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delta16hey guy's01:47
delta16can someone help me !?01:47
delta16got a problem  when trying to install from the Ubuntu  CD01:47
delta16i can boot , but when i get the logo with the menu01:48
delta16it doesn't matther witch opetion i sellect i always gaet the error message " can not read from boot cd " !01:49
delta16anyone a solution to this !?01:49
Kamping_Kaiserhave you run a cd check?01:49
delta16it gives me the same error message01:50
Kamping_Kaiserhave you checked the cd image with md5sum or similar?01:50
Kamping_Kaiseror different cd?01:50
delta16nope ,  couse thats pretty new for me , the MD5 cheksum thing01:51
delta16ho to do that !?01:51
delta16im runnig ubuntu now on a VM machine on Windows XP !!01:51
Kamping_Kaiserubutnu has an md5sum tool, windows you have to download something01:51
Kamping_Kaiserso if the ubuntu can access the cd, thats a better shot01:52
delta16yep it can :D01:52
delta16so how to run that tool !?01:52
Kamping_Kaiserin applications -> accessories -> terminal01:53
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delta16sorry new to Linux i now i also get why linux is better then Windows01:53
Kamping_Kaisertype in `md5sum /dev/cdrom`01:53
delta16Becouse ist just a couple of config files working together01:53
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Kamping_Kaiseri only know ohw to do such things in a terminal btw, thers probably other ways ;)01:54
delta16instead of a whole registry and all the shit around it !!01:54
delta16thanx man01:54
delta16 i'm really starting to like that treminal01:55
Kamping_Kaiser'couple of configs' ... hehe01:55
delta16werll as far as i know it is :D01:56
Kamping_Kaiserclose to my bed time :(01:57
Kamping_Kaiserand my srync (of 15 gig of data) is still crusing along at 20k/s :(01:57
Kamping_Kaiserffs. i could download this faster over adsl :(01:58
delta16hey keiser , do you know a good tutorial , abot using the VI editor01:58
Kamping_Kaiserno, not really. never used one.01:59
=== Kamping_Kaiser had people to ask
delta16how to exit that god damn editor ??01:59
Kamping_Kaisermy mates got a good cheat sheet apparently, but i dnt know where its from02:00
Kamping_Kaiserpress escape then :wq (to save) and :q! (close with no saving)02:00
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Kamping_Kaiserand if you press q and it says 'recording', press q again to stop it recording02:00
delta16what do they mean by recording ??02:01
Kamping_Kaiserrecording a macro02:01
delta16editing ??02:01
Kamping_Kaiseranything you type while 'recording' is there can be replayed02:01
delta16a cpuple of days ago they asked me to learn to setup administer and manage a whole voip network on ASTERISK02:02
delta16but its all done with a terminal02:02
Kamping_Kaisernever used asterisk, i'll get to it eventually02:03
Kamping_Kaisertry nano for something easier (but less powerful of course)02:03
delta16Nano ??02:03
delta16il try to google NANO02:03
Kamping_Kaiserno, try and run nano :P02:03
Kamping_Kaiser`nano` in a term02:03
Kamping_Kaiserterm=terminal, btw :)02:04
delta16oo now i see the result02:04
delta16is it some sort of editor !?02:04
Kamping_Kaiserjust a basic few-frills text editor02:05
delta16don't need anymore to edit a config file :-P02:06
Kamping_Kaiserwait until you get to squid :)02:07
delta16lets try ;)02:07
Kamping_Kaiser1600 line config02:07
Kamping_Kaisertheres a few packages like that02:07
delta16oo my god !!02:08
delta16soo not good for me02:08
delta16naa , don't wanna try that!!02:08
Kamping_Kaiserpiker :P02:08
delta16oo yea jut a stupid questino ...02:09
Kamping_Kaisergo for it02:09
delta16but in NANo i see the command to exit is " ^X" but whe i pust "shift +6 +x" it just apears like text02:10
shriphanidelta16: ctrl02:10
shriphani^ = your control key.02:10
delta16damn i'm sutch a noob wit linux02:11
delta16but i like it02:11
shriphaniso am i.02:11
shriphaniget yourself a few books from tldp.org02:11
Kamping_Kaiserdelta16, dont worry, we'll have you brainwashed in no time ;)02:12
shriphanithere are some excellent ones which breeze you through in no time.02:12
delta16no really i'm a certiefied micorsoft expert ! but fuck microsoft im switching to linux :D02:12
Kamping_Kaiserdelta16, we hope you enjoy your stay :)02:13
delta16but the only thing that i'm really missing in linux , i some harware support02:14
shriphanidelta16: what kind of hardware ?02:14
delta16like support for webcams and things like that02:14
Kamping_Kaiserwhat level of support?02:14
delta16i don't know if my webcam wil wokr on ubuntu02:14
delta16i got a logitech webcame02:15
Kamping_Kaiserwait until it doesnt work, tehn complain ;)02:15
delta16ok then :)02:15
shriphanihttp://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/intro-linux.pdf <- thats for you deltab.02:15
delta16OMG , why didn't you send me the bible02:16
=== Kamping_Kaiser doesnt get it
delta16that book has got moore then 200 pages02:16
Kamping_Kaiseroh, lol02:17
shriphanioh you want more ?02:17
ogratry the edubuntu handbook, that only has 50 :)02:17
delta16now that you mention edubuntu02:17
delta16what is actually the difference ??02:18
shriphaniogra: edubuntu handbook is not part of the system documentation ?02:18
ograshriphani, its in gutsy02:18
ograand a copy is on the wiki02:18
shriphanii see.02:18
shriphaniogra: just wanted to ask something about zeroconf. I met a comp. teacher who lives in our apartment complex. he gave some good ideas to implement in my presentations.02:19
shriphaniso is zeroconf support present in a default edubuntu installation ?02:20
Kamping_Kaiserfrom 7.04 yes iirc02:20
delta16oo keyser BTW02:21
delta16that MD5 cheksom , what is is good for ??02:21
Kamping_Kaiserdelta16, pres 'kam' then hit tab02:21
Kamping_Kaiserand its for taking and comparing with the md5sum available on the website02:22
Kamping_Kaisercheck the imge is ok02:22
delta16imm now on a  vm machine that is running ubuntu on  windows xp :D02:22
delta16sow the cam function wont really work02:22
delta16what about , GAIM !  does it supprt webcam conversations on the MSN service ?02:23
Kamping_Kaiserafaik no02:23
delta16no ??02:24
delta16damn :(02:24
Kamping_Kaiserit seems to upset a lot of people02:24
delta16is ther any apliccation out ther in the wild , that supports webcam conversations on msn service for linux! ?02:25
ograisnt there gaim-vv in universe ?02:25
ograekiga does but only via VoIP02:26
ograi.e. you cant connect to an msn networ with it but to any VoIP server02:26
delta16damn sow what use do y have of a webcam on a linux machine !!02:28
Kamping_Kaiserdelta16, what did you just say?02:28
=== Kamping_Kaiser didnt understand half of it
delta16well , aperrently  ther is no linux app in out ther in the wilde tht supports webcam conversations over a the msns service :(02:30
delta16well then i'l just smash my brand new logitech webcam wright in to my really old and rusty trashcan :P02:31
Kamping_Kaiseror try and use it to help test/develop ;)02:32
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Kamping_Kaisernight all02:34
Kamping_Kaisergood luck with it delta1602:34
delta16thanx keiser02:35
Kamping_Kaiserdelta16, pres 'kam' then hit tab02:35
delta16thanx 4 all your help :-*02:35
Kamping_Kaisernp, hope to see you around :)02:35
delta16kam ??02:36
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sbalneavMorning all03:59
bddebianHello sbalneav03:59
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vnlanybody to help...04:17
shriphaniwith ?04:18
vnlof course04:18
shriphaniwell what about it.04:18
vnlI need LAMP to be installed...04:19
vnlApache MySQL and PHP04:19
vnlbut thats ubuntu right04:20
vnlI have edubuntu04:20
ograsudo apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql mysql-server04:21
ograsomething like that should help04:21
vnlthanks mate...I will try one sec...04:21
=== DigeratiX [n=Digerlap@] has joined #edubuntu
DigeratiXi have done all things and videos/avi/dvd will not play in edubuntu, even installed easyubuntu and added most things. Still nothing. Whats the deal? Could it be the video card?04:26
=== jsgotangco is now known as greeneggsnospam
ogradefine "all the things" ... you ususaly dont need to do anything but click on a movie, if a codec is missing the system will offer you to install it04:27
DigeratiXwell at first it didnt prompt, so I began to research and install codecs and such.04:28
DigeratiXtotem just crashes04:28
ograeasyubuntu is the same as automatix ... be careful with that (see http://mjg59.livejournal.com/)04:28
ograthast on feisty ?04:28
ograhmm, i have never seen people have probs with that04:29
ografor me personally the codec instaler works fine as well04:29
shriphaniavi...... try installing the w32 codecs.04:30
vnlwell that did not help oorga04:30
shriphanibut yes what are "all things" ?04:30
ogravnl, why ?04:30
vnlI have no Idea04:30
vnlI have Edubuntu 7.0404:31
vnlI installed it04:31
=== ogra wouldnt suggest installing w32codecs to anyone... they are highly illegal
ogravnl, and you installed the packages above ?04:31
vnlnow I need APache PHP and Mysql04:31
DigeratiXi did install the w32 codecs04:31
DigeratiXlike I said I have installed all things04:31
vnlwhen I typed the code...04:31
ograDigeratiX, well, up to you :)04:31
vnlI mean command04:32
DigeratiXthis is what I get when I use totem to play an avi04:32
DigeratiX@edubuntu:~$ totem04:32
DigeratiXThe program 'totem' received an X Window System error.04:32
DigeratiXThis probably reflects a bug in the program.04:32
DigeratiXThe error was 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)'.04:32
DigeratiX  (Details: serial 87 error_code 11 request_code 140 minor_code 19)04:32
DigeratiX  (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;04:32
DigeratiX   that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.04:32
DigeratiX   To debug your program, run it with the --sync command line04:32
DigeratiX   option to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful04:32
DigeratiX   backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)04:32
ograplease use a pastebin04:32
ograwell, tat might be a Xserver issue, right04:32
DigeratiXso it may fall back to being a video card issue?04:32
ograor a very limited amount of video ram04:32
DigeratiXits a sis video04:33
DigeratiXhas 630mb ram04:33
vnlogra any more suggestions04:33
ograwell, how much shared videoram does it use ?04:33
DigeratiXeww good question04:33
DigeratiXpossibly 6404:34
DigeratiXor less04:34
sbalneavogra: Just a note, My clients here at work are getting USB bus dropouts.  When using USB mice, the kernel/udev decides it's getting read errors from the usb device, and unloads the driver :(  I'm going to head off to a dental appointment soon, but then I'll work at home, and try to narrow it down.04:34
ogravnl, you only need the four packages above they should ask you a bunh of questions during install and you should be all set aftewards04:34
vnlnever asked any questions04:34
ograsbalneav, i'm flying out in 1h and likely wont be online and back before sunday :/04:34
vnlit just said....04:34
ogravnl, but they installed prperly ?04:35
vnlnope nothing happened04:35
vnlI mean it asked me for the password04:35
vnlI typed it04:35
vnlit said reading packages04:35
ograsbalneav, feel free to proxy through LAser if you want anything uploaded (including ltsp)04:35
vnland said the installation is missintg all these04:35
ograsomething is wrong with your software sources ... check that04:36
vnlits the original CD04:36
vnlI got it from the Ship It04:36
ograapache isnt on the cD04:36
ograit gets pulled from the online archive04:36
shriphanivnl: /etc/apt/sources.list04:36
ograenable that i the software sources tool from the system menu04:36
ograits only two clicks :)04:37
vnlOK then04:37
vnlnow the problem...is I don't have internet on that PC04:37
vnlIm on windows now...04:37
DigeratiXthere is no other way to check or allocate shared video ram other than from the bios correct?04:37
DigeratiXok well this will have to wait till i get home04:37
vnlogra is there any way I can download all that stuff04:38
vnland copy it onto a CD04:38
vnland transfer it04:38
ograsynaptic has such an option i think, but you need another ubuntu machine that has net connection04:38
vnlOK atleast let me know the conection to it04:39
vnlto the net I mean04:39
vnlI have a dynamic IP04:39
vnlso can't use those while configuring right04:39
vnlso guys04:43
sbalneavYou might want to google for apt-on-cd04:45
ograsbalneav, synaptic has all he needs in te file menu ;)04:46
vnlwhats that04:46
vnlI am a complete n00b04:46
sbalneavRight, but if he wants to download the stuff, and burn it to a cd...04:46
sbalneavor does synaptic do that?04:47
shriphanivnl: why not go the packages.ubuntu.com route ?04:47
sbalneavvnl: Simplest would be just to connect the box temporarily to the internet, and install the packages.04:47
vnlyeah I guess thats the simplest method04:47
ograwell, synaptic creates a local archive in a folder you can copy that folder and make the synaptic on the target system read it04:48
sbalneavok, heading out to dentist.04:48
ograshriphani, because that gets you into download hell packages jhave dependencies :)04:48
ograyeah, heading to the shower ...04:48
vnlall of  are heading out04:49
vnlIm so ded now04:49
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #edubuntu
ogravnl, yu could pay 1500,- to refund my plane ticket :P04:49
=== ogra would happily rather not travel this weekend :)
vnlI dubt that04:50
vnlOK just tell me this04:50
vnlI have a DVD Writer04:50
vnlbut a USB one...04:51
vnlis it possible to install linux through that04:51
=== ogra does that all the time
vnlhow will it detect USB then04:51
vnlwithout an OS04:52
ograwell, your system needs to support that indeed04:52
vnlOh system BIOS does support it04:52
vnlI know that much04:52
ograif you can select USB as boot device then all is fine04:52
ograif not ... there is no solution04:53
vnlOH OK...I get it all now...04:53
vnlthanks a lot ogra04:53
ograbefore the kernel gets loaded its all BIOS :)04:53
=== delta16 [n=root@cm1020240-a.maast1.lb.home.nl] has joined #edubuntu
delta16hey guy's04:55
delta16i'm back04:55
delta16thisk time with a new problem04:55
delta16i now installd ubuntu 7.404:56
delta16it works great04:56
delta16oo and i love the migrtion tool , that gets the files from my windows OS04:57
delta16i got a small problem now04:57
shriphaniwhich is ?04:57
delta16i have a wirelles network runnig04:57
shriphaniok ?04:57
delta16routers are reconizde04:57
delta16and i see the SSID04:58
delta16but no signal strenght04:58
delta16and also can't connet to it  :(04:58
delta16it's a non seacured wireless network04:58
delta16the router is drom linksys04:59
delta16an my  wireless signel reciefer is from E-TECH04:59
delta16any suggestions ??05:00
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=== shriphani [n=shriphan@] has joined #edubuntu
shriphanidamn. 2 secs lag.05:01
=== vnl [n=nitin@] has left #edubuntu []
delta16soo sriphani , any idea on how to solve this problem ??05:02
shriphaniwhat problem repeat it again.05:04
delta16ubutu findes wireless networks , but shows no signal strenghts05:05
delta16an i cant connect to the networks05:05
shriphanitry typing the ESSID manually.05:07
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LaserJockbah, I woke up this morning thinking I need to make sure and remember the Edubuntu meeting06:26
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chaneuhi.  I'm trying to get a thinclient to connect to a server, but the client hangs at the splash screen.  I'm using edubuntu 7.0407:51
chaneuCan anyone help?  sorry, forgot to put the question. :p007:52
chaneuapologies in advance - first time using xchat07:52
chaneuthank you07:53
stgraberHi, sorry I won't have much time to help you as I have a meeting in 5 minutes07:56
stgraberbut did you try with another thin client07:56
stgraberjust in case of an hardware issue ?07:56
stgraber(maybe the X server simply can't start due to bad detection of your graphic card)07:57
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rossHi. I've installed with no errors edbuntu.  edbuntu client gets IP address and hangs at black screen.  any ideas?09:19
stgraberwelcome back ross, did you/can you check with a different thin client ?09:22
rossThanks.  Yes, and both stop at the same spot.  I am noticing the path in  /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf points to a relative location.  I am stating it absolutely. ??09:24
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rossSay, I was able to tty F1, but now cannot.  any ideas on that?  I figure it will help me if i can see more info.09:28
stgraberare you using a two NICs configuration09:30
rossyes, but I did originally try with two.09:31
stgraberI never was able to make Edubuntu to boot + login with only one NIC (boot is now OK with gutsy but ssh doesn't work so no login)09:32
stgrabercan you check on tty8, sometimes info are there09:32
rossJust to note, this is the first time in 8 years I've had to pester the community with stuff I couldn't figure out on my own, and man do I need help.09:33
rossno response from any tty09:33
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stgraberit's feisty right ?09:33
rossgood name.  7.0409:33
stgrabersbalneav: Do you have a minute for that ?09:34
stgraberit could well be a problem with the NFS server (we switched to nbdserver with Gutsy for lots of good reason :))09:35
rossthe client at boot shows the receiving of an IP address. normal.09:35
stgraberyes, then it should connect using NFS and boot09:35
rossI will check / change nfs servers.09:35
stgrabercheck that /opt/ltsp/i386/ is exported using NFS (/etc/exports)09:36
stgraberthen if you can, check if you can mount the NFS from another computer on the same network09:37
sbalneavSorry, what?09:40
stgrabersbalneav: ross can't boot with feisty edubuntu server, may be a nfs issue but I almost forgot how feisty's LTSP worked :)09:41
sbalneavsimplest to see what's going on would be to remove the bootsplash09:41
sbalneavcd /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg09:42
rossI will remove the splash09:42
sbalneavedit file "default"09:42
sbalneavremove "quiet splash" from the end of the line.09:42
rossit is removed and attempting a client boot now09:44
rosslots of suff and ends with IP-config: eth) hardware... MAC address DHCP RARP.09:45
rossAbove that, near the beginnnig it says I have and IP address???09:46
sbalneavSo it's just halted there at that point?09:47
rossYes halt.  Is it possible to get an address at one stage and then need another later on?09:47
sbalneavYes, a thin client will always make 2 dhcp requests.09:47
sbalneavThe pxe does one, to download the kernel.09:48
sbalneavThen the kernel has to do one, since pxe doesn't pass it the ip address.09:48
sbalneavSounds to me like a dhcp problem09:48
sbalneavSDo you have another dhcp server on the network?09:48
rossI have my client connected via Xover cable - it is alone.  So, it appears PXE will receive an IP, but the kernel won't.09:49
rossDo I have to spec a path for DHCP to send from or to?09:50
sbalneavCan you paste to the pastebin both a copy of ifconfig -a, and your /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf file?09:50
rossOne sec.09:50
rosssubnet netmask {09:51
ross  range;09:51
ross  option domain-name "example.com";09:51
ross  option domain-name-servers;09:51
ross  option broadcast-address;09:51
ross  option routers;09:51
ross  option subnet-mask;09:51
ross  if substring( option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 9 ) = "PXEClient" {09:51
ross    filename "/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.0";09:51
ross  }09:51
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)09:51
ross  else{09:51
ross    filename "/opt/ltsp/i386/boot/nbi.img";09:51
ross  }09:51
ross  option root-path "/opt/ltsp/i386/boot/nbi.img";09:51
rossI have never used pastebin.09:51
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)09:52
stgraberross: it's just a box where you can paste anything you want (text), then it'll give you an URL to paste on IRC09:52
rossI see.09:53
rosspastebin at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/38841/09:53
rossis that right09:54
sbalneavand a copy of ifconfig -a09:55
stgrabersecond filename is wrong09:55
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stgraberroot-path too09:55
stgraberroot-path should be : /opt/ltsp/i38609:56
sbalneavyeah, that root path is bad.09:56
stgrabersecond filename should be : /ltsp/i386/nbi.img09:56
rossI have changed both based on ideas on google, both were as you are currently noting, and I will put back.09:56
sbalneavThe default one should be fine.09:59
rossall is back as you say10:00
sbalneavPlease re-paste.10:00
rossok. one sec10:00
sbalneavand re-start the dhcpd server with invoke-rc.d dhcp3-server restart10:00
rossrestarted dhcp and client no progress10:02
sbalneavYour root path is still incorrect10:03
rossIsn't Edubuntu supposed to connect out of the box?  My thinking is, I must have done something wrong.10:04
rossroot path.  one sec.10:04
sbalneavit is10:04
sbalneavYou changed the root path.10:04
rossokay,  I took off the nbi.img10:06
rossis there something else I overlooked.10:06
sbalneavYou still haven't pasted the output of ifconfig -a yet.  I'll want to see that as well.10:07
rossi'm on itl10:07
rossi'm on it.10:07
sbalneavok, so the thin client is connected via a crossover cable to eth0?10:09
rossRecall, it is getting an IP at pxe boot10:10
sbalneavAlright, so, you've restarted the dhcpd again, with the invoke-rc.d dhcp3-server restart command?10:10
rossthat's a big part of my confusion10:10
rossyes, just now and rebooting the client10:11
rossWith number of reboots, at least I know by power switch is good.  :)10:11
rossclient stops at same place.10:12
rossare there any logs on the server I can check?10:12
sbalneavLets make sure we've got an  updated kernel to boot with.10:12
sbalneavsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i38610:12
rossI just download the image from edubuntu yesterday.10:13
sbalneavmount -t proc proc /proc10:13
rossIn addition, I applied all updates this morning.10:13
sbalneavapt-get update && apt-get upgrade10:13
sbalneavDid you do them in the chroot?10:13
sbalneavSo, you're doing the update in the chroot now?10:17
sbalneavIs it downloading some updates?10:17
rossthe output shows some files were ignored.10:17
rosshere is one line:  Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead10:18
rossI am unsure of why I would have the problem in the first place.  Do you know of any default install bugs or issues?10:19
sbalneavcan you paste the output of the /etc/apt/sources.list file in the chroot there?10:20
sbalneavJust out of curiosity, what kind of thin client is this?10:21
rossthin client is a compaq 330mle server10:22
rossthin client is a compaq ml330e server10:22
rosssorry about the typo10:23
sbalneavok, so it's pxe booting then?10:23
rossyes.  every time10:23
sbalneavWhat kind of network card in it?10:23
sbalneav8139 type?10:24
ross8139 sorry about that10:24
rosshmm I guess so.10:25
sbalneavWait.  Multiple ethernet interfaces in this server?10:25
sbalneavthat you're using as a thin client?10:25
rossbut only one connected10:26
sbalneavdoesn't matter10:26
rossI can pull the card.  one minute10:26
stgrabercasper takes the wrong one :)10:26
sbalneavjust because you boot off one, doesn't mean the linux kernel will decide that one's eth010:26
sbalneavBetcha a coffee that's it.10:27
sbalneavso you download the kernel, and linux switches over to trying to use the other one.10:27
sbalneavI've seen that before.10:27
stgrabersbalneav: is there a bug about that ? (we should check the status of the cards and take the first ethX with a cable plugged in)10:27
rossone card now.  reboot in progress10:27
rossonly one with no cable?10:28
rosswe are further along10:28
rossIt's still moving.  progress :)10:29
sbalneavKnew it had to be something goofy.10:29
rossdouble that if I get login.10:29
sbalneavWell, if you don't we'll just solve that problem too :)10:30
rossYou guys realize I will now have try the several configs I've used to this point to rule out 2 nicx as an issue.10:30
rosslong day tomorrow, but happier.10:31
sbalneavWell, glad we figured it out.10:31
rossI got GUI.  You can't say that just anywhere.  If I could imitate the cop off family guy  YEAHGHGHG10:32
rossthanks a bunch.  Stupid NIC!  ;)10:33
sbalneavNo problem10:33
rossI'm noticing a no keyboard response.  I must have pulled the cable during the NIC removal.   Thanks again.10:34
rossall good now.10:34
rossQuestion?  If I log into IRC on this channel, how do I see how many people are currently on?10:36
JordanCOn Which IRC Client?10:36
sbalneavstgraber: Well, that gets a bit tricky, as now you have to propagate that info to a lot of weird places.  I suppose when we've got all the other problems solved.... :)10:36
rossI am using xchat10:36
sbalneavthe command /users should tell you10:36
sbalneavxchat should have the users listed in a side panel.10:36
JordanCI'm not a big fan of Xchat, really10:37
JordanC<-- Konversation10:37
sbalneavirssi here10:37
Rondomsbalneav: if the users list isn't visible move your mouse to the right and drag the right edge and the list will appear10:38
Rondom(a double-arrow has to appear)10:38
=== JordanC punches the jokebox?
rossgood enough.  have a good day, and thanks again.  Happy days are here again.  :)10:39
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La_PaRCaHey guys. Does anyone know what kind of software would allow me to manage a small school? It has to be able to handle grades and class rosters and schedules for different classroms.11:32
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JordanCIf you need any help setting it up, I'd be happy to help you11:37
La_PaRCaThat is kinda complex for what I need.11:37
La_PaRCaThis is a very small operation.11:37
JordanCYou can just scale moodle down :P11:39
La_PaRCayeah, Im gonna take a long hard look at it11:39
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