RinchenI think I'm going blind looking at the fridge homepage12:37
beunoand what are we going to do about it?12:47
=== Rinchen goes off to check the bugs
Rinchenhmm you know, I can't seem to login to the fridge12:53
Rinchenthis is interesting   https://edge.launchpad.net/fridgemonitor12:55
beunoRinchen, everything seems fine, I can login and your user is active12:55
Rinchenwhat's the url?12:56
Rinchenmaybe I'm having a bad day12:56
beunooh, that's very interesting...12:56
beunocan't remember which12:57
Rinchenlogin and admin both fail12:57
Rinchenuser works12:57
Rinchenbad day12:57
Rinchenconfusing it with wordpress12:57
beunoI like wordpress much more  :D12:57
beunothe sink idea seems very intersting, but it also seems like a tremendous amount of work12:58
=== beuno tries out the fridgemonitor
Rinchenbeuno, do you feel it's ok for me to delete the 4 non-published stories in the queue? They date back a while.  http://fridge.ubuntu.com/admin/node12:59
beunoRinchen, yeap, having a clean fridge is always nice  :p01:00
Rinchenok, I'll do that now01:00
beunoRinchen, that fridgemonitor thing seems to actually work, I'll ping the author (I know him) and see if we can wrap it up nicely so it's easier to install, and get it some press01:02
Rinchenheck yeah. If it's ready to go let's front-page it on the Fridge :-)01:02
beunoRinchen, it's a bit rough I think, but with very little work it should be ready for random users to install it01:03
beunoI'll package it so people can just clicky clicky to get it working01:06
beunoseems like a fun thing to do for the weekend  :D01:06
beunoaaaaaaalright, spoke with the author, he doesn't have much time on his hands now, but he's more then happy to let me work on it01:33
beunoso I guess I'll do that01:33
beunonow, I'm heading home01:33
=== beuno waves
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