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ubotunorrizyth called the ops in #ubuntuforums01:49
PriceChildtis nothing01:50
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ubotuAndrewB called the ops in #ubuntu04:50
AndrewBWoo that's me.04:52
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nzkHey, it's been over a year. Can I be unbanned from #ubuntu?05:26
nzkAnd it's been 9 months for -offtopic.05:27
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SeveasMez, ?09:10
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stdinjust a notice for those care, nicio in #ubuntu is xp_killer, he was banned from #k but changed his ident and host so re-banned11:01
stdinnvm, nick changed anyway11:02
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stdinnicio: can we help you?11:20
=== nicio [n=nicio@AMarigot-102-1-13-88.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Konversation]
elkbunturight, he's gone11:34
elkbuntuor will be soon11:34
elkbuntuhe's in both kubuntu and ubuntu offtopics now12:10
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dinamizadorqye tal01:32
dinamizadorhay alguien ahi01:32
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ubotuIn ubotu, Pici said: !tribe6 is <reply> Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) Tribe 6 is not a formal release, but rather a bugfixing milestone.  Please see http://tinyurl.com/3ytk9g for more information.02:10
=== Pici has been asked about tribe 6 many many times
Hobbsee!tribe6 is <reply> Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) Tribe 6 is not a formal release, but rather a bugfixing milestone.  Please see http://tinyurl.com/3ytk9g for more information.02:11
ubotuI'll remember that, Hobbsee02:11
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PiciBlarg. The bot only appears to be in 3 channels.03:38
elkbuntuSeveas, netsplit killed teh bot03:40
elkbuntuit could be still syncing, but it shouldnt take this long03:41
PiciWhat has to be done to get ubot3 up and running?04:00
Garybeg nalioth to get it to join?04:03
Picinalioth: ping! ubotu is dead, long live ubot3, or something. Can we get ubot3 in #ubuntu, etc04:04
Tm_TPici: remember to kiss his feets too04:04
jribPriceChild: ubotwo available?04:28
=== Pici votes that all irc council members have full access to the bots
PriceChildI think ubotwo is broken04:29
=== Pici 's votes dont count for anything
HobbseePici: woulid require a ssh connection into somewhere04:30
PriceChildHobbsee, not really...04:30
PriceChildif we just had capabilities to join/part it that would be a lot better than we have now04:30
HobbseePriceChild: to restart the bot?04:30
HobbseePriceChild: oh true.  youd' need admin capabilities04:30
Pici @join and @part should work04:30
PriceChildat the end of the day if its having troubles connecting in the first place, then we won't have an easy time ssh'ing?04:31
Hobbseeyou'd still be screwed if the box went down, etc, though04:31
PriceChildIts something to bring up at the first meeting!!! :D04:31
PriceChildubotwo's still broken yes04:31
jribHobbsee: /less/ screwed though04:31
Hobbseetrue, true04:31
PriceChildi don't think encyclopedia is loaded on it, and i only have join/part capabilities on it04:32
elkbuntuPriceChild, i think it's just muddled from the netsplit. it's done it before under the circumstances04:32
PriceChildits in quite a few channels... more that the 3 pici stated earlier04:33
jribmust be on strike from being overworked in #ubuntu04:34
Tm_Twell its not in #kubuntu either04:34
PiciIt is? /whois still returns #ubuntuforums #ubuntu-bugs #ubuntu-offtopic04:34
jribI get: #ubuntu-bugs #ubuntu-offtopic #ubuntu-classroom04:35
PriceChild#xubuntu #ubuntuforums #ubuntu-bugs #ubuntu-offtopic #ubuntu-effects #ubuntu-classroom #ubuntuforums-hardware #ubuntu-meeting #ubuntu-proxy-users #kubuntu-offtopic #launchpad 04:35
PriceChildhe's +s04:35
PriceChildor whatever the appropriate user mode is04:36
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zylcheNice, operations. Can I get a secure line with ubuntulog from here?04:57
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PumpernickelNope... the agents cut the hardline, so we're all evacuating right now.04:58
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naliothGary: Pici: happy now?05:07
Picinalioth: Yes, but I'm still not kissing your feet.05:08
elkbuntuyay, now we can !paste people! :D05:08
naliothi'm not into that  :|05:08
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Garynalioth, I'm not happy05:08
=== Daviey gives Gary a puppy to cheer him up
=== nalioth gives Gary another polecat
naliothGary: do you know what polecat is?05:32
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naliothubot3: logs05:54
ubot3Channel logs can be found at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs05:54
naliothLongPointyStick: ubotu is MIA, ya gotta talk to ubot3 by name in here05:54
=== LongPointyStick is not here.
=== roadfish [n=user@ip-66-203-169-173.ac1.golden.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChildxp_killer is in -offtopic btw05:59
PriceChildTm_T, you around?06:00
Tm_Tand I banned him in #kubuntu-offtopic 06:00
Tm_Tbut no kick06:00
Tm_Tlet him find the way out himself ;)06:00
PriceChild#kubuntu don't you mean as well?06:00
Tm_TIIRC he's been banned there already06:01
Tm_Tthanks to stdin06:02
Tm_Tbtw wouldnt it be nice to us to have launchpad karma from bans and kicks?06:03
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Tm_Thi hi nicio honey06:09
niciohow many time i got left to be unban06:09
nicioTm_T: is it stdin that told u about ?06:10
Tm_Tabout what?06:10
Tm_TI know your stance06:10
nicioTm_T: how much time i got left?06:10
Tm_Ttime? it depends, how you behave in overall06:10
nicioTm_T: u know my stance.no one would of know about me if i hadnt change my name to xp....06:11
Tm_Tyes I would06:11
nicioTm_T: when i just reinstall linux i was behaven.when i change my name to xp they ban me06:12
Tm_Tbecause of ban evasion06:12
nicioi didnt evade i just reinstall no one help me to solve my problem so i reinstall06:13
nicioTm_T: but for the past 6hours i was behaven and u didnt unban me06:14
Tm_Tnicio: 6 hours isnt enough06:15
niciostdin: told me 806:15
nicioTm_T: i havent do nothing after 6hour no badness06:16
nicioi just ask for help in offtopic and u ban me06:16
niciothat is not justice06:16
Tm_Tnicio: how about wait 24 hours from now, and we'll talk about it again, ok?06:17
=== mc44 [n=mc44@unaffiliated/mc44] has joined #ubuntu-ops
nicioTm_T: 2hour06:17
Tm_Tnicio: no, 24 hours06:17
niciothey told me 806:18
Tm_Twho told?06:18
niciostdin: 06:18
Tm_Twell thats his call, not mine06:18
naliothnicio: would you like to go for a week?06:18
nicioby time linux will crash if i dont get help an i will eventualy go back to xp06:19
Tm_Tif thats your choice...06:19
nicioxp i dont like that virus home06:20
naliothanything else we can help you with, nicio ?06:20
niciook i'm going just tell me how long i got to wait till im unban?06:20
Tm_Tnicio: 24 hours minimum, as said06:21
=== nicio [n=nicio@AMarigot-102-1-13-88.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Konversation]
Tm_Tno whining, bitching, nothing06:21
Tm_Talmost like, he might learn :o06:21
stdinfor the record, I told him "about 8 hours probably" 16 hours after the initial ban06:22
PiciTm_T: Thats because he did all his whining and bitching in u-offtopic before I told him to come here.,06:22
Tm_Thave to read those06:22
stdinhmm, no bot in #k :(06:24
PriceChildnalioth, ^06:25
stdinthat's better :)06:26
=== ikonia [n=mattd@unaffiliated/ikonia] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ikoniacan someone pleaseinvesitate koustotu's attitude and language in #ubuntu+1 06:27
PriceChildI'll take a look.06:28
=== Pici watches
PriceChild<mikes`> hi this is mikes  mother, do any one you know where he is?06:43
Davieyflooder #ubuntu+106:44
ikoniatime waster / troll / flooder / $anything else  in #ubuntu+106:44
Davieyikonia: too slow ;)06:45
ikonianah, I was just building on your comment06:45
Davieyadd plonker aswell then06:46
ikoniayeah, thats about right06:46
Seveas!ops | bot is coming back07:04
Seveas(for those who have !ops on highlight ;)07:05
Mezhave muted BABA_RECORD in #ubuntu for asking for credit card numbers07:05
Tm_TSeveas: :)07:05
Tm_TMez: why only mute?07:06
Tm_TIMO thats direct kickban07:06
naliothMez: wtf are you doing?07:06
=== Pici waits for someone to call ops on mez
Mezeep,, did I just /notice ?07:07
Mez* BABA_RECORD any one have any Credit card who work ?07:08
Mez* BABA_RECORD any one have any Credit card who work ?07:08
Seveask/b'ed from #ubuntu and -offtopic07:08
naliothMez: yes, i see him07:08
Mezthat was the reason, didnt mean to /notice tho07:08
Meznext tmie i'm just switchign channels07:09
Piciubotu is back in #ubuntu07:09
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-186-176.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Tm_TMez: =)07:12
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Mezyes Tm_T ?07:13
Tm_Tnotice :)07:13
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, BearPerson or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)07:14
Tm_Tthat BABA_RECORD is travelling from channel to channel with his requests07:14
Tm_T#openmoko included this far07:15
Tm_Tand #kde07:15
Meznalioth? anything you cando bout it07:15
=== Pici wonders why hes trolling on a network with so many computer savvy people.
Tm_Tnalioth: <307:15
naliothPici: trolls just want to disrupt things07:15
Picinalioth: I know.07:16
Seveaselkbuntu, prod07:16
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=== dgjones [n=Cheshire@unaffiliated/dgjones] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ubotuIn ubotu, Pici said: no wfm is <alias> worksforme08:36
TulroePici's in ur ubotu, changing ur factoids...08:41
mc44Tulroe's in ur jdong pretendin not to be jdong08:41
Tulroemc44: hush ;-)08:41
TulroeI'm supposed to be dead.08:41
Tulroeand obviously it's not working08:42
Tulroedid Pricey tell you, or is it really that obvious? :D08:43
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Seveas said: !wfm is bla08:44
Picinot john08:45
naliothrunning as root, too  tsk tsk08:45
Tulroenalioth: nah just /set real name to root ;-)08:45
TulroeI accidentally came on as jdong@08:45
Tulroeand quikly cooked up an excuse08:45
Tulroethat required root to be plausible :D08:46
Tulroethis has oddly made me spend more time on IRC08:46
Tulroe90% of which is spent mocking pricey :D08:46
naliothTulroe: you know that is trolling   :P08:46
=== Tulroe hugs pricey
Tulroelol it's fun to be on the other side once in a while ;-)08:46
Tulroenow, IRC world should follow suit of forums and do chuck norris week :)08:47
mc44Tulroe: why are you in-cog-neato08:47
Tulroemc44: (1) wanted to take a break from IRC to catch up on schoolwork (2) wanted to teach someone a lesson for always making fun of me...08:48
Tulroeapparently I took a bunch of pills or something and am in the hospital08:48
mc44Those kids can be so cruel08:48
Tulroeheck at this point I don't even know the story :)08:48
Tulroebut she's learned her lesson already08:48
Tulroenow I'm trying to be as out-of-character as pricey as possible...08:49
Tulroeseeing when she'll snap and realize it's me.08:49
Tulroeso far I've used "dearie me" no less than 50 times in 5 hours, and she is still not suspicious08:49
Tulroehmm I'm gonna try to revert back to me....08:51
=== Tulroe is now known as jdong
Seveassomeone should now kline jdong as impostor. Maximum confusion :)08:52
jdongthat sounds fun!08:52
Seveasnalioth, pweeeeeeeeeez :)08:52
jdonghow do I get back on afterwards? :)08:53
Seveasthat's not important :)08:53
mc44jdong: you dont, but you do get a lot more school work done08:53
jdongsounds good :D08:53
jdonglol.. I told her I found jdong's irssi.conf with nickserv password08:54
jdongand she bought it.08:54
jdongso do I get a kline?08:56
jdongsometimes I ask myself.. .what am I asking for... :)08:56
ubotuIn #ubuntu, patty said: ubotu what is the meaning of life09:17
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ubotupreaction called the ops in #ubuntu09:34
naliothjdong: with a 52,000.000 minute k-line, you'll have a long time to think about getting back here09:44
jdongok ok change of plans...09:44
jdonggot things sorted out another way :D09:44
=== jdong hides and quivers
mneptokdo not taunt Happy Fun Ball09:49
nzkSeveas: ping09:50
naliothjdong: how about 41,038,648 minutes ?09:50
jdongtha'ts a lot of minutes09:50
jdongis that the countdown for the new iraqi government?09:51
naliothjdong: those are "millions of minutes"09:51
jdongphase 4 of the prank is quite genius...09:51
jdonganother friend of mine came up with it...09:51
jdongrevert to normal and pretend none of it happened09:51
nzkSeveas: when you see this message -- It's been a year. Just under 13 months, rather. So can I *finally* be unbanned from #ubuntu?09:52
jdongoh dear I hope I don't make the poor person insane...09:52
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PriceChildHey Seveas, elkbunt.u would prefer a meeting between 12 and 16 utc, nal.ioth can do any time with warning, what about you?10:54
Seveasanywhere between 8-22 UTC10:55
naliothwho's nal.ioth ?10:56
Seveasyou with a dot10:56
PriceChildyou just missed him10:56
PriceChildhehe so i guess for the first meeting we have to choose between elky and sev :P10:56
mc44PriceChild fails at time10:57
Seveas12-16 is a subset of 8-2210:57
PriceChildwas manically switching between 12 and 24 8-)10:57
Seveas@lart ubotu10:58
=== ubotu spanks ubotu with a pink tutu
PriceChildSo how about 12utc sometime early next week?10:58
Seveas"" to the rescue10:58
Seveas0x200B zero width space10:58
Seveasno need for dots10:59
mc44PriceChild: hoping to find LjL by then? :P10:59
SeveasPriceChild, 10:59
Seveasdid that highlight you PriceChild ?10:59
PriceChild*wonders why that didn't ping him*10:59
PriceChildbetween the c and h11:00
Seveaszero width space :)11:00
Seveas0x200B is goof11:00
Seveasgood even11:00
PriceChildSeveas smells11:00
Tm_Tgoofy goodies!11:00
=== Tm_T hides
PriceChildsooo.... Monday the 17th, 12utc?11:01
PriceChildnothing on for that date yet11:02
Seveasfine by me11:02
Tm_Tirc council?11:02
Seveasnalioth, ?11:02
PriceChildTm_T, yeah11:02
naliothSeveas: with advance notice, i'm fine with anything11:02
PriceChildnalioth, Monday the 17th, 12 utc11:02
Seveasnalioth, then you're fine with this :)11:03
nzkOh, right, Seveas has /ignored me. Would another op care to tell him that I'm in here requesting an unban after 13 months?11:03
PriceChildnzk, one moment11:03
PriceChildI'll copy the FC's agenda page for us, and mail the ubuntu-irc ML saying the date/time11:04
Tm_TI'm free to be audience there?11:04
PriceChildYeah these meetings are open11:04
Tm_Tlovely :)11:04
PriceChildas per the governance doc11:04
Seveas@lart ubotu11:07
=== ubotu forces Seveas to talk in reverse polish notation for the rest of the year
Tm_Tok, thats cruel11:08
Seveascruel ubotu likes to be11:08
mc44yay we can all go along and heckle PriceChild 11:10
naliothwho gets to jeckle PriceChild ?11:11
PriceChildbut you all get to heckle me ;)11:11
naliothSeveas: here in the US we have a cartoon with two characters "Heckle and Jeckly"11:12
mc44ok, I can jeckle PriceChild, sounds fun11:12
jdongmc44: didn't you do that last night already? ;-)11:19
mc44jdong: only in an unofficial capacity11:20
mc44jdong: now it's time for some Pro-jeckling11:20
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+o PriceChild] by ChanServ
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-ops:PriceChild] : Welcome to the home of the operators of all Ubuntu (and derivatives) channels | This channel is for operator/abuse questions only | Support in #ubuntu, #kubuntu etc... | IRC team info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam | The IRC council reserves the right to remove idlers from the channel | Next meeting, Mon 17th 12utc
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-o PriceChild] by ChanServ
Amaranthdude, bad timing11:31
Amaranthwell, i won't be there anyway11:31
SeveasAmaranth, timing will always be bad for someone11:31
PriceChildWe'll try and change the times a little I'm sure.11:31
Amaranthwell, it'd normally be alright but i'll be in london then for the compiz stuff11:32
PriceChildyou're all going to london?11:32
Amaranthnot all of us11:32
Tm_Tubotu goes capitalised11:32
SeveasAmaranth, 12:00 utc is 12:00 in london as well :)11:32
AmaranthSeveas: I'll be a little busy, I'm sure11:32
mc44actually its 1pm11:32
PriceChildwell 1 8-)11:32
mc44but anyway :)11:33
DavieyDepends what time of year ;)11:33
Seveasmc44, not this time of year11:33
Tm_Tprivate message?11:33
mc44@now London11:33
UbotuCurrent time in Europe/London: September 11 2007, 22:33:25 - Next meeting: Edubuntu in 22 hours 26 minutes11:33
Picipost meridian11:33
Seveas@now 11:33
UbotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: September 11 2007, 21:33:31 - Next meeting: Edubuntu in 22 hours 26 minutes11:33
Seveasah drad11:33
ikoniaIf your in london I'd be happy to get a round of drinks in11:33
Seveasctupid summertime11:33
mc44ikonia: if you're buying... :P11:33
ikoniahappy to buy a round11:33
tonyyarusso@lart daylight savings time for being silly, confusing, and not actually helpful11:33
=== Ubotu makes Jack Bauer chase daylight savings time for being silly, confusing, and not actually helpful
=== jussi_ [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-185-239.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== Seeker` [i=Ercle@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Tm_Ttonyyarusso: does that mean we wont have daylight savings time in 24 hours?11:39
tonyyarussoTm_T: Depends how effective Jack Bauer is.  He might get a snack first.11:39
Tm_Twell he usually spends 24 hours, right?11:39
tonyyarussobeats me11:41
=== tonyyarusso doesn't actually know the show
mc44it's called 24. Clue is in the title :)11:41
Tm_Ttonyyarusso: me neither know, except the 24 hour limit :)11:44
Seeker`actually,  a series of 24 only lasts 18 hours11:48
Tm_TSeeker`: no, actions in it happens in 24 hours11:57
Tm_Tnot actual showtime11:57
Seeker`the point of it was that stuff happeend in "real time"12:08
Seeker`however, in america, they put breaks in12:09
Seeker`which equates to 15 mins out of every hour12:09
Seeker`which means that when there are no breaks, each episode only lasts 45 mins12:09
naliothSeeker`: you're mistaken  :(12:10
nalioththe capitalists have now gotten tv shows down to 39 or 40 minutes per actual content12:10
Seeker`well, when series 1 of 24 was shown on BBC2, it filled a 45 min timeslot12:10
PriceChildSeeker`, don't forget the random "what's on next" "adverts" at the start and end of that slot12:11
Seeker`PriceChild, true12:13
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delskorchHello ops, I was banned from #ubuntu on Sunday (or maybe yesterday). Can someone please let me know why.12:45
PriceChildHey delskorch, I'll take a look for you :)12:46
delskorchAppreciate it.12:46
PriceChilddelskorch, you /ctcp ping'd the entire channel it seems12:49
delskorchah, I think I remember seeing the results of that.12:49
delskorchIt was definitely not intended. Anyway I can have the ban lifted?12:50
PriceChildI will do so now, and hope that it doesn't happen again :)12:50
delskorchThanks. I'll avoid that.12:50
PriceChildHave fun.12:51
delskorchGreat. Thanks PriceChild 12:51
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Tm_Tooh that was smooth!12:51
PriceChildTm_T, hmm?12:52
Tm_Tno cursing, calling names, no tarshing12:52
PriceChildwas probably an acciadent12:53
Seveassome people simply make hones mistakes and have no foul intentions12:53
Tm_TSeveas: I know :)12:53
Seveasincreasingly rare, but it happens :)12:53
PriceChildbantracker didn't show his join in the backlog so yeah12:53
PriceChilddoesn't seem like he joined just to ping for example12:53
Tm_TI was happy he did act well :)12:53
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Tm_Txp_killer got around atleast one ban01:10
Tm_TI think I patched it01:10
naliothTm_T: oh?01:10
Tm_Tnew dynamic ip, blame stdin01:10
Tm_TI hope the latest will hold him well enough until we are ready to release him =)01:11
Tm_T*!*=nicio@*.abo.wanadoo.fr is ok mask?01:11

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