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shriphaniwhat exactly is the help wiki ?05:02
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CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: sbalneav * r4366 edubuntu/handbook/C/ (introduction.xml server.xml): Some comments by dtrask05:03
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shriphaniexcuse me I asked some time back about the help wiki. what exactly is it ?07:56
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mdkeshriphani: it is a wiki at https://help.ubuntu.com/community11:27
shriphaniso the ubuntu documentation is it ?11:29
mdkeshriphani: it's a section of the Ubuntu online documentation11:29
shriphanihmm cuz philbull asked me to put my currently being written fluxbox docs there.11:30
mdkeyou could work on the existing material at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox11:31
shriphaniI would rather put it at a different place. I want it to be seen and approved first.11:32
mdkeshriphani: it will be confusing for users if there are different pages about the same thing, so you should definitely consider improving the existing page; then it can be reviewed11:33
shriphanibut if mine's confusing and....11:33
shriphanicuz its almost completely different. different style etc. etc.11:33
mdkeshriphani: what sort of style is it?11:39
shriphaniI sent a mail to the mailing list with the more tech part attached to it.11:40
mdkethat's ok; the style is a little bit informal though. You can probably just remove things like "So you are eager to try this thing out. You can't wait and we know it."11:41
mdkeotherwise it looks fine and should merge ok with the existing page, no?11:41
shriphaniso I just modify the existing page ?11:42
mdkei think that's the best way, just improve it, add more information, etc11:43
mdkehave a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide for some tips about style and a general guide11:43
shriphaniany particular reason why that page is slow ?11:55
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mdkeshriphani: no11:57
shriphaniprolly troubles at my end..11:58
shriphaniI'll put in a bit about the themes for now.12:01
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4367 common/preface.pot: removing preface.pot, not used by anything that I can see12:29
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4368 incoming/: removing incoming folder, not been used ever as far as I know12:34
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4369 teamstuff/artwork/: Again, not used for a long time; can be picked out of old branches if someone wants to use it ever12:36
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4370 ubuntu/images/: Removing empty directory12:37
=== mdke does a bit of spring cleaning
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4371 generic/dialup/: Unused for several releases, out of date12:43
shriphaniI umm added to the fluxbox docs a bit..12:44
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4372 /trunk/ (35 files in 2 dirs): We no longer use author entities anywhere, removing12:45
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4373 generic/images/C/ (44 files): Not used12:50
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r4374 ubuntu/accessibility/: Deleting accessibility directory, unused01:00
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philbullhi guys01:09
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shriphanihello philbull01:18
philbullhey shriphani01:19
mdkeaha, philbull01:23
philbullhey mdke01:29
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mdkephilbull: nice. Is it really tidy that is doing that? I was sure it was the moin importer04:07
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r4375 generic/styleguide/terminology.xml: Fix typo (patch by Matt Micek)04:12
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LhademmorHey people, I'd suggest the man should somehow tell that you have to press Q in order to get out of the man - it took me a few days to figure out! :)07:46
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