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jribyou are in recovery mode now?05:33
michael_demonioexcuse for bother you05:33
jribdo you have a gui?05:33
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michael_demoniobut i need help05:33
michael_demonioi don't have a gui05:34
michael_demonioi'm searching at forums05:34
jribso you are on a different computer?05:34
michael_demoniono, i'm on my pc05:34
jribyou are using xchat to talk to me?05:34
michael_demonioi began session at recover mode, now i'm root05:35
jribok, never mind, open up a terminal05:35
michael_demonioyes, i suposed that here are the best ubunters05:35
michael_demonioi have it already opened05:35
michael_demonioi'm from colombia05:35
jribok, now what is the name of the user with the problem?05:36
michael_demoniolook, i started to change my theme configuration, and then, my pc was freezed05:37
jribok, at the terminal, you type this:  rm ~demonio/.{X,ICE}authority05:37
michael_demoniothen i restart my pc, and i realized i cannot begin my session05:37
jribright, you said it just gets stuck after you login05:37
michael_demoniono, i enter my username (demonio), and then the password05:38
michael_demoniolater, the splash screen is shown, but then nothing is loaded, there is no graphic interface, no buttons, and no panels, i cannot see anything05:39
jribtry the command I said and then try logging in again.  If it still does not work, come back05:39
michael_demoniowhat does  rm ~demonio/.{X,ICE}authority do?05:39
jribdeletes .Xauthority and .ICEauthority files for the demonio user05:40
jribthey get recreated automatically05:40
michael_demonioand what if it doesn't result?05:41
jribthen you come back05:41
michael_demoniothank you very much, i hope i can use my session with that05:42
Grungebunnywhen does class start?05:43
jribGrungebunny: right now, I don't think any are scheduled05:44
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jribmichael_demonio: hi05:54
jribdid it not work?05:54
michael_demonioi could not type ~05:55
michael_demoniowhat is the ascii code?05:56
jribok, at the terminal, you type this:  rm /home/demonio/.{X,ICE}authority05:56
jribyou don't need ~ in that one05:56
jribit should have no output.  If it does have output, then something is wrong and you need to tell me :)05:57
michael_demonioi have to type that now, or starting my session05:57
jribat a terminal05:58
michael_demonioi remember you i'm at recovery mode as root05:58
jribright, taht should work05:58
michael_demonioso, now i have typed that, press enter?05:58
michael_demonioi did it05:59
jribno output?05:59
michael_demonioso, do i have to reboot now?06:00
michael_demoniothere was no output06:00
michael_demonioi typed that, and then appeared root again06:00
michael_demonioare you sure it won't erase my files and data?06:01
michael_demoniook, because i have many videos and music06:02
michael_demoniowhen i typed  rm ~demonio/.{X,ICE}authority nothing happened06:03
jribyou should try logging in now06:03
michael_demoniobut when i typed rm /home/demonio/.{X.ICE}authority, the output was: cannot remove .... no such a file or directory06:04
jribthat's ok06:04
michael_demoniothank you very much06:04
michael_demonionow i will reboot06:04
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michael_demoniojrib nothing result06:18
michael_demoniowhen i start my session there is no desktop to show06:18
jribtry: mv /home/demonio/.gnome2/session{,.backup}06:18
michael_demonioand what does it do?06:19
jribrenames ~/.gnome2/session to ~/.gnome2/session.backup06:20
michael_demoniodoes it affect my files?06:21
michael_demoniothe output was: cannot stat06:22
jribwhat does this return: ls /home/demonio/.gnome2/session06:23
michael_demoniono such a file or directory06:24
jribdo you have /home/demonio/.xsession-errors ?  Can you pastebin that file?06:25
michael_demoniowhat i have to do?06:25
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:25
michael_demoniodo i have to reinstall the ubuntu?06:25
michael_demoniothere is a window where says name, syntax and text06:26
michael_demoniowhat do i do there?06:27
jribopem /home/demonio/.xsession-errors on your computer and copy and paste the contents to the window where it says "text"06:27
michael_demonioby console or by nautilus?06:28
jribdoesn't matter06:28
michael_demoniowhat have i to select at syntax?06:29
jribdoesn't matter06:29
michael_demonioin name, type my real name?06:31
jribanything you want06:31
jribI'll be back in 5 minutes06:31
michael_demoniook, thanks06:31
jribafter you pastebin, paste the url here06:31
michael_demoniothe classroom url?06:31
jriband you may want to try logging in one more time, to see if ~/.gnome2/session gets created06:31
jribmichael_demonio: the url for the web page you get after you press "submit"06:32
michael_demonioi don't understand06:33
michael_demoniothe url i pasted is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts06:35
jribok, that's not what I mean06:40
jriblet's start over06:40
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:40
jribyou have your browser open to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org?06:40
jribnow in the Text section you have copied what is in your ~/.xsession-errors file and pasted it?06:41
jribnow, press the Submit button06:41
michael_demonioin name i put michael_demonio06:41
michael_demonioit doesnot says submit, it says paste06:42
jribok, press that06:42
jribnow in your address bar, tell me what url there is06:43
michael_demonioand the first address was http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/36906/06:44
michael_demonioand now what?06:46
jribnow I have to go in a bit, but I will tell you a command that will reset your GNOME settings06:47
michael_demoniook, thank you so much06:47
michael_demonioso, now i have to wait?06:48
jribdo this command: mv ~demonio/.gnome2{,.backup}; mv ~demonio/.gconfd{,.backup}; mv ~demonio/.gconf{,.backup}06:48
jribyou're settings will go away, but they are in the *.backup directories if you need something06:49
jribif it still doesn't work, it may be easier for you to create a new user and then copy the videos and documents from the old user to the new user.  Or, ask in #ubuntu for more help06:50
jribgood luck, any questions before I go?06:50
michael_demoniothank you, i will do that06:54
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michael_demoniojrib and why i can't recover my desktop?07:14
michael_demonioi don't wanna lose my session07:18
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