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jelmer'morning igc, NfNitLoop, poolie, lifeless01:32
igcmorning jelmer01:33
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lifelessso much wiki spam01:57
poolieyeah, sucks01:58
poolielifeless, i'm reading your commit overhead patch02:01
=== keir [n=keir@76-10-155-93.dsl.teksavvy.com] has joined #bzr
lifelesspoolie: ...02:04
lifelessyou said you're reading the patch02:05
lifelessand then nothing02:05
pooliei voted +102:05
pooliefor 0.9102:05
keirlifeless, did you end up pulling my branch?02:06
lifelesskeir: sorry no I haven't yet02:07
lifelessI *meant* to but ended up tweaking performance of commit more02:07
lifelessigc: shall we chat shortly about how we combine branches?02:08
igcyes - I call in 10 minutes?02:08
keirlifeless, no problem; i fixed some idiocy in it on the bus02:09
lifelessigc: please02:09
poolielifeless or igc, would you please look at http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/request/%3Cm2wsuyzoy3.fsf@free.fr%3E02:11
lifelessigc: I don't think my patch needs to change, I've replied with why.02:13
lifelessigc: would appreciate you checking back on it so I can merge for 0.91 as per poolies ok.02:14
igclifeless: I'll look now02:14
=== cprov [n=cprov@canonical/launchpad/cprov] has joined #bzr
igclifeless: no email reply through yet btw02:15
lifelesspoolie: I've looked at it02:17
pooliei was not disagreeing with igc's comment about naming, btw02:17
pooliei have not seen your reply yet02:18
lifelesspoolie: its already +2 AFAICT, but it looks fine to me, I agree with your comment on the review02:18
lifelesspoolie: igc: the reply just got through now02:20
igcjust got it02:20
lifelesscan we get a captcha on the wiki add-user page ?02:23
igcso lifeless, if you add a comment above the call to add_lines_with_ghosts explaining what it's being called instead of add_lines, I'd appreciate it02:23
lifelessigc: so there are two reasons;02:23
lifelessone is that its the right api to use, because it supports committing with ghosts02:23
igcI got the reasons ...02:23
lifelessthe other is that its a slightly cheaper call02:23
igcI just want it in the code02:23
lifelessI'm just noting that I didn't mention the former in the patch at all02:23
igcpoolie: do you need more feedback on Vincent's patch?02:24
lifelessIt seems a strange thing to comment on is all I guess02:24
lifelesskindof like saying 'we use .readlines() because it gives us the file lines with \n'02:25
lifelessits true, but redundant02:25
igcnot IMO ...02:25
igcthe name _with_ghosts suggests ghosts :-)02:26
lifelessits a convention across the code base for apis that support ghosts02:26
lifelessand this api supports ghosts02:26
igcok - merge it and we'll move on02:27
igcping me when that's done and I'll call you02:28
igcpoolie: anything else you want from me before I call lifeless?02:28
lifelessdid my knits patch seem ok for 0.91 ?02:29
igclifeless: I didn't review it because abentley had concerns on IRC02:30
igcif those concerns are resolved, I'll look closer02:31
igcit looked ok at first glance yesterday02:31
lifelessI don't think they are resolved02:32
lifelessabentley: care to reply to my knits patch ?02:32
lifelessigc: the patch is away with a comment added02:32
lifelessso ring anytime02:35
igcRight now. Some quick feedback on your other patch emailed just now.02:37
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ubotuNew bug: #138787 in bzr "revspec paths don't interpret user refs" [Low,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13878702:55
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lifeless=== modified file 'bzrlib/repofmt/pack_repo.py'03:13
lifeless--- bzrlib/repofmt/pack_repo.py 2007-09-09 23:45:05 +000003:13
lifeless+++ bzrlib/repofmt/pack_repo.py 2007-09-10 07:11:39 +000003:13
lifeless@@ -1032,7 +1032,8 @@03:13
lifeless         return knit.KnitVersionedFile('text:' + file_id, None,03:13
lifeless             None,03:13
lifeless             index=knit_index,03:13
lifeless-            access_method=self.repo._text_knit_access)03:13
lifeless+            access_method=self.repo._text_knit_access,03:13
lifeless+            factory=knit.KnitPlainFactory())03:13
lifelessigc: ^03:13
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igcthanks lifeless03:17
lifelesslike I say, trivial :)03:19
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=== igc food
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lifelesspoolie: ping04:42
lifelessyou seem to be marking bugs as fix released before they are in a release04:43
lifelessour convention documented on the wiki is fix committed until its actually in a release, isn't it ?04:43
poolieis it?04:44
pooliei thought we had decided to mark them FR when they were merged, because there is no way to bulk update them04:44
lifelessoh, I'm confused04:44
lifelessyes you are right, bzr.dev == FR04:44
pooliei would much prefer to do it the other way but it's not feasible atm04:45
pooliewell, i guess we could write a script that would generate status-changing mails04:45
fullermdIs it a bug that bzr rm'ing a file/dir with conflicts doesn't resolve the conflicts (nor does 'resolve' auto-resolve them)?04:45
poolieyes, but it may not be a known bug04:45
=== orospakr [n=orospakr@bas4-ottawa23-1177612214.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #bzr
pooliefucking spammers04:46
lifelessyou can update many bugs with one mail04:47
lifelesspoolie: can we get a captcha on the wiki user creation page ?04:47
fullermdMmm.  Don't see it.04:47
=== bitmonk wonders if anyone has tested bzr with alternative python implementations at all
fullermdSearch does bring bug 5140 though.  I'm not sure that should be on bzr...   bzr-email, maybe.04:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 5140 in bzr "Merge emails blow my mind" [Wishlist,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/514004:48
lifelesspoolie: also, I think we want more grnularity than lp offers04:49
Verterokbitmonk: I tried with Jython and Jythonx (now dead). but no even closer to do a; import bzrlib :(04:50
bitmonkworth a try with pypy, i suppose..04:51
lifelessas if bzr isn't slow enough already04:51
poolielifeless, more granularity in bug state?04:53
poolieor ironpython04:53
lifelesspoolie: yeah, fix in my branch, fix in bzr.dev, fix in tarball04:54
fullermdFunny.  You can notice how much faster commit has gotten the last few versions, even on tiny branches, when writing and testing bug reproduction scripts.05:01
fullermdObviously, we need more bugs, so the speed improvements are visible   :] 05:01
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beunoanyone up to helping me solve a small glitch in a feature I'm trying to add to xml-output plugin?    I want to capture some of the output from 'bzr missing' to put it into the XML, but I can't seem to figure out how to capture the 'Using last location:' bit05:04
ubotuNew bug: #138802 in bzr "tag deletion does not propagate" [Medium,Triaged]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13880205:05
ubotuNew bug: #138803 in bzr "rm'ing conflicted files doesn't resolve conflicts" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13880305:05
fullermdbeuno: I would presume it's going to stderr...05:05
beunofullermd, sorry if the questions are a bit too obvious, I'm still finding my way around python (and bzr code). I'd have to capture that differently then I capture the revision info?  (I'm currently wraping that fine)05:07
fullermdOh, well, I dunno anything about catching it in python.  There's probably a standard arg for however you capture stdout to cram stderr in with it, or at least a way to access the fd.05:10
lifelessbeuno: how are you hooking into the command ?05:11
beunolifeless, builtins.cmd_missing05:13
beunoline 96 is the function05:13
beunoor class  :D05:14
lifelessthe thing you want to output is not partof the log05:17
lifelessyou just need to do it yourself05:17
pooliefullermd, thanks for the bug updates05:18
lifelessyou will probably want to file a patch for bzrlib to make it easier05:18
lifelesse.g. a helper method to factor out that logic05:18
poolielifeless, i crave your review of my tag bug patch05:19
beunolifeless, I was suspecting that was where it would en up...  :/      Because antoher option would be not to display that for now, since it breaks the XML, but do I have a way to do that?05:19
lifelessbeuno: yes, copy the body of the bzrlib method and change it05:20
lifelessbeuno: I recommend giving us a patch ;)05:20
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poolielifeless, trust you to know of the http Warning header05:20
lifelesspoolie: ok, will lunch first05:20
lifelesspoolie: :)05:20
pooliei have never encountered such a athing05:20
beunolifeless, argh, you're going to make me fly away into crazy bzr/python world for the next two days...05:20
lifelessI'm not aware of any client that actually shows it; though I haven't tested in about 3 years05:20
beunoI never pick the easy stuff...   :p05:21
lifelessbeuno: you could start by filing a bug05:21
lifelessmaybe a python dev will be kind to you05:21
poolielifeless, let's talk after that? i might go for a ride in the meantime05:21
beunolifeless, ok, I'll file a bug and try and approach it until I run everyone here out of patience   :D05:22
lifelesspoolie: ok05:23
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sabdflevening all06:01
beunoevening sabdfl06:01
igcevening sabdfl06:05
beunolifeless, I'm going to go ahead and reimplement missing in the plugin itself, and then see how we can improve it in bzrlib itself06:06
lifelesspoolie: ring me at your convenience06:17
lifelessigc: repository branch fixen pushed06:24
igcgreat - thanks06:24
lifelessnot entirely failure free;06:25
lifelessbut enough to benchmark reliably again06:25
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abentleylifeless: I've decided to abstain.  If someone else reviews it and decides the tradeoff is worth it, that's fine by me.06:58
ubotuNew bug: #138812 in bzr "no tag --local operation" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13881207:00
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lifelessabentley: did any of the compromises we chatted about seem reasonable ?07:11
abentleyEnabling the tests during test suite runs seems like an improvement.07:13
keirlifeless, does the transport layer buffer reads automatically? when i read the preamble, i'm reading in 2 chunks, then finally a larger chunk07:14
keirif the transport would go ahead and grab 4k after the first read, and then i didn't have to deal with buffering that data, that would be great.07:14
abentleyThat would mean that a careful tester would catch bugs in this area.07:14
abentleyI think I could live with that.07:15
lifelesskeir: transports have no buffering in general07:16
keirso i have to implement my own buffering layer?07:17
lifelessso if you want 4K + preamble, guess at the largest size of preamble and read preamble + 4K07:17
lifelessbuffering is one way of doing it07:17
lifelessbut buffering on local disk has very different tradeoffs to dealing with a tcp connection07:17
keiralright. for now i'll just leave it. 1 extra round trip per index is not a big deal07:18
keiri have single-item get working with caching07:18
keirbut it does a single readv() on every miss07:19
keirso next i'm going to do fetch-many-keys lookup, which iterates between passes which readv() blocks, and descends them07:19
abentleykeir: On your structure, is it expensive to determine that a key is not present?07:20
keirno different than if it is07:21
keiractually, it may be cheaper07:21
keirdepending on the key07:21
keirbut i suspect in most cases checking if a key is present is the same as if it's there07:21
keirfor most packs, i expect it to be only one tree lookup + another 4k block fetch07:21
keirabentley, is that a very common check?07:22
abentleyI'm not sure.  I just realized it wasn't something we'd discussed.07:24
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keirgenerators are wacky. i think i'm going to use them to accumulate read vectors. are they slow?07:30
fullermdOh look, no useful header to filter launchpad's blueprint mailings on.07:36
abentleykeir: generator iteration is faster than function calls, but slower than a tight loop.07:39
abentleyThey are typically a good choice, but if every last drop of performance matters, doing it all in a loop may be better.07:40
abentleyAs always, profile.07:40
keirin the end, i'm using recursion *ducks!*07:42
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lifelesspoolie: done08:24
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lifelesspoolie: your branch is made08:32
Stevagehello everyone08:36
Stevagecould someone answer a couple of questions for me?08:36
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beunoStevage, sure, we'll try08:45
Stevagecoolies - I'm evaluating using bzr for work08:46
Stevageis it possible to checkout a single file, and not a whole directory?08:46
Stevageeg, file /docs/doc1.txt - I just want to checkout doc1.txt into a normal directory08:47
lifelessno but you can cat it - bzr cat url/docs/doc1.txt08:47
igclifeless: ping08:48
igclifeless: some quick Qs re your branch ...08:48
igccontent_summary is always returning a sha of None ...08:49
lifelessring my mobile in 2 mintues please08:49
igcbecause it's running the one in workingtree, not workingtree408:49
Stevageah interesting08:50
Stevageso I can do a kind of one way check out08:50
Stevagebut then not check any changes back in08:50
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Stevageok next question: say I have a file (versions.h) that is used by two different projects, and should be checked out by both of them. how can I set that up?08:55
jameshStevage: "bzr cat" is roughly equivalent to "cvs update -p"09:02
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jameshStevage: for the second question, Bazaar's answer would probably be nested trees09:07
jameshthe shared files would be in their own branch, and that branch would be nested in the two projects' branches09:08
Stevagehow do I nest?09:08
StevageI tried doing it with a checkout, but those files didn't get added to the parent branch09:09
Stevageas in, I created /shared and /proj1 and in /proj1 did bzr checkout ../shared09:09
Stevageso then I have /proj1/shared - good. but when I update /work1 which is bound to /proj1, it didn't pull in /shared09:09
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jameshI am not sure how much of the nested tree stuff is in mainline yet09:12
jameshso at present you need to do it manually (this will likely change in the future)09:13
Stevageyeah looking at ConfigManager atm09:15
StevageI'm on windows, so looks like a pain to build09:15
jameshor use ConfigManager09:15
jameshStevage: the version of ConfigManager you want is written in Python09:15
jameshgrab the branch listed here: http://bazaar-vcs.org/3rdPartyDownloads09:16
Stevagethat one is C++09:16
Stevagewith a python wrapper09:16
jameshthe branch contains both the old C++ implementation (which doesn't support bzr, iirc) and the new Python implementation09:17
Stevageoh yes there is some code in /lib09:18
Stevagehave you tried setting it up on windows?09:18
jameshdo "bzr branch http://www.robertcollins.net/config-manager/trunk/ config-manager" to download it09:19
jameshthe files you see when browsing it in a web browser are likely out of date09:19
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Stevagewill I need to install python then?09:22
Stevagebzr comes with the python dll but that's all I have09:22
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jameshStevage: no idea.09:32
jameshStevage: but probably.09:32
Stevagemight actually be simpler for me to just hack up a couple of batch files that do the job09:34
Stevagedo you know if it's possible to commit several files at once, specifying individual commit messages for each one?09:35
jameshStevage: commits are tree wide, so it isn't possible to do separate messages for separate files within a commit09:37
fullermdIs there some reason we don't have a Branch.open_containing_from_transport?09:46
pooliefullermd, it would seem reasonable to have one09:47
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fullermdIt'd need direct tests, wouldn't it...09:48
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igcnight all10:09
=== matkor [n=matkor@EUROCZESCI.wbs.ssh.gliwice.pl] has joined #bzr
matkorHi !10:10
matkor>>> local_branch.missing_revisions(parent_branch)   ->    bzrlib.errors.DivergedBranches: These branches have diverged. Use the merge command to reconcile them10:10
matkorHow can I get information what revisions are missing on both branches ? TIA10:11
spivmatkor: bzr missing10:12
spivmatkor: you can see the implemenation of that command in bzrlib.builtins.cmd_missing10:13
matkorspiv: Thanks10:14
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vilafullermd: the reason should be historical, the _from_transport methods began to be added when we tried to avoid multiple connections10:16
vilafullermd: where do you encounter the need for it ?10:17
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matkorCan I browse recent bzr source on web somewhere ? http://starship.python.net/crew/mwh/bzrlibapi/bzrlib.builtins.cmd_missing.html does not give hints and I have only pyo/pyc files installed ...10:24
mwhmatkor: http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/trunk/files10:24
matkormwh: thanks !10:25
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fullermdvila: Well, I was trying to fix up pull to be more forgiving, but that's sounding like a lot bigger bite than I can chew.10:38
vilafullermd: bug ref ? More forgiving about ? (can't relate that to a recent topic, please refresh my memory :)10:40
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #bzr
fullermdWell, just what you'd expect an open -> open_containing switch; more forgiving about being given a location other than a branch root.10:41
fullermdNo bug ref or topic I recall; just something I ran into earlier tonite and thought (erroneously, perhaps) might be simple enough that I could pull through.10:41
matkorIs remote_branch.lock_read() expensive ? 2) What may happen if I operate over unlocked branch ? 3) How it is done over http ?10:42
vilafullermd: hmm, Branch already have an open_containing method10:44
vilathis method already offers a 'possible_transports' parameter so _from_transport should not be needed10:45
fullermdWell, pull uses open_from_transport() now.  I'm far too wildly unknowledgeable about the differences between funct...  er, methods, and data struc.... er, objects, to have any clue how/if I can turn one into another.10:46
vilafullermd: b.open_from_transport(location_transport) ~= b.open_containing(location, possible_transports=[location_transport] )10:48
vilafullermd: for fuzy values of ~=10:49
fullermdRight, see, I have no business being involved in fuzzy   :p10:49
fullermdI don't have any business being involved in sharp and clear either, but I like living on the edge.10:49
vilaeven with a single 'z' which implied less fuzzyness ? :D10:49
fullermdSounds to me like having one eye poked out instead of two   :|10:52
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fullermdHoly squat, bundle is fast now.11:11
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #bzr
matkorHmm. One can't add '@" to info_dialog content message ?11:21
datoAfC: re the scm-gnome thread, I think it'd be better to give each project an independent shared repo, where trunk and branches are kept.11:22
AfCdato: yeah, duh that makes sense - above that level, revisions are never going to be shared11:23
AfC[at least, not until we go WAY further down the nested branch and my project uses your project's sources paths] 11:24
AfCdato: [please do point that out in an email] 11:24
datoAfC: okay11:24
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matkorjelmer: Could you please review and merge olive-gtk bugfix from https://code.launchpad.net/~matkor/bzr-gtk/trunk-matkor ? TIA11:54
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jelmermatkor: I'll have a look this evening01:06
matkorjelmer: Szilvester is testing it right now, but more eyeballs - the better ...01:09
EnquestIf I want to delete a branch in my repo how do I do this?01:09
Enquestrm -R branch ???01:10
datoEnquest: yes, knowing that revisions belonging to that branch will stay unreferenced in the repo01:10
Enquestdato and is there a more clean way ??01:10
EnquestI made some big mistakes starting a branch... And want to start a new01:11
datonot at the moment.01:11
Enquesta new branch same name01:11
datoEnquest: but I think rm -r it's okay, unless you committed some very big files or something.01:11
Enquestso rm -R is realy ok!01:11
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jelmermatkor: I don't run olive myself but am happy to review02:07
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mwhudsonjelmer: bzr-svn just did this to me http://rafb.net/p/FGNzoK46.html02:19
asabilhi all02:19
asabilwhat is the bzr commit --fixes for ?02:20
asabilis it for bugzilla integration ?02:20
Odd_Blokeasabil: Launchpad integration, certainly.  I don't know about Bugzilla.02:21
asabilok thanks02:21
luksit isn't integrated with launchpad at the moment, though02:22
Enquesthow do I rename a dir with bzr02:26
luksbzr mv02:26
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Odd_BlokeEnquest: Or if you've already renamed it, 'bzr mv --after'.02:27
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AfCEnquest: (you use that to rename {,after} files as well)03:09
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AfCEnquest: watch out for moving symlinks though... as I recall, it might choke on those. You might have to remove/add still. [Maybe that's been fixed] 03:10
Enquestno symlinks in this03:11
EnquestI'm just starting with bazaar03:11
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jelmermwhudson: hmm, will have a look this evening03:13
mwhudsonjelmer: okidoke03:15
mwhudsonjelmer: path is a bytestring path with non-ascii characters btw03:15
mwhudsonin fact03:17
mwhudson(which looks like utf-8 to me)03:18
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matkorDuring bzr update of checkout of branch: sftp: I have to provide password three times ... is it bug ?03:32
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AfCHm. In bad old CVS land, if you have a repository with 20 modules, and you do a change (simple refactoring, say) in each one, does that imply the need to do 20 independent commits? I believe so. Anyone remember?03:34
LeoNerdNoy really03:35
LeoNerdCVS considers each file individually, nothing bigger.03:35
LeoNerdIf you've changed 20 files, you need to commit 20 files.03:35
=== Odd_Bloke is too young to have used CVS. :D
LeoNerdEither 20 individual "cvs commit" commands, or one, or whatever.03:35
AfCLeoNerd: yeah yeah... but if you're in a given checkout, and you type naked `cvs commit` it storms off recursively, right, same as every other VCS tool. But there's no `cd .. ; cvs commit` that would recurse across 20 directories that happen to be modules from the same repository, is there?03:38
LeoNerdNot normally, no...03:38
LeoNerdI don't know about most people, but I have a whole tonne of wrapper scripts for that though03:38
LeoNerdcvs eachroot commit -m "Here's some changes"     would do that for me ;)03:38
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corporate_cookieI'm having some issues installing bzr 0.90 The problem lies with importing paramiko which i've recently attempted to install. I downloaded paramiko's src and ran python setup install  ..which executes without error. However when I run paramiko's test.py i get an error.  I also get an error when I run python -c "import paramiko"06:46
corporate_cookie...this is on a Red Hat ES4 server running Python 2.5.1 and paramiko 1.706:46
corporate_cookieany ideas ?06:46
NfNitLoopcorporate_cookie: on what platform?  ..06:46
NfNitLoopdo you have pycrypto installed?06:47
corporate_cookiei do06:47
corporate_cookiepython -c "import Crypto"  yields no error06:47
NfNitLoopwhat is the "problem" you get when you do python -c import paramiko?06:47
corporate_cookieFile "<string>", line 1, in <module>06:48
corporate_cookie  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/paramiko/__init__.py", line 69, in <module>06:48
corporate_cookie    from transport import randpool, SecurityOptions, Transport06:48
corporate_cookie  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/paramiko/transport.py", line 36, in <module>06:48
corporate_cookie    from paramiko.compress import ZlibCompressor, ZlibDecompressor06:48
corporate_cookie  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/paramiko/compress.py", line 23, in <module>06:48
corporate_cookie    import zlib06:48
corporate_cookie(pardon the mess)06:48
NfNitLoopis that all of it?   The last lines would probably be the most relevant.06:49
datoseems some line is missing06:49
corporate_cookiepardon me ... the last line is06:49
corporate_cookieImportError: No module named zlib06:49
NfNitLoopwell, there ya go.06:49
corporate_cookiewhich is also strange ..as zlib is up2date06:49
NfNitLoopYeah, that is strange.06:50
thatchdid you build python yourself since it's in /usr/local ?06:50
NfNitLoopwait, the zlib rpm?   you probably want something like python-zlip.06:50
datocorporate_cookie: the zlib module is provided by python itself06:50
datocorporate_cookie: so something's broken in your python instalation06:50
thatch...when you compile python with --with-zlib06:50
datothatch: good catch06:50
corporate_cookieah .. i did not compile python with the --with-zlib option06:51
corporate_cookiethanks : )06:51
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asabilhi all09:02
asabilhow do you benchmark bzr ?09:03
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Odd_Blokeasabil: How do you mean?  You could use the 'time' command if you're running GNU/Linux...09:15
asabilOdd_Bloke: I wanted to run the benchmarking test suite09:16
Odd_Blokeasabil: OK, I'm not sure how to do that.09:17
Odd_BlokeSorry. :(09:17
asabilbzr selftest --benchmark09:17
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asabilis it possible to run only the commit benchmarking ?09:30
Odd_Blokeasabil: Try 'bzr selftest --benchmark commit'?09:31
Odd_BlokeThat's how you'd run only the commit tests...09:31
asabil:D thanks09:31
asabilI didn't see that09:32
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james_wsiretart: hi. Are you around?09:47
siretartjames_w: yes. how you're doing?09:48
james_wgood thanks. How are you?09:49
siretartfine, too! (well a bit tired from work, but anyway..) :)09:49
siretarthmm.. bzr: ERROR: Repository KnitRepository('file://....') is not compatible with repository SvnRepository('svn+ssh://...')09:50
siretartwhat repository would be compatible?09:50
james_wsiretart: may I /msg you, my question is not really on topic for this channel.09:50
james_was for the error have you just updated bzr-svn to the .4 branch?09:51
siretartI just upgraded bzr and bzr-svn, not the branch09:51
lukssiretart: `bzr upgrade --dirstate-with-subtree` on the local repo is probably what you need09:51
james_wand probably bzr svn-upgrade as well, but this is a watershed change for the branch.09:52
james_wthough with-subtree is as well I think.09:52
siretarthm. I see09:53
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siretartthis means with the newer bzr-svn the dirstate-with-subtree repo format is mandatory?09:53
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luksyes, afaik09:54
james_wyeah I believe so. I think jelmer added svn:externals support using subtrees, but I guess it is mandatory rather than as-needed.09:54
NfNitLoopsiretart: No, but if someone has created a repository with that dirstate, you have to use it to be compatible.09:54
NfNitLoopOh, yeah, it's mandatory with bzr-svn.09:54
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asabilcan a bzr plugin add some option flags to an existing command ?10:11
beunoasabil, sure it can10:12
luksby overwriting the original command10:12
beunoyeap, you can override the current one10:12
asabillet's say I want to add --with-feature-x to the existing commit command10:12
asabilis that possible ?10:12
beunoasabil, yeap10:12
beunoyou could probably check if that parameter exists, and run X function, and if it doesn't, run the original10:13
beunothat's what we do on the xmloutput plugin10:13
ddaaIs there a way to create BranchReference with bzrlib without opening it?10:14
ddaaI mean, a branch reference on disk, not the object.10:14
=== beuno steps aside and lets the pro's answer this one :D
james_wddaa: I don't see such an object in bzrlib.10:18
=== jrydberg_ [n=Johan@c80-216-246-123.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #bzr
ddaathere's actually no BranchReference object, it's just a format10:19
ddaaas I said, I do not care about the actual object, but about the filesystem data.10:20
james_wah, they should be easy to create.10:20
ddaamy problem is that BranchReferenceFormat.initialize opens the created reference10:22
ddaaand for the Launchpad test suite I need to create branch references that point to example.com...10:22
james_wah, ok. Sorry, I thought you just wanted to create a one-off reference with your editor.10:23
ddaaI know how to do this :) I wrote the "bzr switch" command.10:23
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james_wI guess you will have to carry a subclass, or ask for a initialise_without_opening method.10:24
ddaaI wanted to check first before filing a bug.10:24
james_wwell, I can't speak for the project, but the code offers no way to do so. I would go ahead and file it.10:25
ddaacreating a subclass that overrides open() for this purpose is NOT going to pass the Launchpad code review :)10:25
=== ddaa heads off
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lifelessddaa: bzrdir.get_branch_reference?10:58
lifelessddaa: didn't we have this discussion already?10:58
asabilis there any bookmarking system for bzr branches ?11:00
asabilso that I can give names to the different pushing locations ?11:01
asabilsomething like11:02
asabilbzr push location://stable-branch ?11:03
james_wasabil: no that's not available.11:08
asabilok thanks11:08
asabilyou suggest I implement that as a plugin ?11:08
james_wIt shouldn't be too hard to add. You could file a bug if there is not one already.11:09
james_wa plugin would also be easy.11:09
asabilok :)11:09
james_wI can give you some pointers if you would like.11:09
NfNitLoopI'd love it if someone did that as a plug-in.11:09
asabilyeah, that would definitely help11:09
lifelessddaa: meh, sorry, I see - you want to create a pointer to a non-existent reference.11:09
lifelessddaa: you could use a mock branch to do that11:10
lifelessddaa: subclass branch to give you a branch you can construct with a url that you can't normally open11:10
ddaaI believe there was a specific test for which I needed to go through the whole stack, not use a mock.11:11
lifelessyou can use the mock to setup the test11:11
ddaabut I cannot remember which right now and I am off work11:11
lifelessofter that you will have a regular branch reference on disk and not be using your mock11:12
lifelessso it will fail to open the reference if you try to open it11:12
lifelessetc. but as you say, you're done for the day.11:12
ddaaI cannot see how you can use a mock object to make BranchReferenceFormat create a reference that it cannot open...11:13
ddaaespecially because it does "real_bzrdir = bzrdir.BzrDir.open(location)"11:14
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lifelessI suggest, if you don't want to talk work after-hours, that you drop a mail to the list and we can have an async discussion on this11:15
ddaaI'll look at the code again it might be that I do not need to create unopenable branch reference anymore11:15
ddaasince I needed to create a proxy method for get_branch_reference anyway for testing.11:16
ddaaThank for making me question my assumptions :)11:16
lifelesslol, np11:17
lifelessabentley: ping11:20
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