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fleabithello? How do I get mic on ubuntu??02:29
jribfleabit: #ubuntu for support02:30
fleabitoh ok ty!02:30
gnomefreaknalioth: are you around?02:45
=== gnomefreak going to bed ill ping you tomorrow with my question
naliothgnomefreak: 02:50
nalioth5 whole minutes . .02:50
gnomefreaksorry this person is pissing me off and i cant figure out how to find out who it is by just an ubunut.com address02:51
tonyyarussognomefreak: The userid is the same as their LP id, which presumably lists their regular e-mail and a wiki page02:53
gnomefreaktonyyarusso: i cant find his LP page02:54
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ubotuRAOF called the ops in #ubuntu-effects03:16
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Tm_Toh noes, ubotu died03:57
jdongmuahaha /nick ubotu!03:58
jdongwhy would I want to be a bot? I don't know.03:58
naliothwhen ubotu comes back, just +q ubot303:58
Tm_Tubotu is online04:01
jdongreally? how can you tell?04:01
=== jdong ducks
Tm_Tjdong: lets say female instinct04:02
jdongTm_T: it's just too bad that doesn't work for you folk driving....04:02
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File13hi i think i cant connect to #ubuntu and i was wondering if i was banned or something 05:55
naliothFile13: how did you figure you're banned?05:55
File13im guessing because i was frustrated about something and said a remark along the lines of "ubuntu can be kinda gay sometimes" 05:56
File13and since then i havent been able to connect05:56
=== tonyyarusso looks in
tonyyarussoThat was probably me.05:56
tonyyarussoFile13: Do you understand why that would be a bad thing, or do we need to explain it to you?05:57
File13why what would be a bad thing? saying ubuntu was gay?05:57
File13i know it maybe wasnt the most appropriate thing05:58
File13but i didnt think id get banned for something that was meant to be harmless05:58
tonyyarussoThat's the problem - you think it's harmless.  It's not.05:58
File13i think somehow a ban was a bit much perhaps a warning would have been better before a ban05:58
File13but i retract the statement and will save the choice language for other irc's05:59
tonyyarussoBy making flippant comments like that, you are directly offending 10% of the planet, and indirectly far more.  Your behavior in all Ubuntu-related media is expected to follow the Code of Conduct and common sense.05:59
tonyyarussoPlease /msg ubotu etiquette for a primer on conduct for the channel before returning.05:59
tonyyarussoYour warning is the fact that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage is listed in the #ubuntu channel topic, and includes a link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines.06:00
tonyyarussoYou ARE expected to read channel topics upon entry, and comply with them.06:00
File13im sorry to disagree but i hardly thing me making the comment offends 10% of the population and even that of the homosexual community probably wouldnt take it personally at the comment i made.06:01
tonyyarussoWell, the "homosexual community" is 10% alone.  Not to mention their family and friends.06:01
File13ok well i apologize for the comment06:02
tonyyarussoRegardless, you will have 24 hours to think about it and do your background reading, and refrain from such behavior in the future.06:02
File13so what do i have to do to regain access06:02
tonyyarusso^^, then you will.06:02
mneptokFile13: most GLBT folks i know wouldn't take offense if i said it, because they know me. on the internet? allowing it opens a floodgate of unthoughtful speech. profanity, adjectives with negative connotations, all of it will degrade into adolescent idiocy if allowed to germinate.06:08
mneptokso, it's partially about not being offensive, mostly about trying to keep things sane.06:09
ubotuIn #ubuntu, z0rz said: ubotu isn't the same bot that was in here earlier .. is it?06:09
mneptoknome sane?06:09
File13in all due respect no "floodgate" opened after me saying that comment. no one responded and i was instantly banned without a warning, i do believe i should have at least been notified of it before it just happened.06:11
File13when did the ban start so i know when it will be lifted06:17
File13then ill leave you alone to do whatever it is you do06:18
tonyyarussoFile13: https://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/bans.cgi?query=*%21*%40adsl-65-65-223-114.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net&kicks=on&oldbans=on&bans=on&oldmutes=on&mutes=on06:19
File13i get banned for a homosexual comment and this gets by? "2007-08-30T04:26:59 <cosmodad> adrian_: apparently, it's some evilish ad-aware packer. Get your warez 'n porn from a decent site ;)"06:24
File13im sure pornography is against the regulations as well06:25
mneptokFile13: we catch what we can. you are banned for 24 hours.06:43
File13haha sweet.06:44
File13well thanks for dealing with it in such a professional manner! nice to know i have guys like you protecting me from undesirables on these here interwebs!06:45
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mneptoklike whiny children.06:49
tonyyarussoReasonably cooperative children at least though.  /me thinks that went relatively well, comparatively07:00
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ubotud4rkmonkey called the ops in #ubuntu09:30
ubotunickrud_ called the ops in #ubuntu09:30
ubotuIn ubotu, kefka said: !ntfs is !ntfs-3g09:36
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=== Topic for #ubuntu-ops: Welcome to the home of the operators of all Ubuntu (and derivatives) channels | This channel is for operator/abuse questions only | Support in #ubuntu, #kubuntu etc... | IRC team info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam | The IRC council reserves the right to remove idlers from the channel
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(PriceChild/#ubuntu-ops) *waves*07:00
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=== Gary waves back
naliothPriceChild is waving at the world via ubuntulog 07:03
naliothwhy would he wave at you, Gary ?07:03
=== nalioth runs
PriceChildhehe :)07:04
Gary'cos he knows I am so cute07:04
csc`lol ubuntulog07:04
=== csc` waves to the log
PriceChildHello csc`! Is there anything I can help you with?07:06
csc`im sitting here until i disconnect because im too lazy to part :s07:06
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ubotuCoasterMaster called the ops in #ubuntu07:33
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bbrazilXavier_ just link spammed #ubuntu11:25
gnomefreaksorry just looked looks like hes gone 11:32
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ubotuIn ubotu, RAOF said: nouveau is <reply>Nouveau is an experimental open-source nVidia driver, aiming for full 3d support.  Homepage at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/ - EXPERIMENTAL packages at https://launchpad.net/~raof/+archive12:46

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