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arthur-doko: http://people.dunnewind.net/arthur/doko/01:48
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dokoarthur-: why did you build with -sa?01:52
arthur-doko: I didn't, I've included it by hand02:35
dokoarthur-: and please file a sync request02:37
arthur-doko: don't really, sorry if it was a mistake02:39
dokonp, do it better the next time. you don't need to include the source again if it's already in the archive02:50
arthur-ok :-)02:54
arthur-doko: here is the sync request: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdc-4.1/+bug/13657802:55
arthur-doko: my sponsor can ACK it if you have no time02:56
dokoarthur-: you need to mention that the ubuntu changes can be overwritten (if you have checked that)02:58
arthur-"Previous merge don't bring any Ubuntu change to gdc-4.1."02:58
arthur-doko: this was likely a "fakemerge" right? :-)02:59
arthur-the -15ubuntu1 upload03:01
arthur-doko: shall I join the orig for an upload in experimental if the orig is in unstable?03:44
arthur-ok, thanks03:45
dokoarthur-: you need to mention in the bug report, why the ubuntu changes can be dropped05:00
arthur-wget -O /dev/stdout -q http://patches.ubuntu.com/g/gdc-4.1/gdc-4.1_0.23-4.1.2-15ubuntu2.patch | grep ^diff | grep -v changelog05:14
arthur-diff -pruN 0.23-4.1.2-15/debian/control 0.23-4.1.2-15ubuntu2/debian/control05:14
arthur-diff -pruN 0.23-4.1.2-15/debian/lib32gcj7-dev.overrides 0.23-4.1.2-15ubuntu2/debian/lib32gcj7-dev.overrides05:14
arthur-diff -pruN 0.23-4.1.2-15/debian/README.Debian 0.23-4.1.2-15ubuntu2/debian/README.Debian05:14
arthur-diff -pruN 0.23-4.1.2-15/debian/rules.parameters 0.23-4.1.2-15ubuntu2/debian/rules.parameters05:14
arthur-doko: ok05:14
arthur-doko: done, have to go.05:21
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arthur-doko: http://paste.dunnewind.net/367 don't think I forgot something10:57
arthur-doko: I'm not sure at all of what I've dont with control.m4, have to test :-)10:58
arthur-forgot the gdc package in control.m4...10:58
arthur-doko: http://paste.dunnewind.net/36810:59
dokoarthur-: look, but it's not against the current svn11:00
arthur-Actualis  la rvision 2430.11:01
arthur-doko: http://paste.dunnewind.net/36911:03
dokoelse ifeq ($(PKGSOURCE),gdc-4.1)11:07
dokogcc-4.2-source (>= 4.2.2)11:07
dokoand the gcc-d-lang.dpatch is missing (please check that it applies in a gcc-4.2 build)11:08
dokothe other things look ok11:08
arthur-doko: http://paste.dunnewind.net/370 testing build right now11:31
dokoarthur-: please send it by email, something is wrong with the paste12:02
arthur-doko: sure12:02
arthur-doko: and hum, I'm sure you noticed that, but: http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gcc-snapshot.html12:02
dokoshit happens12:03
arthur-doko: have you failed a script or something?12:06

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