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asaccwong1: for me it works and the throbber is in toolbar01:15
Jazzvaasac: The valign property of an element is not working in FF, right? I've been trying to align the label with the icon in Ubufox, but to no avail...01:16
asacJazzva: it doesn't always work01:16
asacJazzva: depends on the block element its in01:16
asacand whether its expanded, et al01:16
JazzvaHmm, well, it was in table01:16
asacsometimes adding a spacer with flex="1" helps01:16
asace.g. set flex of element to 0 and two spacers around with flex="1"01:17
Jazzvaasac: Hmm... ok. I'll google up to see what's a spacer :). Thanks.01:17
asacsearch spacer xul MDC01:17
asacthat will pop up the right page i guess01:17
Jazzvaasac: K :)01:17
asacUbulette: actually i think we can drop a bunch of configure switches now01:32
asacUbulette: only thing that was a bit wierd was the it ff didn't detect that xulrunner uses system-nspr/nss so you still have to set that01:32
Ubulettei'll clean up tomorrow01:33
asacno need to hurry ... i can do that as well01:33
asacactually i think that in case we cannot ship nss/nspr trunk in gutsy ... we could also build with in source nss/nspr01:33
asacdepending on how exited people are to test the new xulrunner of course01:34
asacUbulette: is there anything left that depends on xulrunner atm instead of firefox in the archive?01:35
asacif not we could replace the 1.8 xulrunner i guess01:35
Ubulettesun-java[56] -plugin01:35
asacok ... thats not a problem01:36
asacaeh maybe not :)01:36
asacdoes it work to install plugins into xulrunner and they just appear in ffox as well?01:36
asacdoes the global firefox plugins directory still work as well ;) ?01:36
Ubulettelibopenvrml5-dev and libghc6-mozembed-dev depend on libxul-dev01:37
asacwhats that?01:37
asacand on libxul0 ? or xulrunner directly?01:37
Ubulettelol, donno01:37
asacwhat is ghc ;)01:37
asacwow haskell01:37
asacpretty important i guess ;)01:38
asaccwong1: could you take a peek?01:38
Ubulettelibxul0d Reverse Depends: xulrunner-gnome-support xulrunner videolink python-xpcom mobile-basic-flash libxul0d-dbg libxul-dev libxul-dev libxul-common libmozillainterfaces-java libgtk-mozembed-ruby1.8 libghc6-mozembed-dev kazehakase hunspell-de-de hunspell-de-ch hunspell-de-at01:38
asacyeah mobile-basic-flash is a pita somehow01:38
asacnow that i have a working mobile test setup i might try to go for it though01:39
asackazehakase ... well maybe build it against 1.9 :)01:39
asacor firefox01:39
asacwhatever is more straigt forward01:39
asachunspell? depends on libxul ?01:39
asacthat sounds like it should be the other way around01:39
cwong1asac: sorry, was away.  what do you what me to peek at? I just try the browser and it appears to work but it takes a long time to come up on first try.01:41
cwong1asac: It open 2 tabs on 1st start, one points to mozilla.org and the other points to moblin.org01:42
asaccwong1: yes for slow startup ... its the proxy ... we already talked about that ... the two tabs are on initial start its called milestone release ... it should point to a page with information about the latest version ... or just an info page that they are now using a new version of midbrowser01:44
asaccwong1: search in about:config for milestone01:44
asacthose are the three01:45
asacwelcome url is opened on very first start (e.g. fresh profile)01:45
asacoverride url is opened on upgrade01:46
asacand startup homepage is opened always01:46
cwong1we don't really want to point them to www.mozilla.org, do we? :)01:47
asacfeel free to fix things today :) ... tomorrow i will merge down and if all works well, will release01:52
asaccwong1: ^^01:52
cwong1sounds ok01:53
Ubuletteasac, wawww, less than 2 minutes to build trunk using fresh bzr bd --merge01:54
asacUbulette: yuhuu :)01:54
asacwe should definitly strip the orig down01:55
asacshould be more like 500k ;)01:55
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- 1 bbot bbot  1170516 Aug 29 23:53 firefox-trunk_3.0a8pre~cvs20070829-0ubuntu1_i386.deb01:56
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- 1 bbot bbot 33704740 Aug 29 23:51 firefox-trunk_3.0a8pre~cvs20070829.orig.tar.gz01:56
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- 1 bbot bbot 10021716 Aug 26 11:35 firefox-trunk_3.0a8pre~cvs20070825-0ubuntu1_i386.deb01:57
asacyou see which dirs are touched?01:58
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asacUbulette: at best we would provide a client.mk fix02:00
asacso make -f client.mk checkout MOZ_WITH_XUL_SDK=102:01
asacomits the xulrunner dirs02:01
Ubulettebrowser, is xulrunner minus xulrunner/* but plus browser/* other-licenses/7zstub/firefox/7zSD.sfx other-licenses/branding/firefox/*02:02
asacso make -f client.mk checkout MOZ_WITHOUT_RUNNER=102:02
asacUbulette: no ... toolkit is in xulrunner as well02:02
asacwe don't need that02:03
Ubulettei know02:03
asacand there is probably much more02:03
Ubulettei said "browser" as in current client.mk02:03
asacimo its more like build config browser *02:04
asacand other-licenses02:04
asacwhatelse is really build?02:04
asacextensions/ maybe02:04
Jazzvaasac: May I answer on some ubufox questions on ubuntuforums.org? ('cause you said to tony not to blog about it for now)... BTW, I still haven't managed to fix that label-not-aligned-correctly glitch...03:07
asacJazzva: as long as its just technical discussion thats fine ... however be careful with political statements ... or summarizing purpose and all this kind of stuff :)03:08
asacJazzva: what is the alignment problem?03:09
asacmaybe a dedicated row for icon + label?03:09
JazzvaHmm... well, it will be something along the "the plugin-finder doesn't work currently on feisty" ;)03:10
asacit doesn't?03:10
asacwell it pops-up entries that might not exist :)03:10
asacbut it should work ;) ... well apturl ok.03:10
JazzvaWell, it doesn't... the plugin-finder calls gnome-app-install with --xul-extensions, which is not supported on Feisty afaik...03:10
asacah no thats the extension link03:11
asacthe plugin finder just needs apturl03:11
asacbut thats not in feisty either ;)03:11
Jazzvaasac: Ubufox... Well, I tried with similar approach: row which contains radio and hbox. hbox contains icon and label...03:11
Jazzvaasac: lol03:11
asacJazzva: you can set an icon for a label03:11
asaci don't think you need two elements for that03:11
asaclook in xul ref03:11
asacyou want to align to the left?03:12
JazzvaHmm... didn't see that one... Maybe I didn't look good enough.03:12
JazzvaRight... to the left.03:12
asacthen add label to hbox and spacer with flex="1" on the right03:12
asacthen place the spacer before it03:13
asacif you want right to left03:13
asacno idea if that works03:13
asacbut maybe03:13
JazzvaAnd it will align it verticaly too? (doesn't sound like it will, but I'm still new at this)03:13
asacJazzva: a good thing is to set a border for the hbox and table cells et al03:13
asacso you can better see which element causes the issues03:13
JazzvaHmm, right... I will.03:14
asacits often that the above element is not properly stretched03:14
asacso you cannot align03:14
asacbecause your element completely fills existing parent space03:14
asacet al03:14
JazzvaOk, I'll take a look at that03:14
asachbox probably needs a flex or/and fill?03:14
asacor something like that03:14
asacthere are attributes ... look xul mdc03:15
JazzvaAnd do you know if I can remove that empty selection in front of radio?03:15
asacno idea what that is03:15
JazzvaI'll show you a screenshot03:15
JazzvaIt's from the empty label of radio...03:16
asacJazzva: yes the idea was to place the icons on the right03:16
asacit should look better anyway03:16
asacand use the label of radio as real label03:16
JazzvaThough, I'm trying with the approach to select the whole table onclick...03:16
tonyyarussoOooh, that switcher is cool03:17
JazzvaTo place icons on the right :)? I thought you wanted me to put the icons in front of the label... :)03:17
asactonyyarusso: try to isntall a plugin in gutsy and you should see something similar03:17
asacJazzva: no the idea was like before ... but with icons aligned on the right03:17
tonyyarussoasac: not running gutsy yet, but very nice03:18
asacJazzva: or before the radios03:18
asacbut i think that adding them at the end is better03:18
asacits just a hint from where they are distributed ... shouldn't be the first impression, especially since all ubuntu ones have the same03:18
JazzvaWell, between those two I would chose the "right align" version03:19
JazzvaWell... it should be easier now :)...03:19
asacyeah its always easier03:19
asacand things will get better/cleaner when redoing a prototype for production ;)03:19
JazzvaGood, old Murphy... Never wrong :)...03:19
asacactually all this is really bad03:20
asacwe should use real datasources for this03:20
asacassembling xul in javascript is just painful03:20
asacthe alternative - rdf datasources - might be better03:20
asacwith that you can at least type your xul elements in xml :)03:21
Jazzvaasac: I suppose...03:21
asacbut for now thats too much03:21
Jazzvaasac: Though I kinda like the similar syntax :)...03:21
asacit would need a rewrite of the datasource03:21
asacyes ... the current js file is called datasource ... though it is not a datasource in terms of xul :)03:23
asacso we would have to make a real rdf datasource out of it03:23
=== Jazzva knows nothign about that for now :)...
asacyeah ... takes some time :)03:24
asacits all on mdc though ;)03:24
JazzvaCool :)03:24
JazzvaI guess it won't be too hard then...03:24
JazzvaIf all the info is on one/two place/s03:24
asacwell rdf can be a beast ;)03:24
asacyeah thats true03:25
asacok night03:25
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gnomefreakis anyone using reply-to-list.xpi with tbird 2.0 and have it working?09:16
Ubulettenot me09:18
=== gnomefreak making new tarball but i doubt that is the issue TBO
gnomefreakiceape patching issues09:35
Ubulettegnomefreak, need help ?09:36
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gnomefreaknot sure im trying something new first09:36
Ubulettelet me know09:36
=== gnomefreak just doesnt understand why it was failing lets see if it fails this time or not
gnomefreakmaybe i dont need to run patch -p1 < bleh09:43
gnomefreaksomething is wrong here. Ubulette you still around?09:50
gnomefreakgnomefreak@GutsyGibbon:/tmp/dpep-work.Yn2155/ubuntu-1.1.x$ patch -p1 < /home/gnomefreak/force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.309:51
gnomefreakpatching file configure.in09:51
gnomefreakReversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n] 09:51
gnomefreaki shouldnt be getting that Reversed prompt should i?09:51
gnomefreakwtf am i than :(09:51
gnomefreakall i did was edit the damn file09:51
gnomefreaksaved and ran patch command inside dpatch edit09:52
gnomefreakasac: i started from scratch again this time new tarball and everything im still getting reversed prompt09:52
Ubulettegnomefreak, do you mean you applied it by mistake and want to reverse now so that you can let the build system work again ?09:52
gnomefreakonly thing i can think of is that i dont use firefox patch from patch command09:52
gnomefreakUbulette: no i applied it as needed than run patch command and it gives me that09:53
gnomefreaki even used nano just incase gedit was screwing up09:53
gnomefreakremove 2 lines add one its not that hard09:54
Ubulette"i applied it" then "run patch" means it's already there so patch complains09:54
asacgnomefreak: it should all be in error message09:54
asaci cannot really tell more except doing it on my own :/09:54
gnomefreakwhat error message?09:54
gnomefreakim not getting error09:54
asacno idea ... whatever it complains about09:55
asacif the patch is reversed, then you maybe applied it to orig tarball accidentially?09:55
gnomefreaki change file from edit shell and than run the patch command to apply it and it gives me reversed prompt09:55
Ubulettepaste the full patching logs (when dpatch run)09:55
asacbut pleaes from clean state09:55
asace.g the time it fails the first time09:55
gnomefreaki did including clean tarball09:55
asacafter starting from scratch09:55
asacyeah provide the initial error log together with what you typed :)09:56
gnomefreakused source tarball to make the new tarball09:56
asacok i am in meeting now09:56
asacbe back in one hour09:57
gnomefreakagain no error09:57
gnomefreakwhat im doing is http://pastebin.mozilla.org/19113009:58
gnomefreakand here is the .rej file http://pastebin.mozilla.org/19113109:59
gnomefreakoh shit should i be running the patch command inside the edit shell or after saving the shell10:00
gnomefreakcause what im thinking is inside dpatch-edit shell i modify the configure.in well running patch -p1 is going to apply the /path/to/patch but i already did it for the edit shell maybe i should run patch command after saving edit shell?10:03
Ubulettewhy do you want to apply it after, as you did it inside10:04
Ubuletteinside the shell, you can modify configure.in either manually or using patch from an existing patch somewhere, the exit the shell and dpatch will create/update the dpatch file *and* keep the files patched10:06
gnomefreakbecause i was told to edit configure.in from dpatch shell than run patch -p1 < command10:07
gnomefreakso should i do one or the other not both?10:08
Ubulettejust do the 2nd inside the 1st10:09
gnomefreakso run patch command from inside edit shell10:10
Ubuletteif you have the patch already, yes10:11
Ubuletteotherwise, edit manually10:11
Ubuletteas long as you do either (not both) inside the dpatch shell10:11
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Bernardohi asac10:14
Ubulettegnomefreak, does it work now ?10:15
gnomefreakUbulette: waiting for shell to open10:16
Ubuletteyou should move to quilt ;)10:17
gnomefreakexit 0 to save right?10:18
gnomefreakor ctrl+d10:18
Ubulettejust exit10:18
gnomefreakits taking its time so i would think its saving10:20
gnomefreaknext i have to run autoconf from edit shell than im done i hoe10:20
Ubulettedon't you have a rule inside debian/rules to do that for you ? the 99_configure thing ?10:21
gnomefreaki have to update the 99_configure.dpatch10:22
gnomefreakafaik no i dont have it in rules10:22
Ubulettemaybe you can borrow that from http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-mozilla/nspr/trunk/debian/rules?op=file&rev=0&sc=010:26
Ubuletteneed to be adapted of course10:27
gnomefreakill look at it tonight i am just gonna be happy to have this finished10:27
gnomefreakdpatch didnt add it to 00list10:32
gnomefreaki have to add that patch over again to bzr iirc10:37
Ubuletteit only does so if you run dpatch-edit-patch with 2 arguments10:37
gnomefreakto get updated patch in bzr10:38
gnomefreaki did run it with 2 args so it would add to 00list10:38
Ubulette(i meant updating 00list)10:38
gnomefreakif thats the worst that happens from this point on im happy10:39
gnomefreakok i think i got this behind me lets see what build says10:49
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gnomefreakasac: it built here no problems im pushing atm.11:05
asacgnomefreak: thanks! well done :)11:12
gnomefreakasac: ok when your here again iceape is fixed AFAIK11:12
gnomefreakits pushed to https://code.launchpad.net/~gnomefreak/iceape/ubuntu-1.1.x11:12
=== gnomefreak wont ever forget dpatch now
asacfrom changelog it looks good11:13
gnomefreaki build source here worked fine but im not using that arch11:13
asacthough i prefer to keep 99_confiugre changes in a separate checkin as it just bloats the diff11:13
asacbut thats ok11:13
asacwill upload tomorrow11:13
gnomefreakoh i was keeping patches together11:14
gnomefreakasac: btw we need to patch tbird or build our own reply-to-list.xpi cause it still fails to work properly. latest version of reply-to-list is 2.0 and fails with tbird and up iirc it was
gnomefreaksomewhere i read it worked with debians tbird and suses but it used to work with ours too at one time11:22
Ubuletteasac, ff3 now fails to build in a clean chroot env.11:25
asacgnomefreak: do we still have the reply-to-list patch?11:38
asacmaybe we dropped it accidentially?11:38
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asacUbulette: how comes?11:40
asacyou mean with system xul? or without?11:40
Ubulettemake[4] : Leaving directory `/src/buildbot/firefox-trunk-3.0a8pre+cvs20070830t1153+bbot/build-tree/mozilla'11:40
Ubulettemake[4] : Entering directory `/src/buildbot/firefox-trunk-3.0a8pre+cvs20070830t1153+bbot/build-tree/mozilla/extensions'11:40
Ubulettemake[5] : Entering directory `/src/buildbot/firefox-trunk-3.0a8pre+cvs20070830t1153+bbot/build-tree/mozilla/extensions/xml-rpc'11:40
Ubulettemake[6] : Entering directory `/src/buildbot/firefox-trunk-3.0a8pre+cvs20070830t1153+bbot/build-tree/mozilla/extensions/xml-rpc/idl'11:40
UbuletteCreating .deps11:40
UbuletteCreating ../../../dist/include/xml-rpc11:40
UbuletteCreating ../../../dist/idl11:41
Ubulettemake[6] : *** No rule to make target `_xpidlgen/nsIDictionary.h', needed by `export'.  Stop.11:41
asacUbulette: probably temporary11:41
asacwhere is nsIDictionary.idl?11:41
Ubulettecurrent dir11:41
Ubuletteyesterday, i had:11:41
UbuletteCreating .deps11:42
UbuletteCreating ../../../dist/include/xml-rpc11:42
UbuletteCreating ../../../dist/idl11:42
UbuletteCreating _xpidlgen/.done11:42
Ubulette/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9a8pre/bin/xpidl -m header -w -I. -I../../../dist/idl -I/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9a8pre/idl -o _xpidlgen/nsIDictionary nsIDictionary.idl11:42
Ubuletteinstalling xulrunner-1.9 fixed it11:44
Ubulettethat's bad11:44
Ubulettehmm, maybe not11:45
Ubuletteasac, what do you think ?11:45
Ubulettebuild dep with both xul and xul-dev...11:45
asaci have no idea ... is the .idl file in that dir?11:59
asacah xpidl is not in firefox source11:59
asacso maybe you need it from xulrunner-dev11:59
Ubuletteno, it's in -dev12:00
Ubulettebut something else from config/rules.mk thinks xulrunner (no -dev) is needed too12:01
Ubulettethat's wrong. xul-dev mush depend on xul, right ?12:02
gnomefreakasac: if your gonna be around for ~20 minutes ill let you know if we dropped it12:03
asacUbulette: yes it should depend on it12:04
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Ubuletteapparently, it doesn't12:04
asacUbulette: unfortunately because the xul libs are not properly sonamed its not automatically12:04
asacUbulette: you have to do i manually12:04
asacUbulette: there is nothing that will automatically find the right depend12:04
asacol Jazzva12:04
Jazzvaola :)...12:04
Jazzvaasac: How can I stretch something to the width of vbox? Flex will stretch it vertically... I've tried by putting an hbox inside and similar combinations, but nothing works :/12:07
gnomefreakasac: we didnt drop it from what i can see12:11
gnomefreakwe didnt12:12
Ubuletteasac, damn, http://pastebin.mozilla.org/19119312:12
asacJazzva: hmm ... have you tried to use css12:13
asaci found that with css you can get things like alignment etc that you won't get through normal xul attribute12:13
JazzvaHmm... thanks for reminding me... I thought of that (min-width) when I was outside, but forgot when I came back :)12:13
asacJazzva: at best don't use any layout hints in attributes ... do all in css styles12:14
JazzvaHmm... Ok.12:14
asacJazzva: add borders ... did you do that?12:14
asacso you can see what is not stretched and what is12:14
JazzvaTried to add it to the table, but they didn't appear :/...12:14
asacborder: solid 1pt12:15
asacin style="border: solid 1pt;"12:15
asaci think12:15
asacbut i am not sure12:15
JazzvaOk, I'll google it...12:15
asacusing css should work12:15
asacbut i put it just in style="..." and it worked a bunch of time12:15
asacjust look for how to specify border through css style of block elements12:15
JazzvaThat's what I saw today...12:16
asacyeah ... its important that you say type=solid12:16
asacotherwise it will be type=none:)12:16
asacand nothing will appear12:16
JazzvaOh... that's why it didn't appear :)12:16
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Ubuletteasac ?12:30
Ubuletteasac, i'm having a problem with dbgsym now12:50
Ubulettewell, dropping -dbg from control helped01:04

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