asacand for a good build id its export BUILD_OFFICIAL=1 in the rules file01:14
asac(if that doesn't work try export MOZILLA_OFFICIAL=1 ... or both, but i think its BUILD_OFFICIAL that forces use of a sane BUILD_ID01:14
Ubulettehow can I see the buildid ?01:18
asacduring build01:18
asaci see atm:01:18
asacits certainly in some config file as well in the end01:18
Ubuletteno such thing in 1.901:19
asacbut i usually just see it there ;)... and then don't care anymore01:19
asactry to grep in config files01:19
asacmaybe definitions are now in headers01:19
Ubuletteno /build_/i in build logs01:20
asacgrep -r -i build_id config/* mozilla-config* build/*01:20
asacgrep -r -i build_id config/* mozilla-config* build/* configure.in01:20
Ubulettemaybe but where is it used in 1.9 ?01:22
Ubulette$ /usr/lib/xulrunner/xulrunner -v01:23
UbuletteMozilla XULRunner
Ubulette$ xulrunner -v01:23
UbuletteMozilla XULRunner 1.9a8pre - 200708240001:23
Ubuletteno 00000000001:23
asacok good01:23
asacblind me :)01:24
asacyou posted that above ;)01:24
asacUbulette: can you please conflict <<
asacgood ... then things look good01:34
asaci guess we don't have implemented the extensions solution already, right?01:38
asacthats ok ... i think we can push this back to a9 b101:39
gnomefreaksomehting is really fucking wrong with this. ill look at it more tomorrow01:39
asacunless you see issues of course01:39
Ubulettebot xul and ff3 read from /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons now01:39
asaci think we can do that way01:39
asacdid you sort out the upgrade path issues?01:40
asace.g. directory exists when link should be created?01:40
Ubulettenot sure. I've upgraded a 2nd machine without problem01:42
asacthose issues don't exist in gutsy anyway, right?01:42
gnomefreakasac: would 99_configure.dpatch have an effect on our pres_ubuntu.dpatch?01:42
asacthere is firefox-granparadiso at them moment ... and not firefox-3.001:42
Ubuletteno, only ppa and my bot01:42
=== gnomefreak wonders if upstream didnt mess something up
gnomefreakit will?01:43
asacok i think i can test the upgrade anyway01:43
Ubulettexul rev33 pushed01:43
Ubuletteasac, you're getting the diffs now, right ?01:43
asacyeah ... a bit late, but i get them :)01:43
asacouch :)01:48
asacmy mailserver was down :/01:48
asaci stopped it 6 hours ago apparenlty01:48
asacis fetchmail smart enough? or did i loose zillions of mails now?01:48
asacok downloading 1300 messages or so ... good01:49
Ubulettehmm, mike installed /usr/bin/xulrunner-config with 1.801:49
asacdid he?01:49
asacdo we do that as well?01:49
Ubuletteix:~$ /usr/bin/xulrunner-config --version01:50
asacok, then we don't need an alt for that ;)01:50
Ubulettesome configure scripts may be confused01:51
asacwell ... so be it ;)01:51
asacafaik there is no debian package using it01:51
asacit was broken and mike fixed it just because i wanted to use it01:52
asache said that nobody reported a bug before01:52
Ubulettehttp://ppa.launchpad.net/jani/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xulrunner-1.9/   :))01:55
asacwho is jani?01:55
asacsaw that01:57
Ubuletteoh, i know, that's for OLPC01:58
Ubulettethat's janimo01:58
asacUbulette: you know how i can force exim to deliver everything tht it deferred?01:59
Ubuletteno, i'm good with sendmail01:59
asaci guessed that ;)02:00
Ubulettewhy ?02:00
Ubulettehow ?02:00
asacwell ;)02:01
asaci just think that you probably used sendmail once, and so you have an opinion ... while i hate all these kind of things so much, that I just use whatever comes by default02:03
asacbut atm there is a thousand mails or so stuck ... and i hate it ;)02:05
Ubulettewhy on earth does miro install wpasupplicant during build ????02:15
Ubulettedamn, it's in the bootstrap or toolchain02:16
Ubulettebad bad evil02:16
UbuletteI see wpasupplicant installed in my bot logs02:18
Ubulettedamn, it's in the bootstrap02:19
asacyes, but certainly not by toolchain ;)02:19
asacin debootstrap?02:20
Ubulettewireless-tools wpasupplicant02:20
asacin pbuilder as well?02:20
Ubulettei don't know02:21
UbuletteI'm not using pbuilder02:21
asacdo you have synched clock?02:21
asacwhat time is it?02:21
asac@time ;)02:21
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: September 27 2007, 00:21:59 - Next meeting: Desktop Team Development in 11 hours 38 minutes02:22
asac@time berlin02:22
UbuletteThu Sep 27 02:22:21 CEST 200702:22
ubotuCurrent time in Europe/Berlin: September 27 2007, 02:22:26 - Next meeting: Desktop Team Development in 11 hours 37 minutes02:22
asaclooks like my mail server is out of sync02:22
asac3 minutes drift or something02:22
Ubuletteyou don't run ntp ?02:23
asacyes i do02:23
asaci restarted it (it was still running)02:24
asacnow all is fine again02:24
asacmust be a bug02:24
asaci had haevy ppp issues later today (when i stopped my mailserver)02:24
asace.g. connection droppage for an hour02:24
asacmaybe that hit ntp too hard :)02:24
asacok i am off02:28
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakasac: in the morning before i head to dr or when i return for some damn weird ass reason the 82_prefs_ubuntu patch applies during build but the option that the patch gives doesnt show up once iceape is installed (this has been bothering me the past few days, a hint or 3 would be helpful but i need to handle some troll than im going to bed03:54
=== tonyy [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: no idea without looking10:06
asaccan be everything10:06
gnomefreakasac: my branch has latest changes if you get a minute10:57
asacgnomefreak: if that was introduced recently then you just have to figure out which change introduces this regression11:01
asacwhen did it first break?11:02
gnomefreakasac: from what i have gathered the patch we introduced in 1.1.3 or whatever version it was but for some odd reason update-mnaager fails on that packages (would like a clean install if apt-get can opull that off11:03
gnomefreakit worked prior to running autoconf2.13 is where i last say it (but very wekk could have be berod that11:04
gnomefreaksad part is patch gets applied to i fiure its still goood bbut failed to be used once built nad installed11:04
asacso which file does it patch? ... and where is that installed?11:06
=== gnomefreak sad part i i am gonna be confused for a little while as i didnt sleep wprth a crap and asking mvo about envy/disrupdare
gnomefreakwell wen i return from dr.s i would to fix this(i have thinkty ill be back sso as im prettmuch typing without brain activity :(ing 99_confireation11:33
gnomefreak.win 1011:33
ubotuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/11:36
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=== AlinuxOS [n=vsichi@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakasac: it patches /modules/libpref/src/init/all.js to add go button to toolbar03:14
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... but if itnever works why should probably just drop that feature ;)03:16
asachi Ubulette03:16
gnomefreakasac: it did work up until (atleast where i relized) was when we patched for gcc and freinds03:18
asacUbulette: archive will open tomorrow according to /topic in -devel03:18
gnomefreakbut it did work great at one time, and i see no reason why its failing to work now, all we did is add a patch and run autoconf03:18
asacgnomefreak: feel free to fix it ... the patch patches a file that  is completely unreleated to it ... so it must be something else03:19
gnomefreakasac: huh?03:19
gnomefreakit patches the file that th prefs are in03:19
asacgnomefreak: the gcc patch has definitly nothing to do with it03:19
gnomefreakasac: i know that03:19
asacunless you dropped the other patch from 00list03:19
asacgnomefreak: yes ... have you verified that the right config entry exists in the installed file?03:20
gnomefreakbut i did notice in 00list the 82_prefs_ubuntu patch has .dpatch on end and is under the 99_configure but moving it and removing .dpatch from it didnt fix it either03:20
asacgnomefreak: don't do trial and error ... figure out why its not working in installed deb03:21
asacis the pref set there?03:21
gnomefreakwhen i build source i looked into the file th patch patches and it is there03:21
asacif not its probably not patched in source03:21
asacgnomefreak: look in the build result ... not in the source03:21
asac(well looking in source is good to check that the patch applied)03:21
gnomefreakasac: i looked in build-area/ubuntu.../ modules/ect...03:21
asacyes look in the installed files03:22
gnomefreakinstalled file you mean after build when i install it?03:22
asacgnomefreak: in debian/iceape/...03:23
asacor in the real install location03:23
gnomefreakok giv me a few to build source again, i cleaned it up last night since everything i was thinking it could be was wrong03:25
gnomefreakfucking annoying bastard03:25
asacgnomefreak: look at the installed files then03:26
asac(in the meantime)03:26
gnomefreakbug 144882 asac  please fucking comment on this bug before this so of a bitch pisses me off pinging me ever 30 minutes03:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144882 in network-manager "ioctl[SIOCSIWAUTH] : Operation not supported" [Undecided,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14488203:29
gnomefreakand when you sa installed files you mean in ~/.mozilla/defualt /etc/iceape...? since the debina/* has nothing since its not built yet no temp yet03:30
gnomefreakim about 30 seconds from banning the fucker now03:32
gnomefreakthere i think im done with him03:33
gnomefreakasac: btw hes got 2gigs memory03:34
gnomefreakand a sore IRC nick if he pms me again03:34
asacgnomefreak: the all.js should be installed somewhere03:35
gnomefreakk smole first search next03:35
asacgnomefreak: why does he ping you?03:36
asacgnomefreak: i mean you never commented on that bug ... so how did you pull him to you?03:36
gnomefreaki told him to file the bug report :(03:36
gnomefreakprice i pay for being an op i guess03:36
asacgnomefreak: he sent me a private mail ... which i just deleted03:37
asacno idea what he told me03:37
AlinuxOSasac, ;) hello & hello all! Congratulations for Beta!03:37
asachi ... i assume you are not yet happy?03:39
asacwhich locale did i miss?03:39
gnomefreakasac: /usr/share/iceape/greprefs/all.js has it in there03:43
gnomefreakthere was one other iceape all.js ill look at now03:43
gnomefreaknope never mind that is xpinstall.js03:44
gnomefreakso we know patch applies and the correct all.js gets installed (what am i not seeing)03:45
asacgnomefreak: no idea03:55
asaci guess the all.js is not used then?03:55
asacmaybe there is still something left in /etc/iceape ?03:56
gnomefreaknot really04:02
gnomefreakasac: there is a /etc/iceape/iceaperc and an /etc/iceape/base.js04:02
asacgnomefreak: ok merged the [SIOCSIWAUTH bug into the signal 5 bug cloud :)04:02
gnomefreakneither have anything of importances04:02
asachope he is happy now04:02
asacbug 14488204:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144882 in network-manager "crashes with signal 5 because it cannot acquire dbus connection (dup-of: 85113)" [Undecided,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14488204:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 85113 in network-manager "[apport]  NetworkManager crashed with signal 5 in main()" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8511304:02
gnomefreakah ok04:03
gnomefreakgood happy means he might leave me alone04:03
asacwell ... tell him that PM some dev brings him in spam folder04:03
gnomefreakoh it was /etc/iceape/pref/basejs and /etc/iceape/iceaperc04:03
asacmaybe he understands then that i never answer to such mails04:03
gnomefreakasac: good idea04:03
asac(unless they reveal a fix of course)04:03
asacgnomefreak: so /etc/iceape/pref/basejs contains a setting that conflicts with what ou changed in all.js ?04:04
gnomefreakpref("intl.locale.matchOS", true);04:05
gnomefreaknot unless that does and im thinking not likely04:05
asacno its ok04:05
gnomefreakbase.js looks only to be locale relates04:05
gnomefreakICEAPE_DSP="none" not likely either04:06
gnomefreakthat was in iceaperc04:06
asacgnomefreak: look at about:config04:06
asacmaybe the setting is ok?04:06
asacwhich preference did you tweak btw?04:06
gnomefreakfor the profile im loading not a one04:07
asaci asked for the pref name you changed :)04:08
gnomefreakits set to false in about:config04:08
gnomefreakasac: with the patch?04:09
gnomefreakits browser.toolbars.showbutton.go04:09
asacsearch all prefs for a setting like that04:09
asacis the setting marked as default ... or modified?04:09
asacin about:config04:09
asac(normal or bold)04:09
gnomefreakdefault boolean false is everything after the prefs in about:config04:10
gnomefreakthe showbutton.home .print .search are all true04:11
asacyeah ... then you did something wrong04:11
asacyou probably patched the wrong source file04:11
asacsearcn for all .js files that have that key04:11
asacthere should be two or your patch is applied to wrong file04:12
asacarchive.u.c is damn slow04:12
gnomefreakasac: in top level dir of build-area is there a way to search all files/dir?04:14
gnomefreakim using search .js | grep prefs changed04:15
gnomefreakand its not bringing anything up04:15
asacfind -name \*.js | xargs grep prefname04:20
asacgnomefreak: but actually don't do it in build-area, first try to search that way in debian/iceape/04:21
asac(after build)04:21
asacnever clean builds you have done until you do a new build (so you can easily track down things)04:21
gnomefreakhmmmmmmmmm might have issue here04:22
gnomefreaki didnt clean after build and i use --dont-purge but i dont see a debian/tmp04:22
asacgnomefreak: look for debian/iceape04:23
asacif not you _did_ clean04:23
gnomefreaknot htere04:23
asacno mater what you think you did04:23
gnomefreakan no i didnt clean unless it did after building source04:23
gnomefreakgnomefreak@Gutsy:~/gutsy-builds/work/ubuntu-1.1.x$ bzr bd --merge --dont-purge --builder='dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -S -sa -k3C1C3C2A'04:23
gnomefreaki know i didnt clean04:23
asacthat cleans04:23
asacthat doesn't build either04:24
asacit just builds the sources ... for which you have to clean04:24
gnomefreakits builds sources04:24
asacyes ... thats not a build04:24
asacthats just clean + diff04:24
gnomefreak--dont-purge == dont clean04:24
gnomefreakoh so i have to build bins04:24
asacgnomefreak: you don't understand ... building sources isn't building04:24
gnomefreakits building just not building binaries i thought04:25
asacgnomefreak: you have to build ... building sources might use the same word, but isn't building at all04:25
asacUploading to ubuntu (via ftp to upload.ubuntu.com): xulrunner_1.8.1.4-2ubuntu4.dsc: done. xulrunner_1.8.1.4-2ubuntu4.diff.gz: done. xulrunner_1.8.1.4-2ubuntu4_source.changes: done.04:26
gnomefreakok bbs its gonna be a bit and it freezes me up something awful but ill be back04:26
asacSuccessfully uploaded packages.04:26
asacNot running dinstall.04:26
asactake the build time to rest, drink ... whatever04:26
gnomefreakim going to lay down i slept like shit so i figure i got time for the build04:27
asacgnomefreak: btw, i answered the guys Private mail ... telling him that private mails cannot be considered for bugs ;)04:27
asacand deleted ;)04:27
gnomefreaki didnt see a private mail but i havent looked either04:27
gnomefreakhe kept asking how to get in touch with you and i told him you would comment on the bug no need to talk to him outside of bug04:28
gnomefreakhes beena royal pain im ny ass (it makes me think twice about saying anything in #ubuntu+104:28
asacgnomefreak: just ignore pms04:30
asacunless you know that they are sensible (e.g from other public channels)04:30
asacgnomefreak: he sent private mail to the email he found in bug04:31
gnomefreakmaybe since i didnt tell him how to get intouch with you he tried that. i told him today 4 times to ask me in 4-5 hours im busy as hell and not feeling well04:35
gnomefreakbut he went around my back anyway :(04:35
gnomefreaki cant sleep i have meeting in about 25 minutes04:36
ubotuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/04:36
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... some people think that yelling helps04:43
gnomefreakwell they will learn :)04:43
gnomefreaktesting beta cd?04:43
asacUbulette: xulrunner accepted04:48
asacis 1.9 ready for a punch?04:49
Ubulette1.8 ?04:49
asacwas punched through by RMs apparently, because archive is still not open completely04:49
Ubulettehold on. I've packaged a xulapp and I'm testing it with xul 1.904:49
asacUbulette: how about testing with firefox ;) ? ... the killer-xul-app04:50
Ubulettefor me, ff3 is okay04:50
asacUbulette: which xulapp are you testing?04:51
=== asac being curious
asacwhats that?04:51
asaci tiny browser?04:51
asacah ok04:52
Ubuletteit's really tiny04:52
asacmaybe we should come up with a launchpad specific webrunner ;)04:52
asacsounds interesting04:53
Ubulettefeel free to create the project on lp :)04:54
asaci really have itchy fingers to upload xulrunner-1.9 to debian ;)04:55
Ubulettewhy ?04:55
Ubuletteunstable or experimental ?04:55
asacwell, debian deserves a decent xulrunner package :)04:55
asacunstable of course :)04:55
Ubulettewill mike kill you ?04:56
asacbut would be interesting to see what happens if i upload firefox-3.0 + xulrunner-1.904:56
Ubuletteme too04:56
asaci think i would need a strawman for that :)04:57
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@115.Red-83-49-18.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asaclets get some experience first ... if upgrading works fine (for moz embedders), I will open an ITP04:58
asacthats less aggressive, but should have nearly the same impact (aka flamewar on -devel)04:58
asacUbulette: now that we use full versioned dirs there won't even be a problem to have both in the archive05:00
Ubulettewhen I don't use cdbs, do I have to do all the dh_* -kfoo myself ?05:00
asacUbulette: just running dh_install is equivalent to for all packages; do dh_install -p05:01
Ubulettei have *.install files and they are ignored05:01
asacjust run dh_install without -p05:01
asacand be sure that the package names match the one in control05:02
asacbut as soon as you need to do special things it stops to work05:02
asacwhy not using cdbs?05:02
asaci see that its not as flexible as plain debhelper, but usually you can do what you want05:02
asac(i have no real opinion about it, which is why i want to hear more arguments:))05:03
Ubulettethere's nothing to build and no build system, I just need to install the files at the right place05:03
asacok ... i think just including debhelper.mk is the same05:05
asacits just one line in rules then05:05
asac+ .install files05:05
asaci saw packages like that already. .. let me think05:05
asacbut well ... it probably doesn't matter much :)05:05
asacjust implement clean and binary-arch binary-indep binary05:06
UbuletteI want to install each webapp in a different deb, does that sound right to you ?05:08
asacdefinitly ... is there a -common package as well?05:08
Ubulettea web app is just a small .webapp file (a zip)05:08
asac(take all this with a grain of sand ... i haven't looked in detail)05:08
asacUbulette: so its like an extension package?05:09
asacdoes it have install.rdf?05:09
asacor what is in there?05:09
UbuletteI think I only want webrunner and a bunch of webapp-{googlereader,gmail,....} depending on webrunner05:09
Ubulette$ ls install/profiles/05:10
Ubulettefacebook.webapp  ganalytics.webapp  gcalendar.webapp  gdocs.webapp  gmail.webapp  greader.webapp  groups.webapp  gtalk.webapp  twitter.webapp05:10
UbuletteArchive:  install/profiles/gmail.webapp05:10
Ubulette Length   Method    Size  Ratio   Date   Time   CRC-32    Name05:10
Ubulette--------  ------  ------- -----   ----   ----   ------    ----05:10
Ubulette     143  Defl:N      112  22%  09-08-07 15:46  becc978f  webapp.ini05:10
Ubulette    1019  Defl:N      477  53%  08-31-07 23:40  48c2c9c3  webapp.js05:10
Ubulette    1150  Defl:N      163  86%  03-06-07 15:13  0915e154  gmail.ico05:10
Ubulette     491  Defl:N      214  56%  07-13-07 08:19  22b21df6  gmail.xpm05:10
Ubulette   39891  Defl:X     7188  82%  07-29-07 22:36  ae2b5ccf  gmail.icns05:11
Ubulette--------          -------  ---                            -------05:11
Ubulette   42694             8154  81%                            5 files05:11
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
Ubuletteasac_ ?05:24
gnomefreakthis is not good, maybe ill have to miss meeting (laywer didnt get my paperwork for court and it says it was deliered) might have to work this out damnit05:26
asac_Ubulette: maybe i missed a few lines05:27
asac_but please call the packages webrunner-APPNAME05:28
asac_not webapp-XX05:28
Ubulettehow do I register a mime type ? ie click on a .webapp in nautilus or ff lauch webrunner ?05:29
Ubuletteasac, on 1st run, I get a python error from xul: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/38814/05:39
Ubulette(not fatal)05:41
asachow is time.so linked?05:41
asaclooks like its not linked against any python lib ... which probably causes this05:42
asacbut then ... python should already be resident in process05:42
asacso ... no idea05:42
asacdoes webrunner use pytho at all?05:43
Ubulettedont know05:43
asacor is it just because our python package is broken?05:43
asac(e.g. broken pyxpcom component)05:43
asacwhat happened to firefox lp page?05:44
Ubulettehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox works05:46
asacgood ... at least it wasn't me :)05:49
UbuletteI have the same error in the console with webrunner and ff305:54
Ubulettea click on an url in webrunner is supposed to open in the default browser. ff3 for me. I see ff3 raise, open a tab but the tab remains empty05:55
Ubulettemaybe that's related to the error in the console05:55
UbuletteError: [Exception... "'Component is not available' when calling method: [nsIHandlerService::getTypeFromExtension] "  nsresult: "0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE)"  location: "<unknown>"  data: no] 05:56
Ubuletteasac, strange06:06
Ubulette30705 open("/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9a9pre/libsqlite3.so", O_RDONLY) = 306:06
Ubulette30705 open("/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9a9pre/libsqlite3.so.0", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)06:06
Ubulette30705 open("/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9a9pre/plugins/libsqlite3.so.0", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)06:06
Ubulette30705 open("/usr/lib/libsqlite3.so.0", O_RDONLY) = 2706:06
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 340568 2007-09-26 19:59 /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9a9pre/libsqlite3.so06:06
asacis storage completely broken or what?06:06
=== cwong1 [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-d36af33efed55c8e] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacwe shouldn't ship libsqlite306:06
asacwe should use system one ... or ws there an issue?06:07
Ubulettethere's still no --system-sqlite06:07
asacbug 14568306:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 145683 in ubuntu "Network manager crash with WPA" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14568306:07
UbuletteI don't see why the 1st open is not enough06:09
asachmmm xul failed on sparc06:29
Ubulettebecause of what ?06:30
asaccompiler segfault ;)06:30
asaci will ping our toolchain guy ... if he cares06:30
asacotherwise its probably just one retry06:30
Ubulettehmm, my patch for bz384304 is not good with webrunner06:33
Ubulettewell, it is but i see some weird stuff in traces06:34
Ubuletteno, it's wrong06:35
Ubuletteoriginal problem is different. foo -> xulrunner -> mozilla.sh tries to run foo-bin instead of xulrunner-bin06:37
asacmozilla bug 38430406:40
ubotuMozilla bug 384304 in Startup and Profile System "/usr/bin/firefox is not able to handle symlinks due error in the script" [Major,New]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38430406:40
asacwhy your patch?06:40
asacwhat did you change?06:40
asacmaybe take the one from xul 1.806:40
Ubulettejust removed one more line not longer useful so it should be bad for you too06:41
asacUbulette: he? you mean the patch that you have?06:41
Ubulette   while [ -h "$progname" ] ; do06:41
Ubulette-    bn=`basename "$progname"`06:41
Ubulette     cd `dirname "$progname"`06:41
Ubulette-    progname=`/bin/ls -l "$bn" | sed -e 's/^.* -> //' `06:41
Ubulette+    progname=`basename "$progname"`06:41
Ubulette     if [ ! -x "$progname" ] ; then06:41
UbuletteI dropped the bn line as i was no longer used06:41
asacwell you don't follow links anymore by that06:41
asac-    progname=`/bin/ls -l "$bn" | sed -e 's/^.* -> //' ` ... this isn't dropped by our path06:42
asacthats the patch in the bug06:42
asacthat line isn't dropped06:42
asacits essential, beacuse its the line that follows the link06:42
UbuletteI redid jsut that06:42
Ubulettewhat did I use yesterday ?????06:42
asacLSD ?06:43
asacmaybe you didn't look at the patch, but at the script and tried to eye match the diff?06:43
Ubulettehmm, yours still looks wrong06:44
UbuletteI added the line *after* the value changed06:44
asacUbulette: the patch in the bug is good from what i know06:44
asacnote that those are two different var names: |progname| + |progbase|06:45
Ubuletteone using the other...06:46
Ubuletteso order is important06:46
asacyes ... and the order is right ... progbase is always the latest06:47
asac(might be wrong, but looks sane to calculate the result after you did the downstep06:48
Ubulettethe ls stuff is ugly06:48
Ubulettethe author should learn a bit about readlink06:48
asacwell ... maybe its not available everywhere06:49
asacafter all its from free software foundation according to manpage06:49
Ubuletteasac, [17:29]  <Ubulette> how do I register a mime type ? ie click on a .webapp in nautilus or ff lauch webrunner ?06:53
asacoh i was offline then ;)06:54
asacUbulette: firefox.desktop:MimeType=text/html;text/xml;application/xhtml+xml;application/xml;application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml;application/rss+xml;application/rdf+xml;image/gif;image/jpeg;image/png06:55
asacman dh_installmime06:57
asacman update-mime06:58
Ubulettemaybe that should be packaged with xul, instead of iceape06:58
Ubuletteor in addition to06:58
asacfor now it should be in addition06:59
asaciceape is not yet xulrunner ready06:59
asacthere will be suiterunner though06:59
UbuletteI mean, chatzilla as an indep app could be interesting for a lot of users06:59
Ubulettemaybe as a webrunner app :)07:00
asacUbulette: do we want to disable pyxpcom for this upload? ... it appears to be broken and will certainly cause bug reports07:00
asacor does it work?07:00
Ubuletteit's needed for sugar07:00
Ubulettewe can up like that and wait for bug reports07:01
Ubulettemaybe split gnome 1st07:01
Ubulettefor kde users07:01
asacso we want to split gnome right from the beginning?07:01
Ubulettelooks easy07:01
Ubulettei did if for ff3 already07:01
asacUbulette: can you please test if adding rss feed to external reader works with/without gnome-support07:02
asacits dependent on gnome-support in 2.0 and thus is broken07:02
asacor i can do it07:03
asaclets see if i have latest firefox07:03
UbuletteI can't i've dropped liferea for good07:03
asac$ firefox-3.007:03
asacbash: /usr/bin/firefox-3.0: Permission denied07:03
asac$ ls -l /usr/bin/firefox-3.007:04
asaclrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 2007-09-27 19:04 /usr/bin/firefox-3.0 -> ../lib/firefox-3.0/firefox.sh07:04
asac$ ls -l /usr/lib/firefox-3.0/firefox.sh07:04
asac-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1071 2007-09-25 06:32 /usr/lib/firefox-3.0/firefox.sh07:04
Ubuletteit's 755 here07:04
asaci just reinstalled07:04
asacno change07:04
asaclet me remove and install by downloading again07:04
asacGet:1 http://ppa.launchpad.net gutsy/main firefox-3.0 3.0~alpha8-0ubuntu1~mt1 [1184kB] 07:05
asacthats the right version?07:05
asacyeah its still no x07:06
asaci know it worked in one of the previous packages i tried07:06
Ubulettelook at the end of the file, I dump all debs07:09
Ubuletteit's 75507:09
Ubulettebased on ~mt207:09
asacdid i forget to upload that?07:09
asachmmm no its mt1 here07:10
Ubulettebzr has mt207:10
asacyes ... so i didn't forget :)07:10
asacanyway ... ppa thing is not executable .... for whatever reason07:10
asaccan you please try to install thatone?07:10
asace.g. not your bot products ;)07:10
Ubulettejust dpkg -c it, you'll know07:11
asacwell maybe its amd64 :)07:12
asacdpkg -c /var/cache/apt/archives/firefox-3.0_3.0~alpha8-0ubuntu1~mt1_amd64.deb | grep firefox.sh07:12
asac-rw-r--r-- root/root      1071 2007-09-25 06:32 ./usr/lib/firefox-3.0/firefox.sh07:13
Ubuletteohh, mine is build from bzr, yours from a diff07:13
Ubuletteand diff cannot preserve chmod07:13
asacis firefox.sh shipped by us?07:14
asacwhy do we do that?07:14
Ubuletteto migrate the profile07:14
asacUbulette: then the packaging is broken ... you have to use install -m in rules07:14
asaca package must not depend on wheteher its build from diff or bzr07:14
asacok ... but then there is at least a reason :)07:15
asaci think we should go directly for mt2 then07:15
Ubuletteit's the same07:16
Ubuletteshould be fixed too07:16
Ubuletteare you fixing it ?07:16
asacyou decide07:17
Ubuletteplease do it. I know you like to add a commit or two on top just before release ;)07:18
asaci will add it to prebuild then07:18
asace.g. chmod07:18
asacUbulette: what is the state of your permissions to upload to ppa?07:20
asacare you still blocked being not a beta user?07:20
Ubulettehmm, I'll add a check on my bot to drop exec from debian/* before build.07:21
asacwell ... maybe do a chmod -R a-x debian/*07:24
asacchmod a+x debian/rules07:24
asacbzr commit -m "* simulate permissions of diff.gz" :)07:24
asacno idea why we want those difference in bzr ... so i think thats the way to go07:25
Ubulettedo I use webrunner-greader or webrunner-google-reader ?07:25
asacbetter google-reader07:25
asacunless the product calls itself greader07:25
asac(but thats confusing for gnome users)07:25
Ubuletteit's google reader: http://www.google.com/reader/view/07:26
asacyes right07:26
asacuse that for now07:26
asacif someone complains we can change it07:26
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myown76hi to all08:05
myown76could you explain me how should I do to install thunderbird 2.0 on Ubuntu?08:06
asaclook feisty preview archive08:08
myown76thank you08:08
asacbut be aware that this is *not* an official package ... we don't know of any issues, but they might be there08:08
myown76asac: it's not important08:11
myown76i need a newest version than 1.5 for installing a plugin08:12
myown76thank ypu08:12
asacyes, give it a try08:12
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asacUbulette: do you want to post a UVF/FF exception bug that i can ack and present to ubuntu-uvf team?08:25
asacfor xulrunner-1.9 firefox-3.0 combo08:25
asacits a safe bet, but its just need formally08:26
Ubulettea what ?08:26
asacRequest for UpstreamVersion and Feature Freeze exception :)08:26
Ubulettehow do I do that ?08:27
asacjust file a bug: UVFe/FFe request for xulrunner-1.9 + firefox-3.008:27
asacjust say briefly where the preview packages can be found ...08:28
asacwell ... let me do it :)08:28
asaci will try to come up with README.addons tomorrow ... instructions on how to package extensions/locales/plugins08:29
Ubuletteyep, sorry, I'm not familiar with those UVFe/FFe08:29
asacno problem :)08:29
asacbetter stick to tech stuff :) ... you shouldn't be required to fight administration things ;)08:29
asac... so i will do08:29
Ubuletteasac, the gcc patch08:34
Ubulettewell, i386/amd64/ppc should be fine already08:35
Ubulettelpia may need the gcc patch08:35
Ubulettemaybe sparc too08:35
Ubulettedebian bug 40164408:42
ubotuDebian bug 401644 in python-lxml "python-lxml: import dies with objectify.so: undefined symbol: previousElement" [Normal,Fixed]  http://bugs.debian.org/40164408:42
Ubulettefix import of lxml.objectify. Maybe it's a python bug after all08:44
Ubulettelooks similar08:44
asachmm its fixed08:59
Ubulettewhat ?08:59
asacthe bug09:00
Ubulettewhich one ?09:00
asacthe one above ;)09:01
Ubulettepython ? gcc ?09:01
Ubuletteid ?09:01
asac20:42 < ubotu> Debian bug 401644 in python-lxml "python-lxml: import dies with objectify.so: undefined symbol:  previousElement" [Normal,Fixed]  http://bugs.debian.org/40164409:02
ubotuDebian bug 401644 in python-lxml "python-lxml: import dies with objectify.so: undefined symbol: previousElement" [Normal,Fixed]  http://bugs.debian.org/40164409:02
Ubuletteit's not the same09:02
UbuletteI said it looks similar09:02
asacright ;) ... you mean its a regression/api change in python 2.5?09:02
Ubulettei hate python09:03
Ubulettei said that already right ?09:03
asacbut this is a C issue after all :)09:03
bluekujaasac: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bluekuja/diff-ext/debian.source09:10
bluekujaasac: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bluekuja/diff-ext/upstream.source09:10
bluekujaeverything ready for you09:10
bluekujaasac: it builds twice too09:15
bluekujaseems ok :)09:15
bluekujaasac: want them on mail?09:15
bluekujaasac: I'm leaving, so I sent links on your mail09:19
bluekujacya tomorrow!09:20
UbuletteJazzva, asac: you've gained visibility09:20
JazzvaUbulette: Visibility? The link? :)09:24
Jazzvachecking it now09:24
Jazzvaasac: Anything else we can finish now in Ubufox?09:28
JazzvaOh... adding tooltip to ubuntu/internet icon in plugin finder :)...09:29
Ubuletteasac: I've pushed webrunner to LP /~mozillateam/webrunner/webrunner09:51
Ubulettejust grab it and run debian/rules new-orig09:52
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cello_rasphi! can I ask about errors, bug issues?10:37
cello_raspheh.. asking to ask...10:38
cello_raspok, thunderbird suddenly won't load default account. nothing thunderbird related was installed in the time between. profiles.ini is pointing to the folder, yet on thunderbird start, it opens the "new account setup" dialog. using profile manager to point to the default profile does nothing either.10:42
asaccello_rasp: maybe your account is locked/in use10:45
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cello_raspok, i made a duplicate folder with the same files and opened that via profile manager. again, it defaults to the dialog. both are chmod 755 with user perms. I can't think if anything else would be using it. that is my 5th clean boot since that happened.10:50
cello_raspshame that it doesn't report what is happening, on command line i only get a bunch of gecko warns:10:52
cello_rasp** (Gecko:5674): WARNING **: AT_SPI_REGISTRY was not started at session startup.10:52
cello_rasp** (Gecko:5674): WARNING **: IOR not set.10:52
cello_rasp** (Gecko:5674): WARNING **: Could not locate registry10:52
cello_raspin your experience would this be down to a file within the profile directory?10:57
cello_raspdone fouling up the chan.11:00
Ubuletteasac, any idea how I can track: Error: [Exception... "'Component does not have requested interface' when calling method: [nsIInterfaceRequestor::getInterface] "  nsresult: "0x80004002 (NS_NOINTERFACE)"  location: "<unknown>"  data: no] 11:01
asacyes, you need to find which interface is missing11:45
UbuletteI've tried but no luck so far :(11:48
asacis that in javascript?11:48
Ubuletteno idea11:48
Ubuletteit's also in webrunner11:48
Ubulettedid you try it ?11:49
asacis the package ready?11:49
UbuletteI've package the core and just 1 app11:49
asacdoes it have a javascript-/error-console?11:49
asacwhat do you see in there?11:50
Ubulettestart it with -d11:50
asac(given that the above is probably on console?)11:50
Ubuletteasac, well, you know as much as i do11:56
Ubulettedamn, xul is broekn12:19
asac would try to see if there is any output in the error console ... then i would try to verify that the interfaces implemented by webrunner or by the specific app are actually the ones that latest xulrunner supports12:30
Ubulettesame message with ff3 and webrunner12:30
Ubuletteplenty of times while browsing12:30
asactry to figure out if this is cause by some extension12:31
Ubulettedifficult to know why as nothing seems broken in ff312:31
asace.g. remove/disable them one by one12:31
asacor run in -safe-mode12:31
Ubulettecould you try webrunner, click on any url and see if it shows up in ff (2 or 3)12:32
asacif it doesn't work for you i won't work for me most likely ;)12:33
asaci have to branch it first12:33
asacthere is no source in bzr branch12:35
Ubuletteplease do12:35
asacjust debian12:35
Ubuletteuse new-orig12:35
Ubulettenow, desktop links works.  cooool :)12:56
Ubulettetoo bad there's no systray12:57
Ubulettewould be nice for gmail and greader12:58
gnomefreakasac: this find command isnt giving me anything, i cd into build-area/iceape/debian and using it isnt giving me crap01:06
gnomefreak/debian/iceape even01:06
gnomefreakthats because inside iceape is /usr/share/docs/...01:07
gnomefreakor /DEBIAN/ with md5sums and control01:08
gnomefreakits /usr/share/doc/iceape than just readmes and shit01:09
gnomefreakif i cd into work/ubuntu1.x.x/debian/ there is no iceape dir even after building01:10
Ubulettegnomefreak, isn't that your bzr dir ? or is your build-area ?01:13
gnomefreakUbulette: build-area is labled as build-ares the most recent comments are bzr dir01:14
Ubuletteso it's expected that there's no iceape dir in work/ubuntu1.x.x/debian/01:15
Ubuletteright ?01:15
Ubulette<gnomefreak> if i cd into work/ubuntu1.x.x/debian/ there is no iceape dir even after building01:15
Ubulettethen I don't get that01:15
gnomefreakUbulette: checked just in case01:15
gnomefreakeven in path right there its not giving me what im looking for01:15
gnomefreakand its kind of pissing me off01:15
gnomefreakthat would be path01:16

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