halcyonCorsairajmitch: Depends: libdns21 (= 1:9.3.2-2ubuntu1.3) but 1:9.3.2-2ubuntu1.4 is to be installed12:27
halcyonCorsairthere are about four of those messages12:27
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ajmitchthat's usually security or updates12:30
halcyonCorsairajmitch: no, its the original version of the package vs. the one that i built, i'm downgrading by specifying each one to be the older version...12:31
ajmitchdid you bump the version to 1:9.3.2-2ubuntu1.4?12:31
keescookhalcyonCorsair: yeah, that's what I've done in the past.  used "apt-cache madison PKG" to figure out the prior version, and then specified each on on the apt-get install line12:31
ajmitchapt won't automatically downgrade12:32
ajmitchhello keescook12:32
keescookhiya ajmitch!12:32
keescookhow goes it?12:32
ajmitchgood, how are you?12:32
keescookgood, wading through a kernel update.  :)12:33
ajmitchI see that we finally have a name for 8.0412:33
keescookYeah, I was curious if "H" was going to be reused12:33
keescookI wonder why "C" was skipped.12:33
ajmitchbut noone remembers hoary now :)12:33
halcyonCorsairi guess those voting for "Hungry Hippo" lost out in the end :)12:33
keescookthat would have rocked.12:34
ajmitchhow's the search for a security guy going?12:34
keescookajmitch: good, I think we're almost done.12:35
ajmitchthat's great12:35
ajmitchI won't bother applying then :)12:36
halcyonCorsairhmm....how do i remove my custom packages to make sure they don't interfere with anything anymore?12:37
ajmitchI thought you just did that?12:37
halcyonCorsairi downgraded them to the original version yeah...so if i do a apt-get upgrade, they're not gonna come up to haunt me?12:39
halcyonCorsair ah...it seems they won't, way cool12:40
ajmitchno, since they're not in an apt repository in your sources.list12:41
ajmitchso apt forgets all about them12:41
halcyonCorsairlearn something new every day...12:43
keescookajmitch: you keep a table of high/med/low changes between debian unstable and ubuntu, is that right?12:47
ajmitchkeescook: rc bugs fixed in debian that aren't in ubuntu12:47
osmosiscan anyone recommend a small boxen...something like a mac mini, but with hardware that doesn't fail.12:47
keescookI just got burned by an update in debian that was prior to Etch, but after Feisty.  (i.e. fixed in gutsy)12:47
ajmitchkeescook: django.ajmitch.net.nz/rcbugs12:47
keescookajmitch: and that's just gutsy, right?12:48
ajmitchyeah, just gutsy right now12:48
ajmitchyou want it for multiple distros?12:48
keescookajmitch: yeah, but I'm trying to figure out how to specify what I'm looking for.12:49
keescookbecause it's "changes between a stable release of ubuntu's version and the following stable release of debian"...12:49
keescookanyway, might not be needed, I guess.  A CVE should have been assigned for this bug.12:50
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halcyonCorsairhow can i get apt-get to install config files over the top?12:57
ajmitchoverwrite existing config files?12:58
ajmitchkeescook: if there's something I can help with, just ask - I've got a mirror of debian's BTS which I rsync12:59
keescookajmitch: okay, I'll ponder it.  :)12:59
ajmitchhalcyonCorsair: it's generally not a good thing - you can purge & reinstall if you really need it12:59
ajmitchor remove the config file & reinstall with apt-get -o DPkg::Options::="--force-confmiss"01:00
halcyonCorsairmmm, yeah i did the purge and reinstall...although it kinda felt like i was taking to it with a hatchet01:01
keescookajmitch: any chance I could convince you to add a tiny column to your rcbugs output for main/restricted/universe/multiverse?  like maybe a single character: m, r, u, v ?01:08
ajmitchkeescook: yeah, though this list is only for universe right now :)01:08
ajmitchI'll have to change some code around, should only be a few lines01:09
keescookoh! heh. then can I convince you to add main?  :)01:09
ajmitchit needs burnt down & rewritten anyway01:09
ajmitchit's seriously crap code that I can hardly understand01:10
ajmitchmust have been some late nights there01:10
halcyonCorsairhey, can anyone tell me why my feisty server doesn't have colours when I ssh in? (i don't think it had colours with local logon either)01:38
=== dho_ragus [n=dho_ragu@] has joined #ubuntu-server
halcyonCorsairi mean, .bashrc says it'll be fancy and colourful if it detects xterm-color, but dapper seems to ignore that and be colourful anyway....01:47
halcyonCorsairwhy not feisty?01:47
halcyonCorsairhmm...ok, its not that part...its the ls alias somehow...01:50
halcyonCorsairnot, thats wrong01:50
halcyonCorsairvims not displaying colours...thats whats wrong01:52
=== pschulz01 [n=pschulz0@ubuntu/member/pschulz01] has joined #ubuntu-server
halcyonCorsair*sigh* i'm talking to myself here...01:55
ajmitchhalcyonCorsair: ls displays colour, vim doesn't?01:57
ajmitchif so, there were changes from vim 6 to 7, check /etc/vim/vimrc01:57
halcyonCorsairyes....it seems feisty comes fully loaded with vim-tiny which could be the problem...01:58
ajmitchthat was done for a reason, of course :)01:58
ajmitchdisk space for the desktop cd01:59
Kamping_Kaiserbleh @ the excuse01:59
ajmitchI presume that noone cared enough to reseed the full vim for the server02:00
ajmitchKamping_Kaiser: you'll live02:00
halcyonCorsairbest way to get vim in colour would be to update to full blown vim, or try and readd colour conf to /etc/vim/vimrc?02:00
Kamping_Kaiserajmitch, potentially02:00
ajmitchok, lunchtime, back later02:00
Kamping_Kaiseryou nead real vim to get colouring02:01
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osmosiscan anyone tell my why feisty has different xen packages for desktop and server ?02:16
osmosiswhat is PAE ?02:19
halcyonCorsairKamping_Kaiser: what do i need for real vim to start colorizing?02:19
Kamping_KaiserhalcyonCorsair, a ~/.vimrc or /etc/vim/vimrc02:22
=== nandemonai [n=nandemon@ppp121-45-57-227.lns11.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
halcyonCorsaircrap....so i'm gonna have to do "THAT"!02:23
=== dho_ragus [n=dho_ragu@] has joined #ubuntu-server
halcyonCorsairi know nothing about configuring vimrc02:27
halcyonCorsairoh....that was easy...hehe!@02:30
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CharlieSuDoes anyone know of a linux program that is basically like WinSCP that uses an ncurses interface?02:41
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sommerhey all is it bad form to compare PEAR to CPAN and RubyGems?02:59
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pschulz01halcyonCorsair: Howdy..04:13
halcyonCorsairpschulz01: sup04:13
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: Did you find an answer to the 'files' problem?04:13
halcyonCorsairpschulz01: yes, two solutions, one that is totally evil, and one that is pretty good04:14
halcyonCorsairi still have to test them though04:14
halcyonCorsairpschulz01: soln1: alter /usr/include/linux/posix_types.h and /usr/include/bits/typesizes.h to set FD_SETSIZE to be larger than 1024 (EVIL!!!)04:15
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: Yup.04:15
halcyonCorsairsoln2: add a listen-to directive to named.conf.options for each physical interface, and then have iptables allow access to that address for dhcp04:16
ajmitch2) still sounds a bit painful04:16
halcyonCorsairajmitch: not really04:17
halcyonCorsairajmitch: can you envision anything less painful?04:17
pschulz01What does FD_SETSIZE do?04:17
pschulz01Is it just used as an option? can it be over written within named?04:18
ajmitchhalcyonCorsair: listening on 1 interface & relying solely on the networking stack to get the packets to the right place04:18
ajmitchwhich has its own problems04:19
halcyonCorsairajmitch: sure, I could do that, but my way means i have to modify fewer scripts :)04:19
ajmitchit depends whether bind needs to open a socket for every interface it explicitly listens on04:19
halcyonCorsairi think it does04:20
halcyonCorsaireither way, listening on 5 interfaces is a lot better than listening on 100004:20
ajmitchright, I was thinking that you meant  listening on every vlan interface04:21
ajmitchbut if you're listening on just 5, then it sounds much better04:22
halcyonCorsairno, just the PHYSICALL interfaces04:22
halcyonCorsairie. eth2 covers eth2.2 - eth2.254, etc04:22
ajmitchright, I missed that when reading it earlier04:22
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: Option3. hack bind04:23
halcyonCorsairwhen i first made the change, i forgot to listen on :) wondered why dns suddenly didn't work on the server04:23
ajmitchls -la04:23
ajmitch(ssh is very lagged)04:23
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: port/*/include/fd_setsize.h <-- from the CHANGES  file.. I'm looking now,04:23
ajmitchpschulz01: hacking bind or rebuilding should be the last option04:24
halcyonCorsairpschulz01: eh? not really....what our system was doing in the first place was kinda stupid04:24
ajmitchsince it means an unsupportable package04:24
pschulz01ajmitch: first step in the  'get stuff fixed' process -> ..create patch.. submit patch..04:25
ajmitchpschulz01: only if it's necessary04:25
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: I can't see the file in the bind source anyway for 'linux' so.. hmm..04:26
halcyonCorsairpschulz01: the files i modified aren't part of bind04:27
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: That is the main problem! :-)04:27
halcyonCorsairajmitch: what package is /usr/include/linux/posix_types.h from?04:27
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: You entire system is now unsupported.04:27
halcyonCorsairpschulz01: i'm not sure you understand the nature of what i'm talking about here...04:28
halcyonCorsaireither that, or your making a joke that i missed04:28
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: dpkg -S /usr/include/linux/posix_types.h04:28
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: (Just a little one)04:28
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: (joke.. that is)04:29
halcyonCorsairright :)04:29
pschulz01If bind is not able to do what you want it to do, then there are proably going to be other people in the same situation.. so rather than a work around, fixing it properly is probably a 'nice thing to do'.04:30
halcyonCorsairpschulz01: its not a problem that should be encountered if bind is configured in a more "correct" way04:32
pschulz01(Please correct me if I'm wrong ajmitch) Unless  FD_SETSIZE is a system limit, in which case there should be a kernel configuration parameter to change it. If it is problem with bind, then.. well.. that was where I was heading.04:33
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: Just rephasing your problem...04:34
=== computerman [n=chatzill@CPE-76-84-196-91.neb.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
pschulz01halcyonCorsair: You have a single 'bind' listening on lots of interfaces (1000+) and you want bind to open a socket to listen individually for each one?04:35
halcyonCorsairpschulz01: thats what the system was doing, however its not really very desirable behaviour when you think about it04:36
halcyonCorsairi just hadn't questioned the logic of what it was doing is all04:36
halcyonCorsairhow can i check the version of a running module?04:41
ajmitchhalcyonCorsair: kernel module?04:46
halcyonCorsairajmitch: yes, i've just installed an updated intel e1000 driver and want to check that the new one is running04:48
ajmitchhm, I think modinfo just tells you details of the one on disk04:48
ajmitchso dmesg or syslog will be your best bet04:48
halcyonCorsair*sigh* it didn't fix the problem....04:50
halcyonCorsairdamn HP for not supporting ubuntu04:51
halcyonCorsair....luckily i don't think its a showstopper04:51
ajmitchwhat's the problem with it?04:51
halcyonCorsaire1000: eth3: e1000_request_irq: Unable to allocate MSI interrupt Error: -2204:51
halcyonCorsairi guess i'll find out shortly though04:52
ajmitchdoes it cause issues, or just give an error?04:52
halcyonCorsairjust give an error so far, i'm about to start testing04:52
=== ph1zzle [n=r00t@c-66-176-173-71.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
ph1zzlehey guys, I am looking for a wan failover software or mechanism, basically designed for a machine with two nics, each hooked up to a seperate wan, and when one wan goes down, it fails over ti the other, any thoughts?04:59
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halcyonCorsairph1zzle: what sort of NICs? (not that it really matters, just curious)05:26
halcyonCorsairph1zzle: look up under your kernel source, look up Documentation/networking/bonding.txt and then the "Configuring Bonding for High Availability"05:28
ph1zzlesure, I actuall. just now found something easier, and I have been looking at this for a while05:33
ph1zzlebasically what was stated was define two default routes, each with the different network cards, if one route fails, the second will be used, there for if each nic is on a different wan05:34
halcyonCorsairoh true :) i was thinking more enterprisey :)05:35
=== `ph8 [i=henri@] has joined #ubuntu-server
ph1zzleand you have your primary link defined as the link on wan 1 and your secondary on wan 2 then when the router on wan 1 is no good, then wan 2 should suffice05:35
ph1zzleyeah, well at this point I just want a solution, lol05:35
ph1zzlethis office only contains 20 people, we have a adsl link that seems to fail constantly, and a spriny ev-do link as a backup and frankly... I just want it to work05:36
halcyonCorsairthat might be another option, i've never used it though05:41
=== ph1zzle looks and goes to bed in a min, cheers
ph1zzlehuh, that actually looks damned cool, thanks halcyonCorsair05:43
halcyonCorsairph1zzle: hope it works06:06
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nealmcbkraut: any idea where people get the idea of adding spaces before punctuation??08:16
krautbecause they want to annoy other people with it?08:16
nealmcbhmm - looks like it is the default in french punctuation - I wonder when that started and why.  not much info here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punctuation_in_French08:21
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radicallhi all07:29
radicallsomeone has been installed Sun Application Server on Ubuntu Server 6.06?07:32
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rakynet boot client set in bios to boot from network, but doesn't http://pastebin.com/d36396a38 this is my dhcpd.conf file09:36
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sommerraky: I've actually done a net boot, but don't you need to add an entry for your tftp server?09:44
rakyi'm following the hottoforge guide here http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_pxe_install_server09:45
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=== sommer checking
=== jbrouhard [n=jbrouhar@] has joined #ubuntu-server
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sommerraky: I think you need a next-server entry to point to your tftp server.  Check the last highlight box in the guide.09:47
osmosiswhat is the difference between xen i386 and xen PAE ?09:47
=== necrite_ [n=necrite@135-11.dedicado.com.uy] has joined #ubuntu-server
necrite_hi all09:48
necrite_i have too many "dummy internal connection" on my webserver09:48
necrite_any idea why apache make this connections?09:48
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osmosishow do I make a xen initrd ?10:25
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ajmitchgood morning10:52
=== raky [n=snook@24-197-132-105.dhcp.spbg.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
rakyi keep getting a message that eth0 subnet is not configured, here's the paste:  http://pastebin.com/d36396a3810:56
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sorenraky: Pointing out that it's a dhcp server config file might help..11:10
=== benlake [n=benlake@] has joined #ubuntu-server
sorenraky: What's the IP of your eth0 ?11:10
mralphabetsoren: took me a minute too11:10
sorenmralphabet: Well, it's pretty obvious when I actually clicked the link, but until then..11:11
ajmitchhello soren11:11
sorenajmitch: Hey, Andrew.11:12
=== ajmitch wonders when the person who's modified authtool will actually contact the author about it :)
=== mralphabet clicked the link and was expecting /etc/network/interfaces
raky169.254.4.178 / mralphabet11:12
sorenraky: Um... Which one is it?11:12
sorenraky: It can only have one.11:13
ajmitchsounds like a link-local address11:14
ajmitchie it's not been configured11:14
mralphabetraky: pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces11:14
ajmitchyou had a mention of eth0:avahi in the dhcp configuration?11:14
sorenraky: If you have an error about eth0 not begin configured properly, it often helps to provide information about said interface.11:15
rakythis is when configing dhpcd server11:15
=== Pyretic [n=typing@timor.zolder.org] has joined #ubuntu-server
raky/etc/network/interfaces http://pastebin.com/d3c0769e111:23
sorenraky: That config will not work.11:26
sorenraky: Your gateway needs to be on the same subnet as you.11:26
sorenOh, it says dhcp.11:26
sorenThat's a pretty strange interfaces file :)11:26
rakylol, i need to understand more, antoher person said the same thing  was wrong11:27
ajmitchI hope this isn't on the same box that you're running a dhcp server on?11:27
ajmitchthe dhcp server needs to have a configured interface (statically assigned IP address) to hand out leases11:28
ajmitchand you shouldn't assign 169.254 addresses :)11:29
mralphabetraky: normal dhcp client http://pastebin.com/m740da27411:48
mralphabetraky: are you expecting the DHCP server to assign the IP to its own interface?11:50
sorenajmitch: Strictly speaking, the dhcp server can get an address from dhcp. It's a bit strange, but doable.11:50
ajmitchsoren: from itself?11:50
sorenajmitch: No, from something else.11:51
sorenajmitch: ...which will only hand out and IP to that machine.11:51
sorenajmitch: It's probably not what he wants, but it's possible :)11:51
ajmitchright, but in the common case it's not done :)11:51
sorenIndeed :)11:52
ajmitchand assigning link-local addresses is still bad :)11:52
sorenIt doesn't get assigned as it's a dhcp interface.11:53
ajmitchsoren: no, but that was the apparant intent, at least11:58
sorenRight. I think we should stop trying to make sense of that interfaces file.11:58
=== ajmitch might actually work on some code this weekend
=== pschulz01 [n=pschulz0@ubuntu/member/pschulz01] has joined #ubuntu-server
ajmitchmaybe if I look at authtool I'll get an email from the soc student who made some changes :)12:02

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