lapthrickjelmer: it seems that that svn branch of mine got completely botched12:06
lapthrickbzr missing svn://parent reports entire history to be missing on both sides12:07
lapthrickthat's rather unfortunate, as I will have to re-do the changes I already committed in it12:10
=== onox [n=onox@kalfjeslab.demon.nl] has joined #bzr
lapthrickdoes shelf provide any way to export shelved patches?12:17
LeoNerdThey're just plain .diff files12:17
LeoNerdGo take a look at e.g.  .shelf/shelves/default/0012:17
lapthrickLeoNerd: I guess, but I dunno where they live :)12:17
LeoNerd(I specifically know they're plain patches because they blow up if you rename a file while it wasn't looking)12:18
LeoNerd(whereas tla/baz "undo" facility works fine)12:18
abentleylapthrick: but also, depending on why you want that, you may find merge --uncommitted useful.12:18
lapthrickI want that because an svn branch of mine broke :\12:18
lapthrickand I'm carrying over the changes to a fresh one12:19
abentleyso if you unshelve and run diff, does it show all your changes?12:21
lapthrickactually it seems I have no changes shelved in that branch, I got confused12:22
=== bicchi [n=albert@adsl-065-006-167-199.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #bzr
bicchiWould anyone know if version 0.91 will make it into gutsy?12:24
=== p4tux [n=p4tux@] has joined #bzr
lapthrickanother error12:31
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=== abentley [n=abentley@bas8-toronto63-1088754407.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #bzr
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PengDoes anyone in the world have bzr+http working?12:50
LeoNerdI presume for that to work, some sort of (Fast)CGI app is needed12:51
PengIt's very simple.12:51
PengAnd it doesn't work.12:51
PengI want to know if anyone has it working so I can see what I'm doing wrong.12:51
lifelessPeng: when you say it doesn't work, what happens12:52
PengHold on.12:53
PengEh, oops.12:57
PengI meant to obfuscate my email address in that.12:57
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lifelessoh hmm, no browser here at the moment01:03
lifelessis it long?01:03
lifelesscould you /msg it to me ?01:03
PengEh. Not that long.01:03
Penghold on.01:03
Peng'$ echo hello | POST http://bzr.mattnordhoff.com/bzr/.test/.bzr/smart' returns ok201:04
Peng'$ time bzr log bzr+http://bzr.mattnordhoff.com/bzr/.test$ time bzr log bzr+http://bzr.mattnordhoff.com/bzr/.test' says 'bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+http://bzr.mattnordhoff.com/bzr/".'01:04
PengBut with regular http, it works.01:04
PengOops. How did I paste that twice?01:04
PengI blame my keyboard!01:04
lifelessPeng: what version of the smart server?01:06
lifelessPeng: I bet that you are being bitten by the bug where the relpath must match inside and outside apache01:06
lifelessI don't know if that is fixed or not01:06
Penglifeless: 0.91. And that could be it. My homedir is a symlink.01:07
PengWhat, what's the bug, exactly? And what's the workaround?01:11
=== orospakr [n=orospakr@ip-] has joined #bzr
lifelessPeng: hi01:38
lifelessthe problemi s that bzr sends in its protocol a path like01:39
lifelessto a url like01:39
lifelessand on the server process that is mapped01:40
lifelessso /bzr/foo/bar might be /home/bzr/~public_html/foo/bar01:40
lifelessand finally chrooted01:40
lifelessso '' inside bzr means /home/bzr/~public_html/foo/bar01:40
lifelessbut we sent '/foo/bar'01:40
=== bicchi [n=albert@adsl-065-006-167-199.sip.mia.bellsouth.net] has left #bzr []
lifelessso you actually end up accessing /home/bzr/~public_html/foo/bar/foo/bar01:41
lifelesswhich of course, does not exist01:41
=== igc [n=igc@ppp121-45-227-231.lns1.bne4.internode.on.net] has joined #bzr
lifelessand we don't know on the client where the chroot point is, s o we cannot do path calculations to send less, sanely.01:41
lifelesshi igcv01:43
Penglifeless: Well, I'm not chrooted.01:44
lifelessPeng: its a bzr software chroot01:44
lifelessso that people cannot ask for /etc/passwd01:44
PengWell, what's the workaround?01:44
lifelessone is to make the duplicated path segments exist01:45
lifelessin your case, I'm guessing, movig bzr/.test on bzr/.test/bzr/.test01:45
lifelessjust on the server01:45
lifelessmay well work01:45
lifelesspossibly symlink bzr/.test/bzr/.test to ../..01:46
=== jml [n=jml@203-113-250-169-static.TAS.netspace.net.au] has joined #bzr
lifelesshow often are workarounds pretty ?01:50
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PengSo until then, what, bzr+http is completely nonfunctional?01:51
lifelessit works if your paths line up01:51
lifelessthere is a high severity bug on this01:51
PengDoes anybody have their paths lined up?01:53
lifelessyeah, we did when we tested it lol01:54
lifelessabentley: ping; is there a method to get an inventory delta from two trees/two inventories ?02:13
=== AfC [i=andrew@office.syd.operationaldynamics.com] has joined #bzr
PengWell, I guess the bug 107161 guy got bzr+http to run. So it's not impossible.02:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 107161 in bzr "http smart server performance is far worse than http alone" [Medium,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10716102:16
AfCActually I never got it to work. Debugging it was too hard.02:17
=== poolie__ is now known as poolie
PengOkay, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/119330/comments/8 has a good explanation of the path issues.02:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 119330 in bzr "bzr+http mod_python wsgi issues" [Undecided,New] 02:19
PengHey, awesome!02:21
PengIn /bzr, I added a symlink to . so /bzr/bzr/bzr/bzr ... works.02:21
PengNow I get a different error! :)02:21
PengAttributeError: 'DisabledTags' object has no attribute 'get_reverse_tag_dict'02:22
lifelessok, I think that is fixed in bzr.dev02:22
PengNewer than 0.91?02:22
PengHey, cool.02:22
PengOh, yes, 2867.02:23
PengIt sucks that hg can only use a smart server, but at least its smart server works!02:25
abadger1999hg can use plain http as well... just not very well.02:41
PengThat's true.02:43
PengSo, then, I could say in #mercurial, "It sucks that bzr can't use a smart server, but at least its dumb server works!".02:43
abadger1999heh.  As long as you have your asbestos suit +2 equiped :-)02:44
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jelmerPeng: the smart server is also available over plain tcp/ip or ssh02:46
jelmerthe latter two are better supported than http02:47
=== jelmer wasn't even aware it wokred over http :-)
Pengjelmer: I know that. In fact, I use bzr+ssh. I just thought "can't" sounded better. :)02:49
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AfCbzr 0.91 is in Gentoo now, btw04:17
PengHey, no version of bzr is marked as stable. :(04:20
pooliein where?04:21
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lifelessPeng: seems appropriate, it is Gentoo04:29
lifelessAfC: thanks!04:30
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lifelessigc: hi05:05
lifelessigc: I think you did two reviews, one I've submitted the other replied to; any chance of some more today ?05:05
igcProbably ...05:06
igcI'm flat out putting together a 3 hr tutorial for ODSC today ...05:06
igcbut I'm keen to keep you moving :-) :-)05:07
=== cprov [n=cprov@canonical/launchpad/cprov] has joined #bzr
lifelessigc: rotfl, sorry, but I've had to just mini rant at you; I couldn't contain myself.05:39
igclifeless: hasn't arrived yet. Looking forward to it :-)05:41
lifelessshould be there now ;)05:42
igcyep :-)05:51
lifelessigc: :)06:01
=== igc food
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abentleylifeless: I don't think there is a method for that.07:40
lifelessabentley: I've whipped up a test helper07:48
GachaI'm trying to ignore a single file, but it doesnt work - bzr ignore ./top/settings.py07:56
Gachawhen I run bzr ignored the wile isn't there07:57
Gachanot wile but file07:57
PengGacha: Well, that should work, as long as 'top' is in the root directory of the branch.07:58
GachaI know, but it doesn't07:59
PengYeah, "it's supposed to work!" isn't a very useful answer, is it?07:59
lifelessGacha: can you cat .bzrignore please07:59
lifelessI don't have a browser right now; so either paste it here or /msg it to me07:59
lifelessnext thing is that adds overwrite ignores08:00
lifelessso try bzr rm --keep top/settings.py08:00
Gachabut if I want that the settings.py is a part of the project after doing checkout08:02
Gachabut when doing changes it should ignore them08:02
lifelessthis is not what ignores do :)08:03
Gachabecause settings.py can be different08:03
lifelessignores are for files you don't want to be part of the project.08:03
lifelessI can offer a work around; we are discussing on the list at the moment a 'readonly' flag that would probably do what you want; you might want to peek at that discussion thread08:04
lifelessthe workaround is -08:04
lifelesshave a file, 'settings.py.default' or something like that08:04
Gachanice idea08:04
lifelesshave your build process - setup.py, or Makefile, can copy that to settings.py IFF settings.py does not exist08:05
Gachaok, I will try08:06
lifelessanyhow, I realise this is not as ideal as having the VCS manage this for you08:06
Gachawhen the readonly feature will be?08:06
lifelessbut, we may be able to manage it directly in the future08:07
lifelesswell, its early days of discussion now08:07
lifelessif you would use this, I encourage you to get involved in the discussion08:07
lifelesssimply because that will give the folk considering how to implement it more input on how you, the user, expect it to work08:07
Gachain launchpad?08:08
lifelessthe bazaar mailing list08:08
lifelessthere is a link to that from http://bazaar-vcs.org/08:08
poolielifeless, still around?08:15
pooliecan i call?08:18
lifelessbit later would be better08:18
lifelesssay 5 sharp ?08:19
lifelesssorry, phone is in other room08:19
poolienp, call whenever you're ready08:20
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poolielifeless, on phone atm08:58
lifelesswell ring me back08:58
siretartdato: yay. it seems neuro has fixed ball's (the mips buildd) chroot! :)09:04
lifelesslol, neuro has fixed balls. Quote of the day.09:05
=== pbor [n=urk@host139-18-dynamic.60-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #bzr
AfCI was just thinking that that was one of the less comprehensible sentences I had ever seen.09:05
lifelesspoolie: will you be long?09:06
siretartlifeless: LOL09:06
siretartI didn't write that! :)09:06
siretartdato: but this time the sparc buildlog looks fishy :/09:07
lifelesssiretart: you building 0.91 binaries?09:07
siretartlifeless: http://buildd.debian.org/pkg.cgi?pkg=bzr09:08
lifelessbrowser is awol09:08
lifelessso is that a 'yes' ?09:08
siretartlifeless: dato has uploaded 0.91-1 to debian yesterday09:08
siretartso, 'no, not be, but the debian buildd network yes'09:08
siretartnot me, even09:09
lifelesscause I need to do the official builds09:09
lifelessso his packaging is helpful09:09
siretartlifeless: but the alternative build depends is causing lots of trouble09:09
siretartAfter installing, the following source dependencies are still unsatisfied:09:10
siretartpython-celementtree(missing)|python(inst 2.4.4-6 ! >> wanted 2.5)09:10
siretartSource-dependencies not satisfied; skipping bzr09:10
siretartthat's because some chroots already have the package 'python' installed, which is at version 2.4.4-6 in debian09:10
siretartso sbuild fails the build here09:10
lifelessthats an sbuild bug right ?09:10
siretartin some ways, yes09:11
siretartbut fixing bugs in the official buildds seems nearly impossible, since neuro is unreachable09:11
siretartat least for me09:11
siretartwell, actually it is a pure sbuild bug. I've mailed neuro and CC'ed our mailing list with an detailed analysis of the problem09:12
siretartatm, I think the easiest would be to have more strict build dependencies on debian, and carry a small patch for ubuntu's bzr09:12
lifelessso theres a couple of issues here hmm09:14
lifelesswe should probably build extension modules for multiple pythons09:14
siretart'extension modules'?09:14
lifelesswe have C extension modules09:16
lifelessthey are specific to the python version09:16
lifelessif you use bzrlib via python2.4, you need a 2.4 version of the module09:16
lifelessditto 2.5, 2.6, 3.009:16
siretartand what does this mean wrt packaging09:18
=== mvo [n=egon@p54A67B78.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #bzr
lifelessmultiple binary packages, one per python version, I presume, or whatever python-magic we have today09:27
lifelessbut I would expect that to change the source dependencies09:27
james_wif you use pycentral and have correct build rule then you get one per python available.09:27
james_wbuild: $(PYVERS:%=build-python%)09:27
james_w        python$* setup.py build09:27
lifelessso how does tis reconcile with sbuild borking on this dep ?09:27
james_wthen build depend on python-all-dev09:28
lifelesssurely it's going to be pulling in all the different pythond *anywy*09:28
james_wthat's due to cleverness trying to avoid trying to pull in celementree which doesn't exist in Ubuntu, but is required on Debian.09:28
james_wthe method chosen fails if python is already installed as sbuild wont try and remove/upgrade packages to satisfy it.09:29
=== indraveni [n=indu@] has joined #bzr
indravenihi all09:34
indraveniI use subversion, and I am working for a linux distibution09:34
indraveniand we invite community to work with us on the source,09:34
indravenithus we need to maintain the source in a good version control system.09:34
indraveniand I thought of using subversion09:35
indraveniI have seen ubuntu is using Bazaar , and our distro is something like ubuntu distro09:35
indraveniso i want to know what are the advantages of Bazaar09:35
indraveniand why I should go for Bazaar for maintinaning source for a linus distribution project, which is a huge project09:36
matkorindraveni: Check if developement model fits bzr style09:42
indraveniwhat is bzr style ?09:43
indravenimatkor, what is bzr style ?09:44
matkormultibranch, commits for whole tree09:44
matkorsubversion IIRC it is server client (checkout) style09:45
matkoralso check if performance of bzr is enough ...09:45
indravenimatkor, bzr also, can act as server / client right ?09:46
matkorindraveni: yes09:46
indravenimatkor, wnat about security aspects?09:47
indravenimatkor, how can I authorize some people to rw, and some to onlt read09:47
indraveniin svn, we can control this though apache athz module09:47
matkorindraveni: I think it depends on transport used to access remote repository09:48
matkorI basically use sftp / local (file) transports so I set proper file ACLs09:49
matkorand use ssh key-based auth09:49
Gachahow can I export the code from a bazaar banch? When I use export os push command it doesn't copy the full tree09:49
GachaI want to export my code to a production enviroment09:49
Gachawithout the .zr specific folders and files09:49
GachaI mean, without .bzr files09:50
matkorGacha: export code ? What would be wrong with bzr checkout <repo> ?09:50
matkorGacha: bzr export    also exists but I never used it09:51
indravenimatkor, so it cannot be remotely accessed through http protocol ?09:51
Gachabzr checkout I can do on the other enviroment, but not from my current09:51
Gachato do checkout I need to ssh to the production enviroment and then execute the command09:52
Gachabut I want to export the data from my local machine to another09:52
spivGacha: "bzr export" can export the current version of the tree to a directory or a zip file.09:53
Gachabut the dir is empty09:53
GachaI found there only .bzr09:53
vilaindraveni: bzr branches can be accessed via http09:54
spivGacha: what command did you run?09:54
spivOh, I misread.09:54
spivGacha: Most people I think just use rsync for that.09:55
spivGacha: you can easily tell rsync to exclude the .bzr directory.09:56
GachaI know, but I was thinking maybe there are some special feature for bazaar09:56
Gachaok, I will use rsync09:56
spivYou could use "bzr export" to e.g. a zip file, copy that, and then unzip on the remote machine instead, but I don't think that's any easier.09:56
indravenivila, what is the server that it uses ?09:56
Gachathats hard09:56
GachaI want to execute one command then type password and  done09:57
vilafor read access any http server, for write access you will need a webdav enabled server and the bzr-webdav plugin09:57
Gachaspiv: thanks for helping09:58
vilabut don't expect good performances with webdav09:58
indraveniwhere can i get good document to configure all these ?09:58
indravenii am findnig only 10 pages quick tutorial in bzr website09:58
vilaif  you control the server you'd better use bzr serve directly09:58
vilato publish your branches via http, you just need to have them accessible with whatever access you configure in your web server09:59
vilafor 'bzr serve' more precise answers I think spiv is the right guy :)10:00
indravenivila, which web server, can i use for http access ?10:01
vilaindraveni: any http server10:01
indravenivila, i need a document for confugirig all these . please suggest a good one10:03
spivindraveni: any http server that can serve plain files from the filesystem.10:03
indravenispiv, apache is it ok?10:03
indravenispiv, , i need a document for confugirig all these . please suggest a good one10:04
spivindraveni: a document for configuring apache to serve bzr branches?10:04
indravenispiv, yes10:05
spivindraveni: there isn't much to configure.  You just use the usual <Directory> or whatever sections; it's just the same as serving static HTML as far as apache is concerned.10:06
indravenispiv, if it is html , we place them in /var/www10:07
indravenispiv, for bzr where does we place , the repo could be anywhere10:07
spivindraveni: right, so say you want to publish at http://host/code/, you could simply place the bzr branches in /var/www/code on the filesystem.10:08
=== rml [n=Skippy@] has joined #bzr
indravenispiv, and specicy DocumentRoot /var/www/code ?10:08
indraveniwill this work out ?10:08
spivOr if you want to keep the branches elsewhere on the filesystem, you could use symlinks or Alias directives or whatever instead.10:08
spivI'm not very familiar with apache directives, but there's nothing bzr specific to doing this.10:09
indravenispiv, and specicy DocumentRoot /var/www/code ?will work ?10:09
indraveniok i will check and let you know10:09
spivProbably.  (Like I say, I'm not very good with apache)10:09
indravenibut i think there should something else, s10:10
=== mrevell [n=matthew@canonical/launchpad/mrevell] has joined #bzr
spivHow do you mean?10:10
indravenispiv, i willl check and let you know10:11
indraveniimplementation gives more ideas10:11
indraveniand solutions10:11
=== poolie [n=mbp@ppp112-44.static.internode.on.net] has joined #bzr
lifelessspiv: you know of jam's 'trigger update' plugin?10:19
pooliespiv, hi?10:20
spivlifeless: the push-and-update one?  yeah.  It doesn't seem like it would help the "I don't want the .bzr directory" case.10:22
spivpoolie: hello10:23
=== allenap [i=allenap@nat/canonical/x-995c3c6f7708c1d4] has joined #bzr
=== spiv -> dinner
lifelessspiv: oh right; but it does help the 'I want the other files' case :)10:28
=== AfC [i=andrew@office.syd.operationaldynamics.com] has joined #bzr
mrevelligc: ping10:51
igchi mrevell10:51
=== dous_ [n=dous@ubuntu/member/dous] has joined #bzr
mrevellhi igc, could we organise a time for a quick chat some time?10:52
igcmrevell: sure - how does around 24 hours from now sound?10:52
igcI'm pretty tired tonight :-(10:53
mrevelligc: Yeah, no problem. Either that or when you start your Friday?10:53
=== mvo [n=egon@p54A67B78.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #bzr
igcok - that's usually around 9am my time10:54
igchow about I see in you're around ...10:54
igcand ping you then?10:54
igcs/see in/see if/10:54
mrevelligc: Which city are you in? (Just trying to work out what time that'll be for me)10:54
igcBrisbane GMT+1010:55
pooliei'm going to call it a night10:55
igcnight poolie10:55
poolieigc, if you're tired maybe you should go home too10:56
pooliementally i mean10:56
mrevelligc: Oh right, yeah, silly me - that's midnight for me. Okay, could we say 18.00 your time Friday?10:56
igcdinner is real soon now10:56
igcmrevell: yes, that's no problem10:57
mrevelligc: Thanks, I look forward to it :)10:57
lifelessnight poolie10:58
ubotuNew bug: #145511 in bzr "compiled dirstate extension breaks hashcache" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14551111:10
=== igc food - night all
lifelessnight all11:13
datosiretart: cool (re ball's chroot)11:15
datosiretart: but now we have the same story with sparc11:16
siretartdato: right11:16
siretartdato: lifeless was thinking about introducing extension module packages to work around that11:17
datoa package doing what exactly? and how would it help?11:18
=== gabe [n=gabriel@] has joined #bzr
datothe real question would be if the ubuntu autobuilders can cope with 'B-D: python-celementtree | python (>> 2.5)'. I can't remember if we got that answered or not.11:18
lifelessbuild arch-any for the non-C code11:19
lifelessbleh, I forget which is -all and which -any11:19
lifelessbut we only need to build the extensions per arch11:20
lifelessand building the extensions does not need celementree etc etc11:20
lifeless*also*, we don't need celementree for the package build, FWIW11:20
datoah, that last statement is way more interesting11:20
datoit was in build-depends when I first touched the package, so I never questioned whether it was11:21
lifelesscelementree is purely performance optimisation11:21
siretartthat would make things lots easier here...11:21
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #bzr
datooh yes.11:21
siretartlifeless: is python-paramiko necessary at build-time?11:23
=== rml [n=Skippy@] has joined #bzr
fullermdI don't think _anything_ is needed at build time, except python (and cc if you're building the C .so's).11:29
lifelesspyrex to do .pyx -> .c11:32
lifeless(if building from bazaar, rather than tarball)11:32
lifelessif you run the test suite11:33
lifelessthen paramiko, medusa, python-crypto (for old pythons only) are needed11:33
vilalifeless: they should not even be required, better to test with them though, but I think the patch handling their availability have been merge (or is it in 0.92 ?)11:36
vilanope, bug #59150 not merged for 0.91, so paramiko is required to run the test suite11:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 59150 in bzr "bzr selftest fails on a machine without paramiko" [Low,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5915011:45
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lapthrickbzr treats branch as equal when their history's the same and doesn't have a concept of any unique "branch ID", right?12:03
matkorlapthrick: to my tiny knowledge - right12:14
matkorI think about branches as sequences of unique revisions12:14
lifelessvila: well, not required, but strongly preferred12:20
lifelesslapthrick: URL is branch id12:20
vilalifeless: agreed12:20
siretartoh, since we don't run the testsuite on the buildds, I'll remove paramiko for now12:21
lapthricklifeless: well, yeah, but it's not encoded anywhere inside the branch itself, no?12:26
lapthrickso if I switched the parent branch of anything to an equivalent branch under another URL, it wouldn't change anything, right?12:27
pborbzr: ERROR: Repository KnitRepository('file:///home/paolo/dev/gedit/.bzr/') is not compatible with repository KnitRepository3('file:///home/paolo/bzr/gedit/.bzr/')12:28
pborwhat should I do?12:28
lapthrickpbor: bzr upgrade --something12:29
pbor(I did bzr init-repo in dev/gedit because I want to create a repo with multiple branches under it and then I tried to branch from bzr/gedit which is the branch I created with bzr-svn...)12:29
lapthrickfor appropriate value of something :)12:29
pborlapthrick: in the newly created repo or in the bzr-svn one?12:29
lapthrickpbor: I think the newly created, as KnitRepository is the default (still) and older format unless you override it12:30
pbormmm the bzr-svn one is "dirstate-with-subtree" while the newly created is "dirstate or dirstate-tags or knit"12:32
lapthrickpbor: you need dirstate-with-subtree for svn interop12:33
pborbzr  help formats doesnt mention dirstate-with-subtree12:33
lapthrickit's in the FAQ now12:33
lapthrickthough usually it complains about not being able to interop with SvnRepository, not KnitRepository312:34
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pborwork now, thanks lapthrick12:36
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matkorHi ! I have problems:01:13
matkor>>> import bzrlib.plugins01:13
matkor>>> bzrlib.plugins.__file__        -> '/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/__init__.pyc'01:13
matkor>>> import bzrlib.plugins.gtk       -> ImportError: No module named gtk01:13
Odd_Blokematkor: That presumably means that you don't have the bzr-gtk plugin installed.01:14
matkorOdd_Bloke: I have but in /usr/share:01:14
matkor[matkor@laptop-hp /usr/share/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins] $ python01:14
matkor>>> import gtk       ->  No handlers could be found for logger "bzr"01:14
matkorbut it imports01:15
Odd_BlokeIn that case I don't know.  Sorry. :(01:15
matkor>>> "/usr/share/python2.4/site-packages" in sys.path         -> True01:16
datomatkor: the gtk plugin *has* to be under the plugins path01:16
datoso either /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/gtk or ~/.bazaar/plugins/gtk01:17
dato(or other location if you play with BZR_PLUGIN_PATH)01:17
=== Zindar_ [n=erik@stockholm.ardendo.se] has joined #bzr
matkordato: But I have /usr/share/python2.4/site-packages in sys.path01:18
datoyes, but plugins can't be there directly01:19
matkordato: so "plugins path" is sth different than sys.path ?01:19
datoif I'm not mistaken, yes01:19
matkorcan I add another plugins path during configure install ?01:20
datoI don't think so, but there is the runtime BZR_PLUGIN_PATH (or a similar name)01:20
matkordato: I am preparing bzr bzr-gtk bzrtools for distro release and we use both "/usr/lib/python2.4" and "/usr/share/python2.4" (FHS) so it would be much much better to do it during install01:21
datoif it's for distro release, why dont you put them under /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/gtk ?01:22
datomake /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/gtk a symlink to /usr/share/python2.4/...01:22
datoI think it's a very very very bad idea to put the gtk plugin *directly* in /usr/share/python2.4/site-packages/gtk01:23
matkordato: Why is that ?01:24
matkordato default bzr-gtk install (setup.py install) puts plugins under /usr/share/ ...01:24
datobecause 'import gtk' should import the pygtk bindings, not the bzr plugin01:24
matkordato: That's true. But I understood that bzr plugin path contains only /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/gtk and ~/.bazaar/plugins/gtk so putting them under  /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages will not help with import bzrlib.plugins.gtk01:27
datoI said put them under /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/gtk, not /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/gtk01:27
matkorSensible fix would be to add new default /usr/share/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/ ...01:28
datothat won't work01:29
datobecause when bzr imports plugins, it's not looking at sys.path01:29
datobut under `dirname bzrlib.__file__`/plugins01:30
matkorAh ... so symlinks are only way ...01:30
datomostly, if you insist on not shipping the plugin under /usr/lib01:31
matkorbut you said that it is not only looking in  `dirname bzrlib.__file__`/plugins but also in ~/.bazaar/plugins/gtk , correct ?01:32
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matkordato: You think that wishlist to add /usr/share... to bzr plugin paths during setup.py has a chance to be included in next bzr releases ? That would be step towards FHS ...01:57
=== corporate_cookie [n=richie@seraphim.asbury.edu] has joined #bzr
datomatkor: I personally don't know, because I'm not a bzr developer, but if it depended on me, I would not.01:58
=== rml [n=Skippy@] has joined #bzr
matkordato: I will try anyway ...  , but what is yours rationale against ?01:59
lifelessmatkor: why do you want usr/share/something in the bzrlib plugins path?02:18
lifelessmatkor: (also, you can just set an environment variable to control that)02:19
matkorlifeless: default setup puts plugins there (and it is correct according to FHS)02:21
lifelessmatkor: the default is in the plugins path02:21
matkorlifeless: I would like to have install time and system-wide way of adding that path02:22
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
matkorlifeless:  python  setup.py install --optimize=2 --root=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT  puts them uder /usr/share02:22
lifelessmatkor: our default path is [dirname(bzrlib.plugins.__file__), '~/.bazaar/plugins'] 02:23
lifelessmatkor: where under /usr/share ?02:23
=== rml [n=Skippy@] has joined #bzr
matkorlifeless: /usr/share/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins02:24
matkordefault for pure-python packages02:24
lifelesswhat does 'python -c import bzrlib.plugins; print bzrlib.plugins.__file__' report ?02:24
matkorlifeless: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/__init__.pyc02:25
lifelessok, there is the problem02:25
matkorwhich also correct (but for binary modules)02:25
lifelesswhat is02:25
lifelesswhat does 'python -c import bzrlib.plugins; print bzrlib.plugins.__path__' report ?02:25
=== schierbeck [n=daniel@] has joined #bzr
ubotuNew bug: #145612 in bzr "Unable to use pure-python plugins from /usr/share/ ... (FHS) location" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14561202:26
matkorlifeless: ['/home/users/matkor/.bazaar/plugins', '/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins'] 02:26
=== mw [n=mw@] has joined #bzr
lifelessmatkor: this is a bug in your python environment, not bzr02:26
schierbeckjelmer: ping02:27
lifelessmatkor: I am pretty sure02:27
lifeless$ python -c 'import bzrlib; print bzrlib.__path__'02:27
lifeless['/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib'] 02:27
lifelessif I put any additional package FOO in /usr/share/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/FOO02:27
lifelessthen it will not load into python02:27
matkorlifeless: I think it should in default python setup02:28
lifelessmatkor: try it02:28
matkorI mean package foo should be looked both in /usr/bin/.. and  /usr/share02:28
lifelessmatkor: importing bzrlib does not alter the module __path__02:28
lifelessmatkor: but they are not; its not how python works02:29
lifelessit can be made to work that way, but its a problem in your environment not bzrlib, as long as bzrlib handles the __path__ that you assign to the bzrlib.plugins module correctly (and there looks to be a small bug there today, which I'll fix tomorrow)02:30
=== marianom [n=marianom@ubuntu/member/marianom] has joined #bzr
matkorlifeless: I think import foo/bar should check module in both /usr/share and /usr/bin in FHS installed python02:31
lifeless(we look at __file__, rather than __path__ to grab the default place to load plugins from)02:31
lifelessmatkor: I'm not arguing that you are wrong, I'm arguing that you should file a bug on python in redhat, because it *doesn't*, not for non-root modules.02:31
lifelessand bzr inherits this behaviour02:32
lifelesswhat you want is: $ python -c 'import bzrlib; print bzrlib.__path__'02:33
lifelessto print out02:33
lifeless['/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib', '/usr/share/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib'] 02:33
lifeless(for bzrlib, or any other module)02:33
lifelessI don't know enough about the design implications of the module system in python to comment on whether this is a good idea or not.02:34
lifelessI do know enough to say that bzrlib should not prevent that, and should, if that is being done, honour it for plugins.02:34
lifelessI'm reasonably sure that doing it manually is a potentially bad idea02:35
lifelesswell, I hope this has helped clarify things; and I'll look at the bug, and also fix the bug I spotted during the discussion, tomorrow.02:39
matkorgnight :)02:40
siretartlifeless: dato: bzr_0.91-2 uploaded, without paramiko and celementree in build-depends02:42
siretarthopefully it builds this time on all archs02:42
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datosiretart: I saw, thanks02:47
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karmazillawas there a way to use bzr for diffing two files without adding them or using some repo/branch ?03:00
karmazillapatiencediff.py, it seems03:06
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schierbeckany bzr-gtk hackers here?03:10
matkorschierbeck: one tiny ;) why ;) ?03:13
matkorand olive-gtk only03:14
schierbecki've cleaned up the viz code quite a bit, removing some redundancy03:14
schierbeckcould i get you to check it out a bit?03:14
schierbeckit's not really advanced at all, i just want to be sure you can run it03:15
matkorschierbeck: I think you should talk with jelmer03:24
matkorschierbeck: Have you published branch with those changes somwhere ?03:25
schierbeckyup, at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dasch/bzr-gtk/viz-cleanup03:25
schierbecki don't think jelmer's online03:25
matkorsend him or Szilwester e-mail and be patient - I worked little bit only with olive-gtk03:28
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LllamaAfternoon all. Anyone using bzr-svn under Windows?04:16
=== mvo [n=egon@p54A67B78.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #bzr
LllamaI'm having trouble pushing up to Google Code04:16
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #bzr
zygais there any description of API changes from around 0.16 to 0.91?04:25
zygaI'm trying to use latest tailor to convert something but 0.91 has different API04:26
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stekowhat is the current status of the webdav plugin ?05:13
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mgedminto whoever implemented 'bzr ignore': thank you thank you thank you!05:25
LarstiQmgedmin: multiple people, what makes it so joyful for you? :)05:28
mgedminit's what I always wanted05:38
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disorderhi, can I use username containing @ somehow with bzr over FTP? Hosting uses user@domain.tld usernames05:45
disordertried to google something and set username inf config but no luck yet05:46
datodisorder: try `bzr push ftp://user%40domain.tld@server.com`05:46
mwhurl-encode the @?05:46
disorderthaks dato and mwh. haven't thought of it05:47
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jelmerhey schierbeck, matkor05:52
vilasteko: webadv plugin status is: requires bzr-0.92.0 (i.e. bzr.dev), pass the bzr test suite, awaiting testers :)05:53
jelmerlooks like Samba will end up using git :-(05:54
stekovila: thanks. then I'll wait for 0.92 to enter lenny05:54
vilasteko: what is your use case ?05:55
stekovila: I think nothing very interesting, I have a web space with webdav access and I'd like to keep also there some of the code I write. But I just write very small Python programs for myself05:57
vilasteko: there is no such thing as not interesting user needs :) I'd lie the webdav plugin to work on as many setups as possible, so feel free to ping me here when you're ready05:58
stekovila: thanks. The server is running Apache 2.0 so there should be no problem05:59
schierbeckjelmer: hi05:59
datojelmer: aw05:59
vilasteko: ok. That's my testing env so yes, that should work ok, do you administer the server yourself ?06:00
stekovila: no, I don't. otherwise I would have used something like SFTP.. ;-)06:01
schierbeckjelmer: have you seen my merge request on the bzr-gtk list? i'm not sure it's getting through...06:02
pborjelmer: do you have a link on samba discussion/decision?06:03
=== zerok [n=zerok@phpbb/support/zerok] has joined #bzr
zerokhi :)06:04
schierbeckzerok: hi!06:04
zerokif you use a centralized approach with checkout and also have some local commits, can you somehow push them to the central branch without creating another changeset? (or is this done with push?)06:07
datozerok: yes, with push06:08
zerokdato, thanks :) i was just not sure because the default push path wasn't automatically set when creating that branch :)06:09
jelmerpbor: all happening in person06:10
fullermdHeck, that should make it easy to sway toward bzr.  In person, it's SO much easier to apply blunt instruments...06:12
jelmerschierbeck, will check in a moment06:14
jelmerfullermd, :-)06:14
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TeTeTis there currently a problem with registering new branches on LP?06:20
TeTeTe.g. failed to create path prefix?06:20
mwhnot that i know of06:24
=== phanatic_ [n=phanatic@dsl5402BA8B.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #bzr
schierbeckjelmer: thanks06:25
=== phanatic_ is now known as phanatic
LarstiQTeTeT: what are you trying to do? bzr push? Tried --create-prefix?06:26
schierbeckphanatic: hi06:26
phanatichey schierbeck06:26
schierbeckphanatic: i've tried posting a merge request to the list, but it doesn't seem to have gotten through06:27
TeTeTLarstiQ: yes, found the prob: when not using a projects name as directory path, it won't work06:27
TeTeTbzr+ssh does not tell you, but sftp does06:27
LarstiQTeTeT: oh?06:28
mwhTeTeT: what does bzr+ssh say?06:29
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phanaticschierbeck: i didn't get any mails about moderation either (theoretically all the mails which don't make it to the list, should be in the moderation queue, and we should get notified about that)06:30
schierbecki'll try to re-send06:30
datoLarstiQ, mwt, TeTeT: there's a thread in the list by jam precisely on that.06:31
LarstiQdato: thanks06:32
schierbeckphanatic: i've cleaned up the viz code a bit, removing some redundancy -- wanna have a peek?06:32
phanaticschierbeck: first i'd say you should have a look at Gary's brokenlines branch, because that pretty much refactors some bits of viz, and probably we'll merge it into trunk (at least i'd like to)06:33
schierbeckphanatic: okay, i'll have a look06:33
schierbeckphanatic: it seems there's room for both06:36
schierbeckshould i try to merge it into trunk or brokenlines?06:37
=== BasicOSX [n=BasicOSX@216-243-162-1.static.iphouse.net] has joined #bzr
phanaticschierbeck: good question :) first i'd like someone with the sufficient knowledge to review the brokenlines branch (tbh, i don't know that part of the code well, since it was written way before olive existed), after that we can talk about any changes to viz. that's my opinion, but feel free to convince me :)06:38
schierbecksounds reasonable -- this was just a maintenance cleanup, removing code duplication and simplifying the construction of the widget06:39
TeTeTmwh:failed to create path prefix06:40
schierbeckbut the brokenlines branch seems to be pretty sophisticated, i'm not sure it's that easy to review...06:40
mwhsounds like a bug06:40
phanaticschierbeck: sure, don't forget about it please :)06:40
phanaticschierbeck: yeah, maybe i'll just go on and merge it, so we can find possible bugs06:41
schierbecksounds like a good idea06:41
schierbecki'd also like to see a major cleanup of some parts, including moving the scrollwin outside of brancwin.py06:42
phanaticwhat's scrollwin?06:43
schierbeckthe part of the viz with the treeview and stuff06:43
schierbecki think it would be cool if we offered it as a widget of itself06:44
PengHow does bzr do binary diffing and whatnot?06:45
PengBah, I dunno what that question is supposed to mean.06:45
=== pmezard [n=pmezard@dhcp26-103.enst.fr] has joined #bzr
phanaticschierbeck: yep, maybe you're right. logview was also moved to a separate module/widget by jelmer06:48
Pengpmezard: You ask. I don't know what to ask. :P06:48
=== Peng goes to eat.
schierbeckphanatic: perhaps it could be generalized, and included in anjuta or something :)06:50
phanaticprobably other applications could make a use of it as well, that's true06:51
schierbeckhmm, my mail still hasn't come true (that is, if it is resent to the author)06:54
phanaticschierbeck: are you sending it from your gmail account?06:59
schierbeckphanatic: is that causing problems?07:03
phanaticno idea07:04
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PengUm, is 'bzr commit' supposed to say 'Committing revision N to "<PATH>"'?07:47
jelmerpeng: yup07:47
PengIs that new with 0.91?07:48
TeTeTwhich bazaar GUI would you recommend for technical writers? I'm looking for something that provides ease of use for simple things, rather than completeness07:51
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Odd_BlokePeng: Yeah, assuming '<PATH>' is replaced with an actual URL/path. :p07:56
Odd_Bloke(Yeah to both questions)07:56
PengOdd_Bloke: Right.07:56
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mwwhen i do "bzr add *" in a large directory (a svn checkout of evolution-data-server, fwiw) it says "ignored 583 file(s)."  how can i see what those files are?08:24
mwnothing about those files goes to stdout or stderr08:25
fullermd'bzr ignored'08:25
mwaha, those were just object files anyway08:27
mw--verbose lists them too.  duh.08:29
mwpassing --verbose to add, that is08:29
PengReally? I didn't know that. Cool.08:30
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TeTeTdoes bzr init-repo also work for already existing branches in a directory?08:37
TeTeTor is it recommend to make a new directory, bzr init-repo there, and then bzr move the branches to the repo directory?08:37
Odd_BlokeTeTeT: You would want to 'bzr branch' them to the repo directory.08:37
TeTeTOdd_Bloke: thx08:39
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lifelessabentley: morning; you identified a merge base problem a few weeks back; are you working on correcting that?10:17
jelmerhey lifeless10:23
lifelesshey jelmer10:24
lifelesspqm will happen soonm I have your mail10:24
jelmerlifeless: cool, thanks10:27
=== thumper [n=tim@125-236-193-95.adsl.xtra.co.nz] has joined #bzr
lifelessjelmer: how long till you have rebase fixed do you think?10:28
lifelessjelmer: is it worth shipping a bzrlib.plugins.svn.rebase in the interim ?10:28
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jelmerlifeless: Yeah, that may be a good idea. I'll do that if it's still broken when I do the next rleease11:18
lazy1Can someone explain why even though I have '.subversion/auth/*' in my .bzrignore I still get .subversion/auth/svn.simple/0e79c1d269bc64edc62fd3ca3683a2cc as unknown?11:18
lifelessjelmer: I'm seeing lots of people be unable to upgrade, its breaking users; so if your next release is more than a few days away; I'd encourage you to do this now :)11:19
lifelesslazy1: if svn.simple was added, then that will override the ignore.11:19
lifelesslazy1: for a full path match, use ./.subversion/auth/*11:20
lazy1lifeless: Just .subversion as a whole11:20
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lazy1lifeless: ./.subversion/auth/* does not work as well11:21
lifelesslazy1: so is .subversion versioned ?11:22
lazy1lifeless: yes11:23
lifelessis auth ?11:23
lazy1(as most of my home directory)11:23
lazy1auth as well11:23
lifelessoh, hmm11:24
lifelessperhaps you need /**/*11:24
lazy1excellent, that works. Thanks!11:25
lifelessbzr help ignore has the language11:25
lazy1missed that, sorry11:25
lifelesshey no problem11:25
lazy1thougth it's just shell regexp11:25
mgedminwell, in shell patterns * doesn't match subdirs11:26
mgedminso I'd expect .subversion/auth/*/* to work, but not .subversion/auth/*11:26
lazy1you are right11:27
lazy1however Python glob does show subdirectories with *11:28
lifelessglob is broken11:28
lifelessit doesn't match shell11:28
lazy1for f in `/bin/ls .subversion/*`; do echo $f; done shows subdirectories as well11:29
mgedminthat's ls11:29
lifelessthat shows the dir, not the contents11:29
mgedmintry echo rather than ls11:29
lifeless'ls dir' shows whats in dir11:29
lazy1for f in .subversion/*; do echo $f; done shows sub directories as well11:30
lifelessnot for me11:30
lifeless~$ for f in .subversion/*; do echo $f; done11:30
lazy1But you see "auth" which is a directory11:30
lifelessits not a sub directory of the point the * is at11:31
mgedminwhen I said "in shell patterns * doesn't match subdirs" I meant that it doesn't match the / character11:31
lazy1oh, now I get it11:31
mgedminnot that it checks the types of the filenames11:31
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lifelessjames_w: hi11:53
lifelessjames_w: there is another bug, about format ui - your bug is really a dup of that, because you need 'dirstate-with-subtree-tags'11:53
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fullermdOoooh, do I get to renew my crusade against rollup format names?   ;>11:54
lifelessfullermd: only if you write the patch for that bug :)11:55

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