cheeseboyvidd_laptop: perls isnt in /usr/bin/perl any idea where it is?01:11
vidd_laptopno idea01:12
cellofellowcheeseboy: run `which perl` in a terminal, it will tell you where it is.01:12
vidd_laptoplook in /usr/lib01:13
cellofellowjosh@josh:~$ which perl01:13
vidd_laptopsame here01:13
vidd_laptopmaybe you dont have it installed? cheeseboy01:14
cheeseboyno its there for w/e reaason it was saying it didnt exist tho01:15
=== cius [n=cius@c-76-22-206-59.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboygot webmin running though :)01:15
=== Catoptromancy [n=catw@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboyhow do i lik a directory to another directory?01:29
cellofellowln -s targetdir linkfile01:29
=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
doop"sda1 has gone 49710 days without being checked"01:48
TheSheepdoop: "0" time means 1970-01-01 in Unix :)01:52
doopbut its checked every few weeks01:57
doopand 49710 days are 136 years01:57
=== wireLESS [n=ubuntu@pool-71-170-127-53.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
dooptheres something not cool# :)01:57
wireLESShey guys, i need some help with wireless.. i have a prism54 device, which works when i plug it in, but does not work on reboot/startup until i remove and plug it back in.. so i tested ndiswrapper, but it ONLY works if i have the SSID broadcast enabled, and WEP DISabled... any ideas? i'm reading threads about people saying at least 64bit is working for them, and i REALLY don't want to leave my network wide open01:58
wireLESSalso, when playing a video via gmplayer in xubuntu, i get an error about gnome's ability to find the xscreensaver to stop it from starting up during a movie (i have to manually kill the xscreensaver daemon, which is a pita)... on my gentoo box xfce and gmplayer work great without any dependancy on gnome's screensaver abilities02:00
TheSheepdoop: 2007-137 = 197002:00
TheSheepwireLESS: the latter seems to be a bug, please report it02:01
wireLESSok that's what i was "hoping" for02:01
wireLESSthat it wasn't just me02:01
wireLESSyou ARE talking about the screensaver thing right?02:02
wireLESSi am reinstalling xubuntu as we speak cuz i installed a bunch of base ubuntu crap to test that (which after all the gnome deps installed it DID remove that error) and couldn't completley remove it02:02
wireLESSand i hate gnome02:02
vidd_laptopTheSheep, 2007 - 137 = 1870 when I went to school!02:06
vidd_laptop=] 02:06
vidd_laptopmaybe he has system time set to 2107?02:07
wireLESSbbiaf hopefully02:07
TheSheepvidd_laptop: :)02:08
cheeseboywhich mail server app is the best?02:10
vidd_laptopcheeseboy, define "the best"02:11
TheSheep!best | cheeseboy02:11
ubotucheeseboy: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors.02:11
cheeseboyin your opinion*02:11
vidd_laptoppostfix is nice02:12
TheSheepcheeseboy: it's obvious we can only state our personal opinions here :)02:12
=== cellofellow [n=josh@72-55-209-91.mammothnetworks.com] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowI've a networking problem. On a different box I can't get the wired NIC to load. It used to work but I did something screwy to it. It's a 3c905b, and It think the trick would be to just load the correct module.02:31
vidd_laptopcellofellow, try editing your network interfaces files to set am eth1 with the same settings as eth002:33
cellofellowthere are no ethernet devices in ifconfig, just lo02:33
=== vidd_laptop has seen this issue
vidd_laptoptrust me02:34
cellofellownow what?02:35
=== Aaron_ [n=Aaron@74-130-83-206.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptoprun ifup eth102:36
Aaron_how do i change the resolution of the login window?02:37
cellofellowno such device02:37
vidd_laptopcellofellow, did it work?02:37
Aaron_pc starts up and comes to xdm @ 1280x1024, and I log into xubuntu and it changes to 1024x768 (where I want it)02:37
vidd_laptopcellofellow, do you have other network devices?02:38
cellofellowI think it's the drivers.02:40
cellofellowWhat module is for a 3c905b?02:41
vidd_laptopthis leads me to believe that it should be in the kernel02:43
vidd_laptopcellofellow, anything?02:56
=== Random832 [n=random@c-69-136-185-145.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Random832is there a good wireless network selection/control interface?03:02
vidd_laptopdefine "good"03:04
=== vidd_laptop likes the default setup
=== Zagalo [n=Zagalo@] has joined #xubuntu
ZagaloUpdate Your Opera03:05
Random832the default setup provides no interface to pick a network in roaming mode - i'd like one like with gnome03:06
Random832an applet to show signal quality in the tray would be nice too03:06
vidd_laptopso get the one in gnome03:06
Random832but I don't want gnome03:07
Random832and i don't know what its wireless meter thingy is called anyway03:07
=== vidd_laptop did not say "get gnome".... he said "get the one in gnome"
Random832but won't that depend on all the gnome libs?03:07
vidd_laptopnot all of them03:07
Zagalohi all03:07
Zagaloin app menu, i see random, what is it?03:08
Random832i can deal with not having a thing in the tray or whatever; but having some application - any application really, that'll list available networks and let me pick one03:08
Zagaloin app menu, i see random, what is it?03:09
vidd_laptopZagalo, it would be something you installed.....i dont have it03:11
Random832is there something for xfce like gsynaptics that i can set touchpad options and have it remember for each time i log in? if i use qsynaptics it always forgets03:11
Zagaloi dont install random but03:12
vidd_laptopRandom832, you could just set the options in xorg03:12
=== Laibsc1 [n=Laibsch@p54B9681B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
Random832i don't know how - is there a way to find out after setting them in qsynaptics?03:14
Random832[and it'd be nice if i _didn't_ have to mess with the system settings for something that, as evidenced by gnome, can be done per-user] 03:14
vidd_laptopRandom832, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty/Hardware#Adjust_touchpad_sensitivity03:15
vidd_laptopRandom832, if you dont want to configure items by hand, and want something that is available in gnome...then determine the app in gnome and add it03:17
Random832do gnome control center applets work in xfce?03:19
Random832how do i find out what the gnome app it03:19
vidd_laptopcheck the process manager in gnome, look the items up in synaptic03:20
Zagaloin app menu, i see random, what is it?03:20
ZagaloUpdate Your Opera03:21
vidd_laptopwhen you see the item that is described that matches what you want to do, apt-get install it (or use synaptic) in xfce03:21
Random832i don't _have_ gnome - i got rid of it03:21
vidd_laptopRandom832, then use the search option in synaptic03:21
Random832it's not going to tell me "the network status/wireless signal/wireless network picker applet that lives in the tray"03:22
Random832[and YES i'm sure it was the tray not the panel] 03:22
vidd_laptopthe tray IS the panel03:23
Random832but it was in the tray area, not as a panel applet03:23
Random832i'm not an idiot03:23
vidd_laptopit is still a panel app\03:23
Random832ok, fine, the "tray" i'm referring to is called the "notification area"03:24
Random832meaning the program in question was using the freedesktop.org protocol rather than some gnome-specific stuff to appear in the panel03:24
vidd_laptopwhen i get done when my update...ill do the legwork for you03:24
Random832a tray icon is NOT the same thing as a panel applet - tray icons don't even have to be from a gtk app at all03:24
Random832http://polishlinux.org/stuff/screenshots/ubuntu/ubuntu_dapper_desktop_nautilus_libervisco.png - the gaim icon is a tray icon. the volume control is a panel applet - the difference is that all the tray icons will move as a group if you move the tray (which the grip thing to the left of it is also part of)03:26
vidd_laptop!gnome-netstatus-applet | Random83203:27
vidd_laptopRandom832, im not an idiot either...you should do your own searches in synaptic...took 3 seconds to find it03:28
Random832i installed that before and it did not appear to install a program03:28
vidd_laptopyou need to add it to you panel for it to work03:28
Random832I can run /usr/lib/gnome-netstatus/gnome-netstatus-applet and it doesn't put an icon anywhere03:29
Random832It also did not add anything to the list of things i can add to the panel03:29
Random832so i uninstalled it and asked in here03:29
Random832nevermind that the icon i am _looking_ for lives in the notification area / system tray, not directly on the panel03:29
vidd_laptopthen try gnome-nettool03:29
Random832so it shouldn't _be_ something i can move independently of e.g. the gaim icon03:29
Random832http://kirsten.urbanzone.com/blog/uploads/misc/ubuntu_network_manager.png - it's the thing in this screenshot - do you happen to _know_ what program this is rather than simply guessing?03:30
Aaron_is anyone using XDM?03:30
=== vidd_laptop dont use gnome
=== The-Kernel [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
Aaron_how do i alter the screen res in XDM?03:31
vidd_laptopfrom what you posted...the name is right there:03:32
vidd_laptopprobably network-manager-gnome03:32
vidd_laptopthere are several in synaptic03:33
Aaron_ -> /etc/network/interfaces03:35
Aaron_there's your network managment, right there.03:35
vidd_laptopAaron_, was intended for Random83203:36
vidd_laptophe is afraid of doing anything by hand03:36
vidd_laptopincluding searching synaptic for apps03:37
Aaron_how does XFCE know what screen res to use?03:38
vidd_laptopfrom the xorg config file03:39
=== Random833 [n=random@c-69-136-185-145.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Aaron_I'm looking at it, and I only see a list of available modes and resolutions... not the one it's supposed to use.03:39
=== wireLESS [n=tvbox@pool-71-170-127-53.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
riciAaron_: it generally uses the first one by default.03:40
ricialthough you can specify the default in the xorg.conf file, too.03:40
wireLESSwhere would i file a bug about mplayer complaining about gnome's screensaver service?03:40
Aaron_becuase XDM loads in one res that I don't want to use, then XFCE starts and uses a different one, that I previously selected in the XFCE resolution changer.03:40
vidd_laptopRandom833, did you get the info i posted?03:40
riciAaron_: so you actually want to know how xdm picks a resolution?03:41
Aaron_I really just want XDM and XFCE to stay in sync so I can use x11vnc.03:42
wireLESSAaron_: i have the same problem for my htpc.. it starts at 1024x768, when my max res should be 800x60003:42
wireLESSeven though my xorg.conf file is set to only have a 800x600 mode03:42
Aaron_that's wacky.03:43
riciAaron_: i thought that xdm used the default from the xorg.conf file, and that xfce keeps individual preferences in its local config files03:43
=== illu45 [n=illusha@p-dynamic-border5-21.xDSL-1mm.sentex.ca] has joined #xubuntu
wireLESSit does for me on gentoo03:44
wireLESSnot in ubuntu03:44
riciwireLESS: you really only have one mode in your Screen section?03:45
=== Nomemohes [n=chatzill@host143.201-252-213.telecom.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
wireLESSwhich REALLY should be 640x48003:46
wireLESSbut, that's just too hard on the eyes on my crt tv03:46
wireLESSso big, and the windows dont' fit on screen03:46
Aaron_i just got it ot stick to 1024. i'll just have to revert back when I want to use 1280 (when the monitor is attached, which is almost never)03:46
Aaron_xdm sure is fugly.03:47
wireLESSgdm = sexxy :)03:47
Aaron_yeah. stinks for VNC though.03:47
wireLESShow so?03:47
Aaron_it has it's issues when it logs in, or changes to XFCE instead of gnome.03:47
Aaron_i think the xubuntu graphics are the best, of all the buntu's03:48
wireLESSodd... never had that problem; but there is a setting for default session03:48
Aaron_gdm disconnects vnc after you log in, you can connect right back up, but it disconnects.03:48
wireLESSodd... i've only done vnc on gentoo03:48
wireLESSi'm actually going to install it on this htpc as well03:49
wireLESSwhich pkg are you using?03:49
Nomemoheshello, i just want to know where can i find a list of all the commands at the time of boot xubuntu03:49
wireLESSyeah that's a good one03:49
Aaron_wireLESS, http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/#faq-service03:49
Aaron_bookmark that.03:49
wireLESSNomemohes: do you mean the ones that ARE booted, or the ones available?03:49
wireLESSAaron_: roger03:49
Nomemohesthe ones that are availables03:50
Aaron_i don't think x11vnc is the fastest one available, but it's the best documented.03:50
wireLESSit's really the only one that works for a current session iirc03:50
wireLESSNomemohes: there's a Services app in the System menu03:51
wireLESSbut that one sucks imo03:51
wireLESSthere's anotherone, trying to find it03:51
Nomemohesi am really lost03:51
Nomemohesi never try any linux OS03:51
Aaron_Nomemohes, what are you trying to do?03:51
wireLESSprobably speed stuff up? i noticed there's a ton of services i dont' care for03:52
Nomemohes i am tryng to install xubuntu in my machine03:52
Aaron_is there anything on it now?03:52
Nomemohesbut it is and old one03:52
Aaron_then xubuntu is a good choice03:52
Nomemohesi have 10 gb03:52
Aaron_it's running on my router. :) 600mhz cele.03:52
Nomemohesthats all03:53
Aaron_i don't think that should be a BIG problem.03:53
Nomemohesand i want to leave a partition to some windows03:53
wireLESSi'm only using a 10gig partition, another 10 for winblows, and the other 300 for movies/tv03:53
wireLESSNomemohes: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8949103:53
Nomemohesi will see it03:53
Nomemohesthank you03:53
wireLESSi think the default runlevel for ubuntu is rc2, which is strange imo, but i come from a gentoo world so don't take my word for anything debian based03:54
Aaron_gentoo is from a different planet.03:54
wireLESSi love gentoo03:55
Aaron_ttorvalds made a comment about gentoo and debian that i don't get.03:55
wireLESSi prefer it over any distro; but for my htpc i really didn't wanna spend forever compiling everything just to play movies03:55
wireLESSso i opted to test ubuntu03:55
wireLESSi have to say, i'm impressed, but i hate the monolithic approach it has03:55
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=== wireLESS [n=tvbox@pool-71-170-127-53.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== mikubuntu [n=chatzill@c-76-108-252-28.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
wireLESSi love how i have windows and xubuntu installed side by side, both performing the EXACT same functions, and windows uses 7gig, while xubuntu is using 1.7gig04:03
wireLESSand i haven't even started to clean up crap04:03
=== wireLESS [n=tvbox@pool-71-170-127-53.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has left #xubuntu []
=== somerville32 [n=Guest@ubuntu/member/somerville32] has joined #xubuntu
mikubuntuanyone around to help me work a screenres issue?  thingy helped me today fix a laptop for my friend, and it wasn't till i got done with that, that i realized my res not optimised on this box... anyone know the files offhand that i have to get into to edit?04:28
Random833when i asked if gnome control center applets would work in xfce, i meant would the settings take, not would they run :P04:29
Random833at this point i STILL don't have a solution to my synaptics touchpad program04:29
Random833is there ANY documentation on what needs to go in xorg.conf?04:30
mikubuntuis there some online repository of the source code where you can see what the default is in every file?04:32
mikubuntulike in an orderly fashion?04:32
Random833and when i try to start nm-applet from autostart, it saves in the session and starts two the next time i log in04:32
Random833yet when i start it MANUALLY, it, oddly enough, _doesn't_ save in the session04:34
mikubuntuwould be cool to explore (x)ubuntu holographically, in 3d04:34
mikubuntuisn't that sort of the info presentation style of unix like systems?04:35
mikubuntulike a googlebuntu flyover04:35
mikubuntuya, that would be a great learning tool04:36
Random833what do you mean 'the info presentation style of unix like systems' is 3d?04:37
Random833i mean, if you mean 'unix' as in 'this is unix, i know this', sure :P04:37
Random833[yes, it was a real app, but that doesn't really make the scene any more plausible :P04:37
mikubuntui don't know, i thought i heard that a long time ago, that unix had such a great way of storing/presenting information04:38
mikubuntulike very beryl or someting04:38
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has joined #xubuntu
Random833beryl does some 3d stuff for window management04:38
mikubuntuya, but i'm talking about presenting the whole operating system in a 3d universe, knowhatimean?04:39
Random833eh - i think i'm going to go back to gnome04:39
Random833never heard of that04:39
mikubuntui swear i'm not crazy04:40
Random833xfce is just annoying me now that i've used it a couple days04:40
Random833it's little things04:40
mikubuntulike what04:41
Random833like lack of OSD for the volume keyboard buttons, no coordination between session saving and autostart04:41
mikubuntuoh, ya ... that04:41
somerville32Random833 - You're welcome to jump on board and help develop :)04:42
Random833833? wtf04:42
Random832stupid irssi04:42
Random832I don't know anything about gui programming except in .net04:43
somerville32There is always mono04:43
Random832does xfce use any apps in mono?04:43
Random832and the problems i have are with existing apps :P04:43
mikubuntudot NET?04:43
Random832what about it?04:46
Random832eh - the main issue with it is that it's the "third" desktop - so external apps of the sort that really need to be integrated with a desktop environment (like gsynaptics) won't get targeted to it04:47
=== copasetic [n=david@] has joined #xubuntu
Random832so unless everything i need is supported within it, that becomes a problem04:47
copaseticcan someone help me04:48
cheeseboycopasetic: with?04:48
copasetici'm trying to get sound on my ibook g304:48
cheeseboywhy is there no /etc/rc.d/init.d/ ?04:48
somerville32cheeseboy: /etc/init.d/04:48
copaseticno sound on my g3 ibook04:49
cheeseboysomerville32 can i link them ?04:49
copaseticanyone alive04:54
=== copasetic [n=david@] has joined #xubuntu
copasetichey cheeseboy04:57
copasetichow can i modify a file04:57
somerville32How would you like to modify the file?04:58
copasetici don't have sound on my ibook g304:58
=== wireLESS [n=tvbox@pool-71-170-127-53.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
copaseticand i like to know how to do it04:59
copaseticor what to do04:59
mikubuntuanyone around to help me work a screenres issue?  thingy helped me today fix a laptop for my friend, and it wasn't till i got done with that, that i realized my res not optimised on this box... anyone know the files offhand that i have to get into to edit?04:59
mikubuntumaybe after i do it a few times i'll be in a position to help the next guy05:00
wireLESSmikubuntu: /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:00
wireLESScopasetic: repeat the question, i didn't see it05:00
copasetichow do i modify a file05:01
wireLESSthat's a really vague question05:01
wireLESSwhat are you trying to do?05:01
mikubuntuwireLESS: i want to get my screenres to 102405:01
copasetici'm trying to get the sound to work on my ibook g305:02
mikubuntuwireLESS: u think you could walk me through it?05:02
wireLESScopasetic: did you start alsa-utils?05:02
copasetichow do i do that05:02
wireLESScopasetic: in terminal, as root, try: /etc/init.d/alsa-utils start05:02
wireLESSmikubuntu: it's rather easy, do: nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf and lok for the lines near the bottom that show resolutions05:03
wireLESSyou'll be interested in the one that is 24 bit depth05:03
mikubuntuwireLESS: ya, today we changed that to 16 and that cleaned it up on my friends laptop05:03
copaseticwhat should happened wireless05:04
mikubuntubut i still need a little help getting through it i think; couple of things i'm not clear on in steps05:04
wireLESSmikubuntu: erm, why did you go to 16?05:04
wireLESScopasetic: huh? that's unrelated to wireless05:04
wireLESSbbias, i need to ironically test a ch ange in my xorg.conf05:05
copaseticwhat should happen05:05
=== wireLESS [n=tvbox@pool-71-170-127-53.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
wireLESSok back05:05
copaseticwireLESS what happen05:05
mikubuntuwireLESS: let me see.  tell me if i've got it right: open terminal, sudo tomboy /etc/X11/xorg.conf?05:05
wireLESScopasetic: with what?05:06
wireLESSif tomboy is an editor, yes05:06
copaseticwith the /etc/init.d/alsa-utils start05:06
wireLESScopasetic: that should start your sound daemon05:06
wireLESSdid it exit with [OK]  ?05:06
mikubuntuwireLESS: thingy said my vid card wouldn't support 24 after he checked the laptop model number05:06
wireLESSmikubuntu: hmm ok05:07
wireLESSactually, if you can, post your xorg.conf on www.speedyshare.com and i can help you easier05:07
mikubuntuwireLESS: ok, i try to open05:07
copaseticwireLESS that didn't work05:07
=== michaelpo [n=presario@] has joined #xubuntu
wireLESScopasetic: any errors?05:08
wireLESSmikubuntu: ok, now what?05:08
copaseticno errors05:09
wireLESScopasetic: try running alsamixer to make sure your sounds are not muted, use "m" to unmute channels, in particular the PCM and Master channels05:09
mikubuntuwireLESS: gonna try to start the process, brb05:09
=== wireLESS is now known as KlrSp1
=== KlrSp1 is now known as KlrSpz
copasetici don't have a alsamicer05:10
KlrSpzshould be installed by default05:11
KlrSpzi JUST installed xubuntu literally about 20 min ago and i have it without installinga  single package05:11
copaseticwell no sound for me05:12
KlrSpzare you on a laptop?05:12
mikubuntuKlrSpz: hmmmm, tomboy failed.  actually this box is ubuntu, the one i worked on today was x and had mousepad for text editor05:12
KlrSpzhmm... do an: lspci | grep -i audio05:13
KlrSpzpaste the line here05:13
KlrSpzmikubuntu: what do you mean tomboy failed05:13
mikubuntuKlrSpz: here rheres one called 'text editor' would i do sudo text editor /etc/ ....'?05:13
mikubuntudon't know, it said failed somehow, and so i closed it05:14
mikubuntumaybe i have to add mousepad to my toolkit here for simplicity?05:14
KlrSpzmikubuntu: just use nano05:15
KlrSpzsudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:15
KlrSpzit's a command line editor05:15
mikubuntudon't know if i have it installed?05:15
mikubuntulemme see05:15
KlrSpzshould, it's a default app05:15
copasetichey i got it i hope it works05:17
mikubuntuKlrSpz: ok, got it open with nano, do you want me to pastebin it?05:18
KlrSpzyeah, or just go to www.speedyshare.com and upload it05:18
KlrSpzthat's probably easier05:18
mikubuntuhow do i upload it?05:19
=== corrupt [i=user@] has joined #xubuntu
KlrSpzclick the browse button and pick the file05:19
corruptshould i install feisty fawn or dapper drake?05:20
mikubuntuoh, ok, browse it and upload it?05:20
mikubuntuKlrSpz: http://www.speedyshare.com/489764775.html05:23
mikubuntuoh, ya, i like speedyshare05:23
KlrSpzwell you still have it set to 24 bit, but it looks like it's at 1024x76805:24
mikubuntuKlrSpz: i thought you wanted to check it before i changed to 16?05:25
mikubuntuKlrSpz: so i should just change it, save it, and reboot?05:25
KlrSpzoh np05:26
KlrSpzi haven't ever seen a computer in the past 10 years not support 24 bit though05:26
mikubuntuKlrSpz: so is there something else we should look at?  i know we looked at some /var/log today, but i don't remember if it was the same issue :(05:27
mikubuntuKlrSpz: that's what happens when your brain shrinks05:28
mikubuntuKlrSpz: well, guess i could just go change it, and if that don't solve it, change it back, huh?05:29
KlrSpzso keep it at 24, save the file, and do the 3 finger salute (CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE) to restart X, then use speedyshare to upload your /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:30
mikubuntuyou mean i have to save it and restart because i already opened it with nano?05:31
=== mikubuntu is a dumdum, has to confirm every move
=== litlebuda [n=linux@87-196-95-130.net.novis.pt] has joined #xubuntu
mikubuntuKlrSpz: nano doesn't have a SAVE in the file menu05:36
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mikubuntuKlrSpz: help, i'm stuck ... don't see how to save in nano05:38
=== bigfuzzyjesus_ [n=bigfuzzy@unaffiliated/bigfuzzyjesus] has joined #xubuntu
KlrSpzsorry i've been doing all kidns of stuff05:44
KlrSpzmikubuntu: do CTRL+X05:44
KlrSpzthen Y05:44
KlrSpzthen ENTER05:44
mikubuntuKlrSpz: k, lemme try05:45
mikubuntuKlrSpz: said command not found, then everything disappeared.  did i just fry my xorg?05:47
=== BellagioSampler [i=Hugo@wm118-223.resnet.wm.edu] has joined #xubuntu
mikubuntuKlrSpz: do you think i could have just screwed it up royally?05:51
mikubuntuKlrSpz: says bash: y: command not found05:53
Jester45mikubuntu, what are you trying to do.... you just told bash to run y05:54
mikubuntuJester45: KlrSpz said to do ctrl plus x, then y, then enter in nano editing xorg.conf to save, i don't know if it did it or if i fried it....05:55
Jester45after nano is open and you edit it press ctrl x05:57
Jester45it will ask to say05:57
Jester45thats when you press y05:57
mikubuntuJester45: should i sudo nano xorg again?05:57
mikubuntuJester45: is it *too late*?05:57
Jester45it looks like you allready exited nano05:58
mikubuntuJester45: arrrrggghhh, so now what do i do? i screwed?05:58
Jester45o and i dont know if you where the person but someone rebooted to let the settings get changed05:58
mikubuntuJester45: no i haven't rebooted05:59
Jester45but you can change them with sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:59
mikubuntuJester45: do that now?05:59
Jester45**it will close all windows giving no time to save06:00
Jester45if you have changed your settings06:00
mikubuntuJester45: no, i hadn't made any changes06:00
Jester45are you stuck in text only? or do you have a gui06:01
mikubuntuJester45: i uploaded the xorg.conf file to speedyshare, can i, or do i need to retrieve it?  i wish i would have just left well enough alone ...06:02
Jester45i dont know what that is06:02
mikubuntuspeedyshare.com like pastebin06:02
mikubuntuJester45: http://www.speedyshare.com/489764775.html06:03
Jester45ok... what about it06:04
Jester45is that the edited version?06:04
=== BellagioSampler [i=Hugo@wm118-223.resnet.wm.edu] has joined #xubuntu
mikubuntuJester45: no, i never did edit it, that is, i never changed anything, but i did go in with sudo nano06:07
=== xjkx [n=x@201009005132.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45ok so now you can edit the file from in nano06:07
xjkxI changed my mouse cursor to a red one, it appears just sometimes, there are times i have this white one, whats wrong?06:07
Jester45just use it like a text editor06:08
xjkxIf i put the cursor on gaim, its red, if i put the cursor on thunar its white ;o06:08
mikubuntuJester45: thats when KlrSpz said to do the control x, then y, then enter, and i newbie, all the output disappeared, i don't know if it saved or not or if i fried it06:09
Jester45well... you can allways open it again and see if the changes are there06:09
mikubuntuJester45:  i think nano closed.  that's what i din't know, if i can open it again? sokay to redo sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf?06:10
Jester45if the changes are there then you saved it06:11
mikubuntuJester45: ok, i check06:11
mikubuntuJester45:  seems to be as i left it.  so will changing the default depth from 24 to 16 get my screenres to 1024?06:13
Jester45no.. depth is how many colors06:14
Jester45resolution is the resolution06:14
mikubuntuJester45: just changing that today on an older than this one dell cpi lat d300xt was enough to fix screenres ... thingy walked me through it; he said the vid card in that one wouldn't support 2406:15
mikubuntuJester45: that's why i'm messing with this one, because when i saw how crisp that screen got, i realized i must not be getting optimum res on this lat d600 here06:16
Jester45what is the res06:16
Jester45lower the bit then, i run mine at 16 to save memory06:17
Jester45i know what i was asking what is it running at06:17
mikubuntuok, then to save? tell me again plz how?06:17
mikubuntuoh, i guess at 80006:18
Jester45ctrl + x06:18
Jester45then y06:18
mikubuntuletters a little fuzzy, not too tight06:18
mikubuntuok, then after save, reboot?06:19
Jester45and... resolution is 2 numbers 800x600 is normal when the first is 80006:19
Jester45sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:19
Jester45much faster than reboot06:19
Jester45mikubuntu, remebmer only windows has to reboot to change a setting06:20
mikubuntushould i go make the change, save, and come back here?06:20
Jester45if you want06:20
mikubuntuok, i try06:20
mikubuntuafter i did 'y' and enter, then nano says: file name to write: etc/x11/xorg.conf  do i need to enter something else06:23
xjkxcould anyone try changing the mose cursor ? i chose the red one but it works only to some window (such as gaim) on some others its still white, i wanna know if its just here06:23
mikubuntuJester45: so i just x out and go to terminal again for restart?06:24
Jester45dont restart06:24
Jester45it takes forever and isnt to nice on your harddrive06:24
Jester45use sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:25
mikubuntui din't mean restart, i mean the command you gave me there06:25
mikubuntui don't need to send it 'to files' or anything?  bunch of options show at the bottom of nano06:26
Jester45ctrl x exits06:27
Jester45but if you made changes it askes if you want to save06:27
mikubuntuok, i go try, but no, control x din't seem to exit a minute ago ... ?06:27
mikubuntuyes, thats what it did06:28
mikubuntubut the whole file still sitting there, i'm just wanting to be clear if all i have to do is close the window and then go to terminal for sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:29
Jester45if you removed the file then xorg wouldnt know how to config06:29
somerville32Does anyone want to give me some feedback on the current new-xubuntu-website in-progress?06:29
=== KlrSpz [n=tvbox@pool-71-170-127-53.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has left #xubuntu []
xjkxsomerville32: what are you in the project?06:35
somerville32xjkx: hmm?06:35
=== s|k__ [n=bjorn@g2spf.jeeves.ask.info] has joined #xubuntu
xorksomerville32: looks good.. i'd take out the screenshot.. and the related projects stands out too much06:36
xorkotherwise nicely in line with ubuntu.com06:36
xjkxyou want some feed back on a website of xubuntu that is in progress, i thought you were a part of the team06:36
somerville32xjkx: I am :] 06:36
somerville32xjkx: http://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-team06:36
xjkxCody A.W. Somerville (cody-somerville)06:37
xorkmaybe put related projects under Get Developing06:38
somerville32xork: I'm planning to make it look exactly like Ubuntu's website but branded for Xubuntu06:38
xorksomerville32: sounds good, i like the main page06:39
=== mikubuntu [n=chatzill@c-76-108-252-28.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxI like it too :D06:40
xorki think it should say somewhere06:40
xorkthat xfce is not only for old hardware!06:40
xorkseems to be common misconception06:40
=== Jester45 agrees
mikubuntuJester45: well, that command din't restart me, it just went to a black screen and wouldn't clear, so i powered down and rebooted.  my screenresolution none improved tho .. dang.06:41
Jester45people allways think wait you use xubuntu? and thats a fast computer06:41
=== xork nods
xorkit's just the least bloated, yet still complete DE06:42
Jester45i could care less about the bloat or lack of06:42
Jester45i just like it06:42
Jester45and it is nice that its faster than the rest06:42
xorki like the snappiness06:42
xorkKDE just felt like a slow moving thing06:43
xorkeven on a blazing computer06:43
xjkxI'd use it even if it was heavier06:43
xorki like it has it's own stripped down compositor06:43
Jester45i think its the idea that it has gui tools but yet lets you configure things06:43
xorkyeah.. that's a blessing06:43
Jester45that keeps me using it06:43
Jester45kde is like well.. there are defualts but to get it working how you like you need to spend 10 days configing each app06:44
Jester45and gnome says well we have option 1 and 2... what? you want a 3rd thats to much06:44
Jester45o and by the way both options are slow06:45
xorksounds like my experiences too ;)06:45
xorkthese things should be on the site!06:45
xorkso people don't think it's.. just ubuntu for slow comps06:45
Jester45they should reword to06:45
xorki kind of wish ubuntu would pick xfce as it's flagship06:46
Jester45i dont06:46
Jester45then it would make a mess of it06:46
Jester45lets add this and this06:46
Jester45people that use ubuntu just want more and more options06:47
xorkwell, improvement's good..06:47
xorkthe menu editor06:47
xorkseems to be something a lot of people have trouble with06:47
Jester45the only thing i want is xfwm4 to be able to be just an decorator so i could use compiz core06:47
xorkthat'd be nice06:47
xjkxdoes anyone know if xfce5 is comming up soon?06:49
Jester45i think if it is gutsy+1 would have it06:50
Jester45maybe +206:50
somerville32xjkx: It isn't for a long long long time06:52
somerville32They're working on 4.6 at the moment06:52
Jester45hey you guys know whats fun06:53
Jester45at school having qemu running linux and mac os at the same time06:53
=== somerville32 wonders what this has to do with xubuntu support. :S
Jester45and switching them and making people think your rebooting that fast06:54
Jester45it doesnt06:54
Jester45-offtopic is dead06:54
Jester45and my mouse has gone missing06:54
somerville32That might be because you refuse to you it06:54
Jester45could be06:55
Jester45never know with me06:55
Jester45night everyone06:55
Jester45better shut up before somerville32 gets mad again06:56
=== somerville32 rolls his eyes.
xorkanyone know if it's possible for items deleted from the xfce desktop07:00
xorkto go to a specified location? :P07:01
somerville32They goto the trash bin07:01
xorki'd like them to go to ~/.Trash07:01
xorkis that possible?07:01
mikubuntujest[00:54] <Jester45>thanks, goodnite07:02
mikubuntuJester45: thanks, goodnite07:02
mikubuntunite guys07:02
=== mikubuntu [n=chatzill@c-76-108-252-28.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has left #xubuntu []
=== xjkx [n=x@201009005132.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxI dont know what i did but my applications menu just dissapeared :/ rebooted trying to fix but its still not here07:08
xjkxkilled restarted xfdesktop but didnt open07:08
somerville32Is it just the application menu?07:12
xjkxeverything else is fine07:12
somerville32Then just re-add it07:13
xjkxi done i think07:14
somerville32:] 07:14
xjkxthe icon ist the same but i will survive with that07:14
xjkxNow i saw a "remove" right clicking it :>07:15
xjkxIt explains much07:16
xjkxGuys, there is a xfce 4.4.1 out, our xfce is 4.4.0, and the apt-get upgrade still doesn't offer the new one, you think its unstable to install the package from xfce.org ?07:18
somerville32Yes, it is unstable07:24
somerville32I'm sure it would work okay07:25
somerville32But you lose all the work we've put into packaging it and integrating it along with support.07:25
somerville32I would recommend waiting until Gutsy is released and you'll have the few bug fixes that 4.4.1 offers07:25
=== m0u5e [n=denniska@c-24-6-100-103.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxsomerville32: is it comming out soon?07:38
xjkxthe gutsy07:39
somerville32xjkx: Yes.07:39
xjkxCool. I don't expect to download it, i think i will apt-get upgrade, i believe its the same. Isnt't it ? :)07:40
somerville32Just about07:43
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doranaHi, I'm having problem with my mic volume beeing very low... anything anyoine know something about?10:37
doranaNEVER MIND, i SOLVED IT10:47
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imduffy15how do i install new themes on xubuntu12:22
=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #xubuntu
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy12:25
somerville32You put the theme in ~/.themes/12:26
xorkshouldn't xfce-look be listed? ;)12:27
imduffy15ok thanks12:28
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Jester45anyone know how to keep thunar from using trash on a usb drive01:14
Ben_Csi think it's not only tunar. i had same thing in gnome01:16
Ben_Csactually i think it's a nice feature01:17
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imduffy15how do i install new login screens on xubuntu01:18
Ben_Csi would think you should copy the new screen dir to ~/.splash or something like that and then it'll appear in applications->settings->splash screen settings01:20
Ben_Csi'm not sure about the ~/.splash directory name though01:21
Ben_Cswell gotta go.01:21
=== Ben_Cs away
imduffy15ok thanks01:23
Jester45did it work?01:24
imduffy15am online try it now i was in a video call01:24
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imduffy15thanks for your help bye01:33
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dewpwhen i installed a plugin to kaffeine, where should it appear=03:10
somerville32You're using Kaffeine in Xubuntu?03:10
somerville32Well, if you install a plugin for kaffeine, it should appear within kaffeine.03:11
dewpi think so, too03:11
dewpthe installation did not tell that there was anything wrong03:11
=== Naughtyboy [n=Naughtyb@] has joined #xubuntu
warblerdewp: what was the plugin called?03:20
=== CreativeEmbassy [n=473a76f8@astra.techwareit.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== zials [n=zials@bas3-windsor12-1177961521.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #xubuntu
dewpits the softcam plugin03:28
CreativeEmbassycan someone help me out with a new xubuntu install?03:29
CreativeEmbassyi'm trying to get it running on some pretty old hardware03:30
CreativeEmbassyit loads the CD, so I see the menu at the beginning03:30
pleia2CreativeEmbassy: how much ram do you have? the LiveCD requires 192M03:31
=== edus87 [n=1040B645@] has joined #xubuntu
CreativeEmbassyoriginally I had 192, and I just bought ram to bring it up to 51203:31
CreativeEmbassythought maybe that was the problem at first :-/03:31
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pleia2well you could try the Alternative disk anyway, it's a text-based installer but still very easy to use and tends to solve problems like this03:31
CreativeEmbassyi could try that03:32
CreativeEmbassylink in the topic?03:32
pleia2yeah, go to http://xubuntu.org/get click on your location and then scroll down to "Alternate install CD"03:33
CreativeEmbassyah, found it03:34
CreativeEmbassyi'll download it immediately03:34
pleia2good luck :)03:34
CreativeEmbassyi'll stay in here for a while and let you know if it works03:35
warblerdewp: try the easy way first - file search for softcam03:40
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dewpit is installed03:44
dewpat least apt-get says that03:44
dewpin which section should plugins appear? "configure dvb"=03:45
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Neverminddoes anyone know how to install a .tar.gz file? i'm new to linux03:57
=== ehird` [n=test@user-514f618c.l4.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
ehird`i'm installing xubuntu on ppc via the alt cd03:59
dewpthats not hard, its easyer to google for that :)03:59
ehird`its at Select & install software, 85%03:59
ehird`no disk activity03:59
ehird`nothing, it's just hanging there with "Please wait.."03:59
ehird`this happened at 6% but with disk activity and it passed after a while03:59
ehird`but ... no disk activity: i googled and both cases were internet related04:00
Nevermindso i download the .tar.gz file, right click and install?04:00
ehird`anyone know if this is for sure the cause?04:01
NevermindDo i have gtk+ 1.2.x and GNU gettext already on my system? if i only just installed Xubuntu?04:01
ehird`k fine now04:02
warblerdewp: doing many things :) - the search was to see where it turned up04:03
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ehird`i installed xubuntu on an old g3 ppc imac.04:18
ehird`it went fine04:18
ehird`i rebooted; yet got a neverending spew of open firmware errors - DEFAULT CATCH!04:18
ehird`i went into the prompt and tried manually booting but the same04:18
dewphmm it turns up many times04:18
ehird`the error contains code=300 to be precise04:20
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=== mikubuntu [n=chatzill@c-76-108-252-28.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Nevermindok still having problems installing a tar.gz file04:23
Nevermindplease please help04:23
somerville32maxamillion: Hey :)04:23
Nevermindi've downloaded it04:23
Nevermindand ran it, but all it's done is exract it into a folder04:24
mikubuntuhelp. my friend and i are trying to listen to cd for the first time on xubntu, and the cd player doesn't work right off.  are there some configuration issues with the players that anyone might know of?04:24
Nevermindnot really, try installing a peice of software called VLC Media player, it will play 99% of all formats and can run straight off04:25
maxamillionhey somerville32, long time no speak04:25
Nevermindi have it and i dont need to install anything else04:25
somerville32maxamillion: Indeed.04:26
mikubuntuunable to mount audio cd, and another window unable to mount volume04:26
somerville32maxamillion: Not on gtalk?04:26
maxamillionsomerville32: no, i am ssh'd into my server ... i am actually teaching a class right now04:26
maxamillionsomerville32: but they are all working on an assignment i passed out so i got bored04:27
=== joakim [n=Leho@80-235-68-168-dsl.trt.estpak.ee] has joined #xubuntu
somerville32Is it nice to have the tables turned?04:27
maxamillionsomerville32: just a bit :)04:28
maxamillionsomerville32: i signed into gtalk through the web interface :)04:28
=== elbing [n=elbing@183.Red-81-44-215.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
ehird`is anybody ppc-fu here :(04:32
somerville32maxamillion: You signed out of gtalk04:33
somerville32But anyhow, http://xubuntu.no-ip.org04:34
=== warbler is away: Away to see a man about a horse
maxamillionsomerville32: yeah, sorry ... i forgot that it killed convos that are popped out when you sign out of gmail04:34
maxamillionsomerville32: i am getting back on right now04:34
=== warbler is back (gone 00:01:29)
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionsomerville32: jeebus, it looks awesome04:37
maxamillionsomerville32: major kudos04:37
maxamillionsomerville32: we need some updated screenshots ... the dapper screenies really don't do xubuntu justice04:38
=== somerville32 nods.
somerville32Thanks a bunch :)04:39
somerville32TheSheep did most of the work :) I just glued it all together.04:39
somerville32It still needs a lot more glue though, hehe04:39
somerville32I'm actually going to infuse the Canonical template to allow us to have a right column that the ubuntu.com ubuntu07 theme only gives the perception of existence04:40
maxamillioni wasn't aware04:41
somerville32aka: I'm going to beat it with a stick04:41
maxamillionmy web dev skills are ameture at best04:41
somerville32Same here04:41
somerville32Lets see how I make out04:41
maxamillionwell good luck to you04:41
maxamillioni really want to learn python web dev stuffs04:41
=== maxamillion just needs to find the time
somerville32:) I miss chatting with you maxamillion04:42
ehird`the alt install cd doesn't detect my ethernet connection via dhcp...04:43
somerville32With all of you really :) I've missed the community insurmountably04:43
ehird`i have to enter it manually04:43
ehird`is this a known problem? :/04:43
somerville32ehird`: What version?04:43
ehird`somerville32: fiesty04:43
=== neozen [n=neozen@] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionsomerville32: yeah, i miss alot of things of how it used to be in the xubuntu community .... but time goes and so must i .... just looking for a python project to leech on these days04:44
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hspopoyhi guys04:48
hspopoyhi dewp04:49
hspopoycan anybody help me?04:49
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:49
ehird`dhcp not working is pretty annoying04:50
somerville32ehird`: Tell me about your network configuration04:50
hspopoycan anyone tell me how to install xubuntu on a drive with xp pre-installed?04:50
hspopoyi mean - i wanna dual boot04:50
somerville32hspopoy: Just tell the installer to dual boot :)04:50
CreativeEmbassyi'm still not able to install, even with the alternate disc :-/04:50
ehird`somerville32: it's trivial. a standard ethernet router, with an ethernet cable, plugged into the g304:51
ehird`somerville32: what more do you need? :)04:51
=== rag [n=rag@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
somerville32ehird`: The only time I had trouble with dhcp was when I was using Windows as the router04:51
somerville32Does it work on another operating system?04:51
somerville32(same box)04:52
ehird`somerville32: yes it works with os x 10.104:52
CreativeEmbassyafter I get the "loading linux kernel" window, when it gets past that the screen clears and I get the blinking cursor04:52
ehird`somerville32: also on my pc and my new imac (wirelessly)04:52
CreativeEmbassyand the blinking cursor stays there, nothing else happens...04:52
somerville32ehird`: So you're running Xubuntu on PPC?04:52
ehird`somerville32: Trying to. ;)04:53
ehird`somerville32: Original imac g3. Low-specced, to say the least - I'm using the alt. install cd04:53
hspopoyquestion on "preparing disk space" - should i choose "guided-resize partition" or "guided-use entire disk" if i wanna dual boot?04:56
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=== n4p1-1 [n=jakob@p508F56C9.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== Ben_Cs [n=benny@] has joined #xubuntu
n4p1-1short question: should I install xubuntu 6.06.1 or 7.04 ? where is the difference?05:01
=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Csno importanat difference for u05:05
Ben_Csdapper should be more stable but i wouldn't think so05:05
boogie7.04 just has some newer versions05:05
pleia2n4p1-1: 6.06 is supported for longer (3 years from release), 7.04 has a shorter support window and so upgrading to the newer version every 6 months is recommended05:05
=== Ben_Cs [n=benny@] has joined #xubuntu
boogiexubuntu 6.06 has not LTS!05:06
ehird`yes it does05:06
Ben_Cs6.06 = dapper, 7.04 = feisty05:07
Ben_Cswhat do u need LTS 4 anyway?05:07
maxamillionBen_Cs: in a business environment it is worth while05:08
pleia2Ben_Cs: not everyone wants to go through a major upgrade every 6 months05:08
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #xubuntu
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=== cody-somerville_ [n=cody-som@CPE0020af33c4db-CM0019477f74ba.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
CreativeEmbassyanyone have ideas on my problem?05:18
Ben_Csyes, an upgrade for a big organization is lots of time and money. right about that05:20
=== orbit7 [n=martijn@cp562554-b.landg1.lb.home.nl] has joined #xubuntu
=== asmith42a [n=adams@p248n30.ruraltel.net] has joined #xubuntu
mikubuntuhas anyone listening used xubuntu while navigating aol's 'new' mail site, and do you know of any issues associated.   i put ubuntu on my friends laptop, and she went straight to aol, who i like about as much as i like bill gates, and had all kinds of problems with her mail.  she'd selectr mail to delete, and it keeps showing back up, like bad beer, or seafood (and some poultry products). ...05:29
mikubuntu...also she kept getting an error message: unresponsive script on page.05:29
asmith42aI just swapped out my monitor. Is there an app or command line I can use to rescan for the new monitor or update the monitor profile?05:30
asmith42aOr do I have to go in and manually edit the xconfig or what-not?05:30
asmith42amikubuntu: Wouldn't the problems be browser-specific?05:31
asmith42amikubuntu: I haven't been to AOL's new mail site, so I can't give you a direct solution.05:31
=== Ben_Cs [n=benny@] has joined #xubuntu
mikubuntuasmith42a: hmmm, maybe a firefox issue then?  i'll tell her to try with opera... thanks05:36
asmith42amikubuntu: Glad to help, even though it was a little.05:37
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=== wbadger [n=wbadger@bzq-88-152-131-253.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== benny_ is now known as Ben_Cs
=== ablomen [n=ablomen@unaffiliated/ablomen] has joined #xubuntu
=== Nevermind [n=alex@i-195-137-124-156.freedom2surf.net] has joined #Xubuntu
Nevermindi'm using a prog called pyNeighborhood , python built v. of LinNeighborhood, and i can not mount to a shared hard drive over my router06:17
somerville32Are you using the packaged version or did you download it off the website?06:18
Nevermindi downloaded it off the add/remove software that came with Xubuntu06:19
Nevermindfor some reason i can't mount it with my laptop06:20
somerville32Well, please file a bug and I'll look at it after I get some sleep06:20
somerville32I'm going on 48hrs now :(06:20
Nevermindrofl.... awwwwww06:20
Nevermindi'll let you log off it=f you want :P06:20
somerville32Well, if you file the bug, it'll file off an e-mail to me which means I'll most for sure look at it and resolve it06:21
somerville32Make sure to file it under the PyNeighborhood package06:21
Nevermindthankyou very much06:24
somerville32No problem :)06:26
=== somerville32 hugs Nevermind
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=== graceofdragons [n=ubuntu@adsl-61-140-221.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #xubuntu
graceofdragonswould anyone be able to tell me why I'm getting an error after setting up the partioner while trying to install from the live CD?06:34
=== Slash [n=Slash@bge55.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #Xubuntu
=== LikeVinyl [n=likeviny@OL212-29.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
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ehird`xubuntu fiesty alt install cd fails to dhcp my very simple ethernet network07:04
hyper_chehird`: then configure it later07:05
ehird`hyper_ch: but dhcp >should work<07:06
hyper_chehird`: should != is07:06
hyper_chehird`: people should not use windoze... but they do07:06
ehird`hyper_ch: it works on other computers07:06
hyper_chehird`: is all the hardware identical?07:07
ehird`hyper_ch: Uh, no?07:07
ehird`hyper_ch: But it works on that machine.07:07
ehird`hyper_ch: In OS X.07:07
=== orbit7 [n=martijn@cp562554-b.landg1.lb.home.nl] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chehird`: you have different hardware so you might no expect everything running the same07:07
ehird`hyper_ch: It works on the same machine; different OS07:07
hyper_chehird`: see "DIFFERENT" OS ;) another distinction07:08
ehird`let's pick at semantics.07:08
ehird`'"DIFFERNT" OS' should make no difference. Xubuntu should be able to use DHCP.07:08
ehird`There is absolutely /no reason/ it should not.07:09
ehird`Indeed, I would bet it /would/, if conditions were different. It's a matter of figuring out which conditions, and what the fix is.07:09
hyper_chdifferent OS makesa  difference as there is different support for the hardware as different drivers exist - if they do07:09
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #xubuntu
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@84-75-93-168.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
=== Sherwinator [n=Owner@82-34-248-250.cable.ubr02.donc.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
=== The_Kernel [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
Sherwinatori need help07:34
Sherwinatorwhen i try playing rented DVD'S on xubuntu07:34
Sherwinatori get an error like07:34
Sherwinatorare you trying to play a protected DVD without X file?07:34
Ben_Csis there as featurefull torrent client as ktorrent, but lighter one? gtk based, that is?07:34
=== ehird` [n=test@user-514f618c.l4.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
Sherwinatorcan any1 help me ?07:36
=== likevinyl_ [n=likeviny@OL212-29.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chBen_Cs: rtorrent is full featured and very light as it is command line based07:39
Sherwinatorhi again hyper07:39
hyper_chSherwinator: install libdvdcss207:39
Sherwinatorwhat is that ?07:39
=== likevinyl_ is now known as LikeVinyl
Ben_Cshyper_ch: how about a one with gui?07:39
hyper_chBen_Cs: you want to get light, use rtorrent ;) it's really great07:40
hyper_chSherwinator: have a guess07:40
Sherwinatorhyper_ch:  thanks alot (again)07:41
hyper_chSherwinator: you know now what it is07:42
Sherwinatoryea thanks07:42
=== Sherwinator [n=Owner@82-34-248-250.cable.ubr02.donc.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #xubuntu []
hyper_chBen_Cs: you may want to try deluge07:45
Ben_Csok. i'll check it07:45
hyper_chBen_Cs: you probably can't find it ;)07:47
Ben_Cswhy not?07:48
hyper_chBen_Cs: did you=?07:48
Ben_Csi'm browsing the site07:48
hyper_chBen_Cs: there's a simpler way:  www.getdeb.net07:48
Ben_Csyeh i know that site. a good one.07:49
hyper_chBen_Cs: but still no repository07:49
hyper_chBen_Cs: try rtorrent, it's really great07:49
hyper_chBen_Cs: and very light07:49
hyper_chBen_Cs: and if you have ssh server installed, you can control it from everywhere07:49
Ben_Csi don't like command lining unless i have to07:49
hyper_chBen_Cs: command line is great ;)07:50
Ben_Csy do i need repos? if it's there in .deb i'll download it. or elese compile it07:50
hyper_chBen_Cs: you need them for update07:51
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Csi can just download by hand new versions07:51
hyper_chBen_Cs: do you do that on a regular base? I guess not07:51
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chBen_Cs: so my recommendation is either using repos or compile from svn07:52
Ben_Csbut i use some soft no on repos anyway. like pidgin, gimpshop etc.07:53
hyper_chBen_Cs: it's up to you... it's ust a lot more tedious to stay up-to-date07:53
hyper_chyou can do whatever you want ;) just stating my opinion07:54
Ben_Cslook, if something work fine, no need to update it every day07:54
Ben_Csi know07:54
hyper_chif you think it works fine, you won't update it at all ;)07:54
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s-x-uugh hi08:26
=== cheeseboy [n=greg@24-107-235-119.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboycan anyone see from this(http://pastebin.ca/674301) or think of any reason why im getting connection reset by peer on my xbox( when i try to watch tv-links videos? videos work fine on this pc and i do get internet on my xbox.08:27
Ben_Csfor some reason non of my video players (niether vlc) are playing movies. what happened. help!08:28
cheeseboyBen_Cs: you get error opening file?08:29
Ben_Csnope. i get only sound08:29
cheeseboyBen_Cs: run vlc from terminal and tell me the output08:30
Ben_Csone sec08:30
Ben_Csno output. and when i slide the button to forward vlc gets stuck!08:31
cheeseboyBen_Cs: have you tried reinstalling vlc?08:32
Ben_Csyup. no change08:32
=== xjkx [n=joaquim@201009005132.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboyBen_Cs: did you purge it just apt-get remove ?08:33
Ben_Csshould i remove it?08:33
=== likevinyl_ is now known as LikeVinyl
cheeseboytry purgeing (sudo dpkg -P vlc) then apt-get install vlc08:34
Ben_Cssame thing. sound. no video08:35
Ben_Cscould it be something colides there?08:36
=== s-x-u [n=s-x-u@ip51cf89ac.direct-adsl.nl] has left #xubuntu []
xjkxI don't know how. I don't know why. The dhcpclient never gives me the right configuration i need, and i have to ifconfig xxx xxx myself. Problem is that dhcpclient is being ran on boot, and i'd like to know how to remove it.08:37
Ben_Cscheeseboy. is there to reinstall the whole gui system?08:38
Ben_Csto init it to start point?08:38
cheeseboyBen_Cs: i dont understand08:39
=== highvolt1ge [n=highvolt@] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Cscheeseboy: maybe if i reinstall the whole system (to initial state) except the kernel, whatever is broken will be fixed?08:40
=== kstr [n=kstr@] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Csi'm frustrated :(08:42
Ben_Csi don't want to reinstall everything from scratch08:42
hyper_chopen vlc or whatever from the command line ;) and play then a movie08:43
Ben_Csi'll try it again08:45
cheeseboyBen_Cs: do you use mplayer also ?08:46
Ben_Csyes i do08:46
cheeseboymplayer has terminal version08:46
Ben_Cshyper_ch: same result. no video08:47
hyper_chBen_Cs: but you get some output of what's wrong ;=08:49
=== MagicFab [n=MagicFab@ubuntu/member/magicfab] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Csno output whatsoever08:49
Ben_Csnow mplayer does give output08:50
Ben_Cshere it is:08:51
Ben_Csopen: No such file or directory08:51
Ben_Cs[MGA]  Couldn't open: /dev/mga_vid08:51
Ben_Csopen: No such file or directory08:51
Ben_Cs[MGA]  Couldn't open: /dev/mga_vid08:51
Ben_Cs[VO_TDFXFB]  Can't open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory.08:51
Ben_Cs[VO_3DFX]  Unable to open /dev/3dfx.08:51
Ben_CsOpening video decoder: [ffmpeg]  FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family08:51
Ben_CsSelected video codec: [ffodivx]  vfm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg MPEG-4)08:51
Ben_CsForced audio codec: mad08:51
Ben_CsOpening audio decoder: [libmad]  libmad mpeg audio decoder08:51
=== Catoptromancy [n=catw@] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Cswell, these are the lines that are suspicious to me08:52
Ben_Csany idea?08:52
Ben_Csand ofcourse, mplayer plays sound but no video08:52
Ben_Csarrr. do i have to reinstall xubuntu?08:57
Ben_Csnever mind. i'm off to reinstall the system08:58
=== s-x-u [n=s-x-u@ip51cf89ac.direct-adsl.nl] has joined #xubuntu
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cheeseboyugh #ubuntu  sucks09:46
neozenmoves too fast for ya?09:47
=== kalikiana_ [n=kalikian@xdsl-87-78-20-184.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
=== neozen pokes kalikiana_ with a stick
neozenoh wait... wrong one09:48
=== neozen pokes kalikiana's ghost
cheeseboyany forum staff here ?09:49
neozenas in xubuntu forum?09:49
neozenor the really popular forum for ubuntu09:49
cheeseboyubuntu forum09:50
neozenmaxamillion perhaps...09:50
=== kalikiana_ 's ghost strikes back with a pick axe.
kalikiana_Do you dare poke me from behind =)09:52
cheeseboyis he awake ?09:52
=== cheeseboy pokes maxamillion
neozendoubt it09:53
neozenbut anything's possible09:53
kalikiana_What are you guys after anyway?09:53
cheeseboyi cant pst on the forum for some reason09:54
kalikiana_Lamer, you need to login first :P09:55
=== Jester45 [n=Jester45@75-121-94-121.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
neozenI'm just hanging out10:01
=== Lorvija [n=lorvija@adsl-215-242-76.kymp.net] has joined #xubuntu
neozenjester! salu!10:02
Jester45does anyone know how to use sed10:02
TheSheepJester45: man sed :)10:12
=== `87_116_181_223 [n=ssh_user@cable-87-116-181-223.dynamic.sbb.co.yu] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45its not to helpfull10:12
TheSheepJester45: what are you trying to do?10:12
Jester45but... i think i have a work around10:12
neozenJester... indeed.. what ye up to?10:12
TheSheepJester45: usually you run it with: sed -i -e 'some commands to perform on the text'10:12
=== neozen nods
TheSheepand then the file name10:13
neozenunless you're looking to overwrite/change newlines..... that makes for baaaad times10:13
neozenor so I've heard10:13
neozenenter perl10:14
Jester45can to take the first "word" out of a file and pipe it to a diffrent program10:14
=== aryr100 [n=wonka071@cpe-24-195-253-196.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
aryr100hello all10:16
aryr100has anyone had any problem installing x7.04 on amd labtop ?10:16
Jester45aryr100, what laptop vendor? what is the problem if any?10:20
aryr100compaq when tring to installing get unable to make file system10:20
TheSheepJester45: grep -m1 -o -E '^\S+'10:21
aryr100have ran ubuntu with no problem10:21
TheSheeparyr100: disable volume management in thunar10:21
TheSheeparyr100: thunar -> edit -> preferences -> advanced10:22
Jester45The-Kernel, ping10:22
neozenJester45: you might want awk instead of sed for this purpose10:22
aryr100kk can disable from live cd to allow install ?10:22
neozenawk's great for dealing with words10:22
TheSheepneozen: grep works fine10:22
=== neozen nods
TheSheepneozen: I'd rather use cut instead of awk for such a simple thing though10:23
=== neozen man's cut
neozennever heard of cut before10:23
TheSheepneozen: beware, using it for processing larger sets of data leads to *very* inneficient programs (lots of forks010:24
=== neozen nods
neozenwill keep that in mind10:25
=== neozen points @ awk
neozenwhat exactly is the definition of "large sets of data" these days10:26
neozena gb or two of text?10:26
TheSheepneozen: for bash scripts it's still about 1M10:26
hyper_chhuhu TheSheep10:27
neozenthat's tiny10:27
TheSheephi hyper_ch10:27
TheSheepneozen: you usually process text though10:27
hyper_chTheSheep: how are you?10:27
TheSheepneozen: try to type 1GB of text10:27
TheSheephyper_ch: fine, thanks, you?10:27
neozendon't have to10:27
TheSheepneozen: ok, logs10:27
=== neozen points @ ebook collection
hyper_chone does not have to type 1gb, one can generate that ;)10:27
hyper_chTheSheep: same... room looks very empty now here10:28
TheSheephyper_ch: tried skating yet? ;)10:28
hyper_chTheSheep: nope, there are still some obstacles like a bed and the computer ;)10:29
hyper_chTheSheep: two more nights and then my university life/career comes to a definitive end ;(10:29
hyper_chTheSheep: first time I'm going to live alone10:29
=== lightghost [n=lightman@LAubervilliers-151-11-37-161.w193-251.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
=== magic_ninja [n=asdfsdf@ip68-103-20-85.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheephyper_ch: you need to find yourself a hyperette10:31
=== Ben_Cs [n=benny@] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chTheSheep: I have one, but she's still in Canada10:32
Ben_Cshad a problem before, that vlc and other players didn't show video10:32
TheSheepBen_Cs: you have win32codecs installed?10:32
Ben_Csproblem solved. "window manager twiks" if enabled, crews totaly the video streams10:33
hyper_chevil twaks10:33
Ben_Cseventually i reinstalled xubuntu, and checked vlc after each change i made. and so i found the cause10:33
hyper_chBen_Cs: what video card have you got?10:34
TheSheepBen_Cs: you mean compositor?10:34
Ben_Csintel 95010:34
Ben_Csyes , compositor10:34
Ben_Cshyper_ch: evil tweaks indeed10:34
hyper_chaccording to TheSheep's reaction tot he intel card it's not a very good one ;)10:34
TheSheephyper_ch: no, it's good, I just had some problems with intel cars on older kernels10:35
hyper_chtot he --> to the10:35
Ben_Csit's actually has great performance with games10:35
hyper_chTheSheep: ah... well, I trust in nVidia10:35
hyper_chTheSheep: never disappointed me10:35
hyper_chnot on windoze, not in linux10:35
Jester45oo intel makes cars now to :010:35
TheSheephyper_ch: I'd prefer opensource drivers10:35
hyper_chTheSheep: like?10:36
Ben_Csgoogle makes cell phones, so y can't intel make cars :)10:36
TheSheepJester45: do you have to stop, get out and get back in if it bleascreens?10:36
hyper_chwell, SWATCH also makes cars10:36
Jester45front window turns blue10:36
hyper_chgoogle cell phones?10:36
Jester45and you have to get out and back in10:36
TheSheepBen_Cs: I want one!10:37
neozenI've had great experience w/ the intel95010:37
Ben_Csis there a prog for linux like norton ghost is for win?10:37
TheSheepBen_Cs: dd10:37
hyper_chBen_Cs: it's called dd10:37
Jester45dd is much better10:37
neozenbecause it's dumber10:37
Ben_Csit's htc +google cooperation10:37
TheSheepJester45: yes, it also rips cds ;)10:37
hyper_chwhat does dd actually stand for? dupicate disc?10:37
neozendump device10:38
TheSheephyper_ch: dump data10:38
neozensomething like that10:38
neozenthat'll do10:38
=== neozen grins
TheSheepor data dump10:38
Jester45DD is an acronym for "data definition"10:38
hyper_chit's named after what it does... what a genious idea ;)10:38
Jester45says wikipedia10:38
=== vistakiller [n=spiros@ppp135-22.adsl.forthnet.gr] has left #xubuntu []
hyper_chJester45: wiki can be manipulated ;)10:38
neozenwonder what awk stands for...10:38
TheSheepneozen: the info is available10:39
=== Jester45 tells hyper_ch thats why he said its from wikipedia
neozenah... author's names10:39
neozenmakes sense10:39
TheSheepneozen: THAT Aho?10:39
=== neozen nods
Jester45huhu hyper_ch10:40
hyper_chthere's truly someone named Awk? Poor guy ;)10:40
hyper_chJester45: huhu10:40
hyper_chJester45: how the gf doing?10:40
Jester45what one10:40
hyper_chJester45: that one you've talked about the other week10:40
hyper_chJester45: you have more than one?10:40
hyper_chJester45: or do you change them that often? ;)10:40
TheSheepData Structures and Algorithms (with A. V. Aho and J. E. Hopcroft)10:40
Ben_Csis dd in repos?10:40
Ben_Cscause i don't see it10:41
Jester45hyper_ch, both10:41
TheSheepAho, Hopcroft and Ullman are almost as famous as Knuth10:41
hyper_chBen_Cs: dd is installed by default... it's command line ;)10:41
Ben_Csi see10:41
hyper_chJester45: hehehe10:41
=== TheSheep slaps hyper_ch with Art of Computer Programming
Ben_Csi wrote "dd" and no response10:42
hyper_chTheSheep: harder ;)10:42
hyper_chBen_Cs: man dd10:42
=== TheSheep adds the 3 new volumes
hyper_chTheSheep: :)10:42
TheSheepBen_Cs: dd if=/dev/hda1 of=mybackup10:42
hyper_chTheSheep: for a moment I thought you were referring to the icebear Knut10:42
TheSheephyper_ch: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knuth10:43
Jester45and to replace its if=mybackup of=/dev/hda110:43
hyper_chBen_Cs: and don't forget to prepend it with sudo10:43
neozenTheSheep: whee... I'm reading that10:43
Ben_Cshyper_ch: thanks10:43
neozenoh wait.... this is Art of Unix Programming10:44
=== TheSheep reads Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
hyper_chVersion numbers of his TeX software approach the transcendental number , that is versions increment in the style 3, 3.1, 3.14 and so on. Version numbers of Metafont approach the number e similarly.10:44
hyper_chthats great10:45
TheSheephyper_ch: yup10:45
TheSheephyper_ch: mail him and ask when the version 4.0 is scheduled :D10:45
neozenTheSheep: that was a good book10:46
hyper_chTheSheep: I guess that will make me a victim of his humor10:46
TheSheepneozen: makes you believe in Quality :)10:46
neozenand all its various forms10:47
TheSheepneozen: but that's not new, programmers always knew that code has Quality10:48
=== neozen nods
neozenand other code... does not10:48
neozenwhat's that rule? 90% of everything is garbage10:48
hyper_chTheSheep: 74% of bebop fetched10:48
TheSheepeven if you, after a month of hacking, come up with exactly the same code that you started with, it has a lot more of it than initially10:49
TheSheephyper_ch: cool, you're working for my ratio :D10:49
=== neozen nods @ TheSheep
hyper_chTheSheep: how comes?10:49
neozenits more the way it is now then it ever was before10:49
neozen(quote from pattern recognition)10:50
TheSheephyper_ch: that's a "private" tracker, and it keeps track of how much you download/upload10:50
hyper_chTheSheep: ah :)10:50
TheSheephyper_ch: and that particular download is "freebie", meaning that it doesn't count how much you download of it, but it counts upload normally10:51
hyper_chTheSheep: oh well, I slowly find my way around public trackers... one day I maybe will also master private ones ;)10:52
TheSheepbut I'm being OT here, sorry10:53
hyper_chTheSheep: no need to be sorry10:53
TheSheephyper_ch: I'm supposed to watch over this channel10:54
hyper_chTheSheep: and that you do... but no one here has any support inquiry pending right now10:55
TheSheephyper_ch: still, many people lurk here and read scrollback10:55
hyper_chTheSheep: what for?10:56
TheSheephyper_ch: to see what happened when they were afk10:56
TheSheephyper_ch: I do that too10:57
hyper_chTheSheep: those people must really be bored10:57
TheSheephyper_ch: on the contrary10:57
hyper_chTheSheep: I mean those except you ;)10:57
hyper_chTheSheep: why would one do that if he's not bored?10:57
TheSheepprocrastination :D10:58
=== Jester45 nods
=== Jester45 is a master of torrents
hyper_chTheSheep: ???10:58
hyper_chTheSheep: I don't understand10:58
TheSheephyper_ch: suppose you have lots of work -- so much, that you don't even know what to start with10:59
=== Jester45 currently has 248kb/s down and 549kb/s up
TheSheephyper_ch: what do you do then?10:59
hyper_chTheSheep: go back to bed ;)10:59
hyper_chJester45: nice upload ;)11:00
TheSheephyper_ch: of course! you browse wikipedia, read jokes, customize your desktop, read scrollback, etc.11:00
hyper_chTheSheep: well, never done reading scrollback... but the others... yeah, done that11:00
Jester45my moviex.info stats are 6.3gb up 4.12 down 1.53 ratio11:01
hyper_chJester45: what's that? private torrent?11:01
=== TheSheep has 9.3 ration on emprnium.us :D
Jester45only kind i will use11:01
hyper_chhow does one use them=11:02
TheSheepJester45: afraid of RIA?11:02
=== Jester45 got 1.2mb/s (1200kb/s) on moviex
TheSheephyper_ch: you need to be registered, then you download a torrent with hash of your password embedded11:02
hyper_chTheSheep: is that a mix of RIAA and CIA?11:02
Jester45i dont care about them11:02
=== TheSheep ate an eye
hyper_chTheSheep: ah :) and those are great?11:02
Jester45i like the speed and the quality of the torrents11:03
hyper_chTheSheep: so far I just use TOB11:03
=== Jester45 leaves for work
Jester45TPB mininova moviex torrentzilla and google for me11:03
TheSheepok, this is getting really offtopic11:03
TheSheepeven for freenode :(11:03
hyper_chsuprnova is supposed to open again11:03
hyper_chok, let's put that in a xubuntu context... ;)11:04
hyper_chbtw, anyone can recommend me a notebook for xubuntu?11:05
TheSheephyper_ch: this one looks good: http://www.tlachac.com/FLASHMX/TicTackToe/ScannedNotebookPaper.gif11:06
TheSheephyper_ch: it even comes with Genuine Paper Advantage11:07
TheSheephyper_ch: intuitive user interface11:07
hyper_chTheSheep: lol....11:07
TheSheephyper_ch: and 3d scrolling animation11:07
hyper_chTheSheep: have you installe Linux Genuine Advantage?11:07
TheSheephyper_ch: can't find genuine linux anywhere11:08
TheSheephyper_ch: so I just have the advantages11:08
hyper_chTheSheep: http://www.linuxgenuineadvantage.org/  --> but it's already hacked ;)11:08
=== archangelpetro [n=bleh@] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chhello archangelpetro, how may we help tonight?11:10
archangelpetro:D i do appreciate the concern and friendliness :)11:11
archangelpetrobut i'm here just for the sheer pleasure of company11:11
hyper_chTheSheep: was that now enough on-topic? ;)11:11
hyper_charchangelpetro: ^^11:12
TheSheephyper_ch: he's here to read the scrollback11:12
TheSheeparchangelpetro: go back to work ;)11:12
hyper_chTheSheep: how, if he wasn't logged in before?11:12
archangelpetro:P how are you TheSheep? :)11:13
TheSheephyper_ch: cut him some slack, he's just starting11:13
archangelpetro(im not just starting?....?)11:13
hyper_chTheSheep: ah :)11:13
TheSheeparchangelpetro: sorry about that, just joking around11:13
TheSheeparchangelpetro: you've just started collecting the scrollback11:13
archangelpetroi'll forgive you :)11:14
archangelpetroah, i see11:14
hyper_chhmmm could I input somehow from /dev/urandom into freenode.org #xubuntu with IRSSI?11:14
TheSheepit's kind of like kilwater11:14
TheSheephyper_ch: try /cat /dev/urandom11:14
TheSheephyper_ch: you'll get kicked instantly11:15
hyper_chwell, if I can pip from /dev/urandom into this channel, then he'll have very much scrollback soon :)11:15
archangelpetroabout 10 lines11:15
archangelpetrobefore you disappear :)11:15
TheSheepnot even taht if I'm quick :)11:15
TheSheephyper_ch: don't11:16
hyper_chTheSheep: to be quick is not always advicable :)11:16
hyper_chdamn, i'm OT again11:16
hyper_chso, archangelpetro what issue do you have with Xubuntu?11:17
archangelpetrowell, i dont use xubuntu :D11:18
archangelpetronot anymore :D11:18
archangelpetroso, none?11:18
hyper_charchangelpetro: that issue can easily be resolved11:18
=== LikeVinyl [n=likeviny@OL212-29.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_charchangelpetro: you know where to find the ISOs?11:18
archangelpetroi do indeed, ty11:18
Ben_Csthe issue is: he doesn't use xubuntu11:18
hyper_charchangelpetro: and do you have a blank cd or rw at your disposal?11:18
hyper_charchangelpetro: ^^11:19
archangelpetroi use debian :)11:19
archangelpetrohate me, if you will :)11:19
Ben_Csbut with xfce yes?11:19
archangelpetroi used to use Xubuntu, but I didnt like Xorg, it kept taking up more and more memory11:19
hyper_charchangelpetro: why do you use a server OS for a desktop? ;)11:19
archangelpetroxfce is cool :)11:19
Ben_Csit's best11:20
archangelpetroand my preferred WM11:20
TheSheeparchangelpetro: so now you're using the-X-server-with-funny-license?11:20
cheeseboyany of you ubuntu forum staff ?11:20
Ben_Csi tried gnome+kde+fluxbox and like most xfce and then fluxbox11:21
archangelpetroi like FVWM also11:21
hyper_chfluxbox is great on my usb stick11:21
Ben_Cshyper_ch: usb? DSL then?11:21
hyper_chBen_Cs: yes, dsl11:21
LikeVinylfor me, first place: xfce, second: enlightenment (in the future rockz) third: fluxbox (better for games)11:21
Ben_Csi like DSL as a mini-distro11:22
hyper_ch70mb on the stick11:22
hyper_ch1.9 gb free ;)11:22
TheSheepBen_Cs: it uses windowmaker, right?11:22
Ben_Cshad DSL on PII11:22
Ben_CsTheSheep: i recon so11:22
Ben_CsTheSheep: and ROX as file manager11:23
hyper_chcheeseboy: can we help anyway?11:23
cheeseboyi need someone good with xboxs networking and python11:24
Ben_CsBTW ppl, when i get a message marked in red, does it mean it's a private message or it's just reaction to <nick name>: and everybody can see it?11:24
cheeseboydoubt anyone like that is here11:25
hyper_chBen_Cs: it's just highlighting ;)11:25
TheSheepcheeseboy: I'm good with networking and python, you still need someone good with xbox though :/11:25
hyper_chTheSheep: maybe he can give you an xbox ;)11:25
cheeseboyTheSheep well i doubt its the xboxs fault11:25
Ben_Cshyper_ch: do only i see the highlighting?11:25
hyper_chBen_Cs: nope, it's a public channel... but highlighting helps if you are talking to someone specific ;)11:26
TheSheepBen_Cs: and anybody else who has the same nick as you ;)11:26
cheeseboyTheSheep i want to use this python script to watch videos from tv-links.co.uk on my xbox but i get connection reset by peer11:26
Ben_Cshow do i highlight?11:26
TheSheepcheeseboy: looks like they are closing the connection for some reason11:27
TheSheepBen_Cs: mention the nick11:27
TheSheepBen_Cs: <-- like this11:27
TheSheepBen_Cs: you can use tab11:27
hyper_chBen_Cs: <-- or this11:27
Ben_Csi see. cool.11:27
=== lightghost [n=lightman@LAubervilliers-151-11-37-161.w193-251.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #xubuntu []
cheeseboyTheSheep: the xbox has no problem watching the videos when modem is directly attaxched to modem11:27
hyper_chlet's mass highlight Ben_Cs ^^11:27
Ben_Csi like this xchat prog very much. nicer than konversation11:28
hyper_charchangelpetro: you use etch?11:28
hyper_chBen_Cs: konvi is much better11:28
cheeseboyTheSheep: xbox is connected to this pc via crossover cable11:29
hyper_charchangelpetro: can you make a .deb for egroupware?11:29
hyper_charchangelpetro: I just don't seem to be able to install it properly ;(11:30
hyper_charchangelpetro: in sarge there was a package in the repo11:30
Ben_Cskonvi is kde app?11:30
TheSheepcheeseboy: are you routing all the traffic to it?11:30
hyper_chBen_Cs: yes, so what?11:30
archangelpetrowhat is it hyper_ch?11:31
TheSheepcheeseboy: you're using masquerade, or the xbox has its own ip?11:31
cheeseboyTheSheep: ACCEPT     0    --       anywhere            state NEW,RELATED,ESTABLISHED in iptables11:31
Ben_Csi googled it and it says that konversation is the new version of konvi11:31
cheeseboyxboxs ip is
hyper_chBen_Cs: koni is just the abbreviation I use :) it's knoversation... it's really great11:32
cheeseboyTheSheep: and videos from youtube and apple video trailers work11:32
TheSheepcheeseboy: sudo iptables -L POSTROUTING11:33
TheSheepcheeseboy: what does that say?11:34
cheeseboyiptables: No chain/target/match by that name11:34
TheSheepok, so no masquerade11:34
Ben_Cshyper_ch: use konvi for a week. don't see how it's better than xchat11:34
hyper_chBen_Cs: how is xchat better than knoversation?11:35
Ben_Csit's pretty much the same i guess11:35
Ben_Cswell. time to sleep11:36
Ben_Csnighty night all11:36
TheSheepcheeseboy: how does it download the movie exactly?11:37
cheeseboyTheSheep: im not sure you want to see the python script?11:38
TheSheepcheeseboy: yes, please11:39
archangelpetroim off to bed, nn people11:41
cheeseboyTheSheep: http://rafb.net/p/spvk9L57.html11:41
=== xork [n=xork@cpe-66-68-129-167.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepcheeseboy: omg, it does http manually using sockets :D11:47
TheSheepcheeseboy: wonder why he didn't use urllib11:47
cheeseboyTheSheep: will you update it for me please ?11:47
TheSheepcheeseboy: ok, find the place where it uses mySocket11:52
TheSheepcheeseboy: around line 29711:53
TheSheepcheeseboy: comment it all out11:53
TheSheepfrom mySocket = socket.socket(... to mySocket.close()11:53
=== mikubuntu [n=chatzill@c-76-108-252-28.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepcheeseboy: then put this in there http://rafb.net/p/AB9tUP68.html11:54
cheeseboyarg it looks alot different in gedit11:55
mikubuntuhas anyone listening used xubuntu while navigating aol's 'new' mail site, and do you know of any issues associated.   i put ubuntu on my friends laptop, and she went straight to aol, who i like about as much as i like bill gates, and had all kinds of problems with her mail.  she'd selectr mail to delete, and it keeps showing back up, like bad beer, or seafood (and some poultry products). ...11:58
mikubuntu...also she kept getting an error message: unresponsive script on page.11:58
=== Juz_moi [n=user@c75-111-234-77.sangcmtk01.tx.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #xubuntu
mikubuntusomeone said earlier that it might be a browser specific problem with firefox, but got the same result with opera.  didn't have any of the same problems using yahoo or gmail, so it's an aol incompatibility with SOMETHING.12:08
cheeseboyTheSheep: http://rafb.net/p/fFQe8g20.html is that right ?12:08
TheSheepcheeseboy: yeah, should work12:09
TheSheepcheeseboy: btw, that code is UGLY12:09
cheeseboyTheSheep: if you rewrite it id be very happy :-P12:10
TheSheepcheeseboy: not only it uses java-like names, it also confuses sockets and python's file-like urlopener interface12:10
maxamillioncheeseboy: ultra ugly .... tabs = 4 spaces, lines shouldn't be longer than 80 characters12:10
=== maxamillion waves at TheSheep and then runs off
maxamillionTheSheep: i gotta run, just had to throw in my 2 cents :)12:11
cheeseboyso TheSheep so will you fix the whole script ?12:15
hyper_chwhy is there an empty line after each line of code?12:16
cheeseboyhyper_ch: no paste did that12:16
hyper_chah ;)12:16
TheSheepcheeseboy: no time or will :)12:18
TheSheepcheeseboy: does it work at least?12:18
hyper_chnice, Hardy Heron :)12:20
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@dsl-241-163-224.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chthat's the code name for 8.0412:20
cheeseboyTheSheep: havnt tested yet12:20
TheSheephyper_ch: will it contain Nero? ;)12:21
hyper_chTheSheep: no clue12:21
hyper_chTheSheep: why should it?12:21
TheSheepnah, sounded a bit like Herod12:21
TheSheepHeron was a Greek12:22
TheSheepthe next version is *bound* to be codenamed "Stealth Ninja Mutant Robot Pirate Zombie"12:24
TheSheepI don't understand, which version will be LTS, 8.04 or 7.10?12:25
hyper_chTheSheep: at least they say so in the release12:26
TheSheepah, ok12:26
=== kikr [n=ant@ool-435495ff.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #xubuntu
eagle-101mmm whoever is in charge of wireless development for ubuntu really needs to see what linux from scratch has done.01:00
eagle-101LFS literally had a broadcom card working in 30 seconds01:01
eagle-101err missed up my distros, I mean puppy linux01:03
=== dorana [n=dorana@] has joined #xubuntu
=== Pricey [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #xubuntu

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