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arthur-p/w 1908:21
lamontdoko: I have a gcc patch for you...08:26
lamonter, glibc08:26
lamontwell, I will once I port it..08:26
lamont(I heard a rumor you have a glibc upload in the works...)08:27
dokolamont: ok, please commit to the repo08:32
=== lamont will have to find the repio
lamontrepo, even08:32
lamontdoko: please add entries similar to the following to debian/control:08:33
lamontXS-Vcs-Browser: http://git.debian.org/?p=users/lamont/util-linux.git08:33
lamontXS-Vcs-Git: git://git.debian.org/~lamont/util-linux.git08:33
lamontand, uh, where is the repo?08:34
=== lamont watches bzr slowly churn checking out the repo
Mithrandirbzr+ssh is a bit faster than sftp, fyi08:52
lamontso bzr+ssh://....08:53
lamontdoko: my test build is running ( at least an hour before it gets to where -1ubuntu7 failed).  If you're impatient in the meantime, picking up chinstrap:/home/lamont/local-private-futex-lamont.diff won't hurt08:56
lamontwho knows, maybe my clone of the repo will finish by then :-)08:58
dokolamont: not today anymore09:01
lamontah.  bzr clone finised09:02
lamontdoko: care if I upload -1ubuntu8 with just my change?09:04
lamontone line patch to ports/sysdeps/hppa/nptl/tls.h, assuming there's nothing else09:05
lamontdoko: and are you including changelog as part of the commits?09:07
dokolamont: yes, but no specific format09:08
lamontI'm assuming that the checkout did the right thing, and that what I have is a debian directory09:09
lamontgiven that...  There are a few diffs between the unpacked source I downloaded (-1ubuntu7) and the bzr tree...09:09
lamontOnly in glibc-debian/control.in: libc0.309:09
lamontOnly in glibc-debian/control.in: libc609:09
lamontOnly in glibc-debian/control.in: libc6.109:09
lamontOnly in glibc-debian/: include09:09
lamontOnly in glibc-2.5-package/: locales.NEWS.Debian09:09
lamontOnly in glibc-2.5-package/patches: ia6409:09
lamontOnly in glibc-2.5-package/patches: s39009:09
dokoignore the ones in control.in, the other ones should be empty directories09:10
lamontthe last 3 being empty stuff09:10
lamontignore as in "we don't care if my upload has them or not" or what?09:11
lamontah, and include is probably because I have a build going where I rsync'ed glibc-2.6.1/debian from09:11
lamontdo you have gcc-4.{1,2} uploads planned this week?09:13
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dokolamont: yes09:17

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