xivulonI think it's something to do with the loopdevices12:36
xivulonremoving the loopdevice && mkfs.ext3 root.disk #works12:37
xivulonalso recreating the loopdevices and running mkfs.ext3 /dev/loop2 works12:37
xivulonif I target the original loop devices though it jams12:38
evandI'd say you're right then :)12:41
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CIA-18ubiquity: superm1 * r2164 mythbuntu-ubiquity/ (3 files in 3 dirs): migrate to xfce autologin10:05
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xivuloncjwatson, had a go at wubi yesterday, I also got stopped at mkfs create hournal10:55
cjwatsonI'll switch back to non-sparse files post-beta like you suggested and we'll see how that goes10:56
xivulonI tried that but it did not make any difference10:56
xivulonthe wierd thing is this10:56
xivulonif I stop just before the makefs command and run mkfs.ext3 /host/ubuntu/install/root.disk it works10:57
xivulonif I do the same targeting the loop device it does not10:57
xivulonif I create the file, loop device and run mkfs on the loopdevice without running ubiquity it also works10:58
xivulonI stopped there yesterday night, did not run any trace10:59
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xanax`is this channel about wubi ?01:06
cjwatson12:07 -!- Topic for #ubuntu-installer: Development of d-i and ubiquity in Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallerDevelopment01:07
cjwatsonwe have been working on integrating wubi lately, but if it's help with wubi you need then there may be better places01:07
xivulonxanax`: please use ubuntuforums.org01:08
xanax`Thanks. I will.01:10
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xivulonxanax`: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=23401:15
xivulonI am ago in the forum01:15
xivuloncjwatson any thought on previous comments?01:15
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cjwatsonnot now, sorry01:17
xivuloncjwatson, I can try a bit tonight, but I will be away till monday01:20
cjwatsonI'm sorry but it's beta day and I have a couple of important software deliveries to finalise01:28
cjwatsonI won't have any time today01:28
xivulonnp, if I find anything I'll send you an email, then we can resume on monday01:33
xivulonbesto of luck with the beta!!!01:33
xivulonby the way cjwatson, we could have shipped wubi, limited to Use-CD/Read-Only mode, it would have been useful for people with bios issues. Don't know why I didn't think of that01:46
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mebrownquestion: for automatic-ubiquity, I need to install language support for many languages (in oem-mode) so that the customer can choose their langauage on first boot04:53
mebrownI dont see anything in the preseed docs for installing multiple languages04:54
cjwatsonmebrown: ought to be possible by preseeding pkgsel/language-packs (string type) to a space-separated list of language codes04:56
mebrownso something like:04:56
mebrownd-i pkgsel/lanague-packs string language-pack-XX language-pack-YY ...04:57
cjwatsonnot quite04:58
cjwatsond-i pkgsel/language-packs string XX YY04:58
mebrownIs it documented somewhere that I missed?04:59
cjwatsonnot that I can see, no05:00
mebrownok. just making sure.05:00
cjwatsonfeel free to file a bug on installation-guide asking for that05:00
mebrowncjwatson,  I have been out of commission for a day and a half now, so I'm out of the loop... have you finished your beta-stuff?05:01
cjwatsonI'm finishing for the day now, I got two hours of sleep last night and I think my wife would like to remember what I look like05:01
cjwatsonmebrown: I've asked evand to take care of your automation needs05:01
cjwatsonsince he implemented ubiquity-automation in the first place :)05:01
mebrownok. so I am getting up to speed on how gutsy dev works...05:03
mebrownhow long would it take to get into a daily build?05:03
cjwatsonit was my understanding that you would be OK with applying patches for a little while, and that getting into the archive was not immediately critical05:04
mebrownyes, it is.05:04
mebrownbut inconvenient...05:04
cjwatsonunderstood, but the archive doesn't unfreeze after beta until tomorrow, and we also have a responsibility not to break things for other users at this point05:04
cjwatsonso Friday is a little bit short really05:05
cjwatsonbut anyway, in general it takes a couple of hours from upload to available-in-the-archive05:05
mebrownok. was hoping something next week actually05:05
mebrownI already committed myself to using patches for my friday deadline05:05
cjwatsonassuming that we have patches ready on Friday, that should be no problem05:05
mebrownOk. Thanks.05:06
mebrownI'm off to hack on things for another round.05:06
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superm1cjwatson, do you merge if i my changes back to the normal ubiquity branch now that the beta was released?06:23
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labroidI am unable to configure RAID and LVM via the Feisty installers (server and alternate tried).  I have also tried the shell within the installers to no avail.  Is this the right forum?07:05
labroidI will try general forums.  Thanks.07:06
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bdmurrayevand: bug 145727 might be a quick fix08:35
evandbdmurray: what did you have on your other partitions when you noticed this bug?08:40
bdmurrayan exisitng gutsy install on one, my ext3 home partition on another and vista with ntfs08:42
evandahh, that reinforces my theory that this only happens with Vista.  It may end up being a duplicate of 135149, but I wont know until I get logs for both bugs.08:42
evandthanks for bringing this to my attention08:43
bdmurrayevand: I probably still have logs what do you need?08:44
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evand /var/log/installer/debug (wont be there unless you passed --debug) and /var/log/syslog08:45
evandIf you don't have the time for that, don't worry about it.  I have a Vista install in VMWare and I'll see if I can reproduce this a little later in the day.08:47
bdmurray145712 is probably related too08:47
evandhrmm, it looks like the same section of code, but a different bug.  I need to make that routine bulletproof before RC.  This is not the first time I've seen bugs related to mounting and unmounting partitions in m-a.08:51
bdmurrayWould a bug report about the netboot belong with the debian-installer package?09:03
evandThat's probably a good starting point for it.  netcfg might be more appropriate, but I am not certain about that.09:10
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bdmurrayI thought I had seen a bug report about language installation issues.  Is there a "master" bug for that?09:27
evandthe one about the installer hanging when trying to download new lang packs?  Not that I know of.09:33
evandFeel free to make one :)09:33
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bdmurrayokay 145012 seems good and I found 2 dups so far11:16
evandto an extent :)11:21
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mebrowncjwatson, ping... the early_command.diff you sent Tuesday appears to work ok11:55
evandmebrown: he left for the day, but I'll be happy to field any questions12:07
mebrownno questions for now.12:07
mebrownjust wanted to let him know that the patch works (and hopefully will show up in a daily soon... :)12:08
mebrownnow just looking at hacking something in for late_command12:08
evandindeed, I'm on it.  We should be able to get it in tomorrow when the archive re-opens12:08
mebrowndo you have a patch that I can apply locally?12:09
mebrownor should I just continue my hackish-hacking?12:09
evandI'm working on patches as we speak.  I have a patch for preseeding the reboot done and tested if you'd like it.12:09
mebrowndont absolutely need that one right now12:10
mebrownI need late_command12:10
evandI'll let you know as soon as I have that ready.12:10
mebrownbecause I can (will, actually) be scripting in a reboot in late_command, so the preseed for reboot is going to be more useful to other people.12:10

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