nixternalooh, akademy is in august...wooohoooo, count me in!12:48
n8k99nixternal: in belgium12:49
n8k99sounds like fun12:50
=== n8k99 wishes he was a kde-dev too
=== nixternal does too
=== mluser-work [n=mluser-w@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mluser-workDoes anyone know if its possible to get a history of installed packages using apt-get or any other utility?01:01
mluser-workI'm trying to find out what the last version of the xserver-xorg-video-ati was01:02
nixternaldpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-ati01:07
nixternalnot a history, but it will tell you the version you have installed01:08
mluser-worknixternal: Thank you, I already did that, but what I'm trying to find out was the previous version of the ati driver.. the latest package messed up my resolutions01:08
=== DaSkreech [n=skreech@katapult/ninja/daskreech] has joined #Kubuntu-devel
mluser-workwhat part of this is the actual version of the package: '1:6.6.193-1ubuntu1'01:10
DaSkreechRiddell: ping01:10
mluser-workso 'sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati=1:6.6.193-1ubuntu1' should work.. right?01:10
mluser-workOk, well its not working, so I guess I can assume that when a new package is uploaded to the repositories, the old versions are removed, because it cant find that package01:12
DaSkreechnixternal: Hey01:12
nixternalyo yo01:13
nixternalno, the old versions stay01:13
DaSkreechnixternal: The invite to upgrade to gutsy01:13
nixternaltry and remove the 1: and see if that helps01:13
nixternalif not, you can go to archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu and download the old version from there01:14
DaSkreech is it intended for package tests or for "user experience" ?01:14
coreymon77what are you talking about01:14
nixternalI have no idea, I haven't been following all that much this week01:14
mluser-worknixternal: Thanks for you help :)01:15
DaSkreechcoreymon77: ^^^01:19
mluser-worknixternal: excellent, downgrading to the previous ati driver fixed my X resolutions.. thanks again :)01:20
DaSkreechnixternal: Ok going home I'm going to setup the upgrades01:23
coreymon77i dont tend to trust linux betas01:24
coreymon77especially with my linux box01:24
nixternalI use nothing but development releases....they are more interesting01:37
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DaSkreechRiddell: reping03:19
nixternalbddebian: boo! HAH03:20
nixternalman, if you are running a gutsy server, whatever you do, do not upgrade!03:21
nixternalperl breakage, udev breakage, volumeid breakage, just flat out total carnage03:21
nixternaland is anyone else on gutsy seeing a goofy email to the amarok bugs or some garbage?03:21
DaSkreechnixternal: sooooo distupgrading now is a bad idea?03:21
nixternalI see it every now and then after a reboot03:21
nixternalDaSkreech: very bad idea03:21
nixternalwait until gcc, perl, udev, and such settle down03:22
DaSkreechnixternal: is there a time period of that?03:22
nosrednaekimadd to that that adept_updater wants to remove every package on peoples computers.03:23
nixternalcouple of days03:23
nixternalbecause if I seen correctly, there are a couple of FTBS on gcc and perl03:23
coreymon77i guess this is why they are called betas03:23
DaSkreechSo I brought home my computer for nothing :(03:24
nixternalI just had the update ask me to type "Yes, I am really sure" or something like that on my server update because it was going to remove everything "perl"03:24
DaSkreechah well03:24
nixternalit even told me that doing so will ruin my life :)03:24
nixternalchill time...back in a bit03:25
DaSkreechHa ha03:25
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=== Knightlust [n=dax@ubuntu/member/knightlust] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Jucatostdin: have fun with them :)04:15
stdinJucato: I'm getting board with it now :p04:15
=== Jucato was *bored* with it 30 minutes ago
Jucatojust kinda sad to see that people who "seem" to know better don't actually get involved in making things better... they seem to be satisfied just ranting about it to show that they know better :(04:17
=== stdin realises he is one of those people who "should know better" ;)
=== Jucato is satisfied not to know everything there is to know
Jucatosecurity is one of my waterloos...04:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146562 in kdesudo "default sudo timeouts too long. Potential risks from gui pov. (dup-of: 132456)" [Undecided,New] 04:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132456 in kdesudo "User account 'remembers' admin password" [High,Triaged] 04:19
Jucatohehe ok...04:20
Jucatothere really is no pleasing people...04:20
DaSkreechJucato: You do know everything there is to know!04:22
Jucatono I don't04:22
JucatoI apparently don't know what is the right way to do aggregation04:22
DaSkreechHa ha What do you know about aggregation?04:25
DaSkreechJucato: What's your vision of perfect aggregation?04:27
Jucatonothing. I don't claim to know perfection at all04:27
DaSkreechI don't either :) I just know what I like04:28
Jucatothat's a different matter then04:28
DaSkreechI think once you accept your earlier statement then you realize perfection is either relative or nonexistent once details are brought in04:29
Jucatohm.. totally weird.. I seem to have lost some of my systray icons.... and can't bring them back...04:29
Jucatoby essence, perfection isn't relative. it is absolute04:29
DaSkreechIn essence yes04:30
DaSkreechin details no04:30
Jucatothen it is not perfection. but an imperfection...04:31
Jucatowhere is my korgainzer daemon? O.o04:31
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RiddellDaSkreech: pong06:37
Jucatomoin Riddell! :)06:38
=== BentJ [n=BentJ@port46.ds1-esp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Jucatoyou're up a bit early :)06:39
Riddelllike all good geeks I like to be up before 6 in the morning to get the most out of the day06:40
DaSkreechRiddell: I was asking if the invite to upgrade was to test packages or "user experience"06:40
RiddellDaSkreech: it's to know if the upgrade works or breaks your system06:40
DaSkreechSo user experience06:41
=== Jucato dares to upgrade his laptop later
DaSkreechnixternal warned me off of it :)06:42
Jucatowe won't know what's wrong until we try right?06:42
Jucatoit's bound for a repartition anyway...06:42
DaSkreechI'll wait till the known problem packages get fixed then I'll toss my hat into the altar06:42
JucatoI'm claiming an addition 10-20GB from my sister's windows partition06:43
DaSkreechMake sure you metaphors are well mixed before adding the batter06:43
JucatoDaSkreech: mattr changed his mind. we're going to see Kopete in 4.0 (hopefully)06:45
DaSkreechI heard the hope earlier06:45
DaSkreechas I said I'm at peace with that now06:45
DaSkreech I see 4.0 as a public beta06:45
DaSkreechWhat with no printing and all06:46
Jucatowe can still hope for printing...06:46
JucatoRiddell: by any chance, would you happen to know if/where aseigo kept slides he used in Tenerife?06:46
=== Jucato should learn how to be like Riddell.. sleep late, wake early, do some biking..
DaSkreechJucato: Point is I don't hope for it be a silencer of doubters06:55
=== Stecchino [n=bart@d54C56F83.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu-devel
StecchinoI just had my xsession crash while running adept-manager. It was just starting configuration phase, downloads were finished.07:11
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Stecchino [n=bart@d54C56F83.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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DaSkreechRiddell: Ping07:56
=== DaSkreech hugs Hobbsee
Hobbseehi DaSkreech :)07:57
DaSkreechRiddell: You may want to proof read the fridge article you have a line that starts "Jonathan about Kubuntu Gutsy "08:01
DaSkreechJucato: That's pretty funny looking08:01
JucatoDaSkreech: what is?08:02
Jucatoah heh :)08:02
DaSkreechWhat's the sharing thing you were talking about?08:03
JucatoDaSkreech: you can just tell them to get the theme from KDE-Look or from Get New Themes :)08:04
Jucatoor if you made/have one, you can just send them around08:04
DaSkreechFrom in kopete?08:04
JucatoSend File... themes are in .tar.gz right?08:05
Jucatonot exactly automated though... :)08:05
DaSkreechOh I thought you meant some magic button siince you brought up Yahoo08:05
Jucatobut the "Get New Themes" is in Kopete08:05
DaSkreechI love GHNS08:10
DaSkreechKopete in pointoh will be a nice boon08:11
HobbseeJucato: how good are you at menu's stuff?08:53
Jucatowhat kind of menus?08:53
HobbseeJucato: thinking of fixing https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebluetooth/+bug/7815508:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 78155 in kdebluetooth "fd.o compliant *.desktop files" [Undecided,New] 08:54
Jucatooh .desktop files...08:54
Jucatonot really knowledgeable of any fd.o related thing :(08:54
Jucatosorry Hobbsee :(08:55
Hobbseedarn.  that means that maybe i'll have to think about it.08:55
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HobbseeTonio_: you around?10:12
=== pgquiles [n=pgquiles@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== TheInfinity [n=TheInfin@bchm-4d091ac8.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_Hobbsee: hi11:01
HobbseeTonio_: dont worry, i fixed it.11:02
HobbseeTonio_: when's a good meeting time for you?11:02
Tonio_Hobbsee: by 10 PM11:03
Tonio_9 PM UTC11:03
Tonio_something like this11:03
=== apachelogger_ [n=me@N832P009.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu-devel
HobbseeTonio_: OK.  as in, from what time, up until 10pm?11:05
Hobbseeoh, 9pm utc.  right11:05
Tonio_Hobbsee: fyi I'm just fixing kds to use easylist for adblock11:05
HobbseeTonio_: great, thanks :)11:05
=== Hobbsee uploads kdebase
=== Jucato uploads brain
=== Hobbsee poaches brain
JucatoTonio_: the author of kdmtheme just released a new version. he says it's much nicer to work with (300+ vs 500+ lines). _StefanS_ might be interested in using that instead (if there's still time?)11:14
Tonio_Jucato: hum, interesting, let's test11:15
Tonio_Jucato: okay I'll do the package so that we all can test11:15
Tonio_ ;)11:15
Tonio_Jucato: I hope it is just not too late, for a new version11:18
Jucatothat's what I was worried about too11:18
Jucatothe 300+ lines really got me sold though. much easier for Stefan11:19
Jucatothe author said that it's sort of a backport of kdmtheme from KDE 4, so it's much cleaner. and kdmtheme has been merged with kdm in kde411:20
Tonio_yep I can figure out this :)11:20
Tonio_well I'll upload and we'll see hat happens....11:20
Tonio_what's the status of universe apps ?11:20
Tonio_Hobbsee: is the feature freeze actually concerning universe ?11:20
Jucatowe could probably make an excuse that it has to be patched anyway to make it work with the new kdm settings :P11:21
Tonio_Jucato: haha ;)11:22
Tonio_Jucato: package currently building here11:22
=== milian [n=milian@p57BB0AB1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Jucato should probably upgrade his laptop to Gutsy to be his guinea pig...
Jucatooh good one of the bluetooth brothers is here...11:23
Jucatoand the kdesudo guy too :)11:24
Jucatoboy do I have questions for you :P11:24
JucatoTonio_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebluetooth/+bug/14633711:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146337 in kdebluetooth "[gutsy]  package libkbluetooth0 1.0~beta7-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libqobex.so.0.0.9', which is also in package qobex" [High,Triaged] 11:24
Jucatojust confirming, remove qobex to get around that?11:24
Jucatodidn't we get kdesudo in order to fix the bug of kdesu not remembering passwords? :)11:26
=== Nightrose [n=lydia@port-87-234-157-150.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_Jucato: beta8 is out and in the repos11:28
Tonio_Jucato: is the bug still there with beta8 ?11:28
Jucatoone person said that the same problem happens11:28
Tonio_Jucato: fyi beta8 changes the obex protocol so it might fix the issue11:28
Jucatook. well gonna upgrade my laptop now11:29
Jucatoso we'll see :)11:29
Tonio_Jucato: kdebluetooth beta is there for a while so I'm a bit surprised I must say, nobody complained till now11:29
Jucatoiirc Stefan mentioned it. but not sure whether it was beta7 or beta8 he was referring to11:29
Tonio_Jucato: in fact qobex is coming with the old kdebluetooth package..... I suspect those guys are just upgrading from feisty11:30
Tonio_that may explain11:30
Jucatoa lot of guys will be upgrading from feisty :)11:30
Jucatolet's see.. not going to remove qobex11:31
Tonio_hum we have to put a conflict there :)11:31
Jucatoconflict of interest... :)11:31
Jucatorawr feisty updates getting in the way :P11:34
JucatoTonio_: wanna hear the kdesudo bug? although it's not really something with kdesudo (again)11:34
Tonio_Jucato: those are sudo bugs11:35
Tonio_Jucato: in fact some people have crappy sudo installation, probably outdated and coming from dapper or so11:36
JucatoTonio_: yeah. but this one is funny. someone was actually complaining that kdesu now remembers passwords :)11:36
Tonio_Jucato: we can't really do something concerning this, especially since kdesudo really closes lots of bugs generated by kdesu11:36
Tonio_Jucato: sure, but that's just sudo again :)11:36
Jucatoyeah. it's just ironic.. people complaining kdesu not remembering passwords.. now people complaining that it does11:37
Jucatobug 14633711:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146337 in kdebluetooth "[gutsy]  package libkbluetooth0 1.0~beta7-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libqobex.so.0.0.9', which is also in package qobex" [High,Triaged]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14633711:37
Jucatoer sorry11:37
Jucatobug 14656211:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146562 in kdesudo "default sudo timeouts too long. Potential risks from gui pov. (dup-of: 132456)" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14656211:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132456 in kdesudo "User account 'remembers' admin password" [High,Triaged]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13245611:38
Jucatoat least the suggestion now is to reduce the time for remembering passwords... or make a popup or whatever :)11:38
=== Nightrose [n=lydia@amarok/rokymotion/nightrose] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_Jucato: new kdmtheme package is done, uploading, we'll see what happens.....11:43
Tonio_did those guys ever use sudo ?11:46
Tonio_cause all of their troubles are reproducibles with sudo everytime11:47
Tonio_I'm a bit surprised on that point I must say11:47
JucatoI guess what he's worried about is that normal users would be less likely to run commands using sudo than start programs that require sudo11:47
JucatoGUI programs11:47
Jucatobut yeah, it's kinda ridiculous... you should ask mneptok, he was there in #kubuntu during the great debate11:48
Tonio_jcastro: weren't we supposed to talk about the openweek ? :)11:54
=== TheInfinity [n=TheInfin@bchm-4d091ac8.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_GRMPF !!!!!!!!!12:35
Tonio_how is that possible ?????12:35
Tonio_I apt-get source kdebluetooth, then change the control file, fill changelog, and reupload, nothing else12:35
Tonio_upload is rejected due to "md5sum mismatch"12:36
Simestrigi is running constantly here on my upgraded gutsy... ;-/12:40
Tonio_ah :) hobbsee already uploaded, that explains :)12:41
Jucatoah beloved strigi :)12:41
Tonio_Sime: yeah we know, we'll probably look at removing strigi for final release12:41
Tonio_Sime: that's a well known problem, it uses 90% cpu all the time....12:41
Tonio_according to upstream, using cpu is not bad as long as it doesn't make the computer slow (hiw own words)12:42
Tonio_I suspect that guy doesn't use a laptop......12:42
SimeI just don't know what it is doing.12:42
Tonio_Sime: no idea......12:42
SimeIt has run all night.12:42
Jucatotrying to index probably?12:43
Simeit must be a bug12:43
HobbseeTonio_: yeah, that'll do it.12:43
Jucatoyeah bug12:43
Simeand still going!?12:43
HobbseeTonio_: yes, it is.12:43
SimeI've got kde4 svn on here.12:43
HobbseeTonio_: (FF)12:43
Simeso I don't expect it to be fast at the start.12:43
Simebut 15 hours???!12:43
Tonio_just that the point is that scanning with 90% of cpu is good as long as it make it fast to scan the datas12:45
Tonio_I can understand why scanning 3 GB of datas creates a 2 GB index, and seem to scan forever12:45
=== Hobbsee kills whoever broke bug-closing-by-changelog
Tonio_Hobbsee: well I uploaded, we'll see what happens12:45
HobbseeTonio_: you got the md5sum mismatch.  mine will have been taken12:46
Tonio_Hobbsee: we need the new kdmtheme to easilly fix a big bug -> application fails to set the kdm theme :)12:46
HobbseeTonio_: sounds fine12:46
HobbseeTonio_: (pls upload)12:46
Tonio_Hobbsee: yep, look like we did about the same time :)12:46
Tonio_Hobbsee: but launchpad is a gentleman, women are given priority :)12:46
HobbseeTonio_: you're supposed to do the proper UVFe, btw :P12:47
Hobbseehaha ;)12:47
Tonio_Hobbsee: yeah gonna do it :)12:47
Tonio_Hobbsee: isn't upstream version freeze removed ?12:47
=== IanC26 [n=IanC26@2002:908b:a5bc:4:216:6fff:fe39:ff6e] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_Hobbsee: I saw pitty email yesterday12:47
Tonio_Hobbsee: what's important is freeture freeze now no ?12:47
HobbseeTonio_: yeah - but new features are still covered.12:48
HobbseeTonio_: i dont think universe has changed, yet, actually12:48
Tonio_Hobbsee: well there is no much new feature in fact12:48
Hobbseeno one told the motu-uvf team about it - it's not been discussed12:48
Tonio_Hobbsee: well atm the upload is gone, let's see what happens, and I'll ping Daniel in case of problem with it ;)12:49
Tonio_Hobbsee: upload was accepted by soyouz atm12:49
HobbseeTonio_: of course it was.12:49
HobbseeTonio_: we dont hardlock the uploads12:49
HobbseeTonio_: i trust you to not be on crack - but i dont trust some of our MOTU's, which is why everyone is supposed to follow the process, at least to some respect.12:50
Hobbsee(where i is the motu-uvf team)12:50
HobbseeTonio_: because then we shoot those who do upload crakc, against the freezes.12:50
Tonio_Hobbsee: so I'm taking the risk to be shooted ? :)12:51
HobbseeTonio_: not really, but we'd prefer to avoid the people whining "well, you let them do it, why cant we do it too?"12:52
Tonio_okay so I'll take care of anyfurther upload then, you're right on that point12:52
HobbseeTonio_: i know it's a pain.12:52
Hobbseeand i have plans to remove the uvf team in hardy+1, i think.12:53
Tonio_Hobbsee: no, it's just respecting the rules, I understand that12:53
Hobbseebut, for now...12:53
Tonio_Hobbsee: just that I thought the UVF process was gone due to pitti yesterday's email12:53
HobbseeTonio_: still fits in feature freeze, i think.  i havent been watching mail12:53
Tonio_and that whaat was important was just the feature and api/abi breaking things12:53
Tonio_Hobbsee: no new feature, just code cleaning, which'll help _StefanS_ fixing the code to work against our patched kdm12:54
Tonio_Hobbsee: that's why according the yesterday's email it just souned reasonnable for me to upload this :)12:54
HobbseeTonio_: cool :)12:54
HobbseeTonio_: motu-uvf needs to be all made aware of that change.  no idea if they are or not12:55
Tonio_Hobbsee: as you know the universe process more than I do actually, I'll ping you before any other upload :)12:55
Hobbseeideally they all read u-a...but...we know that not all do12:55
Tonio_Hobbsee: about pitty email ?12:55
Tonio_no idea, but I suspect Daniel and pitti already discussed together12:55
Tonio_otherwise motu-uvf will have problems in the next days12:55
Tonio_as a lot of people might do like me and upload against the freeze........12:56
HobbseeTonio_: it's not up to daniel?12:58
=== Hobbsee tries to figure out wtf is up with https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-restricted-extras/+bug/146691
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146691 in ubuntu-restricted-extras "ubuntu-restricted-extras install jack" [Undecided,New] 12:58
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
=== nosrednaekim [n=michael@04-039.200.popsite.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Hobbsee marks it NOTABUG, WORKS AS INTENDED.
=== mbiebl [n=michael@e180066045.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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Tonio_Hobbsee: hehe, some people consider any change as a bug01:14
HobbseeTonio_: it hasnt changed in ages...01:14
Tonio_Hobbsee: like the kdesudo one says "SECURITY PROBLEM, kdesudo remembers my password !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"01:14
nosrednaekimhaha... there was a two hour long flame about that last night.01:15
Tonio_yep, my friend, as sudo does and it seems logic than kdesudo uses............. sudo as a backend :)01:15
Tonio_about what ? jack ?01:15
HobbseeTonio_: haha, yeah01:15
Tonio_mouarv ;)01:15
Hobbseenosrednaekim: what about?01:15
Tonio_nosrednaekim: here ?01:15
nosrednaekimno, over at the main channel.01:15
Tonio_nosrednaekim: well I know and I see there are problems against kdesudo, but most of the time they are sudo problems, not kdesudo ones01:16
Tonio_nosrednaekim: #kubuntu ?01:16
nosrednaekimand alot of times they are just personal preferences as well. Yeah, #kubuntu01:16
Tonio_nosrednaekim: I can't see anything in the logs.....01:17
nosrednaekimat about 10:00 eastern time.01:17
nosrednaekimthat would be about 2 GMT01:17
JucatoTonio_: try grepping to the time when mneptok was talking01:17
nosrednaekimJucato: heh... did you see? the kopete developer is asking for help.01:18
nosrednaekimyeah...he wants it out for KDE4.http://matt.rogers.name/blog/2007/09/28/who-wants-to-be-a-kopete-developer/01:19
Tonio_<Jucato>   people are funny.. when kdeus acted like su and didn't save passwords, it was complained as a bug.. now that kdesudo is there that does it, it's still being complained as a bug01:19
Tonio_Jucato is right01:19
Tonio_I see no problem in kdesudo working as sudo does01:19
Jucatonosrednaekim: ah ok. thought you meant asking for help in #kubuntu01:20
Tonio_btw the password caching is done by sudo, not kdesudo, so WTF is the problem ?01:20
nosrednaekimno. but I noticed you blogged about it, so I thought you might be interested.01:20
Tonio_<uga>      but then all of them also want their boxes secure01:20
Tonio_Jucato: to that you should have answer : don't use the fuckin' sudo at all !!!!!!!!!01:20
nosrednaekimTonio_: there will always be a problem... :) no matter what you do you will not be able to please EVERYONE01:20
nosrednaekimfollowed by an !ohmy01:21
Tonio_nosrednaekim: sure but I don't understand what the problem is for those guys that sudo caches the password -> ok kdesudo does the same -> problem01:21
Tonio_they can use the non-caching sudo mode and that's it01:21
lucas_Hi, is there something integrated to kde  to handle hp printers card reader ?01:21
lucas_Hi remember that it was mounted once01:22
Tonio_<uga>      Jucato: I could send you a .desktop file over the net that could kdesudo rm -rf /01:22
lucas_But no it s not and I m forced to use hptooltip01:22
JucatoTonio_: :)01:23
Tonio_I can send a .desktop file on the net that just bash sudo rm -rf /01:23
Tonio_if the guy ever used sudo in it's session, it'll do the same01:23
Tonio_that's just a stupid comment01:23
Tonio_and the funny thing is that nobody complains about gksudo that does EXACTLY the same as kdesudo01:23
Tonio_well no need to say that's just stupid.......01:24
Tonio_a user that is stupid enough to click on a desktop file he doesn't know should be in the admi group, and therefore not have sudo permissions :)01:25
Tonio_and that's it :)01:25
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Hobbseenixternal: you suck.02:42
Hobbseenixternal: please dont commit uncompiling stuff to the repos.  see http://launchpadlibrarian.net/9585156/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-powerpc.kdebase_4%3A3.5.7-1ubuntu24_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz and other arches.02:42
Hobbsee(that includes bzr)02:43
=== mars [n=mars@AMarseille-156-1-143-165.w86-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== jpatrick [n=patrick@ubuntu/member/jpatrick] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_Hobbsee: did you apply buildprep ?03:17
Tonio_Hobbsee: sometimes required as we have lots of patches that touch makefiles :)03:17
HobbseeTonio_: as in, sudo make -f debian/rules buildprep?  yes.03:18
Tonio_Hobbsee: I use fakeroot instead but yes03:18
Tonio_Hobbsee: hum but there the patch seems to concern a c++ code error03:18
HobbseeTonio_: yes, that was my thought.03:18
Tonio_Hobbsee: is one of the patches you changed touching konqueror ?03:18
HobbseeTonio_: and it's from nixternal03:18
HobbseeTonio_: no, it's nixternal's doc stuff, i think.03:18
Tonio_seems that one of those patches is invalid03:18
Tonio_Hobbsee: yep, there is probably something going wrong there03:19
Tonio_Hobbsee: want me to have a look at the source package ?03:19
HobbseeTonio_: was going to let nixternal look at it - seeing as it is his code.03:19
Tonio_4 eyes are more efficient than 2 :)03:19
=== Hobbsee has 4 eyes :P
Tonio_mouarf :)03:20
HobbseeTonio_: if you want something to track down, perhaps look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/13508403:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135084 in kdebase "Kicker adds _: Entries in K-menu: to certain programs" [Medium,Confirmed] 03:24
Tonio_Hobbsee: wow, that's fucked up :)03:26
HobbseeTonio_: yeah.  and i dont get it, either.03:26
Tonio_Hobbsee: btw, I don't think there can be any fix to that problem03:26
Tonio_Hobbsee: 95% chances the issue is within an existing account03:26
=== aplg|mobile [n=me@N832P009.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu-devel
HobbseeTonio_: this was on the live cd too.03:28
Tonio_Hobbsee: hum problem on the livecd seems different, as the icons are duplicated03:28
Tonio_Hobbsee: btw, I tested the livecd and discovered the issue, but no problem on the system once installed within the cd03:29
Tonio_Hobbsee: so hard to say what's going wrong03:29
HobbseeTonio_: right03:29
Tonio_I'd be interested to know what happens when those guys delete ~/.kde/share/config/kmenueditrc03:29
Hobbseeask freeflying when he comes in03:30
Tonio_also removing ~/.local/menu would be interesting03:31
Tonio_appart from that, maybe the issue can be linked to one specific locale03:31
Tonio_Hobbsee: most people use the default on the livecd, and then choose the locale to use on the local system03:31
Tonio_Hobbsee: see what I mean ? that would explain the difference between the live and locale session03:32
Tonio_maybe something broken in the EN_us locale or something03:32
Hobbseeit's already been a copule of locales - because that was my first guess03:32
Tonio_that's my thought at the moment03:32
Tonio_let's comment on the bug03:32
=== pgquiles [n=pgquiles@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_Hobbsee: found the kdebase bug issue03:39
Tonio_+      .arg( i18n( "About Kubuntu" ) )03:39
Tonio_+      .arg( i18n( "<a href=\"help:/kubuntu/">Kubuntu Documentation</a>" ) )03:39
Tonio_Hobbsee: second line a " should be antislashed03:39
HobbseeTonio_: ahhh...03:39
Tonio_Hobbsee: testing the build here and reuploading if succeeded03:39
HobbseeTonio_: great, thanks03:40
Tonio_Hobbsee: I'll have to go for a moment today, so if you don't see the upload, don't mind, I'll upload tomorrow morning or at midnight :)03:40
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=== manchicken [n=manckn@12-226-72-69.client.mchsi.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
manchickenLots of updates today.03:58
manchickenAlthough I haven't updated for a few days I suppose.03:59
aplg|mobilezeroconf enable option broken due to missing enable script -.-04:09
aplg|mobileI don't like merges which break features04:09
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nixternalhttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/9585156/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-powerpc.kdebase_4%3A3.5.7-1ubuntu24_FAILEDTOBUILD. manchick~05:23
nixternalhttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/9585156/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-powerpc.kdebase_4%3A3.5.7-1ubuntu24_FAILEDTOBUILD. freeflyi~05:25
gnomefreaknixternal: yes PPA if borked if thats what that is05:26
gnomefreakthat looks like repo builds though05:26
gnomefreaknixternal: i get 404 errors on both of those05:26
nixternalI was using stupid putty05:29
nixternaland I am used to right clicking to copy05:29
gnomefreakputty :(05:30
nixternalya, fsck was doing it 30 mount thing and I couldn't wait :)05:31
nixternalHobbsee: did you fix the about patch yet?05:31
Hobbseenixternal: Tonio_ did05:31
nixternalnope, I am on it05:31
nixternalit hasn't been uploaded yet then05:31
Hobbseeit has05:31
Hobbseeprobably hasnt built yet05:32
nixternalsorry, I meant uploaded to bzr05:32
nixternal25 has been uploaded, but it has FTBS as well05:32
=== nixternal looks
Hobbseeheh, oh dear05:33
Hobbseechroot problem, or real problem?05:33
nixternallooking now05:33
nixternalhppa FTBS on ubuntu2505:34
Hobbseehppa is in a bad way anyway.  we dont care.05:35
=== Hobbsee quietly eeks at -motu
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fdovingwhy do i have 60 instances of /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon running?09:47
fdovingdo they do anything usefull?09:47
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_StefanS_Tonio_: hey, thanks for fixing the deps for kdebluetooth, I sort of missed that10:08
nixternalnew KNetworkMangler out for NM 0.710:13
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #kubuntu-devel
_StefanS_nixternal: yep it contains a few fixes10:20
_StefanS_nixternal: maybe we should package it10:21
_StefanS_Tonio_: ^?10:21
fdovingi feel knetworkmanager is wrong with the new rightclick-thing.10:25
fdovingthe primary function (Selecting networks) should be on leftclick.10:27
=== besonen_mobile_ [n=besonen_@71-220-231-201.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechWe are shipping with the new 0.7 Knetworkmanger/10:28
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RiddellDaSkreech: nixternal was supposed to proof read the article11:12
Riddelltsk tsk11:12
Riddellno photo added either11:12
nixternalwhat article is that?11:13
DaSkreechthe fridge article11:24
nixternalwhat did I miss on it?11:29
DaSkreechFind a sentence that starts with jonathon11:32
RiddellI fixed one such sentence11:34
Riddellanyone fancy submitting that article to KDE Dot News11:35
=== fabo_ [i=fabo@fon38-2-82-225-46-230.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalJonathan Riddell described the expanding Ubuntu eco-system as well as the many different distributions based on Kubuntu including Linux MCE, mEDUXa and many others.11:35
Riddellnixternal: sillest problem with fridge I've discovered is you can't add an author it doesn't have an account for11:37
Riddellso that article can't be written by augustin, it has to be me or anonymous11:37
nixternalI was wondering why your name wasn't present in the write up of that11:37
Riddellit wasn't written by me11:37
nixternalOK, I see what you are getting at11:37
nixternalthat is supposed to change11:37
nixternalwhen? your guess is as good as mine...I personally am getting tired of the promises that never get fulfilled with it11:38
Riddell(actually that's the second sillyest, most silly is not being able to submit articles without being an editor)11:38
nixternalthat is another promise I have yet to see11:38
Riddellwe have the same problem with the Dot, only 1 guy has access to the software running it and he doesn't have time to maintain it much11:38
nixternalI am starting to think the fridge is useless except for hosting meeting times and dates11:39
DaSkreechSounds like a call to write a better dot!11:39
nixternalthe amount of readers have been cut by more than half this time last year11:39
=== jjesse doesn't read the fridge
Riddellwell that's why I posted this article there, it's about the first non-fridge editor written article I've seen on it11:39
jjessedo you miss anything if you don't read the fridge?11:39
Riddellbut I wasn't sure it was even on topic11:39
nixternalI told someone about 6 months ago that I would write articles for the Dot if they needed the help, and I never heard back11:40
Riddellyou did?11:40
nixternalI think I may have responded to a request sent out by sebas possibly11:40
Riddellmm, you probably responded to kde-promo, which alas I don't have time to read11:40
=== nixternal looks through kde promo
nixternalthat is exactly where it went, I am positive11:40
nixternalya, I would rather write for the Dot than the fridge honestly...at least the Dot has readers11:41
Riddellplease do.  but it kindae takes someone to decide what to write about11:42
Riddellsince that is half the way to writing an article11:42
Riddellnixternal: how about we get you on the dot-editors mailing list11:42
Riddellthen you can comment and make suggestions on stories people submit11:42
nixternalis it open? if so I will join it right now11:42
nixternalahh, OK11:42
jjessenixternal: are there any mailing lists you aren't on?11:42
Riddellit's super secret11:42
nixternalahh, super duper secret11:42
Riddellbefore long you can become a proper dot editor with access to the website11:43
=== nixternal isn't a fan of those, but oh well right?
nixternaljjesse: I have started cutting back on some lists11:43
nixternalmainly *buntu lists though11:43
Riddellnixternal: please send me an e-mail saying you'd be interested in helping with the dot, I'll forward it to the right dude11:43
nixternalwill do that right now11:43
nixternaljjesse: are you doing your dist-upgrade in a chroot or something? I have only seen the language errors in a chroot11:44
jjessenixternal: nope, standard load on my dell laptop11:44
nixternalexport LC_ALL=C11:44
nixternalthen try it11:44
jjessehad serious problems via update-manager11:44
nixternalI did a dist-upgrade this morning and it ran through fine11:45
nixternalI had perl issues last night when I tried it, as well as udev and volumeid errors11:45
jjessecool that export worked11:45
nixternalya, I set that in my chroots to fix that issue11:45
jjessenope still getting some erros11:46
jjesseeading package lists... Done11:47
jjesseBuilding dependency tree11:47
jjesseReading state information... Done11:47
jjesseReading extended state information11:47
jjesseInitializing package states... Done11:47
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@ppp-69-216-141-177.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
jjessesorry bout that11:47
nixternaljjesse: sudo apt-get -f install11:50
nixternalsee if that fixes some deps11:50
jjessenope still having problems w/ kubutnu-dekstop acpid acpi-support powermanagement-interface11:52
nixternalumm, didn't we already release "Beta"?11:52
jjessewhat do you mean?  i thought the beta was out?11:53
nixternalya, check the ubuntu-doc list11:53
jjessesomethings pecific?11:53
nixternalya, a canonical employee sent an email to the list with the first line reading...11:55
nixternalThe Gutsy Beta release is a day away, and so it's time to collect our11:55
nixternalthoughts and tell our users all about it this shiny new release.11:55
nixternalmust have gotten caught up in the filters and was just let through11:55
nixternalit was from Wednesday11:55
jjessei saw that it was dated older11:55
=== nixternal kicks KMail for not placing it in the correct spot to begin with
nixternalRiddell: sent that email out to you11:57
=== nixternal kicks the Java teacher
nixternalthis client/server stuff is absolutely insane11:57
jjessein class on a saturday?  that sucks11:57
nixternalno no11:57
nixternalI am doing my homework11:57
nixternalsince I was out of class this whole week11:58
nixternalI finished C++ homework on recursion and algorithms already...that was a fun one11:58
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jjessehmmm gmail is super slow w/ konqi on guutys12:00
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechCan I do a negative search in less?12:08
gnomefreakDaSkreech: what do you mean negative search?12:15
gnomefreakDaSkreech: less just pipes it to fit on screen12:15
DaSkreechI want to search for any lines that Don't have the pattern12:15
DaSkreechYeah but you can hit / and then search for things12:15
gnomefreaknot really i dont even think grep allows you to do that12:16
DaSkreechgrep does12:16
DaSkreech grep -v12:16
DaSkreechgrep --inverse12:16
gnomefreakuse example : find bleh | grep -v bleh <if any> | less12:16
gnomefreakyou should beable to pass | 2 times12:17
=== gnomefreak not very good with grep
DaSkreechYeah I know but the pattern I'm looking for is being picked up by grep as a regexp12:17
gnomefreaklearned it a couple of months ago12:17
DaSkreechgnomefreak: It's bloody great :)12:18
gnomefreakmaybe its the string your using?12:18
gnomefreaktry it with something simple12:18
DaSkreechYeah it is but the string can double as a regexp12:18
gnomefreakthats what im thinking is why its outputing like that maybe12:19
DaSkreechI want to delete all .exe files from a box but I want ot make sure no unix files turn up in the search12:19
DaSkreechi'm grepping for exe$ but I wanna double check the list to make sure nothing slips through12:20
gnomefreakDaSkreech: unix .exe file on unix bax for windows?12:21
gnomefreakunix doesnt use .exe as any file ending12:21
DaSkreechUnix filesystem with windows virii12:21
gnomefreakok maybe than but still my law == .exe its garbage no matter what :)12:22
DaSkreechYeah but this is from two folders that were mapped to a windows network which then got massively infected which deposited a lovely number of .exe files through the file system12:23
DaSkreechSo yeah garbage12:23
gnomefreakDaSkreech: windows should have only used one dir?12:25
gnomefreakor more than one12:25
gnomefreakDaSkreech: you have .exe files on a ubuntu box right?12:25
gnomefreakthose are what you want gone?12:25
gnomefreakexample using the .exe under wine they should all be in one place12:26
DaSkreechRedhat but principle is the same :)12:26
gnomefreakwhats redhat ;)12:28
gnomefreaksince linux cant do anything with the .exe without an emulater than you shouldnt worry too much12:28
gnomefreakin theory12:29
DaSkreechwhen was the last time unix people worried about a virus? :)12:29
=== gnomefreak cant say much i just made an email address at LiveWindows
DaSkreechI'm worried about the poor saps who keep mounting this drive12:29
DaSkreechSerial reinfector12:29
gnomefreakDaSkreech: people worry all the time but the viruses almost never make it out of lab :)12:30
DaSkreechWell this one has12:30
=== marseillai [n=mars@ubuntu/member/marseillai] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechI'll just look through it manually :*(12:32
gnomefreaksorry helping people with bugs12:34

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