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sam1338any kde users of compiz-fusion here?01:26
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VousDeuxhello: I'm trying to install updates on Tribal 5, but it keeps saying it needs to restart services for pam (or something like that), and then it kicks me out of the GUI and sits idle on a screen that says "Starting K Display Manager: kdm" at the top.01:53
VousDeuxis there some way to get back to the GUI from here?01:53
=== jimmygoon [n=jimmygoo@ip24-255-246-56.ks.ks.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
jimmygoonAnyone have any experience with syncmaster LCD/s?01:57
jimmygoonI've got the ubuntu+1 live disc running on it, and it looks terrrible :(01:57
jttVousDeux, just so you dont think you are being ignored, I cant help you01:58
VousDeuxthanks :)01:58
jttVousDeux, however, it sounds like your xconfig is somewhat messed up01:59
jttVousDeux, or an X update messed up things on you01:59
VousDeuxhmmm...everything seems to be just dandy until the updater gets to this point, I can't seem to skip it or anything02:00
VousDeuxall I can do is reboot02:00
jttVousDeux, and you dont have an X window02:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
d4rkmonkeyhow can I check my version of Wine?02:00
d4rkmonkeynvm, just found out.02:01
VousDeuxno, the X window disappears after I click OK on the notice about pam needing to restart services02:01
jttVousDeux, reboot into single user and run kdm and see if it comes up02:01
jttVousDeux, that way u know if X is messed up02:02
VousDeuxcan you talk me through that?02:03
jttVousDeux, sure when the boot menu appears select the recovery mode and it will bring you into single user mode02:04
=== omha [n=kj@] has joined #ubuntu+1
omhaanybody experience a unstable usb subsystem?02:05
jttVousDeux, also if you select the normal boot line and then press F6 and then remove the splash and quite words and replace them with single you will boot into singule user mode02:05
jttVousDeux, replace splash and quiet with the one word 'single'  no quotes02:06
VousDeuxOK, I'm at the prompt02:06
VousDeuxdo I just type kdm now?02:07
jttVousDeux, yes02:07
VousDeuxOK, it put me back at the GUI logon prompt02:08
jttVousDeux, ok login and see if it works02:08
VousDeuxNow it tells me that another process is using the packaging system database. When I click "Yes," to attempt to resolve, the Adept Updater crashes.02:11
VousDeuxI clicked 'No' instead, it looks like it's trying to work now...maybe02:12
VousDeuxOK, I think I lost my wifi...this is what happened yesterday too. Both the wifi and bluetooth stopped working.02:12
=== hydrogen [n=hydrogen@ignorance.campus.alfred.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxI'm going to reboot again to see if my wireless stuff comes back02:13
jttVousDeux, the only way i know to fix the database is to  execute  apt-get -f install02:13
VousDeuxOK, I may have to try that too.02:14
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omhaVousDeux, does you have a use wifi card?02:18
=== CaBlGuY [n=user1@] has joined #ubuntu+1
CaBlGuYso, whats the major updates on Gutsy from fiesty?02:19
VousDeuxI got the network running...02:20
VousDeuxwhen I tried apt-get -f install it told me to run dpkg --configure -a02:21
VousDeuxwhen I ran that it did basically the same thing as before except the PAM message was in the console session, and the screen just went completely blank after flashing the screen I described before02:22
jttVousDeux, that fine do it first02:22
VousDeuxbefore, when I was on that screen I could toggle through other tty screens, this time it's just dead02:22
jttVousDeux, well i am out of my league at this point u need a better X person02:23
VousDeuxI appreciate your effort02:23
=== martijn81 [n=martijn@5356CCD5.cable.casema.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxit very well could be related to the fact that I am running an unsupported video device with a VESA generic driver02:23
=== nickrud [n=nickrud_@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/nickrud] has joined #ubuntu+1
martijn81 tribe6 isn't released yet, will it still be released or is beta the first to apear?02:24
jttVousDeux, that is the very reason i dont do upgrades i cant have problems as this is my work machine that I need every day i only upgrade if it is absolutely necessary :)02:24
VousDeuxperhaps if I turn the screen resolution down to 1024x768 or something02:24
VousDeuxwell, this isn't a production machine yet...so I have time to be patient :)02:24
jttmartijn81, tribe6 will only be a bug fix02:25
VousDeuxI expected to have problems when I bought it, just trying to see how many of them I can work through02:25
CaBlGuYso, whats the major upgrades??02:25
VousDeuxthe hardware is very new02:25
martijn81jtt: so no tribe6 for now and i have to wait for the beta?02:26
jttmartijn81, as i understand it there will be no more betas as such, only tribe6 as bug fix (what ever that means) and then the full release on 10.18.0702:27
VousDeuxit looks like the GUI is running on tty7, the screen I got stuck on the first time is tty802:27
CaBlGuYso, no one knows what major upgrades are gonna be in the final release??  from fiesty?02:28
VousDeuxI'll bet there is a webpage somewhere that answers that question CaBlGuY02:28
nickrudCaBlGuY: the major upgrades are already in place, they're making them work right now ;)02:28
VousDeuxhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html might have some answers02:28
jttafief, you still around?02:29
VousDeuxrats...changing resolution messed up...I'm gonna have to go back and reconfigure it again from the console02:30
d4rkmonkeyAnyone know when gutsy artwork is gonna be finished or whatever?02:30
jttVousDeux, before you   change anything in X make a copy of  /etc/X11/xorg.conf so you can move it back in and do a CNTL ALT Backspace and restart with a (hopebfully) good xorg.conf file02:31
jttd4rkmonkey, i think everything is done they are just fixing bugs:)02:32
d4rkmonkeyjtt nah, artwork is still same as feistys I think...02:32
jttif anyone is interested it appears that Kubuntu and Ubuntu Dailys have a broken Install section, they will not finish scanning the hardrives and freeze after that or at least ignore any keyboard input and you have to abort the installation02:35
_lemsx1_jtt: ouch. thx02:35
jtt_lemsx1_, at least neither of them would work for me and an earlier daily works fine02:36
_lemsx1_jtt: i was thinking to give tribe-6 a try. but i'll save my bandwith for 702:37
VousDeuxhehe, I wish I had read your last comment before I did it02:38
jttVousDeux, that should be the default warning in all X configs02:39
jttVousDeux, you should not be able to change x config w/o a forced file save period.!!!02:40
VousDeuxhey, thanks for the heads-up...I've gotta learn somehow :)02:40
jttVousDeux, anytime02:40
VousDeuxI have it back up at 1024x76802:40
martijn81jtt: reading in the mailing-list, there tribe6 was a milestone only :)02:41
jttVousDeux, good for you glad you did it02:42
VousDeuxI think I may have gotten past the problem...02:42
VousDeuxafter changing the resolution to 1024x768, I went to tty6 and ran dpkg --configure -a02:43
jttmartijn81, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule02:43
VousDeuxshoot...forgot to reconnect wifi again02:43
VousDeuxwrong freakin keyboard...02:44
martijn81jtt: yeah, next release 27 september02:44
d4rkmonkeyahhh the final artwork deadline is sept 20th...02:45
VousDeuxgood thing I don't use that password for anything freakin' thing else02:45
=== Skyfalcon866 [n=jack@c-24-218-246-100.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Skyfalcon866what kernel does gusty use02:47
=== amr [n=amr@] has joined #ubuntu+1
d4rkmonkeySkyfalcon866 currently its...02:47
amrhallo, how to enable mp3 preview in nautilus of gusty????!!!!! please help??????02:47
d4rkmonkey2.6.22-11-generic on my machine02:47
Skyfalcon866why doesnt fiesty use that kernel02:47
d4rkmonkeySkyfalcon866 because it doesn't. Because its not gutsy. Why would feisty use the same kernel as the next release?02:48
VousDeuxlooks like is what is being used on my x86-6402:48
Skyfalcon866fiesty uses 2.6.20 so that means it is out of date02:48
=== martijn81 [n=martijn@5356CCD5.cable.casema.nl] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Konversation]
omhaSkyfalcon866, and gutsy's kernel will be out of date by the end of the month02:49
Skyfalcon866so why dont they update it'02:50
omhathey want a stable distro?02:50
omhaand they have a deadline?02:50
VousDeuxthese things take time02:50
Skyfalcon866i compiled 2.6.22 on my fiesty and edgy box02:51
VousDeuxsure, but did you fully test it for compatibility with everything that anyone may need?02:51
Skyfalcon866yes and everything works02:52
VousDeuxon your hardware02:52
Skyfalcon866yes my computer is 7 years old02:52
VousDeuxso, supporting that isn't much of a challenge02:52
VousDeuxIf Ununtu jumped tracks everytime a new kernel came out, we never would have a stable release02:54
hydrogennot to mention02:54
hydrogenthat there is generally no need to upgrade to a newer kernel02:55
amr hallo, how to enable mp3 preview in nautilus of gusty????!!!!! please help??????02:55
VousDeuxstable doesn't just mean that it can run on average hardware without crashing...it means that it has been fully tested on all of the hardware listed on the compatibility list02:55
Skyfalcon866is ext4 in gusty02:56
amrgusty is more stable for my machine than feisty02:56
amr hallo, how to enable mp3 preview in nautilus of gusty????!!!!! please help??????02:57
VousDeuxYes, Gutsy seems to have much better support for my hardware too, but not everything yet02:57
VousDeuxI should have said 'so far'02:58
VousDeuxI haven't even quite figured out how to verify all of my hardware yet :)02:59
VousDeuxhey, the wifi works now...that's all I know02:59
VousDeuxmy wifi didn't work on Feisty02:59
=== dandel [n=dandel@68-116-249-15.dhcp.dntn.tx.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxand I know the video isn't working even close to right02:59
VousDeuxI tried to run lmbench, but couldn't figure out how to start it after I configured it03:00
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_lemsx1_amr: apt-get install mpg123 ?03:03
VousDeuxman, that's annoying...when I try to use the Test button to test video settings, I end up rebooting because it doesn't return from the test mode03:04
VousDeuxoh, hey...I got it back by switching to tty8, and then back to tty703:05
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] [AnThOnY] [hi!03:06
] [AnThOnY] [where download beta 7.10?03:06
Eltornadohello everyone03:07
] [AnThOnY] [Eltornado spanish?03:08
Eltornado] [AnThOnY] [:  no arab03:09
_lemsx1_] [AnThOnY] [: did you try #ubuntu-es ? i'm not sure if other languages are allowed here03:10
] [AnThOnY] [ok thanks brothers03:10
_lemsx1_] [AnThOnY] [: you can send me a PM (mensaje privado)03:11
amr hallo, how to enable mp3 preview in nautilus of gusty????!!!!! please help??????03:15
=== Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu+1
amr_lemsx1_ , i did but still not working03:15
=== don_pucci [n=kris@S0106001310fe6b52.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
don_puccihi all03:17
don_puccihow do i update to gutsy03:17
don_puccivia command line03:17
amramr@GOGO:~$ sudo apt-get install mpg12303:17
amr[sudo]  password for amr:03:17
amrReading package lists... Done03:17
amrBuilding dependency tree03:17
amrReading state information... Done03:17
amrmpg123 is already the newest version.03:17
amr0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.03:18
=== dandel [n=dandel@68-116-249-15.dhcp.dntn.tx.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
don_pucciupdate-manager -c -d doesnt see it03:18
amramr@GOGO:~$ sudo apt-get install mpg12303:19
amr[sudo]  password for amr:03:19
amrReading package lists... Done03:19
amrBuilding dependency tree03:19
amrReading state information... Done03:19
amrmpg123 is already the newest version.03:19
amr0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.03:19
amr hallo, how to enable mp3 preview in nautilus of gusty03:19
=== amr [n=amr@] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Ex-Chat"]
=== amr [n=amr@] has joined #ubuntu+1
amr hallo, how to enable mp3 preview in nautilus of gusty03:20
_lemsx1_amr: chill bro03:20
_lemsx1_amr: take it easy03:20
_lemsx1_amr: i'm on gutsy. let me see if my mp3 preview works03:20
amrhi _lemsx1_03:20
_lemsx1_amr: you are right. it doesn't work. just use AmaroK for now03:21
don_pucciim having issues with freezing during user logoff...and it is fixed in gutsy...so i would like to upgrade and try03:21
don_puccinot sure how to do this via command line03:21
_lemsx1_don_pucci: copy /etc/apt/sources.list to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gutsy.list03:22
_lemsx1_don_pucci: and then open that file with your favorite text editor and substitute feisty->gutsy03:22
amr_lemsx1_ , i use banshee but i liked nautilus mp3 preview03:22
_lemsx1_don_pucci: s/feisty/gutsy/g03:22
amris this a bug03:22
don_puccifor every instance of fesisty?03:22
_lemsx1_amr: well, Gutsy is beta now03:22
_lemsx1_don_pucci: yes sir03:23
don_puccithank u very much03:23
_lemsx1_don_pucci: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade03:23
_lemsx1_don_pucci: and go get some tea or something03:23
amr_lemsx1_ , i think it's not gusty rather a nautilus bug03:23
_lemsx1_amr: there are a lot of things that doesn't work on Nautilus right now03:23
amrshould it be reported to gnome.org or ubuntu.com03:23
_lemsx1_amr: Gutsy is not "out" yet. go to launchpad.net and see if it was already reported03:24
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu+1
amr_lemsx1_ , I use gusty because feisty did have issues that was fixed in gusty03:25
amr _lemsx1_ , I like it more03:25
_lemsx1_amr: and now you get more issues unresolved... that's the story of free software my friend03:25
=== RedKrieg [n=RedKrieg@ip70-177-204-60.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
_lemsx1_amr: go back to Feisty and fix the other issues there03:25
_lemsx1_amr: or wait for the next version of Ubuntu (after Gutsy)03:25
_lemsx1_amr: that will be rock solid ;-)03:25
=== orangey [n=orangey@dsl-67-55-5-142.acanac.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
_lemsx1_amr: (like Dapper is)03:26
orangeyhey all!03:26
amrevery one thinks different , that what makes me love linux03:26
_lemsx1_amr: indeed03:26
_lemsx1_amr: but, things just keep breaking. it's fine if you have a lot of time. but if you don't, it's a bitch03:26
orangeyI would like to upgrade edgy to gutsy. Can I do it with apt-get? or must I re-install?03:26
amrI am gonna stick with it now , because i like solving issues ;)03:27
_lemsx1_amr: that's why you leave your production stuff in Dapper. and play around at home with Gutsy ;-)03:27
_lemsx1_orangey: you can do that. but it's recommended to take the long route ;-) check the wiki there are plenty of articles about that03:27
don_puccibbl...hopefully with gutsy03:27
amri am a student , don't mind a bout stability , not using it in productive environment ;)03:27
_lemsx1_orangey: by long route i mean edgy->feisty->...03:28
orangey_lemsx1_: You mean -> feisty.03:28
orangeyah. OK, thank you03:28
VousDeuxI tried upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy with apt-get, but it said there were no updates...I'm guessing maybe that's because Gutsy isn't official yet03:28
orangeyI think I may as well wipe the drive, then. It's an essentially empty computer.03:28
VousDeuxnot a big deal for me though...brand new hardware03:29
_lemsx1_VousDeux: somebody just said that...03:29
_lemsx1_VousDeux: you might want to wait until Gutsy is out, unless you don't mind helping fix things03:29
don_puccigutsy not out until mid oct03:29
don_puccii am updating now03:29
don_puccijust testing03:29
_lemsx1_orangey: wiping out the drive is always better03:29
VousDeuxsomebody just said what?03:29
orangey_lemsx1_: will do.03:30
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SpudDoggAnyone know if there's a way to fix the smileys in Pidgin?  When talking to someone on a different client (AIM, etc) some icons show up differently or not at all.  For example, one of them looks like '&amp<bunchorcharacters>' instead of the female lips smiley04:05
nosrednaekimfemale lips..04:06
nosrednaekimthat could merit a04:06
nosrednaekim!oh my04:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about oh my - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:06
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.04:06
SpudDoggnosrednaekim: you never talk to your better half on messengers? ;)04:07
nosrednaekimbetter half?04:07
nosrednaekimhaven't met one yet ;)04:07
SpudDoggi dont know if you're single or conceited, lol04:07
nosrednaekimthey could be related ;)04:08
nosrednaekimand i'm both.04:08
=== radius [n=cube@pdpc/supporter/active/radius] has joined #ubuntu+1
SpudDoggthe ati 8.41 driver is really nice...i get 78825 frames in 5.0 seconds = 15764.871 FPS in glxgears, yes, i know, it's not a benchmark, but it is consistently higher than with ATI 8.4004:12
nosrednaekimyeah... I tried it on my integrated Xpress110004:12
nosrednaekimglx gears crashes the computer..04:12
SpudDoggany idea why?04:12
nosrednaekimbut XGL is NOTICABLY faster.04:12
nosrednaekimnever bothered...04:13
nosrednaekimhow did you install?04:13
SpudDoggfollowed how-to, but command-line04:14
nosrednaekimI installed from .run because the debs meesed up in fiesty.04:14
=== bur[n] er [n=burner@unaffiliated/burner] has joined #ubuntu+1
SpudDoggyea, i got the .run and a whole bunch of other crap i dont remember, lol.  the only bad thing is with the composite extension disabled, i cant run desktop effects at all L(04:15
SpudDoggwhat is that?04:15
nosrednaekimits something you have to run with the ATI drivers to get compiz/beryl04:15
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - Help in #ubuntu-effects04:15
SpudDoggahh, so i should be able to run compiz with my xorg.conf as-is?04:16
SpudDoggwill try it...thanks!04:16
SpudDogghow do i tell if i already have xgl or aiglx running?04:18
_lemsx1_SpudDogg: ps ax | grep -i xgl04:20
_lemsx1_SpudDogg: xgl is a separate daemon04:20
SpudDogg_lemsx1_: i get this '20103 pts/0    R+     0:00 grep -i xgl'04:20
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=== SpudDogg [n=spuddogg@c-76-109-159-194.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
SpudDoggman, xgl runs soooo nice on this computer.04:27
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=== spuddogg_ [n=spuddogg@c-76-109-159-194.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
spuddogg_ok, i have a question now.  i've installed xgl and have it running.  however, now the ati driver is not being used.  how do i reinstall that driver with xgl?04:31
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VousDeuxhow would I go about finding out if I can get a driver for hardware in my machine that is not working?04:52
VousDeuxI went to launchpad, but when I click on Ubuntu Drivers it takes me to a page that says I have to join a team, but the team says it is restricted04:53
=== macd [n=d@cl-151.ewr-01.us.sixxs.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== andre_pl [n=andre@bas2-london14-1088895492.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu+1
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andre_plis the output hotplugging supposed to be working in gutsy right now? because it doesn't appear to be for me and my Geforce GO 7600 Laptop w/ TV Out04:54
SpudDoggman, i almost hosed my X trying to install xgl...glad i backed everything up04:55
=== SpudDogg [n=spuddogg@c-76-109-159-194.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
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VousDeuxhaha, I had to use the mixer to turn the volume up...sheesh05:06
VousDeuxnow if I could just figure out how to add audio decoders05:06
andre_plhow can I customize the desktop effects? doesn't it come with the compiz config manager?05:11
Piciandre_pl: compizconfig-settings manager was renamed to Advanced Destktop Effects Settings in the latest update.05:13
andre_plPici: I JUST installed from the last ISO Release and its doing some updates now, so I'm  not sure which one I would have atm, but i dont see either in any of the menus.05:14
Piciandre_pl: You may need to install the package manually.05:14
andre_plthis release looks excellent, Im really impressed so far.05:16
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osmosisim getting  libc6-xen   tls  errors that I wasnt getting on feisty.06:06
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doug__how stable is this one?06:42
doug__how stable is gutsy vrsus feisty06:42
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Tm_TLynoure: yup, thats the one, with red three06:46
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LynoureWhat's MN? other than midnight?06:48
LynoureNM (new maintainer) I'd know...06:48
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deobfuscateAnyone know how to change the browish color after logging in06:52
=== Alpha_Cluster [n=nick@bsu195107.bemidjistate.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
deobfuscateI changed the login screen and wallpaper but there is still a brown color before the wallpaper loads06:52
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SeveredCrossAnyone else have Firefox go nuts on them recently?07:03
SeveredCrossMy profile is entirely gone...07:03
SeveredCrossIt's there on the harddisk physically.07:03
SeveredCrossBut it doesn't work for shit.07:03
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cps1966! nvidia07:10
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:10
SeveredCrossOkay, Firefox is definitely borked.07:12
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c1|freakyif i reported a bug for kernel 2.6.20 on feisty, i upgraded to gutsy now theres 2.6.22 - the bug is about cpu frequency scaling which doesnt work - and i now want to report that this is still not working, can i just post a comment under the bug for 2.6.20 ? or should i file a new bugreport?08:00
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tanathhelp: http://pastebin.ca/69829708:16
=== allbert [n=allberto@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu+1
stdinc1|freaky: have you tried "sudo modprobe p4-clockmod" ?08:17
c1|freakynow it's even 600 instead of 800Mhz :\08:18
stdinc1|freaky: it should let you scale it now tho08:19
c1|freakycan i remove the mod?08:19
c1|freakyhow to scale it?08:19
c1|freakyi cant constantly let it run at 2Ghz it'd become too hot08:19
stdinc1|freaky: is there some power applet in gnome that does it? like a battery indicator?08:19
c1|freakyim on kubuntu08:19
tanatha package is causing me problems. it won't completely install, and won't uninstall for the same reason08:20
stdinahh, even better08:20
stdinc1|freaky: you probably have to quit it then restart it, that's what I did08:20
c1|freakywhat should i restart?08:20
c1|freakyi just restartet powernowd08:20
stdinc1|freaky: the little battery monitor app08:21
c1|freakydo i need to add p4-clockmod to the modules file?08:21
c1|freakyok whats it called?08:21
c1|freakyit says "power manager"08:21
c1|freakybut now everything is really slow08:21
tanathand i can't upgrade other packages either now08:21
c1|freaky200mhz less even textoutput choppy08:21
=== instabin|work [n=instabin@c-68-45-153-251.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
stdinmy cpu "model name      : Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU        430  @ 1.73GHz" and that modules lets me scale08:22
c1|freakyok ill restart my pc now maybe it works08:23
tanathanyone know how i can get rid of this package?08:23
c1|freakynot working it now displays cpu policy in that menu of that battery app thing, but it still runs at 600Mhz even i selected "performance"08:28
tanatheverything i try fails to get rid of this package. can anyone help? http://pastebin.ca/69829708:28
=== elkbuntu [n=melissa@ubuntu/member/elkbuntu] has joined #ubuntu+1
tanathit's now preventing me from upgrading08:29
tanathnvm. was using aptitude. works with apt-get. still can't get rid of it though08:30
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arooni__help folks!  i can't play back .mp4 video files...... vlc crashes, movie player crashes..... any ideas?08:40
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bdgrauewhy does strigidaemon eats 80% and more of my cpu?08:45
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martalliIm running gutsy kubuntu, an int he last day or so, it seems to have lost the ability to automount cds and flash drives08:57
martalliit recognizes them, with icons ont he desktop, but no access through doplhin or the cli08:57
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mewt'gd mornin10:01
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se7en^Of^9can someone paste me the contence of /etc/inetd.conf11:14
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mrtimdogHi, I've got a bit of a network manager problem...11:46
mrtimdogI have some tap interfaces setup (tap0, tap1, etc...) and together with eth0, bridged under br0.11:47
mrtimdogOk, all works fine.11:47
mrtimdogI also want to use vpnc via Network Manager.11:48
mrtimdogThe problem is the Network Manager doesn't allow VPN connections when it doesn't know of an active interface. And as far as it knows eth0 in not active (it has no IP), and so doesn't allow VPN connections.11:49
mrtimdogAnyone any ideas?11:49
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etnoyI'm having strange audio issues11:59
etnoyon my thinkpad, the sound locks up from time to time requiring a reboot to fix it11:59
etnoywhile stracing I find that programs always hang around the time they acess /dev/snd/controlC012:00
etnoyI have tried quitting all programs that use sound,12:00
etnoyremoving the sound modules and re-inserting, restarting alsa etc. but nothing does it12:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
etnoyand all flash apps make firefox "hang" for a few seconds every time a flash app wants to play a song12:01
etnoythe programs that want to use audio just hang there indefinitely12:01
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=== aantipop [n=michael@p54B0BBF9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
aantipopdoes glxgears still causes x to crash if compiz is enabled ?12:05
=== mrtimdog [n=mrtimdog@host81-149-70-133.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
mrtimdogaantipop: doh, that'll be a yes then!! :)12:07
aantipopi didnt try yet ;)12:08
=== Razor44 [n=tasos@ipa214.29.91.tellas.gr] has joined #ubuntu+1
aantipopah ill try12:08
=== aantipop [n=michael@p54B0BBF9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
aantipopwell, yes :(12:09
aantipopi blame nvidia12:10
=== Pici [n=Pici@unaffiliated/pici] has joined #ubuntu+1
mrtimdogme too12:10
=== magnetron [n=magnetro@unaffiliated/magnetron] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== moggio_ [n=moggio_@80-193-139-7.dial.cvx03.croy.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
moggio_is openoffice pdf export fixed in gutsy?12:11
aantipopany idea why ccsm on kubuntu has no icons ?12:12
jussi01anyone else having ccda2wav broken atm?12:13
=== spasticfantastic [n=spaz@host86-142-40-254.range86-142.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
aantipopmoggio_: just testes with a plain document, and it works12:13
moggio_aantipop:good, because i had some problems with the table of contents..the dots were distorted12:14
=== Frost^ [n=sweiss@DSL217-132-179-11.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu+1
aantipopmoggio_: depends on your pdf-viewer i guess12:16
moggio_aantipop:i think the bug was confirmed on launchpad in feisty12:18
=== nikolam [n=nikola@adsl-211-220.eunet.yu] has joined #ubuntu+1
aantipopyou mean the "." are distorted ?12:18
=== xopher [n=xopher@unaffiliated/xopher] has joined #ubuntu+1
aantipopmoggio_: ill post you a screenshot12:20
=== mrtimdog [n=mrtimdog@host81-149-70-133.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
aantipopsecond the hoster is not working12:23
aantipopmoggio_:  http://img354.imageshack.us/my.php?image=test3jk8.png12:25
aantipopthe dots are created in openoffice, adobe and kpdf are the apps to view it12:26
moggio_aantipop:that looks ok12:27
moggio_aantipop:I used the default viewer, and i tried xpdf12:27
=== syntux [n=Jad@unaffiliated/madeye] has joined #Ubuntu+1
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syntuxis it going to be LTS, I mean Gusty ?12:29
aantipopnope, the next one, hardy heron will be LTS12:31
=== jrib [n=jrib@upstream/dev/jrib] has joined #ubuntu+1
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mrtimdogDoes anyone know of a gnome applet which gives you a little command window to run commands? A bit like deskbar used to be...12:42
mrtimdogHow can you tell which tribe you are from a running system?12:43
gnomefreakmrtimdog: once installed you no long have a tribe12:44
mrtimdogAh, ok :)12:45
mrtimdogMust be nomadic afterwards then!12:45
=== Zvezdichko [n=svetlio@] has joined #ubuntu+1
mrtimdogOr is that gnomadic?12:45
Zvezdichkogood afternoon12:45
Zvezdichkothere are several bugs I'd like to report. is that the right place?12:47
gnomefreakZvezdichko: bugs.launchpad.net12:49
jussi01!bug | Zvezdichko12:49
ubotuZvezdichko: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots12:49
Zvezdichkoas for Gutsy, it looks very stable on my machine. When will we have a stable version12:50
gnomefreakZvezdichko: oct. gutsy will be released12:51
Zvezdichkothank you :) though I see very few crash bugs and my uptime  ( without restarting X ) is more than 24 hours12:53
=== Pici [n=Pici@unaffiliated/pici] has joined #ubuntu+1
DavieyZvezdichko: Gutsy is almost at it's release schedule.. However, nasty bugs can still appear any day :O12:59
ZvezdichkoDaviey: bugs I encounter are not nasty. they are.. strange. for example my Maxtor IDE hard disk is recognised as... SCSI01:00
Zvezdichkoand my table is /dev/sda1, /dev/sda201:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== BaD-Laptop [n=kvirc@c-67-160-51-33.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
DavieyZvezdichko: Is that a known bug?01:01
ZvezdichkoI checked the Buglist01:02
Zvezdichkoeven people using feisty report a similar thing01:02
gnomefreakno it shouold show as sda sdb01:02
DavieyAh.. you don't mean SCSI you mean SATA?01:02
gnomefreakdoesnt matter if its ide or sata01:02
gnomefreakin gutsy01:03
Zvezdichkohmmm... so I should get accustomed01:03
Zvezdichkothe second is more serious, because it's a crash bug01:03
gnomefreakZvezdichko: you cant change the way its labled without a ton of work01:03
gnomefreakZvezdichko: we use sda to be more generic than having to patch every day01:04
DavieyIf you want to refer to it otherwise, suppose you could add a symlink in /dev/01:04
Zvezdichkohmmm, okay :)01:04
Zvezdichkoare you in the development team?01:04
Zvezdichkoyou said "we"01:05
gnomefreakwe == ubuntu in that context i am one of ubuntu mozilla maintainers01:05
Zvezdichkothat's great :) I'd also like to help... even if my contribution is minimal as bug reporting01:06
DavieyZvezdichko: thought about helping triaging?01:06
Davieyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage ^ ?01:06
Zvezdichkolet me see it01:07
=== IntuitiveNipple [n=TJ@alexandros.tjworld.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Pici- [n=Pici@ool-4355be00.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Zvezdichkoit's a channel01:09
mrtimdogRight, Tribe 6 going onto my laptop, a ThinkPad T40. Here we go......01:11
gourdinupgrading from feisty to gusty is safe now ?01:11
gourdinor there is serious bugs01:11
gourdin(desktop platform)01:11
gnomefreakgourdin: its not safe until released01:12
gnomefreakwhat works now may not work in 10 minutes01:12
gnomefreakmrtimdog: there is no tribe 6 released01:12
gnomefreakor it was01:13
gnomefreakthats right beta freeze is this week01:13
mrtimdogTypo, sorry, was just reading the chat topup at the same time!01:13
gnomefreakseems gb mirrors are down01:13
gnomefreakyou might want to change them if you use them01:13
=== kling0n [n=kling0n@0405ds1-ynoe.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #ubuntu+1
mrtimdogtopic even01:14
gnomefreakmrtimdog: i read it i thought this week was tribe 6 but its beta01:15
Zvezdichkowait... is it still alpha?01:15
gnomefreakZvezdichko: yes01:15
mrtimdogNo joy, froze on boot. Trying again...01:16
mrtimdogOh, hang on, freeze just unfroze.01:16
Zvezdichkowow ;) then I installed it quite early01:16
=== h1st0 [n=histo@h232.64.140.67.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== pecisk [n=pecisk@] has joined #ubuntu+1
mrtimdogDesktop started, Deskbar applet crashed, and running the install icon does nothing. Hmm...01:21
h1st0mrtimdog: are you using the cd?01:21
mrtimdogI am.01:21
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #ubuntu+1
ZvezdichkoI reported all of the bugs01:24
h1st0mrtimdog: try booting the cd in safe graphics mode.01:24
h1st0mrtimdog: what type of hardware do you have?01:24
h1st0Zvezdichko: all of what bugs?01:25
Zvezdichkoin gutsy :)01:25
Zvezdichkohope my report will be helpful01:25
mrtimdogOk, rebooting. It's a ThinkPad T40. I've had gutsy installed in it in the past.01:25
h1st0mrtimdog: ahhh you have intel video card.01:26
h1st0mrtimdog: let me know the output of lspci | grep VGA when you get back up in a console atleast01:26
mrtimdogRadeon something, I'll find out when it's back up.01:26
h1st0mrtimdog: probably r50001:28
mrtimdogRadeon Mobility 750001:29
=== Ilokaasu [n=matti@dsl-aur-fec5f800-50.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== gourdin [n=adept@dau94-8-88-166-31-178.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== acuster [n=acuster@] has joined #ubuntu+1
jsomerswill there be made any effort to have iTunes working under Ubuntu?01:34
gnomefreakjsomers: banshee and others work01:34
jsomerswine does not seem to be able to run it and since the new iPods are only working with iTunes this would be a major setback01:34
gnomefreakjsomers: cant use itunes directly01:35
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod01:35
magnetronjsomers: there already are, but not from apple. the wine team are working on it, see the article on appdb.winehq.org .01:35
IntuitiveNipplerun it in a VM ? :)01:35
jsomersyeah, but I think that's too much effort for new users01:36
magnetronjsomers: some people are working on the reverse engineering, but it's too much effort now only because apple deliberately are adding effort requirements01:38
h1st0Itunes supposedly works with wine 9.45 now01:38
gnomefreakbtw apparmor is fixed01:43
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=== djdarkman_ [n=djdarkma@cl-86-125-151-189.cablelink.mures.rdsnet.ro] has joined #ubuntu+1
djdarkman_hi, is tribe 5 still full of dpkg bugs?01:47
djdarkman_I mean last time I couldn`t even install my nvidia drivers with apt01:48
Do``is there some wiki page where i could check what new packages arrived on any given day to the official repositories?01:49
=== claria [n=aem@dslb-084-057-188-163.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
IntuitiveNippleDo``: Check the mail-archives for gutsy-changes mailing list01:50
Do``IntuitiveNipple: thanks01:51
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Zvezdichkono mic in skype once again01:56
magnetronbuggy closed-source bandwidth snitcher01:58
ZvezdichkoI know01:58
Zvezdichkobut 90% in my country use it01:58
magnetronreally? where?01:59
Zvezdichkoyes, it uses the ports it shouldn't have to use, it's heavy...01:59
Zvezdichkoa big percent of skype users are... bulgarian01:59
magnetrondoes even 90% of the bulgarians have internet access? that's more than Japan01:59
mrtimdogApparently they have only one linux developer working on linux skype... Don't know it that's true or not.02:00
ZvezdichkoMihail Tomov02:01
Zvezdichkois that true?02:01
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== bdgraue_ [n=bdgraue@host-091-097-091-142.ewe-ip-backbone.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Kill_X [i=kill_x@p5B16511D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
djdarkman_are the restricted nvidia driver packeges working in Gutsy?02:03
mrtimdogdjdarkman_: I'm using them now :)02:04
=== AnRkey [n=AnRkey@87-194-62-131.bethere.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
djdarkman_mrtimdog: are you a dpkg pro? :)02:04
djdarkman_I mean all I know currently about apt and dpkg is "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx"02:05
djdarkman_in tribe 4 all I got is errors02:05
=== hoora10 [i=hoora@gateway/tor/x-c8f3cf8dbe57773d] has joined #ubuntu+1
IntuitiveNippleI've not had any issues with Gutsy, Nvidia installation, and not seen much on launchpad about that kind of thing.02:07
=== BentJ [n=BentJ@port46.ds1-esp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu+1
djdarkman_IntuitiveNipple: if the topic says that dpkg ins`t working as it should then I don`t file bug reports about something that is already known to be not working02:08
Zvezdichkoone of the Bugs I reported02:09
Zvezdichkowas DPKG related02:09
IntuitiveNipplewhat's known not to be working?02:10
djdarkman_"Please *don't* run gutsy unless you are familiar with dpkg and dependencies, bug fixing, etc "02:10
Zvezdichkohmmm ...02:11
ZvezdichkoWhen I ran a system upgrade02:11
ZvezdichkoKDM failed to restart02:11
Zvezdichkothen I had to go back in console, reconfigure dpkg02:11
Zvezdichkoit was nasty02:11
djdarkman_that is what I`m not familliar with02:12
IntuitiveNippledjdarkman_: That doesn't mean it's not working, it means that as Gutsy is in constant revision (alpha software) be prepared to deal with dependency issues of packages that temporarily are out of sync02:12
IntuitiveNippleI'm doing extensive development/debugging on the ACPI side, and beta-testing. Biggest issues I'm dealing with now are suspend, and a liveCD unionfs BUG on some hardware02:13
djdarkman_IntuitiveNipple: what good does an OS do if it burns your eyes, and you can`t stare into the monitor? even if you are skilled enough to test it, it is not very common that you are able to fix such low level things02:13
Zvezdichkoare you fixing such an error?02:14
IntuitiveNippleGutsy is 'alpha-quality' still... if you're not confident in dealing with issues as they arise you should stay with Feisty until Gutsy is released.02:14
IntuitiveNippleZvezdichko: I'm working on several ACPI issues. Others are working on the unionfs and the Nvidia/GLX/Compiz bug brought on by the ABI bump with xorg02:15
djdarkman_IntuitiveNipple: I know what alpha means, but I still think that the *display* should have the higher priority02:15
IntuitiveNippledjdarkman_: There's a *lot* of heated discussion and investigation going on :p02:15
Zvezdichkoheh, I'm glad to see such a dedicated team02:16
=== Nicke [n=niclasa@ua-83-227-140-135.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu+1
IntuitiveNippleSince Tribe-5 Gutsy has been doing well in my experience. And the rate of fixes is astounding. I was looking at the gutsy-changes in my email earlier and they're been over 600 package updates this week02:17
PriceChilddjdarkman_, gutsy isn't an os (ready to use)... its "expected" to break.02:17
IntuitiveNipplePriceChild: damn! it's failed on my PC then :p02:18
Zvezdichkois Tribe-6 the beta?02:18
PriceChildtribe 6 is a milestone, not a release02:18
PriceChildand it is still alpha02:18
PriceChildbeta is expected on 27th02:18
=== svu [n=svu@] has joined #ubuntu+1
djdarkman_I don`t complain about (x/k/ed)ubuntu, I just think that videocard and display should have a way higher priority, than it has now02:18
svuwhat is the latest OOo version in gutsy?02:19
IntuitiveNippleGutsy is the 1st time I've seen well-behaved stable 64-bit02:19
PriceChilddjdarkman_, then use feisty02:19
PriceChilddjdarkman_, and this won't happen02:19
Zvezdichkodjdarkman_: can't you just use vesa?02:19
svuis latest OOo rc1 or oog680m102:20
IntuitiveNippleI even managed to hack the NVRAM Sony Vaio/Phoenix BIOS settings this week and enable hardware virtualisation (VT) so I've got kvm under test now, too02:20
=== _nand_ [n=ec4@138.202-128-194.unknown.qala.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu+1
djdarkman_PriceChild: but what if I want to use gutsy, and if I don`t mind hacking around a little if it doesn`t heart my eyes phisicly?02:20
PriceChildwe don't care....?02:21
PriceChildIf you're going to use gutsy, aid the development02:21
PriceChildfile bug reports02:21
PriceChildfollow up on bug reports02:21
PriceChildsubmit patches02:21
PriceChildbut don't complain02:21
PriceChildbecause its not a finished product02:21
djdarkman_PriceChild: how can you finish a product if you don`t know what`s the problem with it?02:22
Zvezdichkonobody is going to complain :) we could blame only ourselves for an apparent loss of info02:22
PriceChilddjdarkman_, but we do... because people file bug reports02:22
PriceChilddjdarkman_, people work off of those bug reports, and then things get fixed02:22
Zvezdichkobut I don't believe it will happen so because Gutsy is stable in its current state02:22
PriceChilddjdarkman_, what doesn't help.. is people moaning on irc that something is broken02:22
Zvezdichkobtw there's an update for apt02:23
=== Pici [n=Pici@unaffiliated/pici] has joined #ubuntu+1
Zvezdichkowhen I was moaning it was about KDE 4 beta... it behaves as alpha!02:24
Zvezdichkowhen you release something as beta you are expecting to work02:24
PriceChildthey're having several betas so should get a lot better02:24
djdarkman_PriceChild: I`ve just asked if gusty tribe 5 has tribe4 dpgk bugs wich prevented the installation of essential drivers,02:24
PriceChildno, beta is more "we know things aren't perfect, far from it... but we'd like more bug reports publically as we're getting close and don't want to miss anything"02:25
PriceChilddpkg bugs?02:25
Zvezdichkoapt just got an update02:25
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== DexterF [n=dexter@ip76.132.1511H-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
PriceChildHey DexterF02:27
=== borg_ [n=olaf@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== jsomers [n=jsomers@d51A50113.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== dns_56 [n=dns@ppp246-215.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
DexterFsomeone got good advice on downgrading libc6..?02:34
PriceChildDexterF, why?02:35
=== MicrosoftSpy [n=nobody@CPE-124-179-215-87.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu+1
MicrosoftSpyAnyone managed to get suspend working ?02:37
MicrosoftSpyI have an XPS1210 NVIDA video compiz, suspend seems to work ok, but when I resume it blanks the screen, mouse pointer is there though02:39
=== Xera^ [i=Xera@79-73-202-151.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
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DexterFPriceChild: well, I followed some bogus howto on installing the gutsy kernel in feisty. wanted to have glibc 2.6.1, now I'm having certain trouble02:40
PriceChildI can't help you sorry.02:40
DexterFso I'd rather like to go back and make a custom build. all i need is my old libc6 from feisty back02:40
DexterFwhat? that bad?02:40
MicrosoftSpyI have an XPS1210 NVIDA video compiz, suspend seems to work ok, but when I resume it blanks the screen, mouse pointer is there though02:41
MicrosoftSpyAny ideas ?02:41
DexterFMicrosoftSpy: don't do that. ask your question, be patient.02:41
=== CyD_ [n=CyD@cable-195-162-210-39.upc.chello.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
CyD_unbrekable X doenst work02:43
MicrosoftSpySorry Dexter02:43
CyD_wich driver must i specify to xorg for an intel video card ?02:43
CyD_the  8265G02:43
DexterFCyD_: isn't there intel in the list?02:43
CyD_i dont see a list of drivers in xorg.conf02:44
CyD_i can just try intel ?02:44
DexterFbecause there is none. the list in in the config tool.02:44
=== enjoi1216 [n=enjoi121@pool-70-104-121-187.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
DexterFyou could try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. you'll have to re-enter everything tho. well, yes, just go for "intel" as driver. what did google say?02:45
CyD_nothing :/02:45
jussi01doesnt intel use vesa?02:46
CyD_isnt there a unbreakble X in gutsy ?02:46
=== Tuna [n=tom@p50910ED9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
DexterFwth is an unbreakable X?02:46
CyD_its the new spec of gutsy02:46
CyD_when x doenst load02:47
CyD_we must have a gtk windows to configure x02:47
CyD_i will try dpk-reconf02:47
Tunado we still have init skripts in gutsy or will they be replaced by the startup-stuff?02:51
TunaI didn't find information about the skript's status in launchpad.02:51
TunaThere's onl the status of the startup core02:51
=== rockets [n=rockets@pool-71-247-28-40.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
CyD_Thanks DexterF : dpkg did the job :)02:52
DexterFyw :)02:52
PriceChildTuna, I think upstart should be in properly in Hardy... but atm I "think" we're still on init under upstart02:55
TunaPriceChild: Yes, I've been fiddling with upstart skripts since they are there,02:57
Tunabut wanted to see "how to do it properly".02:57
=== openstandards [n=vir@ACD62FCB.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
TunaOf course upstart will be in gutsy as well,02:58
Tunabut what about the skripts?02:58
=== hydrogen [n=hydrogen@ignorance.campus.alfred.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== MrKeuner [n=kudo@unaffiliated/mrkeuner] has joined #ubuntu+1
MrKeunerhi, will the ati 8.41 driver go in feisty repositories, or should i wait for 7.10 release for that?03:03
=== XSource [n=XSource@] has joined #ubuntu+1
PriceChildMrKeuner, wait for gutsy03:11
DexterFwait for the free driver ;)03:11
openstandardshi which would be better to use ndis wrapper or fwcutter for the bcm430903:12
=== mrtimdog [n=mrtimdog@host81-149-70-133.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Xeroopenstandards, it's always (imo) easier to use ndiswrapper.03:16
openstandardsalright cheers and another thing has work started on some new open ati drivers :P03:18
dns_56lets hope nvidia does something similar03:19
openstandardswould be nice indeed this is mad... .. its like a dream03:20
=== xopher [n=xopher@unaffiliated/xopher] has joined #ubuntu+1
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=== leperkhanz [n=rhy@ip72-192-137-131.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
leperkhanzyeah, so I have a problem with my .dmrc file, no direct rendering, and low 3d fps as a result.03:26
=== matysek [n=matysek@235.Red-88-14-183.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== djennewe [n=djennewe@65-102-92-239.sxfl.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Suurorca [i=suurorca@87-94-145-53.tampere.customers.dnainternet.fi] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== ssd [n=kj@] has joined #ubuntu+1
ssdi have some problems with network-manager03:31
ssdit is broken for wifi03:31
dns_56did it work with feisty?03:32
ssdi cant see any wireless and if i type the essid it just asks for the wifi WEP key again and again03:32
Suurorcapffth, this laptop is a head ache...03:32
Suurorcahas anyone fiddled with intel's HD audio on a hp dv6000? :p03:33
ssdSolarion, snd-hda-intel?03:33
dns_56i removed my /etc/network/interfaces file and that got network manager to take over the network config again03:33
ssddns_56, yep that did the trick03:34
dns_56network manager is dumb/smart if it finds that the config file has been changed it assumes something else is being used to configure the network and does nothing03:35
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #ubuntu+1
leperkhanzany word on my .dmrc file 3d rendering problem?03:37
Suurorcaat least I'd think it's snd-hda-intel...03:37
Suurorcajust shows up as "82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller"03:38
=== ssd_ [n=kj@] has joined #ubuntu+1
ssd_dns_56, thanks removing that file worked03:39
ssd_Suurorca, what driver do you use? and what codec?03:40
=== gnubuntu [n=giang@p5B057BC7.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #UBUNTU+1
=== albert23 [n=albert@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== leperkhanz sits sadly playing sudoku.
=== MrKeuner [n=kudo@unaffiliated/mrkeuner] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Skiessi [n=qwe@dsl-roibrasgw1-fe88fb00-133.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu+1
Suurorcassd_: right now this thing isn't even seeing the damned sound card after I recompiled alsa drivers/libs/utils as some thread on the forums suggested :p03:46
ssd_Suurorca, what card do you have?03:48
Suurorca16:38 < Suurorca> just shows up as "82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller"  <- I that's about as much as I know about it :p03:49
=== ssd_ [n=kj@] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Leaving"]
=== ssd_ [n=kj@] has joined #ubuntu+1
ssd_Suurorca, lspci03:50
ssd_type that in your terminal03:51
Suurorca00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)03:51
Suurorcaas I said :p03:52
=== Ilokaasu [n=matti@dsl-aur-fec5f800-50.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu+1
ssd_Suurorca, does the laptop have a built in bass?03:52
SuurorcaI'd rather doubt it but no idea03:53
ssd_Suurorca, sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel model=3stack03:54
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=== Tuna [n=tom@p50910ED9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu+1 []
MrKeunerDexterF: is there a free driver by ati really coming?03:59
DexterFAMD handed out the specs for R500 and up to RedHat and Novell yesterday04:00
DexterFwas all over the IT news04:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
MrKeunerDexterF: does that mean that ATI Technologies Inc M22 [Radeon Mobility M300]  is not covered?04:01
DexterFMrKeuner: m300 is based on...?04:01
MrKeunerDexterF: I have no idea, where can I check that?04:01
DexterFMrKeuner: good question. can you check sudo lspci and ree what it says about the card?04:02
DexterF(or chip rather)04:02
MrKeunerDexterF: This is where I got that string, actually. should I do a lspci -vv or something04:03
MrKeuner01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M22 [Radeon Mobility M300] 04:03
DexterFhow old is that laptop?04:03
MrKeuner1 year old thinkpad r5204:03
MrKeuneror 1.504:03
DexterFwell, that's rather a rv3xx based chip. nope, the free driver won't support that. until the kernel hackers find a way to apply that info on earlier chips. but the free reverse engineered driver works alright here, to needs some tinkering with driconf.04:05
DexterFenough 3d juice for Google Earth at least04:05
DexterFno gmaes tho04:05
=== eobanb [n=eoban@149-159-108-118.dhcp-bl.indiana.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== finalbeta [n=viper@d54C6865D.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== ShackJack [n=nate@c-65-96-48-74.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Nido [n=Nido@84-104-14-40.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== vlowther [n=vlowther@adsl-75-55-115-198.dsl.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
NidoI'm trying to upgrade my desktop from feisty to gusty. I succeeded in doing this on my laptop; but with my desktop i run into trouble. A moment ago, I had this "upgrade distro" button in update-manager, but it failed because of a dbus issue. Now; after restarting dbus,  dbus issues still happen but the update button is gone04:15
^^MAg^^actually x.org published this specs, now we have to wait for open source ATI-made driver04:15
=== XSource [n=XSource@] has joined #ubuntu+1
ShackJackNido: Do through command line? sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade?04:16
=== martijn81 [n=martijn@5356CCD5.cable.casema.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
martijn81when will it be possible to test whether auto installation of compiz works properly?04:17
ShackJackmartijn81: Should be able to do that now, no?04:18
NidoShackJack: sudo aptitude update works; sudo aptitude dist-upgrade says nothing should happen. How could I check if the upgrade happened with me missing it? (for one, I expected the 2.6.22 kernel to get installed)04:18
=== tretle [n=tretle@] has joined #Ubuntu+1
ShackJackmartijn81: Ah wait nevermind - I know what U mean...04:18
martijn81ShackJack: i mean activated from installation, kubuntu btw04:19
ShackJackNido: You have to change the instances of feisty in your sources.list to gutsy ?04:19
ShackJackmartijn81: Yep - no I gotcha... As it stands in GNOME, you still have to activate desktop effects... Though in Gutsy T5 if you install xserver-xgl, it'll automatically start an XGL session for you which is pretty cool!04:20
NidoShackJack: No. Can I do that by doing search-and-replace? Or should I manually check stuff before I do it that way?04:20
leperkhanzany word yet on how to fix my .dmrc file and direct rendering?04:20
ShackJackmartijn81: I honestly don't know how they'll pull that off what with closed Nvidia dirvers...04:20
ShackJackNido - gksu /etc/apt/sources.list then search replace gutsy for feisty... then update/dist upgrade :)04:21
leperkhanzrestricted drivers by default.04:21
ShackJackNido: Before I reboot I also do a sudo aptitude -f install (and maybe another update before that) to be sure nothing was missed :)04:21
NidoShackJack: E486: Pattern not found: gusty04:21
ShackJackNido: No - other way around :)04:22
martijn81ShackJack: probably with a notification box/choice whether you want to run non-free software so you can get the effects?04:22
NidoShackJack: that's better: 21 substitutions on 21 lines04:22
NidoThat gives quite a bigger update list for aptitude04:23
ShackJackmartijn81: Yep, restricted drivers manager - but of course you have to enable those first.. so "out of the box" Compiz won't be doable... I imagine some notice would come up after 3d drivers in effect... but not yet :)04:23
ShackJackNido: Yeah, you prolly have a few hundred megs coming down... Like I said before reboot do the other  update -f install to make sure it got everything...  (and cross your fingers)04:23
leperkhanzhow long till nvidia caves to the pressure you think?04:24
ShackJackNido: P.S. If you have a spearate home directory, fresh installs are trivial :)04:24
ShackJackleperkhanz: We shall see... Though my 7800GS runs pretty good on the binary drivers :)04:24
leperkhanzpretty good still has a host of problems though.  I run into them all the time.04:25
NidoShackJack: I just hope the power doesn't fall out while this upgrade runs04:25
ShackJackleperkhanz: Was saying on other chat- I was disturbed by this:  - I was having annoying X crashes with Gutsy/fglrx/Fusion that I wasn't getting any feedback (from computer) as to the cause... When I reinstalled Gutsy the problems seemed to be fixed ... That feels like such the "Windows Way" to solve a problem - I feel so dirty...04:25
ShackJackNido: You have separate partition for your home dir?04:26
NidoShackJack: No.04:26
ShackJackNido: Ah... you really should - makes like so much easier :) I'd almost recommend backing up your home and doing it... You can do fresh reinstall and all settings, etc.. are there, just have to aptitude the missing proggies which takes like two seconds :)04:27
leperkhanzYeah, I'm afraid to do that yet.04:27
leperkhanzwill do in october probably.. :D04:27
ShackJackleperkhanz: Though I wasn't reinstalling guts y to fix the crashing problem, but actually *ditching* my Windows dual boot (yeah!) - now I just run an instance of XP in Virtual Box - sweet!04:28
leperkhanzlol, yeah.  I don't even do that any more ..... :)04:28
NidoShackJack: I have my ``important'' files on a different computer; mount on /home/nido/link using sshfs. I don't mind anything happening to my home dir04:28
ShackJackleperkhanz: I just wanted to do it for the novelty and to run PS and Flash CS3... Runs pretty nicely... gave it 512MB04:29
ShackJackNido: Well, you home dir has all the settings, etc... in it so it's not just the files you create yourself... When doing a fresh install if home dir is separate, you don't have to worry about going and setting stuff up again... It's a worthwhile practice...04:30
NidoShackJack: All altered settings have been backed-up04:30
ShackJackNido: K - whatever.... :P04:31
ShackJackGutsy's running pretty sweetly now - compiz fusion included...04:31
NidoShackJack: I ran into partition-space problem a lot more then I ran into homedir-configuration problems. Hence I run stuff in this way now. Chances are though that soon my whole homedir will be off this computer and onto my central server04:32
ShackJackNido: my partition space problem with this notebook is I think I gave gutsy *too much* space in the root partition - 20GB... It's only using about 3GB with all the stuff installed :)04:33
=== xero9364 [n=xero9364@c-24-126-30-244.hsd1.wv.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
NidoShackJack: I often have to juggle around 4 to 20 GB files around /home and /tmp and alike; so I like to have it all in the same partition04:35
=== martijn81 [n=martijn@5356CCD5.cable.casema.nl] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Konversation]
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NidoShackJack: few things which scare me at the moment is the fact that, among things, kdm and synaptic has been deinstalled04:44
NidoI recall both still being available with my laptop upgrade04:45
=== arpu [n=arpu@p54BFD3EA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== cps1966 [n=kane@] has joined #ubuntu+1
cps1966! seamonkey04:49
ubotuSeamonkey, formerly known as "Mozilla Application Suite", is available at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/ with install instructions for ubuntu at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18601104:49
HobbseeNido: then...install them?04:52
NidoShackJack / Hobbsee : It seems something went terribly wrong with that route. Instead; I've returned the gusty settings to feisty; reinstalled update-manager; downloaded the distro upgrade thingie; and executed it manually (becuase update-manager has dbus problems of some sort, having to do with a value 'os'04:56
Hobbseeimport os error, by any chance?04:56
NidoNameError: global name 'os' is not defined04:57
Hobbseegot python2.5 installed?04:57
NidoPython 2.5.104:57
Nido(on a sidenote: our little scheme deinstalled kubuntu-desktop; which is a problem for the upgrade program. Reinstalling it now)04:58
nanonymemight list the versions of python packages installed too04:59
nanonymethat instead of just the python version04:59
Nidonanonyme: got a command-line thingie for that? I wouldn't know which python packages you are referring to05:00
nanonymewell, like apt-cache show python says i have version 2.5.1-1ubuntu205:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
nanonymewhich includes the actual package version05:01
NidoVersion: 2.5.1-0ubuntu305:01
=== Jack333 [n=michael@pool-71-115-219-233.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
nanonymedunno, might try updating your python to the latest package. there might have been a packaging problem05:02
=== dandel [n=dandel@unaffiliated/dandel] has joined #ubuntu+1
Nidokubuntu-desktop reinstalled; attempting the update-manager; otherwise the unpacked dist-upgrade.py05:04
=== zaggy-nl [n=zaggy-nl@dsl-083-247-110-137.solcon.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
Nidoupdate-manager not impressed (still the os error); tryting the downloaded dist-update.py file05:10
=== kevinO [n=kevin@66-227-221-83.dhcp.klmz.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Nidofetching upgrades. 1327 packages to be downloaded. That number almost reminds me of something05:12
NidoThank you all for your help05:14
kevinOare the commercial repositories disabled right now?05:14
=== mbt [n=mbt@c-24-30-33-42.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
kevinOI have enabled them in sources.list, but it says after apt-get update, Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/commercial/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not FoundFailed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/commercial/source/Sources.gz  404 Not Found05:16
kevinOshould I use feisty commercial repositorie?05:16
mbtDoes anyone know off-hand where the *-dbg packages are?  I remember reading that they were moved out of the core repositories once upon a time, but I need some of them now and can't find where they moved to.05:16
mbtkevinO, That's up to you, though it doesn't look like they're setup at the moment on the server side.05:17
kevinOok, im trying to get vmware-server, i dont think it will hurt anything05:17
HobbseekevinO: no - the toolchain has changed.05:17
Hobbseeit may work, it may not05:17
kevinOI will give it a try i guess thanks for the info guys05:18
kevinOyeah it wont work05:20
kevinO vmware-server: Depends: vmware-server-kernel-modules but it is not installable05:20
kevinOE: Broken packages05:20
kevinOoh well05:20
=== xero9364 [n=xero9364@c-24-126-30-244.hsd1.wv.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== ShackJack [n=nate@c-65-96-48-74.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
=== kevinO [n=kevin@66-227-221-83.dhcp.klmz.mi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
=== pvandewyngaerde [n=pvandewy@89.71-200-80.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== alex-weej [n=alex@cpc2-darl3-0-0-cust237.midd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== DexterF [n=dexter@ip76.132.1511H-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
DexterFis the gutsy kernel patched for the 16+ groups NFS issue?05:47
=== cratel_ [n=cratel@ip68-103-181-172.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== am8110lt3 [n=armin@dslb-084-058-034-247.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtCan anyone make heads or tails of this output from (attempting to) run Firefox under a debugger?  http://www.trausch.us/2007/09/15/well-thats-entirely-not-helpful/05:53
=== Matir [n=david@c-76-17-119-30.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
MatirHas anyone experienced that the gutsy desktop seems "laggier" than feisty did?  I.e., switching from firefox to thunderbird on my machine takes a noticeable amount of time...05:56
mbtMatir, how much RAM do you have?  I've noticed that Gutsy is eating a little bit more in the way of RAM, at least on my system, so things are swapping in and out more.  It doesn't help that I kinda needed to upgrade my RAM when I was running Feisty, either.  :-)05:57
Matir1 gig05:57
mbtAhh, same here.  Well, almost; 128MB of that is stolen by the graphics card, too.05:58
=== bsheep [n=bsheep@ANantes-252-1-24-150.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu+1
Matiryeah, but 'free' on my system shows a reasonable amount of free ram: 742 megs after removing buffers/cache05:59
mbtI have 7 MB free RAM and am using 38 MB swap at the moment, and not that heavily loaded (yet).  Ahh, well, you're more fortunate than I, then lol06:00
Matirand there's no disk activity when i switch06:00
Matirwell, i just restarted to see if that would clear it up :)06:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtHrm.  Well, then I am not sure then.  I keep running into crash issues so I can't figure out what the true performance is just yet.06:00
mbtIf I can figure out why Thunderbird and Firefox want to keep dying on me, I might be able to get somewhere.  :-P06:01
mbtAnyone know what's up with Glibc complaining a lot in Gutsy?  I keep getting all sorts of double-free/corruption messages, and at least in the case of Firefox, the backtrace is not at all helpful.06:04
Matirhrrm, it's X that's using TONS of cpu when switching windows06:04
mbtMatir, What graphics board/video driver do you have?06:05
=== luis_lopez [n=luis@206-248-171-253.dsl.teksavvy.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
MatirATI Radeon 9200SE, using the x.org ati driver (6.7.192)06:06
=== Vegar [i=vegar@unaffiliated/vegar] has joined #ubuntu+1
VegarIn the gutsy installer, step 8, advanced options there is a checkbox; "Install bootloader"06:08
=== gnubuntu [n=giang@p5B057BC7.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #UBUNTU+1 []
Vegaris that the checkbox I should uncheck to leave the MBR alone?06:08
mbtHrm.  Is desktop effects disabled, Matir?06:08
Matirit is06:09
mbtThat seems odd, then.06:09
Vegaror maybe I should say it like this: How do I install grub in /boot instead of the MBR?06:09
Vegarand how do I toggle the bootable flags?06:09
mbtVegar, The bootable flags are only used by DOS/Windows MBRs to determine what partition to kickstart.06:10
=== MrStein [n=stein@cpe-90-157-132-130.dynamic.amis.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtVegar, Also, grub's files are installed in /boot, but if you want to use the partition that /boot is on to also host the bootloader, you'd just install the bootloader to that partition.  The exact menu option to do so evades me ATM, though.06:10
Matiri'm gonna try something, brb06:11
=== bur[n] er [n=burner@unaffiliated/burner] has joined #ubuntu+1
MrSteinHi! 2 things: I am I the only one who thinka word on the boot screen about which version it is would be naice ? and : where do I change my profile data on the wiki.ubuntu.com ? The UserPreferences page mentions "Changing settings" , but no link or any explanation.06:12
Vegarmbt: I'm installing on a Thinkpad, and I want to preserve the custom Lenovo MBR06:12
Vegar(which uses the bootable flags)06:13
mbtVegar, They don't use the standard Microsoft MBR that Windows installs?06:13
=== Matir [n=david@c-76-17-119-30.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
hyljeVegar: thinkpads have a custom BIOS, the MBR is normal as far as i know06:14
Vegarno, the MBR is special06:14
Vegarfor the ThinkVantage button to work, you need the lenovo MBR06:14
mbtI wonder how special you can get in 512 bytes, lol.06:14
Vegar(The ThinkVantage boots the hidden RnR partition)06:14
Matirinteresting... disabling EXA acceleration made a huge difference... not perfect, but much better06:14
hyljemine (Access IBM button) works just fine with grub06:15
MrSteinmbt: eh, never had an Amiga ? ;-)06:15
mbtDoes Lenovo not let you burn that to CD/DVD?06:15
hyljebecause there's no custom MBR, just a custom BIOS06:15
=== bullgard4 [n=detlef@p54BF3B97.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtMrStein, I wish.06:15
ZvezdichkoKDE is too heavy for me. Isn't there any desktop that is simpler06:15
Vegarevery guide I've seen for debian and ubuntu on the T61, says not to mess with the MBR06:15
MrSteinZvezdichko: GNOME, XFCE , etc. ...06:15
MrSteinZvezdichko: already nicely packages as kubuntu and xubuntu06:16
ZvezdichkoI installed Kubuntu Gutsy06:16
Zvezdichkobut KDE heavy06:16
mbtVegar, well, you could always back up the MBR and see what happens.  That's probably what I would do, and just be sure to have a boot disc handy to restore it if the system truly is broken in that way.06:16
Zvezdichkoso I don't know what to install - ubuntu- or xubuntu-desktop06:16
MrSteinZvezdichko: eh, sorry, GNOME is on ubnutu (without any letter in front)06:16
MrSteinZvezdichko: xubuntu is the lighter  desktop.06:17
Vegarmbt: a question comes to mind - how do I backup the MBR?06:17
MrSteinmbt: dd if=/dev/yourharddrive of=/wherever/you/want/to/put/it bs=512 count=106:18
mbtVegar, "dd if=/dev/harddrive of=mbr.bin bs=512 count=1" where /dev/harddrive would be /dev/sda or /dev/hda or whatever your hard disk drive device is.  Not a partition.06:18
MrSteinVegar: see my prev line06:18
mbtMrStein, Didn't the Amiga at least have a non-borked way of laying out partitions and such?  If there's one thing I wish would change about PC architecture, it's the way hard disks are laid out presently.06:20
mbtWell, that and a lack of a real system firmware.  lol06:20
MrSteinmbt: Amiga had tons of non-borked stuff ;-) Like unlimited nr of partitions, no problems confosding two if you added some new, etc ...06:21
mbtMrStein, lol, I thought the typo was intentional, actually.  :-)06:21
Zvezdichkoproceeding with ubuntu-desktop anyway :) at least I may do some bug testing there06:22
MrSteinI beliece Feisty betas has a wiki page for each release, where the main changes were listed. Gutsy has no such pages ?06:23
MrStein(damn typos)06:23
=== chairman [n=chairman@host-81-191-129-68.bluecom.no] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtMrStein, They do, somewhere06:25
MrSteinthat doesn't really help ;-)06:26
mbtwas looking06:26
mbthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule --> Has a link to each one06:26
=== Mait [n=mattengi@] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtHang on, 'cuz that isn't right.06:27
mbthttp://www.ubuntu.com/testing/tribeX -- replace X with 1...506:28
chairmanI have installed gutsy on my new x61 laptop. Most stuff works nicely. I have some problems with compiz and workspaces. First I just had one workspace when I run compiz but then I installed ccsm and I could get more workspaces. ctrl+alt+left/right doesn't work anymore. Any ideas? I have an intel graphics card06:29
Vegardoes each partition have a boot sector too?06:29
mbtVegar, On the PC, yes.  There is the MBR which is 512 bytes and include initial bootstrapping code along with the partition table, and then the first 512 bytes of each partition is where the system looks for the boot code for a given operating system.06:30
mbtNo problem06:30
mbthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_boot_record and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boot_sector have more information if you're interested, Vegar.06:31
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.nixternal] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtCan anyone make heads or tails of this output from (attempting to) run Firefox under a debugger?  http://www.trausch.us/2007/09/15/well-thats-entirely-not-helpful/06:33
MrSteinIs mbt: thanks for the Tribes page URLs06:33
mbtMrStein, No problem06:33
MrSteinIs the author of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule here ? Would they minf if I replace the TribeX URLs with the ones posted by mbt ? They still all exists as opposed to current links, and they also link on to the same URLs (for download)06:34
MrSteinthe wiki could take quite a lot of similar touchup ...06:35
Matirmbt: from ale?06:35
HobbseeMrStein: i doubt there's much point - it gets copy-pasted each release, and fiddled.06:35
mbtMatir, Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts?  Yepper.06:35
Hobbseeand it does ask you not to edit06:35
MrSteinHobbsee: :-(06:35
Matirmbt: cool, me too06:35
=== penguin42 [n=dg@tu006.demon.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
Matirhave you tried installing firefox-dbg?06:36
MrSteinHobbsee: besides, it is outdated. It says Tribe6 is/was released on sep 6th , but in reality it wasn't06:36
Hobbseesee the /topic06:36
Hobbseethat was the date of the tribe06:36
MrSteinyes I know. The page is still outdated ;-906:37
mbtMatir, Haven't been able to make it to a meeting in a while though... I can't take my son because he's too loud, lol.  Yepper, I have the debug packages installed, and that's still the bt that I get; it is also the only time I've seen gdb say "Cannot remove breakpoints because program is no longer writable."06:37
MrSteinHobbsee: nowhere on that page does it say "this is outdated, see IRC" ;-)06:37
Hobbseeno, most people know that it's a guideline, and to read ubuntu-devel-announce06:37
Matiryeah, i've never seen that from gdb... but that probably means the function calls in the bt are not in firefox, but elsewhere.06:38
mbtWeird.  It happens every time I try to open up the preferences panel06:38
VegarWhen I ran apt-get upgrade the other day, I was prompted to reboot. I suspect this is because of a gdm update. If I restart gdm, would it be possible to get rid of the reboot notice?06:38
Matirmbt: have you tried running firefox from strace?06:39
mbtVegar, I think updates to gdm just call "/etc/init.d/gdm reload", IIRC.  Reboot notices are usually a sign that the kernel or some other system software has been updated.06:39
Matirit would be less complete, but might reveal something06:39
Vegarmbt: ok06:40
MrSteinok, bye. Off to file a bunch of new bug reports ....06:40
Vegarmbt: I'll pay more attention to what's being updated next time06:40
MrSteinlast check : nobody knows how to change profile data (email) on the wiki ?06:40
mbtMatir, I did, but I was not able to find anything useful in that output.  Will try it again, though, and see if anything stands out.06:40
HobbseeMrStein: preferred address in LP, i expect06:40
mbtMrStein, I think that's managed from Launchpad.06:40
MrSteinok, 10x. Bye06:42
=== MrStein [n=stein@cpe-90-157-132-130.dynamic.amis.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
mbtMatir, without running it under anything, I get this:  *** glibc detected *** /usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin: free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000001dfd4a0 ***06:42
=== am8110lt2 [n=armin@dslb-084-058-068-239.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtWhich I see with an alarming frequency with Thunderbird, too.  :-/06:42
Matirso i would guess it's in one of the common components06:43
mbtIt spits out a partial backtrace and an incomplete memory map upon happening upon the crash too.  Come to think of it, that might be why GDB can't debug it.06:43
=== ktogias [n=ktogias@] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtI would guess so, too; I've seen it with other things, as well.  My /guess/ is that some change was made to glibc that made it check things more strictly or something, and there are many existing bugs exposed because of that.  It seems more likely than glibc itself being buggy, though that's possible too.06:45
mbtDo you know what the command in gdb is to dump core off the top of your head, Matir?06:46
cutekatbtw cups working again; cheers!06:46
Matirmbt - afraid not06:46
Matiractually, it might be 'gcore'06:47
mbtHah!  That is it!  Thanks... I couldn't remember it for the life of me06:48
Vegardoes ubuntu have the same tools to build a kernel .deb as debian?06:48
=== kalpik [n=kalpik@] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtI may have to roll back to Feisty, I think that the problems that I am running into are a bit over my head to file reports for.06:51
=== AnRkey [n=AnRkey@87-194-62-131.bethere.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== tretle [n=tretle@] has joined #Ubuntu+1
mbtHrm.  Now that I was able to dump core, though, it seems the problem is pthread06:55
mbtor nspr4, or libc.  Those are the common components in both backtraces from FF and Thunderbird.06:55
=== MrStein [n=stein@cpe-90-157-132-130.dynamic.amis.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
MrSteinHow hard is to change and thest the boot scrips of the live CD (forx example the media check) ? Becaus I see the only way to fix bug is to write patches myself ...06:56
mbtMrStein, what bug?06:57
MrSteinmbt: 6440806:57
MrSteinkillall typod06:57
=== pretts [n=pretts@dsl-255-79.diodos-gsrt-gr.duth.gr] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== sandy|lurk [n=sandy@ip68-8-164-184.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
VegarUbuntu installed06:58
VegarMBR intact06:58
sandy|lurkhey all...does anyone know if Compiz is enabled by default  on the Live CD for ATI cards in the latest Gutsy dailies?  I'm running low on blank CDs and thought I'd ask before I tried.  :-)06:59
Vegarremoved boot flag from the windows partition, set it on /boot instead06:59
Vegarlenovo MBR boots grub06:59
mbtMrStein, I don't know how you'd be able to do that without rebuilding the CD: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization06:59
MrSteinmbt: I will abviously test it WITH rebuilding the CD ;-)07:00
MrSteineh typod is still running :-(07:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtWhat's it's status in ps -ax?07:00
mbt*its, rather07:00
MrSteinhehe, it migrated to you07:01
=== ptn107 [n=phil@] has joined #ubuntu+1
MrSteintesting. Five fluufy ballons entered the waste outdoors.07:01
MrSteinah, stil here :-D07:01
mbtkillall -11, man, killall -1107:01
MrSteinHmm, I booted tribe6 on my latop an got a black screen. Known ? It has ATI gfx hw07:02
MrSteinlooks like X is not running. No error dialog (not even text mode)07:03
ptn107how do I know the tickless kernel is actually working correctly07:03
pvandewyngaerdetickle it07:04
penguin42MrStein: Probably best to bug report it with as much detail as possible about the laptop; is there an option to boot it in text mode or safe mode?07:04
MrSteinpenguin42: i believe so.07:04
bur[n] ertribe6?  I thought there were no isos for tribe607:05
MrSteinthe X log ends with Backtrace: (I guess it went to stderr which was not logged)07:05
penguin42ptn107: I suspect using 'powertop' is the best way07:05
ptn107penguin42: ill give that a go, thx07:05
MrSteinwhat distro are you suggesting to use as a base for testing, patching, compilign, ubuntu betas ?07:07
MrSteinthat is : what should I install on the PC07:07
=== Lattyware [n=Latty@host81-157-56-36.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Vegaris it possible to have sudo behave like sudo on debian? ie. don't ask for the password every time I open a new terminal07:09
LattywareHey all. Is there a fix for the fact that gnome-terminal and firestarter (presumably unrelated) crash on start.07:10
=== bur[n] er [n=burner@unaffiliated/burner] has left #ubuntu+1 []
mbtMrStein, I think you can probably use any of them, though it does mention on the page I linked you to to be weary of using Edgy.  So, probably Feisty would be fine.07:12
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtI seriously need a T3 connection to the 'net.07:14
=== mora_ [n=mora@c83-254-213-12.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu+1
Lattywarembt: I'd be happy with an ISP that doesn07:14
penguin42Lattyware: Hi, gnome-terminal is OK over here07:14
Lattyware*doesn't throttle my latest distro torrents down to 5kbps07:15
MrSteinmbt: t3 ? don't you have DSL/optics these days ?07:15
penguin42is it faster if you don't use torrent?07:15
Lattywarepenguin42: Hmmm... others said they had the same problem last time I asked about it.07:15
LattywareI can get 100kbps down straight during the day, 200kbps during night07:15
penguin42Lattyware: I'm upto date as of this morning07:15
Lattywarebut this is meant to be a 4MB line07:15
=== yipe [n=yipe@12-218-171-233.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Ubuntu+1
mbtMrStein, Upload speed stinks... even on Comcast.  And Lattyware, truer words have never been spoken; manipulating customer's TCP connections is pure Evil.07:16
MrStein"bit" is only 2 more characters. And unambigous.07:16
yipehi +1ers!07:16
LattywareMrStein: Yeah.07:16
mbtMrStein, uploading core files---even compressed ones---to LP is stinky.07:16
jussi01!hi | yipe07:16
ubotuyipe: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!07:16
=== MrStein has 4dl 1ul Mbit/s
yipejust a stupid question from someone kinda out of touch with ubuntu at the moment07:17
Lattywarembt: Indeed. British Telecom are terriable.07:17
=== jussi01 has 10/10 :D
yipeis there any news about gusty+1 or Gutsy+2 being LTS?07:17
LattywarePlus I really don't have enough for my own line, so I have to stick with this British Telecom connection for 18 months (well, around 6 from now).07:17
jussi01yipe: gutsy +1 will be07:17
mbtLattyware, We have Comcast to fill those shoes here in the States.  :-P  They seem to send TCP RST to any Bittorrent uploads from their network.07:18
yipesweet, I can't wait for that07:18
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for Ubuntu 8.04, due April 2008.07:18
MrSteinlucky bastards in some cities "nearby" can have 1 Mbps simmetric per Euro. Up to  1 Gbit !07:18
yipeso are they determining LTS status according to what names they can think of for that letter or what? ;)07:18
Lattywarembt: I'm trying to persuade them to let me get a connection with newnet. Not cheap (36 a month), but static IPs, and no throttling.07:18
mbt36 sounds expensive.  Any idea what that is in USD?  My best guess would be around $70.07:19
=== jimmygoon [n=jimmygoo@ip24-255-246-56.ks.ks.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
LattywareThe UK sucks for net connections. We are such a small country, if the government bothered to endorse it, we could get fibre everwhere.07:19
jimmygoonWhere can one see the preview for gutsy's art?07:19
Lattyware1 == $207:19
Lattywarejust double it07:19
LattywareSo yeah, $7207:19
MrSteinLattyware: UK small ??? Can you even find "slovenia" on the map ? ;-)07:20
LattywareIt's a little less, so you are probably spot on.07:20
LattywareMrStein: Heh.07:20
LattywareWe pay OTT for everything though07:20
Lattyware40 a game, I paid going on 500 for my 24" monitor.07:21
LattywareAnd they have not come down since then.07:21
MrSteinLattyware: Can't you order from EU ?07:21
yipeMrStein it's like in the northern bit of the balkans isn't it?07:21
LattywareYou can, but by the time you add tax and shipping, it's hardly worth it.07:22
MrSteinyipe: ;-) yes07:22
LattywareI mean, Tax accounts for around 150 of that.07:22
yipedoesn't it also share a border with italy and austria now that I think about it?07:22
MrSteinLattyware: I thought there is not tax inside EU ? Isn't UK/GB in the EU ???07:22
MrSteinI mean no additional tax.07:23
Lattywareyeah, but you have to add VAT to the price.07:23
LattywareI'm pretty sure.07:23
penguin42Lattyware:Fibre to the home would cost lots and lots to put in07:24
MrSteinLattyware: I ordered from Germany to Austria and there was no extra tax, just shipping costs. The same for ordering into Slovenia (with much higher shipping cost, even if it borders on Austria, go figure) (shipping=transport)07:24
mbtWould anyone be able to provide any help on how to better file LP #139815?07:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 139815 in ubuntu "Firefox/Thunderbird seemingly randomish crashes" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13981507:24
Lattywarepenguin42: Yeah, I exaggerate, but the average house here will max out at 1-2MB. That's the line, so you can't help it. Building more exchanges is the big thing.07:24
mbtUbotu never ceases to amaze me.07:25
LattywareBut anyway, back to the matter at hand. Gnome-terminal crashes on start, as does firestarter, and also Pidgin seems ridiculously unstable.07:25
MrSteinLattyware: t-com in germany built VDSL2 centrals in every street. In major cities.07:25
penguin42Lattyware: A while ago there was talk of fibre->street and then copper from there07:25
penguin42mbt: It seems an OK file07:26
MrSteinpenguin42: yes, that's what the germans did.07:26
penguin42mbt: With the core'sI can't see what else you can do except if you could give bits of your profile07:26
mbtpenguin42, Any idea what package that bug should be attributed to?07:26
penguin42mbt: Do you have any plugins?07:26
penguin42mbt: No07:26
LattywareBut Germany is a country where stuff actually gets done.07:26
LattywareOr so it seems.07:26
LattywareHere are politicians are so useless.07:27
penguin42mbt: You could arbitrarily pick firefox or thunderbird and hope someone who knows more has a better idea07:27
mbtpenguin42, I did, but I disabled them all to replicate again and generate the coredumps, well, save for TB -- I can't even get into TB to disable them, and I can't reproduce the bug without my profile.07:27
mbtLattyware, Is your problem with Pidgin related in any way to libnspr4, do you know?07:27
MrSteinLattyware:  not really, only major cities are done. The rest is left dry. Not even DSL/cable in certain places. And the monopoly problem07:27
penguin42mbt: That's pretty difficult07:28
Lattywarembt: Don't know at all I'm afraid.07:28
MrSteinLattyware: every politician is useless ;-)07:28
penguin42MrStein: Here you can get DSL pretty much everywhere07:28
LattywareMrStein: Heh. Too true, too true.07:28
mbtpenguin42, Yeah, the only thing going for me is that they seem to be crashing in very much a similar way.  Beyond that, I'm stumped.  :-P07:28
MrSteinpenguin42: in UK ?07:28
penguin42MrStein: Yeh07:28
Lattywareyeah - not good DSL mind.07:28
LattywareStill, better than nothing. Just.07:28
LattywareOr rather, better than 52k.07:29
penguin42Lattyware: I can't argue - I'm getting 6Mbps07:29
MrSteinsome people use metered ... that sqweeking thing from the stone age. Oh yes, analog modems. Metered per minute.07:29
mbtMrStein, Holy cow.07:29
Lattywarepenguin42: I should be getting 4mb. I get around 2mb. I get throttled to around 1mb normal, and about 52k speed on torrents.07:30
Vegarthis isn't in the US, is it?07:30
MrSteinmbt: although the state satan, err, telecomonopoly started some packages with "free time" or something lately (10  years too late). I think.07:30
mbtpenguin42, I wouldn't be able to sanitize my profile in the case of the TB trace, so I would have to somehow submit that information privately if they were to accept it that way at all.07:30
penguin42Lattyware: I don't do torrents; but I know aptitude is getting >300kByte/s to ubuntu's servers so I can't argue07:31
Lattywareand this is where it gets stupid: $569.00 for the Dell 2407WFP-HC in the US. 445.31 here.07:31
penguin42mbt: Have you tried asking on a thunderbird irc channel - it sounds you might need something more specialised07:31
MrSteinmust go, bye (again)07:32
LattywareThat's 275ish vs 450. 175 ($350) difference.07:32
=== MrStein [n=stein@cpe-90-157-132-130.dynamic.amis.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
penguin42Lattyware: The pre-vat price is fairly close though isn't it?07:32
mbtpenguin42, What do you mean?07:32
=== thekorn [n=thekorn@a89-182-23-45.net-htp.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
Lattywarehardly fairly close07:32
Lattywarethat's still 100 ($200) more.07:33
penguin42mbt: Try finding one of the mozilla IRC channels where people might know more about thunderbird specifically07:33
penguin42Lattyware: True07:33
LattywareConsidering it costs $570 there, $200 is a shitload.07:33
mbtpenguin42, Oh to try to dup the bug w/ a clean profile?  Not a bad idea.07:33
jussi01!offtopic | Lattyware penguin4207:33
ubotuLattyware penguin42: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:33
mbtOh, crud.  Here I am and I meant to go to the Ubuntu LoCo get-together today here.  Oops.  I guess filing bugs is more important.07:35
=== Stormx2 [n=Stormx2@cpc1-rdng12-0-0-cust973.winn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== joumetal [n=jouni@laku34.adsl.netsonic.fi] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== BHSPitLappy [n=steve-o@adsl-65-67-113-27.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Matirmbt: i had forgotten about it too07:44
=== Absenth [n=lnoldan@unaffiliated/w9zeb-lars] has joined #ubuntu+1
mbtMatir, Yeah.  *shrugs*  Perhaps next time.07:44
Absenthdoes anyone know if the kernel module for bcm43xx works in gutsy?  it's clearly borked in Feisty07:44
MatirAbsenth, it's pretty spotty on my system07:45
AbsenthMatir: so the ndiswrapper is still likely the preferred way to go.07:45
=== tortho [n=tortho@] has joined #ubuntu+1
torthoAnyone knows if there is trouble with frequency scaling? Have a laptop which is stuck at low freq with gutsy.07:48
Absenth"Happy Beastie Squishing" from the tribe 6 url....  but I like freebsd :)07:49
mbtAny idea when Xorg 7.3 is coming, by the way?07:50
gnomefreakmbt: not until next release but read the link i give you07:51
gnomefreakmbt: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3223971#post322397107:52
mbtgnomefreak, thanks for the linkage07:53
=== sahin_h [n=ezaz@dsl5400DA72.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== yipe [n=yipe@12-218-171-233.client.mchsi.com] has left #Ubuntu+1 ["I]
=== naknomik [n=naknomik@pool-71-182-69-146.ptldor.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
naknomikWhat packages do I need to pull in to get compiz-fusion on Gutsy (Kubuntu)08:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreaknot much of anything TBH but what i did is apt-cache search compiz and installed what looked good most was already installed08:02
=== tortho [n=tortho@] has left #ubuntu+1 []
=== ubuntulog [i=ubuntulo@trider-g7.fabbione.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Topic for #ubuntu+1: The In Development Version Channel | Please *don't* run gutsy unless you are familiar with dpkg and dependencies, bug fixing, etc | Dont use development version of Ubuntu on production systems | Ubuntu 7.10 - the "Gutsy Gibbon" | Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule | For support for Dapper,Edgy, Feisty please join #ubuntu. | Go Ape! | For tribe 6 info, see http://tinyurl.com/3ytk9g
=== Topic (#ubuntu+1): set by Hobbsee at Fri Sep 7 08:48:13 2007
=== Lattyware [n=Latty@host81-157-56-36.range81-157.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== boub [n=boub@HSI-KBW-082-212-058-008.hsi.kabelbw.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
martijni can't install anything anymore now10:10
jussi01martijn: have you tried sudo dpkg --configure -a10:13
=== holzmodem [n=holzmode@dslb-084-060-252-046.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== vlowther [n=vlowther@adsl-75-55-115-198.dsl.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
jussi01have you tried removing the selecte problematic packages?10:15
jussi01martijn: try sudo dpkg -r ntfs-3g libpam0g (warning - this _may_ break your system, but I dont think so)10:17
=== Latty [n=Latty@host86-132-242-89.range86-132.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
martijni do not think remove libpam0g is a good way to go, lol http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/37563/10:19
VousDeuxOkay, on a separate note...the power manager keeps switching back and forth between power and battery mode. One minute everything will look just find, then battery icon will turn grey and it will start flapping.10:20
=== pecisk [n=pecisk@] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxI have checked all of the wire connections, and even plugged into my UPS10:21
martijnjussi01: sudo dpkg -r ntfs-3g libpam0g got me http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/37564/10:22
VousDeuxhow can I know for sure whether something is wrong with the power manager, or the actual power.10:22
VousDeuxI even tried a different battery...I have a 9-cell and a 6-cell10:22
d4rkmonkeyVousDeux does your laptop have an LED on it that shows when you're plugged in?10:22
cps1966sounds like software noy hardware10:22
jussi01martijn: you have a weird issue..10:23
VousDeuxI am running tribe 5 x86-6410:23
d4rkmonkeycus if that turns off too, its probably something with actual power...10:23
jussi01martijn: that I dont know how to fix. sorry10:23
martijnnevermind, i wait a few days and reinstall to see what will fis this10:23
VousDeuxahh, good point...lemme check it out10:23
=== boub [n=boub@HSI-KBW-082-212-058-008.hsi.kabelbw.de] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Verlassend"]
martijnthanks for your help though!10:24
IntuitiveNippleVousDeux: What make/model is the PC?10:25
VousDeuxit's an MSI 171910:25
IntuitiveNippleI've seens a few instances of ACPI having your symptoms, but none strong enough to pin-down so far. Mostly, one of the updates clears the issue before we find out the cause10:27
IntuitiveNipplethank-you. I'll take a look10:27
VousDeuxI turned off the power manager, now I'm not sure how to start it again10:28
IntuitiveNippleSystem > Preferences > Sessions > Startup Programs ?10:29
=== Kill_X [i=kill_x@p5B16511D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
IntuitiveNipplewhich CPU does your model have?10:29
d4rkmonkeyVousDeux well nm-applet starts up the network manager...10:31
VousDeuxThere is an LED. It turns off when I unplug the power. I'll keep an eye on it.10:31
d4rkmonkeyVousDeux try running gnome-power-manager to start it back up?10:32
VousDeuxoh, I should have mentioned Kubuntu10:32
d4rkmonkeykde-power-manager ?10:32
d4rkmonkeyI'm not sure if it works though..10:33
d4rkmonkeyI just turned off my power manager and running gnome-power-manager didn't put it back! lol10:33
VousDeuxno, that didn't work10:33
IntuitiveNippleI'm thinking you need to file a bug-report, and attach the ACPI DSDT amongst the other reports requested10:33
d4rkmonkeyVousDeux gnome-power-statistics turned it back on for me, maybe search for a kde power manager?10:34
VousDeuxyeah, I'm trying google now10:34
d4rkmonkeyVousDeux you could just try putting in kde-power then double tapping tab and see what comes up too...10:35
d4rkmonkeynot sure if that will work though10:35
VousDeuxwell, if I could just get this power manager fired back up...I could monitor the hardware LED while it's flapping :)10:35
d4rkmonkeyYeah, good luck with that :) I gotta go now though10:36
VousDeuxwell, I'm gonna restart X and see if the power manager comes back10:36
=== VousDeux [n=croix@24-236-210-3.dhcp.cdwr.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu+1
IntuitiveNippleVousDeux: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI10:38
VousDeuxthanks, I'll have a look10:39
=== twilight [n=twilight@ubuntu/member/twilight] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Leaving."]
IntuitiveNipplethere's not much there I'm afraid.10:39
IntuitiveNippleI had the same issue a while back on a Sony Vaio but it cleared up after one of the updates10:40
VousDeuxWhen I restarted X, the battery said about half initially, but it has the power bolt on top too...the display was dimmed, then the battery icon quickly drained...then went back to full.10:40
VousDeuxNext, the popup said the power was back, then battery again. The hardware LED did not change.10:41
VousDeuxIt's just being goofy.10:41
cps1966get all the updates10:42
VousDeuxhmmm...well I have all of the updates for now10:42
VousDeuxit was doing it on Feisty too.10:43
cps1966then you dont have herd510:43
VousDeuxI have tribe 5.10:43
=== Tenso [n=root@] has joined #ubuntu+1
cps1966no you dont if your upto date10:43
VousDeuxI've updated twice since I installed from live CD yesterday10:44
VousDeuxcps1966, you're not making any sense to me, I have no clue what you are talking about10:44
cps1966if your upto date then its past tribe 610:45
VousDeuxoh, you are saying that since I have updated I no longer have tribe 5?10:45
VousDeuxI get it now :)10:45
cps1966i habe tribe 6 installed and updated so its past tribe 610:45
VousDeuxI had to turn that power manager off again...annoying10:45
cps1966no need for it if you have ac pluged in10:46
VousDeuxso, it's best to just say I have Gutsy?10:46
cps1966hint remove all old kernels and headers you dont need10:47
cps1966apt-get autoremove10:47
VousDeuxwhat was that command to see what kernel is loaded? rname -l???10:47
cps1966uname -a10:47
VousDeuxahhh..,uname, thanks10:48
cps1966took me and hour to get seamonkey working correctly on this10:49
VousDeuxOkay, I removed all of the stuff, thanks10:51
cps1966it will work smarter10:52
cps1966just set up a amd with gforce 8800 gts and dual monitors with beryl was a pain but works now10:53
VousDeuxsheesh, that uname command was right on top of the DebuggingACPI document too...I'll be glad when I am familiar enough to remember some of this stuff10:53
cps1966took me 7 years to get as far as i am now10:54
VousDeuxyeah, I'm just trying to get all of the hardware working right now...later I can start playing with stuff like that10:54
cps1966but i have bad menory10:54
VousDeuxwell, I'm not a complete noob, but I did just finally decide I've had enough of M$10:54
VousDeuxit was actually Yahoo that pushed me over the edge10:55
cps1966maybe you should try mint linux its fiesty fawn but all works10:55
VousDeuxno, it doesn't support my hardware much at all10:56
=== bur[n] er [n=burner@unaffiliated/burner] has joined #ubuntu+1
cps1966ahh maybe you need to tell it noapic10:57
VousDeuxyeah, all cutting-edge hardware...I'm was prepared to have to struggle when I decided to buy it10:57
=== reto [n=reto@S010600195b070e5b.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
cps1966are you using nvidia drivers yet10:58
VousDeuxI really would like for ACPI to be working...I like the dynamic adjustments it makes, but it will be awhile before this box is ready to travel10:58
VousDeuxno, I'm still on vesa, nvidia drivers aren't up to par yet10:59
cps1966kinda hard traveling with mine10:59
VousDeuxnVidia is Geforce 8600M-GT10:59
=== penguin42 wants to know - what did Yahoo do to you?
cps1966100.14 should support your card10:59
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== hacknslash [n=hacknsla@spc2-fare2-0-0-cust566.cosh.broadband.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxyahoo keeps finding new ways to cram their spyware down your throat. I paid good money for MusicMatch Jukebox, only to have them buy it out and replace it with their own ugly version.11:01
VousDeuxI just got tired of buying software and having it be acquired by a bigger fish that just ruined it11:02
cps1966hey use pidgin11:02
IntuitiveNippleMusicMatch was nice in the beginning, but once all the 'extras' were no longer optional and the lifetime upgrade subscription was marginalised, it went right off11:03
VousDeuxI just want to move completely away from M$ eventually. It may take me awhile though.11:03
VousDeuxyeah, I stopped upgrading MusicMatch a long time ago.11:04
VousDeuxI was still using version 811:05
bur[n] erwinamp 5 got a redesign with its latest beta 5.5.  it's a single window now :)11:05
=== mwe [n=IceChat7@unaffiliated/mwe] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== bur[n] er seizes the windows talk ;)
VousDeuxI stopped upgrading winamp at version 311:06
=== Stormx2 [n=Stormx2@cpc1-rdng12-0-0-cust973.winn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
cps1966i liked winamp 2 better11:06
bur[n] eri like it on windows.  works with all kinds of portable players and what not11:06
=== Jaymac [n=john@host81-158-168-31.range81-158.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
bur[n] erit doesn't compare to amarok or rhythmbox, but those aren't ported to windows yet11:06
=== kondeDrakul [n=aguitel@] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxI think they should stop porting to windows, it just encourages people to keep using it11:07
=== `23meg [n=m@ubuntu/member/-23meg] has joined #ubuntu+1
Vegarhow do i "add usbcore.autosuspend=1 to the kernel command line in the grub config"?11:08
=== billytwowilly [n=chris@CABLE-72-53-22-61.cia.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
cps1966! usbcore.autosuspend11:12
cps1966! usbcore11:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about usbcore - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:13
cps1966ubotu: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:13
Vegaruhm.. what does that mean?11:20
cps1966its broken atm11:20
Vegarwhat if I make my own kernel?11:21
Vegarwill it still be broken?11:21
Vegarwhere is the bork then?11:21
cps1966till 2.6.23 is released11:21
Vegargreat, thanks11:22
cps1966its looks like its very close to release11:22
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu+1
kondeDrakulanyone get nvidia tnt2 ?11:24
=== notv [n=jon@ip70-189-121-117.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
cps1966for ???11:24
=== Absenth [n=lnoldan@unaffiliated/w9zeb-lars] has left #ubuntu+1 []
gnomefreakanyone happen to notice if thier gdm login screen has a menu or not?11:37
=== jgoss [n=josh@unaffiliated/jgoss] has joined #ubuntu+1
IntuitiveNipplethe greeter? it did last time I logged in :)11:38
gnomefreaki dont want to fix it so i need someone else to have issue as well11:39
bur[n] erit works for me11:41
gnomefreakgreat ty for checking11:41
=== gnomefreak goes to work on it
IntuitiveNipplethere is an option to disable ... I noticed it recently when working on the 'no sound at login' issue11:42
gnomefreakits enabled11:42
IntuitiveNippledoes it believe it though? :p11:42
IntuitiveNipplesound was enabled... it was ignored though hehehe11:42
=== Shafto [n=chris@cpc2-oldh6-0-0-cust827.manc.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
ShaftoI just did an install using the alternate CD and now have a problem with metacity no window boreders or anything11:44
gnomefreaknvidia and compiz?11:44
Shaftoactually that was a waste :)11:44
ShaftoDidnt notice the effects are turned on by default11:45
=== Shafto [n=chris@cpc2-oldh6-0-0-cust827.manc.cable.ntl.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
=== larson9999 [n=larson@74-129-100-183.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
larson9999anyone here know if the dell truemobile 1150 works with gutsy?11:49
=== der0b [n=s0d_0ff@c-66-31-142-244.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
bur[n] erlarson9999: it's a broadcom chip... it works with the "restricted drivers manager"11:56
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== rendero [n=rendero@unaffiliated/rendero] has joined #ubuntu+1
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=== mauri [n=mauri@host214-69-dynamic.56-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
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maurix does not start automatically at the system start up12:48
Solarionis network-manager being horked a known problem?12:49
penguin42mauri: Will it start for you later?12:49
=== rockets [n=rockets@pool-71-247-28-40.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mauripenguin42: sorry i dont understand12:50
penguin42mauri: You say X doesn;t start automatically at startup; do you mean that you can start it manually or you can't get it to start at all?12:50
mauripenguin42: after to have inserted my login ad password12:51
mauripenguin42: I have to type starx12:51
penguin42mauri: OK, good - that means X works!12:52
penguin42mauri: mauri: Have you got gdm installed?12:52
mauripenguin42: oh yes....X works good but it does not start automatically at the prompt12:53
mauripenguin42: I don't know12:53
=== fignew [n=fig@r72h206.res.gatech.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
penguin42mauri: dpkg -s gdm|head -212:53
penguin42mauri: Does the status line say install ok installed ?12:54
mauripenguin42: it is not installed12:54
gnomefreakkdm installed?12:55
mauripenguin42: it is installed12:55
penguin42mauri: Which?12:55
mauripenguin42: kdm is installed12:56
penguin42hmm so why isn't it starting12:56
gnomefreakmauri: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm (than choose it and restart) see if it helps12:56
gnomefreakpenguin42: he had gdm and it was removed maybe?12:56
gnomefreaki dont think it automaticly changes if you have gnome installed12:57
penguin42gnomefreak: Yeh possible - I wonder what else is missing; So what starts the gdm/kdm/etc - is there an update-alternatives thing, and some upstart stuff ?12:57
gnomefreakpenguin42: the command i gave lets you choose12:58
AmyRoseAre there any major problems I should be aware of if I upgrade to Gutsy right now? (I want to test)12:58
gnomefreakAmyRose: yes it might not start12:58
=== HyperCity [n=HyperCit@host81-142-dynamic.50-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakyou asked i gav eyou worst possible problem12:58
gnomefreakanything up to that point as well12:58
penguin42AmyRose: There are one or two people who can't get it to boot, one or two with video problems; there is a rumour that it eat someones cat; for me it is OK - but you need to know how to fix things if it doesn't12:58
gnomefreakamd64 kernel will be fixed this week12:58
=== BHSPitMonkey_ [n=stephen@] has joined #ubuntu+1
penguin42gnomefreak: Fixed in what way?12:59
penguin42gnomefreak: Seems fine here12:59
AmyRosegnomefreak: Ah, I'm on the i386 arch12:59
maurignomefreak: sorry. is there a line where the system configures the automatically x starting?12:59
gnomefreakpenguin42: penguin42 there is missing 64 support (there are a few issues it fixes) im on -generic 386 so im not seeing them12:59
gnomefreakmauri: did you run command i gav eyou?12:59
gnomefreakgave you*12:59
=== penguin42 reconfigures gnomefreak's fingers
gnomefreakmauri: did you choose kdm and hit enter01:00
AmyRosepenguin42: It better not eat my cat! :(01:00
=== gnomefreak has bigger issues to fix than typing ;)
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
penguin42AmyRose: Well, it's prerelease - it might!01:00
AmyRosepenguin42: :'(01:00
penguin42gnomefreak: 64 seems OK here01:00
maurignomefreak: Do i tr to restart the system?01:00
gnomefreakpenguin42: there are a bunch of bugs most with amd64-xen kernel iirc01:01
gnomefreakmauri: after runnning that command and choosing kdm and it finishes restart01:02
penguin42gnomefreak: Ah OK, I haven't tried Xen stuff on here01:02
gnomefreakpenguin42: again i dont use 64 so im not sure exactly but there are a few people asking about fixes for it01:02
gnomefreakthey are applied and will be pushed with kernel update this week01:03
=== gnomefreak more worried about gdm than kernel
=== cdm10 [n=Family@unaffiliated/cdm10] has joined #ubuntu+1
maurignomefreak: sorry ..my question was : Do i turn off the pc and start again kubuntu01:03
gnomefreakmanyes reboot there should be a reboot item in kde menu01:04
gnomefreakmaybe log out and it will give you choice or shut down and it gives you choice01:04
cdm10Hey, is Pidgin going to be stuck at 2.1.1 in Gutsy because 2.2.0 was released after the upstream version freeze? When wes the upstream version freeze?01:04
gnomefreakmauri: but yes turn pc off and restart either with reboot or shut down that is up to you01:04
gnomefreakcdm10: it would need a UVFe file a bug for it01:05
penguin42 'uvfe' ?01:05
cdm10gnomefreak: alright, 2.1.1 is okay anyhow.01:05
gnomefreakcdm10: if big changes not likely to get past01:05
cdm102.1.0 would have sucked01:05
gnomefreakpenguin42: universe freeze exception01:05
=== xtknight [n=xtknight@c-68-43-122-211.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
cdm10it had a really really nasty bug01:05
cdm10gnomefreak: it's in main I think01:05
penguin42gnomefreak: Ah01:05
gnomefreakcdm10: it is01:05
cdm10gnomefreak: anyway, I'm happy with 2.1.101:06
gnomefreakcdm10: its not likely to get in anyway but try a bug on it01:06
cdm10thanks for that info01:06
=== cdm10 [n=Family@unaffiliated/cdm10] has left #ubuntu+1 []
gnomefreaksince so much crap needs to be built with it not likely01:06
maurignomefreak: may i ask you another symple question?01:07
=== gnomefreak wonders what he means by simple :(
penguin42Do cakes rise in Zero G is a simple question, but I don't know the answer01:08
maurignomefreak: the problem is: the hour in the clock is 03:08 but the system clock and italian time are 01:0801:09
gnomefreakwhat one is right?01:09
penguin42mauri: There is a 'use UTC' tick option on the clock preferences01:09
penguin42mauri: is .it 2 hours ahead of UT ?01:10
penguin42hmm or is that the wrong direction?01:10
gnomefreakpenguin42: i cant remember either01:10
gnomefreak3 ahead i believe01:10
gnomefreakbut its been years since i was in italy01:10
=== penguin42 saw a change go past a few days ago about not doing something with fixed disc partitions - I can't remember what package it was for; but it has definitely changed the behaviour for me when I do a luksOpen - it no longer gets mounted
maurignomefreak: i don't find utc option...howeever i tried to change the hour but kubuntu chages also the motherboard time01:12
penguin42ah kubuntu01:12
gnomefreakmauri: change you time zone not the clock01:12
gnomefreakmauri: no i cant remember where in kde it is located off hand01:12
gnomefreakjust incase01:12
maurignomefreak: it is already set to rome01:14
maurignomefreak: but it is 2 hours more that the correct time01:15
gnomefreakmauri: what time is right bios or kde?01:15
maurignomefreak: bios01:15
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