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rabidsnailIn the installer, how do I drop to a shell?09:12
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rakyi'm new to amd.  what are the diff versions of "installer-amd64" in the ubuntu archives?  is amd a work-in-progress?09:19
rakyoh, i see i386 hs the same, n/m09:20
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sorenraky: Press Alt-F2 :)09:24
sorenraky: Sorry, not for you :)09:25
sorenrabidsnail: Press Alt-F2 :)09:25
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m11hi all01:38
m11hi kgoetz01:39
m11i am having little problem in setting up ssl with apache in ubuntu01:40
kgoetzhm. not able to help ou myself01:41
m11ok , tnx :)01:41
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spiekeyhow can i get rid of this?: slapd[4498] : OTP unavailable because can't read/write key database /etc/opiekeys: No such file or directory02:11
spiekeyi dont have or want one time passwords02:11
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pmj0383i have some general questions regarding the best way to setup a user for ftp, editing the website, etc02:45
pmj0383anyone good with that stuff?02:45
kgoetzpmj0383: ask your question, if someone can help they willl reply02:47
kgoetzand you might have to wait a while02:47
pmj0383its a few questions really, ill just say what I want: I create my website on one machine, I want a user account with no priviledges to anything else besides ftp'ing and transferring the website over02:48
pmj0383so should I give this account ownership of apache's DocumentRoot?02:49
pmj0383and is there any way to not let the account see anything else besides that02:49
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m12hi all03:47
m12hey :)03:48
kgoetzmake sure yo dont clone to much. freenode will ban you if you connect 3 or 4 times from one address03:48
m12i c03:48
m12tnx for tip03:48
m12kgoetz , can u help with network interfaces ?03:49
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m12i have some strange behaviour, i can ping my router but i cant get out03:50
m12hi ivoks03:50
kgoetzm12: i can try03:50
ivokshi all03:50
kgoetzivoks: hey mate03:50
m12when i ping router on 1.1 it reply , but when i ping google.com it says: unkown host03:51
m12i have same setup on his laptop as on server and it works ok03:51
kgoetzm12: if you run `host google.com` do you get a reply?03:51
kgoetzif not look at /etc/resolv.conf03:51
m12says connection timed out03:52
m12ok i check03:52
ivoksanyone has any experience with ldirectord?03:52
m12/etc/resolv.conf is empty03:53
kgoetzivoks: sorry, not me03:53
kgoetzm12: thats your problem03:53
kgoetzyou cant do dns lookups03:53
kgoetzivoks: whats your router (1.1)?03:53
kgoetzer, sorry ivoks , that was to m1203:54
m12ok i edited resolv.conf and is working now03:56
m12tnx kgoetz03:56
m12was thinking somthing went wrong with wlan card03:56
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kgoetzm12: np03:57
kgoetzm12: if your using dhcp, thats a bad thing (empty resolv.conf) if you did it static, its probably to be exptected03:57
m12kgoetz , on install i had only wlan card in so it didnt setup network on install03:58
kgoetzm12: oh right.03:58
m12one more question, when i do update n upgrade, why it leaves new kernel out of it and i have to install it manually  ?04:00
ivoksdist-upgrade it04:00
ivoksupgrade never installs new packages04:00
kgoetzm12: dist-upgrade, upgrade is... crud04:00
ivoksdist-upgrade installs new packages, if needed04:00
m12i c, tnx guys :)04:00
kgoetzbtw, apt-get is officaly depreciated as package mangement... your *meant* to use aptitiude04:01
kgoetzfwiw, i never do (hate the tool)04:01
m12ivoks , we talked other night for croatian language and keyboard on server, do you know workaround for that problem ?04:09
ivoksm12: use english layout :)04:10
m12damn :/04:10
m12i cant even do lsmod |04:11
m12there goes my wlan04:12
m12never buy dlink usb wlan adapter04:12
kgoetznever buy anyting usb if you can help it04:13
spiekeyhow can i get rid of this?: slapd[4498] : OTP unavailable because can't read/write key database /etc/opiekeys: No such file or directory04:55
spiekeyi dont have or want one time passwords04:55
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nealmcbajmitch: where is fds on alioth?05:45
nealmcbIs it "Linux Active Directory Replacement"?  http://alioth.debian.org/projects/ladr/  "This project's administrator will have to grant you permission to view this page."05:47
nealmcbRe: Status: New => Fix Released  for http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=31529705:48
ubotuDebian bug 315297 in wnpp "ITP: fedora-directory-server -- An LDAP server designed to manage large directories of users and resources" [Wishlist,Open] 05:48
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Yahooadamim having problems with the ubuntu fiesty server install CD06:13
Yahooadamfile:///cdrom/pool/main/l/langpack-locales/locales_2.3.23_all.deb was corrupt06:13
Yahooadamive re-downloaded the image and reburnt it, with the same problem06:13
kgoetzcheck the CD image06:14
Yahooadamthe ./pool/main/l/linux-source-2.6.20/linux-image-2.6.20-15-server-bigron_2.6.20-15.27_i386.deb file failed the md5 checksum verification06:16
Yahooadamdownload it again ?06:17
Yahooadam(the cd that is)06:17
kgoetzYahooadam: boot the cdrom, and use theverify cdrom06:19
kgoetzor similar name06:19
kgoetzsee if it fails06:19
=== kgoetz suspets your cdburner is awol
Yahooadami did, i got that error06:19
Yahooadamwheres the MD5 checksum for the iso image ?06:21
kgoetzon the cd is a file with teh md5sums of all othe rfiles06:21
Yahooadamso theres no way to check the md5 of the iso image before i burn it ?06:22
kgoetzrun md5sum <isoname.is.o>06:23
kgoetzand compare it to the md5sum file in the website you got the iso from06:23
Yahooadamkk got it :)06:25
Yahooadamwell my iso MD5's ok06:31
Yahooadamso guess its my burner06:31
kgoetzYahooadam: put the cdrom in the drive, then md5sum the crom devicd06:32
Yahooadamcant do that on winblows :p06:38
Yahooadamand my other linux machine is currently missing its screen and keyboard for my server :p06:38
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Yahooadamreburnt on my other cd burner and it passed the cd's check .....06:45
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Yahooadaminstall linux, install ssh07:19
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Yahooadamwhy when i do sudo shutdown now on ubuntu server does it go08:22
Yahooadamwill now switch to single-users mode08:22
asisakYahooadam: does it display some error messages?08:25
Yahooadami dont think so, gimmie 5 while i start it up again :p08:27
Yahooadamdoing sudo shutdown -r now works fine08:27
Yahooadamno errors atall08:47
Yahooadama load of lines saying what its closing, followed by [Ok] 08:47
Yahooadamthen it says "will now switch to single-user mode"08:47
Yahooadamand then i get a terminal prompt08:47
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osmosisim playing with xen today10:27
nealmcbYahooadam: to halt, you probably want "shutdown -h now"  Consider "reboot" also.10:48
Yahooadamah maybe thats my problem :p10:55
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