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tormodare we getting ati 6.7.192 in gutsy soon?10:03
tepsipakkiactually, I'm having issues with it ;)10:08
tormodsince when?10:16
tormodsince 6.6.193 or something newer?10:16
tepsipakkisince I realized it was the newer driver and not my experimental mesa/xserver builds10:16
tepsipakkinot that it matters much though, but compiz doesn't work with it correctly OOTB10:17
tormodaha dogfood ;)10:17
tepsipakkiI'm now running what ubuntu provides, and need to find a workaround10:18
tepsipakkionly a part of the screen is refreshed10:18
tormoddid you try 6.6.193?10:18
tepsipakkithat works, running it now10:18
tormoddid any others testers see this?10:19
tepsipakkino, I guess no-one has r20010:20
tepsipakkigoddamnit I hate the compiz feature that slides other windows past the one you clicked10:21
tepsipakkican't find how to disable that10:21
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tepsipakkibryce_: hey10:27
bryce_tepsipakki, hey we're both awake :-)10:28
tepsipakkibryce_: have you done an UVF request for -ati already, or should I do that?10:28
bryce_please go ahead and do that10:28
bryce_wireless has been extremely unreliable at XDS10:28
bryce_daniels finally just went and bought an AP and connected it up to a wired port we found, and things seem working now10:29
tepsipakkibryce_: ok, about time for that. I have some small issues but hopefully I'll find workarounds10:29
bryce_ok cool10:31
bryce_I've been hanging around with alex10:31
bryce_he says there are 3 fixes in git that are pretty important10:32
tepsipakkiI have that one packaged, but not tested it myself yet10:32
tepsipakkigit master that is10:32
bryce_he thinks he'll be doing a release (probably .193 but maybe 6.8.0) in a week or two10:32
bryce_I let him know about the testers we've been encouraging to send bug reports his way, and he did remark that he's seen a huge upswing in feedback, which he really appreciates10:34
tepsipakkithat's good10:35
bryce_so I think 192 plus the fixes you backported should definitely uvfe'd for now.  Then if .193 or whatever comes late, we'll be able to at least backport any critical fixes10:37
tepsipakkihmm, do we have a list of regressions in 6.6.193 that 6.7.x should fix?10:46
bryce_I have a trimmed down changelog of 6.6.193 here:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XorgRecentChanges10:48
bryce_but not for 6.7.x yet10:48
bryce_tepsipakki, the developer of this gave a demo today; it was extremely cool:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olWjnfBoY8E10:53
bryce_it's also cool to see just how many of the x developers run ubuntu :-)10:56
mvobryce_: is there a decision on 1.4/new nvidia yet? so that I can plan what to do with nvidia and compiz :) ?10:56
bryce_we're not doing xserver 1.410:56
bryce_benc (iirc) uploaded a new -nvidia 100.14.11 a week or two ago; I wasn't planning on any further changes...10:57
bryce_mvo, regarding the patch 132, I've appraised the UME folks about it and let them know that it's causing breakage in compiz, but so far no response10:58
bryce_mvo, I'd like to know for certain whether they are going to baseline on Feisty or bump to Gutsy10:58
mvothat may mean that we have to blacklist nvidia in compiz it for gutsy10:58
bryce_if the latter, then the problem goes away - we can just drop 132 with no regrets10:59
bryce_I think that'd be fine10:59
mvoits not urgent, just something that needs to be sorted before beta10:59
bryce_yeah I am planning on taking a deeper look after I get back from XDS11:00
tepsipakkibryce_: no-one from nvidia at XDS? I've heard that there was a new driver coming some time soon11:00
bryce_maybe there's some way to conditionalize based on whether -psb is in use11:00
bryce_nope, no one from nvidia, not even aaronp11:00
tepsipakkiMPX is nice.. should get in for 7.411:01
bryce_sounds like there are going to be tons and tons of issues getting apps to grab focus correctly when there are multiple pointers11:02
bryce_RedHat presented what they'll be working on:  11:04
tepsipakkiI was just about to ask about that :)11:04
jcristaufwiw, brice posted a summary at http://bgoglin.livejournal.com/12340.html11:05
bryce_composite by default, EXA performance, smooth GUI booting (minimize monitor resets durning startup), improved fast user switching, oops on X support, and some stuff around DRM11:05
tepsipakkijcristau: strange, haven't seen that on p.d.o11:07
bryce_jcristau, ah, yeah I missed that talk11:07
tepsipakkibut reading now11:07
jcristauit's cool for us not able to attend to have some notes on what happens in cambridge :)11:08
jcristaulike kyle swimming in the cam11:09
bryce_I took pretty detailed (hand written) notes; I can work on getting them typed up if you're interested11:09
tepsipakkiI sure am11:10
bryce_ah yeah; they went punting and apparently he decided he'd be better at poling than mjg, but while he was standing up someone rocked the boat and he fell in11:10
bryce_he said he swallowed some of the (stagnant) water and now is hypochondriacing himself various life threatening illnesses11:11
jcristaui'm sure enough beer will help him forget about that water ;)11:11
tepsipakki"mo' bubbles"11:12
jcristauor pimms11:12
tepsipakkithat reminds me.. the tax-free shops at heathrow are great, free samples of whiskies and pimms if you like :)11:13
bryce_yeah last night we went for drinks; they'd paid 1000 pounds but we only managed to drink 600 pounds worth, even after a round of double shots of tequilla11:13
bryce_yeah and a round of pimms... wtf??11:13
tepsipakkiheh, no wonder some of the notes are a bit hard to read ;)11:14
mvothat sounds like a fun event11:15
mvobryce_: compsite-by-default was on the agenda?11:15
jcristaucomposite is on by default in 1.411:16
tepsipakkiooh, so TTM could get in 2.6.2411:17
bryce_mvo, composite-by-default was on RedHat's current projects list11:17
bryce_mvo, xorg in general I think is neutral on whether it's on by default11:18
jcristauoh, you mean composite-by-default as in compiz-by-default11:18
bryce_I think that's what was meant11:18
bryce_their slides said "composite-by-default"11:19
jcristauyeah, sorry11:19
bryce_oh and btw, we now have a ubuntu-x@ mailing list - https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-x11:25
tepsipakkisaw that one :)11:25
bryce_I expect we'll be able to use it for ubuntu-specific X development/packaging/testing discussions11:26
bryce_I like how the ubuntu forum for X testing is resulting, but I'm much more a mailing list sorta guy ;-)11:26
tepsipakkime too11:26
bryce_so I figure now we'll have all bases covered11:27
tepsipakkiforums need a browser, I just use screen with irc&alpine11:27
bryce_oh hey I had a question11:29
bryce_I was having dinner with Matthew Timmerman from AMD, and he asked about how to "de-blacklist fglrx"11:30
bryce_I wasn't sure what he meant by that - does this make sense for either of you?11:30
tepsipakkidid xserver conflict with it some time ago?11:31
jcristaui added a conflict in the 1.3 timeframe, and then took it out when fglrx got fixed11:31
jcristaubut i don't think that ever got into ubuntu11:32
tepsipakkiactually, it is :)11:32
bryce_hmm, was that done in xorg or xorg-server?11:32
tepsipakkibut versions (<< 8.37.6)11:32
bryce_ahh, so perhaps that's it11:32
jcristauah, right11:32
tepsipakkibut that should be right11:32
bryce_ok so it could be already fixed?11:32
tepsipakkithey have 8.4x already11:33
jcristauearlier versions didn't like the 'X.Org version 1.3' output from Xorg11:33
tepsipakkigutsy has 8.37.611:34
tepsipakkimm, but (<<) means that should be installable11:34
jcristauyeah you should be ok11:34
bryce_ok cool11:34
bryce_oh, and have either of you played much with xvfb?  sounds like it could be handy for headless testing11:35
jcristaui never used it11:36
tepsipakkiI haven't11:36
bryce_I'm thinking about trying it out - I notice the X test suite makes use of it so I'm curious how actually relevant it is.  11:37
tepsipakkiok I filed the UVF request.. it's still missing some required information and I'll add those in the morning11:46
jcristaubah, we have way too many input drivers.11:48
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tepsipakkiok, running my latest ati package at last.. and it works just fine even with compiz12:11
tepsipakkiincreasing the resolution was what made it look funny12:12
tepsipakkibut restarting the session cleared that up12:13
bryce_I'm about 50% done typing in notes12:14
tepsipakkiand I'm 100% ripe for bed :)12:15
bryce_I'm at least 80% ripe12:15
bryce_I'm going to see if I can finish12:15
tepsipakkiso see you tomorrow! ->12:15

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