Jucatohm.... waking up to seeing the word "damn"... not a good start to the day...12:43
nixternalI know how to fix gustavonarea's L35 issue, I just did it on Sunday for a guy who has been batteling with Canonical for a month to fix it, and in 15 minutes with mj59, we fixed it12:44
nixternalcool, he was in ubuntu-devel so I got to link him to bug #14429712:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144297 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[Gutsy]  ATI (Radeon) and Linux 2.6.22 will not start" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14429712:47
nixternalwhich is the same issue12:47
nixternalOK, I am going for Sushi, back in a bit :)12:47
Riddellnixternal: presumably you're not able to do more on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/GutsyGibbon/Beta/Kubuntu ?12:54
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Tm_Twhats current method to upgrade to Gutsy from our point of view02:39
gnomefreakTm_T: are you in #ubuntu-devel?02:40
Tm_Tnot currently, that's the channel I forgot, thanks for the tip =)02:41
gnomefreakTm_T: that is where they are talking about your question02:41
gnomefreakbefore you asked it atleasr02:41
Tm_Thum, and resolution was...02:42
Tm_TI mean, do we have some upgrade tool to test or should I just go the way I like02:42
gnomefreakTm_T: for kde im not sure but for gnome the latest version of update-manager is in feisty-updates and the beta wiki tells you to make sur eyou have that02:43
Jucatoadept_manager --version-update ??02:44
gnomefreakJucato: not sure if its been updated yet02:44
gnomefreakyep thats what this says but does it work? eh dont have a clue02:44
Jucatoer.. --version-upgrade02:45
Jucatosomeone reported it as now working02:45
gnomefreakkdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"02:45
Jucatoor rather crashing.02:45
gnomefreakit most likely is if it cant handle unofficial packages02:45
Jucatobut it was marked as a bug for update-manager and she's was worried that it wouldn't be tested, known, and fixed for Kubuntu02:45
Jucatobug 14418802:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144188 in update-manager "version-upgrade crashes during Preparing for upgrade" [Undecided,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14418802:46
Jucatoshe provided an strace, but I asked her if she could get a backtrace...02:46
gnomefreakhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon/Beta is the way i saw during meeting but update-manager-kde might be differnet02:46
gnomefreakwe be better to have /var/log/dist-upgrade/all 3 files in there02:49
gnomefreaks/we/would but i dont know that kde saves there or not02:49
gnomefreakJucato: most helpful line afaict is 17796 write(2, "dist-upgrade.py: cannot connect to X server :0\n", 47) = 47 and that isnt very helpful other than adept maybe not being able to keep X connection02:50
Jucatoso it may indeed be an Adept bug?02:51
gnomefreakeverything else looks fairly sane from what i see02:51
coreymon77oh, hey Jucato02:52
Jucatohi coreymon7702:52
gnomefreakJucato: it looks as if it is but im no expert, when i was triaging update-manager bugs the helpful files were in /var/log/dist-upgrade see if she has those file there than we can tell if a package caused it or if GUI caused it02:52
Jucatognomefreak: I'll ask her later to try again, seems like mvo said it was fixed02:52
gnomefreakJucato: adept uses apt/dpkg so he might have tweaked something02:53
gnomefreaki have to ping him in morning about upgrade and envy crap so i might ask him about this that is if i dont miss him like today02:53
Jucatobut according to Riddel, the upgrade tool of adept is from the same source package, so I'm assuming he meant update-manager-core.02:53
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@c-71-224-175-179.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
gnomefreakvery possible but i thought there was an upda-manager-kde or something like that02:54
gnomefreakunless its combined into adept?02:54
Jucatohence the --version-upgrade02:55
gnomefreaklook lik eit was02:55
=== Jucato hopes we can start having problem-free GUI upgrades to new versions soon
bddebianIs there such a thing? :-)02:56
Jucatoheh I wish02:56
Jucatoat least on Kubuntu that's still a dream02:56
Tm_TJucato: I'm just testing it =)02:56
gnomefreak17796 read(4, "No protocol specified\n\277\277", 24) = 2402:56
gnomefreak17796 write(2, "Xlib: connection to \":0.0\" refused by server\r\nXlib: ", 52) = 5202:56
gnomefreak17796 write(2, "No protocol specified\n", 22) = 2202:56
gnomefreakthat might be it02:56
gnomefreakupdate-manager may have also suffered from this but looks like just an GUI issue to my limited knowledge of straces02:57
gnomefreakhence why mvo gets great pay and i work free02:58
Tm_Tpiu piu02:58
Tm_Tpiu piu piu02:58
gnomefreaknight i have to get to sleep02:58
Jucatoso early? :)02:58
Jucatog' night! :)02:59
gnomefreakits 9pm02:59
gnomefreaki have to get up at 402:59
Tm_Tactually, if I dont have and dont intend to have kubuntu-desktop metapackage installed, could --version-upgrade cause some pain?03:03
Jucatoafaik it reinstalls it03:03
Tm_Tok, so not that then03:03
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=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
JucatoTm_T, stdin: please keep an eye on Hacker_. looks oddly familiar03:17
=== Jucato ->setStatus( away ); // This is NOT an auto-away message :P
stdinso I won't do !away > Jucato  then :)03:19
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@adsl-76-212-64-183.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== nosrednaekim [n=michael@02-097.200.popsite.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalOK everyone...getting ready to work on some release notes...anything off the top of your head, please let me know03:39
=== Jucato takes of the top of his head
Jucato"Dolphin not the default anymore"?03:40
nixternalis there a way to change that? I haven't looked into it yet?03:42
JucatoFile Associations -> inode/directory03:42
nosrednaekimRiddel is enjoying is vacation?03:42
nixternalthere are times when I wish Dolphin wouldn't open, and if I can not have it open at all would be bliss03:42
Jucatoand inode/system_directory03:42
nixternalis strigi still loading by default?03:42
nixternalOK, stupid question....03:42
=== nixternal boots up live CD
Jucatostill crashing by default here :P03:43
nixternalgod, I love how slow KMail deletes a lot of email at once03:46
nixternalactually, 30 seconds this time wasn't as bad..it is getting quicker :p03:46
JucatoI bet strigi would be spectacular if I could only get it to work...03:46
gnomefreakTm_T: you can ban his real name Nathaniel Theis the syntax is a bit hard to remember i think nomral ban chars with ? between Nathaniel and Theis like *@* or whatever the first part should look like Nathaniel?Theis03:48
Tm_TI see03:48
=== Jucato switches between channels..
Tm_TI try03:48
Tm_Tstdin: I was about to set similar ban =)03:49
stdinTm_T: *!Hacker@*.dsl.snfc21.sbcglobal.net was the one I set earlier, but that didn't catch him for some reason03:50
Tm_Tgnomefreak: give one more minute, then we should remove him (abusive, no need to hold him around)03:50
gnomefreakTm_T: agreed sorry i didnt want to talk about this in front of him03:50
Tm_Tgnomefreak: I understand it well03:51
Jucatowhat's +d again?03:52
stdin+d is realname ban03:53
Jucatoon the channel?03:53
Jucatothe channel mode I mean03:53
Riddellnixternal: the current flash fix didn't come from mandriva, the one we're using now is a fix in gnome04:01
nixternalroger that04:02
Jucatomorning :)04:02
jjessesmart ass04:02
Jucatoyep. I'm smart :D04:03
=== Jucato was sedated last night too
nixternalRiddell: you are up a little late aren't ya? anyways, add stuff to the list before you pass out if you would like04:03
Tm_Tearly morning04:03
nixternalI pulled the stuff that is currently there from the proposed tribe 6 page as well as the commit logs04:04
Jucato*very* early04:04
Riddellnixternal: these DVDs don't test themselves04:04
Tm_T0504 here04:04
Tm_Triddells its 03 (?)04:04
Jucato2:04 AM I think04:04
Riddellnixternal: I don't think much has happened since tribe 6, so just add some of the greatest hits from before then and it should be sorted04:04
Riddell03:04 it is for me04:04
Tm_TJucato: AM ?04:04
Jucatooh missed by 1 hour :)04:05
Jucatosorry. AM = am :)04:05
gnomefreakJucato: Tm_T stdin damn all 3 of you here, can we get this hacker thing over with soon04:05
Jucatoante meridian04:05
Jucatognomefreak: what else needs to be done?04:05
gnomefreakam=a monster in this house04:05
Tm_TJucato: ah, you mean "american thingie"04:05
Tm_Tgnomefreak: yes?04:05
nosrednaekimam = american morning04:05
stdingnomefreak: I think my latest ban stops him from joining "*!??hacker@*snfc21.sbcglobal.net"04:05
Jucatothe 12-hour clock thingy04:05
Jucatognomefreak: he's banned from #kubuntu. period :)04:06
gnomefreakJucato: i would start with explaining why he was banned and continue with how long it will be for and warn him about the ctcp thing04:06
Riddellnixternal: while probably good enough for the intended audience, the patch required was to gtk not nspluginviewier :)04:06
gnomefreakstdin: hes in -ops04:06
JucatoI already explained why04:06
stdingnomefreak: yeah, I meant on #k04:06
nixternalRiddell: gotcha04:06
Jucatoand I was about to remove the ban earlier this morning until I saw him come back04:06
Riddellnixternal: link to the appropriate part of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades04:07
Riddellnixternal: and highlight that you need to have feisty-proposed ("pre-released updates") enabled04:07
=== Riddell beds
stdingnomefreak: he was banned for doing "init ctcp ping 0x00" multiple time, botabuse and random offtopic chatter04:07
nixternalthanks Riddell, and g'nite04:07
gnomefreakRiddell: so the --version-upgrade works for feisty>gutsy?04:07
stdingnomefreak: despite being warned04:07
gnomefreakstdin: i know why he was :)04:08
Riddellgnomefreak: mostly, yes04:08
gnomefreakRiddell: ok04:08
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Jucatothis is going to be a stupid question... what version of GNOME will Gutsy be using?06:43
nixternal^^ Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages....check it out :)06:54
Jucatoheh I thought you were answering my question :P06:54
Jucatoyou're amazing at how you were able to produce such a long document :)06:55
Jucatoah wait nixternal! you might want to include strigi-applet in there06:55
nixternaldo it for me :)06:56
nixternalmy fingers are bleeding06:56
Jucatobwahaha Riddell has a screenshot in his blog :P06:56
nixternaloh, that applet06:56
nixternalthe kicker applet that is06:56
nixternalI will do that now06:56
Jucatoyep that one06:56
Jucatowhat were you thinking?06:57
Jucatoer. "thinking of"06:57
nixternalI have no idea..and that was the main thing I wanted to get a pic of at that06:57
nixternalwell, I know it is long overdue, but MS Paint can save .png files now :p06:58
ScottKnixternal: The GPG and S/MIME stuff we've had in the previous release notes could/should go in the KDEPIM section.06:58
nixternalI was talking to a guy at Best Buy tonight and he said that was a nice addition06:58
nixternalScottK: isn't it in there?06:58
nixternalargh, I must have copied over it when I pasted from kwrite06:58
nixternalsorry, I will add that back in06:58
ScottKIf it is, I missed it.  I'll look again.06:58
nixternalno, it isn't in there...I either copied over it, or when deleting my img links I may have grabbed a little to much06:59
Jucatohm.. perhaps I should do a test upgrade now...07:00
nixternalhaha, a comcast employee commented on my blog07:00
ScottKnixternal: Around here when I bitch to the Comcast techs about Comcast, they agree as long as it's not on a recorded line.07:01
nixternalhrmm, strigi doesn't remember what it indexed previously ey?07:01
nixternala comcast line tech came over to my house after my repeated threats and cancellation of digital phone service today...and he walked the hood trying to find the problem...he not only located it, he fixed it, and then came back to my house with an update...he went way out of his way, which I cannot say I have ever seen with Comcast in the past07:02
nixternalactually, he didn't come to my house, but the box is in my backyard for our side of the street07:02
ScottKSo let me know when you think you've put the encryption stuff back in to I can kvetch if you didn't do it right.07:03
nixternalI am going to just copy and paste what you wrote 12 years ago :p07:04
ScottKOK.  As long as you copy/paste better than you did last time, that should be fine.07:04
=== DaSkreech [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechJucato: ping07:05
=== Jucato gets the paddles
=== Jucato waits for the serve
ScottKnixternal, need any screenshots?07:06
nixternalI think I am covered for screenies07:06
Jucatonixternal: your screenies are great. do you put the shadows there yourself?07:07
Jucatousing? MS Paint?07:07
ScottKVista delux edition.07:08
Jucatohehe anyway, I just saw the http://www.ubuntu.com/products/WhatIsUbuntu/kubuntu page for the first time, and thought we could use one of yours for updated screenies on that page07:08
nixternalthe only editor I somewhat know how to use07:08
Jucatono Krita eh? :)07:08
DaSkreechhow comes the libsoprano is out of date in gutsy?07:09
JucatoDaSkreech: is that what you ping'ed me for?07:09
DaSkreechJucato: no it was along the same lines but I just figured I'd skip the other stuff07:10
=== Jucato knows nothing about libsoprano though
DaSkreechYeah but nepomuk depends on it and I'm thinking that since KDe4 is coming out for gutsy and work will start on pushing towards 4.1 we should have the libs there for people who want to help out07:11
Jucatooh you mean KDE 4 packages... they will always be out of date... since we can't always keep up with SVN right? :)07:12
Jucatowaiting for beta 3 for the next set of packages07:12
DaSkreechIt's a package that's outside of KDE07:13
DaSkreechfor RDF07:13
Jucatoah I see07:13
DaSkreechthe version in the reposis 0.9 the version on the site is 1.9 I think07:14
DaSkreechnepomuk needs the new one.07:14
DaSkreechhow likely is it that it can be updated if a package is built07:14
DaSkreech I'm still not sure how packages in universe go with respects to version freezes07:14
Jucatonot sure... we're in beta freeze now right? and feature freeze too I think07:15
DaSkreechright and Universe packages have to respect that as well07:16
Jucatoif ever, we could probably just include it in the same repos (kubuntu.org?) for kde407:16
Jucatonixternal would most probably know bitter07:16
nixternaldone and done07:16
DaSkreechthat was quick :)07:16
nixternallibsoprano is in the kde support stuff now right?07:16
DaSkreechnixternal is the man ;-)07:16
JucatoI doubt he was referring to sopranos07:16
DaSkreechJucato: I know it was still funny07:16
Jucatoyep it was07:17
DaSkreechnixternal: yeah07:17
Jucatofor about 0.2 secs07:17
nixternalno, the strigi applet screenshot and the gpg info07:17
Jucatowe know :)07:17
nixternalthe version we have now is for the KDE 4 Beta 2 release07:17
nixternalif they have updated it since, then it won't get updated until Beta 3 unfortunately, since no other application needs it07:18
Jucatoum.. DaSkreech07:18
Jucatowhere did you see that it's current is 1.9?07:18
=== viviersf [n=cain@gw.impilinux.co.za] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== viviersf [n=cain@gw.impilinux.co.za] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalRiddell: when you wake up, there is a nice little release notes page awaiting you :)07:19
nixternalI like this set of release notes the best honestly07:19
Jucatoah in trunk07:19
=== mars [n=cb@LSt-Amand-152-33-21-185.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechAnd I jumped into #kde4-devel to ask about the URL for KDE4 showstoppers and somehow got peppered for it07:19
nixternalthis set will make it easier come time for the website release notes07:19
Jucatoyay :)07:20
JucatoDaSkreech: ok saw it. was looking at the old SF site07:20
=== aplg|mobile [n=me@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Jucatoand yeah, trunk/kdesupport/soprano/README says 1.9 too07:20
DaSkreechApparently nepmuk won't build07:20
=== Jucato has bad luck with strigi and nepomuk...
DaSkreechthe two things I want really badly in KDe407:21
JucatoI was sort of looking forward to them... being able to tag files and search by tags07:21
DaSkreech then sonnet :(07:21
Jucatoit's the only sensible use I have of any desktop search07:21
Jucatootherwise, find + grep = power!!07:21
DaSkreechMan I should stop lusting after things in KDe4 seems to make them wither07:21
Jucatokfind would have actually = power too if it didn't do reg exp by default...07:22
DaSkreechJucato: nepomuk is better :)07:22
Jucatowell yeah, but only if you got it to work07:22
Jucatootherwise, my guns are on find, grep, and locate07:22
Jucatonixternal: btw, that speedy gonzales is Freddy?07:23
DaSkreechYeah I guess having up todate dependencies in a KDE4 repo makes sense07:23
nixternalJucato: yes07:24
Jucatohehe I knew it! :)07:24
nixternalI got some really great pictures of him this weekend at the LUG from one of our other guys07:24
=== Jucato now has something to tease him about
nixternalthat one, and a few more that probably were not good for the planet07:24
Jucatoariba ariba!07:24
nixternalhe will be home in a couple of weeks, and I am going over to his parents for authentic mexican food...man I cannot wait07:25
Jucatoburritos and tacos!!07:25
nixternalheh, neither of which are authentic07:25
=== DaSkreech breaks out the nose clothespin
nixternaloh man, there is this TV show on satellite where this guy travels the world and eats all kinds of exotic foods07:26
nixternaland the nastiest yet, was in Riddell's neighborhood07:26
JucatoThe Nixternal Show!07:26
Jucatooh really? what was it?07:26
nixternalHaggis? I think that is what it is called....I couldn't stomach it07:26
DaSkreechWhich reminds me I need to write up a review of Vista07:26
=== Jucato checks
nixternalDaSkreech: I will help you. IT SUCKS!07:26
nixternalthere you go, done07:26
=== DaSkreech breaks out the nose clothespin
DaSkreechStinks too07:27
nixternalVista kind of reminds me of this present I got for Christmas many years ago07:27
Jucatooh no nixternal... I don't think that's the nastiest yet07:27
=== DaSkreech knows he's going to regret this story
nixternalthe wrapping paper was really pretty, and it looked great, but low and behold, it contained the ugliest sweater I have ever seen in my life07:27
nixternalVista is kind of like that....nice wrapping with really crappy innards07:28
Jucatonixternal: has that guy ever gone to our place yet?07:28
nixternalJucato: I have eaten some weird stuff, especially in Milaysia...but Haggis is something I will not even attempt to touch07:28
nixternalJucato: as a matter of fact, he has07:28
Jucatonixternal: this one? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balut07:28
nixternalhe ate that in Viet Nam I believe07:29
nixternalhe ate some nasty stuff in Viet Nam07:29
nixternalworms was the big one he ate that made me almost gag07:29
nixternalsomething else, but I can't remember what it was07:29
Jucatofertilized duck eggs :)07:30
nixternalahh, ya that was another one07:30
nixternalbut they didn't call it a duck, they called it something else and I can't remember now07:30
DaSkreechdid he ferti... never mind07:30
Jucatojust look at the images :)07:30
nixternalthere is his website07:31
JucatoI eat only a part of that.. the part that becomes the egg, not the duck07:31
DaSkreechthe egg becomes the duck07:31
Jucatopart of the egg is still unformed... the yolk part I guess, coz it's yellow :)07:32
Jucatothat one I eat. I don't eat the baby duck07:32
nixternalgo figure, haggis is listed in his top 10 most bizarre foods he has ever eaten07:32
nixternalone of my favorite foods is filipino...ponset is how it is pronounced07:33
Jucato"So off I go to Pateros, just outside Manila, for my Balut fest. If you havent eaten fertilized duck embryos, then you havent lived. They taste like teeny iron-y liver balls with a duck burp on the back end."07:33
nixternalmmmmmmmm mmmmm goood!07:34
Jucatothere are about half a dozen kinds of pansit here...07:34
Jucatoyum yum :)07:35
nixternalwe had a lot of people from the Phillipines living on our base in Maryland at one point, and a couple worked for the Greeks diner, and they would make it special for the family, and I tell you what, it was the most delicious thing I have tasted07:35
Jucatothey say filipinos have a passion for good food :)07:36
JucatoI can't really say, but I have a passion for eating good food :D07:36
nixternalca say is that duck he ate07:37
nixternalhe did not like that07:37
nixternalship worms was the other thing he ate07:37
Jucato"You know you've been spending too much time in #kubuntu... when you start saying !es when someone speaks in Spanish"07:37
nixternaloh well, I think it is time I get some sleep...see ya'll on the flipside of Beta! :)07:38
Jucatohehe g'night!07:38
Jucatoer.. k'night!07:38
nixternalI am going to do that from now on07:38
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DaSkreechHobbsee: !!!07:44
Hobbseehi DaSkreech!07:44
Hobbseehey Jucato!07:46
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Hobbseenixternal: poke09:07
=== Shely [n=Sea@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechfg %jucato09:09
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Lurenew kdepim enterprise snapshot in my ppa - testers appreciated11:04
Lurethere is new attachement list in header (like MS outlook) - but may still change11:05
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_StefanS_Lure: is it kmail that needs testing?11:19
_StefanS_Riddell: the iso's work fine both cd and dvd. The only thing is usplash doesn't work all the time on amd64 (dont know exactly why).11:19
=== lucky_lucas [n=lucas@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Lure_StefanS_: kmail and korganizer were changed primarily (other changes are small/bug fixes)11:25
Jucato(yay korganizer :P)11:32
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Tonio_ryanakca: hey :)12:02
Tonio_ryanakca: is that you who told me about a new kdm-theme problem ?12:02
Tonio_hi everyone :)12:02
Tonio_Riddellkds uploaded with a second kdm theme as promissed12:02
JucatoTonio_: maybe I did?12:04
Jucatoif you meant the kdmtheme control module12:04
Tonio_Jucato: ho that was you12:05
Tonio_Jucato: yeah I haved seen the problem and I hate the solution, but maybe not the time to do it myself...12:05
Tonio_I HAVE the solution12:05
Jucatooooh what is it?12:05
Tonio_Jucato: you have to write the selected theme in a /etc/default/kdm.d/30-kdm-theme file for example12:06
Tonio_instead of hacking kdmrc12:06
Tonio_shouldn't be that hard to do in the code12:06
Jucatolooked at the code, it's kinda hardcoded to use kdmrc... but that's just from a noob's point of view12:06
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Tonio_then to check which one is in use, you have to parse all the /etc/default/kdm.d/ files and get the highest value12:06
Tonio__StefanS_: hey ;) weren't you searching for some code to perform ? ;)12:07
Tonio__StefanS_: this one is interesting :)12:07
_StefanS_Tonio_: sure?!12:07
Tonio__StefanS_: package hint : kdm-theme12:07
_StefanS_A bug I reckon ;)12:07
_StefanS_ah.. remove the userlist? :)12:07
JucatoTonio_: um.. another problem is that the file in /etc/default/kdm.d/ changes a lot12:07
Jucato_StefanS_: nope12:07
Tonio__StefanS_: done :)12:07
Jucatoright now it's 20_kubuntu_default_setting...12:08
Tonio__StefanS_: kdm theme writes the new theme in kdmrc, that doesn't work in kubuntu since we use /etc/Default/kdm.d to set kdm settings12:08
Jucatowho knows what number or name we'll reach :)12:08
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Tonio__StefanS_: the value is currently in 20-kubuntu-default-settings12:08
Tonio_can be overwritten via a 30-xxxxxxxxx file in that folder12:08
Jucato_StefanS_: kdmtheme is a kcontrol module to graphically manage KDM themes. but is hardcoded to use the kdmrc and its values12:09
Jucatoso while Tonio_ was able to fix a "No Administrator Mode" bug (yay!!!) this new bug makes it practically useless :(12:10
_StefanS_Jucato: correction. I fixed that one ;)12:10
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Jucato_StefanS_: oh you did?! kooool!12:10
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_StefanS_Tonio_: so kdmtheme should just look into the kubuntu-fied kdmrc then.12:10
Jucatoone day, when I know about KControl modules, I'll ask you what happened12:10
=== Jucato nods
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_StefanS_Tonio_: I'll fix that, no problem.12:11
=== Jucato wonders if the parser (or whatever you call that thing that will read the config) will be case sensitive
JucatoTonio_: could I ask what was the reason behind the change from /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc to /etc/default/kdm.d/ ?12:12
=== Jucato apologizes to _StefanS_ for misattribution
_StefanS_thats ok12:14
Tonio_Jucato: dynamic configuration12:21
Jucatohm.. ok :)12:21
=== Jucato will pretend he understood
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Tonio_Jucato: sure, the point is that putting specific kubuntu settings meant to hack the kdmrc file via a postinst script, which is kinda ugly12:36
Jucatoah I see12:37
Jucatook got it :)12:37
Tonio_Jucato: now you can simply create a file and the different files are parsed for the settings12:37
Tonio_Jucato: same reason httpd.conf has been split in debian I'd say ;)12:37
Tonio_Jucato: don't mind for _StefanS_he wants to contribute like all of us ;)12:38
Jucatohehe :)12:38
Tonio_Jucato: btw he asked me what to do yesterday :)12:38
Tonio__StefanS_: isn't it ? :)12:38
Jucatohe's like a hungry hippo... asking for more code to chew on12:38
_StefanS_right :)12:38
Jucatook. it just creates one tiny problem for that small kdmtheme. I guess now we would have to maintain that fork on our own.12:38
Jucatoer.. s/we/_StefanS_/12:39
Tonio_Jucato: yep, and since he does it 100 times better than I would do it myself, I prefer to delegate :)12:39
Jucatoheheeh wise choice :)12:39
Jucatoer.. smart move12:39
=== Jucato headdesks for not thinking/speaking/typing stragiht
Tonio__StefanS_: fyi I already tested locally the solution of creating a kdm.d file supperior to 20-xxxx, containing THEME="/path/to/the/theme"12:40
Tonio__StefanS_: it works like a charm12:40
_StefanS_Jucato: dont worry, I'm having a bad keyboard day myself :)12:40
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Jucatowell I guess  it's better to make typos in here than in code...12:40
Jucato_StefanS_: I'd love to see your solution afterwards. kdmtheme is quite small that I can probably grasp the changes12:41
Tonio__StefanS_, Jucato: just use a french keyboard, on a mac, and that's it :)12:41
Tonio_no more keyboard issue12:41
Tonio_except some specific chars are a bit nasty to type :)12:41
_StefanS_Tonio_: should we implement it like one to many like you just suggested with kdm.d ?12:42
Jucatodoes this new implementation of kdm.d honor filenames with higher numbers? like 30-foo will be read before 20-foo?12:42
Jucatoor does it only take one file?12:43
Tonio__StefanS_: just make kdmtheme create one file and set it's config in it12:43
ryanakcaTonio_: nope... not a new one...12:43
Tonio_why having many files ?12:43
_StefanS_Tonio_: right.12:43
_StefanS_Tonio_: your kdm.d thingy confused me :)12:43
Tonio_ryanakca: why not a new one ?12:43
ryanakcaTonio_:  I do think I told you about one quite a while back though.... something about a vertical line in the theme12:44
Tonio_ryanakca: that's way better having several files on that point12:44
JucatoTonio_: but will that file name remain constant through any update/release?12:44
_StefanS_ah.. PAE = 4gb memory available12:44
_StefanS_at last.12:44
ryanakcaTonio_: well.... I haven't told you about one recently :)12:44
Tonio_Jucato: yes since the kubuntu-default-settings file will always be the 20-xxx one12:44
=== Riddell searches for a beta release image
Tonio_Jucato: therefore it cannot overwrite the value set in a 30-xxx file :)12:44
Riddellhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/eean/747241740/in/set-72157600747318486/  has kubuntu12:45
Tonio_ryanakca: is that really confusing ?12:45
Riddellhttp://meni.livne.org/gallery/strathclyde/IMG_0008  too, neither great12:45
Tonio_ryanakca: this looks like very comfortable to me....12:45
ryanakcaTonio_: *scratches his head and looks for the confusing part12:45
=== Jucato scratches his own head...
=== _StefanS_ scrathes his balls.
Jucatochristmas balls?12:46
_StefanS_always different.12:46
Tonio_Riddelldo you know a way to make a kdm screen snapshot except via a VM ?12:46
Jucatohm.. so let me get this straight, if there were 2 files in kdm.d/, the one with a higher filename will be the one that gets read right?12:47
Tonio_Riddell that's for the preview.png file of the new kdm theme..... don't know how to proceed12:47
ryanakcaTonio_: you could try imagemagic from TTY1... export DISPLAY=:0 type thing...12:47
Tonio_ryanakca: right12:47
Riddellnever managed it myself12:47
ryanakcaTonio_: sleep 10 && import -window root -display :0 screenshot.png12:47
=== Jucato doesn't know how to make magick...
Jucato_StefanS_: hm.. so let me get this straight, if there were 2 files in kdm.d/, the one with a higher filename will be the one that gets read right? (sorry forgot to direct the question)12:48
ryanakca(all from TTY)12:48
_StefanS_Jucato: yes, my understanding as well.12:48
Jucatohm.. so your code needs to have a sorting thingy? coz the previous implementation only read one file: kdmrc12:49
Jucatoheh sorry, I'll let you go and code it.. then I'll just look at it :)12:49
=== ryanakca brb
Jucatothought it was a very low hanging bug that I could work on.. :P12:50
Lure_StefanS_, Jucato: can you hack kdm theme to show ~/.face.icon (if exists) instead of black head ?12:52
_StefanS_Lure: probably yes12:52
Lure_StefanS_: that would be cool - then you can change face in System Settings -> About Me12:53
Jucatohm... actually it's just a setting in kdm12:53
LureJucato: really? So why are we not using it?12:53
ryanakcaTonio_: export DISPLAY=:0 && sleep 10 && import -window root -display :0 screenshot.png           from TTY[1-6] ...12:53
JucatoLure: in Login Manager -> Users tab, the User Image Source is set to Admin by default. it should be User, admin12:54
Jucatowhich will let the Users icon be used if there is one, and an admin default if there isn't12:54
LureTonio_: ^^^ please change that default in k-d-s12:55
Jucatoin kdmrc12:55
Jucatoit's disabled so the default AdminOnly is used12:55
Riddellhmm, shame he's not a bit more happy http://gallery.cryos.net/aKademy2007/DSC_0738.JPG.html12:56
LureJucato: great - I really do not see much point in having face icons that all look the same...12:56
Jucatohahah :)12:56
=== Jucato ->setStatus( dinner ); // no this isn't an auto-away :P
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LureRiddell: better? http://muse.19inch.net/~lure/Tonio1.jpg01:05
LureRiddell: http://muse.19inch.net/~lure/Tonio2.jpg01:06
_StefanS_ah there it is01:07
Lure_StefanS_: ups, should work now01:07
LureRiddell: that is from Ubuntu-HR event where Tonio_ was speaker01:07
=== Lure has never showed them to Tonio_ ;-)
_StefanS_has Tonio never showered ? :)01:09
_StefanS_oh.. I read it wrong.01:09
_StefanS_just kidding :D01:10
RiddellLure: I went with aseigo http://kubuntu.org/index2.php01:13
RiddellLure: I'll keep the tonio ones for release candidate01:13
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HobbseeTonio_: ping02:30
Jucatohi Hobbseeeeee!!!! :)02:31
jjessemroning :)02:31
Hobbseeheya Jucato!02:31
Hobbseehi jjesse!02:31
Jucatomoin jjesse02:31
jjessehello Hobbsee02:31
jjesseisn't it afternoon for you jucato?02:31
Jucatoevening :)02:31
Jucatoand it's almost, if not already, midnight for Hobbsee02:32
=== Jucato forgot if it was +3 or +4 hours away
Hobbseemust be time to start cooking dinner.02:32
Jucatooh lol too advanced :)02:32
Jucatobah! I was thinking of NZ02:32
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Goliath23hi, is anyone experiencing the problem in gutsy where "eject" ejects the cdrom but immediately closes the tray again? I already disabled hal and dbus, but the problem persists. I wonder who is responsible for closing the tray...02:45
Goliath23doplhin maybe?02:45
Goliath23or a kde service gone mad?02:45
Goliath23:) who knows. I'd like to find the error, but I don't know where to look.02:47
Goliath23is there any chance to find out who is closing the tray right away? its pretty annoying :)02:47
_StefanS_hmm maybe watch a top -s 1 ?02:47
_StefanS_is it the console command 'eject' that you're using?02:48
Goliath23I must say that I have an edgy->feisty->gutsy system... incremental dist-upgrades. so maybe that's the cause I experience it and others don't02:48
Goliath23_StefanS_: yes02:48
_StefanS_uhm well it could be02:48
_StefanS_i had some of those aswell02:48
_StefanS_did a top reveal anything?02:48
Goliath23oh, udevd uses 97% right now!02:49
_StefanS_reinsdtall udev then02:49
_StefanS_remember to apt-get --purge remove udev02:49
Goliath23i'd like to find out why the update breaks.02:50
Goliath23to prevent other users from experiencing this.02:50
_StefanS_yes, but then backup the udev rules, and reinstall, diff them afterwards. I know there were alot of udev rules updated lately02:51
=== Jucato wonders why the libxine-extracodecs was suddenly just removed for gutsy...
Riddellit's not used any more02:53
Riddelllibxine1-ffmpeg is current one02:53
Jucatook. gonna be a support nightmare for the first few weeks :)02:54
Goliath23funny, if I start udevd the cpu usage increases slowly but steadily from 9% to 97% over a couple of minutes..02:54
HobbseeJucato: uh, removed?02:56
JucatoHobbsee: yep. no libxine-extracodecs package anymore02:56
Jucatonot even a virtual or meta02:56
HobbseeJucato: uh, that's bad.02:56
HobbseeJucato: who filed the removal request?02:57
Hobbseeoh wait02:57
Goliath23_StefanS_: purging udev would remove the whole system :)02:57
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HobbseeJucato: no, we need to find out who removed that02:58
_StefanS_Goliath23: ah yep because of dependencies.. try just reinstall it then02:58
JucatoHobbsee: ok. I thought it was a well known fact amongst you dev folks :)02:58
=== Jucato actually forgot to ask about it last week
Goliath23_StefanS_: and removing /etc/udev beforehand?02:58
HobbseeJucato: nope.  and that definetly should nto have been removed - that transitional package needs to stay, and the remover needs LARTing02:58
_StefanS_Goliath23: just move it yes02:59
_StefanS_Goliath23: I wont be responsible for your system however ;)02:59
Goliath23not?! :)02:59
JucatoHobbsee: yeah. I mean we could probably update all our docs to say "libxine1-ffmpeg"... but I doubt everyone would know that for the first weeks/months02:59
HobbseeJucato: it's not that - it's that it'll break the upgrade path, for both dapper and gutsy03:00
Hobbseeer, dapper and feisty03:00
Jucatooh that too?03:00
=== Jucato didn't that it would
_StefanS_Tonio_: you therE?03:00
HobbseeJucato: likely - unless all of the deps have been changed to require the new package03:00
Jucatogonna compare deps03:01
Jucatook how the hell am I going to do that? hahah! nvm03:01
HobbseeJucato: oh, c&r should be OK03:02
JucatoHobbsee: at least on feisty, it seems that libxine-extracodecs just installs libxine1-ffmpeg too03:02
HobbseeJucato: looks like there are c&r's there - i thought we had to keep the metapackages, for some reason03:02
Jucatoum. c&r's? conflicts & recommends?03:02
=== Jucato headdesks.
Jucatoheh dang these terminologies watchamacalit03:03
Jucatoso all's well (except for the support end)?03:03
Tonio__StefanS_: yep03:03
HobbseeTonio_: ping #203:04
_StefanS_Tonio_: the problem is that when kdmtheme writes the changes back, it doesn't use the /etc/default/kdm.d/, right?03:04
Tonio_Hobbsee: yo !03:05
HobbseeTonio_: we need to fix https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-default-settings/+bug/99535 - filterset G is now EB&W, and is also completely undistributable.03:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99535 in kubuntu-default-settings "[Suggestion] Change the list of Adblock filters" [High,Confirmed] 03:05
Hobbseeand i dont know how they're diong the filter number stuff, and if it's required.03:05
Tonio__StefanS_: it reads/writes the theme value in kdmrc, while it should write that in /etc/default/kdm.d/3_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx03:05
Tonio__StefanS_: that's it03:05
=== TheInfinity_ [n=TheInfin@bchm-4d091921.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
_StefanS_Tonio_: got it.03:05
_StefanS_Tonio_: I just wanted to confirm it.03:05
Tonio__StefanS_: also note that if the file still doesn't exist (first use) it should read the file from 20-xxxxxxx03:06
Tonio_Hobbsee: I'm there !!!03:07
HobbseeTonio_: are you?03:07
_StefanS_Tonio_: so 20 is default, and 30 is customizeD?03:07
Hobbseewhere's there?03:07
_StefanS_Not here03:07
_StefanS_or there03:07
Tonio__StefanS_: yes03:08
_StefanS_Tonio_: ok03:08
Tonio_Hobbsee: I'm fine, despite lot of work........ I'm on my contrib day tomorrow, I can wait to be on friday :)03:08
JucatoTonio_: can the /kdm.d/ also include Lure's request? or is that better done in kdmrc directly?03:08
HobbseeTonio_: ah, cool :)03:08
Tonio_Jucato: what's his request ?03:09
HobbseeTonio_: commit it to bzr - we're grabbing a variety of bugfixes03:09
Tonio_Jucato: as long as it is something people might want to tweak, it should be in kdm.d03:09
JucatoTonio_: <Lure> _StefanS_, Jucato: can you hack kdm theme to show ~/.face.icon (if exists) instead of black head ?03:09
Jucatoit's most probably a one-time deal03:09
Tonio_Jucato: impossible.......03:09
Tonio_Jucato: ~ is undefined while at kdm :)03:09
Jucatohold on a sec03:10
Jucatolet me paste03:10
Tonio_hum wait, that might work indeed03:10
Tonio_Jucato: yes paste please :)03:10
Tonio_Hobbsee: what to commit to bzr ?03:10
ScottKRiddell: If there's an error in the Beta release notes, is it to late to change them?03:10
HobbseeTonio_: the fix for that bug03:10
Tonio_Hobbsee: kds is already commited, nothing is waiting for commit here.....03:10
HobbseeScottK: kubuntu ones?  no, dont think so03:10
JucatoTonio_: <Jucato> Lure: in Login Manager -> Users tab, the User Image Source is set to Admin by default. it should be User, admin03:10
ScottKHobbsee: Yes.03:10
HobbseeTonio_: oh, that's right, it's not in kdebase.03:10
Tonio_Hobbsee: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh filterset :)03:10
HobbseeTonio_: yes :)03:11
Tonio_Hobbsee: okay I'll fix that toonight03:11
Tonio_Hobbsee: we should use a public licence list then03:11
ScottKIn the KDEPIM section the bit about GPG config issues applies to upgrades from 7.04 too.  Not sure how the upgrading from 6.10 bit got in there.03:11
ScottKHobbsee: ^^03:11
JucatoTonio_: <Jucato> FaceSource=PreferUser in kdmrc03:11
Tonio_Jucato: added to my todo03:11
HobbseeTonio_: easylist works well - unsure if it's GPL. should check that03:11
Tonio_Hobbsee: added to my tomorrow's todo03:11
ScottKHobbsee: I'll just fix it then.03:11
Jucatoheheh :)03:12
Tonio_Hobbsee: I think it is03:12
HobbseeScottK: right.  please fix ASAP - no one double checked those notes03:12
Hobbseeor, pitti or someone may have, actually03:12
RiddellScottK: no, it's a wiki03:12
ScottKIt's fixed.03:13
ScottKAt least as soon as it gets done saving ....03:13
JucatoTonio_: a growing todo list :)03:13
=== ..[topic/#kubuntu-devel:Riddell] : Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | 7.10 Beta out
Tonio_Jucato: well I'm paid to contribute on friday so I have to do it well :)03:14
Jucatohahah :)03:14
Jucatonice :)03:14
Tonio_Jucato: which doesn't prevent me from contributing the rest of the week but that's different :)03:14
Tonio_but as for now I am paid to work................. seya all :)03:14
Jucatohehe see ya!03:15
Jucatoand thanks03:15
Tonio_Hobbsee: ping me for any bug I may be able to close according to you :)03:15
Tonio_Hobbsee: email also is nice :)03:15
HobbseeTonio_: ah, true, i hadnt gotten to that yet.  it's listed on the rc list, so...03:16
RiddellTonio_: have you looked at dholbach's patch page?03:16
=== IanC26 [n=IanC26@2002:cb36:1c35:4:216:6fff:fe39:ff6e] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellTonio_: http://daniel.holba.ch/sponsoring/  there's three kubuntu related bugs there with patches03:22
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Goliath23could soneone with a "fresh" gutsy installation please tar /etc/udev and put it on a webspace?03:46
Goliath23my rules seem to be fscked up and the reinstall-method didn't work... I'd like to diff them to see what's wrong..03:47
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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Jucatohi bddebian!03:56
bddebianHi Jucato03:56
JucatoGoliath23: sorry, no fresh gutsy here03:56
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nixternalHobbsee: you rang?04:11
Hobbseenixternal: yeah, about the release ntoes04:11
Hobbseehowever, beta's out now, so i'm hoping someone fixed them04:13
nixternalwhat was wrong with them?04:13
Jucatoyay nixternal! :)04:14
nixternalyay what?04:14
nixternalyou are the 2nd person to say "yay" to me this morning :)04:14
nixternalactually, the other person said hooray04:15
Jucatoyay release notes? yay you're here? yay you're you?04:15
jjesseyay its thursday?04:15
Jucatoyay it's 2 hours till friday?04:15
=== pgquiles [n=pgquiles@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseei'ts friday here...04:17
Hobbseeno work todya - yay04:17
Riddellhappy friday Hobbsee04:18
Hobbseehappy dentist appoitnment!  not!04:18
jjesseboo dentists04:18
jjessedid you know that dentists have the highest suicide rate amongst all medical professionals?04:18
Tm_Tjjesse: after seen your mouth, I dont wonder04:19
=== Tm_T hides
=== jjesse didn't realize Tm_T has seen pictures
Tm_Tjjesse: I'm your dentist04:20
Hobbseewhy has no one called a kubuntu meeting yet?04:23
jjessewhat would we talk about?04:24
Tm_Tjjesse: your teeth04:24
Tm_Twaitwait, this is not #mad-dentists ?!04:26
=== Jucato just had a tooth extraction (supposed to be a root canal) + 6 dental um. "fillings" all last month...
Jucatotalk about? Dolphin!!! :)04:28
nixternalI just realized something...04:36
nixternalI didn't disconnect last night at all04:37
jjesseyay maybe your blog post wokred04:37
Jucatonixternal: congrats!04:38
nixternalwhy thanks :)04:38
Jucatoyou weren't dancing so I didn't notice it too :)04:38
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nixternalhrmm, anyone seen the new Lotus Notes Symphony from IBM?04:53
jjesseis that the open office spin off?04:54
nixternalit is pretty nice04:55
nixternalas it stands, much nicer than OOo04:56
jjessebetter the OOo or worse?  i heard it was eclispe based?04:56
nixternalya, everything IBM does has some sort of Eclipse use nowadays I think04:56
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Goliath23Jucato: I thnk any gutsy installation not updated from edgy and feisty would do...05:19
=== jcastro [n=jcastro@ethos.battleaxe.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellHobbsee: oh aye, kubuntu meeting sometime next week?05:20
HobbseeRiddell: mmm....i planned for this week, but i suck.05:20
jcastrohi guys, I'm trying to schedule the sessions for ubuntu open week: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep05:20
nixternalthere you go jcastro, Riddell poked his head in right as you joined, as did Hobbsee :)05:20
=== Hobbsee lost a week somewhere there.
jcastroI have 2 slots for kubuntu, if someone wants to run the sessions05:20
jcastronixternal: thanks!05:21
Hobbseejcastro: what was yoru old nick?  you sound familar, but not by that nick.05:21
=== nixternal beats Hobbsee to the punch, and voluntells Jucato :)
nixternalwhiprush Hobbsee05:21
nixternalhehe, HE IS BACK!05:21
Jucatohuh what?!?!?05:21
Hobbseethat's what was coming to mind05:21
jcastroHobbsee: hi btw!05:21
Hobbseewelcome back, whiprush!05:21
nixternalso who wants to do the openweek talks? I say Jucato rocks at least one of them! :)05:23
=== Jucato is lost and confused...
nixternalquit trying to snake your way out05:23
Jucatono seriously.. I was too busy trying to make sense of the CC meeting :)05:24
nixternalhahaha, me too05:24
n8k99is there something i can help out with?05:28
n8k99you know fetch coffee, sweep up the floors, put away chairs05:28
Jucatotea would be fine05:28
Jucatonixternal: was that pre-typed and copy-pasted? :D05:29
n8k99um, i'm an american, we don't do tea, sorry05:29
nixternalI just typed that up05:29
Jucatolol nice05:29
nixternaln8k99: speak for yourself :)05:29
nixternalI am addicted to tea, green tea05:29
=== n8k99 mutters
JucatoI'm Asian, I do everything05:29
nixternaland now, my sister has turned me on to black tea05:29
=== Jucato wants the brown rice tea, but is too expensive
RiddellI'm sure Tonio_ could do an openweek talk (probably on the friday), he can talk for France05:30
alleenixternal: your sister has good taste05:30
nixternalallee: that is really good stuff05:30
=== nosrednaekim [n=michael@03-082.200.popsite.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== allee nods
=== Jucato breathes a sigh of relief
sebasJucato: Make sure no one quotes you :-)05:31
sebas<Jucato> I'm Asian, I do everything05:31
=== rraphink [i=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalhaha, that guy said that the florida loco was a micky mouse organisation that is a little goofy...that was good05:31
Jucatook ok.. I take it back :)05:31
sebasOut of context, that offers lots of fun05:31
=== n8k99 hands Jucato a cup of brown rice
nixternalJucato: hahahaha, I didn't even see that05:32
Jucaton8k99: er.. tea.. :)05:32
manchickenDid we have to patch kdelibs to get it to compile under GCC 4.1?05:32
Riddellmanchicken: probably05:32
manchickenOkay, I have a buddy who's a gentoo user who's complaining about kdelibs not compiling under fcc4.105:33
nixternaloh man....I bet 4.1 is the whole reason I am having an issue with this package05:33
=== nixternal gets to lookin'
=== jeroenvrp [n=jeroenvr@wikipedia/jeroenvrp] has left #kubuntu-devel ["The]
Tonio_Riddell: yep, no problem on friday :)05:34
Riddelljcastro: a volunteer there05:34
manchickenTonio_: What's happenin'?05:35
nixternalwasabi Tonio_!05:35
Riddellmanchicken: we're looking for people to do talks at openweek05:35
Tonio_hey guys :)05:35
manchickenRiddell: About what?05:35
jcastroTonio_: sweet, what time slot?05:35
Riddellmanchicken: know any loud people into kubuntu?05:35
Tonio_I'm at work, no time to really speak with you :) let's rediscuss this tomorrow please :)05:35
manchickenWell, yeah, but any particular people?05:35
manchickenRiddell: There's a crazy scotsman that I'm aware of :)05:35
Tonio_jcastro: can we make a point tomorrow ? I can prepare something, of course, preferably for friday05:35
manchickenWhere is openweek?05:36
Riddellon IRC05:36
Tonio_jcastro: no matter when just tomorrow is okay, I'll be there all day long05:36
manchickenTonio_: Need a perler?05:36
jcastroTonio_: yeah feel free to ping me whenever.05:36
manchickenRiddell: Ah.  When?05:36
Tonio_jcastro: sure05:36
Riddellmanchicken: a months time https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep05:36
Riddellmanchicken: fancy doing a talk?05:36
manchickenRiddell: I suppose I could look into it.  Are we looking for highly technical talks, endorsements, user walk-throughs, other?05:37
Riddellmanchicken: jcastro knows all05:37
manchickenjcastro: Same question05:38
jcastromanchicken: can you give me 10 minutes or so? phone call.05:38
jcastrobut basically, it can be whatever you guys want it to be05:38
manchickenjcastro: Oh, I guess so.05:38
jcastroso you can do like, a developer outreach, or tutorials05:38
manchickenjcastro: You don't want to tell me that.05:38
=== serzholino [n=serzholi@16x.zp.ua] has joined #kubuntu-devel
manchickenjcastro: I could give a 4-hour talk on why the US government should begin implementing Kubuntu immediately in order to protect national security.05:39
manchickenjcastro: And I really could, too.05:39
manchickenOh crikey, Verizon just sent me a document titled "Customer Proprietary Network Information Notice"05:41
Jucatonixternal: what's the license for the Community Doc pages again?05:42
nixternalcc-by-sa garbage05:42
Jucatook :)05:43
Jucatono -nc?05:43
Jucatoah nvm.. I just realized they were 2 different docs :P05:43
Goliath23could any1 with a running gutsy please tar his /etc/udev folder and put it on a webspace for me (or email it, msg for the address please)05:43
RiddellGoliath23: http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/udev.tar.gz05:47
jjessedid anyone see the question on beta/kubuntu/feedback on whehter or not kubuntu is getting apparmor and compiz -fusion by default?06:03
gnomefreakfor gutsy it wont06:04
gnomefreakkubuntu is waiting on kde4 to use its kwin effects last i heard06:05
jjessemaybe we should make sure the release notes explain that?06:05
Hobbseejjesse: does anyone *read* that?06:05
gnomefreakjjesse: i agree they should but they should also note it is installible06:05
jjesserelease notes or the feedback page?06:05
Hobbseefeedback page06:05
jjessei hope so :)06:05
gnomefreakor atleast on kubuntu beta release wiki06:05
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=== FrankH [n=frank@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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=== coreymon77 [n=coreymon@ubuntu/member/coreymon77] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Goliath23Riddell: tank you!06:46
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
HobbseeTonio_: aware of any reason the konvi changes that were made in gutsy got reverted, at least on the beta live cd?06:47
Hobbseethere's no changelog entry for it06:47
coreymon77Hobbsee: there were changes made to konv?06:48
Hobbseecoreymon77: yes06:48
coreymon77Hobbsee: like what?06:48
HobbseeTab position, nicklist theme, tray icon, etc.06:49
coreymon77oh, in other words, nothing that would affect me, since the tray icon doesnt work in the first place06:49
Hobbsee!doesnt work06:49
ubotuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.06:49
coreymon77Hobbsee: im on a mac06:50
coreymon77Hobbsee: using macports and x11.app06:50
coreymon77there are not tray icons as far as i know06:50
coreymon77Hobbsee: that explain it06:50
Hobbseerunning kubuntu?  got no idea, i'm not much of a fan of mac's06:50
Jucatonixternal: you there?06:51
=== mendred_ [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Jucatonixternal: anyway, I was referring to this earlier when I mentioned strigi applet: http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/297306:52
coreymon77Hobbsee: no, im running mac os x06:56
coreymon77Hobbsee: im just using konversation on it06:56
coreymon77Hobbsee: mac os is unix06:56
coreymon77Hobbsee: so there is nothing stopping it from using a linux program06:57
coreymon77Hobbsee: all you need is an x11 compatability layer06:57
coreymon77which apple proides06:57
coreymon77Hobbsee: its not perfect in terms of integration, but it works06:57
=== LongPointyStick [n=mystery@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
coreymon77Hobbsee: one of the integration problems being that i cant copy and paste from aqua apps (native mac os apps) to x11 apps07:00
coreymon77Hobbsee: meaning that if i want to copy a url form firefox into irc, i have to open a macos irc client, called colloquy, which is why i am often connected on two clients at once07:01
=== marseillai [n=mars@ubuntu/member/marseillai] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeouch. would be much easier to run straight kubuntu07:01
coreymon77Hobbsee: that is true, but then i would have to dual boot07:02
coreymon77Hobbsee: its no big deal, thats the only thing that doesnt work07:02
coreymon77if i click on a link it opens in firefox, i can copy from konversation to an aqua app07:03
coreymon77everything else is normal, just no tray icon07:03
HobbseeRiddell: you'd better reply to sho - it looks like you merged my changes in anwyay.07:03
=== apachelogger_ [n=me@N706P026.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeand i'd prefer not to be the one who has to take the shit for every upstream, particularly for things i didnt put into the archive.07:04
=== Jucato offers Hobbsee some <insert calming drink>
Hobbseegets a bit boring, after a while, tbh.07:04
Jucatoyeah it does...07:04
=== jeroenvrp [n=jeroenvr@wikipedia/jeroenvrp] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_Hobbsee: which changes ?07:14
=== TheInfinity [n=TheInfin@bchm-4d091921.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
HobbseeTonio_: http://rafb.net/p/nt3Vva97.html07:14
=== OculusAquilae [n=bastian@pD9508A23.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
jeroenvrpI read in the beta discription that strigi is installed by default, not on my (upgraded) installation07:19
jeroenvrpkubuntu-desktop is installed07:19
jeroenvrpI only have libstrigihtmlgui0, libstreams0, libsearchclient and libcluceneindix007:20
jeroenvrpno strigi-daemon or client is installed07:21
jeroenvrpdo I miss a meta package?07:21
Jucatohm.. are we having problems with packages marked as recommends?07:22
ScottKjeroenvrp: I'm not certain, but I think that's correct since it's a recommends, not a depends.07:22
ScottKRecommends get installed when the package is installed, but not when it's upgraded.07:22
ScottKIf it did, stuff people removed would always get reinstalled.07:22
jeroenvrpScottK: but it says installed by default07:22
jeroenvrpso do I miss more than strigi07:22
ScottKjeroenvrp: And it is for new installations.07:22
JucatoScottK: which would be a problem for upgraders... right?07:23
jeroenvrpyes, but how to get the added default software for upgraded07:23
jeroenvrpJucato: indeed07:23
ScottKjeroenvrp: sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop.07:23
Hobbseeuse --install-recommends07:23
ScottKor what Hobbsee says.07:23
ScottKis even better.07:23
Hobbseeor whatever the syntax is07:23
jeroenvrpso apt-get install --install-recommends kubuntu-desktop07:24
jeroenvrpor apt-get install --reinstall --install-recommends kubuntu-desktop07:24
Jucatojeroenvrp: did you upgrade manually or through adept?07:24
jeroenvrpJucato: manually07:24
ScottKjeroenvrp: You won't hurt anything if you get it wrong, so just give it a try.07:24
=== Jucato wonders if it would be the same from adept
Tonio_Hobbsee: sho_ again.......07:25
jeroenvrpJucato: well adept did not work when I tried it, but Riddell has solved that07:25
jeroenvrpI will tey07:25
coreymon77what provides the kde systray07:25
Tonio_Hobbsee: I'll have a look tomorrow, but I'm starting to be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery bored by this guy07:25
Tonio_Hobbsee: I didn't revert anything07:25
Jucatocoreymon77: kicker?07:25
jeroenvrpbut still it will indeed a initial dissapointment for upgraders07:26
Riddelljeroenvrp: do you have kdesudo installed?07:26
jeroenvrpRiddell: yes07:26
jeroenvrpallthough does not work07:27
jeroenvrpas you proberly know07:27
jeroenvrpthere are bugreports about that07:27
Riddelldoesn't work?07:27
Tonio_Hobbsee: looks like his only concern in life is that one distro over the world decided to change a _few_ settings by default........ I must say I don't understand07:28
HobbseeTonio_: heh07:28
jeroenvrpRiddell: Bug #144722 and Bug #14079307:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144722 in kdesudo "kdesu leads to no permission for X" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14472207:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 140793 in ubuntu "Starting applications as a different non-root user (kdesu -u) does not work after upgrade to Gutsy" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14079307:29
Tonio_jeroenvrp: second bug is a kdesudo bug, concerning the first I'd be interested to try to reproduce this, really07:30
jeroenvrpTonio_: I think they are the same07:30
Tonio_jeroenvrp: seems sensible07:31
Tonio_jeroenvrp: I'll have a look tomorrow, can you ping me then please ?07:31
=== Florian [n=chatzill@p508FCCE7.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
jeroenvrpTonio_: see #144722 for my comment07:32
jeroenvrpTonio_: I try to remenber07:32
jeroenvrpbut I'm not the only one as you know07:32
jeroenvrpTonio_: btw: when starting adept or other root-needed-things from guidance, it works07:33
jeroenvrpbut not from konsole and 'run command'07:34
jeroenvrpso the only way I can start e.g. konqueror as root, is to use sux07:34
jeroenvrpTonio_: oh another thing; when I do 'sudo konqueror' it starts konqueror, but as myself, not as root (same as with kdesudo)07:35
jeroenvrpI will add this07:35
stdinjeroenvrp: "kdesudo konqueror" works here (starts konqueror as root), but I see the other bugs happening07:36
jeroenvrpstdin: are sure it starts at as root07:36
stdinyeah, I can enter lost+found in my filesystems07:37
stdin(a root only thing)07:37
stdin$HOME is still set to my home, but the UID is set to 0 (root)07:38
jeroenvrpError: "/tmp/ksocket-jeroenzvlc9S" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.07:38
jeroenvrpthat is what I get07:38
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
stdinyeah, I get those too. got them with kdesu back in feisty too07:38
Tonio_jeroenvrp: no issue here with konsole using kdesudo + something07:38
Tonio_jeroenvrp: I suspect the -u option just doesn't work as excepted07:38
stdinkdesudo xterm      is a good test07:39
jeroenvrpstdin: that works07:39
JucatoError: "/var/tmp/kdecache-jucato" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.07:39
=== Dinofly [n=dinofly@mar92-13-88-165-255-149.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Jucatokdesu konqueror07:39
Tonio_stdin: works for me07:39
Tonio_Jucato: you get that one also with sudo07:39
Tonio_Jucato: doesn't break sudo btw07:39
Jucatocan't recall.. have never used sudo w/ GUI apps :)07:40
=== Jucato is a good boy
Tonio_% sudo konqueror                                                                                                                                                 [1.52 0.70 - 38% 3%] 07:40
Tonio_[sudo]  password for tonio:07:40
Tonio_Error: "/var/tmp/kdecache-tonioIKxYsv" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.07:40
Tonio_Error: "/tmp/kde-tonio1ctaZO" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.07:40
Tonio_sorry for the paste ;)07:40
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:40
jeroenvrpkdesu gimp, also works07:40
Tonio_but yeah, everything seems to mean that the -u option is broken, I have to have a look tomorrow07:40
Jucatohehe sorry couldn't resist :)07:40
jeroenvrpseems only a problem with kde apps07:40
Tonio_jeroenvrp: kdesudo -u user command07:40
Tonio_jeroenvrp: I'm pretty sure that doesn't work......07:40
jeroenvrpTonio_: correct, doesnt work07:41
Tonio_jeroenvrp: okay I'll have a look tomorrow07:42
Tonio_jeroenvrp: can be a sudo or a kdesudo bug, I don't know07:42
Tonio_jeroenvrp: what about a sudo -u user command ????07:43
Tonio_does it work ?07:43
jeroenvrpsudo -u test kwrite07:43
jeroenvrpXlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server07:43
jeroenvrpso maybe indeed a sudo -u problem07:44
stdinsudo never worked like that07:44
stdinit doesn't do anything to allow connection to X from a different user07:45
jeroenvrpstdin: indeed07:48
jeroenvrpI can do non x-applications07:48
jeroenvrpwith sudo -u07:48
jeroenvrpI have to go to dinner07:49
Jucatowith sudo -u you have to go to dinner? O.o07:49
jeroenvrpJucato: yes Gutsy can also make my dinner :-)07:50
jeroenvrpbut still it can't make coffee :-(07:50
Jucatobut it has lots of Kaffeine! :)07:50
jeroenvrpJucato: yes, allthough I prefer SM07:51
jeroenvrpsmplayer that is :-)07:51
Tonio_jeroenvrp: I suspect a sudo bug not a kdesudo one yes07:53
jeroenvrpScottK: sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get install --install-recommends kubuntu-desktop, did the trick07:53
ScottKSomeon (not me as I'm busy) ought to add the to the beta release notes wiki page.07:54
jeroenvrpTonio_: I don't know, but I'm not a developer :-(07:54
Tonio_jeroenvrp: same for me :)07:54
jeroenvrpScottK: it adds:07:54
jeroenvrp  pxljr rdesktop restricted-manager-core restricted-manager-kde splix strigi-applet strigi-daemon strigi-plugins07:54
jeroenvrp  ttf-unfonts-core xdg-utils xresprobe xsltproc07:54
=== ScottK says again the someone other than he ought to update the wiki page....
jeroenvrpTonio_: ah07:55
=== jeroenvrp goes to test strigi
jeroenvrpoh no dinner07:56
manchickenAnybody ever gotten a blackberry to work with kontact before/08:40
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
Goliath23Riddell: hi, have you tried the new patch for the icon spacing bug in ksplash?09:13
coreymon77hey guys09:13
Goliath23it works now *big promise* :)09:13
coreymon77my brother was telling me someting about being able to see and control my kubuntu box through x11 on my mac09:13
coreymon77what is that called?09:14
=== jpetso_away is now known as jpetso
RiddellGoliath23: bug number?09:29
Goliath23*fighting with launchpad*09:30
Goliath23Riddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ksplash-engine-moodin/+bug/4140709:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 41407 in ksplash-engine-moodin "Kubuntu's Ksplash icons are too close to each other" [Medium,Confirmed] 09:33
Goliath23Riddell: last comment contains the patch. and don't forget do use the new Theme.rc from three comments above. it was probably overwritten by an update from yesterday..09:34
coreymon77my brother was telling me someting about being able to see and control my kubuntu box through x11 on my mac09:38
coreymon77what is that called?09:38
coreymon77i forget what he told me it was09:39
coreymon77do you guys know09:39
coreymon77no, it was x something09:39
Goliath23krfb is a remote desktop server, you could try that. I think you can connect to it via some vnc client from a mac-box ... If you want to connect from a linux box you can use it's counterpart krdc09:40
stdinx11vnc ?09:40
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
coreymon77x something (second word i think starts with an f)09:42
coreymon77x forwarding!09:42
coreymon77thats it09:43
Goliath23coreymon77: what do you want to do with it?09:43
coreymon77use it to be able to see and control my kubuntu box from my macbook09:43
coreymon77useful for when im doing support stuff on the kubuntu channel09:43
coreymon77Goliath23: hwo do i do it09:44
Goliath23coreymon77: did you try krfb and <insertsomemac-vnc client>09:44
Goliath23its probably more easy to setup and use09:44
coreymon77i was told its done by ssh09:44
Goliath23krfb should already be in your kubuntu start menu09:44
coreymon77i know that09:45
coreymon77but the people on the mac channel say to do it by ssh09:45
Goliath23coreymon77: if you rely on rounting the traffic through ssh and use port 20, then you probably want to use x-forwarding.. if not, you can easily use krfb09:45
coreymon77Goliath23: i just want to be able to see and control my kubuntu box from my macbook at normal speeds so i can see what other people are seeing when i help them without having to actually go to my desktop box09:46
coreymon77Goliath23: whats the best way to do that, x forwarding or kfrb09:47
Goliath23thats exactly what krfb/krdc is for.. i use it to help my brother with his kubuntu issues remotely. and it works fine over a poor dsl line09:47
Goliath23on the kubuntu box you have to start krfb and configure it to always accept connections with password or use one-time invitations09:48
coreymon77does it help that both computers are on the same network?09:48
Goliath23coreymon77: yes it helps, because most likely you won't have to configure the firewall to allow connections to port 5900 or so (which is used by krfb)09:49
coreymon77i use torrent a lot, so my macbook is on dmz for this netowrk09:49
coreymon77would i still have to forward the port for my kubuntu box09:50
coreymon77or is dmz on the macbook enough?09:50
Goliath23the krfb kubuntu box must be able to receive connections on port 5900.09:50
coreymon77tcp or udp?09:50
Goliath23http://sourceforge.net/projects/cotvnc/ <- this seems to be a vnc client which will probably be able to connect to a kubuntu box with krfb configured correctly.09:51
Goliath23this is probably not kubuntu-devel related... we can move it to a query. just msg me if you have more questions.09:52
=== tmske [n=thomas@kotnet-149.kulnet.kuleuven.be] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Goliath23can someone explains to me what the program "kded" does?10:08
Goliath23I mean, what's its purpose?10:08
=== apachelogger is now known as djlogger
stdinkded  triggers Sycoca database updates when needed10:31
Goliath23stdin: I read that, but why does it open the ports for krfb?10:31
stdinI don't know, I'm not that familiar with krfb and kded.10:33
stdinasked in #kde ?10:33
Goliath23no, maybe I will :)10:43
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