulettenot global/content/bindings/findbar.xml01:24
Ubulettehmm, toolkit.manifest has: "content global jar:toolkit.jar!/content/global/ xpcnativewrappers=yes"01:25
Ubuletteno idea what that means01:26
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asacUbulette: that doesn't mean much09:20
asacUbulette: its confusing that the order or directories looks flipped but the manifest provides the real path info ... so its global + content + bindings + findbar.xml09:21
asaci already thought that the resolvation strategy might get confused because there is a non-manifested toolkit.jar in dist/bin/chrome/ ... while the manifested one is in dist/bin/xulrunner/chrome/09:35
asacjust removing the one in bin/chrome doesn't help though09:35
Ubuletteasac, did your flat install work ?09:59
asacwhy would it10:16
asacis just did it to better test it :)10:16
asacas a side job i am currently reading code ...10:16
asaci am unsure where the problem is, but it might be something with how or in what sequence things chrome is resolved10:17
asacmost important question: why the hell is browser.xml (i mean the content one not the skin one) not touched at all10:18
asacis it due to some exception (like findbar) ... or isn't the css matched for the browser element ... or what10:18
asacits the browser.xml in toolkit10:19
asacthat is not touched10:19
asacbut it has the definition of browser widget ... so10:19
asacno idea :)10:19
Ubuletteif a make install doesn't even work, i have serious doubts10:20
asacwell ... what i did is use the xulrunner dist/bin dir as --with-libxul-sdk= directory10:20
asacwhich is probably what upstream does10:20
asacthey don't know about make install10:20
asacso never try to verify with make install :)10:20
asacanyway ... its the same10:20
asacits definitly broken from what i see10:21
asaci doubt that it works for them atm10:21
asacbut maybe its just something transitional/temporarily10:22
asacanyway ... when we understand what is going on, we can fix it :)10:22
asac... as always :-D10:22
asacwell i think i should do a full debug xulrunner build as well10:24
=== asac respinning ... and doing something else
asacUbulette: can you find out why firefox still produces this almost empty toolkit.jar ?10:26
asac(which doesn't even have a manifest for me)10:26
asactoday is editor update day ... emacs and vi received a security update :/10:32
Ubuletteyep, saw that yesterday10:33
Ubulettewith tar too10:33
asacUbulette: you have a jar build? does ffox have a toolkit.jar with just dummyWindow.xul in it?10:34
asacfor you?10:34
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1848474 2007-08-28 21:45 /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9a8pre/chrome/toolkit.jar10:36
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1852235 2007-08-28 20:40 /usr/share/firefox-trunk/chrome/toolkit.jar10:36
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1966152 2007-08-18 22:25 /usr/share/firefox-granparadiso/chrome/toolkit.jar10:36
Ubulettealmost the same size10:36
Ubulettebtw, i have to go. i'll look into this later10:37
Ubulettesee you10:37
asacis trunk a xulrunner builder?10:40
asacprobably not10:40
gnomefreakPPA seems to still be dogfood01:07
asaccwong1: there? who waas the hildon guy?01:09
asac(nick) ?01:09
gnomefreakwhy do i keep getting ilad failed to build iceape 1.1.4 but its in repo01:12
gnomefreakoh lpia is an arch01:17
asacgnomefreak: look in latest firefox branch commit i did01:18
asacyou need those as well01:18
gnomefreakiceape fails to build on that01:18
asacfor lpia01:18
asacyes all mozillas that are not fixed will fail01:18
asaci fixed midbrowser + firefox for now01:18
asacthunderbird sunbird will follow01:18
gnomefreakwhat did you do to rules and control?01:19
gnomefreakok you changed build-deps01:20
gnomefreaki dont even have gcc as a build dep01:21
gnomefreak debian/rules, debian/control: use don't build lpia with gcc-4.1/g++-4.1 anymore, but01:24
gnomefreak    use gcc-4.2/g++-4.2 for all archs now.01:24
gnomefreakgrabbing source to see if i can figure out what you did01:25
asacgnomefreak: loog at bzr log01:35
asacshjould be clear which checkins you need01:35
gnomefreaki pasted it above01:35
asaclook in past as well01:36
asacthere might be more you want01:36
asacjust redo same for iceape01:36
gnomefreakstarting at revo 8501:36
asacok lunch01:46
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gnomefreakasac: the orig.tar that you use with bzr is just the normal orig.tar that we make like with -trunk we use new-orig02:33
asacfor stable firefox its the one in archive02:34
asacotherwise probably yes02:34
gnomefreakiceape is what im talking about that was first way to make one that came to mind02:35
gnomefreakim gonna try with the orig.tar.gz that we uploaded to repos but use it with bzr02:37
gnomefreakhopfully all patches apply02:42
=== gnomefreak wishes this would hurry up and apply patches or fail to apply them
gnomefreakpatch 99_configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure fails03:00
gnomefreakmaybe iceape doesnt use autoconf03:01
gnomefreakasac: does the configure-autoconf patch have to be used with force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.303:03
gnomefreaki dont see why this would fail other than iceape not using autoconf but i think it does for some reason03:05
gnomefreakasac: ok not sure why its failing i dont see anything that tells me if iceape uses autoconf but im sure it does but patch fails to apply with a few like line 1 line 2 command not found errors and an unexpected token error03:10
gnomefreakalso line 3: ` 1 file changed, 835 insertions(+), 803 deletions(-)' failed.03:10
gnomefreak configure | 1638 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------------03:11
gnomefreak 1 file changed, 835 insertions(+), 803 deletions(-)03:11
gnomefreakthose are the 3 lines03:11
gnomefreakshould i drop that whole part and start with Index: mozilla/configure?03:12
asacgnomefreak: configure you have to leave out03:13
asacjust apply the new configure.in patch03:13
asacthen run autoconf manually and update your iceape configure patch03:13
asac(as usual)03:13
gnomefreakyou lost me03:17
gnomefreaki have to leave out configure | 163803:17
gnomefreaki havent had to run autoconf manully yet afair03:18
gnomefreakasac: ok looking at the 99_configure.dpatch i had there from beginning patch starts with @DPATCH@ there is no mozilla/configure and all that other stuff. so should i drop all that crap in begining of patch start with @@ -55,16 +55,18 @@ and just add @dpatch@ to the start of it03:20
gnomefreakthats not right either03:21
gnomefreakasac: well once i get this figured out ill push the patch after i correct it03:33
asacgnomefreak: its always the same03:36
asacyou update the patch with results from a new autoconf2.13 rerun03:37
asacgnomefreak: edit the patch03:37
asacigore conflicts03:37
asacrerun autoconf2.1303:37
asacexit dpatch edit shell03:37
gnomefreakwhat dir do i run autoconf1.13 in?03:39
asactry to remember03:41
asacyou will find03:41
asacyou did that 4 times at least :)03:42
asacin the same dir as configure.in is in03:42
gnomefreakok i ran it in /iceape/work/build-area/iceape-1.1.403:42
gnomefreaki found it right after i asked03:42
asacbut you have to be in dpatch-edit-mode03:47
asacnow all is lost03:47
asacand your configure is now borked03:47
asacthe idea was to update the patch03:47
asacand not just the configure file03:47
gnomefreakok re grabbing the branch03:49
asaccwong1: please ping me when there03:49
gnomefreaki start build build will fail than i dpatch-edit <patch> to start with right?03:50
gnomefreakok so i open patch in dpatch-edit while its open i run autoconf2.13 in the dir03:52
asacwell ... if the new configure.in patch has been applied then yes03:54
gnomefreakthe only way to know that is to run autoconf2.13 first isnt it?03:55
gnomefreaktheres a step that im missing03:58
gnomefreaki did as you said above 09:37 <            asac > you update the patch with results from a new  autoconf2.13 rerun03:58
gnomefreakthat was first instruction03:58
gnomefreakso i ran autoconf and you said it was wrong03:58
gnomefreakif that is right there is a step missing03:59
asacgnomefreak: before autoconf is needed you need to modify configure.in04:01
asacso be sure that you merged in my changes ... e.g. incl. the new patch04:01
asacthen if that is done04:02
asacedit the configure configure patch04:02
gnomefreakso manully apply the patch directly to configure.in?04:02
asacby running autoconf2.1304:02
asacgnomefreak: no04:02
asacintegrate the patch in debian/patches/04:02
asacthen just enter edit shell04:02
asacits really simpl04:02
asacadd the NEW patch in 00list before the 99_configure one04:03
gnomefreaknew patch?04:03
gnomefreakyou said i had to modify configure.in04:03
gnomefreakthat would be new patch04:03
gnomefreakwithout adding your changes to configure.in by hand how do i modify it04:04
gnomefreakopening configure.in in dpatch edit shell will do nothing AFAIK i would have to edit it by hand to include the changes from the autoconfig patch04:05
gnomefreaki already have a total of 2 configure patches one there from before an dthe new one that i took from ff04:10
gnomefreakam i opening the first configure patch with dpatch or the file configure.in04:11
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gnomefreakthere is something im not seeing in this04:21
gnomefreakdpatch-edit-patch: * /home/gnomefreak/iceape/work/build-area/iceape-1.1.4/debian/patches/99_configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure.dpatch does not exist, it will be created as a new dpatch.04:35
gnomefreakdpatch-edit-patch: * Copying /home/gnomefreak/iceape/work/build-area/iceape-1.1.4 to reference directory.04:35
gnomefreakit failed to open dpatch shell anyway04:41
gnomefreakbrb booting feisty to test something04:42
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakbug 13557204:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135572 in gedit "gedit crashes when pasting some code" [Medium,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13557204:49
asacgnomefreak: thats wrong04:53
asacuse the same name of the patch that is already there04:53
asacgnomefreak: no ... there is a patch in firefox ... you need that as well04:53
gnomefreaki took both firefo patches04:53
asactry to read firefox bzr log carefully04:53
asacwhat both?04:54
asacthere is just one04:54
gnomefreakthe autoconfig and the force04:54
asacthe other is an update you have to redo04:54
asacjust take force ... autoconf you have to redo like above04:54
asacjust update the existing confiugre patch04:54
asacin iceape04:54
asaci take a break now ... this mobile thing just kills me04:55
gnomefreakmaybe ill get to it tomorrow im not feeling well and this autocofig bs is getting to me04:55
asacgnomefreak: do you understand what this is about?04:56
asacgnomefreak: whenever you modify an existing confiugre.in patch or add a new patch for it04:56
asacyou have to update the configure patch04:56
gnomefreaki got that04:56
asacthere is always one configure patch04:57
asacnot more04:57
asacits always just take care that the new configure.in patch gets applied before the configure patch (which should be always last)04:57
gnomefreakbut problem is i cd into buildarea and run dpatch-edit-patch <something maybe name of patch)04:57
asacthen edit (like in dpatch-edit) the configure patch04:57
asacignore any conflicts during application ... rerun autoconf2.1304:57
asacexit shel ... done04:57
asacgnomefreak: there is a definite name of the patch04:58
asacjust look at the name in 00list04:58
asacthen it works04:58
gnomefreakbut ok dpatch-edit-patch <thesamenameyouused>04:58
asacits not a "maybe name of patch" ... look in 00list ... be sure ... no problems04:58
asacgnomefreak: so you still haven't integrated my patch?04:58
gnomefreakor do i use exsiting configure patch04:58
asacgnomefreak: i thought you are stuck at confiugre patch04:58
gnomefreakasac: i cant open dpatch shell04:59
asacgnomefreak: you have to add my new patch to the dpatch system as a distinct patch04:59
asacif that is done (e.g. its named in 00list)04:59
asacthen you edit the *one* and *only* configure patch by dpatch-edit-patch ... autoconf2.1304:59
gnomefreakbut if i dont add your patch to iceape it wont be in 00list04:59
asacgnomefreak: you have to add it ... why wouldn't you?04:59
gnomefreakbecause you just said dont add your patch i have to make my own05:00
asacwell .. you have to make a dpatch file out of it05:00
asac(not a plain patch)05:00
asacits basically .. copy over05:00
asacrename (so it has .dpatch) extension05:00
asacadd the dpatch header into file (like all the other dpatch files)05:00
asacadd the name (what comes before .dpatch) to 00list05:01
asacthere are hundreds of ways ... but I was sure that you know how to add a dpatch :)05:01
gnomefreakok so if ther eis only 1 confiure patch no more than what do i do with the one iceape already has05:02
asaconly requirement is that it needs to be in 00list before the 00_configure patch ... thats all05:02
asacgnomefreak: you never take the configure patch05:02
asacgnomefreak: only take the configure.in patch (the force one)05:02
asacthe configure patch that iceape has you have to update afterwards05:02
asacon like describes a few times above :)05:03
gnomefreakok so i open the configure patch i have now in iceape in dpatch and just add your changes to it?05:04
=== gnomefreak will see what i can do later this afternoon i cant work on it right now it pisses me off too much
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cwong1asac: I will get you the hildon contact at nokia as soon as bob comes in.  I forgot all about it.  Sorry.05:42
cwong1asac: the person you want to talk to is Tommi and he signed in #ubuntu-mobile as tko05:49
asaccwong1: tko?05:54
cwong1asac: that is he's login id05:54
cwong1asac: I met him at google and he knows libhildon pretty well.05:56
asaccwong1: ok cool05:59
asacme fighting to get a real development :)05:59
asaccwong1: do i really need a target?06:00
asac(in image-creator)06:00
cwong1you will need hildon to test your stuff, so yes06:00
asaccwong1: what shall i select?06:00
asacas functional block06:00
asacok ... i had menlow first ...there was only gnome-mobile which was broken06:01
asachopefully this works06:03
cwong1should work ...  then just follow the instruction in moblin.org to test the target06:03
asaccwong1: you mean http://www.moblin.org/howto_app-dev.html ?06:08
asacunder "Target Environment"06:08
cwong1its under http://www.moblin.org/howto_create-image.html06:08
cwong1Step 506:09
asacits the same from what i see06:09
cwong1could be06:09
cwong1yes its the same06:10
asaccwong1: i assume there is a full hildonized app preinstalled?06:10
asacso i can check that it actually works? (e.g. window events)06:10
cwong1the calculator06:10
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Ubuletteasac, part of the nsinstall patch has been accepted10:16
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JazzvaHello, Ubulette...10:43
Ubuletteit's quiet today10:43
JazzvaI weren't here for two days.. Got the new HDD, copied all the data from the old one to the new one and installed Ubuntu on a friend's computer today :D..10:45
=== Jazzva : "Come to the dar... ahem, Ubuntu side, Luke" :)
=== cwong1 [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-20c39ff6bd0b9514] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
UbuletteJazzva, lol10:53
cwong1asac: ping11:21
asaccwong1: pong11:42
cwong1asac:  Can we make another release with the new toolbar on the bottom?11:43
asacwell ... we could also have a semi-hildonized menu if you want :)11:45
asacit finally works ;)11:45
cwong1asac:  Is that working?11:45
asacyeah ... well for now its just that the menu bar hides/shows when you click the panel button11:45
asacbut making a popup out of it is now something left for the readers ;)11:45
asaci cleaned stuff up a bit ... and will commit this11:46
asaccwong1: have you tried to open a new window?11:46
asaccwong1: for me the statusbar and the bookmars reappear in the second window11:46
asaccwong1: can you fix that for real? e.g. strip it from midbrowser.xul instead of localstore.rdf or whatever you did?11:46
cwong1asac:  I will look into it.11:47
asacif you can fix that tilll tomorrow, i will merge down the clean parts from working to release branch tomorrow11:47
asacor till today end of your workday of course :)11:47
cwong1asac: do I need your new code to reproduce the problem?11:48
asacoh ... what happens if you open "file -> new window" ?11:48
asacit probably still opens for you the old, standard browser, right?11:49
cwong1asac: one thing we will want to do is to disabllow more than 1 browser widow11:49
asacwhy? ... works pretty well here :)11:49
asacit should definitly be fixed ... even though we don't allow it11:49
cwong1asac: thats what Bob said to do11:49
asacyeah ... thats ok11:50
cwong1I will go ahead and fix that anyway11:50
asacbut the window strip down should be done proper in .xul anyway11:50
asacbackout the rdf patch11:50
asacand do it directly in midbrowser.xul11:50
cwong1ok, will do11:51
asaccwong1: you have any idea how toolbar is ment to work=11:51
asacfrom what i see its not really implemented in hildon lib11:51
cwong1no it is not11:51
asacfor now we could hide and show it like the popup ...11:51
asacprobably an accident ;)11:51
cwong1yes it was11:52
cwong1I was going to ask u a different question11:52
asacgo ahead11:52
cwong1can we change the default link to point to a file instead of www.mozilla.org/projects/bonecho?11:52
asacwhat is the default link for you?11:52
asacthe homepage is already fixed, right?11:52
asacyou mean the throbber?11:53
cwong1I meant when it first come up it should point to a file like /var/www/..../index.html11:53
cwong1like the firefox from ubuntu points to /usr/share/../somefile11:54
asaccurrently we open moblin.org, right?11:54
asacjust to not talking about different things here11:54
cwong1yes but we want to point to a file instead becuase if you run it from a firewall, it sits there for a long time until it times out11:55
asacyeah ... you can do it in the same way as you changed to use moblin.org11:55
asacdoes that index.html already exist?11:56
cwong1Yes, in the old package that I did before.11:56
cwong1I can change the link in the code and have our home flash plugin install the page11:57
asaccwong1: why not include it in the chrome midbrowser.jar ? that would allow you to change the page in midbrowser language packs as well11:57
cwong1asac: how do add the html page to the jar?11:57
asacadd it to jar.mn11:58
asacuse the same pattern you see for midbrowser.xul there11:58
asacthen try to reference it with11:58
cwong1ok.  sounds good11:58
asacin location bar ... if that works try to flip homepage setting to that page11:58
cwong1will do11:59
asaclater that page should only contain layout ... content should go to a .dtd file so it becomes translatable11:59
cwong1what about the upgrade check that is in WORKNG branch,  can you not include that in the release?11:59
asacwhich commit?12:00
asachave a link go git web?12:00
cwong1With latest checkout it takes a while for the browser to come up and last I chat with you, you said it is because of the upgrade check12:01
asacno ... its a one time thing ... if the application is upgraded the next restart takes some time ... but not the ones afterwards12:01
cwong1can we not do that one time thing?12:02
asaci somehow have the feeling we are talking about different things12:02
asacits not an upgrade check that i refer to ... but its an *upgrade* that firefox has to do with your profile directory ... e.g. reregistering xpcom components al12:03
asacbut it hardly takes longer than 2-3 seconds12:03
cwong1on a fresh build, it starts up slow right becuase of the one time check, right?12:03
asacand is just the first time you start it12:03
asacits not a check12:03
cwong1if you are behind a firewall12:03
cwong1and proxy is not set, it takes more that 3 seconds12:04
cwong1oh.. so during the upgrade, it doesn't go out to the web and search for components?12:04
asaccwong1: about:config12:04
asacsearch for update12:05
asacset to false12:05
asacsee if your issues go away12:05
asacanyway ... there are more pressing issues than that12:06
asacthose things should go to the todo list that bob and i started once12:06
asacno idea where that ended up ... but i think in wiki?12:07
cwong1We are going to setup a wiki in moblin.org soon12:07
asacyeah ... but we had worked out 10 points or something ... he wanted to post them12:07
asacsomewhere ;)12:07
cwong1I will get the list form him12:08
cwong1So are the hildon code check-in?12:09
asacwell ... takes a bit ... want to have clean checkin12:16
asacbut already finished locally12:16
Ubuletteasac, i fixed ff3+xul12:18
asaccwong1: ok let me push12:20
asaccwong1: hold still for a few :)12:20
asacUbulette: really?12:20
asacUbulette: you rock ;)12:20
asacUbulette: what was the culprit?12:20
cwong1asac: I am anxious to see how that look like12:20
Ubuletteasac, mostly a mismatch of 3 days between xul and ff3 with some changes in browser.jar12:21
Ubulettewhich means we'd better package both at the same time12:22
asaccwong1: http://www.moblin.org/repos/?p=projects/mobile-browser.git;a=shortlog;h=WORKING12:25
asaccwong1: read the long logs of the checkins to get an overview12:25
cwong1asac: k  will pull and build and red the logs12:25
asaccwong1: damn thing git web doesn't break lines ;)12:26
asacnext time i will to id here in commit log directly12:26
asacmaybe i will retype when merging down to release branch12:26
cwong1sounds ok12:26
asaccwong1: i didn't test your checkin12:26
asaccwong1: so if its break it was you :)12:27
cwong1that was just a minor change12:27
asaclet me rebuild12:27
asacyeah minor changes can have deep impacts :)12:27
asacUbulette: yeah ... thats good ... you see the checkin in bonsai that fixed it?12:27
asacUbulette: would just be curious12:27
asaccwong1: i will implement F4 trigger as well ... as i saw that hildon does it as well (e.g. open menu when pressing F4)12:28
cwong1asac: k12:29
asaccwong1: for toolbar ... whenever we know what they do, we can probably do it as well12:29
asaccwong1: i didn't really find the piece of code in libhildon that does that12:29
cwong1asac: are you referring to the toolbar at the top?12:30
asacno ... to the toolbar at the button :)12:30
asaci only talk about application things ;)12:30
asacUbulette: that said ... maybe we should always checkout origs with tag ... e.g. trunk is always date tag of today 00:0012:31
Ubulettewe should also find a way to co something smaller now instead of 'browser'12:33
asacUbulette: right12:33
asacUbulette: maybe directly from hg even :)12:34
asacUbulette: i think you need files of top-level directory + browser + extensions + build + config12:34
Ubuletteyep, something like that, i made a diff already12:35
Ubulettei need to commit a few things 1st12:36
Ubulettei drop firefox-trunk-dev12:36
asacfirefox probably still has headers12:36
asacthere should be some12:36
asacor isn't there any idl file in browser/ hierachy anymore?12:36
asaccwong1: you can enable logging of the hildon event service component by export NSPR_LOG_MODULES=hildon:512:37
Ubuletteoh, you're right, i've kept a few things in, but so are gone12:37
asaccwong1: before starting it12:37
asaccwong1: i saw that your image-creator still creates i386 chroots ... not lpia12:42
asacwill you switch?12:42
Ubuletteasac, no more dev files in debian/tmp, but some .idl/.h in moz/dist :P12:42
asac(soon is the question)12:42
asacUbulette: wow ... so make install still broken?12:42
Ubulettei'll look at it once i've committed the rest12:43
asachmm ... maybe the packager.mk now doesn't think that firefox has a -devel part? because its with-libxul-sdk?12:43
asaccwong1: still building ;) ?12:56
cwong1asac: for lpia, you need to ask rusty12:57
cwong1asac: build is don and I am going to give it a try here12:57
Ubuletteasac, trunk pushed12:59
asaccwong1: cross-fingers ;)01:00
Ubuletteasac, xul too01:00
cwong1asac: I screw up. It was building from the Master not Working.. :(01:00
Ubulettepushing my tarballs..01:00
asaccwong1: oh dear ;)01:00
asaccwong1: i think you don't need a full rebuild01:00
asaccwong1: just a make01:00
asaccwong1: the important part is that you rebuild the gtk/ tree so there is no hildon window anymore01:01
asacand the you build the midbrowser tree01:01
asacbut if it fails ... maybe consider to rebuild :)01:02
asacbut then i will be in bed :/01:02
asacUbulette: cool ... thats really good news01:02
asacUbulette: i will try it tomorrow i guess01:02
asacUbulette: are you running full install?01:03
asacor in dist/ ?01:03
Ubulettethe debs01:03
asacok ... the firefox deb doesn't contain the xulrunner that was copied to it, right?01:03
Ubulettei removed that01:04
asacif you change the name of the gre.d config entry (in brackets) ... to a9 or something01:04
asacdoes it still find the right xul?01:04
Ubuletteoops, forgot to Build-Depends xul-dev01:04
asacnp :)01:04
asacUbulette: actually is in applications.ini a maxVersion?01:04
Ubulettefta@ix:~ $ xulrunner --find-gre 1.9a8pre01:05
Ubulettefta@ix:~ $ xulrunner --find-gre 1.9a901:05
Ubulettefta@ix:~ $ xulrunner --find-gre 1.9a801:05
Ubulettefta@ix:~ $01:05
Ubulettedoesn't smell good01:05
asacUbulette: well ... please try what i asked01:06
asaci think that seneraio better projects what is actually needed01:06
asacdrop maxVersion from application.ini01:06
asacif there is any01:06
Ubulette[Gecko] 01:06
asacyeah drop that Max thing01:07
asacjust remove the line01:07
asacthen bump the name in gre.d ...conf01:07
asacand see whats coming ;)01:07
Ubuletteroot@ix:/etc/gre.d # cat 1.9a8.system.conf01:09
Ubulette[1.9a8] 01:09
asacno that is maybe lower01:09
Ubuletteit runs without complaining01:09
asaceven without maxVersion?01:09
asacaeh with01:09
asacok thats fine01:10
asacthen we know how to make the stub probe for compatibility01:10
asacwell lets hope that components will complain on load01:10
Ubulette# cat 1.9.0.system.conf01:10
Ubulette[1.9.0] 01:10
Ubulettestill ok01:10
asacand that firefox components don't depend on internal things :/01:10
asacUbulette: another try would be to forcefully bump real version of xulrunner01:11
asacto 1.9.101:11
asacor something01:11
asacin xulrunner/config/...01:11
asacand config/*version*01:11
asacsomething like that01:11
asacforgot the right names just now01:11
Ubuletteput Milestone=1.9a7pre in /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9a8pre/platform.ini01:12
Ubulettefta@ix:~ $ firefox-trunk01:12
UbuletteError: Platform version '1.9a7pre' is not compatible with01:12
UbuletteminVersion >= 1.9a8pre01:12
UbulettemaxVersion <= 1.*01:12
Ubulettefta@ix:~ $01:12
asacand in milestone*.txt01:12
asacits in config/ as far as i know01:12
asacmaybe they eliminated it by now though01:12

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