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Ubuletteasac, http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/ff3-venkman.png01:22
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asacUbulette: great01:46
asacUbulette: whatelse is left to get in shape for release?01:46
asackazehakase still needs care, right?01:47
Ubulettegcc bump, for other archs01:47
Ubulettekazehakase is not ready for sure.01:47
Ubulettewallet or not wallet...01:48
asacwhat do they use?01:48
asaci mean basic gtkmozembed features should be broken01:48
asacaeh should be frozen i mean01:49
Ubulettethe "get extentions" link in the ui is broken01:52
Ubuletteit points to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/firefox-trunk/extensions/01:52
Ubuletteasac, http://developer.mozilla.org/devnews/index.php/2007/09/10/firefox-trunk-to-stay-frozen-for-m8-a-little-bit-longer/01:57
Ubulette(in case you missed it)01:57
Ubuletteso i guess there's no rush for us01:57
Ubuletteasac, oh, there's the python stuff too02:03
Ubulette*** stack smashing detected ***: firefox-trunk terminated02:04
UbuletteAbort (core dumped)02:04
Ubuletteasac, xul's configure says: Building Python extensions using python-2.5 from /usr02:05
Ubuletteans seems happy afterwards02:05
Ubuletteand the dbgsym ddebs are empty02:11
mertikiasac : hello asac, did you have time to work around sunbird-locales ?02:35
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fuocowhenever i quit granparadiso (alpha7) the process stays alive and uses 100% cpu, is that a known issue?11:13
asacfuoco: not for me :)11:30
asacmaybe Ubulette has seen this?11:30
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bluekujaheya asac!12:31
bluekujaI'm back to work12:31
bluekujahow are you man?12:31
asacfine fine .... hope you as well ;)12:32
asacschool started?12:33
bluekujatomorrow :/12:33
bluekujadamn it :)12:33
bluekujaasac: can we start NM this week or next? or wanna wait more?12:34
bluekujaasac: gnome-bt is at 29926 of popcon12:37
bluekujaquite nice12:37
asacis there any package that could deserve an upload/update?12:41
asachttp://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=bluekuja@ubuntu.com ?12:42
asacwhats the state of debian bug 43169212:42
ubotuDebian bug 431692 in diff-ext "nautilus crashes when diff-ext is installed" [Critical,Open]  http://bugs.debian.org/43169212:42
bluekujaasac: I'm still testing wtf is happening12:43
bluekujaits upstream problem12:43
bluekujae.g code error12:43
bluekujawith new nautilus12:43
bluekujaasac: use co-main mode in qa.debian12:43
asacwhat does upstream say?12:44
bluekujaso you check gnome-bt too12:44
bluekujaI've sent a mail12:44
bluekujabut no answers yet12:44
asaci see gnome-btdownload in that qa list12:44
bluekujaoh ok12:44
asacwhat about mined?12:44
bluekujaasac: ctorrent new release is out12:44
bluekujaso gonna move to it12:44
bluekujaasac: you said me I can leave mined where it is12:45
bluekujae.g shi* software12:45
asacmight be ;)12:45
asaccan't remember though.12:45
bluekujait has got some problem12:45
bluekujawith amd6412:45
bluekujacause upstream12:45
bluekujawhich seems quite inactive12:45
bluekujasince 2001-2002 I guess12:46
asaceither try to fix it or drop the ITA ... and maybe ask for removal of that software from archive then12:47
asaci guess same goes for verlihub-stats?12:47
bluekujaasac: yup12:47
bluekujaI try to see what can I do for both12:48
bluekujaif not I'll ask for removal12:48
bluekujafrom archive12:48
bluekujaand I send a reminder for diff-ext12:49
bluekujahoping someone will answer12:49
asacmaybe try to debug :)12:49
asacmight be hard, but you can probably learn a lot ;)12:49
bluekujaalready added a debug package on debian BTS12:49
bluekujappl gave me some feedback12:50
bluekujabut still cant understand wtf is happening12:50
bluekujaI'm sure it's nautilus12:50
bluekujait crashes with new nautilus12:50
bluekujaand works "quite" fine with old12:50
bluekujagoing to have lunch12:51
bluekujabe back later12:51
bluekujatake care alex in the meantime12:51
asacbluekuja: a good thing to look at is to see what changed in nautilus01:02
asace.g. did they change the contract of the api01:02
asacor does diff-ext use features that have never been ment to be used (aka stable)01:03
bluekujaI need to find out01:05
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asacbluekuja: any idea how to stop gnome to start nautilus?01:38
asacso you can start it in terminal to see whats going on with diff-ext01:38
bluekujadon't know atm how to block it from starting01:38
bluekujastarting it on a terminal without nautilus01:39
bluekujawont work01:39
bluekujaI guess01:39
asacno you have to start nautilus in terminal01:40
asacso you debug that thing01:40
asacmaybe install fluxbox or something so nautilus is not started when you log in01:40
asacthen you can try there ;)01:40
bluekujayeah, nice hint01:41
asacdoes nautilus really crash? it just freezes for me01:41
bluekujain some cases it just freeze01:41
asaclooks a bit like an infinite loop01:41
asacbecause it also consumes cycles01:42
bluekujafirst of all I gonna ping upstream again01:43
bluekujaI need to see if they are still there01:43
asacok so its get_file_items that freezes01:44
asaci returned NULL at the beginning and nautilus doesn't freeze anymore01:44
bluekujaomg, you rock01:44
bluekujawe can just add a patch to fix that in the code?01:45
asacits not fixed01:46
asacits just a pointer that that function is broken01:46
asace.g. i made that function do nothing :=01:46
bluekujaany suggestion?01:47
bluekujaonly way is to ping upstream?01:47
bluekujae.g cannot be fixed by us01:47
asacyou can debug it01:48
asactry to look at code ... play around until you find the reason ;)01:48
asacits just one function01:48
bluekujaasac: in the bug report there was a debug too01:49
bluekujawith my -dbg package01:49
bluekujalatest message01:49
asacthats something random01:49
asacits apparently an infinite loop and not a crash01:49
bluekujaasac: need to find out with the code01:51
bluekujawhat's going on01:51
bluekujaleaving for a while01:52
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asacbluekuja: congrats ;)04:52
asacbluekuja: have fun with your new powers ... use them wisely ;)04:53
cwong1asac: hi06:44
cwong1asac: need help on the menu..:(06:45
asacwhat do you want to know?06:45
cwong1Can we define hildonmenu as a popup?  I06:46
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asacyes we could06:46
cwong1I though popopup/menupopup has to be placed inside a menu, menulist or button06:47
asaci actually think its the cleanest solution to just use a new element name06:47
asaccwong1: just try to replace the menubar element with hildonmenu06:48
asac(e.g. for our menu)06:48
cwong1I have tried that and didnt seems to work06:48
asacyou have the binding.xml ?06:49
asacplease paste to http://paste.ubuntu.com06:49
asacor wherever you want06:49
cwong1Give me a few mins here06:50
cwong1here is a sample: http://paste.ubuntu.com/125/06:52
cwong1btw we have shipped 4 samsung to Ubuntu I think 1 of them is yours. It not, please let me know and I will talk to my manger.06:54
asaccwong1: thanks ... though i thought you sent it directly here ... now i have to hunt this down :/06:55
asaccwong1: when did you ship those?06:55
asaccwong1: ok you have the hildonmenu xul snippet as well?06:55
cwong1I think she shipped them last week.  I will check with her on who she sent to.06:56
asaccwong1: great.06:56
cwong1This is just a test I did07:00
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cwong1I was able to bring up other widget like a box and add buttons there but wasn't able to tide it to a popup.  If you can provide me with a sample, I would appreciate it.07:04
asaccwong1: i think its the wrong element07:04
asactry http://paste.ubuntu.com/07:04
asaccwong1: tried that?07:05
cwong1I will give it a try07:05
asaccwong1: ah i see that popup is same as menupopup07:05
asacthen just drop the enclosing popupset element07:06
asaccwong1: otherwise you would have to resolve the popup child element on event i guess and try to popup that one07:07
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cwong1asac:  it crashed in nsHildonXEventService::AddEventListener().  I don't have symbolic on so don't know why it crashes yet.07:15
asaccwong1: there should be dbgsym packages for midbrowser ... anyway, its probably a null deref?07:17
cwong1most likely07:18
asaccwong1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/125/07:19
asacthere is a semi-colon missing07:19
asacin line 3007:19
asac(though i doubt that its a problem)07:19
asac(as i did it as well) :)07:19
cwong1I don't think the semi-colon makes a different07:20
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asaccwong1: have to go to sport now ... will be back later07:21
cwong1what sport?07:21
shirishasac: can you be on for a moment07:21
asacmaybe use what you did before, but don't run self.openPopupAtScreen(0, 0, true);07:21
asacbut instead resolve the <popup> element07:22
asaccwong1: no ... just work-out07:22
shirishI'm getting an error07:22
shirishReading package lists... Error!07:22
shirishE: Encountered a section with no Package: header07:22
shirishE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/www.sofaraway.org_ubuntu_minirepos_gstreamer0.10_Packages07:22
shirishE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.07:22
shirishE: Couldn't rebuild package cache07:22
asacbut with a friend07:22
shirishbbl as well ;)07:31
=== shirish out
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shirishUbulette: please lemme know when you're up m807:39
Mirvasac: hi, could you put the .desktop file in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/+bug/126112 in?07:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 126112 in thunderbird "[gutsy]  .desktop translation updates" [Undecided,Confirmed] 07:40
Mirvie. it adds two languages, which were all I was able to find from bugzilla07:41
MirvI mean malone07:41
Ubuletteshirish ?07:55
shirishUbulette: ah good you're up :)07:55
shirishI had been getting this error which I gave above with your thing07:56
Ubuletteyeah, back from work07:56
shirishfor the moment gstreamer is out, but totem is still holding on nicely. Any ideas?07:56
Ubulettethis line ? <shirish> E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/www.sofaraway.org_ubuntu_minirepos_gstreamer0.10_Packages07:57
shirishIt actually starts with07:57
shirish10:53:29  IST) shirish: Reading package lists... Error!07:57
shirish(10:53:29  IST) shirish: E: Encountered a section with no Package: header07:57
shirish(10:53:29  IST) shirish: E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/www.sofaraway.org_ubuntu_minirepos_gstreamer0.10_Packages07:57
shirish(10:53:29  IST) shirish: E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.07:57
shirish(10:53:29  IST) shirish: E: Couldn't rebuild package cache07:57
Ubulettetotem is built with my gst so you need both mini repos.. until i break the unnecessary dep.07:57
shirishah ok, so i need both, ok cool07:58
Ubulettebut that error is not caused by that07:58
Ubulette"Package: header" is cleary wrong07:58
shirishThat is what worried me ;)07:58
Ubulettemaybe something slipped in07:58
shirishright now in the process of the big openoffice.org update, after that is complete, can try again :)07:59
Ubulettegive a few minutes, i just went home07:59
shirishno issues, take as much time as you need, I'm here for couple of hrs. atleast ;)08:00
shirishshouldn't that be , give me a few minutes, I just CAME home :P08:01
Ubuletteyeah, tired today :(08:01
shirishlol , this is when I'm not a native english speaker, you must be really tired.08:02
Ubulettei'm not either. I'm french08:02
shirishaha, a frenchman, that's interesting :)08:03
shirishfrenchmen are known to be seducers (for women) ;)08:03
=== shirish bows
Ubuletteand I live in paris..08:04
shirishoh oh, the plot gets deeper, the city of romance & anything can happen ;)08:05
shirishisn't paris full of waterways?08:05
shirishUbulette: whatever, take an hr. off, have a bath, chai (tea) or cofee whatever your tipple is ;)08:08
Ubulettewaterways in paris, well, there's the river.. quite big08:12
shirishI saw some of the movies which showed the waterways of paris & romance. As it is , it is known as the city of romance, just like our Taj Mahal ;)08:13
bluekujaOMG asac08:14
bluekujaI'm a MOTU now08:14
bluekujaI'm damn happy!!!!!!!!!08:14
shirishbluekuja: congratulations :)08:14
Ubuletteshirish, well, when you live there, it looses some of its magic08:15
bluekujashirish: thanks  a lot!!!!!!!!!!08:15
shirishUbulette: that's true, I know what you mean08:15
Ubulettebluekuja, congrats but what did that bring you ?08:15
bluekujaUbulette: upload to the archive08:15
bluekujaI'm an official ubuntu developer now08:15
shirishbluekuja: expect some package requests directed towards you sometime soon :P08:15
shirishbluekuja: as it is there are something like 314 odd packages which need-packaging the last time I checked08:16
Ubuletteshirish, could you run the following command and tell me if you see something... like a dpkg-scanpackages usage08:16
shirishand that was something like a week back or something.08:16
Ubuletteperl -e '$/ = "\n\n"; while (<>) { print "BAD {$_}\n" unless m/^Package/; }' <  /var/lib/apt/lists/www.sofaraway.org_ubuntu_minirepos_gstreamer0.10_Packages08:16
bluekujashirish: if you need anything, I'm alwais around to help08:17
bluekujaremember it08:17
shirishbluekuja: sure, there are actually some need-packages bugs which I've already filed in launchpad. Some of it really cool if you feel like doing that.08:17
bluekujashirish: problem is that we are in new packages freeze08:17
bluekujauntil gutsy+108:18
shirishbluekuja: I know that's roughly 2 months from now :(08:18
bluekujaI gonna take a look at some of them08:18
bluekujato be ready in two months08:18
shirishbluekuja: oh that's cool, you could do something private, like what ubulette is doing & I'll be happy to see if they are good or break with whatever we have now. That much better I guess.08:20
bluekujashirish: yeah, I can work with you in a private way08:20
bluekujaso you can improve your packaging skills08:20
bluekujato be ready for next circle08:20
shirishbluekuja: you misunderstood me, I meant as a user using the mirror, to test it on my system if things break or work, that way.08:21
bluekujashirish: you're not a packager then?08:21
shirishUbulette: the problem is for the moment I have unselected the gstreamer package, so it gives me08:21
bluekujamore a tester?08:21
shirishbluekuja: right, and right :)08:21
shirishbash: /var/lib/apt/lists/www.sofaraway.org_ubuntu_minirepos_gstreamer0.10_Packages: No such file or directory08:22
bluekujaI have some problems with a package I maintain in debian08:22
bluekujagonna give you it to test08:22
bluekujawhat's going on08:22
bluekujathanks for helping out anyway08:22
shirishbluekuja: sure will do , no issues, although don't have a debian machine around atm.08:22
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shirishbluekuja: we are just trying to see what's up with Ubulette's package or something, for there was an error while doing a sudo aptitude update.08:23
Ubulette_shirish, i know what it is.08:24
shirishUbulette_: ok cool :)08:24
bluekujaoh cool! :)08:24
bluekujashirish: I think ubuntu is ok to test it08:24
bluekujadon't worry08:24
shirishbluekuja: afaik there are some packaging differences between debian & ubuntu , ain't there?08:25
bluekujashirish: only some small things08:25
bluekuja(on most packages)08:25
Ubulette_last update updated dpkg that was on hold (as I patched it)08:25
Ubulette_that's bad08:25
shirishI had read that somewhere.08:25
bluekujasome system-type packages needs an ubuntu enviroment08:26
Ubulette_I have to repatch it and re-hold it08:26
bluekujaand some specific changes08:26
bluekujathat's why merges exist08:26
shirishUbulette_: dive ahead :)08:26
shirishbluekuja: true :)08:26
bluekujashirish: :)08:26
shirishbluekuja: there is a wonderful extension called liblicense, its basically a nautilus extension to see creative commons stuff, very nice08:28
shirishbluekuja: see if you can package it, http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Liblicense08:28
bluekujaoh cool, the package I was talking about is a nautilus extension too08:28
bluekujabut got some problems08:28
bluekujawith new nautilus08:28
shirishbluekuja: lol, this is crazy stuff ;)08:28
bluekujagetting crazy for it08:29
shirishthis is one of  the pet bugs   Bug 13389908:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 133899 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging]  Liblicense" [Wishlist,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13389908:29
shirishbluekuja: tell me which is yours?08:30
bluekujashirish: diff-ext08:31
bluekujacheck debian PTS08:31
bluekujafor infos08:31
bluekujaI go to have a shower08:31
Ubulette_me too08:31
bluekujathen I'm here to write some mails08:31
bluekujabe back later08:31
Ubulette_shirish, i fixed it for good. next package built by my bot will fix all indexes08:32
shirishbluekuja: take care :)08:32
shirishUbulette_: thanx :)08:32
shirishUbulette_: although have to say that was fast, I'm sure your employer would be more than happy with you :)08:32
shirishor customers if its your own thing :)08:33
Ubulette_my job is not at all to code08:34
Ubulette_not even unix related08:34
shirishUbulette_: management, HR, marketing, training or what?08:35
Ubulette_mostly engineering08:36
shirishok cool, what kind of engineering? there are so many kinds of engineering :)08:36
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
Ubulettesystems (but not computers)08:37
shirishelectrical systems, power related systems?08:40
Ubuletteyou're curious08:41
shirishcool, so you must have been playing all the time with linksys & netgear stuff08:41
Ubuletteno, much bigger08:41
shirishknowlege/know-how is always nice08:41
Ubuletteworldwide networking08:41
shirishoh that's a big jump for me, for sure ;)08:41
Ubuletteshirish, an apt-get update should fix your indexes08:42
shirishI would be happy with any of the Linksys WRT54G models http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linksys_WRT54G_series08:43
shirishUbulette: understood, working on it, let the big 115 MiB update be done, then will do an update & upgrade again ;)08:44
Ubulettei'm more into terabit/s technologies ;)08:44
shirishthat's eons for me, for me if I get an HP network printer printing I'm more than happy08:44
shirishUbulette: if interested can send you a mail, I know the printer works, for it works with windows, I can ping it but can't print it.08:45
shirishUbulette: also the printer is supported under GNU/Linux & esp. under Ubuntu but still can't get it to function.08:46
Ubulettecups doesn't work for you ?08:46
shirishUbulette: cups works for me, I have an epson printer which works fine (although it doesn't have the perfect driver) but still works fine. Its something else,08:47
shirishwill send you the full details of what commands I have tried & what things I have done, you can tell me what else I should try.08:47
Ubulette"I can ping it but can't print it" ?? what do you mean by that08:47
Ubulette(as i said, i'm tired)08:47
shirishits a network printer, so it has its own IP, hence I said I can ping it.08:48
shirishUbulette: btw when you said terabit technologies, are you into internet2?08:49
shirishI know that's the next generation network that's going to come up08:49
Ubulettei'm one of their suppliers ;)08:51
Ubulettewell, enough questions on that please08:51
shirishomg that's out of this world man08:51
shirishoh sorry, couldn't help it, I'm sure lot of guys and girls get turned on by faster speeds ;)08:52
Ubuletteshower time08:53
shirishsure, by the time you return, there should be a success story in here (as far as gst & totem are concerned) ;)08:53
shirishbluekuja: whenever you returned, I found your package on the debian pts a long time ago, http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/diff-ext.html also the 2 bugs due to which it didn't get into testing09:12
shirishUbulette: things seem to work atm, rest later :)09:17
=== shirish out
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Ubuletteasac, we now have extensions/inspector@mozilla.org twice09:38
UbuletteWe can drop the one from ff and link the one from xul09:39
UbuletteI mean, drop firefox-*-dom-inspector09:48
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asacUbulette: is that what we want?10:29
Ubulettei think so10:29
Ubuletteas it could be shared by other xul apps10:29
Ubulettejust by providing a symlink10:30
asacMirv: scheduled for next upload10:30
UbuletteI committed to .dev and I'm building it (well, my bot is)10:30
asacUbulette: aren't there any browser/ tweaks in the firefox dom inspector?10:30
Ubuletteit's from the same sources10:31
Ubulettesame files, sames sizes10:31
Ubulettebot is done. good. updating :)10:32
Ubulettehmm. i have double balloons in google reader10:34
asacUbulette: one mor thing ... so firefox doesn't load extensions in xulrunner/extensions?10:34
asacwe have to link them?10:34
Ubuletteat least, i had to link for it to work. don't know if it's the expected behavior10:35
bluekujaheya asac!10:35
bluekujathanks for before!10:35
bluekujaI'm really happy man!10:35
asacbluekuja: yeah ;)10:36
bluekujaasac: it was something like a dream you know10:36
bluekuja3 years of work10:36
bluekujahours spent on packages10:36
bluekujaand now I'm an official devel10:37
asacbluekuja: wow ... thats long ... now that you have come so far you should keep up the pace :) ... learn more and new things10:37
bluekujayou're still my teacher10:37
bluekujaremember it10:37
asacits easier to build upon a solid foundation then starting with nothing10:37
asacso the next 3 years can bring you really far ;)10:37
bluekujaasac: :)10:37
bluekujaasac: can you still mentor me?10:38
bluekujateach me?10:38
bluekujafor debian as well10:38
asacbluekuja: well ... i rarily refuse questions10:38
asacbluekuja: however i probably won't be your AM ;) ... thats something that i cannot force10:38
bluekujayeah, I know. AM get assigned randomly10:39
bluekujaI think10:39
bluekujadamn :/10:39
asacwell ... most should be fine10:39
asacits basically just checking your knowledge and observing your activity10:39
bluekujais there a bad AM around?10:40
asacare you responsive? do you fix RC bugs in timely fashion? all these questions.10:40
Ubuletteasac, I added provide firefox-trunk-dom-inspector, package is still there. Should i have added replace too ?10:40
asacno ... i don't know any10:40
bluekujaok nice to hear10:40
asacUbulette: who provides dom-inspector?10:41
asacwho == what package10:41
asacwe probably have a xul-dom-inspector now, right?10:41
Ubulettefirefox-trunk as the goal is to jsut drop the package for good for those who installed it10:41
bluekujaasac: perfect :)10:42
Ubulettewell, xul being a toolkit, i don't see the reason to split it. should we ?10:42
asacUbulette: i am unsure ... if you make firefox-trunk depend on xulrunner-dom-inspector ... all firefox-trunk would get it10:42
asacUbulette: well ... as long as its just xul, i am not sure ... but for things like gnome-support it should probably be split10:42
asacbecause it forces depends on e.g. kde users10:42
UbuletteI just want firefox-trunk-dom-inspector to disappear10:43
asacso as a rule ... don't strip down because of size, but do so if you can eliminate depends of core xul/firefox10:43
asacUbulette: why not just make firefox-trunk-dom-inspector depend on xulrunner-dom-inspector and create the link?10:44
asaci see that its good to eliminate things ... but pumping up the default firefox insall with extensions might not be what our users want.10:44
asac(though unsure)10:45
Ubulettewell, with libxul, ff no longer provides any extention (except its default theme) so I don't see why we should keep neither dom nor gnome10:46
Ubuletteboth are part of xul now10:46
asacUbulette: right ... the question is if you want all xul extensions installed automatically be installed for firefox-trunk as well10:46
asacsince upstream appears not to look in xulrunner extensions directory by default its probably not how upstream thinks about it10:47
asace.g. each xul app should select the extensions it wants10:47
Ubuletteas i said yesterday, ext + xul is still a wip10:47
Ubulettethey commit changes everyday just for that10:48
Ubulettei'm front edge here :)10:48
asacUbulette: right ... however i think that its safe to assume that they won't end up enabling all installed xul extensions by deafult in all xul apps10:48
asace.g. you might have a fully pumped up xulrunner install ... but still want a real lightweight xul app runnin on top of that10:49
asacbut as yu said ... target still moving10:49
asacso i would suggest to keep things as they are and take a look once things have stabilized10:49
asacalternatively one could ask benjamin about his vision in #xulrunner on irc.mozilla.org :)10:49
Ubuletteone could.. yes.10:50
asaci can do that ;)10:50
asacif you don't want :)10:50
asacjust let me know so we don't double bother him ;)10:51
Ubulettewell, you seems to know him. go ahead :)10:51
asaci know him only little better then you ... mostly from bug mail ... and just a bit chatting10:51
Ubulettelog your stuff if you can :)10:51
asacok ... will try to set that up ;)10:52
Ubulettehmm. xul installs dom with platform/{WINNT,OS2,Linux}, we dont want that10:53
asacUbulette: in chrome?10:56
Ubuletteno extensions/inspector@mozilla.org/platform/10:56
bluekujaasac: forgot to ask you10:57
bluekujathe people.ubuntu.com space10:57
bluekujafor developers10:57
bluekujahow can I access it?10:57
asaci think its canonical :(10:58
bluekujaevery MOTU got it10:58
asaclet me see10:58
bluekujathat's why I asked10:58
asaci just see two dozens of accounts there ...10:59
asaci think the name should be changed ... though no idea10:59
asacif that will happen10:59
Ubulette2.21 :)10:59
asacin debian everybody gets an account on people.debian.org for instance11:00
bluekujadamn keyboard11:00
bluekujaleaving cya tomorrq11:00
asacdrink a beer ;)11:01
asacUbulette: 2.21?11:01
asaci am not familiar with the versioning scheme11:01
bluekujaI will lol11:01
Ubuletteyep, 2.21 because they passed the gnome 2.20 freeze i guess11:02
Ubuletteor jumped over it11:02
Ubuletteor got sick of it maybe11:02
asacright ... i thought it was aligned with gnome release11:03
asacprobably they branched off the 2.20 branch and now go ahead11:03
Ubulettecool, i should do that for the whole gnome beast, so I'll not even notice the ubuntu freeze ;)11:04
UbuletteI'm close to that already11:04
asacwhat is missing?11:05
Ubulettegtk for once.. but the gutsy one is heavily hacked11:05
asacheavily hacked?11:06
asachow many patches do we have?11:06
Ubulettelast time i've checked, there were huge patches11:06
Ubuletteit was 3~4 months ago11:07
asacwell in the beginning of the cycle seb probably prepatches lots of thigns11:07
asac21 patches11:07
asacoh 20 :)11:08
asacok filesel is apparently really hacked11:09
asacoh ... we have an input method patch as well ... hope its not the reason for the IM crashes we see in ffox11:11
Ubulettewho knows11:11
Ubulettethat's the kind of patches that makes me willing to add the video patch to ff trunk11:12
=== mertiki [n=zxz@modemcable023.30-56-74.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacUbulette: which video patch are you talking about?11:13
Ubuletteasac, http://www.bluishcoder.co.nz/2007/08/firefox-video-element-patch-version-4.html11:14
Ubulettehmm, nautilus is not there yet ;) nautilus_2.19.92+svn20070911r13140+bbot-111:16
asacUbulette: gnome apps are independent ... they just get together for release ;)11:16
Ubulettethis should be interesting too: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54649811:17
asacUbulette: help them :) ... provide a patches nautilus through ppa or something ;) ... so they can test11:19
Ubulettea few guys already provided debs11:20
mertikiasac : hello asac, you asked me to ack you about sunbird-locales, did you have time to work on this?11:21
asacmertiki: sorry no ... you provided ready to review packages?11:21
mertikiyeah, I said it on the bug11:21
asaci think you did :) ...11:21
asacis that bug properly scheduled?11:22
asacmertiki: yes its fine ... i shouldn't miss it11:22
mertikiasac : I don't think so, I uploaded the package to REVU after Gutsy tribe 6 so it needs to get a exception in order to get in repositories, they need your point of view on that before11:23
mertikiasac : thanks :)11:23
asacmertiki: right ... don't bother about exception ... that won't be a problem11:23
mertikiit's what I though11:23
mertikithanks about that, you can email me anytime if you need info or anything11:24
asacmertiki: yes ... keep on bugging me ... i have downloaded it and will take a final look first thing in the morngin11:25
asacmertiki: thanks for your work on this!11:25
mertikigreat :)11:25
mertikiI'm happy I can help Ubuntu getting better11:25
=== xtknight [n=xtknight@c-68-43-122-211.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacmertiki: there is a contribution ...11:26
asacoh gone11:26
asacits interesting that some people are always in such a hurry to leave a channel ;)11:27
=== cwong1 [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-5e1a9cde4317797b] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asachi cwong111:27
asaccwong1: any news?11:27
cwong1just 1 sec11:29
cwong1It crashed because "presShell->GetPrimaryFrameFro (elementContent, &frame)" return with frame=null11:31
asaclet me think ;)11:32
asaccwong1: ok i think we have to traverse up to parent content until we get to content that has a frame11:35
asacor just try if the document has a frame as well :/11:36
cwong1asac: ok..11:36
asaccwong1: do you have a finished to build tree there?11:40
asacmine apparently has been cleaned somehow :/11:40
cwong1I have a build tree, yes11:40
asacso takes a bit to do anything at all here :/11:41
asacok cool11:41
cwong1do u want me to try something here?11:41
asactry if nsCOMPtr<nsIContent> elementContent = do_QueryInterface(elementNode); -> nsCOMPtr<nsIContent> elementContent = do_QueryInterface(ownerDocument); works11:41
asacof course place that a few lines below (e.g. after ownerDocument is set)11:42
asaci think we should traverse up in the end ... but maybe it just works for now11:42
cwong1hangon I will give it a try11:43
asacits in nsHildonXEventService__peek_window_from_dom_element11:43
asacwe just want the top level window that contains the element ... so it doesn't matter which element we peek ... as long as its guaranteed to be in the same top-level window11:45
asacso if the document element has a frame it is most likely the right window ... though there might be cases where it isn't ... so in the end we should really traverse up11:45
asacbut lets see if the document element has a frame at all ;)11:45
cwong1Please take a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/130/ and tell me exactly what to change11:47
Ubuletteasac, i've updated trunk.dev (i hate that name) so dom and venkman are two optional packages. i haven't split xul for now. I'll wait for you to discuss with benjamin.11:48
asaccwong1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/131/11:49
asacUbulette: trunk.dev == firefox.trunk.dev ?11:50
Ubulettetrunk.dev is the name of the branch11:50
asacok thats fine ... so once xul is split those packages will just ship a link and a proper depend?11:51
asacUbulette: right ;)11:51
asacUbulette: but now they ship the real content?11:51
asacor links already?11:51
asacok even better11:51
Ubulettetiny debs :)11:52
asacUbulette: i will sleep a night ... tomorrow we can rename the branches ;)11:52
asac(most likely)11:52
asacas i am a bit schizophrenic ;)11:52
asaccwong1: you just need to run make in midbrowser/components to test the build11:53
cwong1hang on I have someone here11:54
asaccwong1: i will be here for another 30 minutes ... i have to get up at a ridiculous early time tomorrow morning :(11:59
cwong1ok that's fine.11:59
cwong1asac: the crashed gone now but nothing popups up ..12:01
Ubuletteasac, i'm concerned by the fact that i build 9 extentions in xul but only ship 2 (dom and venkman)12:03
cwong1asac: anyway if you have time to look into this tomorrow on how I can get a simple popup to come up, I would greatly appreciate it... :)12:04
asaccwong1: sure ... will look12:05
cwong1tx and have a good night sleep12:05
asaccwong1: yes u212:05
asacUbulette: hmm ... what about the others?12:06
asacUbulette: they might be useful for other apps but not ffox?12:06
Ubulettenot in extensions/* for sure12:06
asacUbulette: gnomevfs we want12:14
asacxml-rpc as well i guess12:14
Ubulettei know. but they are not xpi like venkman and inspector12:15

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