AaronL2for instance, there might be multiple wireless access points01:19
AaronL2and you want a different IP address for each one01:19
AaronL2or a proxy for one but not the other01:19
AaronL2or a different WEP key, etc.01:19
ToddBrandtwell gnome just pops up the root user password dialog when you kick off network mananger, we could do the same things here but the consensus is that it's annoying01:19
AaronL2yeah, and I wouldn't expect the user to know it on an actual device01:20
AaronL2the OEM might not want that01:20
ToddBrandtactually all that is already changeable by nm-applet, it's pretty slick01:20
AaronL2true, but once you change with nm-applet01:20
AaronL2does it remember static IP address, DHCP, proxy servers, etc.?01:21
AaronL2that are specific to that connection?01:21
AaronL2then what do you need the network control panel applet for?01:21
ToddBrandtthe question I don't know the answer to is where01:21
ToddBrandti.e. what actual files contain those settings and why is network configuration not using those instead of digging into a root-user area of the fs01:22
AaronL2ToddBrandt:  which package installs the network icon in the status bar?01:23
ToddBrandtoh I see, it saves in gconf and the gnome keyring and those changes are picked up by the NetworkManager daemon01:23
ToddBrandtnetwork-manager installs the daemon, network-manager-gnome installs the nm-applet status bar applet.01:24
ToddBrandtwe're building network-manager-gnome on moblin temporarily as we make some minor tweaks, so if you apt-get the version should be 0.6.5-moblin001:24
AaronL2well, /usr/sbin/NetworkManager seems to be being run as root01:25
AaronL2and the applet probably communicates with it01:25
ToddBrandtthe configuration applet must be circumventing NetworkManager and using the if scripts01:26
AaronL2also, I think it uses dbus to communicate01:27
AaronL2I doubt it even knows about network manager01:27
AaronL2but of course, if you already have nm-applets, why do you even need the network control panel applet?01:27
=== kwwii [n=kwwii@khepri.openbios.org] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
AaronL2the way I see it, it might be useful for just getting some current information about the network settings01:28
AaronL2but any changes are made using nm-applets01:28
ToddBrandthmm, that's an interesting point01:30
AaronL2still, having two separate network thingies might confuse the user01:30
AaronL2might be best just to have one, nm-applets01:30
ToddBrandtIt's really on there for advanced users who have some wierd non-standard network01:30
AaronL2but, the changes would be lost when the user switched to a different wireless network01:30
AaronL2or, if not lost, possibly conflict01:30
ToddBrandtnm-applets stores all the changes in gconf, you can switch back and forth with a single click01:31
AaronL2right, but you were referring to advanced users who have some weird non-standard network01:31
ToddBrandtnm-applet doesn't allow you to set up a static ip though, or manually add in DNS servers01:32
AaronL2such settings as you were referring to are probably only accessible via the network control panel applet01:32
AaronL2and if you change them there, I don't think they will be remembered or even known by nm-applets01:32
ToddBrandtoh, yea right01:32
AaronL2so, the user switches to another hotspot01:32
AaronL2and changes made to network control panel applet could actually conflict01:32
AaronL2I don't think it is realistic that such special situations will come up01:33
AaronL2I think it's mostly going to DHCP via a wireless network01:33
AaronL2s/to/to be01:33
ToddBrandtinterestingly, gnome-nettool is already available and provides all the info on the connections01:34
ToddBrandtif it's just a read-only applet we want that might be a better starting point01:35
AaronL2except that it crashed when I clicked the ping tab01:35
AaronL2and it isn't ported to Hildon :-)01:35
ToddBrandtexactly, it needs hildonization01:35
ToddBrandtBut we could easily add it into moblin applets01:35
AaronL2yeah, perhaps01:35
ToddBrandtAaronL2: oh, and network configuration apparantly uses liboobs as its interface01:38
ToddBrandtLiboobs is a lightweight library that provides a GObject based interface01:38
ToddBrandtto system-tools-backends. It's completely abstracted of the01:38
ToddBrandtcommunication and authentication details, making it easy for01:38
ToddBrandtapplications to integrate with the system details.01:38
ToddBrandtsounds kindof hacky01:38
AaronL2liboops? :-)01:41
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defendguinhi i was thinking of installing ubuntu mobile on my dell axim 5x  i know it has a 400mhz intel processor but i don't know if it is x86   04:07
mjg59It's not04:07
mjg59The Axims are all ARM04:08
mjg59We don't support ARM at the moment04:08
defendguinwhat a bummer04:08
defendguinit doesn't have a wireless card built in what wireless cards are supported for these devices?04:10
defendguinwhat other distributions use the gnome mobile and embedded platform?04:11
mjg59As far as I know, the Linux port to the X5 never got to a usable state04:14
mjg59It was missing a native bootloader and proper support for the flash04:14
defendguinmy ipaq doesn't even have a slot for a wireless card04:16
defendguini installed gpe on it but it was not very useful without a network connection and very buggy 04:16
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dholbachgood morning07:35
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asacToddBrandt: ok, can you please target the changelog for gutsy upload (changelog: UNRELEASED -> gutsy + update changelog date) and commit that to git?12:53
ToddBrandtasac: this is the changelog entry I;m pushing:01:01
ToddBrandtmoblin-applets (0.7) gutsy; urgency=low01:01
ToddBrandt  * added man page, fixed all the remaining lintian package01:01
ToddBrandt    warnings and errors.01:01
ToddBrandt  * moving to ubuntu gutsy01:01
ToddBrandt -- Todd Brandt <todd.e.brandt@intel.com>  Thu, 27 Sep 2007 10:55:32 +000001:01
ToddBrandtit;s pushed01:02
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asacToddBrandt: ok great02:59
=== andrunko [n=andrunko@] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
Mithrandiragoliveira: can you test today's daily on your q1 and make sure you see hildonised apps?03:00
agoliveiraMithrandir: Sure, I'll start to download now.03:01
=== agoliveira is eargerly waiting to see hildonized apps :)
asacToddBrandt: hmmm you left over an UNRELEASED changelog ... maybe merge them next time03:05
agoliveiraHmmm... will take some time tought... the download is kind of slugish...03:06
asacToddBrandt: uploaded03:08
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asacToddBrandt: whats your launchpad id?03:29
asacMithrandir: gksu is not available in UME default install? Whats the idea?03:34
Mithrandirasac: I guess we could make it be.03:41
=== amitk [n=amit@a91-154-119-106.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
asacMithrandir: ok ... i would need it to include the nm-applet patch todd submitted (to open UME network configuration).03:54
Mithrandirsounds like NM should depend appropriately and it'll be pulled in03:56
asacok ... fine.03:57
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bspencer_kwwii:   you on ?05:14
HappyCampasac, Is moblin-applets good for you?05:21
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
kwwiibspencer_: I am heading out the door...be back in about an hour05:24
bspencer_kwwii: ok.  see ya !05:24
bspencer_kwwii:   I was just going to chat about themes :)05:25
bspencer_a never-ending topic05:25
bspencer_but can wait.05:25
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HappyCampdholbach, any change you might be willing to help me get moblin-chat into Ubunut?05:49
dholbachit should be already05:49
dholbachcurrently in a meeting, but I'll check its state in a bit05:49
HappyCampokay, thanks :)05:49
dholbachdaniel@lovegood:~$ apt-cache showsrc moblin-chat | grep ^Dir05:50
dholbachDirectory: pool/universe/m/moblin-chat05:50
dholbachdaniel@lovegood:~$ apt-cache show moblin-chat | grep ^File05:50
dholbachFilename: pool/universe/m/moblin-chat/moblin-chat_0.11.2ubuntu2_i386.deb05:50
dholbachdaniel@lovegood:~$ 05:50
dholbachshould be there05:50
=== agoliveira grumbles... the bluetooth keyboard he wanted to test with the Q1 went the Dodo way :(
=== mawahlen [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-33ea3ec4ebb0d50b] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
HappyCampWoo hoo!  Only four more minutes to meeting time!!!! :D05:56
HappyCampdholbach, thanks.05:56
=== HappyCamp wonders who put moblin-chat into ubuntu??
dholbachHappyCamp: I uploaded it, when we were all in Boston05:57
HappyCampAh, so we need to push a newer version.05:57
Mithrandiramitk,asac,kwwii: Around?  Meeting in two05:58
HappyCampSilly me.  Okay.  Now I remember.  So I need to to look at that patch file again.05:58
Mithrandirhiya Mauri05:58
mawahlenHi Tollef05:58
=== agoliveira wonders why is HappyCamp so happy about a meeting :P
HappyCampagoliveira, I'm just wierd like that ;)  Unfortunately I have a phone meeting at the same time :(06:00
=== dholbach is in the CC meeting at the same time
=== wasikevin [n=KevinHua@221-169-13-105.adsl.static.seed.net.tw] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
=== asac waves
agoliveiraThat meeting for sure going to be fun :)06:00
Mithrandirmawahlen: do you have all your people here?06:01
=== cwong1 [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-d36af33efed55c8e] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
bspencer_only missing rusty06:01
=== Praj [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-38ce5a5c31932668] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
mawahlenRusty isn't at his desk...06:01
mawahlenstill looking for him06:01
bspencer_he was sick yesterday06:02
bspencer_maybe he didn't pull through06:02
=== rustyl [n=rusty@c-76-27-226-169.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
Mithrandirand we're still missing Charlie06:02
Mithrandirhi rusty06:02
rustylor afternoon06:02
agoliveiraMithrandir: BTW, the daily image seems to have some sort od splash problem as the screen flashes like crazy during boot but boots normally otherwise for what I can see.06:02
=== lenkawell [n=len@fw.pepper.com] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
amitkI am here06:03
=== Don_Johnson [i=dkjohns2@nat/intel/x-1b833ae5710be821] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
agoliveirahmmm... also can't switch to a console....06:04
Mithrandiragoliveira: on the Q1?06:04
agoliveiraMithrandir: Yep06:04
Mithrandirhm, ok.06:05
Mithrandirhello Don_Johnson06:05
MithrandirDon_Johnson: have you seen Charlie today?06:05
Don_Johnsonhello,  yes charlie is in his office, and should be calling in06:05
Mithrandirok, good06:06
=== Charliefjohnson [i=cfj@nat/intel/x-6ddf2a147bafd917] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
bspencer_besides, Charlie would never like that06:06
bspencer_oh, never mind, here he is06:06
Charliefjohnsonbspencer_: Like what?06:06
bspencer_Charliefjohnson: just kidding :)  welcome06:07
Mithrandirhiya Charlie06:07
Mithrandirlet's start then.06:07
MootBotMeeting started at 17:07. The chair is Mithrandir.06:07
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC] , [IDEA] , [ACTION] , [AGREED] , [LINK] , [VOTE] 06:07
MithrandirI don't see any extra agenda items on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/Meeting .  dholbach has requested to go first with his item.06:08
dholbachI just have one quick agenda item; I'm in the Community Council meeting at the same time. I wanted to remind you all of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess - it seems that the stream of uploads that concern ubuntu-mobile is quite steady, but it'd really help to get you all as Ubuntu developers, if you did some uploads yourself using the usual process. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Hopeful/Recruitment outlines how to get there.06:08
Mithrandir[TOPIC]  Using SponsorshipProcess (DanielHolbach)06:08
MootBotNew Topic:  Using SponsorshipProcess (DanielHolbach) 06:08
dholbachDoes anybody have any questions about that?06:08
agoliveiraOh... that was quick :)06:08
bspencer_dholbach:  I understand that we need to fill out a long FreezeException bug06:09
bspencer_dholbach: but I haven't gone through the SponsorshipProcess 06:09
dholbachbspencer_: for new upstream versions?06:09
Mithrandirbspencer_: that depends on your change, but for some cases, yes, you do.06:09
dholbachhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess explains who to talk to and what kind of information to provide06:09
MootBotLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess explains who to talk to and what kind of information to provide 06:09
dholbachPlease talk to me about that: ping me on IRC, drop me a mail; I'm happy to help you get started with whatever you need to get into Ubuntu06:10
=== ToddBrandtClone [i=tebrandt@nat/intel/x-5d281671a3b4a797] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
robr_homehi everyone06:10
agoliveiraYeah, ask dholbach because seb128 is too picky! :)06:11
Charliefjohnsondholbach:  I can't really comment since I understand what we're talking about.  I'll have to read that web page.06:11
dholbachagoliveira: tssssss :)06:11
=== agoliveira ducks
dholbachCharliefjohnson: that's fine - let me know if you have any questions06:11
ian_brasilcool, i wanna be a MOTU too06:11
MithrandirI'd like to echo what Daniel's saying here, what we want to happen is you guys to be able to contribute directly so uploads happen smoother and we don't end up blocking on people.06:11
agoliveiraian_brasil: Get in the line :)06:11
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: Oh - this is starting to make more sense.06:12
dholbachbasically other will upload packages for you (you send patches / packages in by bug reports that have the right people subscribed to it), once you have gone through the process a few times; you can ask the MOTU Council to get an approved MOTU (ubuntu developer) yourself06:12
=== ToddBrandt is now known as ToddBrandtHologr
=== ToddBrandtClone is now known as ToddBrandt
agoliveiradholbach: That's a good point: you have to ask or this is something the council pay attention to?06:13
dholbachagoliveira: once your sponsors (people who do uploads for you) tell you "man, you're doing well, you should be able to do this yourself", you should ask the MC; also a good idea to CC your sponsors06:13
agoliveiradholbach: Got it.06:14
=== agoliveira still have a long way to go... :)
dholbachany more questions?06:14
Mithrandirok, moving on then06:15
dholbachthat's all from me; feel free to ping me and talk to me if you need anyting06:15
Mithrandir[TOPIC]  Action items from last meeting06:15
MootBotNew Topic:  Action items from last meeting 06:15
Mithrandiragoliveira: you were to look at the packaging of the theme based on what's on LP, what's happened with that?06:16
Mithrandirlp = launchpad06:16
agoliveiraMithrandir: I'm modifing the theme-tools to use this theme as a base so one can modify it and generate a new theme easily, ready to upload.06:17
bspencer_agoliveira: is this kwwii 's theme?06:17
=== guardian [n=guardian@ANantes-252-1-20-2.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
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Mithrandiragoliveira: it's ready to upload?  Have you pushed it into the SponsorshipProcess?06:18
agoliveiraMithrandir: Not yet, it still have some issues with the resulting package. Sometimes the splitter crashes.06:19
agoliveiraBut shouldn't take much longer, I'll return to it as soon as I finish the tests I'm doing with the new images.06:19
agoliveiraNo problem.06:19
bspencer_agoliveira: does this theme include the marquee?06:20
bspencer_we can take it offline ... nevermind06:20
agoliveirabspencer_: I don't remember seeing it.06:20
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: you were to talk with Steve and Bryce about PSB/exa 2.1; how's that gone?06:20
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: I was out of town Mon-Wed so no.  06:21
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir:  With it looking like UME is going to rebase on Hardy - it seams to be a mute point though.06:21
Mithrandirok.  This still needs resolving, right?06:21
Mithrandirok, so we'll drop it then06:22
MithrandirToddBrandt: you sent an email about gconf and dbus to the list; is there anything which needs further discussion or clarification there?06:22
ToddBrandtI don't think so, bspencer_?06:23
bspencer_oy, did I see that email?06:23
bspencer_was that asking whether we need dbus for gconf?06:23
ToddBrandtI sent it to the ubuntu-mobile list06:23
ToddBrandtbasically the idea is that we need to wait until we're using gconf more aggressively so we can compare the speed benefit/loss by relying on DBUS instead of CORBA06:24
Mithrandirok, sounds fine to me.06:24
bspencer_yes, right.  I want gconf+dbus, but ToddBrandt said it is a couple days work.  We are going to focus on it after the current stuff06:24
ToddBrandtbspencer_: right06:24
Mithrandirsounds fine to me.06:24
MithrandirI was to send Charliefjohnson a list of licences for UME stuff; we discussed that offline last week, so I believe that's resolved now?06:25
=== phanatic_ [n=phanatic@dsl5402BA8B.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir:  The GPLv3 issue is being worked outside this meeting.   Canonical is suppose to give what they believe is the GPLv3 roadmap for packages you're including.06:26
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: ack06:26
Mithrandirmoving on then.06:27
Mithrandir[TOPIC]  Status reports06:27
MootBotNew Topic:  Status reports 06:27
Mithrandircwong1: can you please start to send your status report a bit earlier than just when the meeting starts?06:27
bspencer_cwong1: is such a slacker!06:28
cwong1Mithrandir: wil do.. sorry06:28
bspencer_always 2mins late06:28
Mithrandircwong1: thanks.06:28
=== bspencer_ needs to send his earlier also
Mithrandirbspencer_: can you give us an update on chat?06:28
=== bspencer_ grimaces
Mithrandirah, you did to the list, sorry.06:28
bspencer_well, moblin-chat is functional06:28
bspencer_and I think it has been uploaded06:28
bspencer_yes, it is in the status06:28
Mithrandirmoblin-chat | 0.11.2ubuntu2 | gutsy/universe | source, amd64, i386, powerpc06:29
Mithrandirit's in gutsy06:29
bspencer_Mithrandir: thanks06:29
Mithrandirif it needs updating, HappyCamp should be pushing for that06:29
bspencer_Mithrandir: right I saw him say that06:29
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: I didn't see an update about mobile-hw-decode, is there any progress to report apart from "working on it"?06:30
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir:  hw-video-decode will be made available for upload into UME as an Beta around Oct. 12th.  Same as graphics.06:31
bspencer_Charliefjohnson: any indication of the performance of the 3D graphics on that date?06:32
bspencer_will an OpenGL desktop be functional?06:32
bspencer_with limited animations ?06:32
Charliefjohnsonbspencer_: it should be.  That is the first time the 3D driver will be available.  There is an issue with redistribution license that we're working since the 3D driver is closed.06:33
bspencer_hm, what does that mean for Ubuntu?06:34
=== agoliveira hope that the closeness of this driver does not have the same effect that had for Nokia.
CharliefjohnsonIt means we have to get our ducks in a row as far as the license.  We're looking at modeling the license to be similar to the firmware license Intel's uses for WiFi.06:34
Charliefjohnsonagoliveira: What's the Nokia effect you mention?06:35
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: having the licence ready as early as possible so we have time to review it would be very useful.06:35
agoliveiraCharliefjohnson: There was a lot of developers that fled from N770/N800 due the closeness of some parts of the system.06:36
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: This Intel legal beavers are working on it right now.  06:36
agoliveiraBut this is an issue for another time, I guess.06:36
bspencer_agoliveira: "fled"  06:37
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: ok.06:37
bspencer_sounds dramatic06:37
amitkagoliveira: N800 does not use the 3D acceleration HW, they do use the DSP though.06:37
agoliveiraamitk: I didn't mean to compare the hardware part but the closeness problem :)06:37
Mithrandircan we move on?06:37
Charliefjohnsonamitk: N800 uses a PowerVR 3D graphics core ?  If so, they had the same issue we did.06:38
MithrandirI think that covers the status reports missing from the mailing list.06:38
Mithrandirunless somebody feels I've missed them?06:39
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir:  Was there a power policy management update?  Did the blueprint get created?06:39
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: the power-management-in-ubuntu spec?06:39
Mithrandiramitk: ^^06:39
amitkCharliefjohnson: no they don't use the HW at all for the exact reason - That PowerVR isn't willing to open the driver..06:40
Charliefjohnsonamitk: that is why our's is closed also.06:40
amitkMithrandir: The spec was being driven by Intel AFAIK06:40
Charliefjohnsonbspencer_:  Is Rusty still on the hook for PPM ?06:41
rustylan implementation of the Power Policy Manager was officially launched on the new lesswatts site06:41
Charliefjohnsonrustyl: What about the UME blueprint ?06:42
rustyland this friday this ppm implementation will be ready to start the process for pushing into ubuntu06:42
rustylCharliefjohnson, that still needs to be done06:42
rustylbut it's just going to reflect the project page 06:42
Charliefjohnsonrustyl: Do you have a target ??  It's been on the TODO list for quite a while.06:42
rustyltarget date for the blueprint?  is that what you are asking?06:43
Charliefjohnsonrustyl: Target date for getting the blueprint in place.  06:43
Mithrandiras in, Tomorrow?06:43
Mithrandirsounds good to me06:44
amitkrustyl: could you send an email to the list when this is done?06:44
amitkrustyl: thanks06:45
rustylfor those that want a sneak preview... see http://www.lesswatts.org/projects/power-policy/power-policy_works.php06:45
rustyland the source is at http://www.lesswatts.org/repos/projects/ppm.git/06:47
Mithrandirdoes anybody have any more items for the agenda?06:47
Mithrandirif not, I think we're done.06:47
MootBotMeeting finished at 17:47.06:47
Mithrandirwoo, way less than an hour.  We're getting good at this06:48
=== HappyCamp realizes he should have said one thing, so that it would have said that he attended ;)
Mithrandirslacker. :-P06:48
ian_brasili have written a porting tutorial for C..i will post it at the weekend just incase someone was thinking of writing one06:49
bspencer_agoliveira: if I have a non-lpia chroot, can I change it so that I can build an LPIA app ?06:49
bspencer_agoliveira: or do I have to chagne the debian/rules file?06:49
Mithrandirbspencer_: the easiest is to just rebuild the chroot06:49
agoliveirabspencer_: In the case, the later would be better06:49
agoliveiraWell, that is for sure the better way but if you don't want to put away the i386 chroot...06:50
kwwiibspencer_: did you need something earlier?06:50
bspencer_agoliveira: I wanted to apologize for being somewhat disjoint lately06:50
bspencer_agoliveira: so many things coming to a head and I'm swamped!  06:51
agoliveirabspencer_: No problem :)06:51
bspencer_agoliveira: but I want to go through all the apps you've hildonized06:51
HappyCampbspencer_, when is that new UI going to be down :P06:51
bspencer_and we have a few guys that want to help out with these, so I want to get them setup to do so06:51
bspencer_agoliveira: for example, clayne asked recently about helping with email.  06:51
agoliveiraLooks like that neither the daily build nor the image-creator images for lpia are working on the Q1.06:52
agoliveirabspencer_: Yes, I already answered that06:52
bspencer_agoliveira: so I was going to point him at claws to check it out and see if there were places he could improve.06:52
bspencer_agoliveira: I saw your reply06:52
bspencer_kwwii: howdy sir06:52
bspencer_kwwii: I was going to ask about theme stuff.  When you made your theme, did it include the marquee?06:52
agoliveirabspencer_: For sure. It needs work on the dialogs in general that don't appear correctly on the Q1 for instance.06:52
bspencer_agoliveira: ok.  good place to start.  nice and simple.06:53
Mithrandiragoliveira: ok, I'll spend time fixing that tomorrow, don't worry too much about it today.06:53
bspencer_agoliveira: does the image-creator LPIA image work in Xephyr?06:53
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agoliveiraMithrandir: Sure.06:53
agoliveirabspencer_: Didn't try.06:53
kwwiibspencer_: nope, it is not in the template yet06:54
agoliveirabspencer_: On Q1 it just freezes with a flashing screen.06:54
bspencer_kwwii: where do we draw the line on pieces that go in the theme?  For example, what if I create a new marquee plugin, how does thta get themed?06:54
bspencer_agoliveira: its a feature ;)06:54
kwwiiagoliveira: did you find time to finish package the theme?06:54
HappyCampbspencer_, any objection to me making melow LPIA only?06:54
bspencer_agoliveira: emergency beacon06:54
bspencer_HappyCamp: none from me06:55
agoliveirabspencer_: :-D06:55
bspencer_HappyCamp: I thikn that makes sense06:55
kwwiibspencer_: I think if one wants to add some new widget the stuff would go in the template and the layout file would have to be changed06:55
agoliveirakwwii: Not yet. I have some issues with the splitter.06:55
kwwiibspencer_: naturally, the icons would go with the icon theme06:55
agoliveirakwwii: But it shouldn't take much longer.06:55
bspencer_kwwii: will our main theme be separate from our icon theme?06:55
kwwiiagoliveira: cool, once we get the done we need to set it as default06:55
agoliveirakwwii: Ok.06:55
bspencer_like mobile-ken-theme and mobile-ken-icons06:55
kwwiibspencer_: for now I have named it ume-basic...both the hildon theme and the icon theme can share that name I guess06:56
patmHappyCamp: when would you go lpia only?06:56
bspencer_kwwii: same package?  or two different packages?06:56
kwwiibspencer_: because we are going to use tango as a base our ume-basic icon theme would only be a few specific icons for ume itself06:57
kwwiibspencer_: ideally we would have different packages which are bundled in some metapackage06:57
kwwiiif not we just put them all in one package with scripts to install the right places, the right way06:57
bspencer_kwwii: ok.  I saw that in the icon configuration file.  Can it include tango and "hildon" ?  (sdk-default-icons pkg) Or do we no longer need hildon icons when you are done?06:57
kwwiithat depends on how many of the hildon icons we want to use06:58
kwwiiwe might want to keep it and put something ahead of that in the heirarcha06:58
bspencer_yes, ok.  having hildon around as a backup might be nice for apps ported from maemo that have an assumption06:59
bspencer_backup = fallback06:59
kwwiibspencer_: right, I think that we will find the same true for the hildon widget theme06:59
bspencer_can themes have a fallback too?06:59
kwwiiin the end it comes down to how we handle the policy of being able to install 3rd party apps06:59
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pjmMithrandir, are you there08:35
Mithrandirpjm: yes08:35
pjmMithrandir, new subject, do the nightly menlow builds include all the apps and the flash ui?08:36
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mjg59pjm: We don't have permission to distribute the non-free flash08:37
Mithrandirpjm: they include the same as the mccaslin builds, but with a different kernel08:38
Mithrandirso no flash plugin by default08:38
pjmok, but everything else I assume, all apps...08:38
pjmand are they currently lpia or 386?08:39
Mithrandirthey should be there, yes08:39
Mithrandirwhat are you asking about?  All packages in the current dailies are lpia packages.08:39
Mithrandiryou can't (reasonably) mix and match packages of multiple architectures.08:39
pjmright, again I am behind the lpia curve08:39
pjmMithrandir, so how does it come up, what is show at boot? 08:41
Mithrandirthe same UI you get today with the "please install flash plugin"08:42
pjmgot it, thanks08:42
Mithrandir(except menlow's currently broken, so there you get X looping, but that's in the pipe to be fixed)08:42
pjmwhat package is broken?08:43
Mithrandirthe kernel/linux-ubuntu-modules; the psb module is missing08:44
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AaronL2Mithrandir:  when do you think you might push up a new samsung-q1-ultra-config package?08:49
MithrandirAaronL2: now?08:49
AaronL2sure :-)08:49
AaronL2btw, I noticed that Rusty made the same change a few check-ins ago08:49
AaronL2it's in the git log for xorg.conf08:49
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Mithrandirok, uploaded08:52
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agoliveiraBye guys. I'm a little feverish today (I think I got a flu) so I'll just eat and tuck in earlier.10:31
Mithrandiragoliveira: get well10:31
agoliveiraMithrandir: Thanks. The worse was last night anyway so I should be fine in the morning.10:32
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AaronL2anyone here?  there is a dependency issue--no way to install mobile-basic-flash12:46
AaronL2it depends on libxul0d12:46
AaronL2libxul0d depends on libxul-common, but the dependency is such that it wants a version of libxul-common that isn't in the repository12:47
AaronL2this for the menlow-lpia platform12:47
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AaronL2bspencer_:  did you see my messages about the dependency issue when installing fsets?12:58
bspencer_AaronL2, no, do I need to?01:00
AaronL2no, just chatted with you about the issue01:12

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