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mvobryce: do you mind if I upload a new displayconfig-gtk soonish12:54
brycemvo, please do!12:54
brycemvo, yes I just asked glatzor about if we could do a new release yesterday12:54
bryceI've done an initial 'does it apply' test for all the fixes proposed for backporting:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Fixes_to_Backport01:03
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ubotuNew bug: #96943 in wine (universe) "wine doesn't work because of 3D driver (VIA) (dup-of: 43154)" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9694303:41
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ubotuNew bug: #135738 in xorg (main) "DisplaySize setting not honored" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13573805:00
tepsipakkiyay, pixman got accepted05:54
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brycetepsipakki: btw I've rolled a new xorg-server including the portion of patches that applied cleanly10:00
tepsipakkibryce: sweet, do you need a sponsor?-)10:01
bryceheh, need a tester first ;-)10:02
tepsipakkibah :)10:10
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tormodbryce, btw can you add the verbosity patch from bug fdo 10238?07:07
brycetormod, on brief look it looks sane enough.  What's it needed for specifically?07:09
tormodbryce, to see in the log if/why edid fails07:10
bryceyes I'll include it with the next set of patches.  I've added this to my todo list07:11
tormodbryce, maybe don't use the whole patch, but the pieces he proposes for inclusion.07:11
bryceok I'll review it in detail07:14
tormodbryce: running -12ubuntu3feisty now. vesa does not segfault anylonger. Still failed with the old xorg.conf, then removed sync ranges and then it started, although in wrong mode :)08:09
tormodis there any easy way to force vesa without having a xorg.conf?08:15
tepsipakkiit doesn't use that?08:16
brycetepsipakki: well the x autodetect would kick in if the xorg.conf is missing08:16
brycetormod, I don't know of a method to force it to use vesa other than with an xorg.conf08:17
tormodthis is a X700, which usually would use ati. I force vesa to reproduce the X1?00 problems.08:17
tepsipakkibryce: right, so it should use vesa08:17
tormodI'll just strip my xorg.conf, needs Device and a minimal Screen section.08:18
tepsipakkibtw, I cleaned up the -intel bugreports a bit yesterday.. some 10+ bugs closed08:19
tepsipakki-ati deserves the same08:19
bryceawesome :-)08:19
brycebtw, I've been gathering changelog info for recent uploads at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XorgRecentChanges to help with triaging08:19
bryceI'm planning once the xserver backports are done, and bulletproofx is turned on and working, to go through and do some major triaging08:20
tormodbummer - with a minimal xorg.conf it crashed again :(08:22
tepsipakkibtw, fedora has ati-6.7.19208:22
tepsipakkitormod: but possibly for another reason08:22
bryceis fedora running it straight or do they include any patches?08:22
tormodtepsipakki: looks the same in the log, but I'll do some gdb08:23
tepsipakkireleases are coming so quickly08:23
tepsipakkihum, should bug 54650 be closed now?08:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 54650 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "GCC SSP breaks xorg-server" [High,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5465008:29
tepsipakkisince the current xserver doesn't disable ssp anymore08:29
brycetepsipakki: yeah sounds like08:29
brycetepsipakki: want me to close it or do you want to?08:29
tepsipakkiI can do it.. I'll mark the gcc part as invalid08:29
bryceok cool, thx08:29
tormodshould I rebuild vesa with the new xserver-xorg-dev ?08:30
tepsipakkiprobably doesn't matter08:30
tormodhmm gdb is funny again, doesn't say where in vesa it crashes.08:31
tormodI mixed up the packages again, seems like my vesa is not debug build...08:35
tormodwhy does some x packages make a -dbg package and some not?08:40
tormodsegfaults at the very same place :(08:42
tormodactually good that it is at the same place at least :)08:42
=== tormod goes eating
tormodif someone wants to help out debugging (remotely?) I'll be back08:44
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tepsipakkibryce: what do you think is sufficient time between a ping and marking the bug closed?-)08:52
brycebdmurray gives 30 days; I generally have been allowing 90 days08:52
tepsipakkiok, I'll honour that08:52
brycesometimes I'll close after 30 days if it looks like the bug is extremely incomplete and I sense there's little chance of anything productive coming out of waiting08:53
brycewhereas for bugs that at least some useful debuggable info exists, I'll wait additional time08:53
tepsipakkiyep, makes sense09:11
tormodwhat's the best fd,o bug reference for that vesa problem?09:44
tormodbug fdo 12105?09:45
tepsipakkithat's one, but I remember there being another one too (could be wrong)09:53
tormodfor the backported-1.4-to-1.3-to-feisty debs, can I get them hosted somewhere? if they get popular, they'll fill my 50MB/day quota,10:19
tormodtepsipakki: (from #xorg-devel) yes I can put the fixed vesa up on XorgOnTheEdge.10:22
brycetormod: certainly, I'd be happy to upload them to my people.ubuntu.com...Testing page if you'd like10:27
tepsipakkibryce: I'll upload a new vesa shortly10:28
brycebtw, I just put in for a discover-data change that will switch -i810 to -intel across the board by default10:28
tepsipakkithere's a oneliner for the fedora mode-heuristics patch, which should fix the crash10:28
tormodbryce, you can find the new vesa for feisty in http://tormod.webhop.org/linux/bryce/10:31
tormodthe backport xorg-server is uploading...10:32
tormodI guess xserver-xorg-core{,-dbg} and -dev should be enough?10:33
brycetormod: excellent, yes that should probably suffice10:33
brycetormod: let me know when they're finished uploading and I'll mirror them.10:34
brycetormod: I can also put out a call for testers on the X Tester forum if you'd like10:34
tepsipakkitormod: just to be sure, does this debdiff look identical to yours? http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/vesa.debdiff10:36
tormodtepsipakki: yes they are the same.10:39
tepsipakkicool, I'll upload now10:40
tormodbryce: upload done, please get them. yes please call for testers. I'll update XorgOnTheEdge.10:41
bryceok great10:41
tormodbryce: can you give me the url for my packages?10:45
brycesure, http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Testing/xorg-server-backports-feisty/10:46
bryce(still syncing)10:46
brycetormod: finished syncing11:16
tormodbryce: thanks I saw that a while ago :) the wiki is updated. did you post on the forums?11:17
bryceworking on a post now11:18
tepsipakkiI'm off to bed, tomorrow I'll attack the ati-bugs more, gnite11:22
brycetepsipakki: excellent11:23
brycetormod: posted - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3282357&posted=1#post328235711:23

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