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synicfailed to open trace file: [Errno 13]  Permission denied: '/root/.bzr.log'12:14
synicI get that when trying to perform most operations12:14
synicI assume it's a common error?12:14
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jelmersynic: nope - are you running bzr as root?12:19
synicnever have.12:19
synicit just started happening, on all my machines12:19
jelmersince when ? upgrade to a new version of bzr?12:20
synicI haven't upgraded anything, unless a security release broke it12:21
fullermdSounds more like it's running as a non-root user, who has /root as $HOME.12:25
jelmerI suspect something else has changed in your environment.. does "printenv | grep /root" print anything?12:26
synicno, nothing12:30
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spivAnyway here have a live.gnome.org wiki login already?  http://live.gnome.org/BzrForGnomeDevelopers says "bzr 0.9" when it means "bzr 0.90".04:20
fullermdI dunno.  I'd like to see somebody using bzr 0.9 and bzr-svn 0.4.2...   it just takes a little hacking.04:21
jelmerspiv: I've got one, will fix it04:22
spivjelmer: thanks!04:23
spiv(I have more than enough accounts on random wikis and things already...)04:23
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sriso.. how is performance these days.. can we compete against git?  just curious07:18
sriand btw hi, long time no see.07:19
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D-Painperformance is a lot better IMO for day to day usage...07:31
D-Painstuff like status, diff, ci are a lot more acceptable07:31
D-Painbut networking speed still needs work IMO07:31
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PengCommit is "a lot more acceptable"? Is it better than it was a month ago?09:01
PengSay, ten times better?09:01
spivPeng: talk to lifeless when he's around09:04
spivPeng: he's been making some massive improvements to commit, although most of that won't be seen until the 0.92 release in about a month.09:05
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PengA couple months ago, I had 3-minute commits for my homedir. I converted it to hg and now they're 15 or 20 seconds.09:44
PengCommit improvements and the C patiencediff should help.09:45
Peng(bzr diff took 30 seconds)09:45
Peng(on one file)09:45
Peng4.5 seconds or so with hg diff.09:46
AfCI bet it's using the short cut of only diffing if it sees the mtimes are different.09:46
PengThe mtimes are different.09:47
PengAnyway, it's one file.09:47
PengWhat do you mean?09:47
PengWhen committing?09:47
PengHg only checks files with different mtimes, while bzr checks everything?09:48
AfCI believe so09:48
PengEither way, 4.5 seconds vs. 30 seconds for diff isn't because of that.09:48
AfCThis being the more correct behaviour - you can't really trust mtimes.09:48
AfCPeng: (but many systems do)09:49
PengHg uses a regular old sucky diff algorithm. :(09:49
AfCPeng: (and I'm talking about more than just VCS here)09:49
AfCPeng: there's that too.09:49
PengDiff algorithms don't matter when committing, though, unless you use --show-diff or whatever09:49
AfCI am generally convinced that Bazaar performs more "correctly" than most of the other systems, but the nature of competition is that it's hard to establish this and justify it.09:50
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PengI know. I love Bazaar. It's great.09:50
PengExcept it's extremely slow.09:50
AfCPeng: that's down from glacially slow, though :)09:51
PengIn fact, I've run into a couple integrity issues with hg that I didn't experience with bzr. But 3 minute commits are just too much.09:51
PengAlso, bzr doesn't support copying files.09:51
AfC[copying?] 09:51
PengAs in cp?09:52
PengOn the other hand, bzr has just abotu perfect rename support.09:53
AfCPeng: still not quite sure what you're needing there09:53
PengAfC: What do you mean?09:53
PengWhat about it?09:54
AfC{sigh} What about copying files are you trying to achieve, and how is Bazaar supposed to somehow contribute to this?09:54
PengSometimes I want to copy a file. Bazaar can't do it.09:54
PengIf I want to 'cp fileA fileB', I can't do it and preserve history in Bazaar.09:55
PengHmm. I'm not sure how much history is preserved across copies in other VCSes, or how much it should be.09:56
=== Peng wanders off.
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schierbeckany bzr-gtk people in here?04:43
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schierbeckhi guys05:42
schierbeckdo you know if there's a recent build of bzr for win64?05:42
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