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terlmannhow is this cool ?12:31
nothlitthe funding from your grandparents12:31
terlmannI'm a GEEK in the luddite camp !!12:31
terlmannreally ?12:31
MisosakiHi bcasanov12:32
terlmannhow much do you think they give me and for how much manual labor ?12:32
Misosakilol Was referring to the money12:32
_MMA_Wait, wait, wait. :)12:32
_MMA_"(08:39:50 PM) _MMA_: terlmann: How old are you?" "(08:40:24 PM) terlmann: 22"12:32
_MMA_"terlmann: I get some funding from grandparents every 6 months though"12:32
_MMA_And you're waitin' on $ from the Grandparents? :)12:32
terlmannmore like I go there on vacation and I am actually 1912:32
terlmann :D12:32
terlmann:D :D :D12:32
lassegulthis is stupid12:32
terlmannI love to laugh up my facts12:33
=== _MMA_ thinks "22" is really 12. ;)
terlmannnothing like a little resume padding12:33
terlmannactually you can check my profile online at deviantart.com12:33
terlmannI haven't been there in a year though12:33
lassegulbcasanov: hi man12:33
terlmannjust telling ya12:33
terlmannheya bsasanov12:33
_MMA_terlmann: Be cause the _NO_ way to lie online. ;)12:34
terlmannMMA : you may kiss my %$$12:34
lassegulterlmann: you have like to things in your gallery12:34
terlmannI'm elit0r than you12:34
bcasanovI'm new to IRC and the ubuntu artwork channel.12:34
_MMA_Yep. 12.12:34
terlmannlassegul : I have gibberish in my gallery12:34
lasseguli second that emotion12:35
terlmannI havn't been ther in a  year12:35
Misosakibcasanov: Welcome12:35
lassegulbcasanov: whats up12:35
terlmannYou want to see my work lassegul ?12:35
lassegulterlmann: yeah but no dccs12:35
bcasanovI'm just surfing here to see what's going on.12:35
terlmannno dcc ?12:35
lassegulterlmann: no upload them somewhere12:35
terlmannit's a pain in the ass to upload this stuff12:35
terlmannespecially on my bandwidth12:36
lassegulterlmann: its a pain in the ass with dccs12:36
nothlitbcasanov: do you have any questions about irc?12:36
lassegulterlmann: your bandwith is the same if you upload directly to me or to some site.12:36
terlmannnot to filters12:36
Misosakibcasanov: Feel free to jump in whenever12:36
lassegulterlmann: what the *** are you talking about?12:37
terlmannAnd when I upload more than 1 mb to a site , it is a little hindered12:37
terlmannwhat I mean is that my bandwidth is filtered by kinds of requests12:37
bcasanovNothlit: Not right now.  Although it's kind of confusing because responses come and go so fast.12:37
terlmannsome just go under the wall and never get noticed12:37
lassegulterlmann: ok then just mail me at    lasse at sosialisme dot no12:37
bcasanovMisosaki: Thanks!12:37
nothlitbcasanov: that unfortunately, only comes with time12:37
nothlitbcasanov: you'll get used to it :)12:38
nothlitbcasanov: although, if you're talking about #ubuntu, i doubt anyone follows the entire thing12:38
bcasanovThat's right.12:38
bcasanovIt's a very large channel.12:38
lassegulbcasanov: its usually quiter around here.12:39
bcasanovYep.  That makes it more personal, I guess.12:39
lassegulterlmann: help me out grammar nazi, am i writing this the right way12:40
terlmannThe chat channel does not have any definition of standard english applied to it12:40
terlmannYour making fun of me right ?12:40
bcasanovCould someone tell me, what will be discussed in the next artwork meeting?12:40
lassegulterlmann: im just teasing.12:41
nothlitbcasanov: let me grab you the agenda12:41
terlmannbcasanov : the rules !12:41
bcasanovThank you!12:41
Misosakibcasanov: The link will have the goods12:41
lassegulterlmann: and im not english so i do have some bad grammar12:41
Misosakibcasanov: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Meetings12:41
nothlitoh, there you go lol12:41
terlmannthe title has  been updated to reflect the meeting12:41
terlmannthe title of this channel12:41
terlmannor rather the topic12:42
lassegulterlmann: did you mail me?12:42
terlmannnot yet12:42
nothliti've also suggested on further item, or rather, specified a particular area to focus on, in item number two.12:42
nothlitits in the mailing list12:42
terlmann25-60kbs up/down is rather slow12:42
terlmannI use webmail as well12:43
terlmannI will just post it to image shack12:43
bcasanovGracias!  or rather, thanks again!  (I speak mostly Spanish.)12:43
terlmannI had to reduce the quality quite a bit12:43
Misosakibcasanov: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-art12:43
MisosakiJust look at nothlit's latest message12:44
bcasanovWell, I have to leave right now because I was just taking a break from work.  Thank you all for your help and for the nice personal introduction.  I'll be visiting again soon.12:44
terlmannlassegul : http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/6659/droprh3.jpg << is purely my picture12:44
terlmannI just uploaded12:44
terlmannit was originally 5 mb12:44
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terlmannso I reduced quality at great length12:44
joejaxxterlmann: lol12:45
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terlmannwell for a 5 MB jpg to go to a .5 MB jpg...12:45
terlmannquite a change12:45
lassegulterlmann: i like the colours. but im really sick of seeing obvious gimp effects.12:46
terlmannwell the image is entirely gimped12:46
terlmannI made it last fall12:46
terlmannNo source was used12:46
terlmannlassegul : my use of the effects was effective though.12:46
lassegulterlmann: im not talking about you using gimp, but youve used some "ripple" effect. and everyone who has ever used that one before know what you did.12:47
MisosakiDitto about the colours12:47
terlmannI used multiple ripple effects12:47
terlmannnot just one12:47
lassegulterlmann: so what you basicaly got here is a nice set of colours, that has a lot of potential, and then you used the ripple effect.12:48
MisosakiKind of also reminds me of a wall kwwii posted the other day, without the rippling12:48
terlmannas I said as well , the image you are viewing is 1/10 quality12:48
terlmannand if you do not like waves I can always use my handy Gaussian filter  :-P12:48
lassegulterlmann: im just saying im a little tired of the gimp effects. they dont show off your skills.12:48
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terlmannwell I hate Inkscape and any kind of math based art12:49
lassegulim not saying you have to use something other than gimp. Just stay clear of obvious effects. when you use them, be subtle.12:50
nothlitThats what paint work in gimp is for lol :D12:50
terlmannSo I will have something out soon but You will see plenty of gimp effects (or none , I still have my Gaussy :-P )12:50
MisosakiComplements of kwwii12:51
lassegulthats the same picture!12:51
terlmannit is the same plasma seed12:51
terlmannfrom the plasma plugin in the gimp :-P12:51
terlmannor at least very close12:52
lassegulhehee. looks like kwwii ripped you off terlmann12:52
terlmannperhaps our minds are subliminaly  linked :-)12:52
terlmannthey are a little different though..12:53
terlmannmine has some yellow below and navy where his cyan is12:54
terlmannbut he does need to see this12:54
terlmannvery funny12:54
Misosakilols You could probably show him the next time he's in, just for the heck of it12:57
terlmannI will :-)12:57
terlmannAnd I will dcc him the original timestamped file12:58
terlmannjust for some ownage12:58
terlmannI am telepathics ! everyone is copyinz ME :-D12:58
lassegulterlmann: ive got a suggestion. I like your colours. so try making a picture entirely without any effects but maybe blur. Just use layers.12:59
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coz_evening all01:00
MisosakiHi coz_01:00
lassegullassegul: then your next picture will have the strength of both layers and effects01:00
coz_Misosaki, hey guy01:00
coz_lassegul, hello :)01:00
lassegulterlmann: im not teasing or trying to be mean, just a friendly suggestion. because i do like those colours.01:00
terlmannwell whatever I will do , a thorough Gaussian blur come last :-)01:01
coz_anything new an interesting happening with the team at all ?01:01
Misosakicoz_: Define interesting?01:01
coz_Misosaki, beyond same old same old :)01:02
MisosakiWe're just looking at terlmann's work01:02
coz_ah may I look as well ?01:02
terlmannwait one01:02
terlmannI will look among my diminutive creations01:04
terlmannfor something better01:04
terlmannnot for now anyway01:05
_MMA_Then wouldnt taking it to a PM be better?01:05
terlmannonly really good work I did (also with the gimp) was my special branded pic online01:05
coz__MMA_, you the above conversation?01:06
_MMA_Its like talking to a group of people, and showing 1 person the pic of what you're talking about.01:07
_MMA_coz_: You wanted to look. Im sure others would as well.01:07
coz__MMA_, ah i see :)01:08
lassegul00:44 < terlmann> lassegul :  http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/6659/droprh3.jpg <<  is purely my picture01:08
coz__MMA_, well I just arrived so01:08
lassegultheres the link from before you joined.01:08
coz_lassegul, oh thanks :)01:09
coz_terlmann, this is an abstract color comp ?01:10
coz_terlmann, nice   I like the colors also... what was your goal with this image?01:14
coz_terlmann, was this a test of what you could do in gimp?01:21
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MisosakiHi swj01:25
coz_terlmann, sorry guy... I may be pushing for something I shouldnt have been01:26
swjdiverting the subject away from the WP for a while ;) I am wondering if any you know why the gnome icons/tango still have some blurry icons in app and system menu.  I realize you don01:26
swjignore the last part ;)01:26
swjI realize you do not actually have anything to do with the gnome icons...I'm just wondering how to fix or will it be fixed before release01:28
nothlitswj: if no one knows, you should file a bug on launchpad01:28
Misosakicoz_: He's probably just away01:28
nothlitor on g-i-t if you think its upstream01:29
Misosakiswj: Maybe because tango and gnome don't use the same size thing?01:29
Misosaki22x22 vs 24x2401:29
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Misosakiwb kwwii01:30
kwwiihi Misosaki01:30
kwwiibtw...is your real name Misosaki?01:32
kwwiijust wondering01:32
kwwiimy nick comes from my name; Kenneth Wesely Wimer II01:32
swjhm thanks01:33
nothlitMisosaki: btw, do you teach origami or something? was trying to find your portfolio and came across your wiki page :P01:33
kwwiiso people call me Ken or Wes01:33
Misosakilols No ... it's an anagram for a nick I most often use, but since the other nick is so short, it's often not allowed in some regs lols01:33
MisosakiHelen's fine, if you insist (or Hell)01:34
MisosakiUsually it's just Iko01:34
kwwiiyou can call me claire, we already have a few of those at the company01:34
lassegulkwwii: i dont get it :S01:35
MisosakiI have people call me Margaret, but well, that's another story01:35
kwwiilassegul: if you worked for canonical you would01:35
kwwiiwe have two claires01:35
kwwiiclaire one and claire two01:35
lassegulyeah i spoke with one clear today01:35
kwwiiyou spoke with clare one01:35
Misosaki(Incidentally related to the origami thing -- another fellow member is called Margaret)01:36
kwwiiclaire one01:36
kwwiithe other claire is leave after having a child so she is not around much01:36
MisosakiSo you're the other claire now? lol01:37
kwwiiis ....on.... leave01:37
kwwiilol, I wish01:37
kwwiimy wife is on a business trip as of today so I am a single father until the weekend01:37
kwwiiluckily I am the cook in the house anyway01:38
MisosakiThere's always McD01:38
kwwiinow if I was the one who washed the clothes01:38
kwwiiMisosaki: lol, we do not eat fast food01:39
Misosakikwwii: No way lol01:39
kwwiiI cooked a bolognese sauce for noodles for tomorrow this evening01:39
joejaxxcranberry juice ftw! :D01:39
=== lassegul is eating yesterdays birtday cake and drinking milk. mmmhm.
MisosakiHehehe, happy belated b-day, lassegul01:39
kwwiimy wife's father and sister will come for lunch tomorrow01:39
kwwiiI used to work as a cook a long time ago01:40
kwwiiactually, I opened several restaurants01:40
lassegulkwwii: whats your speciality?01:40
lassegul(i love hearing about tasty food)01:41
kwwiilassegul: pretty much anything01:41
kwwiiI am not so good at asian food outside of sushi and sashimi01:41
MisosakiDoesn't matter ... as long as you make lots of it and add free sake to the mix01:42
kwwiimy wife can still make better potatoe salad and mashed potatoes than I can01:42
kwwiishe is german and those are german specialties01:43
coz_kwwii, but can she paint with them :)01:43
coz_just a joke :)01:43
lassegulthis is an awesome animation. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:177718701:44
kwwiimy wife is the least creative person in the world01:44
lassegulkind of reminds me of Pink Floyd The wall movie animaton.01:44
Misosakikwwii: Btw, was just looking at your site ... nice icon work01:46
coz_I wonder if his parents got upset after they saw the smudges all over the room :)01:46
lassegulcoz_: i would think so.01:46
coz_but it was for arts sake  :)01:47
Misosaki@link: Oops01:47
kwwiidude, that is some freaking, amazing shit01:48
kwwiilassegul, I mean01:48
kwwiiI like it01:48
kwwiiMisosaki: well, been around for while01:48
lassegulkwwii: you did understand that i didnt make this?01:48
kwwiioxygen was my first icon project all on my own01:48
kwwiii was everaldo's boss for crystal01:49
kwwiiand I knew what I needed to improve01:49
kwwiimy website is pretty crappy though01:49
kwwiiI never really got finished01:49
kwwiithe job at canonical kinda took front row01:50
coz_kwwii, you are now working for coninical/01:50
kwwiicoz_: yepp, since January I work for them fulltime01:51
coz_kwwii, very cool  i assume you didnt have to move to south africa? :)01:51
kwwiiI did two 6 month contracts before that01:51
kwwiiI am an american who lives in germany01:51
coz_kwwii, oh nice!  what is it you do at coninical?01:52
kwwiicoz_: I do all the kubuntu artwork, a bit of edubuntu and I lead the ubuntu artwork01:54
kwwiiart director without getting paid for it01:54
kwwiiso to speak01:54
coz_kwwii, very nice     ...love edubuntu01:54
kwwiitime for sleep01:54
coz_kwwii, but you get paind right ?01:54
kwwiisleep now01:59
kwwiisee you all tomorrow01:59
coz_kwwii, ok guy sleep well01:59
lassegulill turn in as well02:08
lassegulgood night peeps.02:09
terlmannI just got bach'02:11
terlmannwas watching the ending of halo 3 :D02:11
terlmanngo here kwwii02:12
terlmannand observe something very weird02:12
terlmannOne half year ago, I made the picture at that link02:12
terlmannhttp://sinecera.de/rainbow.jpg is yours right ?02:13
terlmannstrange I say02:13
terlmannvery strange02:13
terlmannI never shared mine with anyone02:13
kwwiiterlmann: that is gimp magic and show what happens when people play around with plugins02:27
kwwiianyway, I am in bed aleady02:27
kwwiinight, again02:27
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MisosakiNight kwwii02:32
coz_is troy_s  here this evening ? :)02:41
coz_he must be asleep :)02:42
MisosakiHaven't heard from him the past few hours02:45
coz_Misosaki, ah ok I am sure he is in bed it must be aroun3am there02:45
Misosakicoz_: Ah02:45
coz_i will have to stop by earlier then   ...ok guys have a good night   all :)02:49
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coz_well i could t sleep :)04:06
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kwwiifor anyone who hasn't seen this yet:06:59
dmccallAh, Google Tech Talks is great :)07:29
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troy_sThese bloody lynchups are going to drive me to drink.10:31
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bersaceHi every one03:04
bersacewho's responsible for the new artwork ?03:04
bersaceis it planned to update GDM screen to fit new background ?03:04
lassegulbersace: kwwii is responsible. dont know about GDM theme03:05
bersacenice !03:05
bersacekwwii: !03:05
bersacekwwii:  do you plan to update gdm theme03:06
bersacei would like to update HumanList too03:06
=== terlmann [n=terlmann@] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
kwwiibersace: nope, no changes in gdm planned this time around03:15
bersacekwwii: sad :/03:15
kwwiiwhat would you want to change?03:15
_MMA_/me runs.03:16
=== terlmann catches _MMA_
kwwiiperhaps we could tweak the background or such03:18
terlmannkwwii : I does that ? :-P03:18
terlmannI am going to speak in a form of lolcat dialect sometimes...03:19
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artnaykwwii: the one with user list could need some tweaking03:19
terlmannI did submit a theme artnay03:20
lassegulkwwii: i saw that video on google tech you linked to this morning. it was interesting.03:20
artnaybut that's probably because of the limitations of GDM03:20
terlmannthe Avio theme , I think , i perfect03:20
artnayterlmann: link?03:20
terlmannI put it up on the wiki03:20
_MMA_kwwii: So I guess the art deadlines meant nothing? We ran into this as well. Tweaking things at the last minute to help placate the masses.03:20
terlmannat the gutsyideas page03:20
terlmannat the end03:20
kwwii_MMA_: yeah, I made those dates up03:21
kwwii_MMA_: I planned a little extra time for situations like this03:21
kwwiibut we don't want to spread that information around03:21
lassegulit would be cool to get that GDM theme changed.03:22
lasseguljust a little03:22
lasseguljust so people feel the evolution :)03:22
terlmannlassegul : just agree with me to base it on Avio03:22
lassegulterlmann: i would think its enough with a variation of the current theme.03:23
kwwiilassegul: perhaps we could tweak things a bit, but I would not want to change it radically as there is little time left to fix something if we break it03:23
artnayterlmann: avio is ok. currently the user list GDM theme looks like out of place03:23
terlmannwell Avio is one with a user list03:24
terlmannI think of it as all-purpose03:24
terlmannI altered it and added the elephant pic03:24
kwwiiterlmann: we can't change it that much03:25
artnayterlmann: it should be based on the same bg as the normal GDM theme03:26
terlmannfor the next release , kwwii , please try to get some of the old , old ,OLD pics from hoary/warty considered . They are darker, which is what we are looking for , and bringing some of them back would be , like , cool... as no one has them right now.03:26
=== kwwii heads out ot pick up the kid from guitar lesson, bbiab
terlmannartnay : with Avio that is a 1 second trick03:26
artnayterlmann: true03:27
kwwiiterlmann: I do not think that reverting to something old is a good idea...the plan so far is to go with black and orange03:27
kwwiiso  something darker but different03:27
kwwiimore orange03:27
kwwiianyway...gotta run...03:27
terlmannreally old03:27
terlmannI will google it03:27
lassegulMaybe just alter the colour on the current so that it matches the new wallpaper?03:31
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terlmannthis should be the template :-)03:37
terlmannwe want to go to darker brown , this is darker brown... all artists should use this as the example..03:37
lassegulterlmann: this was a template before it got removed for being bad03:39
terlmannthat was ?03:39
artnaywho wants to go? kwwii just stated that the idea (his and sabdfl's?) is to focus on black and orange03:39
terlmannkwwii said earlier that the focus was to get back to a darker color03:39
terlmannis a good artist03:40
terlmannkwwwii should look into this03:40
artnaygenerally the brown that has been used has been too dark! that's why people dislike it (imho)03:40
lassegulblack and orange can be very cool03:40
terlmannimho the dapper and feisty releases were just right03:40
artnaybrown just hasn't been used well03:40
terlmannbut I hate orange , just for your information03:41
artnaylassegul: agree :-)03:41
lassegulartnay: i agree with your statement too :)03:41
terlmannorange spells of chaos03:41
artnayI liked how AndyFitz used brown, it wasn't dominant colour but it still was brown03:43
=== _MMA_ wishes he had the dark power to summon troy_s.
lassegulhis cell phone number?03:43
_MMA_(I actually have it)03:44
artnayhttp://artnay.divxfinland.org/desktop.jpg - there's an example BG (just a teaser) from AndyFitz03:44
=== _MMA_ draws a pentagram on the floor and begins to chant.
lassegulartnay: yeah, this is nice.03:44
artnaylight brown is delicious ;-)03:44
=== terlmann grabs the holy water and shakes it all over the room
terlmannhttp://www.socksoff.co.uk/index.html << nother link for kwwii03:51
terlmannto find artists at03:51
kwwiiterlmann: I said earlier that we want to go black and orange, which is darker :-)03:52
terlmannI know that03:52
terlmannI am trying to find you some decent artists03:52
terlmannyou do have a scrollback right ?03:52
terlmannand the socksoff above03:53
terlmannand we have isobalax at deviantart03:53
lasseguli dont like his use of brown.03:53
terlmannthese guys should be notified03:53
lassegulterlmann: his name isnt isobalax03:54
kwwiiin any case I think that brown is not where we want to go03:54
lassegulterlmann: i remember you said it wrong last time too, then you found the right name.03:54
lassegulterlmann: what was that?03:54
terlmannisobalax is the user tag on devianart03:54
lassegulterlmann: no, its something similar.03:55
lassegulterlmann: isobalax.deviantart.com doesnt work.03:55
terlmanno yea03:56
terlmannwith a z03:56
=== terlmann is now known as terl|away
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bersacekwwii: hi04:37
bersacesorry, i didn't answered04:37
bersaceso, yes, i mean to migrate to gdm theme to be more consistent with the new background04:38
bersacesame for gnome-session splash (if any)04:38
JustinJosephso what is this?04:38
bersaceJustinJoseph: hi04:39
bersacewhat are you talking about ?04:39
JustinJosephwhat is Abuntu?04:39
kwwiihi bersace04:39
JustinJosephwhat's this chat for?04:39
lassegulJustinJoseph: this is the artwork channel for the official ubuntu04:39
JustinJosephI read art, figured it was a chatroom for artists?04:39
JustinJosephwas I wrong?04:39
bersacekind of04:39
kwwiibersace: we can probably tweak the background a bit04:40
JustinJosephso no digital artists here?04:40
bersacekwwii:  just a refresh04:40
kwwiibut I am not sure if sabdfl wants it to be really close to the wallpaper anyway04:40
lassegulJustinJoseph: only digital artists here :P04:40
=== terl|away is now known as terlmann
_MMA_JustinJoseph: Ones that want to work on Ubuntu art yes.04:40
JustinJosephany examples of anyones art?04:40
=== bersace is a tired of sabdfl inconsistent taste
terlmannI have a openpg key now :-)04:41
terlmannbersace : I agree04:41
kwwiiJustinJoseph: this channel is for artists who are interested in working on Ubuntu (and other variants thereof)04:41
bersaceseems that troy_s isn't there04:41
_MMA_JustinJoseph: It isnt a "general art" channel. ;)04:41
bersacedid he give up ?04:41
JustinJosephWhat is ubuntu?04:41
terlmannbersace : do you think that the FOSS community in general needs to slow down and stop changing the artwork every minor release ?04:41
bersaceJustinJoseph: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download04:42
_MMA_JustinJoseph: How did you come to be here?04:42
JustinJosephjust a quick description would be great04:42
JustinJosephMMA - I did a search on art channels04:42
JustinJosephand this came up ;)04:42
bersaceterlmann: i wish that Ubuntu artwork follows a true guideline04:42
JustinJosephI run this business http://www.nemesisstudios.com/04:42
bersaceterlmann: 6 month is far too straight for artwork04:42
bersaceterlmann: 2 years is good04:42
bersaceso, for each LTS, we should ends an artwork cycle04:43
terlmannbersace : wanna help me make one and blackmail kwwii and sabdfl into using it :-)04:43
JustinJosephI think I'm in the wrong place04:43
kwwiibersace: that is basically the plan04:43
bersaceJustinJoseph: i think too04:43
JustinJosephsorry for disturbing you fellows04:43
lassegulJustinJoseph: no problem04:43
kwwiiJustinJoseph: what were you looking for?04:43
=== JustinJoseph [n=jj@pool-71-182-209-154.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu-artwork []
kwwiioh well04:44
bersacekwwii: i thought it was something like that04:44
bersacebut it seems that Ubuntu has still some obscur decision especially regarding artwork04:44
=== bersace still doesn't understand how Human icons have been imposed
kwwiibersace: we are going to discuss straightening things out at the meeting on tuesday04:45
bersacewhere ?04:45
kwwiiI will set some very concise rules04:45
bersaceseems fschoep gave up too :/04:45
kwwiiin #ubuntu-meeting at 17:00 UTC04:45
bersacei shoud go there04:46
=== bersace adds an Evo reminder
=== bersace wonders if he's on UTC or UTC+1
lassegulbersace: where do you live?04:48
bersaceParis :)04:48
lassegulbersace: your are utc+204:49
bersacelassegul: thanks, where have you got the info ?04:49
bersacelassegul: thanks04:53
terlmannhey all I now have a home page on launchpad04:54
bersacewhich url ?04:55
bersacekwwii: did read some news about gnome-scan ?04:55
bersacei use PPA to publish latest version !04:55
terlmannhey kwwii05:06
terlmannis sabdfl@ubuntu.com marks adress ?05:06
terlmannI have an Ubuntero account now ! I decided to simply rss sabdfl's blog instead of inviting him to ubuntero05:11
terlmannI was going to ask if I could do a *Fake Mark* like the *Fake Steve* blog, but I decided it would be too much work :-)05:12
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lassegulhey kwwii, i know this is a bit off topic but; how do you fry a snitzel? Hard/soft heat? Do you cut it, too see if its ready?05:45
=== gouki_ [n=gouki@ubuntu/member/gouki] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
lassegulnever mind06:06
=== kworx_ [n=kworx@athedsl-145834.home.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
kwwiilassegul: I am a schnitzel expert :-)07:11
kwwiifirst off, you have to pound the meat very thin - the thinner the better07:12
kwwiibread it with flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs07:12
=== _MMA_ takes notes.
kwwiiand fry it in a 50-50 mixture of oil and butter07:12
kwwiinot too hot07:12
kwwiiwhen it starts to get stiff it is done07:13
kwwiiit should be nice and brown07:13
kwwiieveryone loves my schnitzel ;-)07:13
kwwiiit is the german equivalent to a hamburger07:14
troy_sjeebus there are a lot of folx idling in here atm.07:14
kwwiiif in doubt, order a schnitzel07:14
kwwiihi troy_s07:14
troy_sgreetz kwwii-el-schnitzel-head.07:14
kwwiitroy_s: they all want my schnitzel recipe07:14
troy_snot surprising -- you live in the motherland of schnitzel now.07:15
kwwiianother amazingly good german foodstuff is curry-wurst07:15
kwwiifatening as hell though07:15
troy_scurried sausage?07:15
kwwiiexactly :-)07:15
kwwiibasically a thick sausage kinda like bologne, fried in a pan with a curry ketchup on it07:16
kwwiithat and a dner kebab sandwich make up the standards of german fast-food07:17
kwwiibut enough about food07:17
troy_syeah that sounds about as healthy as fresh fruit.07:19
troy_si need a bikeshed filter for the forums.07:28
kwwiihehe, invent that and you might just get rich07:30
troy_sthe forums are wonderful, and the visceral responses are pretty solid.  it gets to be an issue when people pop off about theory without having a droplet of foundation.07:31
troy_sit also is a bit of a mixmash as the page turned into what appears to be 'hey this is what i can do'07:32
troy_sas opposed to following a concrete course07:32
troy_s(as expected, as the lessons learned have since been forgotten by a newer audience)07:33
kwwiiI have a theory about the length of a thread - it is proportionaly related to the amount of bikeshed07:33
troy_sThere certainly is bikeshed, but one can't just flush everything as it has turned into the defacto thread for discussion.07:34
kwwiigetting things back to a normal discussion is pretty hard though - turning a blind eye to the bikeshed is the best way but it is not easy07:40
=== kwwii is off to pick up the kid from basketball
terlmannonly beef-based food I love is meatloaf :-)08:04
=== terlmann [n=terlmann@] has left #ubuntu-artwork ["Leaving"]
kwwiilol, none of the food I mentioned had beef in it :p08:16
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nothlit`alphalassegul: there is certainly not only digital artists here lol. i'd say most of the people in here have some sort of art background10:03
lassegulnothlit`alpha: im sorry. maybe im mixing the words.10:17
nothlitlassegul: ahh, ok, i get what you mean then10:18
nothlitlassegul: what's your native language?10:18
lassegulnothlit: norwegian10:18
lasseguli thought that a digtal artist was an artist who does art digitally10:19
lassegulnothlit: as well as analouge.10:20
lassegulnothlit: or saying that you are a digital artist doesnt say that you cant also be an artist.10:20
nothlitwhat happened is that you said there are "only digital artists here"10:21
nothlitindicating that only artists that at least primarily do digital art reside in the channel10:21
lassegulnothlit: ok i get your point.10:21
=== Misosaki [n=chatzill@ip2-36.eyrkonaeac08.dialup.ca.telus.com] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
lassegulhi Misosaki10:23
MisosakiHey lassegul10:23
MisosakiWhat's up?10:24
lassegulnothlit was so bored that he had to correct my english. say something funny10:24
nothlitlassegul: lol, no sorry that wasn't my intention10:24
lassegulnothlit: no worries. im just kidding.10:24
nothlitoh ok10:25
=== nothlit is quite incapable of most sarcasm, and takes practically everything literally
MisosakiCan't do sarcasm? Lucky ... such optimism10:26
nothlitof most sarcasm lol10:27
nothliti can do dry10:27
nothlithmm, so I guess in the time between now and the meeting we can try to spread the word more10:28
MisosakiAbout the meeting or about getting ready for new designs?10:29
lassegulabout the meeting?10:29
lassegulMisosaki: :)10:29
Misosakilassegul: :)10:29
nothliti'd say spreading word about the meeting accomplishes both10:30
nothliti'm going to talk to the marketing team and see if i can't get it in the newsletter10:31
MisosakiForum spammage? lols10:32
MisosakiOr has that already been covered?10:34
lassegulMisosaki: not as a thread i think.10:34
=== _MMA_ [n=_MMA_@cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
Misosakiwb _MMA_10:35
_MMA_Yo. :)10:35
MisosakiThen as someone dressed in a paintbrush costume walking around?10:38
lassegulMisosaki: no its quoted by 23meg in the "what do you think about the new wallpaper"-thread.10:39
lassegulMisosaki: hehe. ill check it out.10:40
Misosakilassegul: Ah okay10:40
MisosakiAs good a place as any. The digg post might not be a good idea?10:41
lasseguli dont we should do that with the meeting.10:43
Misosaki(Too public?) Who should be attending the meeting though?10:43
MisosakiBesides the artists and those who want to get involved in doing the artwork10:43
lassegulMisosaki: anyone else?10:44
lassegulMisosaki: i think we should have a grand meeting, because that will probably hinder discussion10:45
nothlitwell a digg post, even considering the audience can't be too harmful, the sort that will leave scathing comments aren't likely to be the ones that take the time to clear their schedule for a meeting10:45
nothlitand figure out irc etc10:45
nothlitand people can't say we haven't tried then10:45
Misosakilassegul: Guess just about anyone who has a vested interest in the artwork -- usually Ubuntu users, but not always10:46
nothlitits up to you guys though, i'll tell you the approaches i try10:46
lassegulMisosaki: I dont think anyone will be satisfied with the meeting if it ends up in being a rant fest.10:46
lassegulMisosaki: that doesnt mean i wouldnt have lots of the forum users there.10:47
Misosakinothlit: Up to you. Will try lending an extra mouse if you need a splash image to go with a post or something10:48
kwwiiI do not see the point of having too many people who are not involved in the process to attend, what could they contribute?10:49
Misosakilassegul: Yeah ... though if the meeting is long enough and we have some semblance of order if other people want to ask questions or suggest something, then it should be okay10:49
kwwiithe point is to discuss ideas for how to improve the processes, not disucuss gutsy or the current artwork10:50
Misosakikwwii: Maybe not much, but at least it's an opportunity for them to say something10:50
kwwiiand it is not going to be a time for people to discuss how they want the decision making process to be10:50
kwwiiMisosaki: no, that will do nothing10:50
lassegulMisosaki: we should include lots of people elsewhere then the meetings. the goal of the meeting must be to get a message through and discuss some visions. we should do the active inclusion elsewhere.10:50
kwwiithere is no point in discussing this stuff now10:51
kwwiithe point of the meeting is to discuss exactly the topics that I posted (and the additional one)10:51
Misosakikwwii: Okay. I trust you'll make it clear at the start of the meeting what it will be (and not be) about.10:51
kwwiiif too many people interupt they will just get kicked from the channel10:52
kwwiiMisosaki: the mail and wiki page with the topics should make that clear10:52
nothlitkwwii: this is what i'm sending to the newletter https://people.fluxbuntu.org/~nothlit/communitytheme/hardy/newslettersubmission.txt10:52
Misosakikwwii: It should, but some people go off topic anyway because they figured they can talk out and be heard.10:53
nothliti'm sure some sort of order will be kept?10:53
kwwiiwhich newsletter?10:55
kwwiiMisosaki: they will be told that they are off-topic and if they do not stop they will be removed from the channel10:55
kwwiinothlit: I do not like the wording of that text10:56
kwwiiwhy talk about the discontent10:56
Misosakikwwii: nods Okay.10:56
kwwiiI do not see the need for that text10:56
nothlitkwwii: do you want to reword it? or just take out that sentence10:56
kwwiipost the topics if you want with a notice that we are having a meeting but I do not see the point of posting text like that anywhere10:56
kwwiiand it is not about choosing rules and guidelines for contributors but about talking about how best to communicate the rules and guidelines10:57
kwwiiI will clearly explain the decision making process10:58
kwwiithe rules will also be clearly stated, although in another meeting once we know how best to communicate them10:58
kwwiiand it is not ever going to be a discussion of deciding the artwork direction10:59
kwwiiI will clearly give a direction10:59
kwwiifor anything that is going to be default that is the way that things will work10:59
kwwiipeople have already started to post artwork on the wiki for hardy which are, to put it simply, useless11:00
kwwiithey might be nice additions to some community package but they are not in line with what we want as default11:01
kwwiiput it this way: we know what we want we only need help getting there11:02
nothlitkwwii: ok, i've updated the link11:02
nothlitThanks for clearing things up btw11:03
nothlitor, for correcting my misinterpretation11:03
kwwiinothlit: sounds much better now11:04
lassegul"this meeting is not for voicing your discontent, and is about making things better." should maybe leaves too much open for interpretation?11:04
kwwiiyeah, people will probably start posting their "good ideas"11:05
lassegul"This meeting is not for voicing your discontent, but coordinate the work toward the next release Hardy Heron"11:06
=== buttercups [n=me@adsl-70-224-59-73.dsl.sbndin.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
lassegulor something like that11:06
kwwiithat sounds better11:06
nothlitok sent11:11
dmccallOctober 2, right?11:11
dmccallRandom question: Who is in charge of the default settings for Compiz?11:11
kwwiiwhich newsletter, btw?11:11
kwwiidmccall: canonical...what exactly are you thinking?11:11
kwwiidmccall: you could talk to Macslow11:12
nothlitkwwii: is there another?11:27
=== _MMA_ [n=_MMA_@cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
dmccallkwii: I'm thinking that Compiz's settings fall very closely in line with the rest of the theming, and so default configurations for Desktop Effects should be suggested by the same group that does the rest of the theme ;)11:43
dmccallFor example, the default settings, at the moment, for Compiz in Gutsy are rather different from Ubuntu's regular appearance, and not entirely consistent with themselves11:44
dmccall(Fonts seem quite varied, for example)11:45
nothlitdoes artwork have that much power lol11:45
kwwiinothlit: another what?11:50
kwwiidmccall: we are all on the same team although Macslow just joined the team11:50
kwwiidmccall: you have brought up a very good piont11:50
kwwiiand yes, the artwork team, through myself could improve on this11:51
kwwiidmccall: feel free to send me any suggestions you have and I can make sure that they get to the right place11:51
nothlitkwwii: newsletter11:53
_MMA_kwwii: Some ideas I had. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/OfficialHardyIncoming/Wallpaper11:54
kwwiinothlit: to be honest, I have never seen that before11:57
nothlitlol, i haven't either, just knew there was a newsletter somewhere11:58
kwwii_MMA_: the marshall cabinet looks awesome11:58
lassegulkwwii: it has actually been dugg to digg frontpage a couple of times.11:58
kwwiiadd perhaps a couple of scraps of paper on top with some funky text or such11:58
=== kwwii loves his marshall ;-)
kwwii_MMA_: I am somewhat of a metal freak myself11:59
kwwiii played in bands for a long time...been thinking about starting up again11:59
kwwiiI never miss a motrhead concert :-)12:00
_MMA_kwwii: I looked around Boston for something to hit with Jono while I was there but I couldnt really find anything.12:00
kwwiilol, it would be soooo cool to go to a concert with Jono and others12:01
kwwiibut he digs death metal12:01
_MMA_My favorite place in Worcester (45mins away) has mostly Hi-Hop all week. Im into some. Just not the commercial stuff.12:01
kwwiigetting older I have taken to listening to all kinds of music12:02
kwwiimy wife keeps looking at me funny when she comes in my office and i am listening to some old hank williams sr. or such12:02
_MMA_I grew up on stuff from Motown on up.12:02
kwwiiold hank wrote some fscked up music12:02
_MMA_Ive been to see Hank III. :)12:03
_MMA__He's_ crazy.12:03
kwwiiafter living in missouri for so long I hated country but then I found that there is a totally other side to it12:03
kwwiiactually I just bought a new microphone today12:03
_MMA_Well country now, isnt country.12:04
_MMA_Whatcha buy?12:04
kwwiimy son takes guitar lessons...at his recital they played korn12:04
lassegulhow old is he?12:04
kwwiiI have this mp3 of my son and others playing korn and it rocks12:04
_MMA_Ibenez 7-string and all?12:04
lassegul9 and he plays korn. lol12:04
kwwiiit was the guitar teachers idea12:05
kwwiigreat teacher12:05
lassegulschool of rock maybe?12:05
kwwii_MMA_: nope, but it is more like an orchestra of little kids with nylon strings accompanying an electric band12:06
_MMA_Cute. :)12:06
kwwiithey learn classical guitar but they always go back to learning newer stuff to keep them interested12:06
_MMA_Its been neat to see Korn evolve. I was a fan of the 1st 2 albums. Saw them in tons of dinky clubs 94-98.12:06
kwwiithey also played F.U.C.K from the bloodhound gang12:07
kwwiisomething like that can only happen in germany12:07
_MMA_Best guitarists I know can play various styles. Jazz/Blues is usually a good base.12:07
kwwiiyeah, I couldn't get into jazz when I was younger for some reason12:11
kwwiiI went to college on a music scholarship12:11
kwwiiI played piano mainly but also trumpet, baby tuba, bass and guitar12:12
lassegulkwwii: and you went on to be a chef and then your interest for art led you to computers?12:12
_MMA_Im a Art Blakey fan. I have some live stuff with him and Winton Marcellas.12:12
lassegulkwwii: thats some wierd career.12:13
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kwwiilassegul: and I finshed with a degree in civil engineering12:15
kwwiithen I started cooking12:16
_MMA_Wow. :)12:16
lassegulkwwii: and you are how old?12:16
lassegul(if I may ask?12:16
_MMA_Ancient. In his 30's. ;)12:16
lassegula regular leonardo davinci then :)12:17
kwwiimet a german girl, fell in love, sold everything and moved to germany....opened several restaurants...got sick of that, started a company making tv commercials and music videos12:17
_MMA_kwwii is a "Hoff" fan. :D12:17
kwwiigot a job at suse after my son was born to pay the bills12:17
kwwii_MMA_: lol, anything but that12:18
lasseguli need sleep. You guys have fun and play safe. good night.12:21

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