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mrevellMorning refrigerators10:20
mrevellhey popey. I owe you a phone call. I take it day time today isn't good for you, though.10:40
popeyyou do?10:41
popeytoday is fine10:41
mrevellpopey: I think so, about screencast week.10:42
mrevellpopey: When's a good time for you?10:42
popeyany time10:42
mrevellCool, mobile?10:42
popeyif that's okay10:42
mrevellIt's bonza10:43
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mrevellAnyone around to approve a story for me?06:21
beunomrevell, sure, I'll take a look at the queue now06:21
mrevellbeuno: Oops, hang on, I need to submit it. Thanks tho :)06:21
mrevellbeuno: Okay, go for it :)06:21
=== beuno goes for it
mrevellhaha :)06:22
beunomrevell, seems a bit odd, did you submit it as an event?06:23
beunobecause it seems to be already published, and as an event  :D06:24
mrevellbeuno: Hmm, odd. I clicked "Add to moderation queue"!06:24
mrevellOh well :(06:24
mrevellIs there anything you'd change? If so, I'll quickly unpublish it.06:24
beunomrevell, seems fine to me06:25
mrevellbeuno: Thanks. I'll mail the list to explain why it went straight to live.06:25
beunosure, not big deal, you clicked on moderation, but also, published06:26
beunoso I guess drupal sends it06:26
beuno(events are published by default)06:26
mrevellbeuno: Yeah, I thought that if you selected to have it in the mod queue it would hold it back. I'll know for next time.06:26
beunomrevell, no big deal, the fridge needs some lovin' anyway06:28
mrevellI'm full o' lovin'.06:28
beunoheh, :p06:29
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-fridge:Rinchen] : Please check your email for important Fridge Overhaul information.
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Rinchenbeuno, mdke, mrevell, popey sladen - this means you too :-)  ^^11:24
=== popey checks his mail for important Fridge Overhaul information and finds none
Rinchenhmm I sent it 22 minutes ago11:26
beunoRinchen, I just answered  :D11:26
=== popey has greylisting, and will expect the mail in an hour or so :)
popeyooooh to the _list_ :)11:27
=== popey was looking in the wrong place, apologies :)
beunomdke, you don't happen to be around, do you?11:34
beunogreat :D11:35
beunoI got an email confirming the setup of the ubunti-news-team ML11:35
beunoso that basically brings the issue back to the table if we want that or not11:35
beuno(I had the impulsively requested with Corey before the ML discusion)11:36
mdkeI remember yeah11:36
mdkethe idea was to merge the fridge-devel list with a news-submissions list or something wasn't it, and we hadn't decided whether to also merge the marketing-submissions list11:36
beunoI'm not even sure anymore, I think we wanted to have 1 places where to discuss UWN/FullCircle/Fridge11:37
beunoand one list for submissions for news and one for marketing11:38
mdkeI certainly don't think the list for discussing and submitting news should be different11:38
mdkeone should be enough, I think11:39
beunosure, I don't remember why that came up, something about spam11:40
mdkeyes, although I don't buy that11:40
mdkeespecially because if you go with the argument that a list needs to be open for submitting news, you get the spam anyway11:40
mdkebut that can be sorted out by having frequent moderators. I have to say gmail filters all my spam fine, as did spamassassin11:41
beunoyeap, I agree11:42
mdkeif spam is a concern, I bet we can find enough moderators11:42
mdkeI think basically we should proceed like this11:42
mdke1. discuss the issue again so that everyone is ready / happy with a single list to discuss those things11:43
popeyo/ volunteer moderator11:43
mdke2. discuss the issue about team structure which I was concerned about: we can't just lump all the projects into a single team because we will lose project workflows which are vitally important11:43
=== mdke hugs popey
popey(nice suit in those wedding photos by the way mdke )11:44
mdkethanks dude, it's shiny yeah11:44
mdkebeuno: for the record i'd be totally happy with an ubuntu-news umbrella team which was made up only of other teams (ubuntu-fridge, uwn etc)11:45
mdkebut without individual members11:45
mdkebut lets see what others think11:45
beunomdke, agreed. We should continue this on the mailing list11:47
beunomy only concerne right now is that -marketing seems to be pretty much dead11:48
mdke-marketing-submissions or -marketing?11:48
beunothe team in general11:48
mdkewell, that's a separate issue11:48
mdkemarketing isn't news11:48
beunoif we take away UWN, Fridge and Fullcircle, we might end up with 2 emails on the ML per month  :/11:49
mdkeI'm sure that they will pick up again now the summer is over :)11:49
mdkebeuno: that's ok, more energy left for real marketing11:49
beunoseems fair, they're not necessarily related, just popped into my head  :D11:49
beunomdke, ok, cool11:49
beunoI'll be happy to coordinate the -news team as it seems I'm in the middle of most things at the moment, so I'll try and state that in the ML too11:50
mdkepresumably lists are quite easy to merge/rename from a technical point of view?11:53
popeythe subscribers are11:53
popeythe historical content isnt11:53
popey(the archive)11:53
beunotime to run, bbl12:01
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