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tarelerulzThis might be the wrong place to ask ,but I am lost and someone told me to come here.  I ssh into my remote computer and run vncserver and then I open a tap on the terminal for my local computer  Then I put vncviewer  ipaddress-desktop:1 .   The computer is at gdm screen I think.02:06
tarelerulzvnc will not let me on02:06
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leonelaccording to the times    PostgreSQL  8.3  will be released in this year    any  chances it got included  in Hardy ?02:11
kgoetzwhen this year?02:15
leonelkgoetz: at years end  maybe02:22
leonelso if it gets released  good chances are that gets included  right ?02:22
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kgoetzleonel: good chance it would make it into universe, not sure about main02:23
leonel"we" need it in main  :-P02:26
leonelI mean  if it will be a LTS  having a 8.2 version for 5 years  when the 8.3 is out I think it's not too good02:27
kgoetzbeing LTS unless its well tested it wont make main02:29
=== kgoetz doesnt know how different 8.2 and 8.3 will be (eg how much testing is needed)
leonelwell  let's  test it :002:29
kgoetzlol :)02:29
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tarelerulzwhen I run vnc on  the computer I want to vnc into I get this "xauth:  /home/tarelerulz/.Xauthority not writable, changes will be ignored02:36
tarelerulzxauth:  error in locking authority file /home/tarelerulz/.Xauthority"02:37
tarelerulzI just lost . If this is not the right place I understand .  Just not getting any help in #ubuntu .02:38
kgoetztarelerulz: can you write to the home directry?02:41
tarelerulzlocal or in the remote computer ?02:42
tarelerulzI ssh into the remote one and I can write to home directory on it and I can write to the home directory on the local one to.02:46
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kgoetzwhats `ls -lh /home/tarelerulz/.Xauthority` output?02:47
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tarelerulzfor the remote one it is "-rw------- 1 root root 929 2007-09-25 04:20 /home/tarelerulz/.Xauthority and the local one -rw------- 1 root root 251 2007-09-14 19:50 /home/tarelerulz/.Xauthority02:49
kgoetzare you trying to connect s root?02:50
kgoetzthose files should be owned by the user in question, not root02:50
tarelerulzI am not trying to log  on them as root02:51
tarelerulzall I did on the remote one is install  vnserver and then I ran it .  I have have use sudo at the time.  When I went to back to the computer I just put vncserver in02:53
tarelerulzone the remote computer I installed vncserer one02:54
tarelerulzIt said username-desktop:102:54
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tarelerulzWhen I try to  do vncviewer from my other computer it would not let me on02:54
tarelerulzWith the ipadress:1 of the remote computer02:55
kgoetzthose .Xauthority files have the wrong owner, you wont be able to log in while thats the case02:57
tarelerulzSo how would I change the owner of thoese files ?03:01
ajmitchleonel: given that hardy will have an upstream version freeze around mid-feb, there's a good chance it'll get in03:02
kgoetzssh into the system and type `sudo chown <correct owners name> .Xauthority`03:02
tarelerulzWEll, I need to turn off the vncserver to  do  that. So it is not use the file or something03:03
tarelerulzJust asking , I don't know and I wanted to make sure I understand everything. OH by the way thanks alot for your help03:04
leonelajmitch: great !03:05
kgoetztarelerulz: i dont know if you have to turn off vnc server, i havent used it.03:09
tarelerulzwhen I ssh into the remote computer  I just type vncview in and it runs it .03:11
tarelerulzIs that the right way. I think it runs it as my normal user .03:11
tarelerulzI did sudo vncserver one time so that maybe the reason the files are owned by root.03:12
kgoetzas i say - i havent used it beoer03:13
tarelerulzhaha this is all so fun.  I like have some idea what is going on.  Thanks for your help03:14
tarelerulzWhen I do get this working  my networking dreams will be realized .  I must say I love Ubuntu/Linux .03:15
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kgoetzanyone running slapd on gutsy?08:46
kgoetzi'm wondering if your seeing a  /etc/ldap/slapd.conf: line 43: unknown directive <checkpoint> inside backend database definition (ignored).08:47
kgoetzin syslog. i'm pretty sure that optiosn there by default.. wondering if its  a bug08:47
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ScottKsoren: DId you get anywhere with looking into vmware-player?08:50
sorenScottK: No, Malcomlm didn't show up yesterday before I left.08:55
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_rubengeneric utc greeting11:23
_rubensaying 'evening' at 10:47am is a bit odd ;-)11:23
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=== serishema smirks
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emretemp_12:42 pm here ; )11:43
_rubenthe joys of inter-timezone-communications :)11:45
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ScottKsoren: OK.01:26
Kamping_Kaiser_ruben, when someoen enteres the channel, its morning, when they leave its evening. there is no other rule :)01:27
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sorenScottK: Huh?01:28
sorenKamping_Kaiser: Leave the channel? wtf?01:28
Kamping_Kaisersoren,  /part /quit etc01:28
sorenKamping_Kaiser: Who does that?01:28
ScottKsoren: Just saw your reply about vmware01:28
sorenScottK: Oh.01:28
=== Kamping_Kaiser observes comment painfully hit wall over folks head
=== soren loses track of the ~100 conversations he's got going on at any given time.
_rubenKamping_Kaiser: that's an 'odd' rule i'd say ;)01:29
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nealmcbI'm up for ubuntu membership in the Community Council meeting in 2 hours.  Mostly based on my loco work, but if anyone would like to vouch for my participation in the server team, that would be appreciated :-)   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NealMcBurnett03:20
jcastrosoren: Do you feel comfortable doing a -server session for ubuntu open week?03:27
sorenjcastro: I'm not entirely sure what a "yes" to that question would actually entail.03:31
sorennealmcb: I'll be there cheering you on!03:32
dantalizingnealmcb, unfortunately, i dont think wannabes have any clout03:32
dantalizingthat didnt come out right....i 'll be there, but not sure i'll add value03:33
jcastrosoren: basically you answer a bunch of questions from users.03:34
jcastrosoren: it doesn't matter to me who it actually is, as long as it's someone from the server team.03:34
sorenjcastro: Ah, no, talk beforehand? Then it's fine. Sign me up.03:34
jcastrosoren: kees volunteered you when you were sleeping. :D03:34
jcastrosoren: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep03:34
jcastropick a time03:34
sorenjcastro: How nice of him :)03:34
jcastrobeginning of the week would be best, we're trying to spread them out.03:35
sorenUm... Do you think ogra has considered that he should be en route to Boston at that time?03:35
sorenAh, no, he should be there already at that time. NEver mind.03:35
sorenHeh... All of the available slots are outside my working hours :) Let's go with Monday 1600-1700 UTC.03:36
nealmcbdantalizing: My sense is that clout is important for some things, but not for confirming that I've been known to offer supoprt on #ubuntu-server and show up at meetings and actually follow thru on an action item or two :-)03:37
sorennealmcb: Could you give me a ping here or something when you're up?03:37
soren"up" as in "when it's your turn in the meeting" :)03:38
sorenNot as in "awake".03:38
nealmcbsoren: ahh - I'd be delighted to :-)03:39
soren...or have I just ruined a joke?03:39
sorenOk :)03:39
=== nealmcb lol
nealmcbsoren: I'm #3 on the list and they are starting with locos and members this time, so it will be earlier than usual03:41
sorenIt's in an hour and 20 minutes or thereabouts, right?03:41
dantalizingsoren: yes03:46
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tonyyarussohey folks, just reading Beta release e-mail, and saw "Pre-configured installation options: Mail Server, Print Server, Database03:52
tonyyarussoServer, and File Server options join existing LAMP and DNS options03:52
tonyyarussoWanted to give you all a high-five, as that was something on my personal wishlist, so great job!03:52
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_rubenhmm ..03:55
=== _ruben goes back to reading the release mail .. smth came up while reading it
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sorentonyyarusso: :)03:59
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_rubenwhat would be the next lts version? or isnt that known yet?04:07
lamont_ruben: hardy(?).  gutsy+1 in any case04:08
=== lamont needs to remember that name
_rubenah ok, so that'd be 6-7 months from now, right?04:12
mathiaz_ruben: april 200804:19
mathiazI've written an email I plan to send to ubuntu-serverml to ask for beta testing of ubuntu server. It's located at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GutsyBetaAnnouncement.04:20
_rubeni should check our novel suse subscription details .. im not that happy (anymore) with sles9 and/or sles10 .. considering alternatives04:20
mathiazIf anyone wants to have a look and comment on it, it would be great !04:20
_ruben"It doesn't take some much time..." ? ;-)04:22
mralphabetmathiaz: "and this an easy and simple way"04:25
mathiazmralphabet: this *is* an easy - corrected. Thanks.04:26
mralphabetmathiaz: _ruben's comment above is for you as well04:27
mralphabet09:19 < _ruben> "It doesn't take some much time..."04:27
mathiazmralphabet: yeah - corrected.04:28
mathiaz_ruben: thanks.04:28
_rubeni wish we had a proper test environment here .. i'd love to try out ubunutu-server as an alternative for our suse boxes04:28
mathiaz_ruben: you could use vmware to do your test.04:35
_rubeni did a single ubuntu server install under ubuntu already (dont recall if it was feisty or the last lts version) to see what was in it (version-wise and all)04:36
_rubenthe fact that ubuntu has a faster release cycle than novel/suse is both a pro and con for us (and for many others i think)04:37
_rubenwe actually went from debian (after having abandoned slackware) to suse due to debian's insanely slow release cycle04:37
nealmcbmathiaz: I'd suggest asking for testing of the tasksel stuff also04:37
_rubenwe needed 2.6 kernel and sarge was getting delayed over and over04:37
nealmcbthe release announcement talks of "Mail Server, Print Server, Database Server, and File Server" - but shouldn't that be Samba Server or something?04:40
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mathiaznealmcb: Thanks - updated.04:41
mathiaznealmcb: technically yes.04:41
=== nealmcb also needs to check on "database server" - is that mysql? postgresql?
mathiaznealmcb: well the task is named Postgresql Database server04:41
mathiaznealmcb: mysql server is installed with the LAMP tasks.04:42
nealmcbI think using the actual task names is good in documentation, release notes, etc04:42
nealmcbahh - so lamp with postgres means uninstall mysql?04:42
mathiaznealmcb: no. mysql and postgresql can coexist.04:42
nealmcbsure, but it is often good to remove unused packages04:42
mathiaznealmcb: sure. But this is not what tasksel should be used for.04:43
nealmcbala the discussion of samba+nfs vs one or the other04:43
keescooksoren: well, by volunteer, I suggested you'd know more than me about the subject.  :)05:23
sorenkeescook: Where "the subject" is "whatever people ask", apparantly :)05:23
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keescooksoren: heh.  you want to do it as a team?05:24
sorenkeescook: No, no, it's fine.05:25
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nealmcbsoren, et al., Looks like I'll be next, after peanutb who just started.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda05:57
sorennealmcb: I'm there, dude.05:57
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nealmcbI'm up06:04
nealmcbsoren ^06:04
sorenI see it.06:04
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frojndhello tere06:23
frojndI've came to a part where do I have to set partitions06:23
frojndso I have:06:23
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frojndconfigure software raid, configure LVM guided partitioning, help on partitioning and undo and finish...06:24
frojndwhen I click on a configure software raid06:24
frojndnothing happens06:24
frojndjust ask: keep current partition layout and configure raid06:24
frojndand than I click yes06:24
frojndand there is just a big blue screen06:24
frojndand I can write there...06:25
frojndI don't think this is right..06:25
sorenYou need to create a partition for raid first.06:27
sorenCreate a partition, and make set it to "use as: software raid volume" or something.06:27
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bddebianHey folks.  Any apache2 gurus here?06:59
mathiazbddebian: you should just ask your question...06:59
bddebianGah.  I'm looking through several of the libapache-xxx-xxx packages to see if they are still needed.  Right now I'm looking at libapache-asp-perl which depends libapache-filter-perl and libapache-ssi-perl.  I don't think the filter depends is necessary anymore and from what I'm reading apache2 includes mod_include.  Just trying to verify that.07:01
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sommerhey all, I have a Sun Blade 100 and I was wondering if that old of a machine will work to test the Sparc ISOs?07:23
sommerI did get the ISO from the other day to install fine.07:23
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frojndthat's interesting10:38
frojndI've just installed ubuntu server10:38
frojndand now I wanna install xfce10:38
frojndbut there isn't any xfce package10:38
frojnddo I have to load it first?10:38
frojndfrom web?10:38
ivoksit's not on CD10:40
mathiazfrojnd: you can try to install xubuntu-desktop from the web10:41
osmosisanyone know what the xen package name is on gutsy server ?10:42
=== nijaba [n=nbarcet@unaffiliated/nijaba] has joined #ubuntu-server
ivoksosmosis: ubuntu-xen-server?10:43
osmosisivoks: i think thats what it is on 386, but that package doesnt exist on AMD6410:43
frojndmathiaz: I wanna to install it really with low requirements...10:43
frojndmathiaz: I know xubuntu-destkop has more than I need...10:44
ivoksosmosis: i don't think xen is builded for amd6410:44
osmosisivoks: its gotta be. its one of the main programs that uses 64.10:44
mathiazfrojnd: try xfce4 then10:44
frojndmathiaz: ok10:44
ivoksosmosis: apt-cache search xen10:44
sommerfrojnd: you might also look into fluxbox.10:45
sommerit's very lightweight though10:45
osmosisivoks: for 386 gutsy, can you tell me which packages  ubuntu-xen-server installs ?10:45
frojndhm, sommer I don0't have fluxbux package..10:45
sommerya you'll need to apt-get install fluxbox to get it.10:46
sommerfrom the net not cdrom...fyi10:46
frojndsommer: apt-get install fluxbox, package can't be found10:46
ivoksDepends: bridge-utils, libc6-xen, libxen3.1, python-xen-3.1, xen-docs-3.1, xen-hypervisor-3.1, xen-ioemu-3.1, xen-tools, xen-utils-3.1, linux-xen10:46
frojndalso xfce4 itself... there are missing dependencies..10:47
sommerfrojnd: have you commented the cdrom line in /etc/apt/sources.list?10:47
frojndsommer: nop, nothing :=10:48
sommerfrojnd: what version are you running?10:48
sommerof Ubuntu10:49
frojndsommer: 606 LTS10:49
frojndmy monitor is a little squeezed...10:49
sommerdo  you have universe enabled?10:49
frojndI need to reset it10:49
frojndI can't see what's enabled, disabled10:49
frojndjust a sec10:50
frojndsommer: I've uncomment out...10:53
frojndso fluxbox is even leighter than xfce4 ?10:53
sommerfrojnd: yep, which depending on your needs may work great for you.10:54
sommerif you do apt-get update you should be able to install it.10:54
frojndsommer: I have 400mhz 256mb ram..10:54
frojndvesa graphic card...10:54
sommerheh...I'd use fluxbox with that hardware over xfce410:55
sommerbut xfce4 probably wouldn't do too bad10:55
sommerfrojnd: here's a site with some more info on fluxbox:11:00
sommernot sure how up to date it is though.11:00
mralphabetfrojnd: have you disabled the cd as a source in your repos?11:01
mralphabetfrojnd: nm, i'm 15 minutes behind11:01
mralphabetosmosis: packages.ubuntu.com may answer your questions too11:03
frojndsommer: that's funny.. I've installed fluxbox and xdm and restart computer. But than it only says startinx X display manager xdm and nothing... I'm still on server also if I press ctrl + alt +7 nothing happens...11:06
frojndwhat could be wrond11:06
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fujinanyone know how to configure snmp-trapd?11:06
frojndThats interesting... now I've installed GDM11:14
frojndand It says that cannot start x because: /etc/X11/X no such file or directory aborting11:14
frojndHow can I configure my xorg...?11:14
frojndapperantly I don't have X in my /etc/X11/11:16
mralphabetfrojnd: I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you are dealing with the channel that uses the command line for almost everything11:16
frojndmralphabet: I know :) I'm trying to get out of this command line :D11:17
mralphabetfrojnd: we don't usually even have X installed11:17
frojndmralphabet: I see..11:17
frojndmralphabet: still I think that someone tryed here to install X with minimum requirements to work11:18
mralphabetfrojnd: so what I am trying to say is that we probably aren't the best at troubleshooting X ;(11:18
mralphabetfrojnd: instead of installing individual packages, it would be better if you installed the virtual package for the window manager you want to use11:19
mralphabetfrojnd: so xubuntu-desktop I believe11:19
frojndmralphabet: hm I'm trying to install X with as little as possible of crap. :)11:20
frojndmralphabet: that's why I chose fluxbox11:20
mralphabetfrojnd: and hows that going for you?11:20
mralphabetfrojnd: slightly tongue in cheek there, but hopefully you see my point11:21
mralphabetfrojnd: this is on 6.06?11:23
frojndmralphabet: I'm reading some faq on fluxbox home page...11:23
frojndmralphabet: i won't just give up cause gdm can't read X11*11:23
mralphabetfrojnd: heh, okay11:24
mralphabetfrojnd: this may help: http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/x11/fluxbox11:24
frojndtnanx mralphabet11:25
frojndthanx mralphabet11:25
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fujinif you install fluxbox, the dependancies should take care of themselves11:43
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