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CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: robotgeek * r4326 kubuntu/ (libs/kde-menus-C.ent network/C/network.xml):12:58
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: Made changes to wifi section12:58
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: Minor correction to KDE menu entry12:58
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robotgeekphew, finished just in time :)01:00
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robotgeeknixternal: i finally got around to changing some of the wifi stuff07:45
nixternalwoohoo! :)07:48
nixternaldid you commit it?07:49
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robotgeeknixternal: yup, committed08:02
nixternalgood deal08:03
robotgeekcool, comments?08:09
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shriphanihmm does philbull make a regular appearance here ?08:52
Flannelshriphani: he hasnt been here since sept 5 at least08:53
shriphaniso 4 days.08:53
robotgeekhmm, email might be a good way to contact anyways, i think08:53
shriphanii have been mailing him.08:54
shriphanitho irc would be a more comfortable way of communicating.08:54
robotgeekhmm, he is pretty regular on the mailing list.08:54
robotgeekmaybe real life caught up :)08:54
shriphanihe sure is.08:54
shriphaniyesterday we exchanged messages as if we were on irc with a 10 sec. lag.08:55
FlannelOn the 6th, he made a change to a package.08:55
mdkeshriphani: he's not on irc much, unfortunately11:55
mdkeshriphani: can we help at all?11:56
shriphanihuh. no. I don't have any troubles here. I just felt that IRC would be a better way of communicating than by sending email to each other every 10 seconds.11:59
shriphaniit didn't come that close though... but it did get to a 1 minute gap..11:59
mdkeshriphani: yeah, I have the same thing12:00
mdkeI'll suggest it to him12:00
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Klau1Hello, there! Is there someone here having write access in https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/printing/C/scanning.html ?04:00
Klau1Anyway, the issue is the following: In #ubuntu-de I just got a problem solved, where my USB external HD wouldn't appear in /dev, because, after all, my USB scanner (CanoScan LiDE 20) was USB powered and sucking too much of the USB's power.04:03
Klau1The helpful guy also told me that USB-powered scanners were generally a bad idea. So I thought, someone should insert this note at an appropriate place in the documentation wiki04:03
Klau1So even though nobody is here to answer right now, I hope you can still read this and take action.04:04
Klau1Thank you!04:04
shriphaniKlau1: #ubuntu-doc04:13
Klau1that's where I am, no? :D04:14
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mdkeblast these incomprehensible docbook invalidity errors06:46
mdkemeh, as usual you spent half an hour looking and changing, then see the obvious typo07:00
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4327 ubuntu/ (19 files in 19 dirs): refreshing pot files07:27
FlannelIs there any way of linking to a svg on the wiki? or do I need to rasterize it?09:49
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CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4328 teamstuff/ (10 files in 2 dirs): updated code for docbook2moin11:37
ubotuNew bug: #138475 in xubuntu-docs (main) "No toolbar in Xubuntu" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13847512:05
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