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fabbionehey tmarble 03:09
tmarblefabbione: buongiorno!03:10
fabbionehow you doing+03:10
tmarbleok  (I'll be better after breakfast!)03:10
fabbioneenjoy :)03:10
=== tmarble back in a bit
tmarblefabbione: did beta go out today as expected?05:43
jbaileytmarble: There was an announcement from Steve already.06:06
tmarblejbailey: Jeff!06:06
tmarbleon your 20% time :)06:06
jbaileytmarble: Whyever are you in -ports? =)06:07
jbaileytmarble: Yessir =)06:07
jbaileyWill I see you in Boston?06:07
tmarble'cause the employer who stamps the logo on my paycheck has hardware that is certified for an Ubuntu port :)06:07
jbaileySparc's in main, isn't it?06:08
jbailey-ports is generally for us second class citizens.06:08
jbaileyPPC, HPPA, IA64.06:08
jbaileyBut your'e welcome to hang with us. =)06:08
tmarble... and I can usually find you and Fabio here...06:08
tmarblei like -ports  (even if just a lurker)06:08
jbaileyNo arm port yet that I know of.  I'd love to do one, but I think if we do it should be a test of a QEMU-based port.06:09
tmarblew.r.t. beantown... no plans atm06:09
tmarblecheaper than *real* hardware06:09
jbaileyMore thinking that a quad-core 3ghz box with qemu should do the job nicely, take up 1u in some datacentre, and at this point might even be faster.06:10
tmarble[OT]  so is Facebook powered by Ubuntu? =)06:10
jbaileyIt's also handy because it's possible to validate the builds against real hardware.06:10
jbaileyAs a nice testbed for doing builds on systems where that's not actually possible.06:10
jbaileytmarble: Dunno.  But I walked past their offices in Palo Alto.06:11
jbaileyI doubt the 5% acquisition would be to convert them. =)06:11
jbaileyI buy more the theory that they would required the WIndows Live! login.06:12
fabbionetmarble: yeps it did07:40
fabbionejbailey: i am getting an arm box at AllHands07:40
jbaileyfabbione: For starting a port?07:41
fabbionejbailey: well i can do whatever i want07:43
fabbioneideally we could setup the qemu build and I can use that as target07:43
jbaileyI wonder if any of my mobile devices are arms.07:43
lamontjbailey: speaking of java... who was working on the hppa-stack-alignment bug?08:30
jbaileylamont: Carlos said he'd look at it after the private futex stuff.08:30
lamonthis patch is relative to some significantly changed code... I'm going to just manually re-implement it against our current glibc08:31
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