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jribare you using GNOME?12:17
BMTi used gconf-editor in  a terminal....12:18
BMTi went to apps/nautilus/desktop12:18
BMTwas this correct ?12:18
jriband then "home_icon_visible" should be checked12:19
BMTi checked the values that i wanted12:19
BMTand home_icon_visible is chedked12:19
BMTnow what ?12:19
jribdo you have any icons on your desktop?12:20
jribok, is the gconf key /apps/nautilus/show_desktop checked?12:20
jribok, is the gconf key /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop checked?12:21
jribdo you have any items in your Desktop directory?12:23
BMTwhere is the desktop directory12:23
BMTyes i do12:24
BMThave a lot of stuff12:24
jribbut nothing shows up on your actual desktop, correct?12:24
jribon your wallpaper12:25
BMTjust the home directory icon doesn't show12:25
jribare you sure it is not behind another icon?12:25
jribthat sometimes happens12:25
BMTi just verified that12:26
BMTit is not hidden behind another icon12:26
BMTthe crazy part is that it has always been there...i just noticied today not being there12:26
jribok, close gconf-editor12:27
jribwhat does this now return: gconftool-2 -g /apps/nautilus/desktop/home_icon_visible12:28
jribok, do this: gconftool-2 -t bool -s /apps/nautilus/desktop/home_icon_visible true12:30
BMTthere it goes12:31
BMTmy icon came back12:31
BMTwhat did you do here with12:32
jribk, great12:32
BMTthat last statement12:32
jribit's the same as putting a checkmark next to /apps/nautilus/desktop/home_icon_visible12:32
jribdon't know why gconf-editor didn't work12:32
BMTwow that is amazing to have that much control of the OS like that12:32
BMTi really need that because i am always looking at my home folder stuff...so having the icon really does help12:33
BMTnow maybe you can help with my CD burning12:33
jribI like my desktop to just be a nice picture with no icons, but to each his own12:33
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BMT ?12:34
BMTso how would you get to your program and othere utilities12:34
jribdesktop is too hard to access imo, it's always covered with windows12:34
BMTthis is true12:34
BMTyou would have to minimize the windows to get to the icons12:35
jribwell to get to my home, I would go to Places -> Home in the menu or just use "home" in deskbar12:35
BMTdeskbar ?12:35
jribright click on your panel -> add to panel   deskbar12:35
jribyou could also just put a launcher for home as button next to your menu12:36
BMTthis is great !12:36
jribyeah, deskbar is very nice12:37
jriband if you use it with Beagle or Tracker it's even nicer12:37
BMTman ! Beagle ?  Tracker ?  what is that ....lol12:37
jribthey index all your files12:38
jribkind of like google desktop12:38
jrib!info beagle12:38
ubotubeagle: indexing and search tool for your personal data. In component main, is optional. Version (feisty), package size 883 kB, installed size 3892 kB12:38
jrib!info tracker12:39
ubotutracker: metadata database, indexer and search tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.4-4 (feisty), package size 231 kB, installed size 1004 kB12:39
BMTi need to find that...sounds interesting12:39
BMTwhat is a software channel12:39
jribhmm, what do you mean?12:39
BMTwhenever i am trying to install something like a .deb file ...sometimes it tells me i have to go to a software channel12:39
jribmost stuff should be in the repositories, you shouldn't need to install too many .deb's, but I don't know what error that is.  Can you paste the exact error verbatim?12:40
BMTdon't have it now...but can do that later....what are the repositories ?12:40
jribuh oh, they are the best part of ubuntu!12:41
BMTi have heard the term before12:41
jribBMT: when you install things from add/remove or synaptic (or some other APT frontend), it fetches the packages from the online repositories12:41
BMTi have used all .deb files to install any extra programs that didn't come witht he ubuntu initial install12:41
jribdo you know about using synaptic and add/remove?12:42
BMTi am looking at add/remove as we speak12:42
BMTwhat is synaptic12:42
jribsystem -> administration -> synaptic12:42
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jribit's a little less new-user-friendly (read: more powerful) than add/remove12:43
BMTthis is true12:43
BMTbut do add/remove and synaptic go hand and hand12:43
BMTwhat i can install using synaptic i can install using add/remove ?12:44
jribyep, they use the same packages, they just present them to you in a different manner12:44
jribif you want to keep a healthy ubuntu system, always try to get your software from the repositories.12:44
BMThave ever found a mix online that you liked and wanted to burn to CD ?12:45
jribnope, I don't really burn any music to CDs12:45
BMToh ok....12:45
BMTi am having a time find a app that will cut up a mix into separate tracks when burning12:46
BMTnero 4 did not for me using Windows12:46
BMTbut i am trying to completely move away from Windows12:46
jribsee if anyone in #ubuntu has a suggestion12:46
BMTi have tried that ...and all i got was to use audacity to cut up the mix myself and then burn12:47
BMTthat will take too long i feel12:48
BMTi tried to us add/remove to install kb3..it told me that i could not install it because it conflicted with something already install....add/remove suggested i use synaptic to solve this program12:49
BMThow would i go about doing that12:50
jribclose add/remove and then open up system -> administration -> synaptic12:50
BMTi did that12:50
jribnow what happens when you try to install k3b?12:50
BMTbut i don't see how synaptic will resolve my issue12:50
BMThow do i get to k3b on synaptic12:51
BMTi am looking at "multimedia' now and don't see k3b12:51
BMTis there a search on synaptic ?12:51
jribthere's a search field somewhere12:51
BMTi found it...12:51
BMTsynaptic says that it installing k3b conflicts withe libflac++5 with i just installed this morning for audacity12:52
BMTi am going to do it anyway to see what happens12:53
BMTmaybe it will install k3b and audacity will still work12:53
BMTi need to find the MAD mp3 decoding library as well as the k3b MAD mp3 decoder plugin12:56
BMTcan i find these things in add/remove ?12:57
BMTnot in add/remove going to try synaptic12:57
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jribtoo much traffic sometimes10:41
Atrocity2001jrib: Thanks.10:41
jribalright, plug in the usb key now while you are logged in as the problem user10:41
Atrocity2001It's actually a FireWire drive.10:41
Atrocity2001Let me unmount, then swap over...10:42
Atrocity2001Even unmounting is weird...it shows twice and I can only unmount one of them...OK, switching user now...10:43
Atrocity2001OK...unplugged, powered off the drive, plugged it back in and powered it on...now "jeff" can see it and, it appears, write to it.  I hope it persists!  I'd swear I tried this before...THANK YOU!10:46
Atrocity2001In fact, I'm going to log "jeff" off and log back on to see what happens.10:46
Atrocity2001Seems to still work, thanks so much!  Now on to getting Azureus to work under 7.04 and figuring out why Rhythmbox keeps locking up. :)10:48
jribheh, I didn't do anything, but glad it's working :)10:49
Atrocity2001Still, I appreciate the time...thinking back, I'm sure I killed the power to the drive before but never physically disconnected the FireWire cable...not sure why I should have to, but whatever it takes.  Thanks again!10:50
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