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monteslu"OOXML is a superb standard and yet" - Miguel de Icaza05:27
montesluedubuntu should consider switching to kde :)05:28
lameirohi. is edubuntu-users ML ok for release announcements?05:28
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJocklameiro: release of what?05:39
lameiroLaserJock: hi. I participated in Summer of Code for Ubuntu, and have been developing a GTK+ gradebook application with Tom Hoffman mentoring. i was wondering if edubuntu-users is an appropriate list for the annoucement or if I should go somewhere else.05:41
LaserJockoh, please do and CC edubuntu-devel05:43
lameiroLaserJock: ok, thank you. :)05:44
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@S0106000b6a5631f9.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavEvening all05:45
LaserJockhi sbalneav05:55
sbalneavHey LaserJock!05:56
sbalneavHow's it going?05:56
LaserJockpretty decent05:56
LaserJockworking on some data analysis for tomorrow05:56
sbalneavI'm just working on manual stuff.  I got the multi-server docs from Francis, so I'm editing them.  I'll get them into the tree and a new doco package pushed tonight.05:57
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LaserJocksbalneav: so do you think it's about time for a full upload?07:11
sbalneavWhich, of the docs?07:17
sbalneavNah, gimme till tomorrow night.07:17
sbalneavI want to document the X ram settings a bit07:18
sbalneavthen we should be good.07:18
sbalneavI just shipped it off to the ppa07:18
sbalneavI closed a couple of bugs in edubuntu-docs as well.07:19
sbalneavok, late here.07:20
sbalneavHeading to bed.  I'll let the ppa do it's thing07:20
LaserJocksbalneav: cya07:21
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RichEdhello LaserJock if you are still around08:10
RichEdand mr jsgotangco as well08:10
LaserJockhi RichEd08:10
RichEdhow is the us of a ? chilling down towards winter ?08:11
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=== ogra sighs loudly over the messy code of TCM
ogratime for a break ...03:55
shriphaniyeh. tomorrow the cs teacher is gonna talk on phone.03:58
shriphaniI mailed a local lug here for assistance.03:58
shriphanithey already have a program for colleges.03:58
shriphaniand woohoooo recieved mail... they will support my endavour to convert schools !!04:02
shriphaniendeavor ^04:02
=== pitux [n=pitux@] has joined #edubuntu
=== bddebian [n=bddebian@c-71-224-172-103.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
shriphaniyeah where do I get to contribute to some coding involving packaging ?04:08
bddebian#ubuntu-motu would probably be the best place to start04:08
kgoetzhi bddebian04:13
bddebianHeya kgoetz04:14
=== ^Migs^ [n=Migs@] has joined #edubuntu
^Migs^How do I find out what software is planned on being included in Edubuntu for future releases, but isn't in there yet?04:20
=== sbalneav` is now known as sbalneav
sbalneavMorning all04:20
^Migs^I'm trying to get some software ideas for a new school I'm helping set up04:21
kgoetzhi both04:22
ograhey sbalneav i fixed ltsp-update-image finally04:22
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavDid you? Excellent!04:24
ograwell, not in the branch yet04:24
ograbut it seems to wark alricght04:24
sbalneavHave you merged from me?  We made a couple of changes yesterday.  Nothing major.04:25
ogranot yet, but according to the commit mails you only worked on the screed.d and session scripts04:25
ograi fixed all base functionallity of TCM04:26
ogralisting, killing procs and killing users now works properly again04:26
ograi'd love a sane screenshooter app04:26
ograbut waht i wrote so far is based on xwd ... and makes the users cursor flash all the time04:27
ogra(it puts on nearly no load on server client or network though ... and te screenshots are only 5k)04:28
=== Kamping_Kaiser [n=kgoetz@gnewsense/friend/kgoetz] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdhi ogra, Kamping_Kaiser, sbalneav04:31
RichEdhow's things ?04:31
ograhuntig bugs like mad04:31
=== RichEd thought so ...
Kamping_KaiserRichEd, just so. thinking putting som ework into getting ready for SFD would be a good idea04:32
moquistHas anybody in here tried out iTALC?04:35
ogramoquist, planned for possible inclusion in hardy04:36
moquistSo it must be good, then.04:36
ograit has some bad security holes04:36
=== moquist nods
ograand it links against libssl04:36
ograif these two are fixed i'd like it at least on the addon CD and in main04:36
moquistI'm thinking about recommending it on a statewide mailing list, and I wanted to be sure I wasn't recommending something crap.04:37
moquistogra: makes sense.04:37
ograit even seems to work properly with ltsp504:38
ograstgraber made some tests04:38
=== moquist nods -- makes sense
ografor small setups i'd still rather recommend TCM though04:39
ograand as long as we have TCM i wont put italc in the default install04:39
moquistSure. Our problem with teachertool & TCM is that we don't have small setups, and those tools aren't useful when you have hundreds of TCs spread throughout a school.04:39
ograthats why i want italc easily available04:40
ograbut i dont want to cannicalize TCM :)04:40
moquistKamping_Kaiser: Thin Client04:40
Kamping_Kaiseroh, duh :$04:40
=== Kamping_Kaiser hugs small setups
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cliebow_ok ok igive up..what?04:43
cliebow_ok ok igive up..Hardy what?04:44
=== pygi [n=mario@83-131-18-207.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdmoquist: they use it for guadalinex (italc)04:47
ogracliebow_, heron04:47
RichEdmoquist: and i have this comment as well from intel04:47
RichEd> The closest possible open source software is04:47
RichEd> "ControlAula":04:47
RichEd> http://www.itais.net/controlaula_english/04:47
RichEd> It works, but is not perfect and could do with04:47
cliebow_goes with Great Blue Heron..04:48
RichEd> an interface lift and some logic improvements.04:48
RichEd> Also has debian package.04:48
ograand is freaky gambas code04:48
=== ogra is no fan of controlaula ...
moquist"closest possible" to what?04:49
RichEdmoquist: their windows application :)04:49
moquistahhhh! :)04:49
moquistI think dtrask just started with iTALC this semester, so I've asked him for comments, too.04:50
ograi think stgraber ad probs with locking/unlocking screens but thats about it04:50
moquistI'm sure the people who were asking on this statewide educators mailing list are only looking at Windows.04:51
moquistUnless...they might have some Macs, in which case iTALC won't cut it for them.04:51
RichEdmoquist: I have a comparative doc I can mail you (unofficially)04:52
moquistRichEd: Would you mind if I unofficially send it on to a mailing list?04:53
moquistRichEd: Well, go ahead and send it in any case, please. :) But may I also send it on?04:53
RichEdmoquist: it is the windows options comparisons ... not open source04:53
RichEdlet me sanitise04:53
moquistk; thanks04:53
RichEdmoquist: it compares features for LanSchool04:58
RichEdNet Support School04:58
RichEdGeneva Vision 604:58
moquistYep, SychronEyes and Geneva Vision 6 are the two they asked about. Is iTALC a reasonable alternative?04:59
moquistI was conservative in my response ("I've never tried this but I've heard good things"), but I just hate pointing people to Free Software that is also crap software.05:00
RichEditalc is not on the comparison yet05:02
RichEdmailing it to you now05:02
RichEd(Net Support School supports linux, but i think it is commercial)05:02
RichEdping highvoltage05:02
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sbalneavogra: Pushed your stuff yet?05:35
stgraberogra: locking/unlocking worked fine, demo, shutdown and logout didn't05:49
sbalneavHoly crumb!05:50
sbalneavI just printed out the edubuntu handbook.05:50
stgrabermoquist: here we are switching from Vision6 to Italc, so I think iTalc is considered as a reasonable alternative05:50
sbalneavGuess how many pages it is?05:50
sbalneavJust guess05:50
Kamping_Kaiserfew hundred?05:51
sbalneavNot quite that long, no :)05:52
sbalneavbut 50.05:52
sbalneavNot bad,05:52
sbalneavIt's getting sizable.05:52
Kamping_Kaisernot bad.05:53
Kamping_Kaiserhow long until string freeze?05:53
Kamping_Kaisercant proofread it tonight >.<05:53
=== stgraber [n=stgraber@dakara.stgraber.org] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavTonight, I have to go through the handbook, add one small section, and then make sure that all the info's up to date, and in line with changes we've made.05:54
stgrabersorry, irssi crash05:54
Kamping_Kaiseri was hoping you'd say a week :\05:54
=== Kamping_Kaiser will try and get in earlier on the heron string freeze
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moquiststgraber: Thanks for the feedback. I'll be surprised if they take such an enormous risk as to go with Free Software. All the other responses have been "We use (Vision6|SynchronEyes) here and it works great!!"06:46
moquistWell, there's nothing for it but to keep pushing this boulder [back]  up the hill.06:47
moquiststgraber: Really? I've never gotten irssi to crash. :)06:47
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stgrabermoquist: well, Vision6 doesn't work correctly here :)07:22
stgrabermoquist: that's the main reason for them to switch to iTALC07:23
=== jessejazza [n=chatzill@host86-132-80-174.range86-132.btcentralplus.com] has joined #edubuntu
moquiststgraber: where's "here", and why doesn't it work correctly?07:29
=== moquist quickly emails the list: "Another reason to use iTALC -- Vision 6 doesn't work where stgraber is!"
stgraberhere is switzerland (french part)07:30
stgraberthey are having some problem with the teacher computer unable to find any student computer07:30
stgraberand things like that, as I understood they also have some kind of licencing issue07:30
=== moquist too...it's not GPL, or even OSI
stgraberthey had to order the correct amount of licence but use the same licence number on all the computers07:30
moquistha ha! We had something similar happen with Symantec Ghost.07:31
stgraberas otherwise they wouldn't be able to manage all the computers or something like that07:31
moquistWe said "5000 computers, 10 different sites" and then they told us to use the same key everywhere. So I think we got 5k computers PER site.07:31
jessejazzaHI is there a forum for edubuntu07:31
^Migs^A forum!? Hogwash! Poppycock!07:33
stgrabernot sure, if yes you'll find it on www.ubuntuforums.org07:34
jessejazzaI think there is the main Ubuntu forum - it's getting so large now. I was wondering that's all - i'm a teacher and about to start using it.07:41
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sbalneavjessejazza: Probably the best would be to sign up to the edubuntu-users mailing list07:47
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thedmanI have a newbie question.09:28
thedmanI have set up a edubuntu lab, everythings working great.09:28
thedmanBut I'm confused about the update process.09:28
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
thedmanIf I update as a sudo user from one of the workstations, does that update the entire edubuntu system.09:28
thedmanOr just the ltsp sessions?09:29
^Migs^he sure didn't wait very long for an answer10:03
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shemmymy daughter wants the wallpaper with the chalk world map, from version 6.  does anyone have or know where to get it?10:41
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