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=== sbalneav skips arount the living room
sbalneavYay! New ltsp packages!04:45
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sbalneavHey LaserJock06:06
LaserJockhi sbalneav06:06
sbalneavSitting in #ubuntu_doc?06:07
LaserJocksbalneav: you're a Launchpad Beta Tester?06:17
sbalneavI don't think so.06:17
sbalneavI *use* launchpad.06:18
LaserJockI think you have to be a beta tester to use PPAs right now06:18
sbalneavI suppose if it's in beta, and I'm using it, I'm a beta tester.06:18
sbalneavHeh, well, I activated it :)06:18
sbalneavMaybe sabdfl likes me :)06:18
sbalneavI guess what I was hoping was to do daily pkg publishes of the documents, so people could look at 'em in yelp, and follow allong as I went.06:19
sbalneavThat way, if someone sent me even just TEXT they wanted included, I could format it, and get it in, and they'd see rapid feedback.06:20
LaserJockyeah, I'm thinking of doing the same thing06:23
sbalneavHmm, just seeing if what I think will work, will work.06:24
nixternalPPAs aren't beta anymore...they are available for everyone now06:26
sbalneavhere's what I've done, which, sadly, doesn't work...06:28
sbalneavcd ubuntu-doc06:28
sbalneavsvn export edubuntu ~/edubuntuwork06:28
sbalneavcd ~edubuntuwork06:28
sbalneavdch -i <make up lies about my work>06:28
sbalneav debuild -S -sa -rfakeroot06:28
sbalneavwhich produces:06:28
sbalneav fakeroot debian/rules clean06:29
sbalneavdebian/rules:3: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk: No such file or directory06:29
sbalneavdebian/rules:4: /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/makefile.mk: No such file or directory06:29
sbalneavmake: *** No rule to make target `/usr/share/cdbs/1/class/makefile.mk'.  Stop.06:29
sbalneavdebuild: fatal error at line 1248:06:29
sbalneavfakeroot debian/rules clean failed06:29
sbalneavAh, needed to install cdbs06:31
sbalneavok, so, I've got a targz, and a dsc.06:33
sbalneavNow, that's what I upload to the ppa?06:33
LaserJockhang on06:34
LaserJockfirst of all, it's not going to work quit right06:35
LaserJockthe package needs some stuff outside edubuntu/06:35
LaserJockI svn export the whole ubuntu-doc06:35
sbalneavsbalneav@edubuntu:~/edubuntu-doc$ dput edubuntu-docs_7.07.1ubuntu1_source.changes06:49
sbalneavUpload package to host ubuntu06:49
sbalneavAlready uploaded to upload.ubuntu.com06:49
sbalneavDoing nothing for edubuntu-docs_7.07.1ubuntu1_source.changes06:49
sbalneavWell, I've uploaded SOMETHING, but my ppa shows no builds in progress, and nothing in my archive.06:49
sbalneavAlso, they talk about putting ~ppa in the package name, not sure how I'd go about doing that.  Editing debian/rules?06:50
LaserJockumm, you tried to upload to Ubuntu dude :-)06:50
sbalneavThat's what the docs said.  What would that be, the .dput.cf?06:52
sbalneavhere's mine:06:52
sbalneav[my-ppa] 06:52
sbalneavfqdn = upload.launchpad.net06:52
sbalneavincoming = ~sbalneav/ubuntu/06:52
sbalneavlogin = anonymous06:52
sbalneavpretty much what was in the getting started doc.06:52
LaserJockso you need to do dput my-ppa *_source.changes06:53
sbalneavI'm assuming I won't screw anything up for ubuntu :)06:53
LaserJockyou don't have rights06:53
LaserJockso it'll just reject it06:54
sbalneavThat's what I figured.06:54
sbalneavhmm, ok06:56
sbalneavwell, went up to my-ppa06:56
sbalneavok, got the reject message on my first blunder :)06:57
sbalneavLaserJock: Still awake?07:08
sbalneavCould not find PPA for 'sbalneav'07:08
sbalneavSigner has no upload rights at all to this distribution.07:08
sbalneavSigner is not permitted to upload to the component 'main' of file07:08
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sbalneavMorning all03:07
RichEdhey hey sbalneav03:07
sbalneavHow's it going, RichEd?03:07
RichEdokay ... and yourself ?03:08
sbalneavDoing fine.03:09
sbalneavMain development's done, so now I'm working on doc.03:09
RichEdgood stuff03:10
sbalneavTried to get the new PPA going last night, so I could issue daily updates to people on doc, and get feedback, but it doesn't appear to be working for me.03:10
sbalneavI'll snag ogra when he shows up.03:10
=== RichEd was just getting up of my chair, and misread "snag ogra" as "shag ogra" !
=== ogra hides
RichEdyep ... better hids ogra03:11
ograshagged by the bumblebee man ....03:11
ograsbalneav, hmm, dont ask me for ppa ... i havent used them myself yet03:11
=== ogra tries to wrap his head around d-i stuff and is currently redoing the udeb :/
sbalneavYOU were the one who POINTED me to it yesterday, you bugger! :)03:12
ogramy brain hurts03:12
=== sbalneav gives ogra a noogie.
ograsbalneav, i *will* use them some day :)03:12
sbalneavHey, not a huge panic, but localdevs are borken now, because we haven't updated the ltspfs stuff.  All the stuff for gutsy's in my ltspfs-nodm tree.03:14
ograyep, i know03:14
ogracurrently the udeb is more important03:14
ograi need that fixed for tribe603:14
sbalneavYou do that voodoo that you do so well.03:15
ograah, well03:15
ograthe d-i stuff is freaky03:15
ograyou cant use stdin/out but need to redirect every bit through fifos03:15
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=== ogra has little clouds coming out of his ears if he tries to follow the data flow here
ograbut hey, we have progress reporting in the installer now :)03:16
ogranow to find out the number of lines a ltsp-build-client spills out03:17
sbalneavlots, one expects03:18
sbalneavcertainly one for every one of the ='s, and the spinny thing too.03:18
ograhrm ... why does it stop now ?03:18
ogra Error: 'C' is not a supported language or locale03:19
sbalneavThat's bad03:23
ograwell, we usually have a locale set if the udeb runs03:24
ograi just need to source /etc/environment i guess03:24
ogragrr ...03:29
montesluogra, any idea how to globally set keyboard type in 7.04 ?03:49
ografor te system of for ltsp ?03:49
montesluboth, I think. didn't notice if it's wierd on the server03:49
montesluis it in xorg?03:50
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ograno, it gets read from the server by ltsp-build-client and set to the same value in the client chroot03:51
ograif you want to change the default, use lts.conf03:51
monteslucool. I'll try that.03:51
montesluyou gonna be around in about an hour and fifteen minutes?03:51
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sbalneavogra: Something we might want to do, now that we have an rdesktop script, is include the rdesktop application in the chroot by default.  It's not that big.04:01
ograis it in main04:01
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sbalneavGood question.04:04
montesluin ltsp4 i tried using rdesktop on screen_08 and startx on screen_07, worked but it would break after toggling twice or so04:05
montesluprobably something that should be tested04:06
sbalneavltsp4? or 5?04:06
sbalneavheh, well, I'll test it in 5.04:06
sbalneavIn 4, I don't care anymore :)04:06
montesluit would be much nicer than having the teachers login just to fire up tsclient04:07
monteslualso, the rdesktop script in ltsp4 wouldn't do the same keyboard mapping as startx... I think the numberpad didn't work04:08
montesluthat might have been fixed though04:08
cliebowi Love my 4!!and my 5!04:09
cliebowbe nice to my 4 8~)04:09
montesluis crossposting to edubuntu-users and k12osn a no-no ?04:10
monteslucool. seems like a lot of the same people on both.04:13
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moquistogra: how goes it?04:42
ogravery bad ...04:50
ografighting with installer stuff ... weird redirects etc04:51
ograseems there is no way to do waht i want due to debconf limitations04:51
moquistAi; that sucks.04:51
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=== moquist will ask for details over beer in Boston
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LaserJockhi ogra and moquist07:55
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moquistLaserJock: hey08:09
moquistdoes apt-get not handle Recommends?08:09
moquistI always get told about the recommendations and think "Gee, it would be nice if I could go ahead and install some of those without re-running my command", but I've never looked into this.08:10
moquistNow it's turning out to be relevant for the moodle package, which only Recommends postgresql|mysql-server.08:10
moquistGoogling for this has not been immediately helpful.08:11
moquistAh - APT::Install-Recommends "true";08:11
=== vistakiller [n=spiros@ppp136-252.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #edubuntu
ogramoquist, if they arent recommends they will always be instaled08:13
LaserJockRecommends: are only installed by apt-get for metapackages08:14
ograthats obvoiously not what you want if you have frontend server and DB separately08:14
ogramoquist, thas why i said edubuntu-server would care for more details ;)08:14
=== moquist nods
ograit will have a dep on the DB server08:14
ograbut the moodle package needs to be installable standalone08:15
ograusually you only put stuff thats really needed to run the app into hard deps08:15
moquistit just seems to stink if we have a package that lets an admin type 'apt-get install moodle' and have the installation fail because she didn't install a DB server package first. I guess she should pay attention to the Recommends...08:15
LaserJockif it won't install without it it should be Depends08:16
ograbuild a moodle-standalone package ;)08:16
ograapt-get install moodle gives you the frontend ... needs a webserver and DB client08:16
ograapt-get install moodle-standalone gives you the full fun :)08:16
ograjust create it in the control file ... it only needs to have the right deps :)08:17
ograno content or anything08:17
sbalneavLaserJock, ogra, can we have a 2 minute discussion on docs, when you're done moodling around?08:17
moquistIt sounds good to me. Are you serious? I'm for it. These packages could all be built from.... yes, the same(?) control file?08:17
ograput it in the moodle source  ... (have a look at ltsp-server vs ltsp-server-standalone in the ltsp source)08:18
moquistogra: thanks for the tip. that's perfect and saves me asking later. :)08:19
LaserJockok, so where are we with moodle?08:20
LaserJockis it basically ready?08:21
=== effie_jayx [n=valles@ubuntu/member/effie-jayx] has joined #edubuntu
ograwe're pretty overdue08:29
ograso it should be asap08:29
moquistI can delete the upgrade stuff we don't care about from the preinst, NP.08:29
ograwhich one ? apache1 ?08:29
moquistChanging the questions will require me to learn more stuff, and that will take *some* time, though hopefully not much.08:29
LaserJockok, what specifically needs to be done?08:29
moquistLaserJock: did you see my email from last night?08:29
ograLaserJock, some debconf templates08:29
moquistogra: do we *need* that stuff before gutsy?08:29
ogra(one more question)08:29
moquistogra: though if it's easy...*shrug*08:29
ogramoquist, it needs to work08:29
=== moquist misunderstood ogra's previous comment
ograi dont care about apache1 as i said ... but i care about people upgrading existing installs for example08:29
ograso that needs to work as well as new installs08:29
ograif both is fine we can go with it08:29
ogranew installs should be fine with dropping apache1 stucc and adding one more low prio debconf question08:29
ograoh, and the -standalone metapackage08:29
=== moquist decides to work on this now instead of real work. Real work can wait until a time when ogra and LaserJock aren't both in #edubuntu.
sbalneavogra: Who would I talk to about ppa?08:31
moquistogra: I think we should still check for the circumstance where the moodle package wants to "Remove include from httpd.conf when upgrading from older versions", and instead of using wwwconfig to actually muck with the config, we should print a helpful message and stop (as I said in my email). Do you agree?08:31
ograsbalneav, #launchpad probably08:31
ogramoquist, stop is bad08:32
moquistBut the danger is a broken apache config. Surely that's worse?08:32
ogramoquist, notify is ok and leave it to the admin to set this specific part up manually08:32
ograbut dont stop the postinst for it08:32
moquistThis will only happen when somebody is upgrading from a system that has /etc/<webserver>/httpd.conf.08:32
moquistNo, this is preinst.08:32
ograwell, preinst then08:33
moquistOK, so don't stop.08:33
ograneither should stop :) but dont touch the config ....08:33
=== moquist nods
ogranotify the admin, tell him what to do08:33
ograand put the same info into README.Debian08:33
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=== humboldt [n=elias@] has joined #edubuntu
moquistOh...the installation TELLS you to make sure that mysql or postgres is installed before continuing.08:35
=== moquist wasn't reading carefully
moquistShould I do something like this right in preinst, I guess?08:43
moquistdb_input critical moodle/old_webserver_config || true08:44
moquistThat's only if we find the old configuration, etc. So it should almost never execute.08:44
moquistWell, it's not tested but I think #1 of my three questions is taken care of.08:52
LaserJock\o/  \o/  \/08:52
LaserJockoh no, one of my cheerleader's heads fell off :(08:52
moquist\o/ \/ \o/ \/ \o/08:52
moquistDo packages ever speak in 1st person? ("I can create a database for you, or you can do so manually...")08:53
LaserJocknot that I know of08:54
LaserJockthat'd be kinda creepy ;-)08:54
moquistOK, no "I".08:57
ograsbalneav, so did you try to upload to your ppa already ?09:00
sbalneavyeah, working on it now.09:06
sbalneavkiko's giving me love09:06
sbalneavogra: mabey you know:09:06
sbalneavdput my-ppa edubuntu-docs_7.07.1ubuntu1_source.changes09:06
sbalneavAlready uploaded to upload.dogfood.launchpad.net09:06
sbalneavDoing nothing for edubuntu-docs_7.07.1ubuntu1_source.changes09:06
sbalneavit failed yesterday because I wasn't a beta09:07
sbalneavNow I is09:07
sbalneavor just dch -i again?09:08
ogradunno, i have no clue how it works internally09:08
ograkiko will tell you if he gives support already09:08
LaserJockyou don't want to upload to dogfood09:09
ograwell, you want to upload to ppa.launchpad.net09:12
ograsbalneav, is your dput.cf ok ?09:12
sbalneavyeah, things have changed since yesterday :)09:13
sbalneavSometimes, being an early adopter has it's drawbacks.09:13
sbalneavI'm fiddling now.09:13
sbalneavThe one quiestion is, how do I get the suffix ~ppa on the package, like the doco suggests?  Edit debian/rules?09:14
ograits part of the version number ...09:14
sbalneavso just dch -i, and change the name?09:14
ograyou have to rebuild the source package09:15
ograwith the fixed version number09:15
sbalneavWhy do I always think these things are MORE complicated than they are :)09:15
ograthan you can dch09:15
sbalneavHmm, how do I build the source package from the doco repo? LaserJock?  Last night I just did a svn export edubuntu ~/foo, then I went into ~/foo, did a dch -i, and then a debbuild09:16
LaserJockdebuild -S09:17
ograor dpkf-buildpackage -rfakeroot -S -sa09:17
LaserJockbut you need to watch watch what debian/ you are working with09:17
LaserJockif you do a svn export you need to rm debian/ and cp the one from edubuntu/09:17
sbalneavI was working with the one in the edubuntu directory09:17
sbalneavoh, I just exported the edubuntu sub dir by itself09:18
sbalneavis that ok?09:18
LaserJocklet's do it step by step09:19
sbalneavOkie doke, I'm with you.09:19
sbalneavK, sitting here with an up-to-date repo.09:20
LaserJockk, so I svn export ~/tmp/edubuntu-docs09:21
sbalneavsbalneav@edubuntu:~/src/svn/trunk$ mkdir ~/tmp/edubuntu-docs09:22
sbalneavsbalneav@edubuntu:~/src/svn/trunk$ svn export ~/tmp/edubuntu-docs09:22
sbalneavsvn: '/home/sbalneav/tmp/edubuntu-docs' is not a working copy09:22
LaserJocksvn export . ~/tmp/edubuntu-docs09:23
LaserJockgotta tell it to export the current directory, my bad09:23
sbalneavok, done09:24
ograLaserJock, its just one pixel difference :)09:24
sbalneavmove the top level debian to debian.foo, and move edubuntu/debian ..?09:24
LaserJockok, hang on a sec09:26
LaserJockok, so you can rm -rf debian kubuntu xubuntu teamstuff website-index generic incoming ubuntu09:27
sbalneavOk, so sudo cd / ; rm -rf *, got it.09:30
=== sbalneav disconnected
ograbzr revert / ?09:31
LaserJocksbalneav: I also did rm Makefile validate.sh yelptest09:31
sbalneavcat /dev/random > /dev/eth0, ok09:32
=== sbalneav is getting goofy
sbalneavsbalneav@edubuntu:~/tmp/edubuntu-docs$ ls09:33
sbalneavbuild  common  edubuntu  libs09:33
LaserJockmv edubuntu/debian .09:33
LaserJockgo into build09:36
sbalneavedubuntu  folder.info  generic  kubuntu  styleguide  ubuntu09:37
LaserJockand remove the dirs not edubuntu09:37
LaserJockgo into ../libs/09:39
LaserJockand remove pdf/09:39
ograthats a good bunch of work09:40
sbalneavIt can be scripted :)09:41
sbalneavOk, what's next.09:41
LaserJockok, I think that's it09:42
LaserJockit should be ready to dch, etc.09:42
LaserJockand build09:42
sbalneavok, lets see.09:42
sbalneavWhere do I add the ~ppa to the package name, while I'm editing during the dch?09:42
ograto the *version*09:43
sbalneavedubuntu-docs (7.07.1ubuntu1~ppa1) gutsy; urgency=low09:43
sbalneavlike that?09:43
sbalneavok, for my ~/.dput.cf09:45
sbalneav[my-ppa] 09:46
sbalneavfqdn = ppa.launchpad.net09:46
sbalneavincoming = ~sbalneav/ubuntu/09:46
sbalneavlogin = anonymous09:46
sbalneavubuntu on line 3? or edubuntu?09:46
sbalneavok, uploaded09:47
sbalneavlets see if it builds09:48
=== ogra looks at https://launchpad.net/~sbalneav/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all
ogrado you know when the cronjob runs ?09:49
ogra(did kiko tell you ?)09:49
sbalneavNo, I don't09:50
sbalneavno, he didn't09:50
ograso we'll wait :)09:50
sbalneavMaybe on our second date :)09:50
ograi bet you met more than twice already09:50
=== sbalneav twiddles thumbs, jiggles leg excitedly
sbalneavyeah, I've seen him lots of times.  He's about 1x10^5000 X as cool as I'll ever hope to be. :)09:51
sbalneavGot an email...09:52
sbalneav[PPA sbalneav]  Accepted:09:52
sbalneav OK: edubuntu-docs_7.07.1ubuntu1~ppa1.tar.gz09:52
sbalneav OK: edubuntu-docs_7.07.1ubuntu1~ppa1.dsc09:52
sbalneav     -> Component: main Section: text09:52
sbalneavNow, we just gotta wait for it to build.09:54
sbalneavThis is too sweet.09:55
sbalneavSo, once it builds, and I'll try a test install, if that works, then I'll email -devel, and -users, let them know how to add my ppa-archive to their sources.list, and we should be good to go.09:56
sbalneavThen for the next few weeks, I'll just do a daily braindump of what I'm working on, and we can get some feedback!09:57
sbalneavedubuntugirl: LaserJock++09:57
LaserJocksbalneav: got it scripted now?09:57
sbalneavNo, I'll do that tonight :)09:57
sbalneavI'll have to remember to keep the changelog around when I re-export.09:58
LaserJockwhen you do maybe dump it in edubuntu/ when you do09:58
LaserJockso we can all enjoy ;-)09:58
sbalneavI shouldn't svn commit this ppa changelog, should I?09:58
LaserJocklet's just commit them when we actually upload09:59
LaserJockchangelog would get huge ;-)09:59
sbalneavRAWK ON DUUUDZ!!10:00
LaserJocksbalneav: good, except the version is wrong ;-)10:03
LaserJockwell, maybe not exactly10:03
sbalneavWhat'd I do?10:04
LaserJockhmm, I'll have to think about how to handle that10:04
LaserJockwell the version is based on the month, like the release versions10:04
LaserJockso since it's the 8th month it should be 7.0810:04
LaserJock7.08.1 since it would be the first upload this month10:05
LaserJockit doesn't matter for your ppa stuff until I upload a new version10:05
LaserJockbut I just thought I'd let you know the versioning scheme10:05
sbalneavHm, don't think it grabbed it...10:05
sbalneavogra: added:10:06
sbalneavdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/sbalneav/ubuntu gutsy main10:06
sbalneavto my sources.list10:06
sbalneavIgn http://ppa.launchpad.net gutsy/main Packages10:06
sbalneavon apt-get update10:07
ograthere is no binary yet :)10:07
sbalneavOh, hasn't built yet?10:07
ograif it shows up here https://launchpad.net/~sbalneav/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all10:07
ograthen you have a binary10:07
ogradeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/sbalneav/ubuntu gutsy main10:07
ograshould give you a source package to download though10:08
ogra(apt-get source)10:08
sbalneavWhat would I apt-get?10:09
sbalneavHmm, cant apt-get edubuntu-docs, that gets the main ones.10:09
ograsource should get the new one (after apt-get update indeed)10:10
sbalneavSo it does.10:12
sbalneavok, so we just have to wait for the package to build on launchpad.10:12
LaserJocksbalneav: it's not instantaneous to build packages you know ;-)10:13
sbalneavDARNIT, WHY NOT?!?!10:13
sbalneavI demand instant gratification.10:13
LaserJocksbalneav: you should see what happens when OO.o gets uploaded10:14
sbalneavI can only imagine.10:14
sbalneavI tried compiling it once, in the old 0.8 days.10:15
sbalneavOnce was enough.10:15
ograsbalneav, make some billions and push them in the datacenter for faster and more machines ;)10:15
sbalneavDude, how many Billionairs does this project need :-D10:15
sbalneavEdubuntu: spawn more overlords10:16
sbalneavSorry, starcraft jokes.10:17
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compliquehello everyone10:24
sbalneavBinary package built, and it upgrades!10:47
sbalneavI'll post something to the list tonight.10:47
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=== ogra_ [n=ogra@p548AD484.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavLaserJock: Thanks for your help.  We'll be able to get edubuntu-docs package updates daily.11:08
ogra_wow, nice11:09
sbalneavI'm thinking we should just leave the current version number until string freeze.  At that point, I'll stop with massive updates, and we can release "proper" packages, as opposed to my ppa.11:09
sbalneavogra_: See my docs?11:09
ogra_your ppa should just always have a lower version than the final distro one11:10
LaserJocksbalneav: what've you added since the last package?11:10
sbalneavA ton, I've documented the nbd root stuff, began docs on the load balancing, but fgiraldeau said he wanted to do something on that, so I'll let him send me someting...11:11
ogra_sbalneav, yup, seeing it11:11
ogra_i havent downloaded it yet11:11
sbalneavI've begun to break stuff up into topics, not sure how the whole "topic based help" thing's going to work in practice, but at least the handbooks getting more... err... topicy.11:12
sbalneavI'm going to sit down tonight and write up a chapter on some network topologies, etc.11:12
sbalneavSo lots of good things going in there.11:12
sbalneavogra_: Where are we at with SCP?11:12
sbalneavNeed a hand, still?11:12
sbalneavWant me to do a apt-get source, and create a bzr tree for it tonight?11:13
sbalneavI'll start fixing some bugs.11:13
ogra_the userlist generation is still not working (actually i didnt look yet and the udeb thing seems to get quite tricky)11:13
LaserJockogra_: oh, I was reading the script that creates the download pages on cdimage.u.c , etc.11:13
sbalneavI can fix that, I'm sure.11:14
LaserJockogra_: and I think I could pretty easily hack it to do better with Edubuntu11:14
ogra_talk to colin about that11:14
ogra_he wrote most of it11:14
ogra_or it moved over to newz200011:14
ogra_not sure11:14
LaserJockthe issues I see are 1) the desktop CD should *not* be the recommended install method  2) the addon cd should really be Edubuntu Addon CD not Edubuntu Server Addon CD11:15
LaserJockogra_: well, there's a script in ubuntu-cd11:15
LaserJockI was assuming it's still being used11:15
sbalneavogra_: You make any changes in your tree today?11:16
ogra_LaserJock, thing with the addon is that you might miss deps that are on the server CD11:16
ogra_sbalneav, ltsp ? no11:16
ogra_LaserJock, so it would need a network connection or the server CD around if you use it for example on a xubuntu machine11:17
LaserJockogra_: hmm11:17
ogra_the name ties it to the server CD somehow11:17
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LaserJockwe'll we should at least change the description11:17
ogra_and since the liveCD is fixed ...11:17
LaserJocksince you *can* use it on Ubuntu even11:18
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockwe should check deps though, it might be that it could be fine11:18
LaserJockbut it's just a .deb repo11:18
ogra_well, i'm pondering to let SCP die and pull italc in ...11:18
ogra_that would bring for example QT on the server CD11:18
ogra_(no KDE though)11:19
ogra_which then will be missing on the addon CD11:19
ogra_and not be available on xu or ubuntu11:19
ogra_might get users unexpected results ...11:20
ogra_so we shouldnt point them to try actually11:20
ogra_apt-cache show italc-master italc-client11:20
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
ogra_sbalneav, ^^^11:21
ogra_its looking a bit scary on first sight though11:22
LaserJockwell, it seems like quite a few people use it11:22
ogra_but it doesnt go well with ldm connections yet11:23
ogra_that needs a hand11:23
ogra_and i'm not convince by the security model11:23
LaserJockit would be nice to be able to have like "we are officially going to make this our default, but here it is"11:23
LaserJockI guess that could be an edubuntu-universe package or something11:23
ogra_i played a lot with it when we visited the guadalinex driven school in sevilla11:24
ogra_and it was pretty easy to circumvent the client11:24
ogra_that will need some deep thought first11:24
ogra_i'll put it on the UDS agenda11:24
sbalneavI'm heading home.11:25
ogra_as nice and small as SCP is, i dont have the time to constantly maintain it and since pete just dropped develpment without and word nobody picked it up11:25
LaserJocksbalneav: just a sec11:26
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LaserJocksbalneav: I was going to ask if it was worth me uploading a new edubuntu-docs package today11:26
sbalneavLets hold off on that.11:26
ogra_LaserJock, looks like we might skip tribe611:26
sbalneavThat way, I can post my mailing to the list, and get people using that.11:27
ogra_if so, there is no hurry11:27
LaserJockogra_: how so?11:27
LaserJocksbalneav: no problemo11:27
ogra_we asked for it ...11:27
sbalneavedubuntu will skip tribe 6, or Ubuntu in general will skip 6?11:27
ogra_LaserJock, i cant keep up with bugfixing if i build CDs all the time11:27
ogra_sbalneav, not clear yet11:27
ogra_but there was a meeting where the topic came up, will be a mail discussion soon11:28
ogra_(on -devel i guess)11:28
sbalneavkeep me posted.11:28
LaserJockhmm, so should I still send a Fix-it-Friday mail?11:28
sbalneavOK, heading out.11:28
ogra_i'm all for skipping :)11:28
LaserJockI think we should still do it11:28
ogra_yeah, in any case11:28
sbalneavbe on later.11:28
sbalneav+1 for still having FIF11:28
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