asacUbulette: do we install pkg-config files?01:12
asace.g. xulrunner-xpcom.pc ?01:12
Ubulettehmm, not this one01:15
asacwhere are those?01:15
Ubuletteand I versionned them01:15
asacthere should be some in dist at least01:15
asacyes ok but that would be feasible to patch01:15
asacwhile having them would be good :)01:15
Ubulettemozilla-plugin-1.9.pc mozilla-js-1.9.pc libxul-embedding-1.9.pc  libxul-1.9.pc01:15
Ubulettei'll have a look01:16
Ubulettestill on the copyright mess01:16
Ubulettei'm doing a script as it's boring01:16
UbuletteMPL:1 GPL:0 LGPL:0: ./LICENSE01:31
UbuletteMPL:0 GPL:1 LGPL:0: ./dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/jquery/dist/jquery.js01:31
UbuletteMPL:0 GPL:1 LGPL:0: ./dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/jquery/src/jquery/jquery.js01:31
UbuletteMPL:1 GPL:1 LGPL:0: ./embedding/browser/activex/src/install/README.txt01:31
UbuletteMPL:0 GPL:1 LGPL:1: ./extensions/pref/system-pref/src/gconf/nsSystemPrefService.cpp01:31
UbuletteMPL:0 GPL:1 LGPL:1: ./extensions/pref/system-pref/src/gconf/nsSystemPrefService.h01:31
UbuletteMPL:0 GPL:1 LGPL:1: ./extensions/pref/system-pref/src/nsSystemPref.cpp01:31
UbuletteMPL:0 GPL:1 LGPL:1: ./extensions/pref/system-pref/src/nsSystemPref.h01:31
UbuletteMPL:0 GPL:1 LGPL:1: ./extensions/pref/system-pref/src/nsSystemPrefFactory.cpp01:31
UbuletteMPL:0 GPL:1 LGPL:1: ./extensions/pref/system-pref/src/nsSystemPrefLog.h01:31
Ubuletteasac, ^^01:31
asacwhen was mochitest added?01:32
asacthe system-pref exstension is ok01:32
asacUbulette: you sure they are not unter mpl?01:33
asac./extensions/pref/system-pref/src/nsSystemPref.cpp ?01:33
gnomefreakis this still the xulrunner license or is that ready?01:33
UbuletteMPL:1 GPL:0 LGPL:0: ./intl/uconv/ucvibm/864i.uf01:33
UbuletteMPL:1 GPL:0 LGPL:0: ./intl/uconv/ucvibm/cp850.uf01:33
UbuletteMPL:1 GPL:0 LGPL:0: ./intl/uconv/ucvibm/cp852.uf01:33
UbuletteMPL:1 GPL:0 LGPL:0: ./intl/uconv/ucvibm/cp855.uf01:33
asacUbulette: thats strange01:33
asaccan you give me all unicode files ... i will get that sorted out01:33
Ubulettewell, i'll check my script 1st.. maybe it's me01:34
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Ubuletteah, uconv files are NPL01:35
gavinbakerhey asac01:37
asachi gavinbaker01:37
gavinbakerreferred to you by poningru01:38
gavinbakeri had a problem when upgrading tbird01:38
gavinbakerrunning feisty01:38
asacUbulette: thats strange ... i thought there was an announcement once that the re-licensing is now finished01:38
gavinbakeri added the gutsy repositories so i could get tbird 2.001:38
asacgavinbaker: well don't do that01:38
asacgavinbaker: thats really evil01:38
asacgavinbaker: how many new packages did you get?01:38
gavinbakerand it broke libspell, so OO.o / firefox crash now01:39
gavinbakeryou can prevent it by turning off check-as-you-type01:39
asacthat should be natural01:39
asacwe usually maintain a tbird 2.0 backport in mozilla team repo01:39
asacbut since we  are migrating now to new repository location they are down01:39
gavinbakerasac: well, i understand the gutsy repos are alpha, but i figured that stable software in there would be, you know, stable01:40
asacgavinbaker: actually i cannot help you now that you have partially upgraded01:40
gavinbakerasac: i can fix it to my satisfaction01:40
asacgavinbaker: my advice: go completely up to gutsy01:40
asacor try to downgrade with pinning01:40
gavinbakerbut i wanted to tell you fyi01:40
asacif that fails reinstall01:40
asacbut remember that gutsy might break from times to time ... so don't blame we when left with pieces01:40
gavinbakersure, i understand i run that risk when getting stuff from gutsy repos01:41
gavinbakerbut i wanted to tell you about the problem01:41
asacgavinbaker: yes thanks ... but archive mixup is nothing that i care about ;)01:41
gavinbakerand ask if it's something you knew about, i should file a bug about, etc.01:41
asacgavinbaker: yes ... but its naturaly ... go either or01:41
asacnot partially unless you are sure its just a constraint set of packages01:41
gavinbakerwell... i assume someone will want to fix this before gutsy stable01:42
asacgavinbaker: no bug please ... its an unsupported state ... if you upgrade your system to gutsy completely you can help test tbird 2.0 in gutsy ;)01:42
asacgavinbaker: it doesn't exist in gutsy most likely01:42
asacits your install that is borked because you mixed distributions01:42
gavinbakerwell, it seems silly that the only 'official' ubuntu way to get tbird 2 is to mix distros and therefore b0rk01:43
=== gnomefreak should have tbird for feisty done tomorrow for PPA its on to do list
gavinbakeri.e. not sure why tbird isn't in feisty-backports01:43
asacthats defeinitly not the official way01:43
asacthe official way is to wait for gutsy ... then upgrade01:43
gavinbakerbut since it's not, figured i'd get it from gutsy rather than wait, or get deb from somewhere else01:43
gnomefreakgavinbaker: mozilla apps are a pain to backport since they depend on everything in the world :(01:43
asacwe can help you by providing backports in mozillateam archive01:43
asacgnomefreak: well it usually works ... as you might know ;)01:44
asacits just a pain to pull them from another distribution ;)01:44
gnomefreakyes but for official use im eh about it01:44
gnomefreaki hope we have up to date tarball for it but ill play with it tomorrow. im assuming the copyright is what you and Ubulette were talking about?01:45
gnomefreakmy download speed is faster than it has been :)01:46
asaccool gnomefreak sits now on a high-speed connection ;)01:46
gnomefreakyeah ~100kbps01:47
gnomefreaknot fast but its getting there01:47
gnomefreakbetter than 3001:47
asacgnomefreak: how did you get that?01:48
Ubulettethere are tons of files with no licence at all :p01:48
gnomefreaknot sure it started today01:48
asacUbulette: which?01:48
asacUbulette: they probably have the license in the dir as text file01:48
asacas bad as that is ... its still done01:48
asac(hopefully not for mofo source)01:48
Ubulettei only check orig files01:49
asacwell orig files are not all mofo source :)01:49
gnomefreaki guess i can use the orig from gutsy to build this01:50
Ubuletteasac, http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/licences.txt.gz01:51
asacUbulette: do these include binary files?01:54
Ubuletteit's a find and a grep01:54
asacyeah it does01:54
asacNPL:0 MPL:0 GPL:0 LGPL:0: ./config/bin2rc.exe01:54
asacwe should definitly filter those out that have GPL:0 LGPL:001:55
gnomefreakasac: is thunderbird new-orig to build orig?01:56
=== gnomefreak cant remember we had 3 different ways
Ubuletteshould harmonize that...01:57
asacUbulette: ok i will try to get i contact with gerv about that ... at best remind me at some point :)01:57
asacafaik he is on holiday01:57
Ubuletteseems i can say everything is tri licenced expect cairo (mpl+lgpl) and a small bunch of files that I can list01:58
asacyeah right i need those small bunch of files :)01:58
asacprobably the testcases should be dealt with separately01:59
Ubulettegrep -v 'MPL:1 GPL:1 LGPL:1' /tmp/licences.txt | grep -v 'NPL:0 MPL:0 GPL:0 LGPL:0' | grep -v /cairo/01:59
Ubuletteassuming the all null are tri licenced01:59
Ubulettebig assumption01:59
asacwhat about the uconv files?01:59
Ubuletterun the command01:59
asacyou already found that they are NPL only01:59
asacUbulette: something must be wrong with that statement :)02:01
asacNPL:1 MPL:1 GPL:0 LGPL:0: ./intl/uconv/ucvibm/cp850.uf02:01
Ubulette$ grep MPL  ./intl/uconv/ucvibm/cp850.uf02:01
Ubulette * identified per MPL Section 3.302:01
asacyes above you see it has NPL/MPL02:01
asacanyway according to what you said above it doesn't show up in your grep02:02
asacwhich looks suspicious :)02:02
Ubuletteit definitely matches MPL...02:02
asacMPL is not free02:02
asacanyway thats not my point02:02
asacyou stated that there are no files that are not trilicensed except cairo and those that are all zero02:03
asacbut that is wrong according to the example. So your grep must have a flaw ;)02:03
Ubulettebut those uconv are in the "bunch of files"02:03
asacthen i misunderstood02:04
Ubuletteso those are to be sorted and listed02:04
asacfrom discussion above you were about to list the bunch of files02:04
Ubulettethose are neither all null nor tri licenced nor cairo02:05
Ubulettethose that are neither all null nor tri licenced nor cairo02:05
asaci am only concerned about: NPL:1 MPL:1 GPL:0 LGPL:0: for now02:06
asaci will submit them to the guy that drives the relicensing efford02:06
asacafter checking some examples manually02:06
Ubulettegrep 'GPL:0 LGPL:0:' /tmp/licences.txt | grep -v 'NPL:0 MPL:0 GPL:0 LGPL:0'02:07
Ubulettethat uconv/* + toolkit/components/feeds/test/xml/rss09x/rss090.xml02:08
asacyeah are those uconv files binary or what?02:08
asacor in a format that cannot have license header ;) ?02:08
Ubuletteno as this is plain text with a huge comment at the top, saying NPL02:10
asacthanks for looking02:11
asacthat might be a bug ... or a bug ;)02:11
asacNote: the relicensing project is now complete. This document is only of historical interest.02:11
asacUbulette: ok apparently NPL licensed stuff is automatically relicensed02:13
asacso its probably a glitch02:13
asacnot a critical bug02:13
asacAny such files created by Netscape employees will be assumed to be under the NPL and thus relicensed automatically, while for other files the contributor(s) will be contacted to request permission for relicensing.02:13
asac(under: What about Mozilla source files that do not have an explicit license notice?)02:14
Ubuletteasac, what about this: http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/copyright02:23
Ubulettei dropped all extentions !???02:25
asacproblems with connection again02:26
asacno i mean02:28
asaci don't get any website to open :)02:28
asaclooks like port 80 is blocked or something02:28
asacmaybe two default routes confuse this thing here?02:31
asachmm looks like only your server is not reachable02:32
Ubuletteif https is okay, i've committed it to .dev02:32
asacwell launchpad works02:32
Ubuletteso try lp02:32
asacok now the changes are there02:33
asacjust a second ago they haven't been ... probably synching02:33
asacUbulette: maybe add a hint to the MPL only files section02:34
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asacand point to the faq ... e.g. that it states that NPL files are automatically relicensed if netscape was initial author02:34
asacand replace "myself" with your name02:35
asacthen make CVS documentation proper ... and all should be fine02:35
Ubulettegnomefreak, pushed in xul trunk too02:45
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asacso we have a complete trunk stack in ppa by tomorrow?02:56
Ubuletteff left03:01
Ubulettedefaults/autoconfig is gone03:02
Ubulettedaily trunk03:02
Ubuletteoh, i know03:03
Ubulettewith xul, it's no longer pref but preferences03:04
Ubuletteno, already took care of pref/preferences03:14
Ubuletteautoconfig is not installed anymore03:14
Ubuletteasac, is it useful ?03:14
Ubuletteplatform.js and prefcalls.js03:14
Ubulettedropped, committed, pushed03:35
asacits important03:40
asacwell if upstrema dropped it then it might have been moved somewhere else03:40
asacbefore it was definitly required03:40
asacotherwise clean profile creation failed03:40
Ubuletteit'd in /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9a8pre/defaults/autoconfig now03:41
Ubuletteall it's platform related, not browser03:41
asacah ok03:46
asacthat should be fine then03:46
asacthough maybe its allowed in both dirs?03:46
Ubulettedon't know03:53
Ubulettei'll try without03:53
asacok night04:00
Ubulettenight too, i'll be back sunday eve04:00
Ubuletteii  firefox-trunk  3.0a8pre+cvs20070831t1748+bbot-204:09
Ubuletteii  libnspr4-0d    4.7.0+cvs20070828t1830+bbot-304:09
Ubuletteii  libnss3-0d     3.12.0+cvs20070831t0504+bbot-104:09
Ubuletteii  xulrunner-1.9  1.9a8pre+cvs20070831t1404+bbot-104:09
Ubuletterunning all fine for me.04:09
Ubuletteno problem with nss (gmail certificates ok)04:09
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shirishUbulette: asac: gnomefreak: anybody up?04:38
tonyyarussoshirish: Well, "anybody" is, but "somebody" isn't.05:09
shirishtonyyarusso: hey ;)05:09
tonyyarussoshirish: what's up?05:09
shirishtonyyarusso: I was wondering for Ubulette said something about changing stuff from 3.0a8pre+cvs20070831t1 to 3.0~a8 or something like that, any idea about that?05:11
tonyyarussoshirish: What's the a8 mean?  Sounds like a pre-release from CVS being finalized to me.05:12
shirishtonyyarusso: disregard that, as atleast on http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/minirepos/firefox-minefield/pool/firefox-trunk/ it shows the same names as now ;)05:12
shirishtonyyarusso: I'm checking, perhaps there is an a8 around the corner somewhere05:13
shirishtonyyarusso: ff3a8 code freeze is on sept 5 & then its supposed to be shipped by sept. 18, this would also serve as feature-freeze05:15
shirishtonyyarusso: correction, that's front-end feature-frozen05:16
shirishtonyyarusso: details from http://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox3/Schedule05:16
shirishtonyyarusso: also do you checkout the builds from Ubulette's mini repository?05:18
tonyyarussoI don't (yet at least)05:23
tonyyarussoWait...October 16 hard code freeze - does that mean there's a tiny chance FF 3 may be in Gutsy?05:24
=== tonyyarusso is amused by the fact that they have "Firefox 3 status meetings" reoccuring every Tuesday for all eternity
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gnomefreaktonyyarusso: it already is in gutsy03:52
gnomefreakasac: in thunderbird rules there isnt a cluet o the command we used to generate orig.tar, is it debian/rules new-orig?03:54
gnomefreakUbulette: we are waiting for copyright file still? you said you fixed somehting but wasnt sure what04:32
gnomefreakasac: i have a feeling im gonna run into problems on tbird2 for feisty, nothing that cant be easily changed but im trying to change least as possible04:44
gnomefreakwell im gonna try to leave the patches alone and prey05:04
gnomefreakasac: ok i had to pull a revision prior to the gcc g++ changes but ./debian/rules neworig is not making tarball what was the command for tbird orig regen?05:23
=== gnomefreak out for a bit need to get things done
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gnomefreakasac: your off this weekend right?08:53
gnomefreakUbulette_: if your here you might want to look into a gp crash that is also crashing ff and epip  sounds like a corrupt profiles to me but this is important if everyone sees it08:55
xtknightgoing to try a backtrace then as long as we're on the subject08:58
=== gnomefreak gone for a while again
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