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fujin_what does everyone use for an iptables init script?02:03
=== l_ [n=l_@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
fujin_currently I just have a lame bash script which does like iptables -F input bla bla inserts all my rules02:03
fujin_but wanted something a bit better02:03
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osmosiswhy does my /etc/motd  get overwritten all the time to the default?02:41
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stiv2khelp, something happened, ssh just went down like 10 minutes ago04:15
stiv2kon my server04:15
stiv2kim still logged into it from this one session but it will not open any new connections04:15
stiv2ki can ping the server and i can telnet on 2204:16
stiv2krestarting the service doesnt do anything04:16
fujin_checked your firewall rules?04:23
stiv2ki dont think its running a firewall, fujin_04:23
fujin_on a server???04:23
stiv2kfujin_: its behind a NAT04:24
stiv2kfujin_: iptables is installed im not sure if its running (i also dont remember installing it)04:24
stiv2kwhat can i do?04:25
fujin_you said you tried restarting ssh?04:25
fujin_try stop ssh and kill any leftover sshd's04:25
fujin_could get risky lol04:25
stiv2kfujin_: how am i gonna be able to log back into it to start sshd again04:26
fujin_you're not then, I'd advise not doing that04:26
fujin_why not try reboot the box04:26
stiv2ki couldt04:26
stiv2kbut would rather avoid it :P04:26
stiv2ki guess i can make a script to do it04:26
stiv2klike a simple bash script04:26
fujin_or do /etc/init.d/ssh stop && killall sshd && /etc/init.d/ssh start04:27
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steve____fujin_: that owned me04:28
steve____i still have access to webmin04:28
steve____should i try that04:28
steve____maybe restart networking /..\04:29
fujin_did it start sshd back up?04:29
steve____i dont know04:29
steve____it kicked me out and i cant get back04:29
steve____ill telnet it to check04:29
steve____SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.3p2 Debian-8ubuntu104:29
fujin_so what's it doing?04:29
fujin_not asking for a username?04:29
steve____pretty much04:29
steve____or password04:30
steve____it just sits there04:30
wasabisounds like it's waiting for reverse resolve. wait.04:30
fujin_that's what I was about to say :004:30
steve____its on my LAN!04:30
wasabido you have reverse resolve on your lan?04:31
steve____dont think so04:31
steve____its not working for me or my room mate04:31
steve____it was working like half an hour ago04:33
steve____what happened04:33
steve____fujin_: wasabi: does it work for you?04:37
steve____ssh neoturbine.net04:37
fujin_does a keyexchange04:37
fujin_asked me for a password04:37
steve____it's still not working for me04:38
steve____why is it not asking me for a password04:40
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mralphabetsteve____: you are using webmin on an ubuntu box?04:50
steve____mralphabet: yea04:51
ubotuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system04:51
steve____mralphabet: any alternatives?04:51
mralphabetebox is the one currently being bantered around04:51
steve____mralphabet: what about usermin?04:52
steve____also the whole ssh thing seems to be a problem on my client04:52
steve____but i still dont know what04:52
mralphabetuse putty04:52
steve____im in linux tho04:52
fujin_have you checked your nameserver configuration?04:53
=== cld2 [n=cliff@ip65-44-219-34.z219-44-65.customer.algx.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
cld2is it possible to get the messages that scroll buy during boot? after the kernel takes over before the login? dmesg is not showing the hardware errors I see. thanks.05:01
stiv2ki dunno05:09
stiv2kit works again05:09
stiv2kthat was SO weid05:09
stiv2kdoing `who` on my server05:30
stiv2kshows me logged in like 8 times05:30
stiv2ki only have 2 terminal windows open thouhg05:30
stiv2khow do i log myself out of them05:30
fujin_killall bash05:46
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nealmcbfujin_: shorewall is a firewall config tool in main with some nice failsafe options06:26
fujin_jesus christ06:26
fujin_you did not just suggest shorewall to me06:27
=== fujin_ shoots self
fujin_seriously, I'd have to be a retard to use shorewall. I can't believe you brought it up in a server channel06:27
nealmcbfujin_: have it your way....06:27
fujin_found an init script, anywayz.06:28
fujin_from Gentoo06:28
fujin_modified for ubuntu06:28
nealmcbwhat don't you like about shorewall?06:29
fujin_it's rubbish and not suitable for deployment as a layer3 firewall on individual servers?06:29
fujin_maybe for a noob with a home network06:29
fujin_"the red network"06:29
fujin_lol @ shorewall.06:29
fujin_I'll stick to my handwritten iptables.06:30
ajmitchplease do that then06:30
nealmcbfujin_: could you be specific?06:30
ajmitchhello nealmcb :)06:30
nealmcbajmitch: howdy!06:30
fujin_how more specific do you need?06:31
fujin_it's an abstraction layer to something which isn't complex06:31
nealmcbfujin_: bug reports, better alternatives which are supported, etc.06:31
fujin_I don't need bug reports or better alternatives to dislike a product.07:02
fujin_especially a mangled under-functional product like that07:02
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stiv2k_hey can i re-attach a screen running under a different user on my system?  I am the sys admin.08:47
=== nandemonai [n=nandemon@ppp121-45-165-133.lns11.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
sorenstiv2k_: Is this something you just need this once?09:20
mindframeid say su to that user and screen -r09:33
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ph8hey all, i'm looking for a bug to sink my teeth into. So i'm @ bugs.launchpad.net and i'm trying to search all bug reports for 'one project'11:08
ph8which project is ubuntu server though? :o11:08
kgoetzafaik ubuntu-sever doesnt have its own project, its 'just part of ubuntu'11:10
ph8ah ok11:11
ph8so how can i view specific bugs?11:11
ajmitchyou'd look at bugs for the packages, such as samba or apache2 or php511:13
ph8ah i see11:13
ph8so coding for the ubuntu server team is really the same as the ubuntu core team, but you might concentrate on different packages?11:13
kgoetzanybody know what replaces the iftab file? i seem to have an eth1 and eth2, but no eth012:04
=== atamurad [n=chatzill@nusnet-183-42.dynip.nus.edu.sg] has joined #ubuntu-server
atamuradhi, what's the default mysql root password on ubuntu server?12:14
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ScottKWho on the server team is familiar with pacakaging mysql related packages?  We're having a problem in #ubuntu-motu that could use some assistance.02:34
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reya276how can I fix this error "JNDI listen port in jndi.properties blocked by TCP/IP filtering or firewall"03:31
=== stiv2k_ [n=steve@] has joined #ubuntu-server
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reya276how can I fix this error "JNDI listen port in jndi.properties blocked by TCP/IP filtering or firewall"03:33
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ruben-How can I upgrade my version of mysql-server, I updated the tree, but it still says it's the newest version :\04:09
sommerruben-: did you apt-get upgrade or apt-get update?04:10
ruben-With apt-get upgrade it doesn't show it'll upgrade my mysql-server version..04:10
ruben-Since it's the "newest" version, but it contains bugs, so I need a newer version04:10
sommerthen you're should be at the latest already.04:10
ruben-5.0.22 is installed, bug is fixed in 5.0.42, they're at version 5.0.4504:11
sommerruben-: you can file a bug in Launch Pad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/04:13
sommeror you could compile from source in the meantime.04:13
ruben-It's no ubuntu bug04:13
ruben-It's a bug in MySQL04:13
sommerruben-: right you can file a bug asking for the patch to be backported or MySQL version to be packaged.  I beleive it's too late for Gutsy though.04:14
ruben-I've got 6.09604:14
ruben-I've got 6.06*04:15
sommerah you could always upgrade as well, but that usually depends on your environment.04:17
kgoetzchange release isnt often a option in production environments :(04:17
Nafallo6.06.1 is better...04:20
mralphabetruben-: what you need is a backport of mysql04:20
=== Nafallo hides again
mralphabetruben-: the 'latest' version of software is not always available on 6.0604:20
=== Nafallo hides again
kgoetz.1 is kind of asumed :|04:21
mralphabetruben-: at least not through repos ;(04:21
kgoetzbackports might04:24
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nealmcbserver team meeting in 30 minutes: wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting04:30
=== leonel [n=leonel@] has joined #ubuntu-server
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Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, hey mate04:44
pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: Just woke up in time to the meeting :-)04:47
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, meeting?04:47
Kamping_Kaiseroh right04:48
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pschulz01Kamping_Kaiser: My idea for documentation.05:05
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, looking05:05
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Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, interesting idea.05:29
Kamping_Kaiserhow does this differ per se from the howtos in the ubuntu wiki/community help?05:29
Kamping_Kaiserbtw. got 60 photos on the 'short list'05:29
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gnilorhey anybody know of a repository that has a newer version of parted? the current one in 7.4 and all others appears to be 1.7 which has a bug that fails to work for raid5 arrays larger than 2TB06:44
=== grint_ [n=grint@] has joined #ubuntu-server
Yahooadamdoes somthing like cfdisk work ?06:47
mathiazgnilor: did you check ubuntu-backports ?06:48
gniloryes i believe i checked every possible place06:48
gnilorI/we just manually compiled it, and were wondering if it was anywhere otherwise I might look for an ubuntu packaging tutorial to host it06:49
Yahooadamoh lol :p06:50
Yahooadami thought u were saying u needed somthing that worked, not that you wanted to host a newer version ;)06:50
gnilorwell not really want to, but if it isn't there we might as well do it ourselves right ;)06:51
gnilorthere is an open bug from a while ago, so i guess it's not really priority for ubuntu devs right now06:51
gnilor(I'm actually not too familiar with vesion management from ubuntu, but it seems to me that parted 1.8.x probably should make it in sometime in the not too distant future)06:52
mralphabetgnilor: you may want to check #ubuntu-motu for packaging suggestions06:59
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ZnuffHello. Under Ubuntu, how does lvm use the pv's? by uuid or by device name? I think I'll have to do some device movements in my fileserver and I'm not sure what will happen to my lvm.07:19
StylesAnybody use or has used Hyperic HQ?07:20
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StylesHow to run vista from XP = turn on all the flashy crap in XP, change the background image, take some memory out of the box and clock down the CPU. Then hose Media Player.  You now have a Vista box that works like a charm.08:46
gnilorI don't want to go down the lane of OS flame waring, but for comical relief: you might also want to delete all the music from your mp3player, plug it in and believe it is enlarging your ram to run faster.08:48
Znuffoh, and you could throw all your pirated media out08:49
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@33-253.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-server
mralphabetxp doesn't have the poker game08:51
Znuffand the pretty cards in solitaire08:52
Yahooadamim sorry, but what does Vista Vs XP have to do with ubuntu servers :S08:57
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mralphabetYahooadam: absolutely nothing09:25
sahafeezquestion - i am building a new asterisk box from an old pile of hardware. i have a promise sata 150sx card. the installer see 3 drives and not the mirror set i setup on the card. is this normal?09:27
mralphabetI am by no means an authoritative answer, but recent (ie the last 2 years or so) promise sata cards do not seem well supported in the linux kernel09:28
sahafeezi did not want to have to buy a new card.09:30
=== rpereira [n=rpereira@ubuntu/member/rpereira] has joined #ubuntu-server
sahafeez libata's "sata_promise" driver (for tx2/tx4, production quality driver) or "sata_sx4" (for sx4, beta quality driver) provides support a/o 2004-02-25 (included in kernel 2.6.x).09:39
sahafeezsorry - http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Hardware/sata.html#promise09:39
sahafeezread that and tell me if i am reading it wrong. it should be supported09:39
sahafeezas a raid09:39
mralphabetI have a promise sata card as well . . . and it doesn't work.09:41
Yahooadamsaharfeez - the raid should be seen as a drive i believe ...09:41
=== Znuff [n=ibm86@pirate196.n-zone.ro] has joined #ubuntu-server
mralphabetI don't know that I have tried everything, but linux doesn't see anything past the card /shrug09:41
ivoksit's simple09:43
ivokspromise changed firmware, making open source driver unusable09:43
ivoksthey provide their own driver, but for 2.4 kernel09:43
sahafeezsorry - the raid should be see as each drive or just the raid drive09:43
sahafeezi have it setup as a mirror but it sees each drive.09:44
sahafeezi think maybe i will just software raid it.09:44
ivoksforget about promise, supertrack, fastrack...09:44
sahafeezit is what i have.09:44
ivoksi know, but it's not worth it09:45
ivoksyou will get very bad performance09:45
sahafeezother cards are 3ware but i need this to work. i will just use it for jbod and software raid09:45
ivoksit's better to have onboard intel SATA and mdadm raid09:45
sahafeezit is for an asterisk box for 10 people.09:45
ivoks3ware on the other hand is best you can get for sata09:46
sahafeezyah..i have 3 of them09:46
Yahooadamsahafeez, if the raid softwaer can see it, it should see each drive, otherwise, the raid should be seen as 1 big drive09:46
Yahooadami believe anyway, im not a raid expert :p09:48
Yahooadamp.s. software raid is pretty sucky, ofc how much depends if your raid controller is a decent one09:48
ivoksit's not sucky...09:48
ivokssoftware raid has its advantages09:48
sorenI prefer software raid, actually.09:49
ivoks(where software raid is linux mdadm raid, not cheap so-called raid controllers)09:49
Yahooadamwhat advantage does software raid have09:50
Yahooadamexcept u dont have to pay for a raid controller :p09:50
mralphabetin os monitoring is better with mdadm09:50
mralphabeta lot of the linux tools that are provided don't work off cli if they work at all09:50
mralphabet*linux tools from vendors09:51
sorenYou don't have to pay for a *two* raid-controllers, actually. If your raid controller dies, you have to have an identical one if you want to have even a smidgeon of chance of getting your data back.09:51
ivoksand most of the time linux md raid provides better performance09:51
ivoksprocessors these days are really fast :)09:51
sorenThe performance overhead of software raid is negligable these days anyway.09:52
mralphabetsoftware raid in windows is garbage though09:52
sorenmralphabet: don't do that, then :)09:52
ivoksYourMomsHero: http://linux.yyz.us/why-software-raid.html09:53
ivoksYahooadam: http://linux.yyz.us/why-software-raid.html09:53
mralphabetsoren: I don't if I can help it ;)09:54
=== kudeta [n=nuh@82-38-170-50.cable.ubr01.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-server
kudetaive added to interfaces an ip that my server has been allocated. but its not working (no ping etc) is there something i might have forgotten?09:55
kudetait says its up but.. :S09:55
Yahooadamisnt one of these btter then SW raid http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.aspx?sku=311568&cks=ASS&assoc=8070E5CC-28EB-433D-8345-6176BFE08D7209:56
ivokspromise? :)09:56
ivoksi wouldn't use it even as a darts target :)09:56
Yahooadamthat better :p09:57
Yahooadamappart from its PCI-X >_<09:57
kudetai made it identical to eth0, but just changed te last ip digit (they are consecutive) where neccess.09:57
=== dantalizing_away is now known as dantalizing
ivokskudeta: you can't ping any address?09:58
Yahooadamnice :p09:58
kudetano  can09:58
kudetaleme explain09:58
kudetai have  remote serve ron dapper09:58
kudetai was allocated 3 ips09:58
kudetacall them09:58
Yahooadam"for red hot RAID 6 performance, delivering over 700MB/s RAID 6 reads and 600MB/s RAID 6 writes."09:59
kudetabut only .1 was active09:59
Yahooadami want that for my gaming machine :p09:59
ivokskudeta: did you add auto?09:59
Znuffhmmm, I wonder why my ubuntu-server just stopped bootin10:00
ivokskudeta: can you ssh to .1?10:00
kudetayea .1 works np10:00
kudetahas been for months :)10:00
kudetai need .2 so i can run a tor server discretely10:00
ivokskudeta: hwo did you called those other interfaces?10:00
ivokscall, even...10:01
kudetathe original one was eth0 (.1)10:01
kudetathe new one is eth0:0 (thats .2)10:01
ivoksand if you do ifup eth0:0, what happens?10:01
kudetaalready configured10:02
ivoksand 'ifconfig' shows all interfaces?10:02
ivoksso, can you ping those IPs from that server?10:02
kudetai can ping internally10:03
ivoksthen it's not your problem10:03
kudetabut only .1 works outside10:03
sahafeezis there a guide to setting up raid from the installer. i am having issues understanding the logic of the installer. i have 3 disk and i want to mirror 2 and hot spare the 3rd10:03
kudetaoh really?10:03
kudetahost issue?10:03
ivoksyour ISP doesn't pass traffic to those IPs10:03
kudetait says in my email confirmation i was allocatd *.*.*.1 2 and 310:03
ivoksask them why you can't ping .2 and .3 from outside10:04
kudetathanks ivoks10:04
ivoksIPs are up on server10:04
=== Znuffy [n=ibm86@pirate196.n-zone.ro] has joined #ubuntu-server
Znuffywhat's the proper procedure in restoring grub?10:11
sommernealmcb: thanks for the correction...I asked in #ubuntu-doc about the date and still put it in wrong10:11
=== sommer needs more coffee
ivoksZnuffy: installation of it10:13
Znuffylet's see if I manage to do this without / but only with /boot10:13
mathiazjdstrand: what's the status of the default LAMP page ?10:14
ivoksZnuffy: you can't :) there is no grub binary in /boot10:14
Znuffyivoks, but it's on the live cd10:14
jdstrandmathiaz: I issued the bug report, which you ack'd.  I then tried follwoing up with infinity, but had a hard time getting hold of him10:14
ivoksZnuffy: i would suggest booting from live cd and then chrooting to real /10:15
jdstrandmathiaz: so basically, nothing :(10:15
Znuffyivoks, I can't, / is on lvm10:15
mathiazjdstrand: ok. I was just going through the Action points of the last meetings.10:15
ivokseh :/10:15
Znuffyand it seems that NOBODY thought of shipping lvm on the live cd...10:15
jdstrandmathiaz: I haven't checked his tz since I started, but we never seem to be in sync lately10:15
mathiazjdstrand: infinity is in australia, so it's hard for us to get a hold on him10:15
ivoksZnuffy: live CD doesn't support LVM10:15
ivoksZnuffy: and if you installed server, there's a rescue option on server install cd10:16
jdstrandmathiaz: I can email him then10:16
Znuffywish I'd had a server cd around10:16
ivoksZnuffy: well, it's not a big deal10:16
Znuffyseems setup (hd0) succeeded10:16
Znuffyivoks, and no spare blank!10:16
ivoksZnuffy: now reboot10:17
Znuffynow, I wonder if this thing will actually boot o.O10:17
ivoksif you passwd correct root() command in grub, it should10:19
Znuffyivoks, yeah, but I was afraid of lvm doing something wrong, as I have some devices moved around10:21
Znuffyif only I could actually figure out what caused this10:21
Znuffywas working last night, and this morning *boom*10:22
ivoksgrub has nothing to do with lvm10:23
Znuffynevermind lvm10:23
ZnuffyI don't get it why this thing would randomly reboot and lose its mbr10:24
Znuffylast line in /var/log/messages.0 is "fileserver syslogd 1.4.1#20ubuntu4: restart."10:24
ivokslet me guess, in 6AM?10:25
ivokssyslogd is periodicly restarted; every restart of it, inside new day, creates new /var/log/messages10:26
ivoksif your computer is up 24/710:26
ivoksthen that's in 6:25AM10:27
sahafeezquestion - i do not see raid as a choice for a partition type in the installer. what am i missing?10:27
sahafeezdo i have to setup lvm to use raid?10:27
ivokssahafeez: server install?10:27
ivokssahafeez: you have to create raid partitions10:27
sahafeezyes. i know. it is not a choice10:27
ivokswhen you create partition, select 'use as linux raid'10:27
ivoksinstead of ext310:28
sahafeezyes, it is not on the list is what i am saying10:28
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ivokswhat is on the list?10:28
sahafeezuse as linux raid10:28
sahafeezis not there. etx3, etx3 xfs, etc are all there10:28
ivokswhat are those all? is lvm there?10:29
sahafeez1st screen - manual. ok get a list of disk. pic a disk.10:29
sahafeezcreate a partition. pick that. try to change type. no love10:30
ivokswell it was there for last 70 server installs i did :)10:30
ivoksyou are using what version?10:31
sahafeezokay...think i have it now.10:33
=== spiekey [n=dasdas@] has joined #ubuntu-server
ivoksmaybe md module wasn't loaded10:34
sahafeezubuntu is great however the disksetup is the worst10:34
ivoks...for some reason...10:34
spiekeywhat do i need to set to allow key and passwd auth with sshd?10:34
ivoksnothing, that's by default10:34
spiekeyRSAAuthentication yes - PubkeyAuthentication yes10:34
spiekeywhat else?10:34
ivoksspiekey: that's by default10:35
spiekeyi changed my friking config :P10:35
ivoksthat's all10:35
spiekeycan i install the default config somehow?10:37
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spiekeywithout locking myself out? ;)10:37
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cld2I know this is generic but, on my home network I start an rsync and it goes for about 1 min at 75 megs ber second then slowly drops to 4 megs a second and just kinda sits there, some times it will spike back up to 30megs a second. its all wired all on the same switch. thanks.11:07
mralphabetlarge files? small files?11:08
nijabacld2: what about proc activity ?  How many files are you syncing ?11:09
cld2mralphabet: largish files, around 2 gig11:09
cld2nijaba: what do I look at in proc to see this? sorry im the suck at linux internals11:09
nijabacld2: I meant processor11:10
cld2oh, I dont know how to check that either. both boxes have 2ghz single core amd's11:10
cld2im rsyncing over nfs with progress turned on. so I can see that sometimes it can be fast.. and every now and then it will sustain 30-40 megs a second.11:11
nijabaso, can you (a) provide us with the result displayed by rsync when using --stats option11:12
nijabacld2: (b) run top while syncing and look at your load average11:12
cld2top shows 1.9 on the box doing the sync11:13
cld2so the cpu is just over worked.11:13
cld2now its at 2.1511:13
nijabacld2: what options do you have ?11:14
cld2nijaba: I dont understand sorry.11:14
nijabacld2: it could be that comparing changes for unchanged file is taking a lot of local activity11:14
cld2options for what?11:14
nijabacld2: options : what is your rsync command line11:14
cld2oh, i just did rsync --progress *.mpg /new/dir11:14
cld2there are no file in the place these files are being rsycned to.11:15
cld2and scp yeilds about 11/mbs and I figured that was because of the encryption overhead11:16
nijabacld2: can you do an 'ifconfig' and send us the results to see if there are network errors11:17
nijabacld2: encryption is not that much of an overhead if you have a "modern" machine11:17
cld2nijaba: thanks. I would hope 2ghz is modern enought.11:18
cld2on both hosts i have zero errors, dropped, overuns, or collisions11:18
nijabacld2: yep, sounds modern11:18
=== nijaba puzzled
cld2yeah, its very strange. thanks for the troubleshooting help.11:19
nijabacld2: and when you do a cp locally, you never noticed any slowing down ?11:19
cld2what kills me is I made this transfer yesterday in all of about 11 min, getting about 30megs/s the entire time, but had the wrong permissions on the folder. after I fixed that and retried its just been slumping11:20
cld2I cant say, this is a mythtv box. it never seems slow11:20
nijabacld2: in your top, what are the top 3 process in processor usage ?11:21
cld2on the reciving end no, never any cp slowness. thats the backend/file server11:21
fujin_hdparm -tT11:21
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m12evening all11:27
cld2fujin_: /dev/sda: Timing cached reads:   1034 MB in  2.00 seconds = 516.61 MB/sec Timing buffered disk reads:  220 MB in  3.02 seconds =  72.90 MB/sec11:27
m12i am having problem issuing command : apache2-ssl-certificates11:27
m12it just says stop11:28
cld2whats strange is that scp will hold a steady 11meg/s11:30
spiekeywhen i create a file on a samba share with , it looks like  on the shell.11:32
spiekeyhow can i fix this?11:32
spiekeymount ext3 with utf8 you mean?11:34
m12what packages i need to get SSL runing on ubuntu ?11:34
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m12i have instaled apache2.2-common , openssl and ca-certificates, do i need somthing more ?11:36
nijabaspiekey: in /etc/fstab put option iocharset=utf8 or iocharset=iso8859-15 as you would like11:36
nijabam12: http://www.linode.com/wiki/index.php/Apache2_SSL_in_Ubuntu11:38
m12tnx nijaba11:38
spiekeynijaba: /dev/sda6       /mnt/data       ext3    iocharset=iso8859-15       0       2   like this?11:38
spiekeymount -o remount /mnt/data11:38
spiekeymount: /mnt/data not mounted already, or bad option11:38
nijabaspiekey: sorry, iocharset not an option for ext3, I thought you were mounting a fat volume11:43
m12nijaba, libapache-mod-ssl is for apache , not apache2 :/11:43
spiekeywhats the option called?11:46
nijabam12: ssl is there by default now I beleive.  just "a2enmod ssl" should work11:47
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nijabaspiekey: what option ?11:48
spiekeyto use utf8 on ext311:48
nijabaspiekey: don't have the option, just using the charset of the machine is running11:49
spiekeyah, okay11:49
nijabaspiekey: since your machine is the server, in the global section of your samba conf11:52
nijabaspiekey: try setting unix charset = ISO8859-111:52
nijaba       dos charset = 85011:53
nijabaspiekey: also check for presence of "display charset = LOCALE"11:58
m12nijaba , that tutorial installs apache-common with libapache-mod-ssl, think it is for apache1 and still not working11:58
nijabam12: sorry, I did not write it, just thought it looked right11:59
m12ye i guessed, just saying it isnt working :)12:02
nijabam12: there is also a lengthy discussion on the subject on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=446612:03
m12it seems broken command of apache2 on launchpad12:07
m12all very good tutorials until u found out apache2-ssl-certificates is broken command12:09
m12then u stuck12:09
nijabam12 so you are stuck generating your cert, right ?12:09
nijabam12: wait a sec, I think I have an ugly script somewhere for this12:10
m12i cant start generating12:10
m12cause it refuses comand12:10
m12and now i have read that there are some files missing in apache212:10
m12very ugly it seems12:11
nijabam12: http://pastebin.com/d1a1f1063 will generate your own ca cert12:13
m12i check, tnx12:14
nijabam12: http://pastebin.com/d2f8626f3 will generate a cert for a specific server12:15
nijabam12: as I told you, very ugly (but working) scripting12:15
nijabam12: will need some editing to have your own values12:15
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