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samuelbaizghello,anybody is using apahce CXF ?05:06
samuelbaizgI have some questions about it , can you help me ?05:07
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xhakerHi all :)09:40
xhakerseems that eclipse was built ok on all archs but not on powerpc (and lpia)09:41
xhakerabout the powerpc FTBFS I think I might have found a solution, but I can't test it.. no powerpc hardware09:42
xhakerman-di, doko if you're around would you care to discuss it with me?09:42
dokoxhaker: powerpc: you need to include -L/usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj/lib when linking09:43
xhakerdoko, wouldn't it be sufficient to include /usr/lib/gcj-4.209:44
dokoxhaker: it's /usr/lib/gcj-4.2-80 iirc09:45
dokoyes, should work as well09:45
xhakerdoes that look ok to you?09:45
xhakerI didn't know you were aware of the problem. I saw it failing to build on launchpad and decided to look it up09:46
dokoxhaker: hmm, lpia ... you need to convince eclipse that it treats lpia like i386 (don't pass the string lpia to the eclipse build, but the same thing which is passed for i386)09:46
dokoyou could check in an lpia chroot09:47
doko$ ls -ld /usr/lib/gcj-4.*09:47
dokodrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Sep  1 17:42 /usr/lib/gcj-4.1-7109:47
dokodrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Sep  3 19:07 /usr/lib/gcj-4.2-8109:47
dokoboth paths are wrong and should be adjusted09:48
xhakerdoko, I've checked a previous build log that worked09:48
xhakerit was /usr/lib/gcj-4.1 there09:48
xhakeri thin09:48
dokono shouldn't be09:49
xhakerdoko, maybe gutsy or debian unstable09:49
xhakerfeisty i mean09:49
dokoxhaker: but you do want to upload to gutsy, don't you?09:50
xhakeryes.. to gutsy.. did the paths change in gutsy?09:50
dokoxhaker: please create a gutsy chroot and check. yes, they did change09:50
dokosudo debootstrap --arch lpia gutsy /srv/chroot/gutsy-lpia  ... there's good documentaiton in the wiki09:51
xhakeri'm confused with this gcj-4.1 vs gcj-4.2 also. the rules file seems to state gcj-4.1 the logs gcj-4.2.. maybe i'm just green in this field09:52
dokono, I think nobody did update them yet =)09:53
xhakershould it be 4.2 then?09:53
xhakerin both debian unstable and gutsy?09:53
xhakerI may try this09:56
xhaker-+      elif [ -d /usr/lib/gcj-4.1 ] ; then09:56
xhaker-+              AWT_LIB_PATH=/usr/lib/gcj-4.109:56
xhaker++      elif [ -d ${JAVA_HOME}/lib ] ; then09:56
xhaker++              AWT_LIB_PATH=${JAVA_HOME}/lib09:56
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Creteilhi all09:58
dokoxhaker: just keep the existing, and add the new directories09:58
dokois JAVA_HOME set?09:58
CreteilI have installed sun-java6-plugin-6-02-1ubuntu3 under gutsy but going to the official sun java tests, I have have a report saying 'Java Runtime Environment is not working on your system'10:00
Creteilsomeone have an idea of the problem ?10:00
xhakerdoko, please check this http://pastebin.com/m3594d5e810:33
dokoxhaker: really, really install a chroot and do a test build. I may overlook things as well ...10:34
xhakerdoko, my i386 machine is not so powerful.. only 512 ram and 1.4 pentium-m. and the other machine is amd64 10:37
xhakerlots of paging building eclipse10:37
xhakeri have to check if lpia bails ou at the beginning10:37
xhakerif so.. i'll try to check if it goes10:37
dokoxhaker: you can install an lpia chroot on your amd64 as well10:38
dokoxhaker: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot10:38
xhakerdoko, can I? can I do a ppc chroot too?10:38
xhakeri know.. that was dumb10:39
dokono, no ppc, but lpia is just an i386 variant10:39
dokoread the wiki, it should be clear10:39

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