mertikiasac : I go now, but you can email me at any time if you need me to do something around that01:16
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Ubulettemozilla bug 38415402:03
ubotuMozilla bug 384154 in Layout "layout-debug component does not build" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38415402:03
Ubuletteasac, look at comment #502:03
Ubulettethat guys said tested with layout-debug+enable-libxul02:04
Ubulettei'm rebuilding with --enable-extensions=layout-debug02:04
asacUbulette: use default,layout-debug02:09
asacnot just layout-debug02:09
Ubulettei'm just testing the build system, it's not for commit02:09
asacUbulette: it doesn't build that way02:10
asacat least my guess02:11
asacthe point why it will fail is that the build is attempted before xpcom/stub is build02:12
asaci don't see why that should work02:12
asacBenjamin says "It looks like it lives outside of libxul, which means that02:13
asacit needs to start using frozen linkage."02:13
asacthats the right fix we need02:13
Ubulettefrozen linkage ?02:26
asacUbulette: ok i think the patch was incomplete02:34
Ubuletteasac, which one ?02:35
asacUbulette: isn't there a linker option that allows symbols to be present at runtime?02:37
asacand not at build time?02:37
asac(when producing shared libs)02:37
Ubuletteyou mean -rpath ?02:38
asacno  i mean i use nsIXPCOMSomething02:40
asacbut produce shared lib without -lxpcom02:40
asacbut it still works ;)02:40
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Ubuletteasac ?03:28
Ubuletteit seems wallet will be removed and replaced by satchel03:30
Ubulettemozilla bug 30430903:31
ubotuMozilla bug 304309 in XP Apps "convert to satchel from wallet" [Enhancement,Assigned]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30430903:31
Ubulettemozilla bug 39002503:31
ubotuMozilla bug 390025 in XP Apps "Move to LoginManager and remove wallet from SeaMonkey" [Normal,New]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39002503:32
Ubulettemozilla bug 39450203:33
ubotuMozilla bug 394502 in Build Config "make SeaMonkey build with libxul" [Normal,New]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39450203:33
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asacUbulette: ok ... otherwise is would suggest to build with default,wallet and make wallet a libxul component04:50
asacwe certainly don't want to make layout-debug a libxul component which would then be always enabled04:50
Ubulettewallet is totally broken04:51
Ubulettewe never built it before in ff304:53
Ubulette(without libxul)04:54
Ubuletteso it's one more thing to port in kazehakase04:54
Ubuletteie use the new password manager instead of depending on wallet from xul 1.804:55
Bernardoasac: if you want me to do some tests with knetworkmanager/ipw3945, I'm free right now04:57
Ubuletteasac, ..or we can open a moz bug for wallet and ask if wallet is still maintained or not04:58
Ubuletteasac, imho kazehakase should now use nsIPasswordManager instead of nsIPassword05:06
Ubulettetypeaheadfind is broken too05:21
Ubulettemake[6] : *** No rule to make target `-lgkgfx', needed by `libsuitetypeaheadfind.so'.  Stop.05:23
asacUbulette: isn't it nsIPassword elements you get from nsIPasswordManager?05:26
asacBernardo: Bernardo what does  modinfo ipw3945 | grep ^version: ... give you?05:28
asacUbulette: libsuitetypeaheadfind is probably for suite ... not for xulrunner et al05:29
Ubuletteit's part of 'all' dammit. they should test their stuff05:32
Bernardoasac: got called, let me check now05:33
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Bernardoversion:        1.2.2mp.ubuntu105:33
Bernardobtw, this one (updated a few hours ago and rebooted) connected to my fonera using wpa2 without problems, the previous one wouldn't connect05:34
asacok thats good05:48
asaccan you test open network as well?05:48
asacBernardo: ^^^05:49
BernardoI have the open fonera network06:01
Bernardo(daughter woke up, sorry for the delay)06:01
BernardoI also have a vodafone network nearby06:01
Bernardodo you want me to test it now? I'll go offline for a couple minutes, even if it works06:02
Bernardoasac: ^^^06:05
asacBernardo: yes ... please06:06
Bernardook, brb06:08
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Bernardook,  it worked - but going back to wpa gave a error and killed network manager06:17
Bernardo"FON_AfonsoL" is the open network06:18
Bernardo"Bernardo" is the wpa2 network06:18
Bernardoasac: ^^^06:19
asacBernardo: strange crash ... haven't seen that before06:28
asacBernardo: anyway, next network manager upload should improve switching back and forth between wireless networks06:29
asacBernardo: its just important that the driver allows nm to connect at all for now06:29
BernardoWhen I restarted networkmanager it connected to the open network again06:29
Bernardoand then when it finally populated the networks list I switched to the wpa2 one, and this time it didn't crash06:30
asacyes ... but it should fail more or less often when switching networks06:30
asacusually without a crash though06:30
Bernardoshould I try now with a hidden SSID for the wpa2 network, or that doesn't work yet?06:31
asaci doubt it works ... but please try06:31
asaccan you try open net + hidden?06:31
BernardoThat would be harder, but I think I can.06:32
asacwhy harder?06:32
BernardoI have to restore wpa2 config before my daughter wants to see one of her videos on the living room media center... :)06:33
asacwell test wpa2 then06:33
BernardoI'll test both, brb06:33
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Bernardoasac: as you said, switching networks is a bitch06:38
asacyep ... fine. how about hidden`06:39
BernardoI don't know, I think the router crashed06:40
Bernardosorry for the delay06:46
Bernardothe router web interface has hung on the wireless basic page, it seems06:46
BernardoI'll have to check from another machine if the ssid is being shown06:47
=== Bernardo finds swiftweasel crashed too
Bernardook, have to reset the router (wrt54gl)06:53
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Bernardook, when the router crashed it didn't change the ssid broadcast07:07
Bernardogoing to test it now07:07
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Bernardothe connection didn't drop completely during the change of broadcast enabled to disabled, I'm now going to try "reconnecting"  to the network07:09
asacBernardo: restart NetworkManager at best07:11
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Ubuletteasac, only xml-rpc venkman inspector irc gnomevfs cview tasks reporter python/xpcom could be built07:24
Ubuletteasac, I had to drop: wallet layout-debug help sroaming typeaheadfind datetime finger sql xforms schema-validation python/dom07:25
asacUbulette: thats fine imo07:35
asacUbulette: we should add wallet ... and do the same that was done for layout-debug07:35
asace.g. maybe it a libxul component07:36
asacthere is just two much string api stuff to migrate imo07:36
Ubuletteeh? i didn't touch layout-debug, i dropped it07:40
asacUbulette: i got it working07:41
asacits all done ... except one tiny thing ... the Makefile.in need FORCE_STATIC_LIB=107:41
asachowever we cannot use it07:41
asacbut we should use the same for wallet to get kazehakase going07:41
asac(we cannot use it because nobody wants layout-debug to be always installed)07:42
Ubulettei'd prefer kazehakase not to use wallet as upstream will drop it soon. no need to waste time on this07:42
asacfine ... if you know how to read the password entries out of passwordmanager without that class ... go ahead ;)07:42
asacwhats your idea?07:43
Ubulette..same for you, if you know how to fix wallet, go ahead ;)07:43
asacUbulette: anyway I agree that for now we should just build all extensions that are usable/buildable07:43
asacUbulette: i said how ;)07:43
asacUbulette: build it as internal xul lib07:44
asacyou remembe the bug you had for layout-debug?07:44
asacthe patch is exactly the same07:44
asacjust replace the layout-debug with wallet07:44
asacthen add FORCE_STATIC_LIB = 1 in Makefile.in of wallet07:44
asacso it will get linked into libxul and can access hidden symbols07:44
asacUbulette: but i can do it07:45
asac(try i mean :))07:45
asacUbulette: if you add FORCE_STATIC_LIB = 1 to the layout-debug Makefile.in it will just build07:45
Ubulettefor now, i'm fixing the dev branch to build the list i've mentionned above07:46
asacthats good07:46
asachave you pushed something i should work against?07:47
Ubulettei need to install python properly07:47
Ubulettenot yet07:47
asacif you push, can you push same changelog date? so i don't need update my orig?07:47
Ubulettei didn't bump since yesterday07:47
asacUbulette: python xpcom is more or less abandoned upstream (in case you care) :)07:47
asacbut we probably want it anyway07:48
Ubulettesomeone asked for it yesterday07:48
asaci know :(07:48
asacUbulette: you will need a patch for python 2.5 i guess07:49
asacUbulette: i have submitted it upstream ... guess it hasn't been applied yet - because of reasons above :)07:49
Ubulettei'm not familiar with python..07:49
asacno ... the python api has changed07:49
asacso it fails to build against python 2.5 api07:49
asacwhile i works with python 2.407:50
asacwait a sec07:50
Ubulettecould you take care of that ?07:50
ubotuMozilla bug 386610 in XPCOM "pyxpcom fails to build against python 2.5 (api changed)" [Normal,Assigned] 07:50
Ubulettei mean, xul built with python/xpcom, now we need to install that07:51
asacoh ... i should update that patch ;)07:51
asacit built?07:51
asacmaybe python api was fixed then ;)07:51
Ubulettelet me put dev in shape then try it :)07:51
asacUbulette: take a look what files are separated by mike in xulrunner07:51
asacits just libpython-xpcom.so and .xpt file most likely07:52
UbuletteI read http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/x/xulrunner/xulrunner_1.8.1.4-2ubuntu3.diff.gz07:52
asacwhich needs to go to a separate package07:52
Ubuletteit's a mess07:52
UbuletteI'd prefer you doing the python stuff completely as you seems familiar with it already ;)07:52
asacwell familiar is something else :) ... but i can give it a try07:53
Ubulettei'll uncommit the last change 2 broken commits07:54
Ubuletteand redo 107:54
asacwhatever you want ... haven't updated branch in last 2 days or so07:54
asaclet me know when i shall pull07:55
Ubulettei'll redo rev1307:55
asaci'll be off again07:55
asacactually i wanted to not be online at all this weekend07:55
asachaven't even checked my mail for last 2 days ;)07:55
asacwill look in this channel though ;)07:56
Ubuletteasac, pushed08:01
Ubuletteyou should see rev13 at the top08:02
asaci think we should --disable-tests08:03
Ubulettethis should be fixed upstream using the proper $GARBAGE08:05
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Ubulettethere are some files too08:07
asacyou sure GARBAGE_DIRS doesn't remove recursively?08:07
asac(i am not ... but should be easy to figure out)08:07
Ubuletteit does, but look at the rule, it drops links (to .cpp) and .pyc08:08
Ubulette+ too08:08
asac-rm -rf $(ALL_TRASH_DIRS)08:08
asacyes ...08:08
asacthose are a different thing ... agreed08:09
asacthough pyc should probably be cleaned in some generic clean rule08:09
asace.g. auto garbage ;)08:09
asaclike .o et al08:09
asacthe links are ugly ;)08:09
Ubulettei got lazy, it could be cleaned with a proper patch later08:09
Ubulettein fact, i was tired to see dpkg-buildpackage failing because of this08:10
asacUbulette: i think _OBJS in rules.mk08:11
asacshould be extended08:11
Ubulette(i'll auto-deco soon... damn dyn ip)08:14
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Bernardoasac: total disaster08:28
Bernardoasac: only managed to connect after showing essid again and rebooting08:29
Bernardoalso found out that 8139too is broken for my laptop - couldn't use ethernet to connect08:29
Bernardothe media detection is broken, doesn detect that I connect a cable to the ethernet port08:30
BernardoI don't know which update broke it, as I haven't used it for a while08:30
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asacUbulette: btw, xul ftb as expected because of change python api09:04
asacyou probably have tweaked your alternatives or only have python 2.409:04
Ubuletteasac, i only have 2.5 in that chroot09:05
Ubulettenothing at all for 2.409:06
asacno idea then ... the code should definitly fail to build ... look at the error09:07
asaconly thing i could imagine is some CXXFLAGS tweakage ... like non-fatal-warnings ;)09:09
Ubuletteasac, btw, mxr means mozilla cross reference09:53
Ubuletteasac, that nsIPassword is a trick. It's indeed in wallet but they duplicated it in embedding/browser/gtk/src10:14
Ubuletteso wallet is not needed anymore10:15
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shirishhi all, anything new cooking?10:20
Ubulettea xul with more extensions by default10:25
Ubuletteno progress with kazehakase wilth xul 1.9. code is for 1.810:26
shirishUbulette: ok cool10:26
shirishUbulette: btw I have been reading quite a bit about larry today :)10:26
Ubulettelarry ?10:27
shirishUbulette: larry- the security UI thing10:27
shirishUbulette: look at left of the address bar, there is a rectangular box, go to any site, click on that box, what does it show?10:28
shirishthe guy in the hat, he's lovingly called larry by the guys at mozilla10:29
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Ubuletteyou mean the popup with the cop that landed a few days ago ?10:30
shirishUbulette: yup, the cop, he's known as larry ;)10:31
Ubuletteurl ?10:32
shirishoh ok hang on.10:32
shirishactually this is the most recent one, there are couple of others which describe the idea in the 1st place.10:33
shirishUbulette: nothing to thank about, we just help out in understanding things10:35
shirishUbulette: anything new on your side that you've been reading (anything interesting)?10:36
Ubulettejavascript performance compared10:37
shirishUbulette: GDKWebkit this is a new browser or what?10:39
shirishUbulette: do I have to do anything for the xul with more extensions or just do my everyday thing?10:42
Ubuletteit's not in yet. I've hold my bot for today as I was still working on that.10:43
Ubulettebtw, i don't know if there's be something visible10:44
shirishUbulette: doesn't really matter, its just to know if I'm doing things right10:44
Ubuletteshould be in my repo in about 1h10:45
shirishUbulette: btw this webkit seems to be gtk based, which means another browser in GNOME, XFCE universe.10:45
Ubulettewell, i don't know if i'll work on it or not. mike (debian) modified too many things, as usual10:46
Ubulettei mean, for my taste10:46
shirishUbulette: hmm... is this the same as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webkit ?10:48
shirishok, this probably is targetted more towards the mobile stuff I guess10:49
shirishanyway, a new browser is always welcomed no matter what ;)10:50
shirishok so its like what a library is to an app.10:53
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fuocoTheMuso: if you are here, i was told in the forums that you have a fix for powerpc build of granparadiso?10:58
fuocoby Ubulette :)10:58
fuocoby the way does the trunk build? (minefield)10:59
Ubulettefuoco, as i said, we'll do our best to push it for a810:59
Ubuletteno, same issue10:59
fuocoi see10:59
Ubulettea8 is expected this week11:00
shirishyes, it is :)11:00
Ubulettefuoco, we could have done that a while ago but none of the active maintainers have access to a ppc box11:01
Ubuletteand the new ppa is only i386 and amd6411:01
fuocoby the way does totem plugin work ok on granparadiso?11:03
Ubulettegutsy's one, no11:04
Ubulettei fixed it11:04
Ubulettepatch is in launchpad11:04
Ubulettebug 13165811:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131658 in totem "[gutsy]  totem browser-plugin makes firefox-granparadiso crash" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13165811:06
Ubulettei've been running that patch myself for more than a month, no problem11:07
Ubuletteshirish, do you use my totem ?11:07
shirishUbulette: not yet unfortunately11:07
shirishUbulette: anything new in it?11:07
Ubulettewell, it's HEAD11:08
Ubulettelike everything else11:08
Ubuletteso whatever is new upstream, you have it :)11:08
shirishtrue, let today's big list of updates be done then might do it11:08
fuocowhat about gnash?11:08
Ubuletteno idea11:08
shirisha m8 after my heart11:08
shirishUbulette: you should think about having gnash sometime in your repository too ;)11:09
Ubulettewhat's their vcs ?11:10
shirishUbulette: hang on, will find out11:10
shirishUbulette: cvs just like mozilla11:11
Ubuletteok. i'll have a look when i have time11:12
shirish"export CVS_RSH="ssh" cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sv.gnu.org:/sources/gnash co gnash"11:12
Ubuletteshirish, do you use my gstreamer ?11:12
shirishUbulette: not yet, all that I have yet to download, how would I do those? both gstreamer as well as totem?11:13
shirishUbulette: also are they good on ff 2.0 series or just with ff 3.x series?11:13
Ubuletteadd the corresponding mini repo11:13
Ubuletteas far as i know, yes11:13
Ubuletteff2/ff3/rhythmbox/totem are all happy with my gst11:14
Ubulettewell, ff2/ff3 has nothing to do with gst directly ;)11:14
shirishUbulette: hmm... cool, other than rhythmbox which I hate, I like exaile better & compile it myself everyday11:15
shirishok will be out your hair for sometime, gotta sleep its already hovering the 3 a.m. mark here.11:16
shirishUbulette: take care, would try the other things tomorrow for sure :)11:16
=== shirish out
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TheMusoUbulette, asac, I have a working patch, which works with the latest gran-paradiso source in gutsy. Just doing a test build, and will ensure the browser works, but should be able to put the patch somewhere in a few hours. Whats the easiest way for me to get it to you?12:37
asacTheMuso: either submit a patch suitable for debian/patches, a debdiff or push up a bzr branch that we should merge from.12:38
TheMusoasac: Its a patch that goes in debian/patches.12:39
TheMusowell thats how I have it working here, patching against alpha7.12:39
UbuletteTheMuso, show me, i'll merge in into trunk now so when a8 is out, i'll (back)port it automatically12:40
Ubuletteasac, don't you also have a gcc bump patch for lpia ?12:41
TheMusoUbulette: Ok hang on a sec. I don't want to declare it as final yet, but since its only a patch against the build infrastructure, there shouldn't be a problem12:41
asacUbulette: not yet done for trunk ... but its basically the same12:42
Ubuletteasac, ok, i'll have a look myself then12:42
asacits just VISIBILITY_FLAGS="-fvisibility=hidden" ... even though the pragma push testcase does succeed12:42
asacUbulette: you will see once you look at that patch12:43
asac         if test "$ac_cv_have_visibility_builtin_bug" = "no" -a \12:43
asac                 "$ac_cv_have_visibility_class_bug" = "no"; then12:43
asac-          VISIBILITY_FLAGS='-I$(DIST)/include/system_wrappers -include $(topsrcdir)/config/gcc_hidden.h'12:43
asac-          WRAP_SYSTEM_INCLUDES=112:43
asac+          VISIBILITY_FLAGS='-fvisibility=hidden'12:43
asac         else12:43
asac           VISIBILITY_FLAGS='-fvisibility=hidden'12:43
asacconfigure.in that is12:43
TheMusoUbulette: http://www.themuso.id.au/ubuntu/xptcall-powerpc-fix.patch12:44
TheMusoThat patch ensures that if powerpc64 is being used, it will still be identifiable, however I have no ppc64 hardware/other distro to verify with, so can't be 100% sure on that.12:44
UbuletteTheMuso, why two nested tests ?12:44
asacTheMuso: why not ifneq (,$(findstring Linuxpowerpc,$(OS_TEST)))12:45
asacof course $(OS_ARCH)$(OS_TEST)12:45
TheMusoUbulette: I copied what is done for the sparc detection code.12:45
TheMusoOk, I'll rework it.12:46
Ubulettedon't worry, i can do it12:46
TheMusook thanks12:46
Ubulettehmm, i even think we should keep the existing test.. ie allows both Linuxppc and Linuxpowerpcc so it doesn't break what's already working12:50
TheMusofair enough12:51
asacUbulette: he?12:51
Ubuletteifneq (,$(filter Linuxppc Linuxpowerpc,$(OS_ARCH)$(OS_TEST)))12:51
asacUbulette: you know the reason why this breaks now?12:51
asacUbulette: they have changed how OS_TEST is detected12:51
Ubulettesupposing the upstream code works for some ppc, i'd like to keep that too12:51
asacthere shouldn't be a ppc case anymore ... at least i hope ;)12:52
asacUbulette: ?12:52
asacwhats the difference in your eyes from ppc to powerpc?12:52
TheMusoasac: We don't know how other distros have their build target set. It could be ppc-linux-gnu for all we know.12:52
TheMusoOr, powerpc64-linux.gnu, or ppc64-linux-gnu...12:52
asacTheMuso: the old OS_TEST was uname -m12:53
asacwhat is it now?12:53
asacwhy would that be different for other distributions?12:53
Ubuletteasac, look at bsd: ifneq (,$(filter NetBSDmacppc NetBSDbebox NetBSDofppc NetBSDprep NetBSDamigappc,$(OS_ARCH)$(OS_TEST)))12:54
Ubulettewhy is ifneq (,$(filter Linuxppc Linuxpowerpc,$(OS_ARCH)$(OS_TEST))) not good enough12:54
asacwell ... thats not linux ;)12:54
asacwhy not ifneq (,$(filter Linuxfun1 Linuxfun2 Linuxppc Linuxpowerpc,$(OS_ARCH)$(OS_TEST))) ?12:55
TheMusoasac: powerpc is determined from the build target that gcc uses, in our case its powerpc-linux-gnu. I386 has i386-linux-gnu, etc.12:55
asacyes right ... isn't that upstream gcc behaviour?12:55
asacif it is, then we just need Linuxpowerpc ;)12:56
TheMusoI _think_ you can possibly change that when bootstrapping... Gentoo allows such a thing I think...12:56
asacyes, but thats nothing you can cover ... they probably change it to fun112:56
TheMusoBut I don't know enough about it to be sure.12:56
Ubuletteasac, what the problem of keeping the moz test and just add ours ?12:58
asacbecause its an upstream bug we should fix and submit at some point?12:59
Ubulettei assume their tinderbox would be red if the moz test was obsolete for their ppc box12:59
asacif powerpc is ubuntu specific then that should be investigated12:59
Ubulettethough i don't know12:59
asaci think its pretty safe to say its an upstream bug12:59
asacthey don't have that many powerpc users building trunk ;)01:00
TheMusoLet me grab a gentoo stage1 tarball for ppc. I'll see what its target is set to.01:01
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UbuletteTheMuso, do you want you real name + email in commit logs ?01:10
TheMusoUbulette: Luke Yelavich01:10
TheMusoUbulette: themuso@ubuntu.com01:10
TheMusowill do01:10
Ubulettepushed in xul .dev (rev 14)01:14

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