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arthur-doko_: a new gdc svn snapshot should fix #439836, I'm testing it01:55
dokoarthur-: ok with me, maybe package it as svn-gdc-updates?01:57
arthur-doko: what do you mean?02:03
dokoarthur-: instead of having a new .orig.tar.gz, put the updates in a dpatch file02:04
arthur-damn too late :-)02:04
arthur-I'm going to see how big is the diff02:05
arthur-can't diff because of those @!# ends of line, have to get a new upstream tarball on sf.net02:06
arthur-(sid)arthur@doko:~$ diff -Naur d d.new | wc -l02:08
arthur-doko: ok for me, I'm going to make a new patch02:08
arthur-doko: is a version 0.24svn20070829-4.1.2 ok?02:08
dokoarthur-: as you like it02:10
arthur-d/.ChangeLog.swp  <<<  upstream author should quit vim with :wq, make diffs look nicer02:20
arthur-doko: sent you a mail with a svn diff, please hold on before checking it in, have a to test build first02:37
arthur-doko: don't check in at all, forgot to include changes list from the patch...02:42
arthur-dpkg-deb: building package `gdc-4.1' in `../gdc-4.1_0.24svn20070829-4.1.2-15_powerpc.deb'.03:41
arthur-doko: looks like the bug is fixed, no compiler ar assembler warning, but I can't check entirely since I don't know ppc asm at all =)03:45
arthur-doko: re-sent you a mail with the updated diff, you'll find a signed source package here: http://uploads.dunnewind.net/packages/gdc-4.1_0.24svn20070829-4.1.2-15/gdc-4.1_0.24svn20070829-4.1.2-15.dsc04:06
arthur-sleep time04:06
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lamont`doko: on an A500, current gutsy-stage0, no love.  Wanna send me the output of dpkg -l on your machine?08:06
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