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cheeseboyTheSheep you still there?01:26
FranciscoPadillaI just installed Xubuntu and I'm loving it. Just have a question. What package should I install to get a "volume control" like in Windows.01:27
=== xork [n=xork@cpe-66-68-129-167.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboyFranciscoPadilla: alsamixergui01:28
FranciscoPadillaI have a USB optical mouse with two extra buttons at the side that used to take me BACK and FORWARD in Firefox under Windows. Is there any way I can enable those buttons under Xubuntu?01:39
cheeseboyTheSheep you there?01:41
FranciscoPadillaOne button does open a context menu, but it's supposed to take me BACK.01:42
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KlrSpzwhere's the proper place to file bugs?01:54
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riciKlrSpz: wanna give us a hint first? if not, http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/01:57
KlrSpzfor xubuntu?01:57
ricioops, sorry, wrong channel01:57
KlrSpzfigured that was obvious sine we're in the xubuntu channel and all01:57
ricilet me dig that one out for you.01:57
ricii have it at hand, too :)01:58
KlrSpzall i'm finding is this "launchpad' side01:58
KlrSpzwhich looks 3rd party, so i'm not sure if the xubuntu devs really look at that01:58
ricino, the launchpad site is correct01:58
riciif you've already got that, go for it01:59
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KlrSpzok nm then.. the bug is already filed.. just no action01:59
riciwhich bug is it?01:59
KlrSpzlet me find the exact one real quick02:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 108785 in mplayer "gmplayer says 'gnome_screensaver_control()'" [Undecided,New] 02:01
KlrSpzthat's the one bugging me02:02
ricioh, right.02:02
R[a] ndomhey I'm having a weird issue I'm trying to troubleshoot.  I'm trying to find out what causes it during boot.  I booted into single user, and have been /etc/init.d/service start'ing things one by one but cant find it.  Where can I locate some sort of startup script that lists everything run during bootup.02:06
R[a] ndomI'm looking for something around the time GDM is loaded02:06
R[a] ndomslightly after it is called actually02:06
KlrSpzR[a] ndom: there's no one central script, as there are many runlevels02:07
R[a] ndom..02:08
KlrSpzcheck out sysv-rc-conf02:08
=== R[a] ndom does so
KlrSpzinstall that, that is02:08
R[a] ndominstalling02:08
R[a] ndomhm.02:09
R[a] ndombut the order in which they are executed is really what I need :/02:09
R[a] ndomas I know it happens shortly after gdm is called02:09
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R[a] ndomany idea for that?02:10
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ricithe order is essentially lexicographical within the /etc/rcX.d directory02:10
riciS means Start and K means Kill02:10
R[a] ndomhm. it looks like its wicd02:13
R[a] ndomi hope so02:13
R[a] ndomcause I can find another solution for that02:13
R[a] ndomits causing a ticking noise in my laptop speaker, after a bios update.02:13
R[a] ndomone of those nice random errors :P02:13
KlrSpzfood time, bbl02:20
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R[a] ndomagh02:30
R[a] ndomok so that fixed my problem02:30
R[a] ndomnow for #2.  when I click the logout button, instead of asking me what I want to do, it just quits xfce02:31
R[a] ndominstead of popping up the restart/logout/suspend/hibernate/etc window02:31
R[a] ndomany ideas?  google isnt being helpful02:31
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R[a] ndom"no APM support in kernel"02:37
R[a] ndom..02:37
R[a] ndomI guess the bios update was a bad idea afterall02:37
=== bitform [n=bitform@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/bitform] has joined #xubuntu
R[a] ndomhow do I tell it to suspend from the console?02:40
R[a] ndomim curious if the button is just gone, or it actually can't do it anymore02:40
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=== kalikiana_ is now known as kalikiana
R[a] ndom:/03:08
=== vidd_laptop [n=vidd@207-172-178-217.c3-0.tlg-ubr6.atw-tlg.pa.cable.rcn.com] has joined #xubuntu
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cheeseboyvidd_laptop you know python?03:26
vidd_laptopnot really03:26
=== MDM686 [n=Miranda@79-72-226-58.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
R[a] ndomknow how to ask xubuntu to suspend from command line? :P03:29
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vidd_laptopR[a] ndom, you could try apmsleep http://linux.about.com/library/cmd/blcmdl1_apmsleep.htm03:41
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R[a] ndomhm. shouldn't there be just a command tho?03:41
R[a] ndomcause I used to have a suspend button03:42
R[a] ndombut now I dont seem to03:42
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vidd_laptopR[a] ndom, apmsleep is a command03:47
cheeseboyhow do i restart usb ?03:51
R[a] ndomoh sorry. I thought you were telling me to download a program by that name03:51
vidd_laptopunplug it and plug it back in cheeseboy03:52
R[a] ndomkk ill try that when I boot back into nix. thx03:52
cheeseboyvidd_laptop: i keep pluggin my mouse in then it freezes03:53
vidd_laptopcheeseboy, did you think maybe its the mouse?03:54
cheeseboyit magiALLY FIXED THO03:56
cheeseboyopps caps03:56
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illu45'lo, even04:05
=== xjkx [n=x@201009107041.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxcould anyone make thunderbird read hotmail?04:13
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has joined #xubuntu
R[a] ndomvidd_laptop, your kernel does not support APM04:17
R[a] ndomso I guess the bios update killed apm support04:17
=== j1mc [n=jim@adsl-75-22-25-81.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has joined #xubuntu
R[a] ndomibm t23 btw04:18
=== Armadillio [n=coleman@170-215-67-121.bras01.mob.ut.frontiernet.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopi dunno04:19
Armadilliohey guys, what's a good CD ripping program real quick?04:19
R[a] ndomI use grip04:19
Armadilliobanshee depends on a lot of gnome stuff, so I thought I'd try something else04:19
R[a] ndomI also like abcde04:19
ArmadillioI thought acidrip was for DVDs? and i'll try grip04:19
Armadilliois there a gui?04:20
R[a] ndomabcde is command line, takes a second to configure first time, but is fast afterwards04:20
R[a] ndomgrip is gui04:20
Armadillioalright, i'll try abcde later. thanks guys.04:20
R[a] ndomI just like abcde cause I can rip to multiple formats04:20
R[a] ndomnp04:20
R[a] ndomabcde -o flac,ogg,mp304:20
Armadilliocan you make abcde rip exclusive (certain) tracks?04:21
R[a] ndomdunno. never tried04:21
R[a] ndomripping for torrent site04:21
R[a] ndomgrip can easily tho04:21
Armadillioso whats up people, i'm bored as hell04:23
Armadilliogrips annoying me, i'm just trying to tell it where to set the files when they are done04:24
R[a] ndomconfig -> encode -> encode file format04:25
R[a] ndomI did it that way04:25
R[a] ndom~/newmp3/%A - %d/%t-%n.%x04:25
Armadillioalright i'll give that a go then04:27
Armadilliothanks again04:27
R[a] ndomnp04:27
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mattgyver83Hey room!  I am running Xubuntu on a p2 with minimal ram, is there anything i can do within xubuntu to make it operate a tad faster excluding upgrading my ram?04:57
illu45mattgyver83, not sure... Here are a few links you could take a look at, though: http://jozmak.blogspot.com/2007/04/optimizing-xubuntus-user-interface.html05:06
illu45That's pretty well all I can see. Maybe try a ubuntuforums.org search for "optimization" or "improving speed", or something like that.05:07
mattgyver83Great, thanks05:08
mattgyver83someone else suggested trying a different window manager as well05:08
illu45No trouble, good luck with xubuntu. Feel free to ask again here when its a bit more... active.05:08
illu45Ah, yes, you can try fluxbox or openbox.05:08
mattgyver83Yeah i know right ';) everyones asleep05:08
mattgyver83yeah i will probably try that05:09
=== cheeseboy is now known as cheese_sleep
mattgyver83I have the GTK libraries installed so technically i can still install Gnome and KDE apps.  Would that cause any problems though, as far as lag and sys processes?05:09
illu45They're a fair bit faster, especially to boot. They look pretty slick, too, IMO, I just could never quite set them up quite how I wanted, but I'm sure with some patience and reading its possible.05:09
mattgyver83My only experience with them is when trying to setup DSL which that was a pain in the neck05:10
illu45Ah :(... I take it you have a wifi network?05:10
mattgyver83but i believe that was strictly because DSL doesnt seem to remember much .... by choice05:10
mattgyver83Well yes i do, but i am speaking of Damn Small Linux05:11
illu45As far as I know, it shouldn't cause any lag when launching the programs, although some of the gnome and especially kde apps are quite bulky in themselves and would cause slowdown.05:11
mattgyver83that coudl be it05:11
mattgyver83Realistically i just want to use Evolution as a calendar program05:12
mattgyver83Thats it05:12
illu45You'll probably want to check about the libraries with someone else though, I'm not sure if a program calling previously sleeping or non-running libraries would cause slowdown.05:12
illu45Ah, ok05:12
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mattgyver83The laptop that i am using is ancient, however its amazing how with linux it boots faster then a PC that is running windows 2k about 3 years newer than it05:12
mattgyver83I would like to ask an unrelated question pertaining to a DSL connection however05:14
illu45Yes, linux is nice like that :). Especially if you've not reformatted the windows partition in a while, it gets quite sluggish, as I'm sure you know :P05:14
mattgyver83(and i mean direct service link)05:14
illu45hehe, sure, not sure if I'll be able to answer, but ask away05:14
mattgyver83On reboot i have to ifdown and ifup my network interface... i hope i said that right05:14
mattgyver83it does not automatically obtain a connection05:14
mattgyver83and i dont know why that is.  I have set everything correctly in the network controls, i am using a USB wifi adapter.  I either have to ifdown and ifup it, or restart my router.  Any suggestions... i am already using a static IP.05:15
mattgyver83(thats the first thing everyone tells me)05:15
illu45Ah... Not sure what the problem could be, sorry. My solution to something like that would be to write a small script that does ifdown and ifup and make it launch at startup. Again, I'd suggest asking when more people are around, I must be one of the few people who uses still uses a wired LAN :P05:17
=== cellofellow uses wired
mattgyver83I am not too keen on scripting quite yet05:18
mattgyver83I have read some things and have some programming experience, but not with bash05:18
mikubuntucellofellow: how's it going.  what's the best way to get wine?05:19
cellofellowmattgyver83: add ifup and ifdown to /etc/rc.local05:19
illu45that would work, yes05:20
mattgyver83cellofellow; what role does the rc.local file play?05:20
illu45mikubuntu, sudo apt-get install wine?05:20
cellofellowmikubuntu: you can download from the Feisty repos, and there are third-party repos with more recent files.05:20
mattgyver83n/m, i will just google05:20
cellofellowmattgyver83: it runs certain commands after the whole init system has been gone through. That is after it goes through the Startup and 2 runlevels.05:21
cellofellowmattgyver83: it's just a simple shell script really.05:21
mikubuntuillu45: have you installed that way before?05:21
illu45mikubuntu, yep. Works fine for me, although I don't use wine much.05:22
=== cellofellow has it but hasn't used it period.
mikubuntuillu45: it's just for like reading windows docs and stuff right?05:22
cellofellowit's for running Windows code really.05:23
illu45cellofellow, hm, out of curiosity, what is the difference between putting something into rc.local and putting it into a seperate file into /etc/init.d/ ? runlevel?05:23
cellofellowum, simplicity.05:23
illu45ah, ok. Both will run at the same runlevel, then?05:24
cellofellowYou get less control with rc.local. I only put commands that are run and be done in rc.local. /etc/init.d/ is for scripts to start daemons.05:24
mattgyver83illu45, how could i go about setting a 'default' window manager if i choose to use one different than xfce?05:24
mikubuntucellofellow: i thought it was for like if you have documents written in ms word, stuff like that that open office doesn't recognise?05:26
illu45mattgyver83, well, when you install a new window manager, you should also create a new session  (if the install doesn't do it for you). On login, you select your session (Fluxbox, for example). If it is different than your current default, Ubuntu will ask if you want to make that (Fluxbox) your default session. Simply answer yes :)05:26
cellofellowmikubuntu: yeah, you could use it for that, but only by installing MS Word on top of Wine.05:26
illu45cellofellow, ah, ok. Thanks for clearing that up for me :)05:26
illu45mikubuntu, yes, you'd need to install Word through Wine. Afaik, OOo should be able to read word documents just fine, though.05:27
mikubuntucellofellow: hmmmmm. maybe i dint need to just install 45 megs of it then.  sounds like 45 kegs of wine might be better.05:27
=== illu45 agrees
cellofellowI've only ever run in to really ugly, stupidly laid out MS Word pages that OOo didn't mess up.05:28
cellofellowor, did05:28
Jester45cellofellow, you wouldnt mind helping me with ssh tunnels and ftp05:29
mikubuntuis there any other way of reading windows stuff that you know of?  i know in google docs you can convert files from one kind to another, but i havent figured out how to port the files into it in the first place.05:29
Jester45i can connect to the ftp server via a ssh tunnel but the file names never show up05:30
cellofellowJester45: who needs to tunnel FTP over SSH? Why not just use SFTP?05:30
Jester45but if i dont use a tunnel then its fine05:30
mikubuntuillu45: so if i want to take wine off would be sudo apt-get uninstall wine?05:30
illu45remove, yes05:30
illu45"sudo apt-get remove wine"05:31
Jester45or... install wine-05:31
cellofellowJester45: why tunnel?05:31
mikubuntusudo apt-get remove wine?05:31
Jester45just to conduse things :)05:31
Jester45cellofellow, join #viddandme05:31
cellofellowJester45: SFTP so much simpler. Just use the SSH2 protocol in GFTP.05:31
illu45mikubuntu, yes05:32
mikubuntuillu45: thanks05:32
illu45mikubuntu, any time :)05:32
mikubuntugonna go check it out though, while i've got it in front of me.  see yas in a while no doubt05:33
mikubuntuwhat does it mean that my curser suddenly went black?05:37
cellofellowyou've a problem05:37
cellofellowrestarting X should fix it.05:38
mikubuntucellofellow: how?05:38
cellofelloweveryone should know that one.05:38
mikubuntuis it something i did installing and removing wine?05:38
cellofellowprolly not05:39
mikubuntuhmmmm... now that you mention it, i think someone had me do that last nite and x didn't restart, i had to reboot... but i'll try05:39
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michaelpoi just installed weather wallpaper... why only status icon only? not showing at the wallpaper?09:45
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alberthey what torrent program do yall use?07:03
=== vidd_laptop uses torrentflux
=== tuuksi [n=tuuksi@dsl-trebrasgw1-feacfa00-46.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #xubuntu
=== tuuksi is now known as lphst
=== Fwiffo uses rtorrent
alberthave yall heard about deluge?07:26
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cheeseboywhats a good python ide ?08:36
TheSheepcheeseboy: vim08:36
TheSheepcheeseboy: the ones listed on pthon.org are nice too08:37
TheSheepcheeseboy: and I know at least one serious developer using eclipse for python08:37
TheSheeppython.org, sorry08:37
cheeseboyTheSheep:  i dont know any language but i want to fix that script it still didn't work :(08:38
TheSheepcheeseboy: what error this time?08:39
cheeseboyTheSheep none08:39
cheeseboybut it didnt play a video08:39
TheSheepcheeseboy: maybe you should contact the author?08:39
cheeseboyTheSheep: i have but he cant fix it08:40
TheSheepcheeseboy: how so?08:40
cheeseboyTheSheep: he doesnt know whats wrong / how to fix it08:41
TheSheepcheeseboy: tough luck08:42
cheeseboyunless u fix it im not gonna have it for a long time08:42
TheSheepcheeseboy: if the author himself can't, then I'm afraid I stand a much slimmer chance08:43
TheSheepcheeseboy: and since I hate to fail, and on top of that I'm very lazy...08:44
cheeseboyTheSheep: everyone ive talked to said script is horrible08:45
TheSheepcheeseboy: that it is08:45
TheSheepcheeseboy: which is actually a good reason to not touch it in itself :)08:52
TheSheepcheeseboy: working with ugly code ain't pleasant08:52
cheeseboyi want to write a new one just use that on as refrence08:52
TheSheepcheeseboy: you still have to read it08:52
cheeseboyTheSheep: read what?08:52
vidd_laptopthe script...in all its uglyness08:52
TheSheepcheeseboy: the old, ugly code08:52
TheSheepooh, the places plugin is so extremeally cool now08:53
vidd_laptopbtw..what script are you having issues with?08:53
cheeseboywell i know no python so itd be harder to do it completly from scratch08:53
TheSheepvidd_laptop: something that checks a web page, gets some urls from it and launches mplayer with them08:53
cheeseboyon my xbox08:53
vidd_laptopgee...good luck with that!08:54
vidd_laptop=] 08:54
=== razvan23 [n=murat@] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopi guess just dl'ing the data file doesnt work?08:55
TheSheepvidd_laptop: you need to extract the url to it first08:55
vidd_laptopso you cant wget it?08:55
razvan23i just installed xubuntu but i couldn't manage how can i add some apps to taskbar ?08:56
cheeseboyit streams it08:56
TheSheeprazvan23: right click on it08:56
cheeseboyvidd_laptop: my xbox doesnt run linux08:56
vidd_laptopthen why are you asking about it here????08:56
razvan23TheSheep, when i right click it the app starts08:56
cheeseboyvidd_laptop: beacause i was asking for a good python ide08:57
TheSheeprazvan23: that's funny, you should get a menu instead08:57
TheSheeprazvan23: where do you want to add the applications, again?08:57
razvan23TheSheep, i have a menu called applications but i want some apps to be added to task bar or desktop also to gdesklets08:57
vidd_laptoprazvan23, do you have the mouse buttons reversed (left-handed settings)?08:58
TheSheeprazvan23: just add them in those programs08:58
razvan23vidd_laptop, no08:58
TheSheeprazvan23: right click on the panel, select 'add item', then 'launcher'08:58
=== m0u5e [n=denniska@c-24-6-100-103.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
razvan23well i have just installed beagle but i dont know how to start it?09:19
TheSheeprazvan23: I'm sure it came with documentation of some kind09:26
TheSheeprazvan23: check /usr/share/doc/beagle*09:26
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Ben_Cspidgin doesn't support video right? so what messenger/prog does?09:51
=== hhlp_ [n=hhlp@152.Red-81-37-91.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepBen_Cs: Ekiga, Skype, Gizmo09:54
TheSheepBen_Cs: the first one is open09:54
Ben_Cshow do i video in skype? don't see the option09:55
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TheSheepBen_Cs: maybe I spoke too early09:55
TheSheepBen_Cs: sorry09:55
Ben_Csnext versions should have it i hear09:56
Ben_Csso what do u thinks is better? ekiga or gizmo?09:56
Ben_Csdoes ekiga have msn protocol?09:58
somerville32ekiga is VOIP, isn't it?10:02
somerville32not a messenger client10:02
hyper_chhuhu somerville3210:06
j1mcsomerville32: yeah10:06
hyper_chhuhu j1mc10:06
hyper_chhuhu archangelpetro10:06
hyper_chhuhu Jester4510:07
hyper_chhuhu kalikiana10:07
hyper_chhuhu maxamillion10:07
hyper_chhuhu Pumpernickel10:07
hyper_chhuhu TheSheep10:07
hyper_chhuhu ubotu10:07
hyper_chj1mc: huhu is just a "hi" ;)10:07
hyper_cheverything is packed and ready to be moved tomorrow... except my computer ;)10:08
archangelpetroenlightenment kinda sucks10:08
hyper_charchangelpetro: why?10:09
archangelpetroit wont even save my settings10:09
archangelpetroi changed my bg10:09
archangelpetroand every time i start afresh it resets10:09
archangelpetroto the default..10:09
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archangelpetrothe menu icons are fucked10:09
archangelpetroand the navigation is kinda bad10:10
hyper_charchangelpetro: that's it? ;)10:11
archangelpetroi like the whole 'free window' type feel of WMs10:11
archangelpetrobut, tbh10:11
archangelpetroi think FVWM is just better10:11
hyper_cheach one his own10:12
Ben_Csit seems Gizmo has msn protocol10:14
hyper_chhow can I restart my wifi?10:28
neozenhyper_ch: sudo ifdown yourcardhere10:29
neozenthat'll bring it down10:29
neozenthen to reconnect just perform whatever steps you usually do to connect10:30
hyper_chneozen: iwconfig still shows the old ESSID10:31
neozenso you using network manager?10:31
hyper_chneozen: tried to... changed it there10:31
neozenso ... it worked....10:32
neozenwhat's the problem?10:32
hyper_chand ifdown on the wifi card didn't really work10:32
hyper_chneozen: no, iwconfig still displays the old ESSID10:32
hyper_chneozen: not the new one10:32
neozenwhat kind of card?10:34
hyper_chlinksys - rt2500 chip10:35
hyper_chdon't worry10:35
=== neozen shrugs
neozenI'm really not the person to ask to be honest10:35
neozenI just whack the wireless button on my laptop when I need to reset the card10:36
neozenworks quite nicely10:36
neozendriver gets a tad mad....10:36
neozenbut plays nice soon after10:36
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corrupti just recently installed xubuntu and i'm running into a problem--how do i connect to the internet via 802.11x?10:48
TheSheep!wifi | corrupt10:49
ubotucorrupt: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:49
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corruptcool, i'm now connected to the internet on my laptop; however, why isn't my network manager on any of the panels? why doesn't my network manager show any incoming or outgoing traffic?10:58
TheSheepcorrupt: you need to add it yourself11:00
TheSheepcorrupt: right-click on the panel and select 'add new item'11:00
Ben_Csone of the advantages of being familiar with xfce is that it's used commonly as the desktop environment in terminal services, like in my college for example. that is: windows is the main os but you can remote to linux.11:09
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murat_i want to add beryl at startup but i cant find where is the system>preferences?11:28
corruptthere's no way for me to select the network manager to add to my panel, it isn't shown in the list.11:29
corruptis there an alternative to network manager such as the one ubuntu (gnome) uses?11:29
murat_is there anyone who can help me?11:31
TheSheepmurat_: settings->autostarted applications11:32
TheSheepcorrupt: yes, you can install the gnome's one, you can also use a number of others -- I think I remember things like "wifi radar" mentioned here before11:33
murat_but it says autostart/beryl.desktop couldn't write11:33
TheSheepcorrupt: I'm sure you'll find more information on the forums11:33
murat_TheSheep, but it says autostart/beryl.desktop couldn't write11:33
TheSheepmurat_: check the file permissions in your home directory and subdirectories11:34
TheSheepmurat_: you must have done something nasty with sudo11:34
murat_TheSheep, i have just installed xubuntu so i didnt do anything bad i guess11:34
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darwin81How do I install an icon set?11:39
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corruptwhat's the default shell for ubuntu?12:09
Jester45 bash12:10
Jester45i would also say that sh is linked to dash12:10
Jester45!info mpd12:10
ubotumpd: Music Player Daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.2-2ubuntu2 (feisty), package size 127 kB, installed size 404 kB12:10
corruptthanks Jester4512:10
Jester45o good its uptodate12:10
Jester45well kinda12:11
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Jester45hey tommy12:11
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gnomefreakbash is default user shell daash is default system shell12:16
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