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dholbachgood morning09:25
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asacMithrandir: hey ... that upload wasn't really coordinated :)11:14
asac(did you just add midbrowser?)11:15
Mithrandirasac: yes, I just added midbrowser (or rather, I moved the variants into a variable and added midbrowser there)11:17
asachmm ... ok i will redo that in my tree then 11:18
asacthe package is really messy ... there have been a bunch of uploads with broken alternatives in the past by MOTUs and I wanted to get it right this time ;)11:18
Mithrandirwell, this is a first step in getting rid of the broken alternatives.11:19
asacno idea :) ... its cleanup of history ... 11:19
MithrandirI think having alternatives for it is utter crack, but, well, you're the mozilla guy. :-P11:19
asacactually this morning i woke up and wanted to try what pop suggesteed11:19
Mithrandirall browsers should just have /usr/lib/browser/plugins or something that they look in, IMO11:20
asace.g. link to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins11:20
Mithrandirwe talked about that some time ago, iirc11:20
asacMithrandir: we will have that with xulrunner 1.9 (gutsy+1)11:20
asacMithrandir: whatelse would you suggest (e.g. instead of alternatives)11:21
asacMithrandir: you want to conflict gnash + flashplugin-nonfree for instance?11:21
Mithrandiryou'd add the conflict between gnash's plugin, not the main gnash package, but yes, sure.11:22
Mithrandirif people want to use different plugins in different browsers, the browsers should give higher priority to ~/.blah/plugins and the user can install the plugin he wants there11:24
asacwhat i don't like about that is that you need to add conflicts for all flash packages to all other flash packages ;)11:24
Mithrandirno, you don't.  Provides: mozilla-flashplugin\nConflicts: mozilla-flashplugin\nReplaces: mozilla-flashplugin11:24
asacMithrandir: ok so you can conflict on a virtual package (even though you provide that package)?11:25
Mithrandirsure, look at what all the MTAs do.11:25
asacMithrandir: your idea about user install .blah/plugins on their own sounds good,11:27
asacthe main issue i see with that is that in the free software world software often is not distributed as binary. So people that cannot install our package need to build from source et al11:27
asaccurrently they can just ln -s /usr/lib/gnash/libgnashplugin.so ~/.mozilla/plugins/ ... even though flashplugin-nonfree is systemwide default11:27
asacbut maybe i will just do it ... just to get rid of this alternative mess :)11:30
Mithrandiror have a single alternatives if you believe there is real value in it11:30
Mithrandirbut having one value per browser is a mess and a madness11:30
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HobbseeMithrandir: who is Adilson Oliveira on irc?02:53
MithrandirHobbsee: agoliveira 02:53
agoliveiraThat's me :)02:53
HobbseeMithrandir: oh dear.  i suck.02:53
Hobbseeagoliveira: hiya!02:53
agoliveiraHobbsee: Hi. What's up?02:53
Hobbseeagoliveira: --> /query, no need to use this channel02:54
mjg59agoliveira: Do you have a spec for what level of functionality is desired in the contacts application?02:54
agoliveiramjg59: Sorry for the delay, hold on please, I'm on phone.03:12
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agoliveiramjg59: Sorry, I was in a call with the new business guy here in Brazil. I don't have a spec but I believe that the basic things like record people data and search are expected. Are you thinking about any missing features?03:29
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mjg59agoliveira: Ok, should be doable03:40
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ian_brasili have been doing an apt-get upgrade inside a target for a few days now and the package ubuntu-mobile is always being held back...any idea why?04:33
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Mithrandiryou should be doing dist-upgrade.  apt-get upgrade never removes anything, nor installs new packages.04:53
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bfillerdholbach: ping04:56
dholbachbfiller: pong04:57
bfillerdholbach: I'll pulled source for gnome-system-tools using apt-get source and made mods to it. My question is I want to store the changes in local bzr repository for now. Do I need to do a bzr init and bzr add * to set that up?04:58
dholbachbfiller: you can just branch off your local checkout04:58
dholbachbzr branch gnome-system-tools gnome-system-tools.local04:59
dholbachfor example04:59
bfillerdholbach: cool. I'll give that a try04:59
dholbachrock on :)04:59
bfillerdholbach: you the man!!05:00
dholbachhehe :-)05:00
ian_brasilMithrandir: thanks05:01
dholbachbfiller: you can push that up to launchpad later on then, running    bzr push --remember sftp://bfiller@bazaar.launchpad.net/~bfiller/gnome-system-tools/fillers-fixes05:01
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bfillerdholbach: Does gnome-system-tools currently live in launchpad?05:04
dholbachsorry, it's gst05:04
dholbachthat's a legacy problem, since the cvs data from gnome was imported were stuck with gst instead of gnome-system-tools05:05
dholbachshorter type, but harder to discover05:05
dholbachshorter to type05:05
bfillerdholbach: when I run bzr branch gnome-system-tools gnome-system-tools.local it complains gnome-system-tools is not a branch05:07
dholbachare you in the right directory?05:08
dholbachif 'ls' gives you the gnome-system-tools dir and you have a .bzr in it, that command should work fine05:09
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bfillerdholbach: I think the problem is when I do apt-get source gnome-system-tools, there is no .bzr directory after it unpacks the source05:11
dholbachI thought you had gotten it from running  bzr get ...   or something05:12
bfillerdholbach: Is it hosted in bzr anywhere? I couldn't find that05:13
dholbachin that case, I'd probably try to clean the diff between a fresh run of   apt-get source gnome-system-tools  as best as I can05:13
dholbachno, I don't think it is05:13
bfillerdholbach: not sure I understand05:14
dholbachI though you had gotten it from bzr from somewhere, I misunderstood05:14
bfillerdholbach: ok05:15
dholbachso yeah, if you want to keep further changes in bzr, you might want to run debclean, then run bzr init; bzr add *; bzr commit -m "initial commit"05:16
bfillerdholbach: sounds like a plan05:16
bfillerdholbach: thanks for your help05:17
dholbachno problem :)05:17
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agoliveiraHmmm... Looks like the unionfs module on the image created with the latest image-creator is crashing... :( checking...05:34
agoliveirain a Q105:35
mjg59agoliveira: Yeah, various people have noticed that05:43
agoliveiramjg59: Well, +1 here, just confirmed. I shouldn't have tried a new image today :( Thanks.05:44
guardiandoes ubuntu-mobile plan to impose an input method framework ? 05:49
guardianuim ? scim ? hildon ?05:49
guardianxim ?05:49
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agoliveiraCool stuff for us to keep an eye: http://enlightenment.sourceforge.net/Libraries/Edje/06:32
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agoliveiraIs there any workaround for this hanging problem that rendered my Q1 useless that I missed?07:07
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kwwiinope, but you just convinced me not to update ;-)07:28
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=== agoliveira grumbles about this new kernel...
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Mithrandiragoliveira: downgrade the kernel is a workaroudn.08:10
MithrandirI've filed a bug about it08:10
agoliveiraMithrandir: I've tried the -ume kernel and didn't work. I'm downgrading it right now.08:11
agoliveiraMithrandir: Thanks for filling the bug I was about to do it after testing the new kernel.08:11
Mithrandirhappy to help08:12
amitkagoliveira: it's the unionfs bug that is bothering you?08:13
agoliveiraYep... and bothering is a mild way to put it :)08:13
amitkagoliveira: :) pkl is looking into it....08:14
agoliveiraamitk: Great. Thanks.08:14
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=== agoliveira is going out to the accountant. brb.
SciriAny ETA on the above mentioned Q1 problem? I built an image-creator image for my Q1 yesterday; I take it I shouldn't update it today? ;)09:11
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agoliveiraSciri: Exactly. The kernel is broken.10:37
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