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jjessejust wondering if someone can help me a bzr problem?02:28
jjessetryuing to do a commit and getting error on a lock file, but i can't find it02:33
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stone-unixi reported following bug several days ago, but hasn't seen anybody assigned to take care of it, why??i believe it is a minor bug, but really annoying. https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/13861804:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138618 in rosetta "Unexpected form data while saving and continue translation" [High,Confirmed]  04:16
beunostone-unix, I believe the developers are currently at the end of a release cycle, so they're focused on what they have to finish that's been asigned already04:18
beunobe pacient, I'm sure it will get assigned soon04:18
stone-unixbeuno: thanks for answering.04:18
stone-unixbeuno: hope it will be solved soon. we chinese localization team need it to speed up work, to welcome the gibbon04:19
beunostone-unix, no problem, I'm heading off now, have a pleasant evening :D04:19
stone-unixbeuno: bye. here is morning in china04:19
beunoah, even better, have a great day!04:20
stone-unixbeuno: good dream to u04:20
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stdindoes anyone know what's up with promethium (xen-amd64), or rather it's clock. http://tinyurl.com/ypa6e6 ./configure fails with "configure: error: newly created file is older than distributed files!" and tar gives messages like "tar: tomorse-0.9.1/ChangeLog: time stamp 2007-09-15 00:57:31 is 11659 s in the future" ?05:10
stdin(this only ever happens on promethium too)05:11
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ubotuNew bug: #139745 in launchpad-answers "my sound is not working properly" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13974509:45
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_nand_I'm currently drafting a launchpad related blueprint and i would really appreciate some comments :)01:55
_nand_It is basically describing a way to improve wishes submission and to better assess their importance01:56
_nand_based on the dell ideastorm model idea01:56
_nand_and using the launchpad framework01:57
_nand_here it is :)01:57
_nand_any comments, especially for implementation considerations, are welcome :)01:57
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sitshi there02:58
sitsI think someone doesn't know how to unsubscribe themselves from a bug02:58
sitsis there anyone here who can unsubscribe them?02:58
sitshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/130325 ?02:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 130325 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22 "[nvidia-glx]  3D GL apps crash X when using compiz due to unmaked ABI change (gutsy)" [High,In progress]  02:58
Hobbseeonly they can, iirc.02:59
sitsI'm sure I've seen someone else do it after the user became angry02:59
Hobbseeoh, and he's missing a space.03:00
sits(of course I don't know if the user would correctly unsubscribe themselves if told how to)03:00
sitsHobbsee: a space?03:00
Hobbseehe's using the email interface.03:00
Hobbseei think03:00
Hobbseein which case you need to use " unsubscribe"03:00
Hobbsee(all documented in UsingMaloneEmailInterface03:01
Hobbseei dobut you'll find an admin here on a saturday either03:03
Hobbseebut, feel free to write about the space first in the bug report, and/or telling them how to do it via the UI03:03
sitsHobbsee: fair enough. Thanks!03:08
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lagaone of my ppa builds is in status: "dependency wait"03:53
lagawill it be retried once that dependency is available?03:54
Hobbseei think you can tell it to retry03:54
lagai know i can tell it to retry, but the whole point is that it should do that automagically. at least that was suggested on launchpad-users03:58
Hobbseeit does in the ubuntu archive, but i dont think tehyy want to do that yet for ppa04:00
lagaooh :/04:00
Hobbsee(due to potential for abuse)04:01
lagathat'd make the ppas very limited. i'll check back tonight, if status hasnt changed by then i'll file a bug04:01
lagaHobbsee: what abuse?04:01
Hobbseeas in, if someone never fixes their package, and it keeps getting requed.04:01
Hobbseeer, requeued04:01
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lagathen remove it after a few days.04:02
lagamorning superm1 04:02
superm1mrongin laga 04:02
superm1or morning even04:02
lagaHobbsee: that'd make ppas useless for people who build packages where the api changes often. 04:03
lagaoh well, i shouldn't complain to you probably. i'll get a bug filed later.04:03
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Hobbseelaga: if you manually requeue, not really.  or just make sure you upload in the correct order04:03
lagaHobbsee: even if i upload in the right order, it'll build against an old version because it takes time for the new version to publish.04:04
Hobbseei'd suggest just hitting manually requeue, really.  i suspect they're just waiting to see how it goes04:05
Hobbseeseeing as plenty of people upload stuff that doesnt build04:05
lagarequeuing manually is not an option. we're using the ppa for weekly builds and i really don't want to baby-sit it all the time04:07
lagawhich is why i'll raise a bug for this if it's not requeued automatically later04:08
Hobbseewell, speak to cprov when he's around04:08
lagaHobbsee: thanks for your time04:08
Hobbseeno problem04:08
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ianm1hi, I'm new to launchpad and bazaar, anyone have some time to help me make a new branch of my project?05:51
ianm1I have this https://launchpad.net/luz05:51
ianm1it seems the automatic SVN import is failing, not sure why06:02
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gnomefreakianm1: i had issues with bzr branch from svn gives trace back, is that what you mean?07:18
ianm1gnomefreak: the only problem is I don't know how to use bzr with launchpad.  the svn import is not a big deal as I'm planning on abandon the SVN once I'm using bzr07:19
gnomefreakianm1: are you trying to make a branch or grab a branch?07:20
gnomefreakianm1: bzr push --create-prefix sftp://gnomefreak@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/trunk07:21
gnomefreakthat is an example07:21
gnomefreakif the project isnt registered you would have to start there07:21
ianm1gnomefreak: I've been using SVN, and I'd like to use launchpad bzr exclusively now.  so I *think* what I want to do is branch the "trunk" that was imported automatically, and maybe set it to the "development focus"07:21
ianm1it is registered https://launchpad.net/luz/07:22
ianm1I think I have to branch it via the command line, then register that branch in the web interface..?07:22
gnomefreakianm1: not you the project like where mine says firefox07:22
ianm1that is a project07:23
gnomefreakianm1: than from inside you top llevel dir. or debian dir just use the command i gave above but use your LP name and the name of project and ~yourLPnick/project/whatever you want it callled07:24
ianm1do I need to do a full checkout of the existing bzr branch first?07:26
gnomefreakianm1: it helps07:26
gnomefreakianm1: you can push whatever you have07:26
gnomefreakfor the most part07:26
ianm1gnomefreak: so does this look right?  "bzr push --create-prefix sftp://ian-mcintosh@bazaar.launchpad.net/ian-mcintosh/luz/trunk" 07:34
ianm1then I'll have my own branch called "trunk" ?07:34
ianm1why "push --create-prefix" and not "branch"?07:34
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ianm1gnomefreak: does this look right?  bzr checkout sftp://ian-mcintosh@bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/luz/trunk luz07:43
gnomefreakianm1: where you have ~vcs-imports that should be your LP ID07:45
gnomefreakluz should be vcs-imports if that is the name of the package07:45
gnomefreakand leave off last luz07:45
ianm1boy this is confusing07:45
ianm1luz is the project07:45
radixit's /~person-or-team/project/branch-name07:46
ianm1I'm just trying to checkout the version that vcs-imports imported from svn07:46
ianm1then I'm going to branch that to make my own "official" trunk07:46
radixthe branch URL should be shown in launchpad07:47
gnomefreakwith stfp though07:47
gnomefreakwell now really07:47
radixyou don't need to branch it with sftp07:47
radixjust 'bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/luz/trunk'07:47
gnomefreakradix: stfp07:47
radixneed I repeat myself?07:48
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gnomefreakatleast that is how you would push07:48
gnomefreakradix: hes pushing not grabbing07:48
ianm1first I'm grabbing07:48
radixok, so grab it from there07:48
gnomefreakianm1: you are not getting it from bzr though07:48
gnomefreakare you?07:48
radixthen push it to your *own* area, not vcs-import07:48
gnomefreakor svn07:48
ianm1I think I am?!07:48
ianm1I am grabbing it from bzr, then pushing it to my own space in bzr07:49
gnomefreakah ok07:49
radixianm1: ok, then what I said should work07:49
ianm1radix's command worked, it is Fetching phase 1/4 now07:49
gnomefreakthan you push with --create-prefix :)07:49
ianm1so this is creating a "local branch" right?07:49
ianm1but nothing new on the server?07:50
radixianm1: to recap, bzr branch <http-url>; <hack>; bzr push sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~<your-username-or-team>/luz/<branch-name>07:50
gnomefreakianm1: yes on your FS07:50
radixianm1: right, the branch command is only reading from the server, not writing anything there07:50
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spivgnomefreak: you don't need --create-prefix when pushing to bazaar.launchpad.net07:50
gnomefreakspiv: i do :(07:50
gnomefreakit never lets mecreate branch without it07:51
ianm1ok thanks a lot guys!07:51
gnomefreakme create07:51
spivgnomefreak: could you file a bug about that?07:52
gnomefreakspiv: next one i do?07:52
gnomefreakshould be soon if i can get bzr-svn to work07:52
spivgnomefreak: bazaar.launchpad.net has smarts to make --create-prefix unnecessary.  That's been the case for about a year now I think.07:52
ianm1radix: so after the "bzr push" I can do a SVN-like process of hack/commit in that directory?07:53
radixianm1: hack/commit/push07:53
ianm1what is the extra push for?07:53
radixianm1: commit modifies the branch, which only does changes locally (unless the branch is a checkout)07:53
spivgnomefreak: yes, next time you push a new branch, please try without --create-prefix.  If you do need --create-prefix, please file a bug with the details.07:53
ianm1ah ok07:53
gnomefreakspiv: you got it07:53
radixianm1: so "hack; commit; hack; commit; hack; commit; push" is generally the workflow07:53
spivgnomefreak: thanks!07:54
gnomefreakspiv: np i might look into bzr-svn as well monday so atleast i can get that to work07:54
ianm1radix: so after this 'branch' finishes and I 'push' to my own space the directory will then be associated with that branch?07:56
radixianm1: well, the first time you pass a URL to "push" for a given branch, it remembers the URL, so you can just "bzr push" with no extra arguments and it'll be pushed to the same place07:56
spivianm1: "push" creates or updates branch from the local one.07:56
ianm1radix: great.  ok it's done 'branch'ing, I'll give it a try07:57
spivianm1: if you want commits to automatically be made to a remote branch, you can make a checkout locally rather than a branch.  (I find I usually want full branches everywhere though.)07:58
ianm1a full branch seems better since I spend a lot of time offline07:58
spivWell, you can work with checkouts offline, even make "local" commits to them.07:58
spiv(bzr commit --local ...)07:58
spivBut then you need to use "bzr update" to resynchronise your local checkout with the remote one when you get back online.  So if you're going to be offline a lot it may be simpler to just always use independent branches rather than checkouts.08:00
ianm1so as far as naming my branch goes, is it normal to have a personal "trunk" ?08:00
gnomefreakianm1: yes08:00
gnomefreakianm1: i have 6 or so08:00
ianm16 trunks?08:00
gnomefreakwell personal and team08:00
spivBranch naming really depends a lot on your preferred workflow.08:00
ianm1you mean each team has one and you have one?08:00
ianm1ok but I have no preferred bzr workflow yet.. :)08:01
gnomefreakfirefox, iceape, sunbird, firefox-trunk firefox-gp and so on08:01
spivianm1: right, it's catch-22 ;)08:01
gnomefreaksome might be named ubuntu-version08:01
spivianm1: I suggest just starting with a simple scheme, maybe "trunk" and "personal", until you get a feel for it.08:02
=== spiv -> bed
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