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Admiral_Chicagobeuno: we are now friends :)07:41
beunoAdmiral_Chicago, yay!  :D07:42
beunoI got sucked into the whole facebook thing after all...07:42
beunowomen are very convicing...  :/07:42
=== popey also has this affliction
Admiral_Chicagoi'm in college thats how we communicate things07:46
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beunoyeah, it seems to be very popular, I missed hooking up with someone I know because, and these are her words, "you don't follow my facebook"07:46
popeyget with the programme beuno ! :)07:47
beunoheheh, it seems I just did07:47
beunoI was a bit scared of it importing all my email addresses07:47
beunobut it hasn't been taken over yet, so...07:48
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