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VWJ1bnR1Will anything bad happen if I stop compiling my kernel?01:50
VWJ1bnR1You know...by killing the command?01:50
=== ionstorm [n=ion@70-58-119-250.phnx.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
JanCVWJ1bnR1: nothing really bad should happen01:58
VWJ1bnR1JanC: but you wouldn't recommend it...02:01
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JanCVWJ1bnR1: you might lose the work the compiler already did, but otherwise there shouldn't be any problems AFAIK02:08
VWJ1bnR1*whew*.  Thanks.02:09
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kousotuBenC: how would I go about filing a bug report for this?02:15
kousotuand it affected more than just the sound, unfortunatly02:15
BenCkylem: current ubuntu-gutsy builds on amd64 and i38602:30
BenChad to fixup a foobar in the -rt patch02:30
kylemlooks to be building on lpia as well02:30
mjg59Hrmph. gstreamer is still broken with the isight.02:30
=== mjg59 blames gstreamer - the version in feisty works fine
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kousotuBenC: can you help me run the AG5007EG wifi card under ndiswrapper?03:46
zul__BenC: is xen building for amd64 yet?03:48
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aroonihey folks; i have a t61 with intel_hda sound card...  anyway i installed my alsa drivers from source then modrpobe'd intel_snd_hda.... and it worked; later i the upgrade bit...... and now it doesn't work any more :(04:26
aroonino sound card shows up04:26
kylemso reinstall it from source...04:27
aroonikylem, i have tried; did not work :(04:28
kylemah, hrm, probably because it's now in lum04:32
kylemtry rm -f /lib/modules/2.6.22-10-generic/ubuntu/media/snd-hda-intel/snd-hda-intel.ko04:32
kylemand rebooting04:32
kylemwe're working to fix it, but i imagine you'd like it working now.04:32
aroonikylem, ;p04:35
aroonikylem, are you a dev for cannonical?04:35
aroonii salute you04:35
aroonii love love love ubuntu04:36
aroonii've killed all windows from my computers at home04:36
aroonikylem, should i file a  bug about this behavior?04:36
aroonikylem, should i go ahead and re install after deleting the *.ko file?04:37
kylemnah, you should just be able to run depmod and reboot and have it pick up the installed-from-source one.04:39
kylemhopefully by monday this will be fixed.04:39
kousotukylem: do you know any good, easy tu use front-ends for WPA wi-fi?04:42
kousotuthe enbedded one?04:44
kousotuwill it work well with ndiswrapper?04:44
kylemno idea.04:44
kylemit should, ndiswrapper implements wext at least semi-properly afaik.04:45
kousotuwifi did nothing for my wifi...04:45
kousotuwell, better than not at all with my zd1211rw04:45
kousotu(most likely hardware, not software)04:46
kousotu so how do I remov wifi-radar?04:46
kylemeh? you can remove it with synaptic.04:47
kousotuforgot about that04:50
kousotuhm.. well, about to find out if it works, brb04:53
bullgard4What is the reason that the ACPI Specification 3.0 prefixes Control methods with an underscore character, e. g. '_GTS'?04:53
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kousotuwell, it disconnected instantly, reloaded it and now it's fully functional04:55
kousotuthanks kylem04:55
kousotuthis fixes my wifi issue04:56
mjg59bullgard4: To indicate that they're reserved04:56
kousotunow if only my sound would work....04:56
kousotuseems updates in gutsy hurts everyone's sound04:57
kousotueen bad for me in the last 3 tribes04:57
kousotukylem: any ideas on how I might go about compiling the sound card from source?04:59
=== arooni [n=arooni__@c-67-183-138-62.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
kylemyes, there's instructions on www.alsa-project.org04:59
aroonihey kylem ..... everything worked great!!!!!!!!!04:59
aroonithanx a lot for the suggestion04:59
arooniso i dont need to log the bug correct?05:00
arooniif i have this lappy for 3 years.... will it continue to be well supported by ubuntu?05:00
arooni(t61; 2ghz dual core, 2gb ram; etc...)05:00
kousotuit's not listed05:01
kylembecause i have one. :P05:01
kousotubro gettin bitchy05:01
aroonikylem, ;p  seems to be a popular laptop05:01
kylemyeah, it's quite nice, but a little bulky with the battery sticking out the back.05:01
aroonikylem, did you get 14.1 screen?05:02
kylemso i carry around my macbook instead, oh well.05:02
arooniw/ camera ? 05:02
kylemyeah, i think it's 14.105:02
arooniyah but the keyboard rox + mouse thhingy05:02
kylembut no camera.05:02
aroonithats a shame ;(   how will the camera be supported ? heh05:04
kylemhmm, i didn't even know there was one. if it's usbvideo it might work out of the box with usbvideo05:06
mjg59Yeah, google suggests it's uvc-compliant05:08
mjg59So it /ought/ to Just Work if you have linux-ubuntu-modules installed05:08
aroonimjg59, is that a package?05:08
mjg59In gutsy05:09
arooniE: Couldn't find package linux-ubuntu-modules05:10
aroonii have gutsy05:10
=== kousotu [n=kousotu@adsl-68-79-9-194.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
aroonihow does everyone know the name of modules so accuarately05:11
kousotukylem: is there a way to make ubuntu automatically connect on bott to a specific network, without using the keyring?05:11
aroonii'm guessing you dont memorize them05:11
kylemarooni, it's my job.05:12
arooniE: Couldn't find package linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.2205:12
kylemkousotu, er, dunno, keyring works for me.05:12
arooniam i missing something in sources.list ?05:12
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kousotukylem: works for me too, but then if refuses to connect untill I manually conect to the network05:12
kylemarooni, no, we're just missing meta packages, anyway, you probably have it installed already if you have linux-generic installed.05:12
aroonikylem, i do have linux-generic... but when i go to webcam testing sites.... it doesnt show up ;(05:13
kousotukylem: any dea what package I'd need for realtek ALC83?05:19
crimsunkousotu: presuming you're referring to HDA [ALCx83] , you shouldn't need anything above and beyond linux-image-2.6.22-10-generic and linux-ubuntu-module-2.6.22-10-generic [but the latter isn't even relevant there] 05:50
crimsunerr, linux-ubuntu-modules-, even05:50
kousotucrimsun: well, the updates kiled my sound05:50
crimsuncheck and make sure you didn't get a fubar upgrade05:50
crimsunif `modinfo snd-hda-intel` doesn't return a bunch of info, then purge and reinstall linux-image-`uname -r`05:51
kylemsnd-hda-intel is in lum atm.05:51
crimsunkylem: ok, thanks05:52
crimsunkousotu: presuming you're referring to gutsy, is linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-10-generic installed?05:52
kousotuyes, I am running gutsy05:53
kousotuI installed litle on te os, it is installedbe default?05:53
kousotuI am a linux noob, just so as you know05:53
kylemdunno why it would be broken, it's running the same code that's in linux-source-2.6.22 barring one line of patch.05:53
kousotukylem: it worked, untill I updated05:54
kousotuso on of the 2 patches of pdates broke it05:55
kylemwhich version did it work in?05:55
kousotuit worked in "factory default" 4 and 505:56
crimsunreading backscroll, it doesn't seem like the driver should have anything to do with it.05:56
kousotubut the moment I updated it died05:56
kylem"factory default"?05:57
kousotuand it worked ok in Tribe 4 alpha05:57
kousotuI knew you were gona ask me that05:57
crimsunI notice that ben asked him to run asoundconf set-default-card, but the parameter that was passed seems incorrect05:57
kousotufrom cd to hd, no mods05:57
crimsunkousotu: does `aplay -Dplughw:0 /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav` play audibly?05:58
crimsunis there an error, or does it appear to play inaudibly?05:58
kousotuI checked with my old pc speakers in as headphones, it does play, but not through the laptp speakers05:59
kousotuad I want it to pla on the laptop speakers06:00
kousotuit did that ok untill I updated06:00
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kousotu(sorry bout the typos, lousy laptop keyboard. regret buying it)06:01
crimsunif you boot from the tribe 5 desktop cd, are the symptoms identical?06:02
kousotuthe CD plays sound06:02
kousotuas it did from the start06:03
kousotubut once I installed the package updates it stoppedworking06:03
kousotuI'm almost tempted to find the alpha andtry that06:03
mjg59What alpha?06:04
kousotutribe 5 alpha06:04
kousotuI had tribe 4's06:04
crimsunkousotu: please grab http://trilug.org/~crimsun/alsa-info.sh, and execute `bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh` in a Terminal06:04
mjg59But you just said tribe 5 worked06:04
kousotukousotu@kousotu-laptop:~$ bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh06:06
kousotubash: /home/kousotu/Desktop/alsa-info.sh: No such file or directory06:06
crimsunkousotu: make sure you download the file and save it to the Desktop06:06
kousotuyou frgot to saysave it06:06
crimsunright, sorry, should have made that explicit06:07
kousotu http://pastebin.ca/67755406:07
kousotun prob06:07
kousotuafter the 4th attempt I figured that out06:08
crimsunhmm, you didn't adjust your mixer levels using the volume applet (speaker applet in the top left)06:09
mjg59crimsun: Top right :p06:09
kousotuI did06:09
crimsunright, other left :p06:09
mjg59kousotu: Is it possible that you've, y'know, just turned your speakers down?06:09
kousotumjg59: not possible, ther're inbeded into my laptop06:10
mjg59kousotu: No, from the mixer06:10
kousotuI turned them up06:10
mjg59Double click on the speaker06:11
mjg59Play with all the sliders there06:11
kousotuPCM CD PC Speaker, MAX06:11
kousotuas I had it at install06:11
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mjg59Select edit/preferences and then click on all the boxes there06:11
mjg59Then play with the rest of the slidesr06:11
kousotuthat won't do anything, I tied that befor too06:12
mjg59Humour me06:12
mjg59If nothing works, wait until the l-u-m update next week, which will probably fix it06:12
kousotuok, wel, this is what happened: it did play when I fiddeld with them, surround make my PC shriek, and it only playes at a low olume06:16
kousotuand it only playes with surround on06:16
kousotuok, there we go06:17
kousotunow it works06:18
kousotuoh, one last thing..06:19
kousotuwho's in charge of todem?06:19
mjg59Nobody's in charge of any one package06:19
kousotuoh.. well , it crashes instantly on me06:19
mjg59Turn off desktop effects06:21
kousotuthey are off06:21
kousotuwel, I havebasic on, but that didn't crash it in 406:21
mjg59Turn off desktop effects06:21
kousotuI use vlc, I'm just reporting i06:22
mjg59Yes. I know. Turn off desktop effects.06:22
mjg59Does it then work?06:22
kousotuwithout sound06:23
kousotuand fyi, vlc has sound now, todem still doesn't06:25
kousotusame file06:25
mjg59In any case, not a kernel issue06:25
kousotuwell, didn't know who to reportthat to, that's why I asked06:26
kousotuso the lum update should fix the sound completely?06:26
mjg59It's a known issue06:26
mjg59You not switching your speakers off in the mixer should fix the sound completely06:26
kousotuI have never turned the off06:27
kousotuI turn them down, but not of06:27
mjg59The setting didn't change on its own06:27
kousotuit defaulted at that06:27
kousotublease on't sit here nd accuse my of being dumb06:28
mjg59No, if it defaulted to that it wouldn't have worked when you booted the CD06:28
kousotuI'm not using a CD06:28
kousotuI'm using an MP306:28
mjg59You said that it worked when you used the CD06:28
kousotuok, misscommuncation06:28
kousotuI meant the liv CD06:28
mjg59If the sound worked then, then the defaults worked06:29
mjg59Therefore it didn't default to not working06:29
mjg59Therefore you changed it by accident at some stage06:30
kousotulet me xplain06:30
=== mjg59 goes to bed
kousotuI used the MP3 on the live CD, the sound was fine. when I installed T5, it was fine untill I updated06:30
kousotuI don't know what did it, but something, NOT ME, shut them off06:31
kousotuand  didn't touch the settings06:31
crimsunit's worth noting that sound state (e.g., mixer levels) are stored separately in a file06:32
kousotumaybe the update messed with it?06:32
kousotuit's possible06:32
crimsunwhat he's alluding to is the fact that hardware-wise, your sound is fine, and with the next l-u-m update, it should be completely fixed (i.e., not having to fiddle with mixer levels to achieve the speakers/hp)06:33
kousotusomehow I have "surround" sound06:33
kousotugood, no more troubles (hopefuly)06:33
kousotuwill the sound buttons onmy laptop be able to control the volume then too?06:33
kousotubecause it cannot right now06:34
kousotuI haveto manually adjust them06:34
crimsunyou should be able to do that (i.e., configure that)06:34
crimsunin the menu, System> Preferences> Sound06:35
kousotudoesn't look like it06:35
crimsunin the left-most (default) tab, "Devices", look at the bottom "Default Mixer Tracks"06:35
kousotuI see it. that what the buttons on the laptop controls?06:36
crimsunin all cases that I know of, yes, that can be configured 06:36
kousotuyep, tht works now too06:37
kousotuyou guys are good06:37
kousotucan you humor this question?: is there any reason that a Stereo speaker would all of a sudden go surround?06:39
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Whoopiemjg59: I saw that you're working at card readers atm. Could you also consider adding sdricoh_cs (http://sdricohcs.sourceforge.net/)?12:38
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Kousotuhe BenC03:31
bullgard4What is menat by an 'ACPI status register' about which mjg59 wrote? I could not find this term in the ACPI Specification version 3.0b.03:33
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Nafalloanyone know what kind of raid ICH7-R is?05:52
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WhoopieBenC: Hi, why can't I use the history function of the gitweb? Is it disabled?07:05
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