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bryceI've gone through all of the fedora patches - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Fixes_to_Backport05:18
bryceI'm running a build of all the patches that applied and configured cleanly05:18
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tepsipakkibryce: the fedora mesa-patch supercedes our copy10:40
tepsipakkikeescook: selinux-support is going in xserver 1.510:41
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brycetepsipakki: ah, ok.  Looks like it's going to take a bit of massaging to get it in07:41
brycetepsipakki: I would appreciate it if you could go through that wiki page and flag patches that you know should or shouldn't be included, and the ones I included but that I wasn't sure about if you have an opinion on them07:42
tepsipakkibryce: sure09:01
tepsipakkibryce: btw, did you look at the fedora xserver specfile? The patches are grouped in different categories, and the ones that are redhat-specific should probably be left out09:11
bryceah, no I didn't09:11
tepsipakkixserver-1.3.0-newglx-offscreen-pixmaps.patch is a new version of 120-...09:14
bryceis that the tfp patch?  it looked rather small to be the tfp stuff, but I didn't see another patch that looked like it.09:18
tepsipakkialso, the patch order can be seen from the specfile09:18
tepsipakkiand changelog :)09:18
brycegood point09:18
tepsipakkiso, the mesa-patch needs to be applied before exa-update and newglx...patch09:19
tepsipakkimesa-patch conflicts with patches 21, 125, 126, 12709:30
tepsipakkithey all can be commented out09:30
tepsipakki21 only affects arches Ubuntu doesn't support09:30
tepsipakkiand in fact, 125-127 can be dropped since they are ours :)09:31
tepsipakkihmm, add patch 43 to the list09:38
bryce43 as one to drop?09:38
tepsipakkias one conflictiong09:39
tepsipakkileaving that out the mesa/exa/newglx-patches applied fine09:40
brycedid you update the ordering as well?09:42
tepsipakkithe mesa-patch removes some files, one of which 43 touched09:42
tepsipakkiI just put those three as 133/134/135 (mesa/exa/newglx)09:43
tepsipakkiI'll continue with the rest tomorrow :)09:56
bryceawesome.  I'll kick off a build myself with these changes.10:03
bryceBtw, this morning I also started drafting up a X Quick Check list for our testers:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Testing/QuickCheck10:04
brycenext I'm working on one for gamers10:04
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